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Chapter 1 - What Came After

It started as a means to an end, to get some Gil in order to help keep Avalanche from being discovered. It was risky, but it had to be done. As time went on and desperation mounted, so to did the acts Tifa had to do to keep her friends safe.

That is, of course, what she tells herself as she goes to see Don Corneo.

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Chapter 1 - What Came After

Chapter 1 - What Came After
She wasn’t sure how she got here, but she wasn’t about to argue with what was happening to her. It would have been just silly to try and pretend that whatever was happening wasn’t actually happening. It was, no doubt, but it was how it was happening that was making her already twisted mind spin.
In the past few months, she could recall doing things that some part of her, a distant long forgotten and honestly unimportant part, considered to be amoral. She had sold out her friends’ activities for Gil and protection. She had undermined several Avalanche activities in order to bolster her bar. She had even risked the lives of some of her best patrons and friends just for the ability to have a man fuck her anus until she was a screaming slut. It wasn’t hard to figure out with those examples just where the line was crossed.
Just as it was hard to figure out how it had gotten even worse. Worse wasn’t the right word for it. It would be worse, or bad, if she was trying to think about it from a certain perspective, but she didn’t have that perspective anymore. That was back when all she cared about was some hole-in-the-wall bar in the slums of Midgar. Now she had a life of luxury, and far more exposed for it.
She was no longer hiding behind a bar to keep the men off, now she sauntered up to them and showed them everything she could offer. She no longer hid herself from others who were looking for information. She offered it up easily with the promise of their cocks in her mouth or dicks up her ass. And most importantly, she didn’t have a care anymore about the state of her friends or their well-being. They could handle themselves as well as she could handle dicks.
GLRACH~” Like the cock that was puncturing Tifa’s throat at this moment, burying itself into her gut.
It hadn’t reached quite that far yet, but likely only because she was still on her knees beneath the man’s seat. He wasn’t thrusting into her with the same wild abandon he normally did, when they were on his bed or he saw her roaming the gilded halls of his Bordello. No, at the moment, he was relaxing in his chair, pants down to his knees, and everything from the waist up looking as prim and proper as it ever did.
GLARCH~ HURGCHC~” Tifa Lockhart was the one who was naked as the day she was born, fingers in her cunt, slamming her head back and forth on the dick, and letting slobber, cum, and the fem-juices from other sluts the man had fucked drip down her face. She was being covered in the remains of sex from other women, and she greedily took it in. Anything to taste more of the man’s cock.
The hand on the back of her head coaxed her over the dick, cheeks hollowed out to taste as much of it as she could. Her eyes were crossed as she moved up and down the length, tongue chasing the length of the dick and loving the feeling of it shoving itself down her throat, past her esophagus and so nearly fucking her gut. She was determined to be the best sleeve she could be for this man.
It was why it was hard for her to imagine the situation being any worse, because all she could do was imagine on how great she was doing now~.
“Sorry about her. Little slut tends to get excited when she’s got my cock in her.” The man she was sucking off patted her head as he spoke, and Tifa mewled at the attention. She couldn’t turn around to see who he was talking to, so she instead did as she was told to before. Eagerly suck off his cock and drink every drop of cum shot into her. Same as usual then. “You’d be surprised how easy it was to get her into this state if ya met her before all this.”
“You mean that bitch was hard to put on her knees?” The man she couldn’t see spoke. Tifa couldn’t see him, but she could hear the sounds of another woman sucking him off, the ‘glrchs’ of air being fucked out of her throat. “The way she’s guzzling on your cock, I’d have thought she’d dreamed of dick and had nightmares about pussy.” She certainly did now. Nothing beat her Don’s cock.
“HAHAHA! Well that’s true now, but it's no different than any other whore walkin’ in these halls. All just cunts who need a tick to remind them what they’re good for.” SLAP! The noise came as he slapped Tifa’s face, lips still sucking on his cock. The sudden action made her almost slipped off of it, and she whined as she dove forward again, letting slobber push out of her nostrils as she buried herself completely on it. “Once they realize how good it is fer them, tryin’ to get them off the cock is a challenge ya don’t wanna win.”
“Maybe not, but I must admit it’s fun to watch.” Her cunt clenched at the word. Fun. This was fun, and it was even more fun to be watched while she treated the man with the dick bigger than ultima weapons like the man that he was. “And this whore. This… HNGH! Slut is… another one of them? Like that cunt on your cock?” He must have been talking about the woman sucking him off, not that Tifa cared too much.
“Yup! Just another bitch who thought she could be an alpha. Didn’t realize till it was too late she’s better off earning praise then stealin’ materia.” She did remember that. Someone trying to break in and steal from her Don. She had to break her legs to stop her, but her Don had done much better. She was one of his better earners now, and she was so happy to watch him fuck her into unconsciousness. “Caught her tryin’ to get into my vault where all the rare stuff is had, and all it took was a play on words to get her to fall fer me.”
