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Chapter 46 - RWBY: Sienna Khan

Series of scenes written with the gimmick that everything is in front of a camera. Ended 9/28/2019 due to lack of time to write.

Chapter 46 - RWBY: Sienna Khan

Chapter 46 - RWBY: Sienna Khan
Scene suggested by Anon9999 on Hentai Foundry, and this is why I use the word 'suggested' because I sure as hell took what they put down and ran with it in totally different direction. Probably could've posted this as its own 'story'.

Sienna Khan was incensed… how did her life come to do this… at one point she was the head of the White Fang, producing the hottest Faunus on Faunus action throughout Remnant … but then that overly ambitious Adam Taurus staged his little coup to take the White Fang in a different direction, and Sienna was left with nothing but the opportunity to cross a line she never once thought she’d had to… as she is in an office sitting across from the man known as Ozpin who is in deep contemplation as he sits behind his desk that over looks Beacon.

“Ms. Khan…” Ozpin says after some great thought, “Considering your well known stance on Human and Faunus relationships, I trust that you are quite aware of the consequences of your intended course.”

“I am very fucking aware!” Sienna snaps before gritting her teeth, “My apologies… I am in a desperate spot Ozpin, what I’ve built has been taken from me, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let Adam Taurus of all people capitalize on such a… taboo!”

Ozpin folds his hands on top of his desk, “What you consider taboo is becoming increasingly more common Ms. Khan, however your point is made, considering Mr. Taurus’ reputation that he’s earned under your, shall I say, direction it is obvious he will produce content of Human female submitting to Faunus men…”

“Which is as wrong as seeing Faunus women being subservient to Human men, and I will not condone it! Faunus with Faunus, Human with Human… that is how it should be!” Sienna snaps as she stands up and shouts at the calm, cool and collected Ozpin. “But that’s now how the world is, and I have no choice, I have to be the first Faunus on camera with a human man, to show we are equals where it truly matters!”

Ozpin stares at Sienna for a long moment, “Very well Ms. Khan, I’ll arrange for filming to be in the morning...”

“I am ready now!” Sienna interrupts.

“It will be in the morning, weighing all factors, in particular your mental state, a night’s rest is what you need to properly prepare yourself,” Ozpin then smiles slightly, “Good night Ms. Khan.”

With that simple sentence Sienna Khan knew her life, her career, would be changing and she would have to wait….

* * * * * *

The next morning in a penthouse suite overlooking the kingdom of Vale, Sienna Khan is dressed in semi-transparent white robe that allows her incredible body to be seen, in particular her tight stripes. Kneeling on the large bed, Sienna watches as the camera crew finishes setting up as her co-star enters, Jaune Arc, the blond haired young man who has made a name for himself for satisfying the Insatiable  Girl Pyrrha Nikos. “You? I am… working with you?!” Sienna asks with shock.

“Hi, Sienna... Man when Ozpin told me he was hand picking me to be your first… I couldn’t believe it!” Jaune says with a smile and he is dressed in a white shirt and black pants, “I mean, this is going to be an honor, to get to bang the head of the White Fang!”

“Former head...” Sienna corrects, “And you’re right it will be an honor for you, now if you think I’m going to let you...”

“Woah, calm down, Ozpin told me to just follow your lead,” Jaune says as he holds his hands up, “He made it clear this was a huge deal for you, and he’s trusting me to make this as comfortable for you as possible.”

Sienna grits her teeth but nods her head, “Very well, take off your shirt and sit next to me on the bed, legs hanging off the side...” Sienna orders and as Jaune does as she directed she looks towards the camera crew. “I trust that you’re all prepared?” Sienna snaps firmly and a series of nods is the response. Moving close to Jaune and placing a hand om his back, Sienna uses the other to signal for camera to begin filming.

“Greetings viewers of Babes of Beacon… I am THE Sienna Khan...” Sienna says with a smirk as she looks at the camera while she slides her hand up and down Jaune’s back, “Recently I have… seen the light, and realized that my… campaign for Humans and Faunus to fuck one another was rather… pointless. After all, why should I… or anyone… limit themselves to just their own kind… I trust you agree with me Jaune?” Sienna asks as she turns her head to look at Jaune.

