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Chapter 1 - Kali Belladonna


Themes: NTR, Mind Control, Domination, Master/Slave

Summary: In which Kali tries to meet with the White Fang in an effort to keep relations between them and her husband from worsening further. Little does she know, the Fang has seen an extremely recent change in leadership, and Adam Taurus cares little about the costs of seeing his vision realized. The White Fang cell in Menagerie has been given free reign to do whatever is necessary to secure control of the continent.

Chapter 1 - Kali Belladonna

Chapter 1 - Kali Belladonna
“Ghira Belladonna is causing problems again.”
“Truly? That man has done enough damage by this point. First, nearly leading the White Fang to ruin with his pacifistic, weak-willed ways, and then turning the people of menagerie against us. Tch, the only thing he ever did right was give up his position within the White Fang. And now he dares to condemn us?”
“What do you want to do? We’ve already retaliated against his speeches several times, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. How do we drive the point home that the old fuck should just sit back and let us handle the human kingdoms and their bigotry?”
“… Leave that to me. I’ve received a communication recently that changes everything. And a request for a meeting that we would be remiss to not take advantage of.”
“Oh? The only request I’ve heard anything about was… but surely not? Would Khan ever allow us to do anything towards that woman?”
“Heh, Sienna Khan might not have, but she’s no longer in the picture. Our new leader, Adam Taurus is willing to do whatever’s necessary to ensure our supremacy.”
“Taurus… excellent. I’ll arrange for the meeting right away, sir.”
“Good. This should be fun.”
Kali Belladonna was nervous, though she did not let it show on her face. The still-beautiful middle-aged woman kept an expression of serenity across her features, even as she was led into the back room of a shop that was clearly a White Fang front. Or at the very least, temporarily one. Given her position as wife to the leader of the Menagerie and Ghira’s open distaste for what the White Fang had become, she doubted they would show her anything that could truly be used against him.
Still, as far as meeting places went, this would do quite nicely. There was a table and chairs, as well as a couch off to the side where some young men in Grimm masks were doing their best to be intimidating. To Kali however, they looked more petulant and resentful then anything else. But then, the White Fang was built on petulance and resentment these days, and not much else in the way of positive emotions.
She wasn’t nervous for herself, even as she gave the wolf faunus already seated at the table a smile and a nod before settling into the chair across from him quite primly. She was nervous for these young men, for their cause, for the path they were walking. And perhaps she was a little fearful for her husband. Concerned might be the best word for it.
That was why she was here without Ghira’s knowledge. That was why she was treating with the White Fang in the backroom of one of the Menagerie’s coffee shops, to convince them to stop with their recent retaliation against her husband through his people. The Menagerie had no part in their war, and there was no reason for faunus to be shedding faunus blood.
“Greetings, Kali Belladonna.”
The wolf faunus has a Grimm mask on, just like the others. He sits back in his chair, but his broad shoulders and massive torso make it look almost comical. His position is precarious due to the small wooden chair he’s sat upon, even as he gives an outward image of complete and utter calm over the situation. A metaphor, perhaps. Still, Kali is nothing if not polite.
“Greetings. Unfortunately, I do not know your name.”
The masked wolf shakes his head at that.
“You do not need to know my name. You do not need to know any of our names. We are the White Fang.”
Kali can’t help a pang of sadness at that, even as she lets out a low sigh. The White Fang had not been so secretive in her and Ghira’s day. But that seemed so long ago now. The secrecy, the violence, even the Grimm masks… they were all reminders that this was not any White Fang she had ever known. But for the sake of peace and her husband’s safety, it was one she would have to try and understand.
“Very well, White Fang. I-… ah, I find myself a bit parched. Perhaps we can continue talking over drinks?”
She’s not sure where it comes from, but suddenly Kali’s mouth and throat are unreasonably dry. She lets out an uncomfortable cough, even as the wolf faunus before her snaps his fingers and one of the masked faunus on the couch stands, while the others snicker at her perceived weakness. Tea is provided shortly, and Kali gives an appreciative nod as she’s poured a cup and given the necessary amenities to prepare it just the way she likes it.
The first sip tastes different than she’s used to, but at the same time it feels so good that she can’t help but let out a sigh as she quenches her sudden thirst, ending the parched sensation in her throat. Once she’s taken several sips, Kali sets her tea cup down and smiles at the masked wolf faunus across the table, who has yet to partake.
“Will you not drink with me?”
With a sharp shake of his head, the masked faunus denies her request.
“No. We are not friends, Kali Belladonna. You might be a guest, but you are no ally. I do not drink tea with our enemies.”
That draws a frown from the cat faunus MILF, even as she stares down at her tea for a moment. She’s feeling a bit flushed now, a bit heated. The wolf faunus’ voice reverberates through her and she shivers slightly before covering it up with a sigh.
“… Very well. I don’t imagine we could ever truly be friends, but I fully believe that if we can just sit down and talk, we can come to an agreement on how to proceed. The Menagerie need not be the White Fang’s enemy.”
“Your husband doesn’t agree.”
Kali can’t help but wince at that. The wolf faunus cuts right to the heart of the matter with his words, a frown marring his own face, or at least what she can see of it, even as she hides her wince behind another sip of her tea.
“Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me that Ghira Belladonna has sent you here to negotiate with the White Fang on a ceasefire.”
