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Chapter 5 - Naruko

Following the war, Naruto is elected to rebuild his clan. Tasked with impregnating as many gals as possible, Tsunade makes an order as Hokage that marriage proposals from the brat are irrefutable. 


Chapter 5 - Naruko

Chapter 5 - Naruko
A few months had passed since the latest additions to Naruto’s ever-growing love nest. Ino and Tenten, at first very resistant to the prospect, had been broken down into happy breeders after just a few days.

They still voiced slight concerns every now and then, although it was growing rarer: now that their once-taut bellies were also swelling with child they had had no choice but to accept the fact that they were becoming clan mothers soon. Of course, for the other girls in the household, that future was a lot closer! Sakura, Tsunade, Shizune and Hinata were all in the last stages of their pregnancies, the former Hokage sedately predicting it'd be only a few weeks at most until they delivered the first batch of Uzumaki kids, the first of many to come.

As the sun rose again over Konoha and the Uzumaki mansion, a new day began. It was a special day, at least for Naruto. It was his birthday, and the first as head of his own clan. He had, of course, spent the night with his doting wives, rutting and enjoying himself long after midnight, so they had already wished him a happy birthday then. But as he awoke, he found himself alone. It felt quite unfamiliar to the blonde stud; he had virtually never had his dick out of pussy, let alone actually been on his own, for the past eight months.

But as Naruto sat up in the bed, he discovered this wasn’t entirely true. He might be alone in his bed, yes, but he wasn’t alone in the room. Two altogether-new ladies had dropped into his lap, both brimming over with eagerness to reconnect with their beloved Naruto.

"Happy birthday, Naruto-nii!" With that cry came a bundle of joy throwing herself onto the bed with him, wrapping her arms around Naruto’s bare chest, snuggling up against him and burying her face in his chest. The bubbly young beauty wore her blonde hair up in pigtails, and had the very same whiskers on her face as Naruto.

The woman behind her chuckled.

"Now, now, Naruko-chan. Why don’t you let your poor brother wake up in peace, mm? You know he's not much of a morning person.” The redheaded woman admonished her daughter as she too approached the bed.

She clutched a large cake in her dainty hands, very obviously brought here for the young master. It was certainly a fitting reward for the bratty little ninja: after all, he’d been working hard almost a whole year now breeding every flawless, busty female he could lay his hands on!

Kushina smiled widely as her son looked down on at the results of her baking skills. "Happy birthday, Naruto. We hope you don't mind us barging in like this - and sending your girls out - but you're hardly ever available. Of course we had to do something to see you." While she elaborated on their presence, Naruko just continued to hug her twin brother tightly.

Naruto slowly rose from sleep, gradually becoming aware of Naruko's arms squeezing his neck tightly... His twin sister was just as graceless as he was at greetings, and he couldn't help but laugh as he hugged her around her lower back... The smell of her blooming body filled his nose, and he was soon squirming in her grip. Despite having been busy with six gorgeous, pregnant girls last night, he was sporting a ferocious morning wood, fat ninja cock as hard as a board. He eventually released Naruko from the hug, kissing his sister gently on the cheek.

"It's great to see you both!" he said, glancing towards that cake... Pretty soon, he was reaching for it, thinking nothing of upending the cake into his mouth, taking enormous bites from it... He managed to wolf fully half of the cake down before Naruko snatched it off of him, snapping at her brother, forcing the other half into her belly just as fast he had. It was exactly the sort of sight their mother had seen many, many times before.

As Naruto was sucking the remainder of the icing off his fingers, he glanced up at Naruko thoughtfully, tapping his chin. "Hey, neechan... How come you're not pregnant, huh?" He sucked his finger, then stared at her belly pointedly, leaning a bit closer to check her tummy... and couldn’t find any indication of any baby bump at all! "Tsunade said it was really important to establish a new Uzumaki bloodline... How come you two aren't having babies too?”

A teasing grin spread across Naruto’s face as he leaned closer. “Didn't they think you were good enough?" He knew a comment like that would probably get him slapped, but sure they'd spare him on his birthday, right?

The answer to that came swiftly. His sister’s closed fist colliding with the back of his head made Naruto wince, although it was nothing in comparison to what the blonde usually did when her brother when he annoyed her. Quite gentle, in fact!

Kushina, too, had her fist clenched and a forced smile on her face. She almost cracked into the scary face she was prone to wearing when either of her children annoyed her, but contrary to her daughter she restrained herself.