“Yeah I totally agree, I mean, there are some incredibly gorgeous Faunus women out there, at lot right here in Vale that think it’s taboo to even be friends with a guy like me,” Jaune says, “And I know some human ladies who are just dying to see what it’s like to be with a guy Faunus,… cause you know...”

Sienna laughs slyly as she looks at the camera, “Oh I indeed know… which is why I am here.. to break down those barriers, to usher in a new age for Humans and Faunus, by allowing myself to be fucked by a human for everyone’s enjoyment.” Sienna looks at Jaune again, “Tell me Jaune, how often have you dreamed about having your cock sucked by a bunny-eared Faunus girl?”

Jaune’s face goes red upon hearing Sienna’s question, “A few time… well a lot...”

Sienna smirks, “Well you’ll have to settle for a tiger instead...” She says as she opens and slips off her robe before moving off the bed to kneel in front of Jaune. Reaching up to unbutton and unzip his pants and easily pulls them from his waist as Jaune lifts himself slightly from the edge of the bed to help Sienna out so that she can get her pants down his legs, and she lets out a gasp when she’s how long and thick Jaune’s cock is. “I… I can tell you there are quite of Faunus men that I’ve been with who wish they were as they were as well equipped,” Sienna says as she places a hand around Jaune’s cock and begins stroke his cock. Starring at Jaune’s cock as her hand travels along his length, Sienna slightly nods before she lowers her head to flick her tongue against the head of his dick.

“Woah...” Jaune groans instantly with, and his response brings a smirk to Sienna’s lips as she laps her tongue against the crown of his cock. Looking up at him, Sienna brushes her tongue all around the head of Jaune’s large cock with her tiger ears twitching slightly whenever he lets out a moan. Opening her mouth, Sienna lowers her head to take his cock past her lips and immediately starts to suck his dick. “Ah damn...” Jaune moans as Sienna bobs her head up and down on his big hard and fat cock as he places both hands behind himself on the bed. Gradually Sienna takes well over half of Jaune’s cock into her mouth bobbing her head a perfect, rapid pace with her lips brushing against the flesh of his manhood. Closing her eyes, Sienna takes more of Jaune’s cock into her mouth as her saliva drips downward on his shaft. “Oh man… go all the way… you… can do it.” Jaune declares as he brings a hand forward and places it on Sienna’s head, running his fingers through hair between her tiger-ears as she takes the  full length of Jaune’s cock into her mouth. Moaning lustfully with her mouth stuffed with Jaune’s cock, Sienna continues to bob her head at an eager pace, sucking and slurping lewdly on his dick until she waits for him to move his hand off of her skull before lifting her head from his shaft.

“Much better tasting than any bull Faunus I’ve fucked...” Sienna says as she scoots back and rises to her feet. Cupping her firm tits with both hands, Sienna sways her hips from side to side as she looks seductively at Jaune, “Tell me Jaune… would you like me to ride your big fat human dick?”

Catching on to Sienna’s obvious intentions, Jaune nods his head, “You bet I do...” Jaune says as he moves to center of the bed and lays down fully on it with his head on the pillows while Sienna moves back onto the bed.

“I can’t wait to feel my first human cock in my tight wet cunt...” Sienna says to the camera as she positions herself over Jaune and smirks when he reaches up to place his hands on her hips. With him guiding her down, Sienna lets out a loud groan as she feels Jaune’s huge cock entering her snug pussy, “Oh.. so… so big… ah fuck...” Sienna moans as she places both hands on Jaune’s chest while leaning her head back. Slowly Sienna starts to rock back and forth on Jaune’s large, meaty cock, gradually becoming use to feeling his shaft within her snatch. “Mm oh.. oh yes… mm this is perfect… fuck me Jaune...” Sienna moans as she begins to lift herself up and down on Jaune’s cock before he starts to thrust his shaft upward into her a few moments later.  “Ah oh yes… fuck me.. fuck my tight Faunus cunt, oh yes...” Sienna licks her teeth as she gyrates her hips to grind her pussy down on Jaune’s vertically thrusting cock while she also slides her hands against his chest. Sienna’s firm breasts jiggle and sway wit her movements as she rides Jaune’s cock as she bounces at a brisk pace.