“For you? HAHA! Sorry Don, you’re a master class Pimp and the smartest man in the slums, but I’m pretty sure the women who see you run first.” Tifa almost stopped sucking Don’s cock. Almost, but he didn’t because the hand in her hair only tightened. “So what’d you really do to this Wutai whore? Fuck her mind? Beat her within an inch of her life? C’mon, you can’t tell me you just fucked the resistance out and stupid in.” Her Don didn’t get angry. He just reacted as he usually did. He showed off.
“It’s what I did to slut ‘A’ here!” The comment came as Don Corneo grabbed her hair with his fist. Tifa kept herself on his cock for as long as she could manage, but it wasn’t to be. He was dragging her back by her long locks, and her ass length black hair played against her again as she was forced off of the mammoth dick, drooling and nearly crying in despair, as she was turned around to face the man he was talking to. “First time she came to me months ago, she was lookin’ for some Gil and I gave it to her in exchange for some info on her friends. ‘enough for me to bank the other way.”
Tifa rolled her tongue out as if to show the man. She didn’t care though, even if he was staring at her. He had a nice face, she guessed, sharp and angular, with a tuft of red hair, but it wasn’t Don’s, and therefore didn’t matter. Besides, he already had a woman in between his legs, short black hair bouncing back and forth with a green tank top over her chest. There was slobber on the ground, but Tifa didn’t care about that either. She just wanted to slobber over the same dick that was being talked about right now, but she couldn’t move with his hand in her hair, holding her away.
“Times after that, just made sure she was a little more desperate, a little more needy to give me what I wanted. I got Gil to throw around like cock, plenty enough to impress and fully willing to show off.” Tifa swallowed on nothing, making her breasts shake as she moved. Breasts that were covered with her drool and Don’s precum. Precum and cum. Just lathered over it like oil. It was warm, but her mouth was cold off of his cock. “After that, it was all about making sure she was willing to go a step further with me, fully willing to give a bit of extra Gil for her getting handsy.”
Her hands reached up to the hand on her hair. She didn’t want to pull it away, because she didn’t want to be away from the Don, but the longer she was held in place, the longer she wasn’t able to suck his cock. She bit her lip as she realized she was staying off of it, much to the amusement to the man watching her, chuckling in his big black suit, hand on the woman between his knees. She could hear the woman choking on his dick, but Tifa didn’t care. She wanted to choke on a dick of her own, of the man who owned her.
“You’d be surprised how quick and easy it was to get her to do more than that. Went from paying her for the sex to her offering it for the information!” That made sense to Tifa, and it would for anyone who saw Don Corneo’s dick. It was easily capable of taming any woman, and she was just the lucky one to get it at the best price. Her bar, pride, and body. Most women could only offer up one, but she was able to give all three. It was why she was his favorite slut to fuck~. “Didn’t take long after that to have her coming in more naked than she usually dressed, bending over and asking for a fucking before she even gave up the info.”
“So you’re telling me all I gotta do to train a slut is to demand sex?” Of course, it wasn’t hard, not when the sex was just this good~. “Most of the women I know would flat out shoot my cock off if that was the choice. Hell, I bet some would just for seeing me now.”
“Then you’re either a pussy or got a cock so small it could be one,” Don spoke with authority. The same kind of control that Tifa loved. “Cause when you get the right bitch in front of you, you can make her do anything for the dick. You think us men need their cunts? HA! These whores need cocks more than that. They go too long ‘ithout it, and they start thinkin’ themselves on top of the world! But put one in their face?” He said it as he pulled on Tifa’s hair again, making the woman fall back and side by side with his dick.
She smiled lovingly at it. The long member she had fucked and sucked everyday for what felt like months now. The dick that still had the rings of her lipstick on back to the base, showing off her love for swallowing as much of it as possible. She could see her own saliva dripping from the tip, thick as her fist and able to punch just as hard. She wanted it back in her, punching her guts again. Or better yet, the lips at her lower end.
Her tongue reached out and tried to lick it, face rubbing up and down the length and feeling its heat across her cheek. It was like an embrace from a materia summon god, making her mind flourish with energy and making her thighs tremble. She was so close to cumming from sucking the cock alone, and that was just the power her owner had. If only he was willing to fuck her soon. Hopefully soon.
“Bet you wouldn’t realize it only took four meetings with this cunt before she started to enjoy being called a whore.” She loved it from step one, but she wouldn’t admit it then. She would now~. “Cause see, I know I’m not one of ‘em biggest badass fighters in the Slums of Midgar, but I’ve got as much brains as I do cock, and you only got to look at the whores in the place to know how rich I am in that area.”
