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Chapter 6 - Sarada

In order to improve relations between Kumo and Konoha, Ay decides to engage in a "cultural exchange" with the Uchiha. Unbeknownst to Sasuke. [NTR, mindbreak] [commission]

Chapter 6 - Sarada

Chapter 6 - Sarada
If Sarada Uchiha had to be described in one word, it would be tight. She was young and lean, firm and perky. Her skin was smooth and unblemished, soft and supple apart from a few slight unavoidable callosities on the hands from her long ninja training. Her waist was slim, her legs were lithe, her ass was round and pert, and her belly was taut and trim. Her chest wasn't quite flat, but it was very nearly so—although she was young enough that she might still hope to see further development in that area. She had a gymnast's physique, nimble and flexible, but with the chakra control techniques she had learned from her mother, she could also exert incredible strength. She was a skilled, formidable kunoichi.

She was also a very attractive girl. She was kind and friendly in terms of personality, but also a little cool and much admired. Most of the boys her age had at least a small crush on her, and even many older men looked at her with desire. Her pretty face and fresh, toned body both made her seem very appealing, and there were many rumors about her possible relationships. Sarada seemed to be surrounded by some of the most eligible young men in the village, and many were those who gossiped about her getting with one or another of them. Some people said she was in a relationship with Boruto, the hokage's son. Others claimed she was seeing the very handsome and slightly eerie Mitsuki. A few even suggested she had some kind of thing with her former jounin sensei, Konohamaru Sarutobi.

Myriad were the rumors about Sarada's love life, and legion were the souls who would give anything for a chance to get with her. She was young, not even quite yet at her prime, still developing in many ways. But she was already a very attractive young woman, and many could be forgiven for feeling at least some degree of attraction to her. She didn't do anything to dissuade those admirers, either, going around in those criminally short shorts or salaciously tight skirts, always showing off so much of her long, smooth legs and her tight little ass. She was very friendly, and she was less shy about her body than was perhaps proper for a girl, kunoichi or not. Very few men could find it in themselves to complain about that, however.

Sarada was adventurous and a tiny bit mischievous. She was an ambitious lass, looking to become the hokage one day. She was thoughtful and good-natured, determined and resolute; she had spunk and sass, but also a certain sweetness and innocence. She could present herself as a pure, charming lass, if she wanted, or as a saucy, fire breathing minx. She was cute, and she was attractive, and she was sexy, all in their turn. She presented different faces to different people, adopting different personas to suit her setting and her company.

This was the same thing that everyone did, to some extent or other, but Sarada was exceptionally good at it. She could match herself to any environment, any circumstance.

Even to meeting with the former raikage.

Hokage-sama had given her the assignment. He had told her to bring some papers to Raikage-sama—to Lord Ay, the Kumogakure Ambassador—in the embassy. Sarada had accepted the mission gladly. It was a low rank, and worth relatively little money, but Naruto had said it was specifically for her, and she didn't want to let him down.

She was very fond of Hokage-sama.

So she took these papers from Hokage Tower to the embassy, weaving her way through foot traffic. It wasn't a long way there, and she arrived without much difficulty. It was only a few blocks.

Sarada entered the embassy. It was rather quiet. There were hardly any people in the building, and those few she did see either waved her on by or ignored her completely. They were uninterested in her or her business, but they told her where to find Lord Ay.

"He should be in his room," said one, pointing vaguely.

"He'll be waiting for you," said another with a strangely knowing smile.

"You look cute," said a third in a non sequitur, eyeing Sarada's body—her backside in particular. "I like your butt."

Sarada took this in stride. She had mostly inherited her mother's physique, including her ass, and she was often complimented on it. Only Sarada's posterior was even firmer and more compact than her mother's, tighter and more nicely toned. Some people preferred the additional cushioning on Sakura's ass, but others said that Sarada's firmness was the ideal.

Either way, Sarada was proud of her figure, and she only hoped that she might grow slightly larger breasts as she further matured. She didn't necessarily want the massive mammaries of Auntie Itachi, but she could settle for a pair the size of her grandmother's. She was pleased by the compliment, at any rate, and she puffed up her chest and swung her hips a little more as she made her way to Lord Ay's room.

