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Chapter 1 - OC/Team RWBY


Themes: Moresome, Rough Sex, Fucked Silly

Summary: A spiritual successor to The Big Bad Wolf (Faunus). In which our protagonist ends up attracting the interest of every other member of Team RWBY after being brought to Beacon.

Chapter 1 - OC/Team RWBY

Chapter 1 - OC/Team RWBY
Standing there in his new lodgings, Cole looks around for a long moment, contemplating just what he’s seeing. It’s… not bad. Certainly not anything close to a prison cell. Turning around, the wolf man finds himself going back to the door he’d entered through. He unlocks it from the inside, turns the handle, and looks out. No one is there in the hallway.
So, he’s not a prisoner? Not that anyone had given him the impression that he WAS a prisoner up to this point, but he had to admit, he was still kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Still, maybe it was all what it seemed. Maybe everything was on the up and up and he could take everyone he’d met so far at face value.
… Yeah, fuck that. Still, he was pretty confident that at the very least, Ruby Rose was a good egg. And the rest of her team seemed pretty friendly too, once they’d let Ruby introduce them to him. Yang Xiao-Long, Blake Belladonna, and Weiss Schnee. An eccentric group to be sure, and with a name like Team RWBY… well, they were certainly an interesting bunch.
But they were also mere students in what was apparently the most important profession of their world… hunting monsters. From what Cole had managed to take in so far, this was definitely a Death World. The creatures he’d been fighting up until now… they were these things called Grimm, and they fed off of negative emotions, constantly spawning all over the world, which was apparently called Remnant, and constantly harrying the last vestiges of civilization, which were these Kingdoms, apparently.
Yep, he was in a death world, and it would seem a very post-apocalyptic one at that. So post-apocalyptic in fact that they were building back up again, which likely meant ANOTHER apocalypse would be on the horizon, once whatever was controlling the Grimm decided that the humans had been allowed to grow far enough.
… Okay, so technically Cole didn’t have any evidence that the Grimm were even being controlled. It was entirely possible that these shadow and bone creatures were nothing more than some mad scientist’s plague gone wrong from a long, long time ago, and they just kept showing up because humans didn’t know how to deal with their emotions. Except, when Cole had pressed for more information, he’d been told about the Grimmlands, where the strongest concentrations of the oldest Grimm were said to exist.
If Grimm fed off of negative emotions, why the hell were there Grimmlands? If this was just a plague, why hadn’t it burnt itself out yet in some parts of the world that were no longer inhabited by humanity. Why hadn’t the Grimm been pushed by their own instincts to overwhelm the Kingdoms in a tidal wave of shadowy bone death?
Something didn’t add up, and so Cole immediately went to there being some sort of Big Bad behind everything. It was the only thing that made sense. He’d give good odds that it was the Headmaster of Beacon as well. Or at the very least, that this Ozpin character was involved somehow. The Headmaster was way too mysterious and taciturn in Cole’s opinion, and while mentor figures could in fact be nice and mysterious in anime, there was no denying that a good fifty percent of the time or more, they also turned out to be evil all along.
Still, the man had given Cole free room and board in his Academy for hunters and huntresses, and even offered him admittance, once Cole passed a number of tests. It seemed almost too good to be true… but then, given what Cole knew and what he himself had experienced so far, if Ozpin WASN’T the big bad, then he was a desperate old man trying to raise the next generation of warriors before he passed so that they could carry on the torch and protect the Kingdoms from the Grimm once he was gone.
In that way, it made plenty of sense that he would want to recruit Cole for that cause. Cole, meanwhile… wasn’t sure what he wanted just yet. But he liked Ruby, and her team was pretty nice too, so maybe… maybe he’d stick around for at least a while and try to get the lay of the land. It wasn’t likely that the other Kingdoms were any better than Vale, or that anywhere on this Death World was SAFE… but who knew, really?
