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Chapter 7 - Kushina 2

Following the war, Naruto is elected to rebuild his clan. Tasked with impregnating as many gals as possible, Tsunade makes an order as Hokage that marriage proposals from the brat are irrefutable. 


Chapter 7 - Kushina 2

Chapter 7 - Kushina 2
Kushina waggled her big heavy udders at her son. Naruto had to bite back a drawn-out groan. It was too easy to imagine his mother’s soft breasts leaking milk for his, and hils children’s, use. 

Fantasy and reality blended together before his eyes. The actualization of this sinful thought was right within his grasp.

Naruto went at her with his growing cock so vainly thrust out. He made a point with the sheer size of his cock, showing it off to the older woman and unknowingly taunting her twisted instincts. 

He had a big fat cock and they both knew it, much like she had melons tits bigger than her head and threatening to burst out of her bustier. Bratty ideals surged through him as he blatantly leered at the mountains of fuck-cleavage revealed to him by his mother.

That fat milf’s heart quickened as the man not even half her age actually got erect from looking at her. A cute blush rose to her full cheeks. She lost control of her voice, a mindless groan escaping her lips. Kushina's entire body was hot with need and arousal. 

I want so badly to know my place under him. I want to be a filthy bitch that only exists to serve superior males.

I need that dick. I can already barely remember my prim and proper life as a mother and wife. From now on, I...

She gulped, sweat rolling down her face.

... I want to be my son's bimbo bitch.

These thoughts rushed through her head, overwhelming any remaining desire to resist her son. At this point, he could have raped the village’s girls right under her nose, and and she'd still want to spread her juicy thighs apart and invite Naruto's thick, unprotected dick into her.

"Lose the skirt," he ordered. 

Just like that, he took control. “Nnngh...” she groaned back, nodding along.

This boy is so aggressive and pushy, she thought... even as she trailed her fingers along her skirt’s hem. 

Get a grip of yourself, you horny old hag, she whined internally, trying to calm down. 

Kushina gripped the leather of her skirt, intending on holding onto it for as long as possible. But her itching fingers were just dying to take it down. She drummed on the material impatiently, before finally saying, "N-No more bossing around girls."

Despite her confusion and shame at her inability to hide her true nature, Kushina met her son’s eyes anyway, looking at him with lust openly painted on her face. "I'll take my skirt off and, um, let you have a little look. But after that it goes right back on, young man~!" 

Kushina raised her hand to gently stroke Naruto’s cheek. She smiled in total contrast to her words, and fluttered her long eyelashes. "I know boys are curious about women's bodies, so, mm, you're allowed a tiny, tiny peek~ And then, in return, you be nice to these village girls, alright?”

Her voice quavered. “...Please?"

Finally satisfied to have an excuse for stripping, Kushina reached for the zipper of her skirt. She held her breath and tugged it down. 

She immediately shed the slutty leather skirt, so glad to be rid of it. 

Underneath, she wore luscious black panties clinging to every curve of her fat, adult labia. She directed an impish smile to Naruto and sat back, raising her knees.

He nodded approvingly, leaning closer. She liked that, and quickly spread her thighs apart, framing her lewd, mature bulge with her fingertips. She wanted to draw his eye to it. "L - Look. It's Kushina's best part. Th - This part is why boys like girls so much."

Naruto looked taken aback to hear his own mother talking like that... but only for a moment! The way she showed herself off had his cock throbbing, overriding any sense of decency he felt. They were all animals here.

And he made no effort to hide it from her, meaning Kushina had all the time in the world to keep staring at the arm-length shaft of meat rising from between her son’s thighs. Boy did she ever take it, huffing and puffing as she eye-raped the biggest dick she’d ever seen. 

Naruto’s cheeks burned red with each lustful inch of flesh he took in of her oversexed bimbo body. The brat sat silently for several tense seconds, then slowly rose to his feet.

Kushina’s goofy grin spread slowly across her face, urged on as she saw him responding to her. Just thinking about his cock getting hard from looking at her made her tremble. She’d earned the attention of a real male. 

"This spot... It... It really likes penis," she said, staring him straight in the eye. 

"I've never been with a male as, auhm, s-savage as you, though... You might pound into it too roughly with your brutal, big penis," she gulped, sweating like a pig. Every time she made eye contact with Naruto, her shameless hole twitched in the sweaty den of her filthy black underwear. 