"No, we weren't asked about any of that. Although since you've been gone, you wouldn't believe how many boys Naruko had to fend off. It's like they think she's the only girl left in the world since you snatched all the others up.", Kushina explained as she relaxed a bit again, sitting down at Naruto's side, opposite of her daughter, who scoffed at the mention of the boys chasing her. "They're all so stupid.", she muttered, arms crossed under her chest that seemed to have filled out a lot since Naruto had been off making his own clan.

The blonde girl sighed and hugged her brother again. "I missed you, Naruto-nii.", she mumbled, almost embarrassed to admit it when the two siblings were so often squabbling, but at the end of the day, they both cared for each other immensely.

"She's not the only one, you know? Things have been so quiet at home since you've left.", Kushina told her son. With just her and Naruko at home, it was a lot less lively. "But say, how come you get to have this nice house and you never once thought to invite us over?", she questioned her son, seeing how this was her first time actually coming here.

"W-Well... Uhh, about that!" began Naruto, rubbing the back of his head a little timidly. There weren't many women in the world who scared him more than these two! "I was going to ask you to come live here, I mean... It is the Uzumaki Household and all, and you're both Uzumakis, it's just, umm... Eheheh... We've been so busy!" he finished lamely. He had been busy, for sure, just not with anything other than pounding those six pussies he'd laid claim to.

"Why don't you move in with me as soon as possible? I'll talk to Tsunade about where you can stay. And I don't really want Naruko staying in the village if there's boys looking at her, anyway..." He grinned and cupped his sister's chin, looking down at her fine body as he did so, those curvaceous hips, those huge, soft breasts. She was the female opposite of him, and where he'd turned into a virile, built stud who could fuck for hours, she'd become a busty, fertile minx... He could only guess how many of those boys who'd approached her had ended up being fucked into comas and then tossed away when she became disappointed in them. "I don't think any of them are good enough for you, Naruko!" he said with a grin. "Come and live here, okay?"

Naruko’s eyes lit up as her brother asked her to stay here with him. He had little warning before she pounced on him enthusiastically, bringing him down to his back again on the bed in her joy. "Yes! Of course I want to! We’ll move in right away, won't we, mother?" While she was directing the question to Kushina, she wasn’t quite paying attention to where her heavy bust had ended up: Naruko was running the risk of accidentally smothering Naruto with her bountiful young cleavage.

"Of course we will.", Kushina replied with a little laugh. She looked down at her two children and tapped her chin, admiring the way Naruto’s busty twin had him so capably smothered. There wa a verve and excitement in her daughter’s movements that the older woman had not witnessed in her for some time.

It did make Kushina wonder... After all, she’d served diligently her whole life as a jounin-level kunoichi, she’d only assumed her daughter would wish to follow in her footsteps. And yet, lately, Naruko seemed to have lost any all interest in serving her clan, so to see her so enthusiastic now was truly elating for the mother to see. To Kushina, it really did appear as if Naruko had dearly missed her twin.

"Well, I’ll go and find Tsunade then. She can't have gotten far with that big round belly of hers, can she? Good work on that, Naruto,” Kushina joked before getting off the bed and leaving the room, letting the twins have a moment to themselves.


Once Kushina had left, there was a long moment of silence. Then Naruko finally backed up, seeming to have eventually arrived at the conclusion that Naruto couldn’t breathe beneath her. "I really did miss you, Naruto-nii..." she whispered, her blue eyes locked longingly at Naruto.

With her on top of him like that, there was no way she was not noticing his morning wood. "All those boys... they just can't compare to you, you know?", she asked him, her gaze showing something that probably went a little beyond mere sisterly affection.

She took a deep breath, chest heaving as she steeled herself for what she was about to say. "When I heard you married the Hokage and her assistant... and Sakura-chan, then Hinata-chan and Ino-chan and Tenten-chan... I realized something." she began, her eyes wandering about the room in a rare display of nerves for the normally so brash and confident girl.

"I realized that I was jealous that you paid them more attention than me... because you get to fuck them," she said. Her bluntness was so typical for her. "But I couldn't bear to live here and see you play with them more than me, so..." Naruko said before blushing a little, a question on the tip of her tongue just aching to be asked.

