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Chapter 7 - Andromeda Tonks


Themes: Rough Sex, Dom/Sub, Free Use

Summary: In which Harry wins the war far more decisively than in canon. 

Chapter 7 - Andromeda Tonks

Chapter 7 - Andromeda Tonks
There’s a knock at her door. Andromeda Tonks waits the appropriate beat of time, and then clears her throat and speaks up.
“Come in!”
As Hermione Granger steps into the office, Andromeda lets a ghost of a smile spread across her face. She might have been born a Black, she might have been as pure of blood as anyone else, but Andromeda had always known one simple truth… the muggleborn were their future. It was why she’d married her husband after all… that, and because she’d loved him, of course. His loss early on after Voldemort’s return still hurt, but Andromeda was moving past that now, keeping busy, even.
When Narcissa had first suggested this job to her, Andromeda hadn’t been sure what to think. Her last surviving sister was suggesting she take up a posting at Hogwarts, the very school that Andromeda knew for a fact Cissy had been forced into going to teach at, offered up as a sacrifice by the Wizengamot to one Harry James Potter.
And yet, Narcissa seemed quite at ease teaching at Hogwarts. In point of fact, her change in tone and personality because of her time spent at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was the reason that they’d reconnected after so long. Even still, Andromeda had been somewhat wary, somewhat cautious. Still, with Minerva McGonagall retiring, the position for Transfiguration Professor was opening up.
If that was all, Andromeda probably wouldn’t have taken the job. But… there were a few mitigating factors. For one, Harry had apparently decided that he wanted to split the post up into multiple positions. The particular position that Cissy had recommended Andy apply for was one where all that the witch would be doing was teaching the Seventh Years and even some Mastery Classes, a new program that the young Headmaster was starting to take Hogwarts beyond its seven-year curriculum as an educational institution.
Before, you had to go and seek out a Master or Mistress in your chosen field, be it Potions, Charms, or Transfiguration after graduating Hogwarts. Harry wanted to change that, and Andromeda was now part of the prototype program for that. It was a good idea, in Andromeda’s opinion. A move in the right direction, as it meant that the prejudices of certain aged and decrepit wizards and witches set in their ways could not be used to prevent muggleborns from seeking the future they deserved.
Regardless, as far as the next generation of muggleborn was concerned, if Hermione was any indication, Andromeda could trust that the future was very bright indeed. Commonly referred to as the smartest witch of her age, Hermione Granger was a sharp one, and quick as a whip as well. So, as she approaches Andromeda’s desk, the older woman can’t help but lean in, in anticipation.
“I’m excited to see what you have for me, Hermione. Let’s see what you’ve managed to do with what you’ve learned here at Hogwarts, hm?”
Smiling brightly, the beautiful brunette nods as she pulls up a case and sets it on the desk between them.
“I think you’ll like this, Professor Tonks. I think you’ll like this a lot. I’ve spent months perfecting it, of course.”
And then Hermione opens the clasps on the case and flips over the lid, and Andromeda finds herself staring at the largest cock she’s ever seen. Only, it’s not a real cock, she realizes after a beat. Oh, it’s certainly made to emulate one… as all dildoes are. Magical dildoes are just by their nature better at mimicking male phalluses then nonmagical.
Regardless, it’s a dildo, certainly… a very impressive, very large dildo. Too large, by Andromeda’s estimation. Honestly, what sort of imagination did Hermione have? Opening her mouth to ask exactly that, and to reprimand Hermione for not doing her research, Andromeda is unknowingly cut off by the girl herself, who is staring down at the magical dildo with a look of frustration on her face.
“It’s not as good as Harry’s, of course. I did my best, I really did… but it’s just impossible. HE’S impossible. I hope you won’t hold it against me, Professor.”
Blinking owlishly, Andromeda processes this for a moment, before cocking her head to the side and reaching into the case to gingerly pick up Hermione’s Transfiguration Final. She has to use both hands to grip the meaty girth of the magical dildo.
“Am I to assume then that the Head Boy… modeled for you for this project?”
Hermione blinks and then nods, smiling again as if remembering. There’s not even an ounce of a blush on her face… was the girl truly that much of a deviant? Andromeda swallows, gaze flicking between the dildo in her hands and Hermione’s face. Her hands unconsciously begin to rub and stroke along the lifelike length.
