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Chapter 20 - Xenovia & Irina


Themes: Rough Sex, Quasi-Prostitution, Monkey's Paw

Summary: From the same commissioner who funded "Making a Collection" comes a fun new romp in which there's a guy with a shop and the shop is filled with cursed items... all designed to make sure the shopkeeper gets laid.

Chapter 20 - Xenovia & Irina

Chapter 20 - Xenovia & Irina
“I have a solution to all of our problems.”
Not for the first time, Rias is incredibly thankful for Warrick the Shopkeeper. Even if she knows he’s more than just an ordinary shopkeeper, even if she knows he’s permanently altered her and her peerage (oh yes, Rias Gremory wasn’t an idiot by any stretch of the imagination. But she was willing to make sacrifices for her freedom), she’s still thankful for his existence. Sure, her and her peerage had effectively become intimate with each other on a level she would never have been comfortable with before. But at the same time, she’d never felt closer to her beloved servants, and they to her back.
Regardless, that wasn’t why she was feeling thankful for Warrick’s existence at this moment. No, that was because of the two Exorcists sitting across from her. The Church had effectively invaded her territory, but one of the two girls was Issei’s childhood friend, so conflict between them and her peerage hadn’t broken out.
They were lucky that it hadn’t, ever since the Rating Game, Rias and her beloved servants were much, MUCH stronger. And they’d kept getting stronger too, as she’d decided that the training they’d gone through before the Rating Game was to become the new norm. It’d been Warrick’s suggestion, really. Right before he’d sent them all back, right before they’d landed in the ORC’s clubhouse and ended up fucking Issei and Kiba’s brains out, he’d pulled Rias aside and given her a pat on the ass while also giving her a word of warning.
“I might not always be around, Rias… and there are dangers out there that will continue to involve you and yours in their machinations. Don’t rest on your laurels. Get stronger.”
She’d taken the shopkeeper’s words to heart. To be fair, Rias had already known that her life wasn’t fated to be easy. Every single one of her precious peerage members, up to and including Issei, had come to her through adversity. And ever since she’d gained Issei at the cost of all of her pawns, things almost seemed to be accelerating. First the Fallen Angels and Asia, then Riser trying to speed up their marriage… what next? Well, it seemed Rias had her answer.
But while she HAD been training her peerage to the bone (and fucking them all raw, just as the fucked her raw) Rias saw no reason not to avoid conflict where she could. All this business with Excalibur and its slivers was, after all, very near and dear to a certain Knight’s heart. Luckily, Kiba was currently still recovering from both the morning training session and the ride that Akeno had given him afterwards. In the end, rather than raising his voice and shouting and yelling, or worse, attacking the two exorcists, he was just sitting on the couch, glaring at them, too tired to fight.
Luckily, on top of Warrick’s warning, he’d also given her back her card, the card she could use to summon his shop. It had four holes punched in it, and he gave it to her with the understanding that any time she visited and made a purchase, or better yet sent someone new to visit and make a purchase, he’d punch more holes. When she got to ten, she was due to receive something special, or so he said.
So, with that in mind, Rias pulls the card out of her cleavage and deftly holds it out to Xenovia.
“Here, take this. It’s the card of a… specialist who will be best suited to help you recover your missing Excalibur Fragments.”
Xenovia furrows her brow but slowly reaches out and takes the card, reading it out loud in a curious, disbelieving tone.
“The… Emporium of Everything?”

