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Chapter 6 - Kushina 1

Following the war, Naruto is elected to rebuild his clan. Tasked with impregnating as many gals as possible, Tsunade makes an order as Hokage that marriage proposals from the brat are irrefutable. 


Chapter 6 - Kushina 1

Chapter 6 - Kushina 1
Hours later, Naruko and Naruto’s sweat-soaked, trembling bodies slowed the aggressive pace of their fucking somewhat. They finally eased off on the torture they’d put the Hokage’s bed through, reducing its almighty squealing to a more manageable creaking. That it was still intact at all was a testament to Tsunade’s considerable forethought and planning in designing Naruto’s love nest!

Of course, even with them having screwed to a dozen or more completions, the incestuous siblings still went strong. The pair of horny blonde sluts went at each other like their libidos had been unleashed... which more than described Naruko’s situation. Right now she was making up for years of not sucking and fucking her sexy fucking brother, just like skanky, trampy sisters should.

They would have continued all evening, as well, if not for the door on the far side of the room opening a crack... and then flying open so violently it rattled in its frame. A betrayed scream filled the air as Kushina beheld the sight of her own two beloved babies locked together, the physical evidence of their coupling still dripping from Naruko’s freshly-fucked pussy. 

Caught in the act of an intense breeding session by their own mother, they could have covered their bodies... or at least slowed down a little! but instead Naruto was as jumpy and energetic as the first time he’d locked himself into a pussy... Naruko acted much the same: her belly ached for a sensation of fullness, one that only came from her niichan’s fat cock reaching every single spot inside her simultaneously, rubbing her whole cunt at once. He’d lit a fire under her that made her push back at him every time he drew his hips back, trying so hard to keep his fat cock squeezed tightly inside.

Supposedly, only lower animals would continue shamelessly screwing under observation... and yet this behaviour had appeared here in Konoha. Looking at the two beautiful children she’d cared for and raised, it reminded Kushina so much of a pair of mating baboons more than her own children it scared her.

And they made no effort to conceal themselves! Naruto had no shame. And judging by the way Naruko moaned and shook under her mother’s eyes with her studly male mate, she was well on her way to catching up to him! Besides, even if they had, there was no way to hide the copious physical evidence all about the room, most of all the salty smell of sweaty marathon fucking. 

Kushina stared in silence for a long moment while her children simply continued rutting shamelessly right in front of her. Then, finally, she forced herself to speak over the huffing and puffing of babymaking: "Naruto! Naruko! Stop this right this instant!”

She raised her hand, casting it dismissively. “How could... How could my own children do such a thing with each other?” 

They completely ignored her.

It became clear to Kushina that neither of her beloved children had any intention of slowing down for even a second. Even when she rushed to the side of the bed they didn’t abate... If anything, the beating Naruto inflicted on his face-down, ass-up sister became just that little bit more volatile. 

Before her eyes, the little brat raised both his muscular arms to his sister’s twintails, tugging her alllllll the way back until she stared at the ceiling. His next set of thrusts broke her just that little bit more as he drilled into the blonde slut’s depths.

It didn’t make sense. 

Had Kushina come to the wrong bedroom? How could she possibly reconcile her beautiful baby boy with this thug, raping her beloved daughter? He was too muscular, too confident around women, too ferocious about breaking Naruko's hot pussy in! It couldn't be her dear, sweet little Naruto.

And yet, the proof lay right in front of her. An utterly savage bull, rippling with muscle, dripping with sweat, and hitting her sweet, innocent daughter’s body with so much force Naruko should be screaming and crying in pain! Instead, she mewled and begged for more, all while those huge teen tits of hers looked riper than ever as they swung energetically back and forth with each thrust into her pussy. 

Kushina briefly reflected her own chest had looked much the same, before they’d utterly flooded with the gallons of milk Naruto and Naruko guzzled as they grew... Now the hungry little brats had grown up into hungry little perverts... 

But she’d stopped at just two children. Could she say they’d do the same?

Kushina shuddered. Naruto was bigger than her, stronger than her... and just generally left his mother utterly in awe of the awesome big-dicked bull he’d become! When Kushina flitted her eyes down - she swore it was involuntarily - to the spot where the siblings were joined, where Naruko fit her sleazy brother’s dick like a glove, her thoughts came away a confused tangle.