One thing was for certain… killing Grimm gave him power, and that was apparently abnormal. There was this thing called aura, and it gave everyone a semblance which was some sort of unique special ability… well, Cole’s special ability seemed to be to absorb the deceased Grimm that he personally slew, increasing his total aura. When the Deputy Headmistress, a woman named Glynda Goodwitch, had taken his aura measurements… the machine had broken, leaving her covering up a wide-eyed look of shock and surprise.
So yeah, he was your typical isekai protagonist it seemed, complete with a broken power up. He might as well take part then, given that whatever had sent him to this death world had given him the potential to overcome it. Really, it was-
There’s a sudden knock on the door, derailing Cole from his thoughts. Blinking, the wolf man ambles over and opens the door, to reveal… a familiar face on the other side. Blake Belladonna moves to step inside, and Cole stands aside and lets her, raising an eyebrow but not saying anything as he pushes the door shut behind her and locks it.
This proves to be a small mistake, as the moment he turns his back on her, she attacks. No sooner is the door locked, then he finds himself spun around and pinned against it, a forearm against his throat as she glares daggers up into his eyes. He’s significantly taller than her, but that doesn’t stop the dark-haired, golden-eyed girl from getting aggressive anyways.
“What do you know about the White Fang? Are you one of them? Have you been ordered to infiltrate Beacon?”
Blinking slowly, nonplussed, Cole reaches up and grabs Blake’s arm, pushing it away. He believes he’s doing both of these things slowly and casually, but from the way she startles and then immediately leaps back, assuming a combat stance, he thinks he might have gone a bit too fast and surprised her. Raising his hands, Cole tries to take on a placating tone with the clearly confused girl. At the same time though, he lets the tight hold he’s been keeping on his power go, allowing what he now understands to be his aura to fill the room around him… just in case this does turn into a fight.
“… This is the first time I’ve heard anything about the White Fang. My story is exactly what I told you and the rest of your team, as well as the Headmaster. I don’t remember anything before waking up, and until Ruby came along, I could not leave that section of the forest I found myself in. I am under no orders to infiltrate anywhere.”
Blake’s body slowly begins to relax as he speaks in a soothing stone. Cole carefully steps forward, curious and perhaps a little worried as well, even as he watches her begin to twitch and fidget as well, squirming and even shaking. As he gets closer… he gets too close, and suddenly she’s on him again. Only, this time she’s not attacking him… she’s kissing him.
Blinking dumbly, Cole returns the kiss, of course, even as his hands go to the dark-haired young woman’s ass, as she’s now clinging to him like some sort of spider-monkey, holding him with her arms around his neck and her legs wrapped around his torso. They makeout heatedly and passionately for several long moments before Cole slowly walks them over to the unused bed, and lays Blake back on it.
Things progress rapidly from there, and while they aren’t both stripped naked, they are soon in a position that leaves little room for what’s going to happen next. Cole’s cockhead is pressed against Blake’s pussy lips, and the one he’d pegged as the quietest member of Team RWBY is flushed and panting with anticipation as she stares down at where they’re about to be joined.
But Cole doesn’t enter her juuust yet. Instead, he pauses and looks at her with a frown.
“Why did you think I was this… White Fang thing?”
Blinking, Blake looks up at him, away from his cock. She bites her lower lip, and then reaches up and pulls the bow off of her head to reveal a pair of distinct cat ears.
“B-Because you’re a faunus like me… and I g-guess I thought you were here to take me back. I… sorry…”
Cole processes these words, and then decides that at least for now, the rest of it was for Blake to tell in her own time. Or maybe that was his libido speaking. Either way, he doesn’t ask anything else, he just thrusts in. Blake cries out, though unlike Ruby, she’s not virginal. She’s still incredibly tight though, a stellar example of a fit young woman and her equally fit young pussy. She’s also very, very wet, and Cole groans at the slick, velvety insides wrapping and squeezing down around his length as he enters her.