Tifa glanced at the man, seeing him hum even as he adjusted himself. The woman between his legs was adjusting herself, too. Hands at her white shorts, trying to tear them off, but she’d be a bad whore to take them off after stopping. She’d have to suck that man’s cock as she chucked her shorts. Or she could just masturbate herself through them. It was only too obvious what the paid slut wanted. Tifa knew, because she was exactly the same.
“And with these brains, I can figure out what the bitches, bastards, and the few good saints in this place need. Just a good glance or a good word and I can tell ya how to make ‘em fall over for ya, under ya, or on top of ya, whatever position gingers like to fuck to.” Tifa listened, up until she felt Don’s dick leave her cheek, pulled away from it. SLAP! SLAP! It quickly came back to slap her, reminding her it was there. At the same time slobber and cum flew across her face, staining her cheeks and brow. She loved it, thankful to have it so close again. “If I can get Wutai assassins like the cunt you’re underusing to serve under me, and this fat-tittied Avalanche whore to thank me for my loins, then you can bet I can get even that broad in Shinra to put herself over the table and let you fuck her.” Tifa knew he could. Her owner was just so amazing~.
“If it weren’t for knowing who these cunts were, I’d think you were just blowing out of your mouth whatever you usually save for your ass.” The man spoke as he grabbed the woman’s face. Tifa pouted, but was eased with her owner’s cock against her cheek. That always calmed her down. “But you got one of the bitches stealing from us sucking my dick. If that wasn’t enough, then you had freaking Ms. T and A of the Avalanche group treating you like her new master.” Tifa smiled lovingly at the word. Master. “Scratch that, she knows you’re her master.”
“You bet she does, and smart of ya to know the players involved in the games down here.” Don spoke as he slowly released Tifa’s hair. Released it, but he didn’t let go of her. He just started to pet her, putting a hand on her head and smoothing out her long black locks. She hummed at the attention, bending her head down as he liked her to do, letting his large fingers scratch and stroke her locks, past her neck, and tickling her shoulders. “And just so ya know as well, I figured you Turks would know who the cunts were. That proof enough for ya know I’m not some bloated ass in the pit in the city? Same as this cum bucket?” She didn’t know who he was talking about.
SLAP! Until he wrapped on the back of her skull with the flat of his hand. Tifa felt horrified. She never thought of him like that.  She didn’t face him though, as that would just be mean. And she couldn’t be mean to her owner. He was so kind and loving to her.
“Number of times this cunt came in and tried to make me something worse, steal from me or take my goods fer no other reason then ‘it’s just’.” He grabbed her by the neck. It wasn’t a very strong grip, but Tifa knew he was mad. That made her realize it was important. She immediately stood as he lifted his hand up, her legs wet and shaking with the desire to cum. But she wanted him happier more than her own pleasure. “Now she knows right where she belongs, only after I taught her just who owns this part of the city.”
And he did. He did every night when they went to bed, with him putting his cock in her ass and fucking her until he came. When he would have her suck him off in the morning and clean him with her tongue before and after meetings. How she’d watch him fuck new women who were part of the Bordello, before letting him fuck her throat whenever he was stressed. She was his to use and own, and she was never happier than when he had his cock in or on her.
SLAP! But Tifa still jumped when his hand clapped her ass again, making her more prodigious ass wobble, at the same time it sent pleasure spiking into her brain. Did she do something wrong?
“Well, c’mon woman. Show the man just how much I own you!” SLAP! The hand clapped on her ass again, his other still gripping her neck, and then she realized what he meant. She smiled at the memory of it, realizing that she really was an idiot for not realizing it before. That was Don was in charge and she wasn’t. It was also why she held up her hand for the black dressed man, holding the head of the woman between his hands, her still moaning between his legs.
It let him see the beautiful pink ring she wore. A wedding ring just for her and Don.
“Ya married her?” The man spoke with a raised brow. “I get she’s a knockout, but dude, if she’s a whore, ya think that’s smart?” Now Tifa pouted, puffing out her lips as she stared at the man. How rude. Don, however, just laughed.
“You don’t get it. She’s not just some street-walker or room-owner I got in my pocket,” Don started as he let go of Tifa’s neck.
She was standing in front of him for a moment, legs bowed and wet, naked with shivering breasts, covered in cum, and wondering what she was supposed to do. Then she felt his hands on her hips, shuffling her front of him, before one of them pushed at her back. She fell forward, bending until she was eye-level with the back of the woman’s head, still reaching out to try and suck the other man’s cock.
Tifa grinned as she realized what was happening. He really hadn’t forgotten about her. Far from it, especially when she felt his cock pushing at her ass again. Pushing at her yet to be daily-reamed asshole and pulling her hips back to his. She squealed as she felt his hammerhead fucking into her ass, pushing around her guts and reshaping her insides to fit his needs. Just like she deserved.