“Bigger than his father... my husband!” didn’t begin to describe it. Maybe if she put all her other sex partner’s members together, she might have something on the scale of what Naruto packed down there... and packed into his sister.

Kushina couldn’t find the words to protest anymore. She opened her mouth to speak, but words didn’t come. Naruto’s great, swinging buffalo-dick made a mockery of anything she could or would say to end this perversity: that hulking cock that made thighs wobble and pussies gape was the only one who could possibly be in charge around here.

She wanted to touch his shoulder, maybe snap him out of it, but she couldn’t follow through. She withdrew her hand before it was even halfway there. "N - Naruto! Your poor sister’s body can’t handle this any longer... That is more than enough roughhousing!”

Even after everything she’d seen, Kushina remained under the impression that Naruto had forced himself on his sister. 

So it went without saying Naruto didn’t need to defend himself. Naruko did the job just fine, protesting for the alpha male bull-breeder. "It's... it's fine, mo - Hmmnnnyyes~! Fuck your babies into me, Naruto-nii! More~!” 

Naruko cleared her eyes, staring with some focus for possibly the first time in the last few hours. She looked back at Kushina, eyes glimmering with perversion, lips parted in a sweet teen pout. "It’s... okay... Naruto-nii said we’re married now, so I'm just doing what any girl living in his house should be ~ffffuuuckk yes~ ... should be doing..." 

It broke the spell over Kushina’s mind, and it felt like the sordid scene before her finally came into full focus. Her soft eyes widened, and she saw things for what they were.

Her two children, the special little bundles of joy she'd brought into the world so many years ago, lay locked together, passionately and hungrily rutting like beasts. 

Naruko stretched her heavy-breasted figure out across the bed, head resting on her naughty titties, mouth wide open as she moaned and moaned. 

Naruto perched on her upraised ass, cock driven into her raw pussy. He sucked in deep breaths that made his rock-solid chest flutter up and down, committing all the energy he could muster into brutal, childmaking fucking with his sister. 

Naruto clawed at her hips, squeezing her soft flesh until it turned completely white. Each time he thrust into her, Naruko's tummy visibly distended with each thrust. This felt like an act of violence, not love! He had to be hurting her!

The truth was a different matter, however. As Kushina watched each primal thrust of that battering-ram cock pounding into Naruko's insides, her beautiful daughter raised her hips just as ruthlessly, fluttering up and down, grinding on Naruto's cock for even the slightest amount of pleasure. She drooled onto the bedsheets with an expression of supreme female satisfaction as great as any other one of Naruto's breeding-slaves. Her mind drifted to a place where she could fuck this mighty cock forever.

No... no... no-no-no-no-no! There must be some mistake! Ignoring the growing warmth between her thighs and the hot stink of sweaty fucking assaulting her nostrils, Kushina inched closer, expecting some kind of trickery to be revealed. That breeding-brute destroying her daughter's pussy on the bed right now couldn't possibly be the son she'd nursed at her breast since birth. 

This godlike male, so strong and vulgarly-endowed with such a long, swinging cock had to be someone else. 

She just couldn't accept a blood relative could have such a girthy, yummy-looking dick.


Kushina walked around the corner of the bed, approaching the pair from the side. The colossal-cocked, heavily-muscled bitch-taming stud on the bed looked even better from this angle as he brutally raped her daughter's holes.

“This... This isn’t fair!” she protested. “Naruto-kun... I raised you better than this... I taught you to be respectful to women!”

He continued hilting that gigantic, perfectly-shaped cock inside his sister with each thrust, so intent on cleaving her ova that he didn’t care how much he’d leave her aching and twitching in pain later! Kushina tried again, her language become lewder as her body heated up: “I can’t believe my own son is such a... a horny, wheezing goat...”

She slunk down to her knees, pouting at the rutting couple over the sheets. “Naruto-kun... Hey... If you wanted to fuck so badly... ahh... in this passionate sort of way... that’s what older women are for, you know? You... You don’t need your sister’s little pussy...”

Kushina dug at her crotch, fingers steepling over the spot where her miniskirt form-fitted her hot, plump pussy. She chewed her lip, struggling with the weird thoughts flooding her mind. “We’re larger and softer than girls her age... And we need... more attention, too... It was Tsunade’s job to remind you of that... wasn’t it?”

