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Chapter 2 - Sakura, Shizune and Tsunade

Following the war, Naruto is elected to rebuild his clan. Tasked with impregnating as many gals as possible, Tsunade makes an order as Hokage that marriage proposals from the brat are irrefutable. 


Chapter 2 - Sakura, Shizune and Tsunade

Chapter 2 - Sakura, Shizune and Tsunade
The sun was rising over the new mansion of the Uzumaki-clan. In the master bedroom, the head of the clan and responsible for breeding as many girls as possible to lead his clan to where it was destined to be: The position of strongest and most numerous clan in the world. With Naruto at the helm, that goal could easily be reached with the next generation already, but for that, he had to start working on recruiting the finest wombs in the world to bear him children.
Yesterday, the first day that the Uzumaki-clan officially existed, had been rather successful. Naruto managed to dominate and presumably already impregnate the Hokage herself as well as her assistant. Completely enthralled by his cock, the two mature beauties had eagerly thrown their pussies on Narutos cock, pleading with him to cum inside them, to breed them... and that, he did. In the morning hours of the second day, Naruto would be awoken by two eager mouths pleading his morning wood.
Looking down his body, he would see Tsunade and Shizune laying at his side, a bit further down the bed, worshipping the cock that owned them now with their tongues, giving it a proper bath even with just their saliva. So engrossed in their task were they that they did not even notice Naruto waking up.
Shizune was the first to notice, making eye contact as she was still happily swirling her tongue over his huge testicles swelling with seed that was just waiting to be spilled in a fertile womb. "Good morning, Master Naruto...", she greeted him with the proper show of respect. Tsunade quickly followed suit. "Good morning. Have you slept well?", she inquired as she only briefly stopped caressing the head of his cock that had yesterday pounded her womb into submission.
While Shizune would continue lapping away at his dick, Tsunade rose a bit on the bed to look at the young boy with reverence and love. Never had she felt happier and she wouldn't have thought to have found this kind of bliss, belonging to a male. But even though she would like nothing more than to have him breed her further today, as a medical ninja she was sure that he had already succeeded in that yesterday and that he would need to continue his work today. "Master Naruto, you cannot rest much longer. Today, you must grow the clan further... which girl shall be your next wife?" she asked. With the scroll she had presented him with yesterday, he had all the authority in the world he could ask for but more than that, he had the virility to truly make women his... it would be his decision however who would become the next member of the Uzumaki clan.
"Ahh, I don't care about that right now!" cried out Naruto, throwing the sheets off his bed. After all, both of them had been down there sucking him as stiff as he could get... They could hardly expect to do that and then change the conversation to some formal nonsense of choosing a wife! Before she could even properly prepare herself, he had Tsunade on her back, drooling over his wife and lowering that heavy, fat dong into her middle-aged pussy, driving himself balls deep into the slutty, breedy Hokage. "Take that!"
From where Shizune was sitting, he was moving like a machine... It had become clear to both of them very early on that Naruto's sexual aptitude was almost unparalleled... His hips moved mechanically, never tiring, always sinking that rod into their unprotected holes with total power and ruthlessness, driving them to countless orgasms. Even now, after Tsunade had been fertilized, he still seemed to be going at her body with all the holy fervor of a man who wanted to put a second child inside of her, running himself ragged, making her cry out in total mindless pleasure. Every time felt like their first time, no matter how much they fucked. All it took was a few more minutes and he'd blown his load deep inside Tsunade, and Shizune had to watch the riveting sight of what happened next: inch after stiff inch of cock was dragged free of Tsunade's sperm-filled pussy, agonizingly slowly and dripping semen. It looked even bigger than she remembered, and she was like a deer in headlights as she was mounted in turn. No woman went unfucked in the Uzumaki household!
Only when they were both drooling sperm from their pussies did Naruto sit naked on his bed, sighing in relief. "Aahhhh... That's soo much better! Thanks a lot!" He'd completely forgotten about their question, until their prompting reminded him and he tapped his chin thoughtfully... "Ahh... Young girls are best, right? Shouldn't we get Ino, Sakura and Hinata next?" He slapped his fist into his palm. "Yeah! I bet they'd love to come get pregnant right away! And they're young and athletic and tight, not like you two old bags...!"
The result of the women tempting Naruto was them strewn over the bed, breathing hard and a thin layer of sweat covering their voluptuous bodies as well as a white stream of seed seeping out of their well-fucked cunts. It was only then that Naruto turned his attention back to the issue of further building up his clan. Both Tsunade and Shizune ignored his comment about their age, instead nodding weakly at his decision. "Of course they will. Allow us to help you.", Tsunade said, still gasping, trying to catch her breath after the first fuck of the day had left her rather exhausted already. But she wouldn't be the Hokage if she was out of energy that easily.
