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Chapter 3 - Hinata and Sakura

Following the war, Naruto is elected to rebuild his clan. Tasked with impregnating as many gals as possible, Tsunade makes an order as Hokage that marriage proposals from the brat are irrefutable. 


Chapter 3 - Hinata and Sakura

Chapter 3 - Hinata and Sakura
A week had gone by since Naruto had received the edict from the Hokage to rebuild the Uzumaki-clan and had promptly started with recruiting the Hokage and her assistant to his cause. His childhood crush had followed the day after and ever since then, Naruto's days had been filled with wanton indulgent in his three lovely wives.
Yesterday, Tsunade and Shizune had left the mansion temporarily, they were still needed in Konoha and the blond Hokage intended to formally abdicate then to fully devote herself to being a bride and mare for Naruto. The word of the new clan growing had spread throughout Konoha already and reactions differed wildly. While most considered it a wise move to entrust the future to Naruto, a few people were still a bit distrustful towards the Jinchuuriki and his intentions.
Sakura meanwhile, the third wife, was left at her new home to tend to Naruto's every need and like most days, hers began with servicing his morning wood, her pink-haired head bobbing up and down his length as she had quickly learned to orally please him, with instructions provided by Tsunade, now her teacher in a whole new aspect of life.
But as she was doing so, there was a knock on the door. "Excuse me, Master Naruto, but there is a visitor asking for your presence in the main hall.", came a voice from outside the bedroom, one of the maids working in the mansion...
Naruto had been awoken bright and early by the ninja girl's wet mouth, and she'd kept that place under his blanket for some hours down, diligently tending to the only penis she'd ever need, the largest and heaviest, with the most sperm-filled balls. It stretched her cute little mouth, bulged her cheeks with its decadent size, and unloaded into her throat again and again when she sucked at it, reminding her that Naruto's fertility and strength of sperm was unparalleled. He could easily satisfy a hundred wives, let alone the three of them, and it was only natural to work it over with her tongue and lips, worshiping as if she were a priestess at her shrine.
As his fingers tangled in her hair, he looked up to the door and smiled. He felt so good, there was no reason to interrupt this. If he had a visitor, they could come to him. "Show them in please..." There was no need for Sakura to stop. Any woman who laid eyes on that hot, stiff pole standing up rock-hard, her tongue lashing over the inflamed, boiling hot and oozing tip, and the expression of utter pleasure on her face as she sucked, would surely understand that Sakura needed this cock as much as they needed oxygen.
Sakura was very diligent in her worship of Naruto's cock. Not a single spot on it went unlicked, even his balls were tenderly fellated by the pinkette. She enjoyed this as much as he did, if not more. "I love your cock, Master Naruto... please, let me drink your seed soon...", she pleaded with him, her green eyes filled with lust. But before Naruto could give her what she asked for, they were interrupted...
"Kyaaa~!", came the yelp from the doorway, causing even Sakura to turn her head away from the cock that dictated her life now. As it turned out, the visitor was none other than Hinata Hyuuga, heiress of the Hyuuga clan. Furiously blushing and averting her eyes, she stood in the bedroom. Obviously, she had been the guest that had arrived, wanting to speak to Naruto.
It took her a moment to compose herself to speak, but she even managed to turn her head back around to look straight at Naruto. "Naruto-kun, it's true, isn't it? I heard the rumors that you were tasked with starting your own clan and you were taking wives for that...", she said, the stories that were flying around in Konoha were rather wild, but they were all agreeing on this part. And now Hinata could verify that it was indeed true. "And I see you've already taken Sakura-san...", she said, barely acknowledging the presence of the other Kunoichi.