Throb. Throb. The spot between her thighs was dying for a cock. Her son’s fat cock. She’d do anything he asked to spare her daughter, so why would he keep fucking so angrily... “Older women are perverts, you know! Older women will let you do anything you want to them, so just... keep your venomous fangs out of young girls!”

Her thoughts were a jumble, the throbbing, pulsing idea that a male this big and hung should be able to do whatever he pleases barely restrained by the last vestiges of "But they're your children!" At any moment, the thinning band of maternal concern would snap, and she'd become just like her daughter. She had to stop them before she became a breeding pig for her insanely hot and hung son!

Naruto’s eyes finally flicked towards Kushina. The plump old sow was weak enough by now that even that glimmer of recognition in his eyes made her heart soar... in the same way any female animal’s did when noticed by the alpha male, and head of the clan.

She thought for a moment she’d gotten through to him, but then he kept right on moving with a noncommittal grunt. The message was obvious as the wet slaps of their fucking continued: he'd become a bad boy who impregnated any breedy, wide-hipped sow he liked.

But that single glance gave her heart, and she redoubled her fleeting efforts. "Naruto, please, at least listen to me about her. At least let me stop you raping your sister so forcefully with your thick dick... breeding with her like that...”

“It’s hurting her! You need to at least be more gentle, so that she can be happy and comfortable and..."

She was forced to pause as Naruko drowned her out with yet more contented moans, straight from the heart of a whore. The fat-assed blonde slut squirmed with delight as Naruto's semen splashed inside of her, her stud-brother building up to another heavy ejaculation. 

Would her womb be able to hold it all this time, or would she overflow, flooding the poor sheets all over again? The only thing on Naruko’s mind at that moment was to be as good as his other bitches, and take as much cum as they did. 

"Surely Naruko couldn't have agreed to this... She's a good girl. And you're a good boy, so please..."

Naruto took the initiative, deciding to silence his mother's protests for good. Looking at Kushina all the while, he eased back from on top of Naruko, and sat on the bed, another lengthy creak echoing throughout the room as he got comfortable. 

“Come, bitch,” he called, and Naruko seemed to spin around on a dime. She leapt into his lap, giggling coyly as she got comfortable atop him, grasping his virile cock to push it right back up her pussy. She lewdly wiggled her big, sweaty ass right at their mother as she ate up her brother’s fat fucking cock all over again.

“Heehee... Naruto-nii, she can see everything... Is it really okay~?” she cooed in his ear, her voice quavering a little as he bumped back up against her uterus. “Ohoooo~ Mm... Actually, I don’t care... I don’t care about anything, as long as your dick is making babies in meeeeee!”

Hooking her fingers on his shoulders, Naruko leaned back until she looked at their mother upside down. Those fat tits swung up, half-hiding her son’s handsome face. “I really don’t, mama... Every time a fountain of cock juice sprays from master’s cock, I forget about everything, heehee~”

Naruto hooked his hands around her waist, tugging her back in, planting them crotch-to-crotch. She grunted in an unladylike fashion as he kept her pinned on his cock. “Hnyah!”

Naruto started a series of long, horny thrusts into his sister's sex-sleeve right under their mother's nose, grinning cockily with each movement. The siblings moved together, both perverts meeting in the middle with each thrust. Kushina watched as her daughter’s huge breasts tossed their pink nipples every-which-way with each bounce in her horny brother’s lap.  

He invited Kushina to come take a closer look at where they were joined together. Like a well-trained dog answering her master’s call, she did.

Kushina could see everything now: Naruto's heavy, bloated seedpods, so large they rested weightily on the bed sheets. Her son’s arm-thick pole worming its way in and out of her daughter’s once-chaste pussy. And, most of all, Naruko's fluttering pussy, dainty folds of flesh bunching and squishing as Naruto rolled it back and forth along his shaft, using her as his own little cock-pocket. She was flush and full of spunk down there... and producing so, so many lewd squelching and squishing sounds. So rough! Even Naruko's trembling asshole was on display, puckering and tightening on thin air!

And their happy faces. As long as Kushina lived, she'd never forget the looks on their faces. Naruko's eyes rolled back and her tongue flopping limply on her face. Her perfect features flanked on either side by lewdly-raised peace-sign fingers. Naruto almost made the same face, eyes half-lidded, panting, totally drowning in the pleasure of the act. 