Then he pulls back despite the clinging and does it again and again and again. Blake Belladonna gasps and moans and pants heavily, grunting as Cole fucks her on her back right there on his bed, mere minutes after she’d just attacked him. But it sounded like it was all a misunderstanding, so he wasn’t going to raise much fuss over it.
Especially not when it had somehow ended in him going ball’s deep in this gorgeous cat girl. He still wasn’t entirely sure how THAT worked, but maybe she was in heat or something? Or maybe, Cole was beginning to get an inkling in the back of his mind… this wasn’t just a Death World. Maybe it was also a harem anime, with him set up as the protagonist.
Would he be okay with that? Cole finds himself pondering that very question, even as he fucks Blake into a stupor, pounding the cute sexy little kitty cat through orgasm after orgasm until he finally cums inside of her and then passes out at her side. He’d figure it out later. For now, it was time for a nap…
“Yes! Pull my hair! Fuck me harder you big brutish wolf!”
As Cole fucks Yang Xiao-Long from behind, plowing her doggystyle and yanking on her hair like a set of reins, forcing her to arch her back the entire while, he reflects that maybe it’s something about him. He’s starting to think his aura is doing this, potentially. Perhaps simply growing more powerful wasn’t the full breadth of his semblance?
After that first night with Blake, Cole had stopped restraining his power while in the privacy of his own room. It had felt better to just let it flow free throughout the confines of his quarters, rather than trying to hold it back all the time. He still kept it within himself while he was out and about, of course, and for the past week he’d been taking some tests with one Professor Goodwitch, trying to figure out if he would be suitable for Beacon. Needless to say, he didn’t know any of the book stuff, but apparently his physical prowess and his hunting skills, gained by hunting Grimm fro a month in that forest, was enough to offset that.
He’d just had his first day of classes, and made it back to his room after dinner, when one Yang Xiao-Long had shown up at his door and barged in just like Blake did. At least Yang hadn’t accused him of being a faunus terrorist, as he’d learned the White Fang were. Instead, she’d accused him of defiling her sister… and then demanded he show her his dick to see if it was really worth it.
One thing had led to another, and now Cole was fucking the third member of Team RWBY, plowing Yang from behind as she growled at him to go harder, begged him to fuck her rougher.
“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! F-FUCK!”
Yang’s entire body, which in Cole’s humble opinion is undeniably a sex bomb of epic proportions, shudders and spasms as she orgasms again around his cock, which even now is pounding into her cunt, slamming up against her cervix. He’s definitely fucking her far more brutally than he fucked Blake or Ruby, but in Yang’s case, that seems to be exactly what she wants.
“Spank me, you bastard! Don’t hold back on me now! Give it to me!”
Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth OR say no to a pretty girl, he shrugs and starts to spank her as well, one hand still pulling on her hair and forcing her head back, and the other now coming down across her firm but still slightly jiggly ass cheeks, causing them to bounce and shake with the tremors of his palm strikes, even as he continues to thrust forward.
With a loud shriek, Yang shudders and cums all over his cock for the umpteenth time, but this go around, Cole can’t hold back anymore either… he groans as he finds himself tipping over the edge. At the last second, he pulls out and paints Yang’s entire back, as well as much of her lush blonde hair with his seed, absolutely covering the blonde bombshell in his spunk.
Yang, for her part, slumps forward onto the bed the moment that he’s no longer lodged inside of her, grunting as she goes prone, her arms and splayed out on either side of her. Cole slumps onto his side next to the blonde and watches her for a long moment, something akin to satisfaction spread across his face. Yang was a bit of a spitfire, wasn’t she? But now he knew she was also a masochist of the highest caliber. Her ass was already starting to redden from where he’d smacked it over and over again, and she looks unbelievably satisfied, even as she turned those purple eyes of hers his way.
“… You didn’t cum inside…”
Blinking, Cole cocks his head to the side for a moment before shrugging and shaking it.
“No. Didn’t think you wanted any unhappy accidents.”
