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Chapter 1 - Shizune and Tsunade

Following the war, Naruto is elected to rebuild his clan. Tasked with impregnating as many gals as possible, Tsunade makes an order as Hokage that marriage proposals from the brat are irrefutable. 


Chapter 1 - Shizune and Tsunade

Chapter 1 - Shizune and Tsunade
It was a new building, of that there was no doubt. It was at the outskirts of the Leaf Village, at the base of a mountain, a scenic place for a new clan to flourish. That clan would be the Uzumaki clan and the young man that would start it today was, in this very moment, led through his new home by the Hokage, Tsunade and her assistant Shizune. For now, Naruto had only been told that he would gain a new home in recognition of his achievements for the village, but there was more to it than that. Shizune carried with her a scroll that gave Naruto the right to basically marry any female he wished, to help him build up his new clan into the next generation.

The two ladies were walking through the hallways of the house, passing many empty rooms, rooms that would soon be occupied by Naruto's wives. Tsunade knew of his popularity with the female population and decided it was better to be on the safe side in terms of capacity. The cleavage of the Hokage bounced with every step as she showed him the Master bedroom with a king-sized bed, a huge kitchen that would soon be bustling with cooks to attend to his every culinary need and maids who were already arriving in Konoha to keep the entire house clean.

Aside from a spacious garden, the highlight of the tour had to be the hot springs however. So close to the mountains, Naruto would have the benefit of his own personal onsen, well, Naruto and every single one of his future wives. "Well, there you have it, Naruto.", Tsunade said as they stood in front of the entrance to the hot springs. "And that was only part of what I want to give you today.", she said cryptically and held out her hand.

Shizune, recognizing the gesture, placed the scroll into the waiting palm of the blond. Opening it, Tsunade smiled at Naruto. "The council has decided to instate the Uzumaki-clan here in Konoha. Naruto, by virtue of being the last living male Uzumaki, you are hereby granted a special privilege in order to help you build your new clan here. You may marry any female you wish, however many you wish. It will be the order of the Hokage if they are not compliant with your request, so feel free to recruit as many girls as you wish for your new clan.", she finished. She knew, for the disciple of the old pervert Jiraiya, that had to be a dream come true.

"Do you have any questions?", she asked, half-expecting him to not have understood anything...

It was a lot to take in... First Naruto was given a tour of the house that was all his... He'd never lived in any place so incredibly fancy in his entire life, so to hear that this elaborate mansion, decked out in all the fineries he could want was all his...! It left him speechless. He hadn't even gotten as far as wondering why exactly he'd need such a large house yet, after all, he was all on his lonesome! Just him and two of the finest, sauciest gals in Konoha... He almost didn't hear what Tsunade was saying, the pervert's eyes resting on her juicy, soft rack, but when the word "marry" whistled through his mostly-empty head, he was quick to grab the scroll from her hands and read it skeptically, before looking back up at the two of them. "A-Any woman I want..." he mumbled, his hands trembling as he reread the entire scroll. It was something few men could even dream of. While it might be true he'd rendered incredible services to his country, and the world at large, to be rewarded like this...

He looked from Tsunade's plump, child-bearing body to Shizune's, taking in all of their sumptuous curves, and they'd realize his train of thought was rapidly heading in, well, just the way they'd intended, perhaps. A trickle of drool ran down the boy's lip at the same time his pants began to visibly tent... Looking happy or star struck was one thing, but showing off his virility by popping such a big, strong boner that tented his pants was another entirely... "Build a clan..." His eyes fell to their currently-flat bellies, suddenly lost in imagining both of the women resting their hands on gravid, swollen wombs, bursting with child that he'd placed inside of them. He dropped the scroll with a clatter and stooped down to pick it up, trying to calm himself down. "So... You want me to take anyone... Any woman... As many women as I want... Even you..." he paused to gulp loudly, his cock giving another visible twitch in his pants. It was almost repulsive how large he was down there, and how he seemed to have no idea how blatant his erection was. Both of them would be able to see it plain as day. "Even you two?"

The perverted boy licked his lips greedily. Somehow this seemed very right to his mind. Or maybe it seemed more like something he'd deserved all along. He blushed, placing the scroll to one side and did his best to speak formally: "Thank you for this honor, Hokage! I will do my best to... nn... to, um, make babies... Ahh, that is to say, to breed..." He blushed cutely, and tried again, "I will, eheh, shoulder this responsibility."