She couldn’t say that, because it wasn’t true. Ghira did not know she was here. Ghira did not know anything about what she was doing. And as if he could read her mind, the wolf faunus spoke her thoughts.
“You can’t, can you? Because he doesn’t know you’re here right now, with us. He doesn’t know that you’ve decided to meet with the White Fang. So, tell me, what the hell is a glorified housewife supposed to do for us?”
She felt… so small. Her heart was beginning to beat rapidly in her chest and was it just her or had the wolf faunus seated across from her grown since she sat down. It was like he was larger than life, like he dominated the room with his mere presence. Despite coming in here with the best of intentions, despite even thinking that she wasn’t afraid when she first sat down, suddenly it’s as if the MILF has no idea what she’s doing here at all.
Any plans, any ideas she had before entering this room have fled her mind. Any words she could offer in response to the masked faunus’ cutting words die in her throat before ever even reaching her tongue, let alone her lips. She opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. And then the wolf faunus stands up, towering over her, and Kali finds herself shrinking back in her chair in response, trembling slightly.
“I’ll tell you why you came to us, Kali Belladonna. Because you know your husband is wrong.”
W-What? Kali’s yellow eyes are wide as the cat faunus practically cowers before the male she’s meeting with. He can’t be right… can he? Her mind is fuzzy, and her thoughts are unfocused, confused. What is he saying? Why isn’t she immediately denying his words? The wolf faunus’ grin widens a bit more and he takes a step around the table, towards her.
“You know that Ghira will just lead the Menagerie to ruin, like he almost did with the White Fang. If left unchecked, the faunus people will suffer under his rule.”
No… N-No, that wasn’t true, was it? It c-couldn’t be. Ghira had done his best with the White Fang, and Kali had been right at his side all along the way. Surely… surely this man was wrong. Trying and failing to cover her distress, the faunus MILF takes another long draught of her tea, not even noticing that she’s drank three full cups of the stuff by this point, unable to see as it’s refilled for her time and time again.
The wolf faunus has her attention, even as he takes another step towards her, looming over her even more as a result.
“You’re going to help us, Kali. You’re going to help the White Fang make sure that Menagerie has a leader who’s strong, a leader who won’t fail our people. You’re going to help us make sure that your husband doesn’t ruin our chance to have a better life… again.”
Kali shivers as he takes another step towards her, practically invading her personal space now. He’s towering over her, staring down at her from behind that monstrous mask of his.
“Or, perhaps more accurately… the White Fang is willing to help you. All you have to do… is beg.”
It all crashes down on her in that moment. Suddenly, Kali ‘realizes’ that the White Fang is right. That the wolf faunus before her is speaking the truth. Her husband… her husband must be s-stopped. The White Fang are the only ones she can turn to, the only organization that has the power to keep Ghira from doing any more damage to the Menagerie.
As these thoughts race through Kali’s mind, she doesn’t notice every masked faunus in the room watching her with baited breath. As a result, she also doesn’t notice the wide, wicked grins that split their faces when she finally looks up at the wolf towering over her and discards her pride, staring at his mask imploringly.
“P-Please… please help me stop my husband. I… I beg of you, please lend me the White Fang’s aid.”
The wolfish grin that spread over the face of the faunus looming above her suited him well as he chuckled darkly.
“That’s more like it. But the White Fang’s services don’t come cheap you know. Tell me what you’re willing to do for us, to gain our assistance.”
Anything. The word slips through Kali’s thoughts like a snake, but she finds herself latching onto it nonetheless. She would. She would do anything for her people, for the faunus race, for the Menagerie. There was no action she would not gladly take, no sacrifice she would not gladly make. In the end, how can she refuse to give any less than her all when the White Fang sacrifice themselves daily for ungrateful people like her and her husband?
The next thing she knows, a rather large, hot phallus has slapped down onto her face. Kali gasps in shock, even as her nostrils flare and her acute sense of smell takes in the scent of the wolf faunus who has just bared himself to her. In a single moment, the masked White Fang member had pulled his cock out and just smacked it across her face, leaving it laying there as she went still and cross-eyed, staring at it.
“Good. Then you can start by sucking this, slut.”
Even if she does blush scarlet at that degrading title, Kali can’t help but want to obey. She opens her mouth and her tongue traces out to slide along the underside of the faunus’ cock, even as he groans his appreciation. Before she really knows what she’s doing, Kali has him in her mouth and she’s bobbing her head up and down on his dick.
It feels right, sucking him off here and now in the back room of a coffee shop. Blowing a young man who could very well be her daughter’s age or just a bit older, while other young men watch them. But their ages are meaningless, in the grand scheme of things. What matters is their affiliation. They’re White Fang… the only people who can help her, who can stop her husband. She must obey, she must do whatever they want if she has any chance of helping the Menagerie.
Of course, there’s also the fact that she’s enjoying herself. Making a young man react like she’s currently doing is something that definitely gets Kali nice and wet. The MILF of a cat faunus keeps her eyes fixated on the masked face of the wolf faunus who’s cock she’s sucking, even as she slurps and licks her way up and down his member, swallowing inch after inch of his length into her mouth and even partway down her throat.
While she can’t see his eyes, she can see his mouth and read his reactions from the way his lips move. He’s panting heavily as she bobs her head along his shaft, groaning as she reaches a particular new point of his throbbing, pulsating member. When his hands inevitably come up and grab at her relatively short hair, Kali doesn’t do anything but submit, even as he begins to thrust forward with greater force and speed then she would ever have been capable of enacting on her own.