They were both too far-gone to come back to a peaceful, rational world. They were rutting animals who'd breed with each other even in front of their own mother. As Kushina’s realization sank in, one last thing appeared to hammer it home: Naruto's balls hunching up under his shaft. 

He was about to ejaculate inside his sister’s pussy, and she could do nothing to stop him. Naruto was the head of the household now!

"Kuuu..." Naruto puffed his cheeks out and growled. 

"Uuuu... Uuahhh!" Still holding Naruko's legs up, he drove all the way up inside her, big beefy bull-balls slapping hard on her engorged pussy lips. They locked lips, both siblings rolling their eyes back as they sought pleasure desperately in each other's mouths, kissing until a white rim formed around the base of his cock. Naruko’s restrained legs kicked at thin air. Her toes curled as her womb overflowed, semen rushing down his shaft and onto the sheets.

Naruto’s orgasm felt so much better than normal, as if doing it right under the disapproving gaze of his mother added an extra spice to it. He locked eyes with Kushina as he pumped semen into his sister. And she broke the staring contest first.

As his mother studied her fingernails intently, he declared his intentions. "I won't stop!" 

He threw Naruko onto her hands and knees on the bed. His cock thudded onto Naruko's back like a drum, and she let out a great big exhale of relief, a smile painted on her face. The bitch drooled on herself as he pumped the rest of his thick, white jizz down her back. He left his sister a sodden, sperm-soaked mess.  

"I won't ever stop! I'm the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. Kuhuhu... The wild bull of Konoha!"

He leaned over his sister, pushing her face down into the sheets. "They bring me more wombs every day... Nobody's off-limits! I'm like a God!"

Naruko looked up at their mother, still smiling. "Nnnmm... I'm gonna stay here. Gonna live with the big-dicked hero who saved our country! He saved all our ovulating wombs, all for himself!"

Naruko turned around on the bed. At first Naruto began to move back to give her room to rise, but she didn't need it. She hung her tongue out and impaled her face on his cock, diligently cleaning him up after his thick, hot ejaculation. She waggled her hips at their mother, showing off the cock-juice still dripping from her lower body.

Naruko put her face between his thighs and took Naruto all the way to the base, throat working as she gulped his semen down. She released him with a pop and continued taunting their mother. "Gonna... Nnn... Have so many babies~ Konoha women should all be Naruto's breeding machines... I'm - haaah - a - haaah - reservoir for his semen now, mmn."

She drew circles around the reddened head of his spectacular cock with her tongue. "Another day, another big belly for Naruto-nii."

Poor Kushina was at a complete loss for words. When she had set out this morning to wish her dear son a happy birthday, this was the last thing she could have ever expected to happen. She’d anticipated an innocent birthday party, a nice chat with the other girls at his palace... but to stumble upon her children mating like this?

"Speaking of which...” Naruko whispered, smiling conspiratorially, “You can smell it too, can't you, Naruto-nii? Smells like a hungry womb... another empty pussy aching for you to fill it..." 

"Are you going to do it?", she asked. It was a silly question. There was not a chance that Naruto, stud and breeder above all else, would let a fertile female go at this point without fucking his offspring into her. He had already taken up his sister offering herself... now, it was his mother who all but begged him for it.

Of course, her rational mind wasn't ready, but her body oh-so-clearly was. Underneath her trashy outfit, Kushina’s nipples were as rock hard as her pussy was drooling. She responded to the scene before her exactly as nature intended, becoming hot and horny... How could any woman resist such debauchery? There was no way she couldn’t be affected by the ruthless yet passionate fucking she witnessed between her children. 

"Mom gave birth to us two at once, after all... So I think she can still give you lots of children, Naruto-nii. Are you going to take her?" Naruko asked... when she wasn’t dutifully servicing her brother-husband’s cock to full hardness, that was! 

Knowing he’d be sliding it into Kushina instead of her didn’t dull her worship. If anything, she sucked him with more vigour, getting him to full erection faster.

The perverted minx that was Naruko wanted nothing more to see her mother share in the same forbidden fruit that she had, to take her rightful place at her son’s feet as his breeding sow. Unbeknownst to her, her ovaries were already pushing out eggs, hungry for fertilization in the face of the inevitable.

