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Chapter 2 - The Begining

Mistress Ida has moved to the great sand sea.

It is time for her to grow her "Work" force and feeding stock.

Story with aggressive sex, slavery, and violence.

Chapter 2 - The Begining

Chapter 2 - The Begining
                A large six wheeled car came to a stop in front of a fountain within a massive walled property. The rumble from the car’s engine drew the workers from the sandstone mansion that was on the other side of the fountain. With an angry hiss the car shut down, its massive chrome grill catching the sunlight as its driver stepped out over its long black running boards. The strong jackal man adjusted his drivers cap before opening the backdoor of the long car. Mistress Ida stepped out of her car with a leash in her right hand. She tugged on the leash and angrily said, “Out!”

                The colorful lizard slave girl stumbled out of the car and into the burning sunlight. She trembled as she watched a large six wheeled military truck come to a halt behind them with a bang from the engine. The back slammed open as the rest of the slaves were filtered out and forced to stand in a straight line. Mistress Ida shoved the lizard girl into the line as a massive Ox woman came stomping out from the crowed. She wore a white apron over her grey dress, thick souled dress shoes, and a white flat cap. With a loud snort she looked the slaves over and said, “These ones look better than the last ones Mistress Ida.”

                The driver held a parasol for Mistress Ida as she said, “The market here does not impress much I know. But since we had to abandon our previous endeavors in the west, it shall do for now Oxsel.” She stared at the stallion she had just bought, “Not all of them are bad however.” With a snap of her fingers Mistress Ida had four of her armed soldiers take the slaves over against a wall. The soldiers threw white powder on each of the slaves before a pair of hairless cat girls dressed like Oxsel walked over and started to scrub them with brushes. Some of the slaves cried out as they were agressivly scrubbed from head to toe.

                After they were scrubbed a few of the slaves looked up at the forty foot walls that were being patrolled by well-armed soldiers. Before they could relax however Oxsel grabbed a large hose and started to spray the slaves down. The slaves yelled and recoiled as the high pressure water slammed against them. Oxsel stopped sprayed and yelled, “Turn around!” They obeyed and braced themselves against the wall to be sprayed again.

                Mistress Ida smirked, “I think that is enough Oxsel if they had lice, their dead how.” She stepped forward as the slaves either collapsed on the ground or kept their heads down in fear. Mistress Ida took the parasol from her driver and dismissed him before yelling, “Listen now slaves!” As she yelled the collars around their necks dissolved into water. “You are all my property and will stay as such until I no longer have use for you.” She walked in front of the slaves, stopping as she saw a tiger man glaring at her. She pointed to him and made a slapping motion with a hiss. Two of the soldiers rushed over and started to beat the slave with truncheons as she continued, “You should all be appreciative of the chance I am about to give you.” She waved the soldiers off the slave and said, “That is enough you two.” The slave cried and shook on the ground as she said, “Now If I have to, I will break you, is that understood?”

                The slaves nodded and replied, “Yes Mistress Ida.”

                With a smile Mistress Ida waved over four people that were dressed differently. They all stood in a row with Oxsel as Mistress Ida continued, “Over the next day your rolls will be determined by these four right here.” She walked up and placed a soft hand on a muscular human man with a large scar across his chest. He was dark skinned but wore no collar as he was introduced, “Some of you will be going with Kamal here.” She gently ran her hand over his bald head while saying, “He is in charge of the farms. He is a man who earned his freedom back at my old property but chose to stay and work for me.” She pat his backside, “Introduce yourself sweetie.”

                Kamal stepped forward while flexing his muscular body as his strong jawline and piercing brown eyes stared the new slaves down. He called out, “Those of you unlucky enough to be sent to me will work for a minimum ten hours a day out in the fields. You will sleep eight hours a day with two meals, one morning, and one night. If you work hard and get your work done in a timely fashion you will get up to four hours of free time a day to relax in the bunks.”

                After Kamal stepped back into line Mistress Ida moved to a small mouse woman with thick glasses and a ledger in hand. She gave the woman a small kiss on the top of the head and said, “This is Ulu and she is in charge of the different businesses I run.” Ulu was shorter than Mistress Ida by almost two feet, petite, grey furred, and had massive ears. Her glasses attached to the bridge of her nose by a little spring so the stayed up by her green eyes. Mistress Ida told her, “Introduce yourself Ulu.”