Tsunade chuckled at the reaction of Naruto. As predicted, the boy was quite pleased at the prospect. Then again, what hot-blooded young man wouldn't be? Her eyes widened slightly and she blushed at the tent building in Naruto's pants. She knew normally she'd have punched the boy for such a thing, but right now, she was flattered he'd get aroused at the sight of her.

When he then asked if the decree included the Hokage and her assistant, she laughed, while Shizune was obviously flustered. "Uhh, I don't think so, Naruto-kun, you see, Tsunade and mys-...", the dark-haired beauty began to explain why that would not be a good idea, but was interrupted by Tsunade. "My my, aren't you greedy.", she teased the boy, shaking her head softly before looking serious. "Yes, it includes even us.", she confirmed Naruto's hopes, while Shizune's mouth hung open... she had not even considered the possibility Naruto would ask for them...

"Well? Do you want us?", Tsunade asked, leaning forward a bit, perhaps intentionally showing Naruto more of her enormous globes.

Naruto looked up at Tsunade... Of course she still had some height on him, even with his growth a statuesque woman like her was hard to outdo... He had his first doubts about this whole prospect, wondering if this was some trick, but, well, he doubted they'd have gone to so much trouble preparing such a large, spacious house for him just for a practical joke. Besides, Tsunade wasn't really the type for games like that! Still blushing, the ninja pervert rubbed the back of his head and laughed. "Ahh... Hahaha... Well sure! I'll take both of you! Even the old hag!" he said suddenly. It was about as far from a mature and adult response as he could possibly get, just the sort of boneheaded announcement that Uzumaki was well known for.

But then he'd seem to reconsider what he'd just said, considering the gravity of his situation... He could make any woman his wife, she'd said, but Shizune didn't seem sold on the prospect. Was it alright to take a girl who didn't even want to come with him? "Ahh, but Shizune..." He looked at Tsunade trying to puzzle out the situation. "What about a girl who doesn't want to be my wife? I'd be forcing Shizune to..."

He was still just a child, after all, caught up in ideals of what was right and wrong. When it came to making a clan thrive and flourish, however, Naruto would have to learn that this was not an important thing. What was important was getting his cock inside any woman he could, willing or unwilling, and making her belly swell with strong Uzumaki offspring. Tsunade might note that Naruto had much "training" ahead of him if he was going to grow into a wise and strong clan leader who understood such a simple concept. Shizune's resistance was weak, but other girls could potentially resist him much more strongly, and would he have the balls to make them kneel down and worship when the time came? What a handful he was going to be.

 Naruto could create a great legend here, he could begin the age of the Uzumaki Clan, and the man who gave birth to a thousand children, but in his current state, he might take no more than five wives... Something would have to fan the flames of his desire, bringing out the hunger of the Kitsune, if Tsunade wanted to see that legend come true.

Tsunade's gentle smile as he agreed to take them both as wives morphed quickly into a frown once he resorted to calling her 'old hag' again. "If I am to become your wife, I expect you to call me Tsunade, got it?", she growled, the glare spelling out danger for the boy. Any jabs at her real age would be punished, husband or not.

Yet he voiced concern over Shizune and, for that matter, any woman who could potentially turn him down. "Shizune is just too shy to know what's good for her.", she said and turned to her apprentice with a stern look. "B-But Tsunade-sama, Naruto-kun is like a little brother to me, I couldn't...", Shizune once again tried to argue why it was wrong that she would be the wife of a much younger Naruto, but Tsunade cut her off."He already said he wants you, didn't he? This is why you're still unmarried, Shizune, you need to realize your chances.", she told her assistant and her most trusted friend.

Shizune fell quiet at that, Tsunade had hit a nerve with that. But she nodded slowly as the words sunk in. "I see... you're right.", she agreed with the Hokage and turned to Naruto. "Well, if... if you're really alright with me, then yes, I'll become your wife, Naruto-kun.", she conceded, putting her faith (and the future of her womb) in the hands of Naruto.

