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Chapter 0 - Finding A Penny

It's a very hot summer in Stardew Valley, but it's hard to mind. The farm is doing well, the townsfolk are friendly, and, well... some of them are a lot more than friendly.

Chapter 0 - Finding A Penny

Chapter 0 - Finding A Penny
Finding a Penny

It was a glorious summer day as I headed into town. Big, fluffy clouds drifted through the sky, and I could hear the hum of insects in the grass on either side of the dirt path. In a place full of excellent, picturesque weather, it was nothing more than I would expect.

My farm was a mile or so behind me, and I could walk with a certain level of satisfaction in my step, knowing that I had done a good job, and that it was well cared for right now. And with all of the daily chores done, I could visit town, and catch up on the social life. Maybe visit some of the many cute women that lived there.

Glancing down at the yellow dirt road, I saw something glitter in the dust. My eyebrows climbed up my forehead as I knelt down to examine it. It looked like a ring, with a large, dust-covered stone in the center. I picked it up, wiping away the dirt from it.

I couldn’t recognize the stone, and the engraving along the band was an equal mystery to me. It still looked nice, though, and I slipped it on. It sat quite nicely around my finger. Shrugging, I continued into town. My mind was already moving to what I had to do in town. Get some seeds, first of all, and then return the books I’d gotten from the library, and check out some more.

My backpack banged against my spine as I walked out of the library into the afternoon sun. Today was a real scorcher, and I hopefully looked towards the ice cream stall that Alex was running. No sign of him, though, so I just kept on walking, crossing the small stone bridge that ran over the stream cutting the library off from the rest of Pelican Town.

My face lit up at who I saw as soon as I crossed the bridge. Penny was walking down the bank of the stream. I instantly altered course to meet her. Hearing my footsteps, she looked up. A matching smile appeared on both of our faces.

“Penny!” I called out, extending my hand. “It’s good to see you again.”

“Same here,” she said, with a smile that made my heart beat faster in my chest. “It’s been too long.”

I was rather shocked as Penny went past my outstretched hand, right into a hug. I wasn’t complaining, though. Getting to hug someone like Penny was not a problem whatsoever.

I hastily wrapped my arms around her back, returning the hug. It felt nice, to have her slender, soft body pressed up against mine. I didn’t hug her too close, though, because I didn’t want her to realize just how much I was enjoying the hug.

After a few long, glorious seconds, she stepped back, a brilliant smile on her face. She stared up at me looking as happy as I’d ever seen her. She ran a hand through her red hair, and I noticed a faint blush on her face.

“How’s my favorite redhead doing?” I asked, taking another minute to look at her truly vibrant red hair. “Teaching the little ones all about how to think and learn.”

“No, that’s over for the day,” Penny said, blushing slightly. “I was just going to go and read underneath a tree.”

“Mind if I join you?” I asked. “I just came from the library myself, and I’d like your opinion on what I picked up.”

“Of course!” Penny said quickly, a faint blush coming back to her cheeks. “I’d love to see what you like to read.”

The two of us walked through the south part of town, chatting with each other. Well, I was flirting, and Penny was blushingly responding to my flirtations. That was more or less like chatting, after all.

I also spent the time sneaking glances at Penny. Of course, that was fair, because she was sneaking glances at me. And every now and then, we snuck glances at each other at the same time, and then we both quickly looked away.

We ended up underneath the big tree next to the cemetery. It was nice and quiet here, with nobody in sight but the two of us. We both sat down on the yellow grass, grateful for the broad limbs and thick leaves of the tree above us.

“Isn’t it hot out today?” Penny asked, tugging at the collar of her shirt. “I almost want to go change into my swimsuit and go for a dip in the ocean.”

“I’d bet you look good in a swimsuit,” I said, wondering what it would look like. Not a bikini, because while Penny might have had the body for it, she sure didn’t have the mind. “You do in everything else, after all.”

Penny’s face turned a shade of red a bit darker than her hair as she turned away. I watched in curiosity for a few seconds as I idly rubbed the ring I had found. Finally, Penny turned back, her face still pretty flushed.