“Yeah, that’s right bitch. Suck it… suck it good, and just maybe the White Fang will help you with your little problem. Fuck, your throat is so fucking tight…”
“Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!”
Even as he pounds into her face and tears stream down from her eyes as slobber collects on her chin, Kali can hear the other White Fang in the room laughing and jeering at her submission. They cheer on their leader and make all sorts of degrading remarks about her. And Kali… Kali can’t help but enjoy them. She’s never been like this before. A small part of the woman wonders just what’s happening to her.
But that small part is all but silenced by the much larger whole that is the newly shaped Kali Belladonna. The Kali Belladonna that suddenly understands how the White Fang have been right all along, and what a failure of a leader her husband is. The only thing Ghira had ever done right was knock her up with Blake, and even that Kali had contributed more to.
Her husband needed to be stopped. The White Fang were the only ones who could help her in that. She had to… had to-
Kali’s thoughts are abruptly derailed when the wolf faunus railing into her throat abruptly begins to cum. His seed explodes out of his dick and a moment later it explodes out of the sides of her mouth and her nostrils as well. Kali chokes and hacks and coughs as he pulls free of her lips with a pop, but the masked faunus gives her no time to recover as he uses his grip on her hair to drag her out of her chair and bend her over the table.
The cat faunus yelps as her dress is pulled up and her bottoms dragged away as well to reveal her full, voluptuous ass and her glistening, dripping wet pussy. Kali’s legs are trembling, and her cunt lips are quivering as she’s exposed to the wolf faunus. She knows what comes next… and when he thrusts into her from behind without warning or preamble, Kali is more than ready for him. In point of fact, she cums the instant his cock meat slams into her tight, wet, needy little cunt.
A cry splits the air, and Kali’s yellow eyes very nearly roll up in her head as the pleasure of submitting to the White Fang sends her to new heights of euphoria. It’s not even the wolf faunus’ cock that’s basically leaving her blissed out of her mind right now. No, it’s the idea of serving the White Fang, of being their pet, their toy… their slave that’s just setting Kali off. She cums again at the thought, and her loud moan and ruined face seems to attract arousal from the other faunus in the room, because the next thing Kali knows, the hand in her hair is pulling her head up just a bit off the table, and she’s abruptly faced with three more thick, hard cocks.
“Look what you’ve done to my men, you silly little whore. Look at what your slutty actions have wrought.”
Kali doesn’t try to argue that she’s done nothing but let him do what HE wants to her, the thought to disagree doesn’t even cross her mind. Instead she merely moans some more, and when one cock thrusts past her open lips, she happily begins to suck on it. The other two members end up in either of her hands, where she eagerly strokes them off, pleased to be of service to such strapping young men as these faunus freedom fighters.
She’s finally where she belongs. Bent over and fucked by the White Fang, the true rulers of this world… of HER world. Kali’s eyes roll back in her head finally, as another orgasm wracks her body and she chokes on the dick pistoning in and out of her throat. Her mind is frayed around the edges, but her new identity is clear to her, even as she manages to milk the wolf faunus’ cock of his first load, only for one of the White Fang she’s currently jerking off to pull away from her and take the first’s place.
As another big fat young dick sinks into the MILF from behind, Kali just lets out a muffled, guttural moan around the cock in her throat, happy to finally have a true purpose in the world, her mind addled and numb from the pleasure as she lets it carry her away without much resistance. This is where she’s needed most in this moment. Once they’re done with her, her White Fang masters will inform her of what else they want from her.
“Well done. Without your semblance to bolster the drugs we put in the tea, I don’t know for sure that we could have taken her. Those two things combined made her fold like a stack of cards.”
“Happy to serve sir. More than happy, if it comes with rewards like that. It’s a pretty sweet gig, getting to advance the White Fang’s cause while also boning a hot MILF like Belladonna.”
“Heh, that it is… that it is. I’ll be needing you again, soon. The bitch might be ours now, but we need to reinforce that while the drugs are still in her system for the next week. That’s where you come in. It’s important that you remind her of her place in the new pecking order. Think you can handle it?”
“… If you’re saying what I think you’re saying, yeah I can do it. Gonna be hard though, watching and not getting to participate.”
“I don’t doubt it. Unfortunately, I can’t authorize anymore physical contact with the target for the time being. Need you to do your work and then get out. However, once the job is done, you can have your choice of the lot at your favorite brothel. The White Fang will pay the bill.”
“Yes sir!”
“Heh. Dismissed.”
It was taking every ounce of Kali’s willpower to hold back her blush as she made her way through the open market where she usually bought food and other necessities. It was her weekly shopping trip, and should have been as simple as any other, in the end. But nothing was simple anymore, not for one Kali Belladonna. And yet… at the same time, everything was very simple.
She was the White Fang’s property now. Pet, toy, slave… it mattered not what they called her, because they’d called her all of that in the end. What mattered was the brand emblazoned on her right butt cheek, and the small hidden collar just beneath the collar of her Hakama. The brand was the White Fang’s simple of course, pressed into her soft flesh, a pain that reminded her of her place. The collar was unadorned, but it’s presence around her neck, pressed against her throat… it reminded her of her place at their feet.
It had been two days since she’d met with the White Fang. Two days since she’d begged for their help and they’d ultimately granted it. Two days since they’d shown her just what use she was to them, how she could pleasure them with her slutty, MILF body. And now Kali was just waiting for them to contact her again. She was waiting for them to let her know the next stage of the plan.