"See? That wasn't so hard.", Tsunade said with an approving nod before turning back to Naruto, looking serious again. "Naruto, any girl who would refuse you is, in my opinion, stupid. But you can't just take no for an answer. I know you, you don't give up. Prove it. Prove it to me and to every woman who would say no to you, try and try again until they say yes. That is your duty. As a man. And as the founder of the Uzumaki clan. Do you understand?", she asked him, appealing to his honor as a ninja as well as the lust of his manhood to find as many breeding bitches as possible and make them obedient to him.
how, so that went through now...

Tsunade's silver tongue was so appealing... It would be so easy to accept her words as the truth. He was a Clan leader now, he could become very powerful, and many, many girls could spread their legs for him. Up until now, girlfriends and casual flings had all ended in his penis wrapped up in a restrictive and uncomfortable rubber, but now he was being told to go bareback, to do what he'd craved and fantasized about for so very long. He took a step towards the two of them, then reached out, cupping one wide hip in either hand. No doubt about it, they were mature and developed women and he thought silently to himself how many heirs they could easily provide him with these obscene lower bodies... Not to mention their heavy, juicy breasts could seemingly sustain any number of his brood. His fingers squeezed their ample flesh, dimpling both of the girl's hips simultaneously. 

"Tsunade, you're right!" he said, grinning as he looked up at the two of them. "I... I have to put my foot down with Shizune and you!" He released them, then pointed a finger at the two women together and raised his volume quite a bit as he said, "Tsunade! Shizune!" He felt a weird sensation of power, like ecstasy, rising up in him as he thought about what he was going to say next, "I claim both of you as the leader of the Uzumaki Clan! Your bodies belong to me and only me from now on!" It was the sort of proclamation he'd have made arrogantly as a kid, but now he had the word of the Hokage behind it. Almost immediately after he said it, he grinned, blushing as he rubbed the back of his head. "Aha... How was it, how was it? Did I do okay?"

But that meant there were so many options available to him now, of course... He realized what he had to do next! "Ahh, anyway... You two, as my wives, should go ahead to the hot springs... I could do with a bath..." He blushed almost kinda cutely as he said it, taking charge of these two beauties for the first time. It was a long ways away from the man he would one day become, the man who ordered women like dogs and they obeyed mindlessly and without question. This was his beginning as an owner of pussies. "So get naked in the water... And I'll join you in 10 minutes!"

10 minutes later, he stripped off, with just a towel around his waist, and gulped nervously as he headed out to the large pool of misty water. He slipped in and began to wander through the mist, looking for the naked bodies of his first two wives.

Tsunade and Shizune gave a small sound as Naruto grabbed their hips, possessively, gauging their potential as mothers to his children. They held still, let him do as he pleased, for they had both agreed to become his wives and all that came with it. But Tsunade still underestimated him. To her, he was still just a brat who had to be taught for a long while before he would be able to shoulder the responsibilities of being a clan leader.

But she was wrong...

Both women visibly shuddered at his words. Unbeknown to him, both Tsunade and Shizune felt their pussies moisten at his domineering behavior. Tsunade had to swallow a lump in her throat. This wasn't what she had expected, at least not right away. The way his words made her feel, so lightheaded, so hot. Could he really... really be the one to make her want to abandon everything in the world and just become his possession? Shizune felt similarly, her knees were shaking and it took all of her willpower to remain standing, her undergarments positively drenched within moments.

"Yes, you did very well, Naruto.", was all that Tsunade got out, still quivering and flushed, her nipples straining against her top. The effect Naruto had on these two with his words alone was obvious and unmistakable. His instructions for them were simply and as he turned to leave, both Tsunade and Shizune bowed slightly. "We will...", Shizune said breathlessly in confirmation.

The pair was waiting impatiently in the hot springs for Naruto, their husband... it felt weird thinking of him like that, they both had to admit. But both were still breathing heavily in anticipation and then, when the door opened and Naruto entered, the moved towards them, appearing through the mist, their bodies submerged to the waist in the water, but their bountiful chests exposed and offered to him. Tsunade was of course huge, but Shizune was no slouch herself. Yet, against the Hokage, not many women could compete...

Ten minutes had passed, but Tsunade was still feeling tingly from just his words. So dominant, so strong, so virile. Her nipples were hard, almost able to cut diamonds with them, her body was ready to be taken. And Shizune was no different, her pussy aching for cock and not just any cock. It had to be Naruto. "So, you claimed us with your words, Naruto. How about you claim us with your actions now.". Tsunade challenged him. His actions... or his cock, it was pretty much the same.