“And in what ways would you say it doesn’t… compare?”
Hermione sighs.
“Well, it’s not as big, for one. It’s as big as I could make it, of course… but still, Harry is a bit bigger. And for two… it just doesn’t feel right. I think that’s because Harry’s cock comes with the rest of him, and this… doesn’t.”
Without meaning to, Andromeda strokes the magical dildo just the right way, and quite suddenly it’s pulsating and throbbing… and vibrating. She blinks, almost dropping the damn thing before she instinctively tightens her grip on the fake phallus, gaping down at it before looking at Hermione in wide eyed disbelief. Hermione beams happily.
“Well, I guess there’s one thing it has going for it that Harry’s doesn’t. HIS cock doesn’t vibrate, after all… not unless he wants it to.”
For a moment, Andromeda just sits there in a bit of a stupor. Then, realizing where she is and what she’s doing (still stroking the vibrating dildo, namely) the Transfiguration Mistress coughs and clears her throat.
“Right… well, I’ll need to review it, of course. Thank you, Miss Granger. You’re dismissed.”
Hermione nods and bows respectfully, before leaving the office behind. Andromeda stares down at the magical dildo in her hands, the large phallus still vibrating away, surprisingly warm. Or perhaps not so surprising. Miss Granger was indeed a genius witch, a credit to her generation… she’d made a truly magnificent work of art.
But it wouldn’t do for Andromeda to grade the thing without first seeing it in action, right? And it wasn’t like she could ask any other witch to… give her a show. Biting her lower lip, knowing that her next appointment was due any minute, the admittedly lonely widow nevertheless opens up her robes and hikes up her dress as she carefully brings the magical dildo down below the desk. A moment later, the MILF of a witch gasps, her eyes going crossed and her lips forming into a small compressed ‘o’ as she flushes with heated arousal.
Bit by bit, she pushes up inside of herself. Bit by bit, she splits herself open on Hermione’s Transfiguration Final. Slowly but surely, she decides that this amazing piece of art definitely deserved an O…
She’s just getting into it when a fresh knock on the door sounds. Flushed with need and currently fucking herself with a massive magical dildo, Andromeda bites her lower lip, knowing that she should pull Hermione’s project out of herself and put it away, now that she’s ‘reviewed’ it. But… she can’t do it. She can’t stop… so she’s just going to have to go on with the way things are.
“C-Come in!”
Of course, there’s not much one can do to hide the fact that one is masturbating with a giant dildo, especially when there’s nothing more than a simple desk between Andromeda Tonks and the Seventh-Year students she’s meeting with all day long. By the third student she’s met after Miss Granger, rumors are starting to be flung around about how much of a slut Professor Tonks is. After the fifth, the Seventh Years begin going to the DADA Professor to tell him what’s going on. After all, everyone knows that Professor Potter has the Headmaster’s ear…
As such, Andromeda’s day comes to a close when the DADA Professor steps into her office without knocking whilst the older witch is in the midst of groping one of her tits while jamming Hermione’s project in and out of her cunt quite wantonly. She freezes under Professor Potter’s assessing gaze, flushing as he stares at her in judgment, making her feel like she’s decades younger and once again a student herself.
“… Miss Tonks, what is the meaning of this?”

That feeling is further reinforced by the DADA Professor not using her title, instead treating her like… like she really is a student who’s been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Breath hitching, Andromeda licks her lips and opens them to say something appropriately wanton and lustful, perhaps even an invitation for him to join her. But before she can get a single word out, the magical dildo inside of her twitches, throbs, and pulsates in just the right way, vibrating along her inner walls.
It’s quite shameful, but Andromeda cums on the spot, orgasming explosively right in front of the DADA Professor, her words lost as she instead moans and cries out most wantonly in sheer ecstasy. Letting out a sigh, Professor Potter just shakes his hand and with a wave of his hand, floats her up into the air. He then casts a disillusionment spell on her for good measure, before floating her right out of her office and down the hall.
Andromeda is so caught up in her own masturbation that while she does notice what he’s doing, she doesn’t protest or try to stop him. She’s too busy enjoying Hermione’s project, which has DEFINITELY earned an O from the Transfiguration Mistress at this point.