Even now, even as she reached out and inspected a fruit from one vendor, checking to make sure it was properly ripe, Kali could feel their hands on her. She could imagine them pressing into her, touching her, making use of her however they liked. She could… a yelp suddenly leaves her lips, and the cat faunus drops the fruit she’s inspecting as she spins around… only to find no one there.
But there was no denying what she’d just felt. Kali’s yellow eyes are wide as she scans the area, but a glance back at the vendor behind the counter shows he’s more bewildered by her actions then anything else. Now the cat faunus does blush, this time in embarrassment as she ducks her head, apologizes, and moves on her way.
She’s sure she felt it though. A pair of large, powerful, masculine hands on her buttocks. Groping, gripping and kneading her ass cheeks far more harshly than Ghira ever would. Her husband was a strong man, but not the kind to be rough with his wife. Kali had always liked that about him… until the White Fang had shown her she enjoyed being roughed up and brutalized. Now she just saw it as another weakness within her husband that made him unfit to rule, unfit to lead.
Regardless, Kali pushes the strange groping feeling out of her mind and moves on, trying to keep her thoughts centered on her shopping trip. Of course, she barely gets ten more steps before she’s suddenly forced to her knees, a cock thrusting into her suddenly open mouth. Kali doesn’t choke as she’s ruthlessly face-fucked by a White Fang member right there in open daylight. She does moan though… and when she returns to her senses a moment later to realize that there’s no dick in her throat, no White Fang standing before her kneeling form, the blushing cat faunus abruptly stands up.
Luckily, not too many people saw her. She’s getting some strange looks though, and the fact that none came to help up the wife of the Menagerie’s leader only tells Kali how… perverse she looked. Whimpering slightly, the cat faunus ducks her head and tries desperately to continue on with her day. But the hallucinations don’t stop, no matter how much she tries to ignore them. Clearly brought on by her own desire to be fucked by the White Fang again, Kali finds herself experiencing sexual pleasure at invisible hands and ghostly phalluses.
As she tries to haggle over fresh meat, she feels a cock burrow its way into her cunt from behind. She ignores it, even though it feels like her dress is flipped up for all to see as the White Fang behind her plows her silly. She gasps, and she stifles her moans, and in the end the meat vendor she’s haggling with is left a blushing mess himself. Meanwhile, Kali has gotten the best price on her fresh meat that she’s ever managed from the normally stingy vendor, and she’s feeling good about herself in numerous ways as she continues on.
Not that it stops there. From groping her butt to kneading her tits, to fucking her face or her cunt, Kali hallucinates it all. Every single thing that the White Fang did to her that day, two days ago, she fantasizes about it in broad daylight, in the middle of the market. For a time, she’s even convinced that there’s a masked faunus on either side of her, her hands forming circles around cocks that don’t actually exist as she gives two discrete handjobs which really just look like her jerking her half-closed fists back and forth at her sides while a blush adorns her face.
At one point, she even ducks into an alley just to sink to her knees against the wall and pleasure herself. When a dick thrusts into her mouth, she happily sucks it to completion, even if it proves to be just as unreal as everything else that’s happening to her. She feels like she’s losing her mind, like she doesn’t know what to do with herself anymore. But at the same time, it feels too good for her to be too upset over it.
She’s enjoying herself and the hallucinations or day dreams or fantasies. Whatever she wanted to call them. She didn’t want them to stop, even if they were stopping her from functioning as a normal person would. She saw White Fang everywhere, felt hands on her body and cocks in her orifices. She could barely contain her arousal, and by the time she was done at market, her pussy juices had soaked through her undergarments and were beginning to do the same to her hakama.
In the end, she manages to get half of what she wanted before she flees back home. Only once she’s past the front door does the pleasure assailing her stop, confronting her instead with her harsh reality as a familiar voice fills the air.
“Kali? You home from market?”
Ghira Belladonna doesn’t actually come out to meet her as she makes her way into their kitchen, setting down the few bags she’d managed to actually fill with goods. Latching onto the counter to steady herself, Kali swallows thickly and wets her lips, trying and failing to keep the breathless tone out of her voice as she answers him.
“Yes, dear!”
Luckily, he doesn’t notice… or he just doesn’t care.
“Wonderful! Can’t wait for dinner.”
Kali stares down at the goods before her for a moment. She can still easily make a meal out of what she did manage to get from the market, but that’s not what’s on her mind right now. No, instead Kali is thinking… thinking about her failure of a husband, and all the harm he’d done so far to the Menagerie with his foolish methods.
Ghira had to be stopped. That was why she was going to go out tomorrow and leave a message for the White Fang to meet with her again. It wasn’t because she needed to be fucked or anything like that. T-Though, if they required it of her… of course Kali would be happy to service the young male faunus who were clearly their people’s future. She would gladly give back to those who sacrificed for her and hers every day of their lives…
For now though, Kali knew she couldn’t even begin to make dinner like this. Instead, the beautiful MILF retreats to their bathroom, where she runs herself a bath. Ghira won’t protest of course, but then he always was weak to her desires. Even if she chooses to monopolize the bath in the middle of the day for the next two hours, he won’t say a word. Not like her White Fang masters would.