She'd be startled by the sensation she'd been craving: two firm, strong hands gripping her wide, birthing hips, fingers sinking tightly into the juicy flesh of her ass and giving it the sort of demanding squeeze she'd yearned for. Her brother was grinning up at her as he had his perverted way with that part of her in a way he never would have before becoming the head of his own breeding household. He had a possessive glint in his eye as he flipped her skirt up, letting him get at her raw skin, that made girls shudder in pleasure... But the pleasure was also mixed with a strong sensation of relief: the feeling of finally, after being fertile and ready for so many years, finally being noticed by the alpha male that they wanted to go face-down, ass-up for... She was a perverted woman for having that needy, biological urge to mate with her brother, but that wasn't something she could help. There was no male as alpha as her niichan!

Naruto's warm hands felt so good on her bare, shivering ass. "I do fuck my wives. I push up inside of them on this very bed, like I'm trying to make them a mommy all over again every single night... If you'd been lucky enough to be born a boy like me, you'd be in the same position, having tight pussies milking your dick every hour from waking onwards... Insistently tugging ropey strands of jizz out of your dick! But..." His hands were kneading her fleshy ass faster now, even lifting off her pert butt to give it aggressive little spanks that left glowing red spots. "Instead of that, you have a burning need deep in your belly for the same thing these girls are getting, don't you~ Poor little Naruko, eheheh..." His proud cock was hard as a rock at the thought of mounting and inseminating his own flesh and blood. He really was a monster, for having so many pussies already at his disposal, and wanting more so badly he'd even stick it inside his own cute little sister! But he didn't care at all.

Given the lack of resistance, Naruko didn’t appear to care either. Instead, the blonde girl mewled softly as her brothers hands dug into her flesh, finding her wriggling ass to be a nice handful and yielding to his firm grasp. With the blush creeping on her face as Naruto so lewdly told her what his life was like... and quite accurately predicted what she was feeling right now. It seemed inevitable that Naruko would willingly yield her Uzumaki womb to the cause of rebuilding the clan. She was aware that this was quite taboo, that she should not feel this way about her twin, that the village itself could object if they found out... Goodness, she didn't even know what their own mother would say if she found out she was flooding her womb with her brother’s cum.

But that reason was buried so far under a hazy desire for cock as Naruto spanked her, Naruko's panties growing wet almost instantly! Her body was anticipating and welcoming his seed. "N-Naruto-nii...", she moaned as her brother kneaded her plump behind possessively. Like he owned it. In her heart, Naruko knew he already did.

All that he needed to do now was claim her, take her for his own and mark her belly with the bulge of his child. The mere thought of it made Naruko pant, her nipples standing up under her top an unmistakable sign of her submission to males. "Please... make a mommy too... I want your babies, I love you!" Her declaration burst out of her mouth, clearly far beyond just sisterly love.

Her shameless, slutty words had the ninja's big, fat dick all stiff and ready to go, struggling to get up and inside of her... Just like with all his previous wives, he felt that burning sensation in his dick, so hot and painful, and knowing the only way to cool it down would be to get it inside of her wet pussy and shooting up deep into her ready womb. His lewd dick didn't care at all that they were related by blood, to it she was just another woman to fuck and claim.

He kissed Naruko feverishly as she straddled him, wet mouths plastered together, even though their mother could come back any minute... This wasn't by any means a matter of hoping to get done before she got back: they both knew she'd surely return before Naruto was even close to done with his sister's pussy, but it was more that neither of them had any interest in stopping their breeding sex for anything or anyone. "I will, Naruko... I'll breed anyone for the sake of the Uzumaki Clan, even my cute twin sister... I'll even stick my fat dick in my sister's tight pussy," he panted in between kisses, their tongues frantically pressing together, swapping drool like the shameless pervert animals they clearly were. Maybe they'd be civilized humans again in a few minutes, when he was on top of her, lips sealed together, naked bodies humping together and his fresh sperm oozing out of her pussy. For now, neither of them could even think that far into the future. All that was in their world was his bare, hard prick and her quivering, unprotected pussy and womb.

He unzipped her jacket and played with her big, beautiful boobies, slapping his palms against them, rubbing them in circles, but as the sheets slipped away, she'd see that ravenous dick was inflamed with blood, standing up furiously like a weapon... So intimidating! It was pointing at her, the tip already oozing sperm. "F-Fuck... Get your clothes off, you little slut... If you're going to t-tempt your brother so badly, then get your panties off so I can stuff my cock in you." He was totally in heat.