By all rights, she should have leapt onto him right then and there, yet somehow Kushina’s mind still struggled against the nigh-overwhelming biological urge to mate with this alpha male in front of her. "N-no, you can't be serious, Naruto! Listen to me, I'm your mother, you can't..."

But Naruko had heard enough of their mother’s feeble protests. Who was she trying to fool anyways? The pigtailed blonde thrust her fingers between her legs, scooping up a dollop of the seed still dripping from her. 

She crossed the bed, and closed in on Kushina, and her redheaded mother was far too entranced to move away. 

Naruko raised the dripping tip of her finger before their mother’s face, letting Kushina watch it sparkling in the dim afternoon light. And goodness did she stare. She just about stared herself silly, eyeing off the thick ejaculate produced by her son’s fat nuts... unable to hold back the swelling feeling of pride in her belly.

Naruto, her son, was a hot fucking stud. Naruto hadn’t just saved Konoha, he’d made it his own, too. How many of the women carried his spawn in their bellies, now? And proudly, too! He’d made being pregnant to the Hokage a status symbol, one women flaunted and gloated about. 

Thanks to his efforts, she’d drown in grandchildren... how could she not be proud?

Kushina’s lower lip trembled as Naruko eased her spermy finger closer and closer to her face... until she could smell the thick stink of a man lacing her daughter’s glossy fingernail. “Go on...” purred Naruko, grinning as naughtily as her brother had during any of his pranks, “... Taste it...”

With a wet splut, Naruko touched her finger down on Kushina’s soft, ruby-red lips. She was so preoccupied attempting to rationalize her way out of this, that some even entered her mouth. Instinctually, more than consciously, Kushina swallowed her son’s cum.

She immediately let out a moan. Whatever she had wanted to say before was forgotten.

This was it... semen. She had almost forgotten the taste of it... But this wasn't like she remembered. 

This was better! She needed more! 

All reason quickly abandoned the woman as she touched her cheek. A tiny remnant of her morals still told her to wipe her face clean, but instead she firmly took Naruko’s finger and popped it into her mouth. 

Kushina’s tongue darted out to collect all it could get. Right in front of her children, she swirled her son’s cum around in her mouth, letting out a moan not very motherly at all. She felt herself heating up, and there was just no stopping it. 

Her curves, clearly showing her status as a mother and a female still very much in her prime to be bred, now felt very hot in her clothes, and she wriggled about uncomfortably. Her face was flushed, eyes fluttering...

"Look at her, Naruto-nii, she's gagging for it. Mom hasn't had a cock in so long, I bet she's super tight," naughty Naruko spoke to her brother, blue eyes twinkling with a mischief that matched his own, Only now, it wasn't because of a prank she was planning... It was due to her sheer excitement at the possibility of seeing her brother breed their mother right in front of her. He’d recruit Kushina into his clan, like she should've been from the very start.

It was only to be expected that Kushina would fall to temptation eventually. Even before Naruto's birth, her dresses had barely been able to contain her mature breasts and full hips. Her body had always been able to seduce anyone who looked.

But since then, maternity had been so very, very kind to her. Motherhood filled her body out in ways that left the other housewives burning with jealousy. She had truly flourished, explosive watermelon tits soon hanging off her cute, small frame. And with the lower body of true breeding livestock, to rival any cow or horse, Kushina now possessed the perfect hourglass shape: heavy on top and bottom, waspish and petite in the middle. 

She had an amazing figure that drew countless male eyes. The fertile and mature body of a truly adult wife and mother, one ready to continue its ordained babymaking duties.

Kushina’s path as a baby factory, bringing countless new, wonderful children into the world, seemed to be clearly laid out before her. Yet somehow her urges to be a fat-bellied, pampered preg-addict went unfulfilled. She’d only had two children! A paltry amount, compared to her full potential!

Obviously she should make more. All factories enjoyed rapidly and enthusiastically out their product, even baby factories like dear, sweet Kushina.

It wasn’t that her husband hadn’t been capable. After all, he’d helped make Naruto and Naruko strong and healthy. But he was gone now, and had missed his chance of giving Kushina the life she craved. His passing left her with an immense surplus of energy, which she had directed into caring for, and tending to, her beautiful son, Naruto Uzumaki. 

He'd always needed very, very much pampering and care to help him grow up into a big, strong man. Yes, yes, very much indeed.