Naruto approached the two women slowly, and he could already feel something was different about them. It wasn't easy to place, but they looked towards him with a newfound respect that he couldn't quite place. It excited him, and it made him feel even more comfortable commanding them. Since Tsunade had handed him that scroll that had started all this off, his cock had been painfully hard, boiling hot and extremely eager to plunge deep inside a pussy... He felt like either of these women were exceptional enough that once he was inside, he'd never want to take himself out... He'd rather just leave his cock deep inside of them, cumming and breeding, forever...

He opened his mouth, about to address Tsunade as old hag like he always did, when he remembered she was his bride Tsunade now. She belonged to her man, Uzumaki Naruto. "Tsunade..." he said breathily as he reached her, before turning to take in her assistant, mouth watering at their two huge, exposed racks. Naruto's hand came up, his other hand still holding a towel over his waist, and gripped one of Tsunade's breasts, but he couldn't keep his other hand to himself for long... He dropped the towel into the water and planted both hands on those two enormous sets of mature tits, fondling them slowly, getting to grips with their bodies, coming to know them. 

The girls, in turn, got their first look at that fat, commanding cock, standing up iron-hard between his thighs, above two of the largest, fattest seed pods they'd ever seen. Naruto wouldn't even realize it, but the power of his bloodline had changed his body... Knowing his mission now, knowing his place in the world as a champion stud breeder, his chakra had flowed into his lower body, amplifying sperm production tenfold and giving his erection more stamina and power... His balls felt like they were going to pop, crammed to bursting with billions of sperm, swimming anxiously in his balls, begging to be let free into fertile female bodies. Desperate to inseminate. And Tsunade and Shizune might even be able to feel just how much that sperm wanted to be let out, feel the breeding urges pouring off of Naruto.

He saw their eyes on his hard prick and dropped his hands, inviting them to stare. "I will... I'm going to take both of you..." It seemed so easy now, like the girls had been hypnotized by his fat, stiff cock. This... This was true power. They were like slaves now and the thought made his prick twitch even more. "The Uzumaki Clan only permits the finest women to join its ranks... The most wide-hipped and fertile breeders... Bitches..." he gasped as he said the word, almost unable to believe he'd used it, "Bitches like you two..." He cupped both their cheeks, grinning now, overwhelmed with his own power and virility. "The Clan Leader's sperm is precious, you pigs, so you'd better be grateful to me for shooting it off inside of your bodies and get round, swollen bellies from it fast. You two mature bitches are already past your prime, so you'll be bred twice as hard as the, ahh, younger girls... So when you feel it knocking on your wombs, you'd better remember... This cock owns you! Will you get pregnant to Master Naruto's cock right away and will these wide hips grow even wider?" He squeezed their massive lower bodies, reveling in how fertile they both were. He was on the road to seeing women as objects: vessels to fill with a man's sperm.

"Yes!", Shizune gasped out. "Yes, we will. We will take your seed and give you as many children as we can bear.", she moaned enthusiastically. "Breed us. Use us like we were meant to be used by you."

Tsunade gulped as Naruto directly began groping her breasts. Then, a moan. It wasn't the heat of the onsen, not yet. It was this bliss that made her quiver. She had a feeling she'd have to appoint a successor to the title of Hokage very soon, as she would not be able to do much else than to be here, in this mansion, standing ready for whenever Naruto felt like emptying his balls inside of her. Although she was dimly aware that this was not the future she had in mind for herself when she had entered this mansion, right now, she could not think of a better way to spend her days. As a broodmother and sperm receptacle to this young, powerful cock.

When he spoke, both women stood at full attention, soaking in his every word as if it was their new gospel. Their eyes rolled back a bit as he spoke about breeding them and like the bitches Naruto proclaimed them to be, they responded. "Yes!", Shizune gasped out. "Yes, we will. We will take your seed and give you as many children as we can bear.", she moaned enthusiastically. "Breed us. Use us like we were meant to be used by you.", Tsunade joined in in a similarly breathless manner. Both were little more than bitches in heat, waiting to be filled by the cock that dominated their minds at this moment. If at this moment, ANBU would have swooped in to rescue them from their fate, Tsunade and Shizune would have fought tooth and nail to stay here... right here, about to be bred by this stud.