“Of course I would! That's what a big penis is for!” Naruto clambered onto her, prodding her thigh with his shaft. Kushina gasped as that filthy fat thing swung tantalizingly before her eyes. 

"I'm going to keep gathering more wives,” her son continued calmly. 

She went to put her skirt back on. Naruto immediately slapped his hand on the skimpy leather garment. “And you're keeping that skirt off.”

Kushina should have been bothered, but she felt far too drunk on hormones to raise much of a fuss. She felt... strangely comfortable showing her thick glossy thighs to this man who made bellies bulge wherever he went.

So she she just giggled playfully and swatted at him with her hand. "Now, now, you bad boy... I suppose I can leave the skirt off, but that thing is too much..."

Kushina softly ran her thick, wet tongue over her pink lips as she stared that drooling prick right in the eye. "Boys who can't keep their toys tidied have them taken away, you know!"

True to her word, Kushina lightly placed her fingertip on the head of her son’s massive fucking cock. She drew slippery circles around the head, letting it ooze precum onto her fingers. 

"What should I do with such a fat dick anyway, hmm~?" The housewife winked playfully, feeling more high on this hot male's masculinity by the second. A moment later and she was playing with his pecker, easing her fingers down the shaft and playfully tickling the fat vein along its underside. As a natural pro at giving handjobs, Kushina knew all the best spots to touch.

She also felt extremely frisky all of a sudden.

Naruto's dick was the biggest she'd ever seen, without doubt, and it expanded in her hand by the second. It swelled into a strong and indomitable cock that could, and would, pound her pussy for hours non-stop. 

It just didn't seem possible such a young man could have such a monstrously huge cock, but the proof loomed right in front of her. She eased her hand around the fat mushroom-head of Naruto’s cock and began feverishly tugging him off. Why was he hung like an ox? Why did he have this musky, fat dick that stank of sweat and sperm? "I'll teach you to reach full erection from looking at your mother’s body, you little brat..."

Kushina would say, so far, she’d made a great impression. And that was important, getting the good impressions out of the way nice and quick: Kushina knew the longer she kept snorting this stud's dick, the harder it would be to concentrate... so she wanted to make the best impression possible on him before then.

She had to. Kushina needed to get all that out of the way now, before she ended up on her back with her legs in the air. 

As soon as the thought came to mind, she fixated on it, euphoric urges flooding her fading mind. Yesssssssss... What a captivating, luscious thought. Her toes curled and her legs went stiff as she made happy little animal-like grunts in this predatory fucker's little ears... 

This was all because of his smell. She'd never been near such a good and hot-smelling dick. That musky male scent that made every authoritative thought she had feel like it had to wade through a swamp of hormones just to stand a chance of reaching her mouth.

"Alright. I understand, you big-dicked bad boy." She shifted her grip to the base of his pole and began to energetically stroke him off. "Just let me stick around and care for them in-between your brutal poundings, alright?" 

Naruto took that as his cue to begin. With her fingers still wrapped around him, still giving his fat, hard cock lots of lovely tip-to-base pumps, mother and son moved onto the bed... the lightest touch of his fingers on mommy’s skin were enough to have her scrambling to get into position, acting like a teen girl for her big bad daddy. Even if Kushina had wanted to resist, which she didn’t, her sperm-starved womb had already acknowledged her son as her master, taking charge of her body and guiding her actions. 

Common-sense left Kushina. Her children started to strip her - something Naruko delighted in doing. 

She giggled as her brother pawed at their mother's thick behind. "You like her ass, right?"

"Mmmn, sure I do... But I'm not gonna fuck it," he teased, easing Kushina's skirt up. "'Cause I'll be dumping all my semen in her pussy... She'll get pregnant, even if it isn't today."

"I wanna stuff all the pussies. I wanna make everyone fat with child, mmhmhm... Any new girls who come here are just gonna see wall-to-wall pregnant bellies, okay? They'll see you're all egg-dropping, leg-spreading bitches who want to be kept constantly pregnant..."

Fuck, Kushina swore to herself. Why was such a perverted boy the one who was squeezed out of me? She experienced an involuntary shudder that passed through her whole body. What a stud. Naruto had become a predator of women, and she was simply his prey now.

She lay on her back looking up at her stud son. Naruto sat astride her like her man should.

"Welcome to the Uzumaki Clan, breeding bitch," he hissed in her ear. Kushina's pussy responded, getting wet on a hair-trigger. Her body remembered how to worship big dick.