Yang scoffs at that and reaches back to scoop a bit of his cum off of herself and bring it to her lips. Watching her suck on her messy fingers so lewdly is more than enough to cause his cock to start rising again, which makes her eyes light up as she gives him a wicked grin.
“Every female student at Beacon is given birth control, Cole, just to avoid those… unhappy accidents. Now, you get back there and you fuck me right, you hear? Don’t take it easy on my sorry ass… I want it to HURT.”
Well, fuck. He was really starting to like this world. Starting to like it a lot. Cole hops back up and mounts Yang again, pushing her back into her prone position when she tries to get up onto her hands and knees. Pinning her to the bed, Cole thrusts into her once more… and this time, he doesn’t take it easy on the masochistic blonde bombshell’s sorry ass. Not for even a single moment. As Yang’s pleasured, painful screams fill the air, Cole fucks her harder and harder, giving her everything she wants.
“… So big…”
Okay, this was starting to get a little ridiculous. But, at the same time, how could Cole possibly turn down a chance at going four for four? Staring down at the small, petite, white-haired heiress between his legs, the massive wolf faunus watches in silence as Weiss Schnee takes hold of his equally massive member in her dainty little fingers, fondling and caressing and altogether molesting it, even as she stares at in in flagrant disbelief.
The Schnee girl, who Cole had ultimately learned was a big shot from a very wealthy, very influential company over in Atlas, had showed up at his door just like Yang did after dinner, and demanded that he let her in. She’d seemed upset at first, talking about how she knew what sort of things he’d been doing with her teammates.
Then, he’d demanded that he show her his cock, so she could see for herself what was so special about him. Cole had to be honest, having a spoiled little princess brat asking for him to whip out his dick… it strangely did it for him, somehow. This was doing it for him too, having Weiss kneeling between his legs as he sits on the foot of the bed, taking in his sheer size and all that.
Eventually, she tears her gaze away from his dick and looks up at him. Going red hot under his gaze, the otherwise pale girl bites her lower lip for a moment before scowling and glaring up at him heatedly.
“Don’t think I’d do this for just anyone… and if you tell anyone about this, I’ll ruin you.”
Before he can give that any sort of reply, Weiss opens her mouth as wide as she can… and tries to take him down her throat. Key word there being tries. The Schnee girl might just be the smallest of her entire team, though perhaps Ruby could give her a run for her money. Regardless, Weiss’ small mouth is not made for a cock as big as Cole’s. Her jaw stretches and so do her lips as she tries to take more than just the head of his cock into her mouth, but in the end, even as much as she struggles, she still fails.
Her tongue lashes across his dick tip, and her hands stroke up and down his length as she tries her best to pleasure him all the same, but after a while, Weiss pulls back, looking insanely frustrated and almost like she wants to cry. Now more than ever, Cole is beginning to think that his aura and semblance are, in some way, like catnip to huntresses. He can’t see any other reason that a proud, disciplined young woman like Weiss Schnee would submit herself to this sort of depravity, and then be so damn upset when she failed.
Of course, no one had bothered to tell Cole about just how the SDC operated yet. Weiss and Blake had long ago set aside their differences, so Blake hadn’t spoken up about the racism directed at the faunus by Weiss’ family and company or anything like that. So, Cole had no way of knowing that Weiss had decided she was going to stick it to dear old dad by fellating a faunus, long before she’d stepped into his quarters and ended up washed away by his intoxicating powerful presence.
Regardless, as Weiss stares in frustration at his cock, Cole lets out a sigh and reaches down, grabbing the petite girl by the waist and lifting her up into the air quite easily. She squeaks and squawks at this of course, squirming a bit even, but Cole is patient and gentle, even as he spreads her legs apart, pulls her panties to the side, and tucks his cock right up against her pussy lips, spreading her dripping, drooling wet flower nice and wide around his member’s head.
But whatever Weiss might have been about to say, she cuts herself off. Still, Cole pauses, allowing the young heiress to stare down at where he’s holding her just above his cock, basically sitting her petite body on the fat head of his member at the moment. For a long moment, there’s silence. And then…
“Do it… fuck me.”