Its them that Kali spends that period of time masturbating to the thought of. Her fantasies range from how they’d punish her for slacking off, to how they would use her glistening wet body after they dragged her from the bathtub. Her fingers piston in and out of her cunt and her other hand grabs and gropes harshly at her breast, enough to leave marks as she lets out throaty moans, bringing herself to climax after climax.
Of course, it’s not the same. Not by a long shot. No matter how hard she finger-fucks herself, no matter how rough she is with her own body, Kali can’t mimic the sheer callous disregard for her well-being that her White Fang masters were capable of when it came to drawing pleasure from her body. She couldn’t possibly imitate the way their big fat cocks felt as they ravaged and dominated her holes.
She needed the real thing. She needed it more than anything else in the world. By the time Kali gets out of the bath, gets dressed, and begins preparing dinner, she’s admitted to herself that Ghira wasn’t the sole reason she’d be trying to contact the White Fang again tomorrow. He wasn’t even the primary reason, in the end. While Kali would sacrifice everything to save her people and the Menagerie from her husband’s poor leadership… this wouldn’t be a sacrifice.
No, serving the White Fang with her body would be a splendid pleasure.
“You did well. She contacted us the very next day and now that we’ve let her stew without an answer for another forty-eight hours, it’s time to move onto the next stage of the plan.”
“I’m at your disposal, sir.”
“Yes, you are… but you’ll like this. After all, you didn’t get to be physical last time, now did you? This time though, your specific skillset will serve us well on this coming mission.”
“… Don’t get my hopes up now, sir.”
“Oh, don’t you worry. Like I said, you’re going to enjoy yourself on this mission. It’s perhaps a bit dangerous… but given your semblance, I have every faith in your abilities. Are you ready to hear the details?”
“As ready as ever, Lieutenant.”
“Good… here’s the plan.”
Kali was practically beside herself by this point. She did an admirable job of hiding it, but the fact that the White Fang were ignoring her missive, her heartfelt request… it left her feeling a bit numb. The world didn’t make sense to her anymore. They’d promised to help her, hadn’t they? She was their property. S-Surely, they wouldn’t leave their property in the hands of an enemy for much longer, r-right?
The problem was, she’d avoided sleeping with her husband in that manner ever since her meeting with the White Fang. They still slept in the same bed of course, but she refused any and all advances from Ghira… and he, being the weak man that he was, did not push the issue. So far, Kali had not let him so much as kiss her since that day.
But now… now she was growing desperate. Ghira might have been weak, but that didn’t mean he was particularly small. He had a nice sized cock. Not quite as big as the wolf faunus who had originally bent her over the table and shown her where she belonged, but Ghira’s length was nothing to laugh at. So, when it came down to it, if Kali had to, she would go to him for relief.
Her fingers weren’t cutting it at this point, her fantasies needed to become reality again to have any true effect on her at this point. Kali Belladonna was growing desperate and sleeping with her husband again was beginning to look more and more appealing, as much as she despised the man, deep down inside, for being too weak to be the leader that the faunus race truly needed.
She wasn’t sure what to do. She wasn’t- Kali goes stiff as a pair of hands grope at her buttocks, but its not her husband. She knows where he is, because he’s in the next room over, as he has been for a good hour by this point. She would have seen him come in, given the open doorway that the next room is through is literally a dozen feet away from her.
So, if it’s not her husband… perhaps it’s a hallucination. But no, that thought is dispelled a moment later by hot breath across her cat ears, and a dark, deep voice filling her mind.
“You wanted to hear from us, slut? Here we are.”
White Fang. They were here… they were in her and Ghira’s home. This thought excited Kali more than she thought it would. The display of power and control left her wet and breathless as she subconsciously ground her bubble butt of a behind back into his kneading hands. Glancing over her shoulder at the faunus behind her, Kali blushes intensely upon seeing the Grimm mask staring back at her.
It’s not the wolf faunus she originally met with, but it IS one of the three White Fang who’d been on the couch that day, watching her as she submitted to their power. He’s a jaguar faunus if Kali is correct, and his sharpened canines are revealed as he bares his teeth to her, a growl on his lips as he speaks quietly.
“Did I tell you that you could look at me, whore?”
A shudder of happiness and desire at being treated so poorly escapes Kali and runs through her body, even as she whips her head back around to face the open door to the room where even now her husband was sat at his desk, working in his role as leader of the Menagerie. She herself was up against the kitchen counter, only the living room standing between her, the White Fang behind her… and her husband.
To say the whole situation didn’t have Kali feeling conflicted would be an understatement. She wants… she doesn’t know what she wants, but she’s sure she doesn’t want to reveal the White Fang’s presence to Ghira at the very least. He can never know this one was in their home, he can’t know about her new role within the White Fang. Else, how will they ever stop him? Ghira must be brought down through subtle, stealthy means. She needs to…
A sharp, short smack across her booty causes Kali to nearly bite her tongue in an effort to stifle her yelp. She whimpers, even as the White Fang pinning her to the kitchen counter growls louder in her ear.
“What do you want, slut? More cock for your cum dump of a body? If that’s all, neither I nor my superior will be pleased with you.”
Kali shudders at that and licks her lips. She responds as quietly as she can, trying to speak softly so as not to alert her husband.
“I-I just… I just want to know what we’re supposed to do next. I… need orders. I n-need to know the White Fang will move soon to remove my husband’s ineffective leadership from the Menagerie.”