Pulling herself up and leaving the bedroom (not without remorse at leaving Naruto's side), she left Shizune to attend to Naruto's lust as she retrieved her clothes, put them on and returned back to her office in Konoha. There, she had several things to take care of. First of all, she wrote a letter for the council, informing them of her marriage as well as her giving up the title of Hokage in doing so. They would elect the next Hokage, leaving her to raise Naruto's children until she could not bear any more.
But more than that, she set out to find the girls Naruto had asked for. Unfortunately, Hinata and Ino were currently away on missions, but she did run into Sakura. After a short talk, she convinced the pink-haired Kunoichi to follow her to the new Uzumaki-clan, not revealing the purpose she would serve there just yet.
As they arrived there, she told her student to wait in the main hall of the building while she hurried back to the bedroom, reporting to her husband once she arrived. "I've brought you Sakura, Master. She is waiting downstairs. Do you want to go claim her or would you like us to prepare her for you?", she asked, eager to please him.
Naruto considered his options for a moment, before finally deciding that Sakura almost certainly wouldn't make this easy... She was a firebrand, and she'd kick and scream every step of the way if he let her... "Ooh, Sakura... Ahh, maybe it'd be okay to just get it inside as fast as possible!" he said, grinning. "That'd be best, right? I mean, she's gonna kick up a huge fuss anyway..." He was feeling mischievous, so after some thought, he settled on a plan: "You should take her to the hot spring and get her comfy, so I can join you later!"
Earlier, Tsunade and Shizune had been showing Naruto a variety of tools at his disposal to make wife-gathering more simple, and one in particular had caught his eye... A lotion that, when rubbed on the body, produced an incredible heat in the body... They'd been more than happy to demonstrate it by using it on Naruto and his cock hadn't gone down an inch for three full hours, all while he'd been in a total stupor, unable to do anything but buck his hips into their pussies. Needless to say, it'd been great! He'd ordered them to fetch lots, lots more of this aphrodisiac for the future... And it was this he was thinking of now... If Sakura wasn't interested in getting a fat, stiff cock up her pussy now, she would be after a nice, relaxing bath with his two henchmen. "She should be prepared! Sakura is... uhmm... Well, she's really feisty... I think if all our clan's babies get as angry as easily as she does, we'll be a really strong clan!" He patted the two women on their butts, sending them off to do their duty as his wives: spread other girl's legs for his unprotected breeding sex.
Both women bowed to Naruto as he explained his wishes to them and left his side. Joining Sakura downstairs, they hid every sign that they had been tamed by Naruto's cock and were intending to do the same to Sakura, instead offering her to try out the hot springs. Although confused, it wasn't every day she got to relax in an onsen, so after some deliberation, she agreed.
Before the onsen however, the women all cleaned their bodies before entering the springs. While Tsunade and Shizune used this chance to clean their pussies so that Naruto would have them as good as new the next time he needed to dump some cum into them, they had sneakily switched the aphrodisiac with the washing lotion Sakura was using. Unaware of anything amiss and not suspecting such trickery from her master, Sakura spread it all over her body before entering the hot springs.
Once in the hot water though, she felt her body beginning to tingle. She couldn't explain why, but underneath the towel she had slung around her body, her nipples were hardening rapidly. Fortunately for her, her blushing could easily be explained away with the heat of the water, although her arousal did not escape the attention of Tsunade and Shizune, who smirked to each other conspiratorially. Now Naruto would only need to claim Sakura...
It wasn't long at all before the girl's young master was wading out into the water, grinning impishly at the prank he was playing on Sakura... Except most boyish pranks on girls they knew didn't end with her not only pregnant to him, but married into the bargain. Still, carrying his child was the least she deserved for all the teasing and picking on him she'd done. She was so bossy and mean, it'd be soooo nice to see that hard expression soften into one of bliss, to see her eyes that usually only glared his way in suspicion instead rolling back into her skull as she panted and puffed like a bitch from getting her cunt stuck with dick. He rubbed his hands together gleefully, calling out, "Where is she?" running through the water now in excitement. Sakura's senses had been dulled, but she'd soon hear him splashing in her direction...
A moment later, Naruto emerged from the mist right in front of her, naked and licking greedy young lips. "Hiya Sakura!" he said, wading towards her, eyes locked on her young body. She was sitting between Tsunade and Shizune, which definitely highlighted the differences in their bodies: the two older women had wide, curvaceous hips and thick asses, topped off with heavy, swollen and very mature breasts: they were women who had reached their physical prime, fully developed into their maternal frames, but looking at Sakura, she was almost nothing like them! Narrow waist, small breasts and a skinny, petite frame, she was still just a girl compared to that. But even Naruto could see where it would begin its development... Despite her small size, Sakura had a large lower body, her hips surprisingly broad for such a small girl, healthy and wide to give him many children. He perceived all of this, and the broodmother breeder queen she could eventually become, in the space of a second, and his cock grew to full stiffness as he stared at her. "Sakura...! Did Tsunade and Shizune explain everything to you?"