“Well, ah, I’m glad you think so,” Penny stammered. “I’m sure you’d look good yourself!” The last few words came out in a high-pitched tumble, as if she had to force them out.

I nodded and smiled. Man, Penny was fun to flirt with. So were all the other girls here, of course. In different ways, every one of them had their charms. From the bookish, to the artist, to scientist, there was something unique and appealing about every single one of them, and I was lucky to get them all to like me.

Penny waved a hand in front of her face. I could see the beads of sweat rolling down her cheeks. And then I could see a whole lot more. She hesitated for a second, and then her hands started fiddling with the buttons on her blouse. My jaw dropped as she undid the first few, showing off some cleavage.

Penny avoided my gaze, staring out across the stream that ran along the south side of town. And it was pretty easy to avoid my gaze, since I was busy staring at the cleavage she was showing off. It wasn’t a lot of cleavage, but it sure was enough to get me excited.

“If you’re feeling hot, Penny, don’t let me stop you from cooling off,” I said, making myself sound normal and unforced with a tremendous effort of will. “In fact, I’m feeling kind of warm myself.”

I reached down and pulled my shirt up, off of my body. Penny twitched, her gaze falling to my body. And not moving off of it very quickly.

I knew I was in good shape. You couldn’t do so much work on the farm, every single day and not be fit and trim. And it was very nice to get an endorsement of that fact, with Penny’s eyes drifting across my body, from my arms to my chest and down to my stomach. Her blush deepened to such a dark red that I was amazed there was blood anywhere else in her body.

“As, as, as nice as it would be to cool off,” Penny said, not moving her eyes from my body, “I actually, uh, I wouldn’t mind…” Penny trailed off. I said nothing, letting her take her time. “Working up a sweat?”

“That sounds like fun,” I said almost instantly, barely even taking the time to think the question over. “Want to head back to my place?”

“Too far,” Penny said quickly. “How about,” she looked around, craning her head to see who was around. “Um, help me right here?”

“It would be my pleasure,” I got out.

I hadn’t had sex with anyone since I had gotten here. For that matter, back when I had been in the city, I hadn’t been having much luck either. And now, with the chance to do it with a sweet, cute Penny? How could I turn down this chance?

I rested my hand on Penny’s arm. She jumped, just a bit, but then shuffled closer to me, resting her hand on my thigh. She leaned in towards me, tilting her head back.

I didn’t need to see anything more to know what she wanted. I captured her mouth in a kiss. She squeaked a bit, and then melted into the kiss, pressing her lips against mine. It was wonderful. Almost too good, in fact. My cock was distressingly hard inside of my jeans. That wasn’t bad per se, but it wouldn’t do to get too excited. After all, what was the point if Penny didn’t end with feeling just as good and wonderful as I felt myself.

I grabbed her shoulder with my other hand, tugging her body closer towards mine. She willingly went, straddling one leg as we kissed. For someone who, I was pretty certain, had never kissed before, she was amazing at it. Her hands were on my upper body by now, running up and down along my torso, gliding over my hot skin and firm muscles. It felt wonderful, almost as good as the kiss itself.

With a moan, we separated. I could still feel Penny’s lips on my own, and I wanted more. Not just more kisses, but more contact. My gaze fell down to her chest. I lifted my hands and, after a glance at her face that showed no signs of discouragement, touched her breasts.

They were great. Not the largest breasts I had ever seen or even touched, but the fact of who they belonged to made the entire thing so much better. I gently touched her breasts, lightly squeezing and groping them.

I divided my attention between looking at Penny’s breasts, and looking at her face. Both views were equally rewarding. Penny’s mouth was open wide, and she was gasping as I played with her breasts through her shirt and bra. There was a wild, happy look in her eyes, one that urged me onwards.

My dick was straining against my pants, forming a huge bulge in my crotch. It was honestly getting pretty uncomfortable, and I was glad when I undid the zipper and pulled my pants down. Penny gasped at the sight, but she didn’t pull away. Instead, she looked down at the bulge in my underwear and licked her lips.