Breeding bitch? Had he really just called her that? How had she sunk so low in his eyes?

Or maybe a better question would be: what had she done to avoid this fate? Where he could have benefited from a strong, disciplinarian matriarch to temper his lusts, Kushina had only succeeded in becoming wheat before this boy's scythe, prey to his predator. 

Yes, she had fallen, maybe when he’d needed her to be strong the most.

And... The thought made her squirm. She bit her lip, unable to stop a moan of self-awakening passing through her body.


The curious feeling took hold of her. A combination of her heart sinking with shame and embarrassment and a giddiness at the feeling of getting closer to the truth... 

Her, a slave to the cock? 

Despite the strangeness and confusion of this new sensation, she found herself craving to learn more.

Kushina wasn't usually one to be greedy, but she decided she deserved this. She tentatively reached for the gargantuan cock presenting itself to her, slender fingers naturally wrapping around it with absolutely no hope of encircling its girth. She leaned over, surreptitiously moving in to gently lap and suckle at the hot, cheek-filling glans. She greeted his cock as best she could as it pressed her uvula flat! 

Her throat felt incredibly taut, yet readily and hungrily accepted Naruto's shaft into its well-used, but soft, insides. Kushina bobbed her pretty head up and down. Her big blue eyes fluttered cutely as she locked gazes with him. 

Yeah, this was already a lot more fun. Now Kushina didn’t have to strain that huge brain of hers on anything more complicated than wondering who Naruto would be pumping magma-hot, bubbling and boiling and frothing loads of jizz into next... or who's tummy would be ballooning out and out and out with the burden of child... In this household, the women proudly wore their intentions to get knocked up on their sleeves.

And now Kushina would be one of them. Her womb was absolutely growling. Watching pregnant wives flaunt their hentai-huge belly-bulges around the house all day had only intensified her craving.

Well, that plump-posteriored, mega-hipped sow had nothing to worry about now, did she? Now she could have fresh semen oozing out of her cunt just like all the others. 

They looked like utter, brazen perfection together: him, an utter Demigod chiselled as if from stone itself... Her, the peak of indecently-flawless female perfection, with curves to match. And throbbing over her, the cock that had tamed her... that towering shaft of utter musky masculinity, Naruto's great, awesome, thick stud-cock. 

Kushina schlurped her way up and down his rod. Naruto laced his fingers in Kushina's hair, urging her along. It invited her to suck a little deeper, especially if she wanted his babies in her. "Mmm... Kushina..."

Kushina pulled away slightly, specifically to feel the weight of Naruto’s palm countering her. She liked that he kept her locked in with an authoritative strength, absolutely conquering her with his masculine need to impregnate her. It gave her the excuse she needed to resign herself to her fate, rather than admitting it was her own body's fault for being so darned sexy! 

She dragged her heavy breasts down his leg as she moved in closer. 

The juicy, thick meat of her chest overflowed with hyperactive lactation potential, firm but pliant adipose giving her a pair of the biggest and most shapely breasts to be found in this half of the world. She had no idea how jealous it drove the other girls, or how crazy they’d driven Naruto during his formative years with wanting to feel their warm mass pressing against his skin. Well, no need to hold off any longer. The endless expanse of her cleavage was finally in his grasp.

But even those biggest, heaviest, most milk-filled breasts rolling over Naruto's legs and up to his crotch, flooding his lap and most of his chest with endless oppai, couldn’t even begin to engulf the behemoth rising from Naruto’s crotch. He was just so big, so potent... a perfect match for perfect girls.

By all rights, girls should be afraid of such a big cock... it pounded relentlessly into them with no mercy, disturbing their guts, rearranging their organs... leaving them aching, bruised, trembling and disgorging litres of cum from their bellies... But somehow Naruto always found himself nuts-deep in more cuties. There was always some mega-breasted Kunoichi waiting to slide down his shaft without a stitch of protection on him. 

And then there were women like the one pumping and sucking him tenderly right now, who had fallen utterly in love with his tremendous member.

He shared a warm kiss with Naruko, helping the blonde slide out of bed. Soon, Naruto and Kushina heard her showering in the adjacent room, leaving them to fuck on the darkened, sex-stinking bed. With his full attention on Kushina, her maniac son could now stir her defenseless mouth up nicely, rolling his shaft's blunt head around her gums like he was brushing her teeth... before polishing her throat all the way down. 