With a flash, the far wall and door transform into Warrick’s shopfront. Her male peerage members both startle at that, though neither are strong enough to get out of their seats at the moment. Maybe if Issei boosted… but Rias drapes herself over him, both rubbing herself against him AND holding him down as she gives the two exorcists a wicked smile.
“Right through that door is the answer to all your problems. Have fun~”
Looking mighty dubious, but also having no other leads, the two female exorcists make their way over to the door of Warrick’s shop, Xenovia holding it open for Irina as they both pass through. The shopfront disappears a second later, leaving Rias and her peerage alone in the clubhouse once more. Needless to say, Rias takes the chance for what it is… time for another orgy!
Warrick isn’t all that surprised when Xenovia and Irina step into his shop, looking around with furrowed brows.
“Ah, welcome exorcists, to my humble little business. The Emporium of Everything is at your service.”
Xenovia, as no nonsense as ever, is the first to recover and stride forward, walking right up to the counter and placing Rias’ card down.
“We need information.”
Picking up the card, Warrick nonchalantly punches two more holes in it and then flicks it away, sending it right back to Rias’ cleavage, much to the now very naked red head’s surprise. He then smiles at Xenovia, humming.
“What sort of information do you need?”
“Can you locate the stolen Excaliburs? Do you know who has them?”
The lack of information, such as which Excaliburs, was obviously a test. Chuckling, Warrick shrugs his shoulders.
“I can. Excalibur Nightmare, Excalibur Transparency, and Excalibur Rapidly all currently reside in the hands of Valper Galilei. He intends to take your friend’s Excalibur Mimic, and then use it to fuse the three stolen Excalibur Fragments together into the closest thing to a True Excalibur that’s existed in centuries.”
That sputtered response is Irina, who is now holding her Excalibur Mimic much more tightly. Even Xenovia looks somewhat shellshocked by the info dump, but of course, she believes him… after all, he’s telling the truth, and the Emporium makes sure that his customers know that much. His words resonate with the girls’ very souls as they stand there, absorbing the information he’s just given them.
“… You did not even ask for anything or give a price… why?”
Warrick grins and points a finger at Xenovia.
“Perceptive, my dear! Because, that knowledge wasn’t the product… it was the sales pitch. Instead of asking me where to find your missing Excaliburs… why not ask if I can retrieve them for you?”
Xenovia frowns, and he can see the wheels turning in her head. She’s just about to speak up, and probably to tell him that they don’t need his help… when Irina talks first.
“Can you?”
That’s all he needs, or at least, that’s all he’s decided he needs. Letting his grin grow to Cheshire Cat levels, Warrick waves a hand and before their very eyes, a long bundle appears on the counter. Untying the rope holding it together, Warrick flicks it open, revealing the three stolen Excaliburs to the two young women.
“I can… and now I have. Oh, but how much shall I ask for them, I wonder.”
Xenovia and Irina are both staring at the Excaliburs, wide-eyed, but when he begins to ponder a price, Xenovia looks up, her eyes now narrowed. The clever girl understands that rather than having the choice, now they’re forced to negotiate with him, rather than being able to go after Valper. After all, Valper no longer has the swords. Ah, Warrick has messed up some plans something fierce, now hasn’t he? No matter.
“… What do you want?”
Warrick pretends to think about that for a moment, before snapping his fingers. Out of the back of the shop comes his trusty assistant. At first, Mittelt’s presence makes both exorcists tense up, but then they see the dog collar and the slutty maid uniform and begin to realize that her circumstances are less than ideal. Warrick can see the moment that both young women decide it’s a fitting fate for one of the Fallen.
“How about a challenge, hm? Mittelt here will join my team to even the odds. The two of us, against the two of you. Last team standing wins.”
Xenovia and Irina exchange a look, but from the set of their jaws and the hunch of their shoulders, Warrick can tell that they both know they have no choice in the matter. This is it… this is their mission. It’s not surprise when Xenovia turns back around and snarls out a simple response.
Clapping his hands together, Warrick transforms the shop into a battlefield. Rather, it’s more like a wrestling ring, with a somewhat soft and springy floor, and some netted walls to prevent anyone getting thrown out of bounds. Both Xenovia and Irina move to draw their weapons, but Warrick snaps his fingers and they disappear, along with the two exorcists’ cloaks, leaving them in nothing but their skintight black bodysuits.
“Don’t be silly, girls. You won’t need your blades for this. This is, after all, going to be a sexual battle royale. You should have read the fine print my dears, or at least asked for details. Whoever cums is out… so if you want those Excalibur Fragments, you better be ready to play, and play for keeps at that.”
Xenovia and Irina go wide-eyed at that bit, even as Mittelt giggles and flips up her skirt, flashing the two virgin exorcists. Warrick goes a step further and draws his cock out of its confines, humming as he wags it at the both of them.