There’s a pause and then another smack on her ass, this time on the opposite cheek. Kali grits her teeth, even as her pussy grows wetter still from the rough treatment. She can’t let a single sound out though. Can’t… can’t give the game away just because of her slutty, whorish self.
“Your job isn’t to think about such things, slut. Plans are already in motion, plans you don’t need to be a part of yet.”
Kali blinks at that and has to resist the urge to turn around and stare at the White Fang. She doesn’t understand, how can they possibly be planning anything without her help? She’s… she’s Ghira’s wife, surely, she’s best placed to help them with a coup or the like. Her silence only earns her another spanking, and Kali whimpers as the jaguar faunus’ soft tone reaches her once again.
“You think too highly of yourself, bitch. So, I’m going to remind you of your place. Seems like a cunt like you is only really good for being fucked.”
Kali doesn’t protest as the faunus pulls at her dress, hiking it up her hips just like his superior had done that day in the back room of the coffee shop. She bites her lower lip and clutches the edge of the kitchen counter instead, even as he runs his hands over her ass cheeks for a moment. Her pussy grows wetter still at the thought of him fucking her, but he doesn’t go for her cunt, despite his words.
The MILF of a cat faunus’ eyes go wide when she feels him spreading her butt cheeks apart and pushing his cockhead in between them, up against her sphincter.
A hand covers her mouth, and Kali goes silent. But he’s not done with her, and his fingers push against her lips until she opens wide and lets him thrust his digits into her mouth directly. Kali nearly gags on them as he forces them all the way to the back of her throat, but his and his friends’ cocks went deeper then that the other day, and in the end she’s nothing but submissive as her tongue slides back and forth along his palm, his fingers thrusting in and out of her mouth.
“Shut up slut. Did I give you permission to speak? Do you think you get to decide where I fuck you, or when I fuck you? Silly, stupid cunt. You’re mine. You belong to the White Fang, you belong to ME.”
Kali’s knees knock together as he speaks, her legs weak and trembling from the way he’s talking to her. He’s right of course. He’s right. So, when he pulls his fingers out of her mouth and places a balled-up kitchen towel between her lips instead, Kali bites down on it. And then she clutches at the kitchen counter all the harder as he begins to penetrate her back door, his cock sliding into her anus inch by inch.
He encounters resistance, of course. Despite being a sexy MILF of a woman, Kali has never had any man in her ass before. Not even Ghira. Especially not Ghira. She’s never been that kind of girl. But now the cat faunus doesn’t have a choice. She’s property, chattel. She’s a toy, a slave, a pet to the White Fang. She belongs to this jaguar faunus, somehow, she knows this intimately as he begins to thrust in and out of her ass, slowly loosening her up while also spitting down between them, using his saliva as lube as it slides down her ass crack and along the length of his pistoning prick.
If he wants her butt, it’s his. However he desires her, she has no choice but to obey, at the end of the day. That doesn’t stop her from squealing and the like into the gag he’s supplied her with. Kali appreciates the towel, to be honest. She might very well have bitten off her own tongue if she didn’t have something to bite down on. The cat faunus breathes through her nose as she takes her first dick up the ass… but it doesn’t remain uncomfortable and painful forever.
Despite his words, despite his general demeanor, the jaguar faunus is not out to ruin her. Not completely. He takes his time plundering her anus and loosening her up. He takes his time, and he makes her enjoy it, much to Kali’s relief. There’s no shame at this point. The cat faunus is practically shameless. There’s no embarrassment, really what would be the point? She’s still a little afraid that Ghira will stand up and walk through the open doorway into his office that sits across the living room, but at the same time, Kali knows they would be able to hear that and hide long before he arrived.
She’s more worried about letting out her voice than anything else. Especially when the White Fang fucking her big fat booty decides she no longer needs the gag. Kali whines as he drags the towel out of her mouth, but there’s not much she can do but slobber all over his fingers when he inserts his digits back into her mouth to take its place.
As he basically finger-fucks her mouth, he also speeds up the rate at which he’s fucking her anus… and as a result, Kali isn’t quite able to stifle the moans that leave her throat.
“… Kali? You okay in there?”
Ghira’s voice causes the cat faunus to freeze up, eyes wide. Even the White Fang fucking her stops for a moment, and then slides his saliva-covered fingers from her mouth down to her neck, running his digits over the collar hidden there, as if to remind her of her place. Kali doesn’t need it, not when she already has one such reminder currently buried several inches deep in her ass.
“F-Fine, dear! P-Perfectly, a-ah, fine!”
“Alright then…”
It’s clear that whatever Ghira’s doing is important, if he’s so willing to accept her words at face value. In that moment, Kali doesn’t really care to know the details. She’s too busy focusing on trying to keep her voice down, even as the faunus rails into her poor bubble butt from behind, plowing her hard enough that she can hear it as his crotch smacks into her reddening ass cheeks. It sounds so loud to Kali’s ears, she’s SURE Ghira must hear it… but he doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t speak up again as she’s ruthlessly and brutally butt-fucked right there in her own home, only a dozen feet or so away from her husband.
It’s so hot. There’s just no other way for Kali to describe it. There’s something so very lewd, perverse… and altogether pleasurable about being railed from behind while she knew her husband could catch her at any moment. She loved it, she loved it all. Kali Belladonna was nothing more than a White Fang cum dump, and there was nothing else she wanted but to be that for the rest of her days.