As such, soon enough Professor Potter has brought her right to the Headmaster’s Office… where both the Head Boy and the Head Girl are also already waiting for her. Not just that though… Cissy is there too, getting spit-roasted between Headmaster Potter and Head Boy Harry. As she’s floated into the Headmaster’s Office, Andromeda can only blush and flush as Hermione gives her a knowing smile and wink.
Meanwhile, upon her and the DADA Professor’s entry, both the Headmaster and Head Boy let out mutual groans, the two of them cumming in either of Cissy’s ends before pulling away from her. Seeing Andromeda floating in the air, fucking herself with Hermione’s Transfiguration Final like the wanton slut she is, Headmaster Potter lets out a grunt.
“You’re dismissed, Narcissa. It seems we have a troublemaker in need of discipline.”
Narcissa pushes herself up off of the desk and steps away, gathering her robes as she exits the office on shaky legs. The look that she gives Andromeda is a multi-faceted thing, with everything from happiness for her sister, to jealousy, to irritation that Andromeda had dared to interrupt her own playtime. Of course, Andromeda is far too gone to notice Cissy’s looks… she’s too lost in the pleasure to really care.
But then the dildo is torn from her, and Andromeda finds herself forced to kneel on the floor with her hands suddenly restrained behind her back. She blinks slowly, coming out of the pleasure fugue she’d put herself in, and slowly realizes where she is, what she’s been doing, and what all of this looks like, what SHE currently looks like. She’s not naked, not completely… but her breasts are out in the open air, and her sopping wet cunt is exposed.
Flushing with embarrassment, Andromeda tries to find the words to talk but can’t. Instead, Hermione does the talking for her.
“I see you’ve been enjoying my project, Professor. I assume that you’ve had sufficient time to… review it today? Especially with how you’ve been shirking your other duties to do so?”
Andromeda flushes at that. Getting a talking to from the young woman is incredibly embarrassing, but at the same time, she knows Hermione is right… she’s failed all of her other students today in the pursuit of her own pleasure. It’s quite shameful. Even still, she has to say it… she has to confess what she’s been thinking for hours now.
“Y-You get an O, Miss Granger… your project is a wonder… I… if I could, I’d give you something even better than an O!”
Hermione preens at that, of course, smiling quite smugly. But then the Headmaster clears his throat and speaks up, just as he and the DADA Professor and the Head Boy all step up on three different sides of Andromeda, surrounding her.
“That’s all well and good, Professor Tonks. But there’s still your punishment to be taken care of.”
Andromeda swallows thickly at that, staring unabashedly at the three identical mammoth-sized members now exposed to her. She tries not to sound too eager but fails utterly as she slowly nods.
“Y-Yes. I’ve been very naughty… I… I will accept whatever punishment you deem necessary, Headmaster.”
She’s very careful NOT to say something lewder, such as “I look forward to testing how close Hermione’s project is to the real deal!” or something like that. But she’s definitely thinking it, and even as the DADA Professor grabs her by the hair and slides HIS cock into her mouth first, Andromeda is already comparing the two. Hermione was right, the big fat dick sliding down Andromeda’s throat IS bigger than the dildo she’d spent half the day using to wreck her cunt.
“Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!”

What follows is quite the explosive blowbang, even as Andromeda uses her hands to always stroke the two cocks not in her mouth, while the one that is constantly thrusts in and out of her throat. She chokes and gags around member after identical member, taking first the DADA Professor, then the Head Boy, before finally facing down the Headmaster himself.
Each of them had the same exact cock, but that didn’t mean there weren’t minute differences between the three of them. Despite the fact that they were all technically the same young man, there’s no denying that each has come into their own in his own unique way. They were still very much alike in many respects, but when one has spent all year as Head Boy, another has spent all year as a Professor, and the last has spent his time running the entire school as Headmaster… well, the divergence is becoming quite noticeable, even to one new to their dynamic such as Andromeda.
The Head Boy is definitely the most energetic as he fucks her face with wild abandon. Head Boy Harry doesn’t ever let up, doesn’t give her much room to breathe, but she can tell that’s out of sheer enthusiasm, not malice or cruelty. Meanwhile, the DADA Professor is more mischievous, more willing to mess with her by pinching and tugging at her nipples, groping and kneading her breasts, and even using her hair to give himself a hair job when she’s not sucking his cock.