“Is it okay if I… touch it?” Penny asked.

“Sure thing,” I replied, my hands returning to her breasts. “If you want to do more than that, I won’t mind.”

Penny nodded. For now, at least, she just reached down and wrapped a soft hand around my cock, through my underwear. It felt nice.

We played with each other for a few minutes, her touching my dick, and I playing with her breasts. It was so, so obvious that we were both really turned on, and needed even more than this. Finally, Penny let go of my shaft and looked up at me.

“Um,” she said. “Is it okay if…” she blushed and took a deep breath. “we go further?”

“Of course,” I instantly said. “How far do you want to go?”

Penny glanced down at my dick and then at her crotch. I briefly smiled. Yeah, I had a feeling that was how far she wanted to go. It was certainly where I wanted to go. Penny was a sweet girl, but I didn’t exactly trust her ability to give a good, or even non-painful, blowjob.

“That sounds good,” I said in reply to her unspoken answer. “Don’t worry, this should be great for the both of us.”

I stood up, and pulled Penny up as well. She squeaked, but wrapped her arms around me in a hug. I went in for another kiss, my hands coming together at the small of her back, just above her rear.

Kissing Penny for the second time was just as good as it was the first time. We held on tight to each other, and I wasn’t too surprised when I felt her hands grab my butt. I returned the favor, squeezing down on her small ass.

It wasn’t quite as good as her boobs were, but it was still nice to hold onto. Especially with the sounds she made as I played with her. And, even better, during the kiss, Penny shifted her thigh so that her crotch was pressing against my leg. It was probably just my imagination, but I could have sworn I felt some heat and wetness there.

Finally, we separated. Both of us were panting for breath, and my own cheeks felt flushed, burning with heat. God, I needed this. And a whole lot more.

“Penny, you look wonderful,” I whispered. My hand slid back down her spine, to her rear again. “And you feel just as good.”

“You too,” she moaned, planting a kiss on my cheek. “I just need, um, I…”

I waited for a minute, but she didn’t say anything more. Just some nervous fidgeting, and glancing down at my crotch. Well, if she wasn’t up for talking, I still knew what she needed. And what I needed, for that matter.

I slipped around Penny, pressing my front to her rear. She tensed up for a second, and then relaxed, moaning and tilting her head backward. My hands ran along her stomach, never quite moving all the way up to her breasts or dipping down to her crotch.

“I’ve never felt like this before,” Penny moaned, pushing her rear against my dick. I was straining in my underwear, poking against her butt. “I’m feeling so hot.”

“I’m feeling pretty turned on too,” I admitted, plucking at her black skirt. “And it’s all because of you.”

That was obviously the right thing to say. Penny closed her eyes and shivered. She didn’t say a thing as I undid her skirt, and let it fall to the warm summer grass.

With that gone, I let my hands run down to her crotch, pressing against her thighs and rubbing against her panties. And Penny made the most wonderful sounds in response to that, twitching and moaning and sounding absolutely beautiful.

I slowly pushed Penny forward until she was bent over, facing the ground. Her hands snapped out, holding onto the trunk of the tree we were underneath. She looked over her shoulder at me. Her eyes were fogged with lust, and I swallowed heavily at the look of pure need on her face. It was wonderful to see, truly a thing of beauty.

I looked down at Penny’s rear, covered in a cute pair of orange panties. They fit her nicely, hugging her hips and slightly narrowing in the center, showing off a wonderful, enticing rear, and something a bit further down that promised to be even better.

I grabbed Penny’s hips, letting my fingers run along her soft, warm skin. It felt wonderful as my hands glided up and down, pressing against her. But I wanted more. With how stiff my cock was, I needed more.

I tugged Penny’s panties down, slowly, inch by inch, revealing more of her. I watched with bated breath, my eyes not moving away for a single second. This was too great of a treasure to miss a moment of, after all.

Penny shivered as I tugged her panties down her thighs, revealing her pussy. And it looked wonderful. She was obviously just as aroused as I was. Maybe even a bit more. I stared at the wet, soaked folds, and the line of arousal that momentarily connected her panties to her skin, before it snapped.