When the jaguar faunus abruptly pulls out of her asshole and drags her down to the floor, Kali barely lets out a yelp as she goes with him. The next thing she knows, she’s wearing his seed across her face, even as he rubs his messy cock across her cum-covered features. His white, hot ejaculate spreads all over her cheeks, her forehead, even her chin and her nose. Kali takes the load with pride, and when his member drifts close to her mouth, she happily opens wide.
He takes advantage of the unspoken offer and makes her lick him clean, even as Kali kneels there on the floor of her own kitchen, looking like an absolute mess, a ruin. But she’s been ruined by the White Fang, and that fact alone makes the MILF of a cat faunus indescribably happy. When he’s done cleaning himself off on her, the jaguar faunus pulls back and stares down at her for a moment, panting heavily before finally speaking.
“Keep that on your face for as long as you can. Wear it with pride, you slutty little cum dumpster. And soon… soon, you won’t have to worry about that idiot you’re married to fucking of the Menagerie any longer. Soon… we’ll be ready to move. You’ll help us, when that time comes. You’ll help us like the good little slave that you are.”
Kali stares up at the jaguar faunus through the cum dripping down off of her facialized face and realizes he’s right. More than that, he’s…
“Yes, Master.”
The jaguar faunus grins, and then lets her go. A moment later he’s gone, as if he was never there at all, as if he were just another one of her hallucinations. But no. That’s not true, because the cum is still all over her face, and Kali is able to taste it even as she shifts back and forth, feeling the pain and soreness radiating from her freshly fucked backside. This was her first anal experience… so it couldn’t have been a fantasy. She wouldn’t have known how it felt to fantasize about it in the first place.
Letting out a happy little sigh, now that she knew the White Fang were indeed working towards removing her idiot husband from power, Kali slowly stands up, a smile on her cum-covered face even as she moves somewhat gingerly. She returns to the dishes she was washing before the jaguar faunus originally showed up, and she finishes with them before beginning to prepare dinner next.
The best part is, Ghira is so distracted by whatever it is he’s working with, that he doesn’t look at her all night long, not even when they eat dinner together. He’s too focused on his scroll. Normally, Kali would force him to put it down at the dinner table, but tonight she takes advantage of her husband’s inattentiveness and wears her master’s dried cum on her face a while longer then might have been wise. She wears it while Ghira sits there at the table, working with one hand and sometimes eating with the other, too focused on his work to wonder why his wife was letting him get away with ignoring her.
In the end, it didn’t matter. Because Kali now knew the truth. She knew that her husband’s days at the leader of the Menagerie were numbered.
“What are you?”
Of all the ways Kali expected things to go, she actually hadn’t expected this. But in the end, she supposed it made sense. The White Fang had invaded their home just a week after that last visit. They’d captured her and her husband, chained Ghira up… and then stripped her naked, exposing her collar and her White Fang brand to her husband’s eyes.
Kali had felt only the faintest stirrings of guilt as she knelt before the wolf faunus who she’d originally met with and sucked his cock right in front of Ghira. She’d felt barely any shame at all when they eventually spun her around, bent her over, and slammed into her cunt from behind without pause or remorse.
Now they’d been asking questions for some time. Questions about her, about who she was now. And she’d answered them all, because what else could she do? As angry as it was making Ghira, Kali could have cared less. All that mattered was the White Fang’s supremacy. All that mattered was her usefulness to them.
“Who do you belong to?”
“I belong to the White Fang! I belong to you! Please, fuck me harder! Give it to me, punish me! I’m a naughty cum dumpster, a slutty kitty cat whore!”
She didn’t know where the words were coming from, but Kali couldn’t stop them from spewing forth out of her mouth as the jaguar faunus fucked her harder and faster. He’d replaced his superior after the wolf faunus’ first nut, and now he was plowing her senseless right before Ghira’s eyes.
“Tell him, slut. Tell him what we did together just a week ago.”
Kali blushes but has no reason not to. Still, there’s a bit more guilt when she’s speaking directly to her betrayed husband, rather than just shouting out her truths to the open air.
“We… we f-fucked in the kitchen, while you were just a room away, in your office. He fucked my ass. He railed my big fat booty, used me like the anal slut I am, and then left me with his cum smeared all across my face. I kept it on too, all through dinner. You never even looked at me Ghira! You didn’t look up a single time to see what this strapping young lad had made of your wife!”
That gets a laugh from the jaguar faunus and a harsh smack across Kali’s red butt, while Ghira snarls through the gag that’s currently cutting off his ability to speak. He’s angry… furious even, but he can’t properly express himself, bound and gagged and restrained as he is. Suddenly, the young faunus fucking her from behind lurches forward, and Kali finds herself lurching forward as well. She ends up catching herself on Ghira, her hands coming down on his arms, which are in turn chained to the chair he’s in.
Her naked breasts bounce and jiggle between them as Kali stares directly into her husband’s eyes. He looks so angry… but even now, she can tell he’s not angry with her, for whatever reason. His rage, his fury… it’s directed at the White Fang. Desperate for him to know that this was her choice, Kali speaks out of turn, even as she gets railed from behind.
“I-I went to them, you know. I, hah, begged the White Fang for this, husband. Mm, I wanted it. I wanted to, ooh, be their slave. B-But more than that… I wanted them to depose YOU!”
Ghira’s eyes are wide as she speaks, as if he thought that she’d been forced into all of this or something. Well she hadn’t! This was Kali’s choice, she’d made it of her own free will, damn it!
