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Chapter 1 - Naughty Nuzlocke Rules

[Pokemon Ultra Moon] I'm tackling Ultra Moon under a special set of Nuzlocke rules - rules that let me revive Pokemon by writing about my trainer fucking them! This will be a series of short oneshots, all chosen by what happens to me ingame on my Pokemon journey!

(Human/Pokemon of all genders, casual sex, experimental story)

Chapter 1 - Naughty Nuzlocke Rules

Chapter 1 - Naughty Nuzlocke Rules
Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out this unusual little concept. I hope you enjoy it! This first part is just the rules I'll be following, so check it out to get an idea of what you can expect.


Rules for the Naughty Nuzlocke

Thanks for checking out my Nuzlocke run of Ultra Moon!  It’s been a long time since I’ve played a Pokemon game, and from my understanding Sun and Moon are hard even under the best of circumstances.  This should be an interesting experiment that leads to some fun smut for everyone!
All of the stories written as part of these rules are just quick and nasty oneshots; there’s no overarching plot.  Just like life, it’s a random assortment of unbridled filth.  If there’s a Pokemon that you want to read about while they fuck a cute blonde, just go to that chapter!

Rules and Restrictions:

If one of my Pokemon faints, I can only Revive them if I add a chapter about my Trainer having sex with them.  If multiple Pokemon faint during the same fight, this can be written as a group sex scene.

I can only catch the first Pokemon I encounter in each zone - duplicate and shiny exemptions are in effect.

Battle mode is “Set.”

After defeating each Totem Pokemon, I have to Wonder Trade one member of the team I used.  The Pokemon I receive in the Wonder Trade gets a “Welcoming Party” story to celebrate their arrival.

The game isn’t over if all Pokemon faint - that would be a pretty anticlimactic end to a story with plenty of climaxes.

After defeating the Elite Four, I can suspend all of the above rules and write about Skyler fucking any Pokemon I like. Basically freeplay.

Stories with Skyler can be commissioned, and are outside the rules/mechanics of the Nuzlocke run. (i.e., she doesn’t need to have a Pokemon for me to write a story about her fucking it!)

With all that said, let’s have some fun and fuck some Pokemon!



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