He'd also needed plenty of sloppy, free-flowing titty-milk. Yes... Boys did need their toys, didn’t they? Wasn’t that how Konoha had ended up the way it was now? All boys liked having something fun and bouncy to play with...

And didn’t she have two of the biggest and best toys for boys to play with in the entire village? 

Kushina smiled to herself. Now Naruto had shown her the truth, it all felt so obvious. The slutty mother had grown her son up into a fantastic man, and now she’d reap the benefits all his other bitches enjoyed.

Kushina was pleased as could be to be finally reunited with her delightful little child. His aggression, in particular, was so wonderful. She already wanted to scoop him up and hold him tightly! Kushina found her eyes wandering over her boy's body, lingering shamelessly over his package... so heavy and swollen despite him being at such a tender age! 

To think her beautiful, innocent little angel was ready to enjoy the body of a fat-assed and curvaceous older woman like herself, and already had done plenty of times. Really, she felt dreadful having kept the poor dear waiting for so long to dig in. 

Well now, she thought, eyes shining with maternal warmth, she could make it all up to him. "I’ve been so foolish... I can see now I was meddling in what is already a perfect arrangement...”

Kushina placed her hands on her adult hips, pushing out her gigantic, soft breasts towards her son. She smiled warmly, inviting him to relax. “Well... Now I’m more than ready to take care of my dear, sweet little Naruto again..." 

She blushed. "But... I still simply must have a stern talk with you about the way you've been treating your wives... I’m sure with Hokage Naruto’s wisdom and benevolence at the table, we can all reach a mutually satisfactory agreement... Ahh... I hope so...” 

Yes, that was right... Just because he was ensnaring any woman he liked as his possessions and turning them into big-bellied slave-cows, didn't mean Kushina had to be rude to him about it! It was good for a woman to show respect to a man, especially one in such a position of power. Especially her son! 

She was his mother, and she should exercise some tact. Rather than sternly lecturing Naruto, she could gently ease him into a new arrangement that was satisfactory for everyone... much like how she wanted to gently ease his thick cock into her hot pussy. 

Kohona hospitality was some of the best in the world, and there was no reason not to leave her beautiful son’s discipline until after she'd made him feel welcome and comfortable!

"Now... How about we get you comfy... sir," gasped the perverted milf. She curled her tongue seductively around that last syllable. 

Kushina eased down onto the bed beside Naruto, cradling his head to the ridiculously perfect-sized breasts sitting heavily on her chest. In turn, he sighed most happily and leaned into her.

Her already-powerful maternal instincts had never been stronger as she watched Naruto place his head upon her breast, sighing contentedly as he leaned into her. She’d made him very happy, and all she’d done was take the role of an obedient servant woman. 

It was so easy. Her body was so suited to it. Why hadn’t Kushina become Naruto’s servant sooner? 

Well, her childish tantrums were over now! Naruto solidified a place in Kushina’s heart, where his happiness was her happiness. The “mother” had become a “mommy.”

“See something you like, sweetie...?” Kushina asked. It wasn’t lost on her at all that Naruto’s eyes clung to her fat fucking chest, her wobbling titties dragging the male's gaze with them whenever she moved. Her obscene lower body made his fat cock twitch. 

She felt appreciated, even if it was just as meat. She couldn't help but stifle a squeal as Naruto's hands cupped the meaty curve of her ass, leaving her breathless. Kushina was in heat.

Kushina found her eyes drawn back down. Not just to Naruko’s trembling, sweat-soaked form where she’d fallen on the sheets, but also to her little bad boy’s frankly-staggering slab of Hokage-cock. 

He was as big as ever. Bigger than ever. Like a hopeless slut’s overambitious fantasies made real, a cartoonishly-big dick that should have only been good for looking at, yet too big to actually fit in a girl.

But she knew he made it fit, and made it fit often. When the girls of Konoha had to choose between regular cocks they could take easily, and Naruto’s ultra-badass bitchbreaker, bigger was better... bigger was better... bigger was better! They were fanatical about seeing who could take him the deepest, and who could rearrange her organs around that blunt beast the most.

"So this is my son’s cock... So cool..." Kushina couldn’t keep her impulses in check anymore. She wanted to be a degenerate size queen too. 

Almost 40 years old, and reduced to an empty-headed teenager in front of this commanding, powerful male. She succumbed completely.


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