Cole smiles at Weiss breathless tone, and then slowly sinks the white-haired huntress down onto his cock. Her eyes go wider and wider, even as he takes her virginity and keeps going. She gasps and squeaks and mewls as he fills her, inch by inch, slowly but surely. Squirming on his dick, it’s obvious that Weiss is in no way prepared for this… but equally obvious from her clenching squeezing cunt that she desperately wants it. When his cockhead smacks up against her cervix and he’s forced to stop as he bottoms out inside of the small young woman, Weiss’ entire body stiffens, and then shakes as she cums on the spot, gasping her way through what may very well have been her first orgasm.
At this point, he’s thoroughly convinced that he’s living in a harem anime mixed up with a death world. Or maybe the Death World came first, and he’s brought the harem genre with him because of his powers. He’s uniquely suited for solving this world’s problems… and uniting all of it’s sexiest, hottest women under his banner.
Well, if that’s what whatever sent him her wants him to do, then he supposes he will. Weiss is already insensate of course, almost rag-dolling on his cock, but Cole is yet to be satisfied, so he keeps fucking her, slowly and almost casually, taking his time as he uses her petite body like a cocksleeve, bouncing her up and down on his lap, one hand around her small waist and the other playing with her cute little tits, having pulled her dress down until her pale chest was exposed.
Weiss responds to the fondling and pinching and groping of her itty-bitty titties by moaning quite expressively and ultimately cumming again on his throbbing, pulsating cock. Cole plays with her until her clenching pussy walls finally milk him of his seed, and then he unloads deep inside of the last member of Team RWBY, filling her to the brim, now that he knows they’re all on birth control as Yang said.
Shuddering in orgasmic bliss, Weiss promptly passes out, clearly not made to handle much more than what she’d just been given. Carefully, Cole places her down on the bed and then cuddles her close, playing the big spoon to her much littler spoon, even as he dozes off.
The next day, when Cole opens his door to another knock, he’s both surprised and not that surprised by what he sees waiting for him on the other side. All of Team RWBY is standing there… including their young leader. Blake, Yang, and Weiss are all sporting matching blushes and averting their gazes, both from him and their illustrious team leader. Ruby, on the other hand, has her arms crossed over her chest and is frowning most severely as she glares at her team.
“… Invite us in.”
Shrugging casually at the order, Cole steps aside and gestures.
“Come on in.”
Team RWBY files past, but not without Ruby herself reaching out and copping a feel of his crotch on the way. His eyebrows raise at that, because he distinctly remembers Ruby being very… mm, inexperienced and unconfident when they met that first time. Where was all of THIS coming from now?
“Sit down on the bed, Cole.”
Cole once again does as he’s told, seeing no reason to disobey quite yet. He’s curious, and maybe a little amused as well. The rest of Team RWBY stands there, fidgeting, while Ruby herself strides over to him once he’s sat down. She pops a squat, crouching there between his long legs, and begins fiddling with his belt and pants, working them open with a look of concentration on her face.
He doesn’t stop her, not even when she extracts his cock from the confines of his boxers. Holding his slowly growing member next to her head, Ruby twists around and looks at the rest of her team, eyeing them each in turn.
“This right here? This is mine. If you wanted to share it… you should have asked, instead of going behind my back. I found him, I named him… so that means I have DIBS!”
Cole’s eyebrows progressively grow higher and higher, even as Blake, Yang, and Weiss all seem to shrink with each sentence Ruby speaks. This was all very interesting, but he was pretty sure he was going to have to countermand Ruby on this… sure, she was the first girl he’d fucked and sure, she’d saved him from his invisible prison, but he wasn’t about to let her control him.
Before he can say anything however, Ruby twists back around and looks up at him, and Cole stops dead, staring into those silver eyes of hers. Those silver eyes… which are currently pleading with him to play along. Ruby Rose is an expressive young woman, and in an instant Cole can tell that she’s literally flying by the seat of her pants right now. She’s afraid… afraid of losing him. When Cole stays silent, Ruby stands up and begins to strip, even as she continues on.