He soon had a strong rhythm going, grunting, holding her head, balls churning with a gooey load as big as ever... That washboard chest of his, his broad shoulders, his powerful arms... they all glistened with sweat as this titanic stud prepared to flood his breeding pet's belly with seed. "Nnngh... Get ready to swallow..."

Kushina had no choice but to swallow his cock as he slammed her face against his abs, her nose squished against the hard pad of muscle above his shaft... and feeling the throbbing pressure of his testicles rising and tightening as if to strangle her! 

Kushina wondered how Naruto’s women coped with this without developing heartburn. Of course, with the way those sows hungered for him, it was more likely their hearts were already doing plenty of burning... burning with want to be freshly drenched in musky cocksweat, guzzling pasty pre and delicious bubbling seed that managed to run with the consistency of a creamy yogurt smoothie. That was certainly the literal thirst Kushina felt at that moment.

So she clamoured for more, fighting to get down more of that monstrous dick that didn't so much knock on the entrance to her stomach as it did ram it, fucking straight down her esophagus. 

Kushina dug her nails her nails into Naruto's wrists just like she’d done so many times in his youth... but this wasn’t to discipline him this time. This was the exact opposite of telling her son to pull out; she urged him to fuck her skull relentlessly. She wanted him to let off inside her, so she could literally feed her desire. Even her fading gag reflex joined in, pinching the inches of his shaft so deep in her they almost reached her stomach, feeling like a playful attempt to jerk him off inside her without using her hands.

That trashy woman with no moral recourse braced her knees around his legs. She writhed on the bedsheets, squirming with indecision over whether or not she needed oxygen just yet.

But by the way her breasts squeezed around Naruto's thighs as she leaned down to embrace his waist, face completely buried in his crotch, she didn't!

Naruto doubled over the beauty's face buried in his crotch, fully enveloping her pretty head in muscle as he flooded her throat with veiny, tumescent babymaker... All anyone would be able to see of her was that awesome, hypersexed, utterly perfect body of hers writhing on the bed, hands clawing and clasping at the brute's olive thighs, pinned under him. He kept keeping her beholden to cock, enslaved to cock, serving cock.

The entire bed creaked and shook with the force of his thrusts, clattering, grinding on the floorboards, sounding like it would give way at any moment.

As Naruto grew closer to climax, he wrapped his hands around Kushina's throat, massaging his own shaft through her own skin. It felt good, rubbing his own dick through the thin barrier. His seed roiled, furious to be let free... 

It was the sight of her squirming under him that did him in, her butt raising and lowering, her knees digging into the bed. Like a fire hydrant with its nozzle broken open, Naruto disgorged a frothy torrent inside Kushina so hot and voluminous she immediately gagged. 

Naruto’s throaty moans of relief were joined by the churning, gushing splattering of litres of frothy jizz being poured down his slut-mom’s drooling throat. The self-proclaimed innocent, doting mother sucked it all down into her spunk reservoir like a horny bitch, flooding her belly until it lifted her up off the bed slightly. She bulged with untold quantities of high-quality spunk.

With one final set of angry, powerful thrusting, he finally released her red and raw neck, tugging his meat free of her equally red, equally raw throat. What a nice start to his day!

The bitch had been thoroughly reamed by the son with the cock as thick as his own forearm. Her holes would never again be snug for any other suitor, not when Naruto’s overwhelming tides of shimmering pearly goo coursed through her body. 

This is it. I’m going to be fed and bred by this beastly baby-daddy. Constant stretching. Spitting up lungfuls of sperm. Chunks of Naruto’s semen will spray out my nose and web across my puffy, cocksucking lips. Dizzied, drunk at the thought, she thrust slender fingers between her legs, gliding digits across her puffy labia and stroking the dripping mess in-between.

As Kushina came down from her spunk-drunk high, she clenched her fists firmly around her stud’s balls. Before they’d been tangibly swollen to near the size of her head, but now they’d emptied so quickly she could nearly fit one in her hands if she cupped both palms together. 

She reminded herself the reason they’d lost so many inches off their circumference was because that goo now sloshed in her, suffusing every cell in her body with his essence. It altered her thinking on a fundamental level, making her want to tell Naruto how much she loved him... if only she could through the gutful of sperm overflowing her gullet and bloating her taut, smooth belly. That ballooning weight pinning her to the bed, barely able to kneel, was a clear precursor  of how things would be when Naruto’s twins grew heavy inside her, large and strong inside of her, just like their father! 