Naruto just groaned when he heard their breathy responses... First he took Shizune's mouth, kissing her firmly, tongue pushing inside of her body, forcing its way into her mouth as he continued to paw her breasts, then Tsunade was kissed just as firmly, but he was only satisfied when their three mouths were linked, three tongues sliding up and against each other wetly, their lips all pressed together. He took one of each girl's hands and placed it on his shaft, letting them feel how real and hard it was... There was no mistaking it as their fingers wrapped around that thick, meaty dick. It was all there, no trick of Ninjutsu, his cock was a solid and very heavy object that stung their fingers with its stiffness. Just gripping it would be enough to make their pussies burn and their fingertips tremble.

His ball sack below that was even more intimidating, and the stud would be able to cum and cum again inside of them, as many times as it took to ensure pregnancy. He suddenly gripped Shizune firmly by her hips, and they'd both realize there was no backing out now. Neither could be sure why he'd chosen Shizune first over Tsunade, but it was the way he wanted to do things and protesting would almost certainly be a waste of their time, if not even resulting in punishment from their new master. He kissed Tsunade's assistant firmly as he backed her butt up against a rock behind her, bringing his penis closer to her hot, wet pussy, lining up the unprotected tip with her fertile womb... All three watched in awe and shock as he pushed forwards, inch after inch of his raw, dominant cock filling Shizune's pussy, disappearing inside of her, making a home in her pussy. When he began to firmly thrust in and out, there could be no mistaking what he was doing or why... He held her hips firmly. "It's, nngh, going to pour inside Shizune... My sperm is going to go inside of you and make a baby..."

Protesting did not even enter the mind of either woman. They had taken it in stride, even seemed to relish when he had told them they were past their prime so he would breed them twice as hard. The Hokage, one of the 5 strongest ninja in the entire world, was putty under the hands of this young stud.

Their fingers wrapping around his cock, barely managing to reach all around it, the Hokage and her assistant stroked it, their expressions awestruck. In both women, a change was occurring, in response to the proximity of this virile cock. Their ovaries were flooded with blood, coming awake like never before, working overtime to produce an egg very soon to be drowned and conquered by his seed to produce new life inside them. Already, their bodies were preparing for the imminent onset of their first pregnancy.

As Shizune was prepared for the deed that would finalize the process of her become a bitch for Naruto to breed and use as he pleased, she spread her legs eagerly, her pussy already contracting as it begged Naruto inside of her. Holding onto his shoulders for support, Shizune screamed in utter bliss as Naruto's cock entered her, almost splitting her apart but not causing her any physical pain. Perhaps it did, but it was drowned out by heavenly ecstasy as every womanly instinct inside Shizune told her that this was right and good.

"Thank you... thank you for making me your first childbearer!", Shizune moaned lustily, unable to contain the screams any longer. As she watched Naruto screw her assistants brains out, Tsunade came up behind him, her breasts pressing into his back as she leaned over his shoulder. "Fuck her as hard as you like, Master Naruto...", she whispered in his ear and Naruto would feel Tsunade climax a little by the way she was shivering when she called him Master. "Fuck her belly big and round, she is yours. And then, make me carry your child, no, twins... triplets... however many my womb can carry.", she egged him and herself on further, getting a bit greedy with her wishes to house his seed for the next nine months.

He was in Heaven... Shizune's hot pussy accepted Naruto's cock easily and eagerly, every thrust making his cock shudder with the pleasure of inseminating this sperm pig of a woman... He panted out, looping a hand around Tsunade's waist, holding her tightly as he barebacked her friend and partner. "Ahh... Having a dick inside Shizune... turned her into this... All she can think about is dick now! And getting pregnant! Looks like my cock made your assistant really obedient Tsunade..." he gasped, hungrily kissing her more. As he smooched the Hokage, he stopped thrusting and drew circles in Shizune's pussy, making her shudder, driving the woman wild. He teased her pussy till she couldn't stand it anymore, then broke the kiss and drove balls deep inside of poor Shizune.