I ran a finger along her lower lips, pushing forward far enough to brush against her clit. Penny made a beautiful sound, one of pure, unadultered need. And when a beautiful lady made a noise like that, how could I possibly refuse to follow up?

I yanked down my own underwear and stepped out of it and my pants. There was a faint breeze, little more than a whisper, winding against my lower body. It felt nice, reducing the heat of the sun a bit.

“Penny, I’m going to fuck you now,” I said, grabbing her hips and letting the tip of my cock brush against her thigh. “Okay?”

Please,” Penny moaned, her voice choked. “Please, I’m so horny, I’ve never felt like this before. Fuck me, take my virginity, please, I need you to!”

Penny was a virgin? That wasn’t really surprising, all things considered. And I’d be happy to relieve her of such an inconvenient thing she obviously had no use for. Still, that meant I needed to use a bit more care than normal.

I let go of Penny’s hip and slid a finger inside of her. Penny gasped, her head snapping back. She turned to look at me, her eyes wide.

“Is that your dick?” She asked, her voice breathless with anticipation.

“Sorry, just my finger,” I said, laughing a bit. “We’ll get to that soon.”

“Just your finger?” Penny repeated, her eyebrows raising. “But it seems so much bigger inside of me.”

“You’ll get used to it,” I reassured her, patting her side. “Just need to feel this thing out.”

I slowly wiggled my finger around inside of her, looking for her hymen. It was pretty easy to find, and Penny winced a bit as I pressed against it. It was a fairly big one too, and there was no way I was going to be able to fuck her and not break it. Well, shit, that meant I was going to have to hurt her if she wanted to fuck.

“Penny, I’m going to have to break your hymen if you want me to fuck you. Are you okay with that?”

Penny winced, and looked down at the ground. I was getting ready for a (very disappointing) no, when she looked back over her shoulder.

“Okay,” Penny said, her voice a bit tense. “Just, uh, be gentle?”

“As gentle as I can be,” I said, pressing forward with my finger.

It was impossible to miss the way Penny was tightening up, and I hoped, for her sake, this was over soon. As gently as I could, I pushed forward, until my finger broke through her hymen. Penny gasped in pain, and I instantly stopped, drawing my finger back out of her. There were specks of blood on it, and I wiped it clean on the grass.

“Penny?” I asked, reaching forward and wrapping my arms around her. “How are you feeling?”

“Just, just give me a minute,” Penny said, slowly breathing in and out. I gave her all the time she needed, just holding her.

I used my handkerchief to wipe away the small amount of blood that was leaking from her lower lips. As her breathing got less artificially even, I started playing with her body again, trying to bring her back up to the heights of arousal she had been feeling before. I unbuttoned more of her blouse, letting her breasts, still encased in her bra, freely hang down. I started gently touching them, feeling the warm skin and smooth cotton of her bra. It felt nice.

“Okay,” Penny said after a while. “I think I’m ready for you. For real this time.”

“If you’re sure,” I said, letting go of her breasts and grabbing my cock. “Just tell me if it starts to hurt again, and I’ll stop instantly.”

Penny nodded, and looked down at the ground, breathing in and out. I let my dick rest against her folds, feeling the arousal there. And then I pushed myself in. And it felt wonderful.

Both Penny and I moaned. Penny was unbelievably wet and tight. So tight, in fact, that it was a good thing she was as turned on as she was, otherwise it would have been pretty painful for the both of us. As it was, I could just keep gently, slowly sliding in deeper and deeper as her folds parted in front of my dick.

I leaned forward, my hands going for Penny’s breasts. She gasped as I held them, twisting her head to look around at me. There was a beautiful look of arousal on her face. She looked more turned on than any girl I had ever seen before. It was wonderful beyond words, and I felt intensely lucky to get to see it.

“How are you feeling, Penny?” I asked, leaving her breasts to run my hand down the side of her face.