She stopped outside the door. It was silent within.

Sarada knocked.

"May I come in?"

She heard the answer, a gruff voice speaking through the door.


The word had a ring of command, and Sarada obeyed almost automatically. She turned the handle and stepped inside, softly closing the door behind her.

The click of the latch seemed strangely deafening.

Sarada raised her head and looked at Ay. She was mildly surprised when she noticed that this wasn't an office—there was a writing desk in the corner, but this was covered with dumbbells and looked like it had never been used save for storage. Moreover, a king-sized bed dominated the center of the room, rather luxurious, and Ay sat at the end of the bed, bare-chested.

Sarada blinked and stared at the man, even as she felt his eyes set lazily upon her. She saw his hulking frame and his swarthy skin. She saw his facial hair, neatly trimmed but showing his seniority, as well as the heavy, rugged features of his face. He was strong and well-defined. His arms were thick, and his hands were broad. One arm was bare and black, the burly limb resting in Ay's lap as he leaned forward to look at Sarada. His other arm was covered with bandages, like Hokage-sama's prosthetic.

Sarada dimly recalled hearing that Ay had lost that arm in a fight with her father. She didn't know the exact details, but she had a good idea of the more general circumstances. It had been back when her dad was still a rogue ninja, back before he reformed and became one of Konoha's most useful agents. She knew there had been a little bit of bad blood between the villages because of her father's actions.

She swallowed, looking up into the ex-Raikage's eyes. He had a powerful gaze, one that could make even a sharingan-wielder slightly uncomfortable.

It pinned her in place.

Sarada felt most of her usual confidence slip away as she looked at Ay. It was similar to how she sometimes felt in Lord Hokage's presence… She was conscious of the gulf that still existed between her and real kage. She had a long way to go before she was ready.

But that thought wasn't the only reason she felt a shiver as she approached Ay.

Sarada looked at the man's arms and wondered how easily he could lift her. With pythons like that, he could probably toss her in the air with as little effort as throwing a wad of paper into the bin. And with hands so large and solid, he could probably strike her ass hard enough to send the glasses flying from her face.

She swallowed again, warming as this thought developed in her mind. It was an… interest of hers, one might say. A kink, others might call it. A proof of the confused and awkward relationship she had with her often-absent father.

Sarada was a good girl, as far as her mother and grandmother were concerned. Auntie Itachi was more aware of Sarada's "real nature", being a bit cannier and a bit more like her niece than the other two were, but Itachi was kinder than to tell Sakura or Mikoto what Sarada was actually like. She didn't want to destroy any illusions.

The fact of the matter was, Sarada had major daddy issues. She'd spent the first ten years of her life without a real father figure in the house. The closest thing was maybe Hokage-sama, and that… well, it wasn't anything like an appropriate paternal relationship. No, she had spent her most formative years without a steady male role model. She didn't blame her father for being gone for most of that time. She had gotten over that. She understood that he had been doing what he did as his way of protecting her, of securing a safer future for her.

But no amount of rational comprehension and sympathy toward her father's motives could overwrite the brute realites. Sarada couldn't just reason away her issues. Understanding why her father had been away wouldn't magically cause her complexes to vanish in a puff of smoke. She could consciously try to moderate the more pathological and unhealthy behaviors—she could, being clever enough to see it and strong-willed enough to work against the grain, compensate for the worse aspects and hammer herself into something resembling a respectable and productive member of society despite the disadvantage.

It helped to have a goal. It helped to have the structured environment and rigorous discipline of being a ninja. These things did much to counteract the more maladaptive traits she might have otherwise developed. Still, there were things she couldn't help. She was sufficiently well-adjusted in most of her behaviors for the average person not to notice it. She wasn't going out and getting drunk, or having crazy, careless sex with every guy she met.

At least, not openly.