Just like last night, heated moans and the sounds of two bodies entangled in heated lust filled the room, but what was different was that this morning, a different female voice moaned and panted sensually.

Naruko was more than happy to step in line with the other girls and become just like them, a bred bitch for her brother, available for his lusts whenever he craved her and eager to turn his seed into children. She was still his little twin sister, and would remain that way, but right now, she cared so little about this fact, upon her brother's words, she pretty much ripped her clothes off her maturing body.

"That's all your fault, Naruto-nii... how can you walk around with a great cock like this, sleep in a bed that smells like sex and expect me to not want you?" she countered his accusations playfully. The siblings shared the talent of heightened senses, and to Naruko the bedroom positively oozed the smell of sex from previous nights. Not to mention it sounded like this wasn't her first time seeing her brother’s equipment.

Maybe, just maybe, this want for him was not something that had been born recently. Whatever the case, the sister was more than ready for her brother. Her body called out to him.

If Naruto was the perfect stud, then Naruko was the perfect broodmare for him to mount. Large boobs that would certainly be able to sustain many children, perky nipples that were just made for his babies and himself to suckle on, wide hips that were promising to grow even wider with maternity to deliver many healthy babies, a youthful body that was just itching to blossom into a beautiful mother to dozens of children. That was what Naruko offered to her brother and as she laid back, pulled her legs closer to her body while spreading them, giving him a perfect view of and access to her pink and sopping pussy, a tuft of blonde her crowning it just above her slit, it was an offer that was hard to refuse...

In moments, the two siblings were joined at the hips, his painfully large cock pushing up inside of her amazingly tight little pussy, having his way with her, turning her from his sister into his woman. Naruto's muscular body bore down on even his cute sister, long thrusts of his powerful penis driving up inside of her as he plastered his mouth to hers, and his hands gripped and played with her big, squishy titties, pinching her nipples and slapping the fleshy curves. His tongue pushed into her mouth just as much as his dick did her pussy, passionately loving Naruko's body. "Nngh..." So much of his cock was still outside of her, so many inches her cute little pussy couldn't accept, and they'd both see that fleshy dick jutting out of her... They both needed it so bad! He ground on her, but it wouldn't go any deeper juuuust yet. The sensation of not being able to be fully inside of her frustrated her new master and he growled, bucking his hips, shoving her more forcefully down onto the bed, but she was simply too chaste~

"T-Tight..." he gasped, burying his head between her breasts, pushing his feet against the bed, huffing and panting... She was so incredibly tight, and the sensations were so much more sharp and searing than normal. Her shivering pussy and heightened senses gave their sex an electric edge that was driving Naruto crazy... He looked up at her, wide-eyed and in shock, then kissed her again as he felt his balls seizing up, sperm beginning to race up to the head of his dick in increased volumes... "N-Naruko... Be my wife and live with me... Join my brides in service to me!" He pressed up deeper inside of her, her pussy seeming to loosen a little more as if from the effect of such pleasure-inducing words and his cock quickly surged forwards to claim this deeper part of her body!

Naruko vaguely recalled what she had been told once, incest was bad, taboo, forbidden... but it felt way too good to be fucked by her brother. In fact, as his cock plunged into her, reaching into depths no boy had even been able to, she knew that this was the one true cock for her. Nobody else could ever hope to please her like her brother could. Naruko realized that he was the one for her, the only man that could give her what she wanted. So she didn't even need to think his offer over for a second, her body already yielding more to him as she heard them, but even more so as she gave him her answer.

"Yes! Yes! I'll be your bride, Naruto-nii... I'll become your breeding sister, for just your cock to own," she called out to him as all of her limbs clung to him, her arms around his shoulders and her legs crossed behind his hips still thrusting into her.

Naruko kissed her brother passionately and their blue eyes were locked in the incestuous passion they shared right now. They were loud, loud enough to certainly be heard not just in the hallway outside of his room, but neither really cared who heard them or what they thought about it. All that mattered right now was the brothers cock in his sister's pussy, his seed about to burst out and flood her womb, fertilizing her eggs. And unlike Ino or Tenten before, Naruko was only too happy with the prospect.

"Do it! Do it, Naruto-nii! Knock me up! Make your sister's belly grow with your children!" she panted in his ears. Clearly, he wasn't the only one who was prone to talking so lewdly while rutting.