Finally, Headmaster Potter is without a doubt the most domineering, controlling man that Andromeda has ever had the pleasure of submitting to, wholly and utterly. That’s not a bad thing either, Andromeda is a Black… more than that, she’s a Black witch. Submission was taught to her from an early age, obeying her male family members in preparation for eventually obeying her Pureblood Husband, these were lessons she learned early.
Of course, she’d had to unlearn them when she’d broken all the rules by marrying her muggleborn husband instead of allowing her family to marry her off. Still, that didn’t mean that deep down inside, Andromeda wasn’t a horny little slut of a witch who loved submitting to big dicked wizards. Her husband and she had had plenty of bedroom play over the years, but even Andy had to admit… her deceased beloved didn’t measure up to Headmaster Potter’s domination.
“Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!”

Again, and again she chokes on their dicks as they use her for their pleasure, as she goes through the best blowbang of her entire life. Eventually though, one after the other, they begin to cum. One by one, they coat her face and her tits and her hair in their seed. Andromeda Tonks takes every last drop of it quite happily of course, her mouth wide open and her tongue lolling out as she catches as much as she can on said tongue before rolling it back in and drinking down the thick, viscous seed.
When she’s done, the trio of Harrys pull back for a moment, and suddenly Hermione is there in her face, kissing her and licking her clean. Blearily, Andromeda notices that Hermione has not been entirely idle during the blowbang. The younger witch has taken her Transfiguration Final, the magical dildo, up off of the floor from where it’d fallen, and used it on herself.
She’s still fucking herself with the dildo with one hand, even as the other grips Andromeda by the hair and draws the older witch in for a deep, soul-searing, cum-stealing kiss. When they pull apart, Hermione’s face and tits are just as messy as Andromeda’s as a result, and she’s giving the MILF a wicked grin. In turn, Andromeda has to give her an apologetic smile.
“I’m sorry, Miss Granger…”
Blinking, Hermione just giggles.
“Whatever for? Using my project? It wouldn’t be much of an accomplishment if it couldn’t be used. I’m glad you enjoyed it, Professor~”
Andromeda sighs, and shakes her head.
“That’s not it, Miss Granger. I’m sorry… because I don’t think I can give you an O anymore.”
Hermione’s eyes go wide and her entire body goes still at that, her spine rigid as she stares at Andromeda in disbelief. Still very apologetic, but also very sure of herself, Andromeda shrugs.
“You were right… it simply doesn’t compare to the real deal. You’ve made an amazing piece, to be sure, but now that I’ve reviewed what you modeled it after firsthand… well, I can see all of its deficiencies. Apologies, Miss Granger, but I think I’m going to have to give you a P.”
“A-A P?! That’s… that’s barely passing!”
Hermione is angry, as Andromeda expected her to be. In fact, she’s furious. Andromeda isn’t surprised, she remembers how SHE was at this age, all genius and fire and a need to prove herself. But sometimes you had to fail, in order to improve. A P wasn’t an outright failure, but it was still likely the lowest grade Hermione had ever gotten in all of her years at Hogwarts… barring Snape’s unfair grading practices.
“Perhaps Professor Tonks just needs a bit more persuasion.”
Blinking, Andromeda looks to see the Head Boy glaring at her, no longer nearly as happy go lucky as before. Head Boy Harry was supposed to be the more childish version of the three Harrys… and yet, now he looked strangely determined, and it made him look more like his Professor and Headmaster counterparts.
“Perhaps she does…”
That’s from the DADA Professor, and before Andromeda can even look at him, the MILF is being dragged to her feet and bent over a nearby table. Her eyes go wide as the dildo is stuffed right up her ass without warning. Luckily, a day’s worth of lubrication in the form of her pussy juices, as well as Hermione’s own sexual secretions, is more than enough to make the passage more pleasurable than painful.
Andromeda’s eyes still go crossed, and she lets out a loud groan as her behind is split open by the big fat, vibrating magical dildo. Subsequently, that groan is silenced by Head Boy Harry grabbing her by her hair and shoving his cock right back down her throat. Finally, completing the entire scenario is the DADA Professor who went and gathered her up for this punishment in the first place. With a modeled magical dildo buried in her ass and the Head Boy’s cock in her throat, the DADA Professor is left to grab Andromeda by the hips and SLAM his dick home into her cunt.