Hinata took a deep breath before continuing. "Why did you not ask me, Naruto-kun?", she asked, sounding almost desperate that he had seemingly forgotten all about her. "Why did you not ask me to be your wife? If it were you, not even my father could oppose the Hokage's order.", she pleaded with him, the fact that she was still expected to one day take over the Hyuuga clan was still not sitting right with her...
Naruto looked up at her, his hand still stroking Sakura's hair. His cock was feeling cold, but he soon guided the slutty girl's mouth back to his shaft, coaxing her in gently with his firm hand and its potent aroma. "Ahh... Hinata-chan..." he said, a smile coming across his face, "It's... It's only been a week, you know! It's not like I'm an octopus or something.." he said, unable to stifle a cheeky grin. Her pushiness was adorable! Amazingly, he began to focus on Sakura's blowjob, thrusting his hips harder now, seeming to even disregard Hinata's presence, as he focused on face-fucking this pervert ninja on his bed. He held her tightly and thrust deep into her throat, then suddenly gasped and orgasmed inside of her, painting her mouth and throat with seed. He drew back, the tip of his penis being removed from between pink, wet lips with a loud, slurpy pop that resonated around the room, maybe making Hinata even more jealous.
He finally let Sakura come up for air and sat on the bed, legs spread and naked from the waist down, letting Hinata take in the sight on his stern, strong dick, rising to the heavens, sticky with saliva. She could now see the cock that three women spent their nights leashed to, and that commanded their wombs to give him many, many children. With Sakura's mouth still full of sperm, he held onto his bride and turned her to face Hinata, fingers moving up to her mouth and peeling it open, showing off Sakura's wide-open mouth to the other girl. It was just what she'd expected, as Sakura's long tongue unfurled, the stink of cock and sperm wafting across the room to invade Hinata's nose: Sakura's mouth was a nest of sperm, her tongue oozing seed, her drool landing on the bed as he forced her to keep her mouth open. Not a drop had been swallowed and he proudly displayed the sperm toilet he'd made this girl into to Hinata. "If Hinata wants a try at my sperm, why don't you come and get it~?" he teased, pulling Sakura's mouth wider open. A droplet of sperm oozed from her mouth and splattered on one of those fat cow udder tits of hers. "You may now kiss the bride!" he said, with a feisty wink, before releasing Sakura, encouraging her to go to Hinata.
Sakura was clearly not all that happy that, after all her hard work, she was not getting to swallow it and instead even had to share it with Hinata, who stood frozen, like a deer caught in the headlights. Seeing how it was unlikely that, despite her outburst, Hinata would take the initiative, Sakura still intended to please her husband and walked over to her. Hinata looked at the opened mouth with its white, gooey treat bubbling on Sakura's tongue, but as she opened her mouth to say something, Sakura leaned in and captured her lips, wrapping her arms around her to hold her tight while she shared Naruto's seed with her.
Obviously not having anticipated that, Hinata panicked and jumped back a bit, a fair share of cum dripping to the floor. "What a waste...", Sakura complained after she had swallowed her share of seed. Looking back to Naruto, she shook her head. "I think she's just all talk, Master...", she said.
That however spurred Hinata into action. Acting before thinking, Hinata unzipped her jacket to reveal her massive tits to Naruto, easily bigger than Sakura's chest and perhaps even rivaling the Hokage, even at her age already. "N-No! I can please you, Naruto-kun, I swear it. I'll prove to you, I can be just as good as Sakura-san, even better.", she protested, her blush still on her face...