Even as her face turned red and then a little purple from the lack of air, Kushina continued loving Naruto, embracing his twitching mass in her pillowy breasts as she cuddled and cooed over it. She placed her cheek against the sticky, throbbing head, rewarding the male monster for his rampant misogyny. Her heart unlocked and feminine warmth flooded out.

She hoped Naruko wouldn't be out of the shower too soon, despite the fact she definitely needed to clean up herself...

A few minutes later, while Kushina and Naruto got comfy and curled up on the bed, the distant roar of the shower finally died down, replaced by the squealing of pipes. Faint drip-drips followed it as the last few globules of hot water made their way down Naruko's mouthwatering frame. Water struck her head-enveloping butt and bounced off, splashing across the walls. It rolled down mammoth, babyfeeding tits to the pink nipples at their peaks and sailed down to the tiles.

Naruko exited the shower a few minutes later, allowing Kushina's to scamper past her. 


Naruko quietly approached the bed with a fluffy pink towel wrapped around her midsection like a whorish minidress: her large, plump pussy peaked out the bottom, and plenty of tit trembled on top.

Looking down at the goliath of a man stretched out across the bed, she slowly opened her towel. She held its corners as she stretched her arms fully out to either side. The nourishing view was one of ripened perfection, pale, full, plentiful... and dangerously balanced on the razor between legal and underage. Busty jailbait in every sense of the word. 

In contrast to her exposure, she spoke with a smile: "Are you ready for more, Master Naruto?”

Naruto took a few heaving breaths as he lay on the bed. His towering shaft continued to spray rivulets against the ceiling. 

"I should ask the same of you. I'm surprised you can still walk."

“You wanna fuck more than old hags still, right~?”

“You bet.”

He pushed his grand frame over the edge of the bed, coming to stand. The weight of his heavy footfalls alone caused an audible thump on the floor that sent every ovary in the house aflutter. 

What light came through the drapes over the balcony sliding doors was easily blocked out by Naruto's sculpted physique, utterly eclipsing his mistress as he pinched her waist in his hands. It was a wonder the young girl hadn't broken yet, but it was a true stud that knew how to take care of his women. 

Naruto felt ready to add her to his collection of well-maintained breeders. 

The Japanese tart's toe's left the floor as he lifted her up to sit on his massive erection - literally sit - perching her huge pillowy ass over his twitching glans and holding her up by the sheer strength of his pelvic floor. He let her wet thighs feel his warm throbbing pulse send little waves of vibration up into her hairless, unprotected pussy. "We should fix that."

"Ohhh..." His cumbunny's heart melted at such an overwhelmingly masculine display of power and endowment... His dick was like a fence-post beneath his minxy sister, so phenomenally, jaw-droppingly thick she could literally comfortably perch her ass on it and sit comfortably.

How could she not want to breed with a man who so thoroughly ticked every box of utter potency and virility? Even a 10/10 like her would have dragged herself over barbed wire for an opportunity to lick the sweat from his melon-sized nuts... so the fact he actually wanted to make time for her in his schedule of barebacking every other bitch he laid eyes on had her beside herself with fulfillment. Naruko had been born to screw herself onto the end of his cock.

Still perched so high it was like she was on a stepladder, Naruko planted her feet on the bed and leaned forwards, grasping Naruto's shoulders. She danced her fingers gently along his skin, then seized him in a firm grip. 

Naruto raised her meaty ass slightly. She dangled her bell-shaped tits in his face as she twerked over his dick, rubbing the slimy fat head back and forth along her sticky, dripping pussy... Mom’s fresh saliva made it easy to get the first few inches in, but the rest would be the typical struggle. "Hnnnh..."

But they were brother and sister, born from the same pigheaded, sex-obsessed stock. Like two birds of a feather, both blonde brats gyrated their hips, echoing each other’s frantic moans as Naruto worked Naruko down his pole... and Naruko worked Naruto inside of her. Of course with that much stubbornness and raw sexuality at work it wasn’t long before the Hokage returned to where he was best: balls-deep in a bitch’s ovaries. 

