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Chapter 2 - Maddie Fenton


Themes: Soul Manipulation, Reluctance, Incest, Brainwashing

Summary: A far less moral Danny Fenton learns to use his powers not for good, not necessarily for evil... but however the fuck he wants to use them. And if he's going to have to protect Amity Park from a bunch of damn ghosts all the time... well, the Phantom might as well get a little something-something back, right?

Chapter 2 - Maddie Fenton

Chapter 2 - Maddie Fenton
A week into things with Jazz, Danny found himself growing bored. He’d made his sister do all sorts of sick, depraved, and most importantly sexual shit every single night, and he’d certainly enjoyed exploring his lusts and his fetishes while also exploring her body. But as exceptional as Jazz was, as reluctantly willing as she was, Danny knew he had other fish to fry.
There were so many women to choose from, all across Amity Park. He had no shortage of cuties and hotties to play with and make his own. All it would take was a bit of soul play, and they would all be his. One by one, the most gorgeous, lust-worthy women of Amity Park would fall to him and his power. His own personal harem, essentially. Given he was already basically the uncontested ruler of the town, why shouldn’t he have concubines, slaves, servants to wait on his every whim?
Still, the more he thought about alternatives to plowing Jazz every damn night, the more Danny found himself circling back around to family. It was impossible not to, especially when Maddie Fenton, his mother, had been the subject of his sexual fantasies since puberty had struck. No woman that voluptuous, that perfectly put together had any right wearing a latex, form fitting jumpsuit practically everywhere.
She was hot, she was sexy… and with a few tweaks of her soul, she could be all his. The fact that his dad had already been there and done that didn’t bother Danny one bit… nor did the fact that he was basically stealing his mother right out from under the man’s nose. Though, he had absolutely no desire to actually do the dirty while Jack Fenton was there. No way.
Which left their bed out, because his dad sure did love his beauty sleep. Luckily for Danny, his mom was an overachiever where Jack wasn’t. At least two to three nights a week, his dad would turn in at a reasonable time, while Maddie would stay down in the lab, working on whatever it was she was working on. She’d eventually either force herself to go to bed after seeing what time it was or get so focused on her current project that she passed out.
Sometimes she’d wake up again and then go to bed at that point, but sometimes she ended up spending the whole night sleeping slumped over down in the lab. It looked uncomfortable as fuck, the few times Danny had found her like that on his way to the ghost zone for this reason or that. Regardless, his mom’s tendencies to pass out in the lab all on her lonesome presented the perfect opportunity for Danny to do his thing. Letting Jazz sleep peacefully for the night, the ghost boy instead floated his way down into the lab, where Maddie was already unconscious, her face resting on her arms as she drooled onto her latest outfit.
She didn’t have her hood or goggles on at the moment, but beyond that, the rest of the usual ensemble was there. Grinning, Danny eyes the outline of his mom’s bubble butt, hanging as it is off the stool she was working from. His gaze traces up and down her voluptuous form, before eventually settling on the light of her soul, glimmering from within her.
Floating closer, Danny reaches out and does his thing, just like he did with Jazz. He makes the same exact changes in fact. He’d really loved the way Jazz had acted, like she was resigned to being his willing cock-sleeve, but not overly thrilled about it. Her badly concealed unhappiness made him happy in a way he couldn’t properly describe. He was a sadist, most likely.
How would his mom act given the same changes? He couldn’t wait to see. Grinning wickedly, Danny floats back and then lands, making himself corporeal enough to tap his foot impatiently. This doesn’t actually wake Maddie up, but then he’d already known she was a pretty heavy sleeper. So, after a moment, he reaches over to the side and pounds his fist into the metal cabinet he finds there. Enough to make some noise down in the lab, but luckily the whole place was soundproofed, meaning no one upstairs heard a thing.
Maddie heard it though. His other wakes up with a jolt, whirling around to find the source of the noise. She stops dead, halfway off the stool, when she lays eyes on him. Her face pales and Danny smiles in response, even as she swallows nervously.
He nods and gets ready to say something, but before he can, Maddie’s face hardens and she stands up fully, frowning severely as she crosses her arms over her chest.
“Phantom, you shouldn’t be here. But now that you are, I can give you a talking to, young man.”
Danny lifts his brow at that, the smile dropping off his face. He can’t quite hold back his initial anger at her words. Even if talking is better than what Maddie would have done if he hadn’t played with her soul.
“Excuse me?”
His tone is dark and slightly menacing, and he sees the effect it has on Maddie, even if she tries to hide it. Danny realizes right then and there something he’d never expected to know about his mother, not in a million years. Madeline Fenton is a danger freak. She swallows again, and fidgets a little, but ultimately manages to firm up her resolve as she stares him down.
“What you’re doing is wrong, Phantom. You can’t hold the people of Amity Park hostage for your own amusement.”
Danny lets out a curiously amused noise at that.
“Is that what I’m doing?”
Maddie just nods, squaring her jaw as he floats a little closer, making a visible choice not to back down in the face of his proximity.
“Yes. It’s exactly what you’re doing, young man. It stops here.”
For a moment, Danny just stares at his mother. What was the difference between Jazz and Maddie that led to this much of a deviation in reaction to the changes he made to their souls. He’d made sure to make them identical… but he hadn’t changed either of their personalities. And in the end, that was it, wasn’t it? His sister and mother had very different reactions to authority figures, and that was exactly what Danny had made himself in both of their eyes.
