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Frocto's short stories about the Dazzlings.

While there's no outright screwing in this story, there is plenty of fetish content, mostly revolving around female exposure, lewd fantasies and at least one pair of truly titanic breasts.

Rouge the Bat steals a big gem from Central City’s museum, being disgustingly sexual and decadent and teasing the shit out of some poor guys along the way. This includes a costumed superhero named Effort Boy who bites off more than he can chew when he tangles with her.

Palutena wants babies and she's setting her sights on Pit. This story has an enormous fertility/impregnation focus. Later chapters will revolve around lots of big belly play and love.

Shortly after his arrival in Ponyville, a hyper-endowed "dusk sparkle" finds his peaceful country life disrupted by a needy, pervy Fluttershy.

When "dusk sparkle"'s stalker starts monopolizing his time, Rarity blows her stack.
Contains rule63 Twilight, corruption, transformation, femdom, light nonconsensual, humiliation.

Danganronpa stories! Major spoiler warnings on some chapters!

Ch. 1/2: Chihiro/Kaede/Kirumi/Miu/Tsumugi | Ch. 3: Aoi/Yuta | Ch. 4: Kirigiri/Makoto/Mukuro

A series of loosely-connected, silly, stupid stories about powerful women with very big breasts taking money from stupid male subs. 

Originally part of League of Legends One Shots, this femdom story was expanded out into multiple chapters. Fiora squishes a guy with her butt a whole lot.

The sequel to Get In The Fucking Dress, Shinji. Shinjiko follows in Ayanami's footsteps by hooking up with the first of many new boyfriends. Oops!

Based on the One Piece film "Heart of Gold", not that you need to have seen it or anything.

After Mad Treasure captures the Strawhats, he makes the men slave away working in his ship's galleons while Nami and Robin must entertain his crew. More consensual than it sounds!

Lovely femboy "dusk sparkle" is sent to the Crystal Empire for a diplomatic meeting with Empress Sombra. Circumstances soon spiral beyond his control.

During a fun sleepover, "light red pie" bumps into "dusk sparkle" and Sunset Shimmer on her way to get a tasty midnight snack.

This story is set during the events of EQG: Rainbow Rocks, and based on Phurie's "Midnight Snack" picture. Written with permission. Coverart by Phurie, found at Derpibooru ID #1016723.

This story was a Slop Bucket request. "When by chance Rouge discover that Tails is hung like a horse she decides, "what the hell", it might be time to settle down, marry, get knocked up and pop out some kids, and who better than a hung genius who could become rich.”

The final exciting chapter of BOTH Prince Luna Straight Drownin' In Mares AND Kingdom of "dusk sparkle"! You won't believe how they end!

When the delicious cuteboy "dusk sparkle" discovers a spell to transport himself to another dimension, he and Princess Luna arrive at the Castle of the Two Sisters, helmed up by that world's Prince Luna and "dusk sparkle".

Contains: boys tenderly kissing, boys telling other boys they love them.
Various short stories about  character Zulfiya. Contains cuckolding, futanari, popping and snuff.

...Ichigo Going Balls-Deep In Yoruichi 

Yoruichi and Rangiku compel Ichigo to cheat on his wife Rukia! Strong adultery/cuckolding warning!

LoL stories about group sex and harems!

Ch. 1: Graves/Cait/Vi | Ch. 2: Ahri/Sona/Some Cool Guy | Ch. 3: Diana/Ez/Leona

Nanami Kiryuu and Juri Arisugawa fight over the affections of Miki Kaoru.


A Sailor Moon story drawing lots of inspiration from Black Dog's series of Sailor Moon dojins. Intermingles comical, cheesy situations with tentacle rape, train groping, corruption and the usual promiscuity. 

Unfortunately, unless I can get back in touch with the commissioner this will be the last chapter.

This fic primarily grew out of my interest in writing a lesbian make-out scene, in this case between Saeko and Rei. There isn't even a single man in the first chapter.

This was meant to be a very sunny and refreshing story that focusses on the enjoyment of summer.

When Nyotengu turns out to be a campy, cheeseball period peace warlord, it's up to Ryu Hayabusa to stop her. However, other Ninja clans have attacked her at the same time, with sexy Kunoichi hampering his efforts.

Chapters 1 and 2 co-written by Kalymna.

Prince Luna becomes impatient with his slow progress in restoring the power of Nightmare Moon, and enacts a plan that will ultimately lead to him challenging his sister for rulership of Equestria.

Contains harems, impregnation/breeding, transformation and a very heavy focus on the sexual antics of a genderbent Princess Luna.

A sequel to Kingdom Of "dusk sparkle"

Despite finding him adorable, Princess Luna knows she must stop Twilight from messing with her sister. She soon enters the lovely femboy's dreams with revenge on the mind.

LoL stories about girls who can't keep their legs together!

Chapter 1: Cassiopeia/Renekton/Vi | Chapter 2: Lux/Rengar | Chapter 3: Ezreal/Lux/Rengar

Twilight is a pent-up futa! And that means mares are gonna get bullied!
Contains: Bimbofication, cumflation, femdom, futa on female, growth, small dom/big sub and a quite twisted romance. Some chapters will contain popping, entirely depending upon Twilight's wicked whims, although Trixie will return after.

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