The MILF of a witch’s eyes roll back in her head at that, and she shudders as she orgasms explosively on the spot. And then she doesn’t stop orgasming, unable to help but cum again and again as she experiences the same thing that her sister was experiencing when Andromeda was first floated in. Getting spit-roasted by two Harry Potters at the same time was an experience that not many witches could say they had. Oh, certainly there were several who’d gotten to feel the pleasure of being plugged in both ends by Harry, but in the grand scheme of things, most never would.
Andromeda, as one of the lucky few, found her heart going out to those who wouldn’t get this experience, who wouldn’t get to enjoy the pleasure she was currently enjoying. With the massive vibrating dildo stimulating her anus, it was even better, and she just couldn’t stop cumming her brains out.
Throwing an apology to her husband, wherever his soul might have ended up in the afterlife, Andromeda is forced to admit that Harry is better in every way, in every facet. And he’s bringing out her inner most slut, which she hasn’t been allowed to be in years, ever since her husband’s death. There’s no denying that Andromeda has been in a bit of a dry spell, but finally, finally she’s out of it. There’s no way that anything about this sloppy spit-roasting she’s currently receiving can be called ‘dry’, that’s for sure.
What follows is a gangbang to go right along with the blowbang that Andromeda Tonks had already been subjected to. She’s fucked every which way by the three wizards, the Headmaster eventually joining in on the fun to replace the Head Boy in her throat, which was only appropriate because she was giving them both head…
Eventually, the DADA Professor finishes in her cunt, and the Head Boy replaces him there. But what never changes is the massive magical dildo vibrating away inside of her anus. They leave it inside of her, despite the fact that between the three of them, they could easily have stuffed all of her orifices at once and fucked her silly all at the same time.
They refuse to do so though, and the reason why is obvious. At first, Hermione was angry. Once she stopped being angry however, she became inconsolable. If Andromeda had known that getting a P would ruin Hermione in the way it had… she still probably would have done it. The girl needed to learn what it was to fail… or so she thought.
As it stood, the three Harrys didn’t seem to agree, and given that one of them was her boss… well, Andromeda wasn’t quite willing to capitulate… at first. As time goes on, however, as she’s mercilessly fucked in her cunt and her mouth but never her ass, as the magical dildo continues to vibrate and buzz away at her anus… well, anyone can be made to change their mind if you’re persuasive enough. And Harry James Potter could be VERY persuasive.
Eventually, Andromeda breaks. Eventually, she begs. When that happens, after she’s been fucked countless times, after they’ve cum inside and on her more than she can even imagine, the Harrys pull away. Lifted up into the air, very much naked and sweaty and coated in jizz like the whorish little slut she is by this point, Andromeda finds herself turned to face Hermione, the girl’s project still buzzing away in her stretched asshole, making Andromeda experience micro-orgasms every few seconds and sending shudders and shivers through her spine.
“I-I was wrong… I was wrong a-again, Miss Granger. A-Apologies… I did, ooh, not realize the, mm, applications of y-your project… anally…”
Hermione stares at her, the younger witch’s face splotchy from all her crying. But the Harrys have been good about comforting her, whichever one of them not currently fucking Andromeda’s throat or cunt going over and taking care of Hermione for a time. The brunette’s jaw is clenched, even as she watches in silence as Andromeda cums from the magic dildo in her ass. Eventually, the Transfiguration Mistress manages to put more words together.
“You… y-you get an O. F-For certain this time… you c-can consider this my final word on the matter. I, oooh fuck, by Merlin, I grant Hermione Granger of Gryffindor an O on her T-Transfiguration Final!”
The beaming smile that spreads across Hermione’s face is almost reward enough. But what follows, more and more of the same as Andromeda ends up in a fivesome with the Headmaster, DADA Professor, and both the Head Boy and Head Girl, is the real reward. As she and Hermione get fucked side by side, as they embrace and makeout and everything, the MILF of a witch reflects that Cissy was right.
It was a good time to work at Hogwarts. Especially for slutty, submissive bitch-witches like them.


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