But… well, she had daddy issues, and she couldn't pretend otherwise. She liked to be spanked. She liked to have her tight, naughty ass smacked raw by a strong, domineering male. She secretly craved to be put in her place, to be punished and diminished and treated like a naughty little slut. She didn't see herself as somebody who slept around, but she'd had a few different partners in her time. In particular, she had a thing for older men. She had gotten into a very scandalous secret affair with Konohamaru-sensei when she was younger—when she was young enough that he would have been strung up by his testicles if the average citizen were made aware of it. She had been with Hokage-sama, too, when she was a little older. She had gotten with Boruto and Mitsuki—sometimes in the same session—and with Inojin, and Shikadai… and their fathers, Sai and Shikamaru…

But that wasn't too many guys, was it? It was only…

She paused to mentally tally it up.

…one… three, four… seven? A few more than that?

Well, it wasn't too many. It wasn't more than a fraction of the number of guys she knew Auntie Itachi to have been with, at any rate, and she considered her aunt a good role model in this regard, as the woman actually was as in most others. This probably slanted her standards.

But even if Sarada was partially aware that her track record was a little too long for a girl her age—for a girl of her supposed innocence—she wasn't going to get worked up about it. She was fine with herself as she was, and she wasn't going to change for anyone.

Well… not unless a tall, strong, handsome man decided to make her change.

Sarada shivered, absentmindedly envisioning a figure vaguely similar to Ay bending her over his knee and looking down at her with a stern, disapproving face. She squirmed and moistened, and she licked her lips, finding them suddenly dry.

She stopped before Ay's bed, trying not to think anything inappropriate. When that failed, she tried to at least keep those inappropriate thoughts from showing on her face. And when that failed and Ay cocked an eyebrow at her, telling with that single gesture that he could plainly read what she was thinking, Sarada blushed and smiled and decided that she didn't really mind the man knowing what a kinky little pervert she was.

She swallowed and presented the scroll to Ay. It was unusually heavy for its size, as if dense with intricate spatial distortions.

"Here, Raika—er, Ay-sama."

Ay extended his hand and accepted the scroll. His fingers brushed Sarada's as he did so, sending a thrill up her spine. The girl stiffened and looked at Ay with hearts in her eyes, unable to disguise the throb or tensing she felt.

The touch of their skin excited her. Shit. She was really that horny, huh…?

She blamed him for that. Did he have to be waiting in his bedroom…? That naturally sent her mind down into the gutter with all sorts of wild, risqué imaginings. And did he have to be shirtless? Admittedly, from what she understood, he almost always went bare-chested… but still, did he have to greet her with such a glorious eyeful of dark skin rippling over so much thick and solid muscle, presenting her with a burly and manly frame that made her moisten just to look at it? She couldn't help herself if she got a little randy under those circumstances…

She swallowed. It took her several agonizing seconds to wrench her fingers from the scroll, to pull her hand back from its contact with Ay's. She didn't want to remove his skin from hers. She didn't want to lose that sensation of warmth or electricity. It was too good. It felt too damn pleasant. But she finally did manage to let go, although she bit her lip in disappointment.

Fuck… she wanted it so bad. And Ay looked like he would be able to give her a good one, too… Sarada knew what she had heard about men from the Hidden Cloud.

Furtively, she glanced at his crotch. Her sharingan flickered to life, scanning for a hint of the size of his manhood in the folds and creases of his shorts, maybe even for his dick's explicit outline if she was lucky. Her doujutsu was active for only a second—that was all the time she needed to find what she wanted to see and commit it to memory—but this was long enough for Ay to notice, and she heard him chuckle gruffly.

"You're the most shameless one yet," he remarked.

Sarada smiled.

"Have you gotten many admirers, then, Ay-sama?"

"You could say that."

"Well, I'm not surprised," she said, feigning a calm and courteous manner, although on the inside she felt a roiling, seething desire for raw, rigid, pulsing cock. She licked her lips. "You seem like a very… admirable man, sir."

She met his eyes with an innocent look, pretending as though she hadn't been thinking anything naughty. She knew he could see right through it, though. She could tell from the smoldering of his eyes and the tilting of his lips that he understood exactly what kind of a girl she was.