"This is my mansion now... We want you to stay here, okay? All you have to do is be my bride!" He reached her now and knelt down, face just a few inches from hers, that huge dick throbbing painfully hard. "Just let me go inside for a second, okay? I just have to fill you up to make it official, okay?"
The three women had left the water before Naruto joined them. While Sakura was still struggling to hide her aroused state, they heard his footsteps and voice coming closer. "Naruto, you pervert!", Sakura screeched as he came into view, but as he then asked her to become his bride, she didn't know if she should laugh or get even madder.
She chose the latter.
Her body was ready, more than ready, aching for it. But her mind was still her own, Sakura still was conscious enough of her surroundings to grow angry, enough so to ignore the pleas of her body to give herself over to the fertile male before her. "I'LL KILL YOU FOR THAT, NARUTOOOO!", she screamed and reeled her arm back, fist clenched. Having trained under Tsunade, there was no doubt she could actually end his life if her fist connected.
But she never actually threw the punch. Tsunade, having expected a bit of resistance from her student, had caught Sakura's arm as she was swinging back for him. Shocked, Sakura looked over her shoulder at her master, not believing the betrayal that was happening to her right now. "L-let me go, Tsunade-sama. He deserves this!", she argued, but Tsunade only shook her head. "No. You deserve this.", the Hokage replied, not making much sense to the pink-haired girl. And before she could struggle with her other arm, she felt Shizune holding it tightly as well, preventing her from punching anybody. Now properly shocked, Sakura looked over at Shizune, who she had considered like an elder sister. "You too, Shizune-senpai?", she asked, but Shizune only nodded before turning to Naruto. "Please enjoy yourself, Master Naruto.", she invited him to sample Sakura's body.
"Master?", Sakura gasped at how submissively Shizune was acting. "Prepare yourself, Sakura... soon, you'll be Master Naruto's bride.", the Hokage told her pupil, causing the younger girl to shake her head as she glared at Naruto. She was squirming in the grasp of the two older women, the movements causing her towel to come loose and slip off, revealing her aroused state to Naruto. "Don't you dare, Naruto! I swear you're dead if you even look!", she made even more threats, but considering her situation, she did not appear very threatening at all...

Her threats were interrupted by two firm, strong hands sinking into her young breasts, squeezing her cute little titties, flicking her nipples. "Eheheh... How can you say that when it's so obvious your body wants it? Come on Sakura..."His hands felt so good on her chest, so natural, squeezing and tugging her nipples like the mouths of young, innocent babies... It was the perfect lead-in to a kiss that rocked her world, his hot tongue pushing into Sakura's mouth, while his hands possessively slid around her narrow waist, squeezing her tightly to him. With the other women, he'd be on top of them as soon as possible, diving into their mature snatches, but with a girl his age, Naruto preferred to explore her body slowly, easing her into her new life. He gripped her butt firmly, fingers sinking into her flesh even as he continued to rain down mouthwatering kisses on her lips.
Combined with her drugging, it was a total sensory overload for Sakura.. Naruto's hands would feel like they were everywhere, on her shoulders and her tits, squeezing her hips and ass, and that big dick drew circles around her pussy, teasing her with its size. What he was doing was especially cruel, teasing her body to greater heights of arousal, all while refusing to give her an inch of raw, unprotected dick in her hot spot... The last straw came when his wet, warm mouth latched onto one of her tits, sucking the nipple hard, sending shocks of pleasure all the way through Sakura's young body. Only once she'd cried out in pleasure did he let the women release her. Naruto sat down on the ground, stiff penis throbbing between his thighs, just letting her eyes fall naturally on it. "Sakura... You must really want it, right...? Mm, your body is really burning up!"
His penis would draw her eye... By this stage, his continued touching of her whole body combined with the aphrodisiac would be making it hard to think... But to crawl over there and mount him, to slide that fat, soothing penis inside of her so it could take care of the maddening fuck-itch deep inside her womb... Could she really do it with such an idiot? Something was wrong here, Naruto's cock had never looked like it would complete her ovulating pussy so very, very ably.
"P-please... no, don't."
The aphrodisiac was strong, but Sakura was a trained medic ninja, almost on par with Tsunade. Although just a bit, she still resisted the urge to fuck, to mate, to be bred from consuming her mind completely. But it was clear to everybody that she was just on the verge of breaking. But she had to be pushed over the edge, by force, if necessary.