                Ulu stepped forwards and squeaked as she cleared her throat. This caused a few of the new slaves to roll their eyes mockingly. In response Ulu screamed, “Don’t you roll your eyes at me you fucks!” The slaves recoiled in fear from the tiny woman as she continued, “Your work will be the same hours as the farm hands. Instead of being out there in the fields you will either be in the brewery, making cloth, or processing the foods we grow.” She angrily pointed her inkwell pen at the new slaves, “I am not going to tolerate any misbehavior in my buildings, you got that you useless excuses for shit!”

                The second Mistress Ida touched her shoulder Ulu stepped back in line calmly. With a smile she moved on to the next person in line which was Oxsel. She pat Oxsel’s meaty shoulder and said, “You have met Oxsel already, but she has yet to introduce herself.”

                Oxsel seemed to shake the ground as the massive woman stepped forward. She snorted again, “I have to take some of you useless pieces of trash and teach you how to care for the house.” She pointed one of her sausage fingers at the slaves, “I am a free woman who chooses to stay with Mistress Ida because she is a good mistress. If you end up with me I will make you clean, orderly, and proper house slaves. You will work the same hours as the others but you will maintain my beautiful house, inside and out. You will learn to cook, clean, and serve our mistress and any guests we have.”

                Oxsel stepped back as Mistress Ida smiled and said, “She is such a treat.” The next person she approached in line caused many of the slaves to tremble in fear. Mistress Ida touched the tall tiger woman’s shoulder before giving her a kiss. She then said, “This is Tigera, one of my generals.” She gave Tigera a firm pat on the backside to make her step forward.

                All the slaves cowered as Tigera stared them down with the slit pupil in her one golden eye widening. She grimaced her sharp teeth, showing her one golden fang at the same time adjusting her left eyepatch. She spoke softly, but coldly, to the slaves, “The few of you deemed strong enough to be sent to me will be broken.” She pointed to a passing soldier, “Come here you!” The soldier rushed over where she pulled out his serrated combat knife from his belt. He stood at attention and did not flinch as she cut his shirt open with the knife. As she carved a cross into the mans chest she said, “You will learn to tolerate a pain that your previous masters wish they could have given you.” One of the slaves wet themselves as the soldier being cut open did nothing but stand at attention.

                After the soldier’s knife was given back to him he saluted and said, “Glad to be of service ma’am.”

                Tigera waved the bleeding soldier off, “See a medic boy, your bleeding on Mistress Ida’s ground.” As the soldier walked off Tigera adjusted the bulge in her tight pants and said, “If you survive my training you will be given the best food, water, and entertainment while in service you Mistress Ida. You fail my training I will personally gut you before throwing your useless corpse into a trash truck.” A couple other slaves wet themselves as she snarled and said, “I can’t wait to see who I get.”

                Mistress Ida smiled as she had Tigera step back in line, “Easy there tiger.” She then stepped over to an old lighter skinned human woman who smoked a cigarette that heavily smelled of spices. The old woman took a long draft of her cigarette as she was introduced, “Alright, last but definitely not least is Gladys here.”

                Gladys brushed her grey hair back, her many jeweled rings catching the sunlight. She coughed, causing the wrinkly butterfly tattooed on her cleavage to shake violently. After a few more drafts of her cigarette Gladys spoke in her raspy voice, “Alright sweeties, those of you the Mistress wants to fuck will be sent to my little house of love.” She smiled, her ivory replacement teeth shinning white despite her constant smoking. She took another draught of her cigarette and said, “Once with me you will be trained how to please people of any persuasion. You will service the mistress at a moment’s notice in any way she wishes. When we have guests you will be offered to them for entertainment purposes. Each one of you will be trained in many types of erotic dancing from all around the world.” She finished her cigarette off and immediately started to light another. “But with all this you will have the most free time of any slave. If you are not being fucked or training we do not care what you do inside the house as long as it doesn’t break the rules.”

                As Gladys stepped back into line Mistress Ida smiled at the slaves and said, “Welcome to The Fortress, I hope you all grow to accept your new lives.” She made an immediate bee line to the sibling horse slaves she bought and smiled at them. As she gently caressed each of their faces she said, “If I no longer have need of any of you I will simply, get rid of you.” Both the slaves she touched closed their eyes and trembled as she said, “That could be me selling you off,” She licked her lips, “Or eating you.” Tears ran down the slaves faces as she said, “Now, let’s get the selection process started.”


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