The sight of those two heavy, soft melons falling free of her clothes, so ridiculously large compared to Sakura's cute small ones... She was built like a milk-cow... Even if Naruto hadn't wanted her, his breeding instinct was screaming at that tits like that could feed an army, she could probably nourish as many children as he could make, and that was a lot! Starry-eyed, he crawled forwards and then pulled her onto the bed, lips meeting in a soft kiss as his hands explored her chest, squeezing her meaty tits and pinching her pink nipples, lifting her tits off her chest and letting them slap back down onto her ribs with their full weight. "Hinata... You should know what we're doing here... This isn't... About love..." He loved all his brides, but it was true: they weren't here because they were experiencing a deep and true "romantic" love.
He kissed her again, his cock getting rapidly harder at having a fertile, wanting woman on the bed with him, eager and ready to go, but he kept his voice even, "This family isn't built on romance... We're here for one purpose..." He took her hand and gently put it on his penis, letting her feel how painfully stiff it was. Such a big, angry-looking thing wanted to go inside her. "We're here to rut! This family exists to make girls into broodmares... And we're going to have as many babies as possible!" He was grinning as he said it, getting stiffer in her hand, cock twitching with eagerness. "Sakura, Tsunade and Shizune are already pregnant, and after they've delivered I'm gonna do 'em all again, you know? There's no special treatment for you, you'll be one pussy in a long, ovulating line, heehee..." He kissed her, even as his fingers found their way into her pants and stroked her hot, wet, little pussy.
"So if Hinata wants to be inseminated, I'll do it... I'll fuck you with no protection and make a baby grow inside of you!" His horsedick lurched at her as he said it. He wanted to stab it into her pussy and fill her up with semen.
Hinata yelped as she was grabbed with unexpected desire, but put up no resistance when he started toying with her body. Despite her moans however, she listened closely when Naruto explained to her in no uncertain terms what would happen to her if she insisted on her wish to be married to him. Her answer came without hesitation. "Yes!", she gasped out lustfully. "Yes, please, Naruto-kun... I don't care if I'm not the only one... as long as I get to be with you, I'll do anything for you.", she vowed, spreading her legs a bit further even as Naruto stroked her folds and she was doing the same to his dick...
He continued to explore her pussy, finding it shamelessly wet. "Hinata, you're really sucking on my fingers down here," he teased, before leaning in to suck one of her big breasts into his mouth. He lashed her nipple with his tongue, already easing her back onto the sheets, itching to get inside of her, raring to have a taste of Hinata's pussy squeezing around him. It didn't leave Sakura much to do, but that was the way of a herd animal, which was what these girls had been relegated to, after all. When the stallion was inseminating a new mare, his attention would be on her fully, and the others simply waited obediently. She got to enjoy her own private little porno, all the same, as she watched Naruto mount Hinata shamelessly, watched their crotches sliding together, then heard the wet sounds accompanying lower bodies coming together, and inch after inch of cock forcing its way into Hinata's tight folds. There was so much of it, it seemed impossible to cram every last inch into such a tight and virginal girl, but he was managing... He stuck his tongue out, pulled back a little bit and then drove the shaft into Hinata in a totally unforgettable way. His bare penis was intoxicating as it scratched her insides, teasing her pussy.
Just as the other girls before her, once Naruto had managed to arouse her, Hinata was unable to hold back. Not that she even wanted to... she had longed for this, to be mounted for Naruto. Her clothes were still clinging to her, her pants and panties pulled down just enough to give Naruto all the access he could want and her jacket and shirt pulled out of the way of his mouth to her tits... but Hinata really did not want to stop to remove them, she was already thinking like Sakura was thinking now after one week of serving him. Whenever he wanted her, Hinata would be there for him..
She moaned lewdly as Naruto claimed her virginity, the virginity she had saved for him anyways. Her pussy, although virginally tight, still easily accepted him inside of her. It was as if her entire body had been awaiting this moment, as Naruto laid claim to her body, her pussy and, most importantly, her womb. Already, her body was starting to adapt to the changes that would happen in the next few months, her cervix opening up, begging Naruto to spill his seed inside.
Hinata was already lost in bliss. "Please, Naruto-kun, I want to be your wife... I'll have all of your children, all of them.", she promised him as she crossed her legs behind him, locking him inside of her. Not that it seemed likely for Naruto to even want to pull out.
Sakura meanwhile got a good look at how Naruto was breeding Hinata, but unlike the good little girl she was supposed to be, she would not content herself with sitting at the sidelines. Climbing back onto the bed, Sakura positioned herself behind Naruto, her breasts pushing into his back. "Do it, Naruto... this bitch is begging for it. Make her nothing but a stupid little breeder, like myself.", she whispered to him huskily...
In front of him he had shameless vows of breeding devotion, and that pervert ninja behind him whispering such lewd things in his ear... Naruto could barely handle it, trapped between their two soft, luxurious bodies, his hips moving on their own, driving deep into Hinata's lush body again and again, making her into a woman truly capable of serving him. His prick filled her up to the brim as he clutched Hinata tightly, panting in her ear as he thrust over and over.
Then they'd both feel it as he let out an agonized gasp, Naruto's back arching sensuously. Sakura would recognize it from when he'd bred her, the sensation of their man releasing his hormones inside Hinata, flooding her pussy with semen, and while Hinata might not recognize it immediately, the sensation of fulfillment that would wash over her as she felt his semen making its home inside of her would be reassurance enough that she had done the right thing. She had joined his pack of bitches now, a woman chosen to be fit for sex with their male, fit for carrying his children to term. He took both of them again and again for the rest of the afternoon, ravaging both fertile and impregnated womb with no discrimination, tending to his women with a primal territorialism. Both their lips met his in soft, loving kisses as he unloaded into their wombs again and again.
"I'm pleased to have Hinata as my wife," he whispered in her ear as he came inside of her for what must be the sixth time, leaving the bed a perverted nest of breeding sex for Tsunade and Shizune to discover later.


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