Jazz was an exceptional young woman, a brilliant girl… but she didn’t really do outside the box, mostly as a result of their upbringing. She wanted to be normal, she wanted to be respected and she wanted to be liked. That led to her not even straying close to crossing the line when it came to authority. But Maddie… his mom was a different story altogether.
While Madeline Fenton was clearly a brilliant scientist and the place that he and Jazz both got their intelligence and their looks from, she was also a free thinker of the highest caliber. She wouldn’t be with their dad, wouldn’t be wasting her life and ruining her reputation chasing ghosts if she wasn’t. She loved the freedom that came with her and Jack’s work, and Danny knew that better than most.
And that meant she was willing to question him. Willing to talk back to him. He kind of liked that. Because it wouldn’t stop him from taking what he wanted all the same.
“No it doesn’t. It doesn’t stop until I say it stops.”
Moving in closer, Danny isn’t surprised when his mom’s resistance ultimately crumbles in the face of him closing in. As he grabs her by her arms, she makes a single ineffectual attempt to struggle, before glancing away with her face ablaze.
“T-This is wrong… you’re… you’re young enough to be my son.”
Danny just laughs at that, as he spins Maddie around and pushes her up against her workbench. Bending her over it and then slipping his hands through her jumpsuit to molest her body… oh yeah, he’s glad he decided to expand tonight. Jazz was fun, but this was a whole new deal. Maddie moans as he gropes her breasts and then slides his fingers down between her thighs.
As he does so, he leans in and murmurs in her ear.
“How do you know how young I am, Madeline Fenton? I could be eons-old.”
She just shakes her head, even as his fingers dip into her cunt and she gasps at the content, humping instinctively against his palm.
“You’re n-not. I… you remind me of Danny, in a way. The two of you are a l-lot alike.”
That amuses him even further, if he’s being honest. Exerting his will a bit, he tears the crotch out of Maddie’s jumpsuit, and then for good measure does the same with the chest-area of it. Her breasts bounce free of their no-longer existent confines as she whines in distress, while her glistening wet pussy lips end up exposed to the lab’s cool climate.
“Is that so? He often fucks you in the lab while your husband is sleeping overhead, hm?”
Maddie flinches at the reminder that Jack is just a couple hundred feet away. She moans pitifully, even as Danny brings his cock up to her pussy lips, all too ready to get inside of her.
“N-No… he’s not… he’s a good son. I-It’s physical. You two look alike, p-physically. Please… please don’t do this.”
Danny pauses for a moment at that, his cockhead simply brushing back and forth across Maddie’s dripping wet mound, sliding along her slit and pressing against her clit. Huh, so his mom really was that observant. He’d wondered, to be honest. He’d wondered why his parents, the premiere ghost hunters, couldn’t seem to put two and two together to get four. But it seemed at least one of them had. She just didn’t know that half-ghosts existed. Without that context, she clearly couldn’t fathom that Danny was both himself and the Phantom still.
And with that in mind, Danny knew what he had to do. Leaning in close, he says one more thing to his dear, darling mother, even as his cockhead begins to slip into her.
“Well then… I suppose I’ll have to fuck the back talk out of you for his sake if nothing else.”
Whatever she might have said in response is cut off by Danny thrusting his full length into her in one go. The sexy MILF, HIS sexy MILF cries out as he penetrates her, but unlike Jazz she’s very much not a virgin. Still, that doesn’t stop him from plowing her as hard as he can. Maddie Fenton might not be young and inexperienced, but in the end, that just makes it more fun.
He’s happy he went this route, happy that he decided to take his mother next. There’s something to be said about fucking a MILF from behind, about plowing a ghost hunter over her own workbench, in her own lab. Maddie couldn’t fathom striking back against him, because regardless of her words, she still saw him as the Savior of Amity Park, their Heroic Protector. She just didn’t agree with what he was doing with his reputation.
Well, she hadn’t at first anyways. Fucking Maddie Fenton seemed to be the best way to convince the woman of something, Danny was quickly finding out. With her jumpsuit torn and her gloved hands gripping the edge of her workbench, the beautiful MILF was beginning to push back against him. Her body was betraying her, or maybe she was just beginning to come around. Judging by the way she was shaking her head, or how half her moans were also pitiful, drawn out no’s, it was probably the first one.
Regardless, as he fucked her with deep, powerful thrusts, Maddie began to fuck him back. His mother, pushing her hips back to meet the cock of her own son, even if she didn’t know it. There was a perversity here that Danny just couldn’t get enough of, and in the end, it resulted in him cumming the moment that Maddie finally orgasmed around his cock. Her first climax and it milked his load from him before he could even react.
His seed spills into her womb, and she whimpers as she feels his cum painting her insides white. But Danny isn’t done yet. Not with Maddie, not by a long shot. Pulling out of her, he reaches for his mother’s red hair at the same exact time, dragging her by her locks off of the workbench and down to the floor. Once she’s kneeling, he floats up a tad and thrusts his cock right into her mouth and down her throat, as she opens it to no doubt say something.
He doesn’t give her the chance of course. Right then and there, in the middle of the Fenton Lab, the half-ghost cleans his messy cock off using his mom’s face as his napkin, her mouth as his vacuum. And in the end, staring up at him through teary eyes, Maddie does as she’s expected to, her tongue slurping away the excesses of their fun together, her lips suctioning around his shaft to make sure every bit of their juices goes down her throat.
Danny makes sure to cum one last time, this time across her face and her naked tits… and then he leaves. He leaves his mom behind to pick up the pieces, sure that he’ll be visiting her again soon. Maddie Fenton is too much fun to be left alone. That much is for sure. Of course, there is an idea brewing in his head. Maybe… Maybe Maddie should be pushed towards his human form as well.
That could be some fun, twisting and corrupting his mother until she was willing to actually knowingly fuck her own son. That could be very fun indeed…


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