There’s a moment more of hesitation… and then resolve as both exorcists decide to fight rather than quit. If they had quit, he would have let them… but it’s obvious their pride and honor matter too much to them. This… this was going to be fun.
“Oh, oh, OOOOOOH!!!”
Watching the normally cool and composed face of Xenovia Quarta contort in ecstasy as he pounds her fifth orgasm from her is quite the arousing experience truth be told, and only spurs Warrick on to fuck her even harder through the hole he tore in the crotch of her bodysuit near the beginning of this little exercise.
Needless to say, she wasn’t ready for this battle. Neither of them were, not really. But where Irina was actually still holding her own off to the side against Mittelt (the Fallen Angel was definitely toying with her, Warrick could tell) Xenovia had lost almost immediately, and was now being pile driven into the mat beneath her by Warrick’s cock. Literally pile driven, with all of her weight on her shoulders and neck and her legs up on his shoulders as he slams his member into her tightening, squeezing cunt again and again.
She’d lost, and sure he should probably have already moved on, but he was just having too much fun. And besides, as he was fucking Xenovia into the ground, he was getting to watch a bumbling, fumbling Irina try to get Mittelt off. The reason that Irina hadn’t cum yet was simple… Mittelt had yet to try and make her. Instead, the little blonde Fallen Angel was letting Irina exhaust herself. First, the exorcist had started out trying to use her hands to get the Grigori off. Then, when Mittelt had outright scoffed at her efforts and told her to use her tongue… Irina had actually taken the advice and gone through with it.
Right now, she was on her hands and knees, lapping away at Mittelt’s pussy as the little Fallen Angel grips tightly at her ponytail, grinding her cunt into the exorcist’s face quite sadistically.
“That all you got? You’re never going to make me cum with such a pathetic technique!”
Still, in the interest of sparing Irina’s jaw, he should get over there and end this. Chuckling, Warrick fucks Xenovia through one last explosive, shrieking orgasm and then lets the blue-haired exorcist drop to the ground in a flop. Then, he heads over to where Irina is unknowingly presenting her ass and cunt for him, both outlined by her skintight black bodysuit, a wet spot having visibly formed in the crotch of her outfit. It looked like someone had been secretly enjoying Mittelt dominating them.
With a chuckle, Warrick swipes open a hole in Irina’s bodysuit and brings his cock to bear on her dripping cunt. The exorcist stiffens and twists to look back at him with wide eyes, her gaze darting to the defeated form of her partner. When she looks at him again, Warrick just grins and nods.
“Yeah… you lose.”
Then he thrusts forward, even as Mittelt cackles and uses her grip on Irina’s hair to force the girl back to her cunt. The resulting explosive orgasm sends Mittelt over the edge as well and she cums all over Irina’s face even as Irina climaxes so hard that she immediately ahegaos as well, utterly broken by his big, fat cock.
Warrick still fucks her some more, of course, even though he’s already won the little impromptu challenge. He fucks her until Mittelt lets go of her hair and Irina collapses forward flat on her face, spasming and seizing up and orgasming around his cock over and over again. The blonde Fallen delivers a mighty puppy dog pout to Warrick as she spreads her pussy lips wide and offers herself to him… and Warrick can’t resist giving his fuck toy what she desires.
Moments later, both Irina and Xenovia bear witness to the compact blonde Fallen Angel getting fucked in a standing full nelson right in front of them, her small body folded up as Warrick drops her on his massive cock again and again and again. Not that either exorcist is in much of a position to enjoy the moment. Both of them have been fucked silly and are left completely insensate by the pounding they’ve received.
Only once he’s fucked Mittelt into a similar stupor does Warrick finally cum, unloading his first and last load of the day into the Fallen Angel’s womb, inflating her belly like a balloon before dropping her to the mat just like Irina and Xenovia. Humming, Warrick shrugs and snaps his fingers. Quite suddenly, all four of them are back in his shop. Xenovia and Irina are dressed again, as well as armed, their bodysuits repaired and their cloaks back on.

Warrick once again stands behind the counter, with the three missing Excaliburs arrayed before him. For the briefest of moments, both Xenovia and Irina are still ahegaoing, and it’s an amazing sight, the two of them shuddering through one last instant of orgasmic bliss before coming back to themselves, realizing where they are and that everything is back to the way it was before the challenge. Both flush hotly in embarrassment and shame, averting their eyes upon realizing they’ve lost.
“Here you go, girls. Three Excalibur Fragments, as we discussed.”
That confuses them greatly, with Irina eventually speaking up, Xenovia completely silent now.
“B-But… w-we lost…”
Warrick just smiles and shrugs.
“Sure, but as the winner of the challenge, I get to decide who gets the prize. And I’ve decided to give you the three stolen Excalibur Fragments. Here you go.”
Slowly, as if unsure whether this is all real, Irina nevertheless walks forward, wraps the swords back up in their cloth, and pulls them off the counter. Then, she and Xenovia quickly and quietly exit the shop without another word. Warrick just watches them go, a wicked smile on his face. That had been FUN.


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