And Ay leaned forward as he looked at Sarada. He raised his prosthetic hand and lightly cupped it under her chin.

Sarada tensed in excitement at this touch—in excitement and anxiety, feeling the confused and hopeful thoughts whirling through her head. She felt him stroke under her chin, lightly scratching with his fingers, as though he was petting a dog. She had to bite back a moan and fight the urge to melt into a puddle at this touch.

"You're precocious," Ay rumbled, looking knowingly at Sarada. "I can see it in the way you walk. How many times have you had it? How long have you been like this? I wonder if your mother is ashamed of you, or if she's proud…"

He smirked.

Sarada blushed, a little out of her element. She was used to being the one in charge, after a fashion. She liked to be dominated, but she was usually the one initiating things. She was usually the one who was drawing in the man to be with her. The only possible exception to that had been Lord Hokage, and he… well, he was special.

But maybe so was Ay.

Sarada lifted her head, despite her desire to continue receiving that gentle scratching under her chin. It was embarrassing, and she wasn't sure how she should take it. She looked at Ay, considering him warily, if not in an unfriendly or unwelcoming manner.

"Who knows?" she said. "Maybe she doesn't realize what I'm… really like. At any rate, I'd say she's proud of what she thinks I am."

"Heh. You shameless minx. Will you say that so plainly, then?"

Sarada tilted her head.

"Yeah, so what?"

"A child should have more respect for their parents."

"I'm not a kid."

"Not. You aren't." Ay leaned in and grabbed her, resting a hand on her ass. Sarada shivered at this touch, her eyes going wide and not a little hopeful. "You're a woman."

Sarada swallowed, feeling herself heat up exponentially.

"I am."

Ay leaned in a little closer. Sarada felt the heat of his body, and she felt his fingers flex, the digits digging into the cheeks of her ass. Her spine stiffed. She felt her nipples prick and tingle.

"You're a slut."

He said this confidently. He could discern it from her poise and manner. Most people couldn't tell this about Sarada, not right away; but he was able to see right through her.

"I… am."

His hand let go of her buttock. He drew it back.

Sarada whined despite herself, disappointed.

This disappointment didn't last long.


As quick as lightning, his hand smote her backside. Sarada gasped, lurching forward from the impact. Ay's hand hit her hard, slapping her ass so that she stumbled. Her knees went weak underneath her, and she landed face-first in his lap. Her cheek brushed the bulge in his shorts.

She felt this stir and swell and harden.

Her face warmed.


Twice more, just as fast and hard as the first time, Ay spanked Sarada. The open palm strike caused her buttocks to leap and ripple, and she felt the shockwaves roll up her body. She gasped, wincing and feeling her cunt start to moisten severely in response to this treatment. Her cheeks were rosy, and she was panting.

"A-Ay… Lord Raikage…!" Sarada gasped, barely conscious of herself. Her ass stung from those strikes, and her glasses had slumped down the bridge of her nose, sliding halfway off. Ay's hardening erection rubbed her cheek through his trousers. She felt it throb, thump thump against her face, the flow of blood through his phallus impressive. His heartbeat was perceptible through the pulsing of his manhood, and she could almost hear the thudding of it in her ears, huge and powerful. "Mnnn…"

Sarada whined and bit her lip. She shifted her face a little, moaning and rubbing her cheek against Ay's erection. Her head was muddled, and she sighed and searched the dark expanse of his trousers for some sign of a fastening. She wanted to see the man's cock. She wanted it feel it against her bare skin. She wanted to hear it slap her face. She wanted to smell his thick, pungent arousal. She wanted to taste the pleasantly dirty flavors of his dick as it plunged down her throat.

She smiled weakly and wiggled her hips.

Ay hooked a thumb under Sarada's shorts. He brusquely tugged them down, yanking her panties along with them. He pulled so hard that her underwear ripped slightly.