“It hurts a bit,” Penny admitted with a grimace. “But don’t stop! It would keep hurting even if you did, and like this,” she smiled a bit guiltily, “I get to feel good.”

“There’s nothing wrong with feeling good,” I said, returning to her breasts, playing with them through her bra. “And I’m feeling good, too.”

Penny smiled at that, and pushed her hips back against mine. I gasped, feeling my dick pulse inside of her. I forced myself to calm down. There was no way I was going to cum yet. Not so soon, and not without making Penny cum at least once as well. What kind of guy would I be if I didn’t fully satisfy my lover?

Through penny’s bra, I could easily find her nipples. And it was a delight to tease them. Penny made some very interesting sounds as I lightly pinched at them, and the way she squirmed around felt wonderful, since it meant her hips moved herself around my cock.

Penny was starting to pant pretty heavily, and I could tell she was getting close to her orgasm. And wasn’t that a wonderful thought? I did my best to help her along with that, while still sliding in and out of her pussy.

After a few more minutes of attention, I managed it. Penny gasped in my arms, her arms flexing as her grip on the tree tightened. She made the most wonderful sounds as she came, her entire body quivering. I wrapped her in a hug, pressing my body against her back as she came. The way she tightened down around my cock was hardly a bad feeling, either.

Penny gasped and moaned and shook, and her orgasm eventually left her. She was obviously still quite aroused though, as was I. I wasn’t even slightly surprised when she turned her head to smile at me.

“That was amazing,” Penny moaned, reaching a hand up to run along my face. “I’ve never felt so good.”

“I’m glad,” I said, craning my neck forward for another kiss. “You’re making me feel pretty good myself.”

“I can tell,” Penny giggled. She squeezed down around me, and now it was my turn to moan. “How close do you think you are?”

“Pretty close,” I said. “But I bet I can make you cum again before I reach my limit.”

“Yes, please,” Penny said with a smile. “Keep on going!”

I hadn’t stopped thrusting as we had talked. With a pussy that nice, how could I? Penny’s pussy was gradually loosening up as I fucked her, though she was still very tight. I could feel the arousal sliding past my cock and dripping out of her.

I reached down and brushed my finger past Penny’s clit. She shivered, and her pussy got a bit tighter around me. It was wonderful, and I did it again, getting a pretty similar reaction.

I could feel my orgasm welling up inside of me, getting closer and closer. Any minute now, I was going to cum. And I had a feeling it was going to be the best orgasm I had had in a long time.

My grip on Penny’s hips tightened as I felt myself twitch inside of Penny. Penny felt it too, and she let out a wonderful gasp as she turned her head. Her eyes were wide with delight and anticipation as she looked at me.

“Is that…” Penny trailed off, not quite able to say the words.

“It is,” I moaned, my pace picking up and growing a bit erratic. “Get ready, penny!”
I stopped my thrusting into Penny, just holding myself inside of her. My head bowed forward, until my chin was resting against my chest. I was about to cum, and it was already feeling great.

I panted for breath, staring down at Penny’s ass as I felt my orgasm welling up inside of me. It was a great ass, and I wished I had gotten more time to play with it. Oh well, maybe next time. Right now, all could do was cum. And that was enough.

I groaned as I felt the cum rushing up, out of my balls and through my dick. I could even feel the cum pumping into Penny’s pussy, soaking her as I came. And as she came as well.

The two of us moaned in a mutual orgasm as Penny tightened down around my cock. It felt wonderful, better than I could believe. And listening to Penny moan in her orgasm was a tasty treat as well.

Shot after shot of cum leapt out from my shaft, shooting into Penny’s pussy. I could only guess how she was feeling as I came inside of her. Well, could only guess just how good her orgasm was, at least. My fingers tightened on her hips until they were white with exertion, that ring I found digging against her skin and I kept on cumming.

Finally, I stopped, panting for breath like I had just run from my farm to Pelican Town and back. I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest like a sledgehammer, and I stared down at Penny.

Penny was in a pretty thoroughly fucked state herself, looking back at me with wide, happy eyes. She smiled at me as she pulled herself forward. My dick slid out of her, followed by a small stream of arousal and semen.