Despite having just fucked her a moment ago, Naruko still felt fresh and new, perhaps partially because she came a bit skinnier than most of the girls he liked. Her pubic bone was as yet uncracked by childbirth, and it squeezed his turgid flesh as he slipped into her. After having fucked so many, many pussies, each time he dipped into a fresh cunt was like tasting wine, and he felt every nuanced texture and warmth of the pale-skinned China doll dancing on him... even the way her vaginal muscles nervously rippled and strained on his girth was like a unique fingerprint, or would be until he properly molded her to the shape of his manhood like he had the other girls. 

His confidence soared as he moved closer to her, letting Naruko steady herself on him for another moment. Then, without warning, he flicked his fingers across the backs of her knees, pulling her off the bed and utterly spearing her torso straight through to her lungs with the complete spongy length of his rock-hard babymaker. 

Again, not even holding her up with his hands. He used her weight to completely rest her on the shivering balls swelling into a firm, heavy seat for the thick-assed teen. Leaning back slightly, he made her rest on him, feeling her soft and juicy tits against the heated steel of his body. 

Naruko lay atop the brute, trembling, shocked to her core by his cruelty... Even this mammoth-chested brat could lose her composure when her entire torso became housing for a bitch-pinning, womb-stretching beast of a dick like his, big beyond big...

Naruko Uzumaki, a teenager who still wore her junior uniforms, and had worn one earlier today, went limp atop her incredible male lover. Her eyes rolled back in her skull, arms and legs akimbo, trembling and flecking his broad chest with specks of drool. 

She ragdolled on top of him, flattening those titanic sweater-puppies over his abdominals and pectorals until they spilled over his body on either side... Her chest so big it engulfed even his torso, nipples askew and leaving water trails where they grazed over the bedsheets.

"Ghk... Ghkkkk..." was all the sounds she made as she focussed utterly on the tremendous weight and size of the dick held inside her. It pushed her lungs to either side, stretched her cunt, running her through the motions of fitting Naruto's manhood inside of her. She succumbed to his might a little bit more with every work. 

Although she was more like a corpse for a moment there... She lay still on top of the man who'd ruined her with his dick, drawing in shallow breaths from her crushed lungs... until his words reached her ears. 

"There's a good girl, sis’."

When she heard him praising her, a sultry, whorish moan escaped her lips... Naruko began to move again. As if on autopilot, she twisted her hips, sliding up and down the flesh-baseball-bat rammed up her cunt, moaning as she pleasured it with her entire torso... While her face remained dead-eyed and in shock, she tightened around his cock and pleasured him with strokes of her hips, inviting him to impregnate her high-schooler womb.

His nuts boiled with sperm feeling the warmth of a new female body again. They flooded his shaft, instinctively rocketing towards her vulnerable cervix, rushing out his glans and exposing her naked womb to billions of unformed children. 

It was already a well-worn notion that if Naruto's cock so much as touched a woman, she was going to have his children, but rarely was it ever so literal. If she hadn’t gotten pregnant from their earlier rutting, she definitely would now: Naruko milked the best and strongest seed from him. 

And as comfy as the bed was, Naruto wanted to treat himself and his newest wife to some sun - and the entire neighborhood would just have to deal with the sight of a tiny Asian girl wrapped around his body as he stepped out onto the balcony, bracing her in his arms as he started to freely slap her ass with his wrecking-ball testicles. The poor slut would have to get used to having her kidneys juggled as he painted her insides with thick layers of milky pre that sloshed and splattered, backflowing out of her formerly tight young snatch and making a light drizzle on the garden down below where Tsunade wondered if it had started raining early.

Carried as if she were weightless, Naruko wrapped her arms and legs tight around her stud lover, squeezing him tight enough it was a wonder she didn't choke him... First she buried her face in his nape, getting high off the masculine fumes assaulting her nostrils, then she kissed him deeply and firmly as he finished inside of her... clutching him like a drowning woman. 

Naruto swamped Naruko's insides in hot semen and she struggled to hold it all in. He caked her womb in white in a microsecond, foamy hot goop pouring into her, not just turning its inside white but caking it with a near-solid landscape of jizz.

Curious eggs, the inquisitive ovums of a fertile teen girl, moved closer as if wanting to inspect this curious new change on their world... and soon found themselves battered by a million sperm from every direction, little wigglers that wanted to make Naruko wear heart eyes... and succeeded.

The moment her ovums were speared through, a pair of critical hits scored on her, Naruko's soft pink mouth fell wide open and she moaned, twin red hearts blooming in her eyes. She'd been totally won over by this man's savagery, and would absolutely carry his children in the days to come.


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