Naruto's back arched suddenly and he cried out loud, flooding her pussy with semen, filling the woman up with shot after shot of his virile seed, soaking her womb in spunk and inseminating Shizune just like she'd craved. The sex undertaken for breeding had been a total success, and she was nothing more than his mare now, a woman who lived on the back of her womb that he would swell with child again and again. Even as he eased her up on top of the hot springs rock and kept her legs elevated to make sure his semen pooled inside of her, not dripping out, he turned towards Tsunade, a perverted glint in his eyes. "She became my woman... I wonder if Tsunade will be broken in as easily..." He turned his cock towards her and she could see it was soaked in Shizune's juices... Who even knew how many times their breeding sex had driven the sex pervert of a woman over the edge. He took a step towards Tsunade, poking her thick hip with his dick. "Pussy! Bend over and stick your pussy out! We're going to fuck a lot, Tsunade! Okay?"

As Naruto pounded her, Shizune lost all sense of time, space, even self. Nothing matter but this divine thing between her legs. Her eyes were rolled back, her tongue lolling out as she was fucked stupid by the young man she had, a mere hour ago, regarded as something like a little brother and thus never even considered romantically. But this wasn't so much about romance as it was about ownership. Shizune realized this, she wanted to be owned, her body demanded it and Naruto was the one who claimed her. Countless orgasms left her speechless, her voice beginning to get hoarse from the screaming and when finally, finally unloaded inside of her, filling her with his hot seed as her entire world went white with stars. Collapsing onto the rock, his seed racing to find her egg, Shizune was left panting and barely conscious.

As Naruto had been fucking her assistant, Tsunade had watched on with excitement and impatience. She wanted to be next. She returned the kisses, eagerly accepting his tongue invading her mouth. He was still amazed at his powers, but Tsunade knew he wasn't even fully aware of the extent of his abilities yet. "You're wrong... it's your dick that made her like this, it's your dick she is craving.", she explained breathlessly. "No woman alive could compete with this cock.", the Hokage proclaimed.

And it appeared as if Naruto was just itching to find out if she was telling the truth. As Shizune was out of commission for now, Naruto turned his attention to her an Tsunade was only too willing to join her partner, as a wife to Naruto, as a slave to his cock, as a mother to his children. Turning around like he had requested, she bend over, her arms resting on the smaller rocks surrounding the pool as she stuck out her hips, her pussy already contracting greedily, begging to be filled.

And in case Naruto was still unable to read the signs of her body, Tsunade was more than happy to spell it out for him. "Do it... take this cock of yours that conquered Shizune and make me its slave, Master Naruto.", she pleaded, again experiencing a minor orgasm at calling him her master.

And that was when the moment when Tsunade and Shizune's lives as free-willed women and they became cattle for the pride of the Uzumaki Clan. She might've been able to guess from watching Shizune how powerful his cock felt and how deeply it got inside her unprotected pussy and scratched her best spots, but that couldn't have prepared her for his strong cock sliding into her, stretching her pussy around that demanding dick and shaping her body into his plaything. When droplets of Naruto's hot semen splattered inside her pussy, it only compounded the sensations of pleasure, driving her to new heights of ecstasy as motherhood loomed ever closer.

He held onto her tightly, gripping her wide hips and digging his fingers into the, driving himself into Tsunade over and over again. Soon, this hot spring would be flooded with female bodies, all gravid and round as their wombs swelled with young, a breeding pit fit for a superior male like himself, and Tsunade and Shizune got to see its inception. He was a man up to the task, she could feel that just from how much he filled her pussy. Naruto's big cock reached the entrance to her womb and ground on her cervix, even as he doubled over her, lips meeting in another frenzied, passionate kiss, his hands digging into her swollen, soon to be milk-laden breasts. He huffed in her ear, then whispered out, "Tsunade... Get pregnant..." in her ear. It might have been the most sincere expression she'd ever heard from a man. He gasped out and she'd feel his cock unloading into her, white-washing her pussy in semen, letting it fill up her womb, knowing his little swimmers would be sure to find her eggs very soon.

Naruto drew out of her pussy and brought the two women together, cuddling and kissing with both of them, letting them reflect on their new life together. That night when he went to bed in his new estate, there were two warm, female bodies beside him, both exhausted from having been fucked over and over again throughout the day, in every room of the house, and with his semen resting in their bodies still, no attempts to clean it out, certainly no attempts to pull out or use contraception... They were breeders, and they slept only because they were too exhausted to continue making babies.


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