Such a horny bitch! Naruto's sister was such a begging-to-be-fertilized whore, bucking her broad breeding hips back at him like the sex pervert she was, grinding her clenching pussy on every strong inch of his manly dick. He panted wetly into her mouth while he slammed himself deeper and deeper inside of her receptive pussy. "Breeding Naruko! I've wanted to do this since I was given the order! Naruko's incest-sex feels the best yet!" He clutched her tightly as he stuck his dick right up inside and let loose his load, inseminating his sister just as surely as every other woman who'd come into his life recently.

She felt shot after shot of his semen soaking into the walls of her surrendering pussy, sloshing down to her womb and seeping inside to drench her eggs in her niisan's potent load. There was no safety in bareback sex with Naruto. This had been proven over and over by many, many women. Once his raw dick was inside your pussy, pregnancy was inevitable. How such a sinful act as this sure-thing-breeding dick being allowed to push up inside Naruko's innocent pussy had been allowed was surely not a sign of bad parenting from Kushina... At least, she could certainly hope it wasn’t the genetics of a family of sluts that was the cause, or her loose morals in her youth and raising her children.

It was probably just that Naruko's womb was totally horny for her brother's dick, there was just no way around it!

As Naruto came to a rest, his thrusts slowing, his panting receding and his satiated dick starting to go down, he kept it buried inside his little sister. He felt so very proud of himself to have knocked up even this girl. "Eheheh... Somehow it's even better to do it with you... If I can impregnate my own sister, then no girl is safe, mmhm!"

An indeterminate amount of time later, footsteps could be heard from the outside hallway, slowly but surely coming closer to the door to the Master's bedroom. But the siblings inside didn't hear them, they simply couldn't, what with the noise they were making, but even if they could've, there was no way they were stopping now.

With their incestuous lust still driving them on strong, they both had lost count on how often Naruto had seeded his sister by now. Four times, maybe five? Naruko herself didn't care, she let out a gleeful moan as her full belly sloshed already with the cum in her womb, quite a bit of it already dripped onto the sheets below them. By now, he was taking her from behind, the siblings locked into a mating ritual truly befitting of such wanton animals as them.

Naruto, though certain he had already more than impregnated his sister, kept on pushing his fat cock into Naruko’s tight little pussy, her round ass that would soon grow wider with an onsetting pregnancy pushing against him and Naruko herself cheering him on. "More, Naruto-nii, more!! Fuck your wife-sister more!", she chanted, causing him to growl and redouble his efforts...


Elsewhere, Kushina was preparing for her talk with Naruto.

He was treating the women in his life like breeding pigs and she needed to make sure his cock would stop bullying all their cute pussies at once!

So what better way to appear as a strict disciplinarian than by dressing the part? Off came the green dress, peeled away to bare her luscious figure, and on came everything a horny boy could possibly dream of his new "play partner" being squeezed into. She was going to give him such a very stern talking to about breaking pussies, that was for sure!

First things first, from out of her baggage, she lifted a scandalous bustier, made from totally wicked-looking black leather, with a zipper up the front that would be a struggle to tug all the way over those juicy, thick mammaries... She did manage it in the end, but it hadn’t been easy: the outfit was made for a slip of a girl with no rack to speak off, and while Kushina's upper body and ribcage might fit the description, petite as a 16-year-old, her stupidly fat and heavy baby feeders made sure that titflesh formed a tight shelf over the top of the outfit, spilling out in creamy, pale waves. It was as if her stiff nipples would be the only thing keeping the bustier from peeling all the way down her tits and letting them drop gently onto the boy’s face and hands during their meeting.

The bustier was tiny, so the redhead found her arms, shoulders, throat and a lot of her breasts entirely bare. Therefore, it was only appropriate a cute little choker got clasped around her neck. She slipped her model-like arms into some naughty black gloves that drew the eye. Next, her heavy, fat rump was pinched up into a pair of cute black panties that almost immediately disappeared into her curves, surrounded on all sides by the milky-white flesh of her ass, with a black miniskirt over the top of it that left nothing to the imagination.

And how to round out her child-rearing ensemble? Fuck-me boots, thigh-high, black and just as leather as everything else. The heels were obscene and made her butt look even juicier. Then it was time for some one-on-one with her make-up kit, painting her lips and dipping her eyelashes in some naughty, slutty shades of red and purple.

Yes. Perfect. She was definitely ready to spend some quality time with her son now. The only thing was... now her initial goal, teaching Naruto how to treat his wives with dignity and respect, was rapidly fading from the bimbo's mind.


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