Sarada felt the air against her bare ass cheeks. She shivered and squirmed. Her eyes landed on a zipper, and she lifted her head. She grabbed this with her teeth and pulled it down, making room for Ay's cock to spring free. The huge, solid thing, dark and imposing, struck her along the side of her face. At the same time, Ay's hand came down for a fourth slap—SMACK—on Sarada' naughty little backside.

She moaned. Her pussy slopped and dribbled, her juices seeping out liberally. She felt the moisture clinging about her thighs and her cunt, slicking her skin and letting a faint fragrance of her arousal slip into the air. Her slit was radiating heat, and she shivered, feeling the sore throb of her buttocks and the agonizing twitch of her nether regions. It was itching and aching… she was so horny that it hurt.

Her head turned, her eyes rolling in her sockets. Her glasses had slid past the clinging point—they were hanging on more by her ears than by the bridge of her nose, now. Ay's body was mostly a vague, brown blur. She had to look down or tip her head far back if she wanted to see him with any clarity.

But it wasn't the sense of sight about which she was thinking, presently.

Sarada shifted her head, opening her mouth wide. Her lips gaped, and she slid them over the skin of Ay's cock. She kissed his tip, then took it into her mouth—and she took more and more of it into her mouth, swallowing his cock until she was down to his base, deepthroating him with relish. Her face was redder than her sharingan, and her buttocks were little less rosy. Her pussy was dripping, her bare bottom wagging expectantly, and she bobbed her head up and down, working herself over Ay's adamant erection.

Again, the man's hand came down. This time, sparks danced over his palm, and there was a soft, crackling noise as he smote Sarada. His hand hit her twice as fast as the previous times, twice as hard, and it came with an additional electric shock. This discharged through her skin, racing up her nerves. She gasped into his cock, her eyes widening, and she stared dazedly, dreamily at his solid, chiseled abs. She came, writhing, but continued to fellate him.

Slurp, slurp, slurp.

Slowly, luxuriantly, Sarada sucked Ay's cock. She moved her head up and down, dutifully, enthusiastically exploring his erection. There was mischief in her eyes, a seemingly indomitable spirit. But this was cowing and fraying even as Ay continued to spank her, smacking her ass again and again and again.

Sarada moaned. She felt Ay's dick twitching inside her mouth. She felt it convulse. It was jerking and shuddering, and a taste of something heavy was on her tongue.

Again, Ay struck Sarada's ass. Her eyes rolled up to the white, her sharingan blazing to life in the rush of emotions. Electricity seemed to race through her skin, remembering the earlier jolt, and her spine arched, and her hands clawed at the breast of her shirt, longing to tear herself free of these confines.

Her body was going wild. Spasms of pleasure caused her to jerk and shiver in Ay's lap, and she smiled jubilantly as she felt his rod stuff her throat. Her eyes were glazing, her expression faintly dulling. A little less slyness and a little more servility could be read in her face.

She dutifully pleasured Ay, waiting and hoping for the moment—


He beat her ass for the umpteenth time, smiting it like he was pounding a drum. Her body rolled forward with the impact, tossed by the spank as hard as an enemy thrown by one of her punches. Her pussy burned, and her legs flexed. The bridge of her glasses snapped between his navel and her nose.

Ay came, shooting his semen straight down Sarada's throat.

She felt this, and she came a second time—a third?—in answer, lewdly squirting all over his hand.

Panting, she removed her lips from his dick and eagerly swallowed his cum. Then she licked her lips and raised her eyes to look at Ay, softly smiling.

He smirked.

"You're a naughty girl."

Sarada smiled euphorically. She had a pleasantly punch-drunk look about her.

"Yesss❤ Please punish me, daddy❤"

She stood up and straddled him, climbing into Ay's lap. She draped her arms over his broad, heaving shoulders.

Ay smirked. Without saying a word, he grabbed his dick and spread Sarada's buttocks. Then he shoved her down, hard.

The girl let out a scream that might have been heard throughout the whole embassy.

But nobody would ask any questions.

A/N: Here was a fun one to do. Always entertaining to toy around with Sarada a little.

Updated: 7-28-18

TTFN and R&R!

– — ❤


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