WH-SLAP!HUUUgh~~~~!” The air left her lungs in a heated moan, arms curling up as her back bowed and her cunt came. Her fem-juices sprayed the ground underneath her, legs shivering as she was, once again, held up by nothing but her master’s cock.
Too weak for her legs to hold her up, too stupid to try and support herself, and only the mammoth sized cock shoved nearly past her stomach holding her upright. Reamed on Don’s cock as he spoke to another man, just a centerpiece between the two of them.  Don slowly combed Tifa’s hair, even as she was left hanging with a slacken jaw, crossed eyes, and a gaze pinker than the most enduring love materia.
“She’s my slut,” Don spoke. SLAP! And gave her another affirmative smack on the ass. Tifa bobbed again at the action, letting out a long hum as her body came from the blow again! This was why she loved to be fucked by him, why she loved him. So long as his cock was in her, she couldn’t stop coming, no matter what he did. “The only one who gets to fuck her is me and me alone. Look at the face on this cunt. Look at it and tell me you think any other man could get her to man and scream like this.” The man didn’t have to look at her. Tifa wouldn’t even be able to tell if he was.
AGH! UGH~! ACH~!” She was too busy moaning as her husband’s cock was pumping in and out of her ass. Her crushed womb, already just as fucked from earlier today, was making her cum with each thrust into her. Squeezing her entire body like a sleeve for pleasure and nothing else, nothing but his cum dump and bank for sex.
Tifa’s chest waved back and forth as she was fucked on his dick, staring up at the man across from her and Don, him watching her with an amused expression as she was reduced to what she always was. Just a sex object to fuck and abuse and be seen by others. Not some grand fighter that was meant to fight Shinra or help her friends. That was never who she was. Far from it.
She was always just an eager whore who happened to get a job managing a bar. That was all she was before, but it took Don to make her something more. The woman between the redhead’s legs would get that soon. After stealing materia for a living for that Wutai country, she was surely going to enjoy her life a lot more here, just like Tifa and every other girl the Don had fucked was.
Except for her of course. Because the Don loved her. Enough that she was his personal slut and cum-dump, the best kind of person for a woman to be.
“You don’t kid around in business, I got that,” the man commented to Don, even as he kept fucking Tifa. Slobber fell from her lips as she tried to gain any kind of control of her body, but still hanging by the cock in her ass, limbs too weak to push against the ground let alone his legs, and there was no chance for her to make the cock go even deeper. “Guess that means we can consider this deal done. That is, we'll definitely buy up that intel you got, especially if it gets Scarlet out of Shinra.”
“Get me some info on the bitch and I’ll get her lips on your cock.” Tifa knew Don could. Her husband was capable of anything. Especially if she was right there in front of him, on her knees and servicing him like the good sleeve that she was. Even as she felt his balls slap at her ass harder and harder, making her tongue fall out of her already sloven and twisted lips. “Meantime, why don’t you take that girl with you, share her with the rest of your pact or whatever. Ninja bitch needs lessons and you Turks can give it harder than anyone.” Tifa heard the man laugh.
“You got it Don!” The man spoke as he stood. “I’d shake hands with ya, but with the size of her ass, it’s looking like they’re already full. Mine are, too.” He said that as his hands grabbed the girls hair, holding her up by it. She grabbed at his hands, turning around to show her angular face, round and with small breasts, much smaller than Tifa’s. “The things we’re gonna strap to you.” It was almost sad, but she probably wouldn’t survive along amongst the Turks. Her fault for crossing Don. “Welp, take care Don. I’ll let the front desk know to expect some info from us later this week.”
“See that you do,” Don returned, waving him off. SLAP! Before clapping Tifa on the ass again. She wiggled on his cock, unable to jump on the pole shoved into her. “Now that he’s gone… why don’t we send you over the edge, hmm~?” That loving question was given as he grabbed her hair, tying it into a knot around his fist.
Then he pulled. SPLURT! And came hard enough for Tifa to hear it.
Air failed to leave her body fast enough. A soundless scream came out of her as his cum filled her to the brim almost instantly, flowing into her like she was guzzling water from the wrong end. She felt and heard it spurt to the ground, collecting there as well, but she could just as well feel it distend her gut, making her blow out like it did whenever he fucked her ass.
“That was a good one, waiting to blow a load in you all meeting.” Don spoke behind her, but Tifa could only barely hear, what with him pulling her hair like a leash and her body reshaping itself for his cock. “Guess I’ll put you to bed so you can clean up this mess tomorrow. Gotta get it ready for another meeting with that Shinra bitch, after all.” Yes… she’d do that. Once the cum flowed out of her and she’d sucked his cock clean, she’d come in here and clean the room, nude and ready for a fucking as always.
Ready for Don to fill her, complete her, and remind her just where she belonged.
Right on the cock of Don Corneo, as his Tifa Corneo, his wife and personal cum-dump.


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