“Oh oh… really fuck me now Jaune… show me how you’d fuck a bunny-eared Faunus slut… oh!” Sienna groans and laughs as Jaune rolls over on the bed, pinning her down on it while getting on top of her. Wrapping her legs around Jaune’s waist, Sienna’s eyes go wide as Jaune pumps his cock firmly and swiftly into her pussy, causing her to move against the bed with jarring motions. “Oh! Oh yes! Oh ah ah ah yes!” Sienna groans lustfully as she places both hands on Jaune’s arms as he plows his cock deep into her twat with powerful thrusts. “Ah! Ah yes! Fuck me! Give me that human cock! Show me how wrong I was to think Human and Faunus shouldn’t fuck one another! Oh yes! Oh yes!” Sienna screams as she tightens her legs around Jaune’s waist as he hammers her pussy with the intensity she is clearly directing him too. “Ah ah I was so blind! This is what I’ve been missing! Oh fuck me!” Sienna grits her teeth as she pushes her cunt against Jaune’s thrusting cock as she his balls smack against her flesh with with every thrust he performs until her pussy tightens around his cock and she begins to cum, her cream flowing over Jaune’s thrusting cock while her legs slip from around around his waist.

“Oh… oh I can get use to this...” Sienna groan with desire as Jaune pulls out of her cunt. Licking her teeth, she sits up slightly, “Tell me Jaune have you fucked any woman in the ass?” Sienna asks.

“Yeah… I have...” Jaune nods his head.

“Good… because that’s what I want… I want you to fuck my ass...” Sienna smirks as she moves to position herself on her hands and knees on the bed. Looking at the camera for a moment, Sienna then looks back over her shoulder once Jaune is behind her and she feels his hands on her ass. Letting out a groan as Jaune squeezes her ass cheeks for a moment, Sienna lick her teeth as Jaune spreads her rear cheeks apart so that he can push his huge cock into her tight asshole. “Oh ah yes! Push it in deep oh fuck!” Sienna growls lustfully while leaning her head back while clutching the covers of the bed. As Jaune begins to pump his cock in and out of her backside, Sienna moves back and forth with his pace, “Oh oh ah… ah I love it! I love it! The first… human cock in my ass! I love it!” Sienna moans as Jaune’s pace is perfectly smooth as he works his cock in and out of her asshole, which allows her to push back when she wants to resulting in her ass smacking against his waist. “Oh ah harder… fuck me harder!” Sienna demands and Jaune does so, thrusting his cock harder and faster into Sienna’s asshole with his balls slapping against her backside with every thrust. Clenching her teeth as Jaune slams his cock fully into her backside, Sienna bucks back against him, “Ah ah yes! Aw! Aw fuck! Ah ah yes Jaune! Yes! Yes!” Sienna screams as Jaune grabs her hips while intensifying his thrusts as he pounds her ass nonstop, with her body trembling as Jaune pushes her to anal-induced climax just as his cock begins to throb. “Oh! Oh fuck! Ah ah shit!” Sienna breathes heavily as Jaune delivers several more stuff thrusts before pulling out of her.

“Ah ah damn aw...” Jaune groans as he grips his cock and strokes it briskly for a few moments before shooting several long ropes of cum onto Sienna’s tiger-striped covered ass.

“Mm ah...” Sienna looks back at Jaune and grins as she feels his jizz dripping downward along her backside before she looks at the camera, “I have truly… seen the light...” Sienna says before making a subtle motion with her right hand to single for filming to stop, at which time she collapses face down on the bed.

“You okay?” Jaune asks as Sienna turns onto her side so that she can look at him while the camera crew starts to break down their equipment.

“After that fucking you just gave me? I’m better than how I was last night when I was in Ozpins office...” Sienna smirks.


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