“I had no idea,” Penny said softly, shuffling around with her skirt and underwear still around her ankles. “I didn’t think it could feel that good.”

“It does,” I said, smiling exhaustedly. “It really, really does, doesn’t it?”

We both smiled at each other. And then we were both hugging each other, wrapping each other in our arms. I pulled Penny in close to me, letting her nestle against me. She buried her face in the join of my shoulder and neck, her hands high on my back. My own hands were rather lower down, though still on her back instead of her butt.

“Thank you,” Penny murmured, her voice muffled against my skin. “That was… thank you so much. It was better than I had ever though it could be.”

“You were great, too,” I said, breathing in the floral scent of her shampoo. “So cute, so sweet, so willing… I’m glad you enjoyed it, just like me.”

We stood there together for a long while, hidden from the rest of the town. We didn’t let go of each other, our hands holding the other close to us.

Finally, Penny pulled back from me. There was a wonderful glow to her, and she looked like she was on top of the world. She smiled up at me, running her hands up and down my arms.

“We never did get to looking over those books, did we?” Penny said with a laugh, looking down at the backpack, leaning against the tree. “Oh well.” She brightened up and looked at me, blushing a bit. “I’m not teaching Vincent and Jas tomorrow. If you have the time, maybe I could drop by your farm and we could discuss them?”

“That sounds wonderful,” I replied. “Whether you want to form our own little book club or,” I wiggled my eyebrows outrageously, “discuss something else, that’s fine with me.”

“Oh, you,” Penny giggled, slapping my shoulder. “I’ll, um, I’ll think about it, okay? But I will be there tomorrow!”

“I’ll look forward to it,” I said, smiling. What was my schedule tomorrow? Whatever it was, it would change to accommodate Penny. That much was obvious. “Do you need to get back home yet, or can we still hang out for a while.”

“I really should get back,” Penny said, glancing northeast, where her home was. “I’ve got some dishes to clean before I can get dinner going.” She glanced back at me. “See you soon?”

“Of course,” I answered, going back in for another kiss.

After that, there was the distinctly unerotic process of cleaning ourselves up and getting dressed again. I still snuck plenty of looks at Penny, and I knew she was doing the same to me. Finally, I was as presentable as I ever was, with my backpack on, my hat at its properly jaunty angle and, most importantly, my pants fastened so I didn’t scar any of the kids for life.

Penny was dressed as well. Still, it didn’t take much more than a causal glance at her to tell that something had happened. She looked so happy and blissed-out that I expected bluebirds to come down and sing on her shoulders, and her legs were a bit widely separated underneath her skirt.

“Goodbye, Penny,” I said, patting her on the shoulder.

“Goodbye,” she answered, smiling up at me. “And thank you.” She took a few steps backwards, and turned towards the center of town.

“Any time,” I said, setting off west.

I set off back home, deciding to come up by Marnie’s place. It was shadier that way, and I could walk alongside the river for a bit. And maybe stop in and chat with Leah for a while, and see what new piece of art she was working on.

As I walked, I fingered the ring I had found on my way into town. If Penny really did come by tomorrow, then I was going to have to declare this my lucky ring. And even if she didn’t, well, a day like today wasn’t one I’d forget any time soon.

Coming to Stardew Valley really had been the best choice I had ever made.


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Selias on May 10, 2019, 6:00:28 PM

Selias on (Chapter: index)
SeliasOh, hell yes. I was so disappointed when I saw that Robin was married, when I was playing Stardew Valley.

CptTagon on May 11, 2019, 6:36:25 AM

CptTagon on (Chapter: index)
CptTagonThis will hopefully be a series, but the commissioner doesn't have slots with me for a long time, and is rather fickle when it comes to ideas. But hopefully the other Stardew Valley ladies (Except for Pam and Evelyn) will make their appearance in time.

GamingFox666 on May 5, 2019, 2:49:01 PM

GamingFox666 on (Chapter: index)
GamingFox666Looking forward to this one. Nice work.

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