Clutching her legs together tightly and covering her breasts without stimulating them too much, Sakura shook her head feebly as her eyes were glued to the cock in front of her. "You disappoint me, Sakura. Master Naruto is offering to make you his bride.", Tsunade chided her student. "He even has all the legal authority to claim you as his and yet you still refuse?", she went on and took matters into her own hands. Leaning over Sakura, Tsunade forced her legs apart, which was a lot easier than she had assumed. Thus Sakura's dripping snatch was revealed, her folds flush with blood as it was all too clear that she was ready to be taken. Looking at her Master, Tsunade spoke again. "Take her, Master Naruto... if her mouth cannot be honest, her womb will be." she told him.
Naruto was smiling warmly as he took Sakura's weak hands, tugging her down towards him... Her knees would come to rest on either side of his body, and that young, virgin pussy hovered over his cock as he moved his hands to her butt... He guided the young ninja downwards, until his painfully stiff dick touched her pussy, looking deep into her eyes the entire time, not letting her look away. He was so possessive... So very commanding of her body. After all, he had thousands of women to choose from for this breeding task, and he had picked her, his childhood friend. Naruto was entranced by Sakura's womb, and it made his cock impossibly stiff. When he finally felt the tip sliding inside of her, inch after inch going deep into the teen's pussy, he let out a pent-up sigh, not even realizing he'd been holding his breath. As Naruto kissed her again, he began to gently rock his hips, wondering if she'd moved hers back at him in time... He'd only just begun to scratch the itch in her pussy, the unpleasant feeling of not having a bare dick scratching the inside of her cunt, but she would still be far from satisfied. He'd love to see her reduced to that: like a horny dog grinding on the floor trying to get off!
Holding Sakura's hips, Naruto forced his entire dick inside of her, rocking against her, taking thrusts in and out of her body. She felt just like he'd imagined, jumpy and hot around his dick, stinging his cock with her quivering tightness. She was drooling around his cock with her pussy, spasming and writhing, and it made him want to cum right away. "S-Sakura... Your pussy feels amazing... Let me fuck you every day from now on, okay? I'll give you this big cock as much as you want from now on, Sakura! Just say you want it... Say you want to be fucked!" He was licking his lips as he said it, thrusting faster, grinding right on her cervix. Whether she said it or not didn't matter at this point, the itching was so bad she might start moving her hips on her own, and that would be the most sincere expression of love for his cock she could possibly offer! Such a simple gesture would be the total surrendering of her womb to being filled with his children.
Sakura showed no signs of resistance as Naruto pulled her on top of her. She was breathing heavily, rapidly losing the battle against her arousal as his cock was mere inches away from her pussy and she knew it. Sakura moaned into the kiss, not able to hold back the sounds of pleasure anymore. And when he filled her up with his dick, her back arched and she threw her head back, her mouth open with a silent scream of pleasure as she came from him just putting it in to her, tearing her pussy open with her first dick that would be the only one she'd ever taste.
His words to her barely registered as her tongue was hanging out while she was panting, her breasts heaving with each breath she drew. "YES! Oh, fuck meeeeee....", she screamed, pleading with him as she too began to move on top of him. Every time she pushed her hips down, it felt like she came a little and she began to wonder why she had been so opposed to this mere moments ago?
This was divine... it felt like slowly, with each thrust, everything was being washed away from her mind until only the bliss remained. "I'm sorry.... so sorry, just fuck me more, Narutooooo....", she begged him as Naruto was now free to truly claim her as his bride...
Naruto was grinning as he looked up at Shizune and Tsunade, flashing them a thumbs up, moments before he hilted himself all the way inside of Sakura's hot, luscious pussy. He held on tight to her hips and drove in and out, panting from the exertion of giving her as much dick as he could... His hips pistoned, his face buried in her shoulder, his mouth hanging open as he gasped... And then moments later they both felt it: a massive ejaculation soaking the inside of her pussy, splashing up to her cervix and washing through it, splattering on the insides of her womb, inseminating her immature body just as deeply and thoroughly as he had the other two women. Sakura was pregnant to Naruto now and would be for many years to come. Even after his ejaculation, he continued grinding deep inside of her, locked in a totally passionate and loving kiss with his third wife, tongues lashing together as they both recovered from their potent, breeding-mad orgasms... Their minds were washed away for the moment, and the two just locked together, cock oozing sperm into pussy and madly in love with each other.
The sex continued for many hours after that, with all three of the girls getting their fill of semen and loving kisses from their master, until the four ended up in bed together, sperm oozing from all three pussies, while they lay on their bellies and had their heads between Naruto's spread thighs, three tongues busily worshipping his cock. As the only man in the Uzumaki household, this was what Naruto's daily life was like... Doing it with all three of them every single might get to be rough, but there were still many more to come... It wouldn't be long after their sex session that Naruto discovered all three of them were pregnant.


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