“You’re weak, Ghira! You’re weak and you’ll always, oooh, be weak! Perhaps if you were more of a man, I wouldn’t have had to go to the White Fang! Perhaps if you were more of a man, you’d also have been more of a, ah, leader!”
A particularly vicious thrust sends Kali into a brief round of convulsions as she cums on the spot, crying out right into Ghira’s face, mewling pathetically as she squirts her pussy juices down the length of the jaguar faunus’ cock.
“You’re a weakling, husband dear! You’ve always been weak. Maybe not of body, but of spirit! You could never, ooh, do what needed to be done! That’s why you nearly led the White Fang, umf, to ruin! I wasn’t about to let you do the same to the Menagerie! I had to, hah, s-stop you!”
“And stop you she has.”
Suddenly, Kali finds herself pulled back. A hand in her hair drags her head back even as its owner, the faunus fucking her, steps back as well. Kali steps back with him, until she’s once more bent over in the middle of the room with only his grip holding her up as he rams into her from behind. Meanwhile, the one who’d spoken, the same wolf faunus from before, steps fully into the room as the other White Fang at the room’s edges straighten up in his presence.
He smirks easily, even as he watches Kali getting fucked and Ghira straining impotently against his bonds in equal measure.
“You’re probably wondering how we expect to get away with this, Ghira Belladonna. Perhaps you haven’t considered the full ramifications of your darling wife’s defection yet though. Kali here… will be the instrument by which we take over the Menagerie. Won’t you, my dear?”
Kali moans in response, causing the wolf faunus to stride over to her and grab her by her chin. Even as she continues to take a big fat dick in her cunt, she also finds herself staring up into his Grimm mask as he looks down at her with a smile.
“When poor Ghira here goes missing, you’ll tell the Menagerie that it was the humans who did it. They will rally behind you as you stand tall and strong, infuriated by your husband’s assassination at the hands of the human kingdoms that have already done so much harm to the faunus. The Menagerie will rally behind you… and when you turn control over to the White Fang, they will rally behind US as well.”
Ghira snarls something incomprehensible through his gag, but Kali pays her husband no mind at all as she stares up into that Grimm mask, eyes glazed over with lust and need and… nothing more than satisfaction at being so very useful to the White Fang.
“Yesss… yes, it’ll be as you s-say. The humans will pay for what they’ve, mm, done.”
The wolf faunus just grins again and laughs wickedly even as he turns back to face the silenced Ghira.
“Of course, you might think that the Menagerie won’t listen to a simple housewife. That they might refuse to rally behind Kali, the distraught widow of their dearly departed leader. But if they won’t fight for Kali… perhaps they’ll fight for Ghira Belladonna’s daughter.”
As if he’s given a signal, a door to the room they’re being kept in is thrown open, and a very familiar young cat faunus is dragged through it, growling and struggling. But she’s just as restrained as Ghira in the end, and ultimately Blake Belladonna finds herself forced to her knees, a gag in her mouth as well and her hands tied behind her back as she finally takes in the situation in the room.
Her eyes widen in outrage and shock at the sight of her mother being so brutally fucked before her and her father’s eyes. Its in that shocked silence that the leader of the Menagerie’s White Fang speaks, the wolf faunus chuckling darkly as he grabs a fistful of Kali’s hair, directing her lust-filled gaze towards her bound daughter.
“Say hi, bitch.”
This wasn’t something Kali expected to happen. Blake had left so long ago… there was no warning that she’d be returning anytime soon. But perhaps it wasn’t her own choice. Perhaps she’d been captured by the White Fang and shipped all the way to the Menagerie just for this moment, just for their plan to take over the continent. Either way, something about seeing Blake as she watches her own mother get so soundly FUCKED… turns Kali on immensely.
Her eyes roll back in her head and her tongue lolls out of her mouth as she cums around the big fat dick inside of her. The jaguar faunus who’s been fucking her all this time grunts and a moment later he cums as well, filling her womb with yet another thick, viscous load of seed. As he pulls out of her, Kali very nearly drops to her knees. Only the wolf faunus holding her by the hair keeps her standing on VERY wobbly legs… and as he drags her over to her daughter, Kali all but stumbles.
When he releases her, she can’t control her fall… she topples onto Blake, sending the bound girl sprawling back with her very naked, freshly fucked mother on top of her. With the White Fang leader’s last words still running through her head, a much-changed Kali Belladonna smiles lewdly as she cups her daughter’s terrified face in her hands.
“Blake… my beloved Blake. It’s so good to see you again. So… so good.”
And then she kisses the girl on the forehead. It starts out chaste of course… but Kali is not a chaste woman, not any longer. The older cat faunus quickly begins to lick and lap at her daughter’s face. She kisses the girl’s lips, even if the gag keeps her from sneaking her tongue down Blake’s throat. And though Blake struggles mightily, Kali has no issue keeping the younger cat faunus under her, not with how helpless and bound Blake is.
“We’ll leave you two to get reacquainted for a moment while we deal with the trash.”
Kali ignores Ghira’s last angry cries through his gag as he’s dragged away, out of the room. She ignores Blake’s whines and whimpers as she tries to escape her mother’s clutches. She had her daughter back, she had Blake in her arms… and she could only imagine the things the White Fang would do to Blake to make her see the light as Kali had. In truth, Kali… can hardly wait.


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