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Shion wants to get with Naruko, and Hinata doesn't want to let Shion anywhere near her woman, so they settle things the old fashioned way: by trying to knock each other up. [futa, hate sex, impregnation] [commission] 
Naruto and Temari's marriages aren't doing so well, and the two of them are spending some time together while Temari prepares for an upcoming mission... naturally, things happen, and they make some mistakes. It only gets more complicated from there. [drunk sex, cheating] [commission]
Lyra lost a pokémon battle to Kris. Now she has to pay the price... [yuri, slave, dubcon] [commission]
Igrene was looking for Fae when she stumbled across a gang of bandits. Everything went downhill from there... [gangbang, rape, ryona] [commission]
Yugi Muto is a dweeb who happens to be pretty good at card games. But thanks to the Pharaoh, he's also a lady-killer with the charisma of a bronze age god. [commission]
Kazuma gets a magic item that can give Megumin everything she ever wanted. What's even better, he gets something out of it, too... [Konosuba; breast expansion, slight hypnosis] [commission]
The Hanzo girls play a game of Truth or Dare. It very quickly gets out of hand. [yuri, futa] [commission]
On paper, Haku Yuki is a private eye working in the city of Konoha. In practice, he is less a detective than a mastermind, and he is fixing to expand his and his wife Mei's influence outside of Kiri. He has the last say in... well, everything, and with a touch like silk but a will like iron, he'll beguile, seduce, and blackmail anyone who dares to stand in his way. [NTR, crossdressing, harem] [commission]
Alola is an island paradise. Sun, sand, sea... and sexy older women. Kukui has a particular appreciation for the last one. [commission]
Mad Treasure has taken the Straw Hats captive, and he has a special punishment in mind for Nami and Robin... [gangbang, rape, threesome] [commission]
Hinata was just innocently stalking Naruko. She didn't mean to spy on her! Nonetheless, she ends up witnessing something she never expected to see when her crush is challenged to a duel by Tayuya... [AU, yuri, ryona, hate sex] [commission]
Tea discovers something about herself and her tastes. [solo, yuri (kind of)] [commission]
Yushiro is too horny to take his training seriously, and Yoruichi is the only who stands a chance at making him focus. And even she might be out of her league. [incest, rough] [commission]
It's Kimihito's birthday, and he finds a special present waiting for him in his bed. [sleeping sex] [Monster Musume] [commission]
Ash is all grown up, and he's settled down from his wandering days to focus more on breeding. And as it turns out, many of his former traveling companions are interested in breeding too. With him, specifically. [harem] [commission]
Kale and Caulifla are training under Vados. It starts out raunchy, and just gets rougher from there. [yuri, futa] [commission]
If a spellcaster gets raped in the forest, does anyone hear a sound? [gangbang, mindbreak] [commission]
It was bad luck for Ingrid, but good luck for the bandits. Her loss was their gain, and her pain was their pleasure. [gangbang, ryona, dismemberment] [commission]
Naruto is a freelance photographer. His wife, Sakura, is a famous plastic surgeon Sakura, and his newest subject is Temari, an aspiring model and his wife's most recent patient. [seduction, cheating] [commission]
In which a generic, religiously unaffiliated angel is raped by a legion of generic, religiously unaffiliated demons. [mindbreak, degradation, cosmic horror] [commission]
Tsunade and Kushina slug it out in a brutal, no-holds-barred match. They don't need a reason; they just want to win. [futa, ryona, rough] [commission]
Yushiro's big sister was very hot, so he couldn't really be blamed for being attracted to her. And for her part, Yoruichi was interested to see just how much her little brother had grown. [commission]
Ken is a mage in Fairy Tail, and he has gotten his hands on a very special magical tome that can let him rewrite reality. Naturally, he uses this to indulge his fetishes. [anal] [commission]
Satsuki has a brother complex and a love of booty, and her little brother shares her interests. So she has made this world just for him: a paradise of perfect, plump, and perky asses simply waiting to be spanked, teased, and fucked. [rule 63, dubcon, passive, anal, spanking] [commission] 
Satsuki really wants to get vengeance on her sister... but she also really wants her sister to fuck her in the ass. So she's conflicted, and Itami has to drill the lesson back into her head. [yuri, futa, anal, incest] [commission]

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