“However… I’m willing to share, even now. But… I get to go first. And you all have to watch.”
The amusement is back, as Cole watches the rest of Team RWBY blush harder and fidget more under the domineering tone adopted by their young leader. Once Ruby is completely naked, she backs up onto his lap, and Cole helps her climb up by grabbing her waist and lifting her. Sitting on him in reverse cowgirl, the silver-eyed huntress gasps and groans as she sinks down onto his cock, impaled on his big, fat dick. She clings to him, all of her domineering personality, all of her no-nonsense tone disappearing in an instance as she mewls and whimpers.
Still, like she said, Cole fucks her first. Bouncing her up and down on his dick, the wolf faunus plows Ruby Rose nice and senseless, ramming up into her again and again as she cums over and over along his member. The rest of Team RWBY is in no way idle though, of course. It’s Yang who moves first, a wide grin on her face now that her little sister isn’t taking a piece out of her hide for going behind her back like she did.
The blonde bombshell eagerly strips down in anticipation of when Cole is finished with Ruby, and seeing this, Blake and Weiss hurry to do the same. When all three of them realize that they’re all hoping to go second, the naked young huntresses have a small team huddle, even as Cole watches them from the bed, pinching and pulling on Ruby’s nipples while continuing to bounce the mewling young woman up and down on his cock.
Eventually, the rest of Team RWBY comes out of their huddle, seeming to have reached a compromise. The trio of girls, all of them proud and independent and strong young women in their own right… drop down to their knees, spin around, and go face down, ass up as they lift their hips wide in the air, reaching back beneath themselves to touch and spread their pussy lips wide open for him.
It’s a clear and obvious offering, with Yang, Weiss, and Blake all showing themselves off, all presenting themselves to him to be fucked. Cole watches them masturbate like this for a while, even as he plows Ruby into a pleasure coma. When he’s done, when he’s finished with her, he pulls out of darling Ruby and sets her down on the bed to allow her to get some rest. Even as he stands up and begins moving towards the rest of her team, however, he’s confident she’ll bounce back and get involved again in no time at all.
The only problem is, how is he supposed to choose? In the end, does it even matter? No, Cole ultimately decides. Kneeling down at the left end of the line, Cole grabs Weiss Schnee by her pale hips and thrusts into her, beginning to fuck her on the spot, much to her exultant moans and the disappointed whines from Yang and Blake to her right.
But it’s not long before he’s fucking them one after the other as well. He fills Weiss with his seed, and then Yang, and then Blake. Not a single member of Team RWBY is left unfulfilled, not a single member of Team RWBY escapes a nice, thick creampie. But then to be fair, not a single member of Team RWBY wants to escape such a thing.
Cole does worry a little bit near the beginning about having to handle four girls instead of just one… but his worries prove unfounded, as time goes on. In fact, if he didn’t know any better, he’d say that fucking the foursome, plowing Team RWBY senseless while in his quarters where he’s let his power saturate the room for weeks now… it actually almost feels like it’s making him stronger, rather than weaker.
But of course, that would be ridiculous. And in the end, Cole does still eventually get tired. He just manages to exhaust each and every member of Team RWBY first, leaving them all moaning mewling messes that are just trying to cuddle in close to him as the five of them finally go to sleep. Holding them all with his rather long arms, the massive wolf faunus can’t help but grin.
He might not know anything about this world, but somehow, he was getting the impression that this world didn’t know anything about him either. He was an unforeseeable variable, and he was pretty sure he was going to turn this entire world on it’s head, given enough time. He just had to get stronger… and probably fuck more sexy ladies along the way, too.
For now, though, he’d done enough for the day… hell, he’d done enough for the month. With the members of Team RWBY engaged in a cuddle pile with him as the epicenter, Cole finally follows their lead, and falls asleep.


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