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Chapter 8 - Kushina 3

Following the war, Naruto is elected to rebuild his clan. Tasked with impregnating as many gals as possible, Tsunade makes an order as Hokage that marriage proposals from the brat are irrefutable. 


Chapter 8 - Kushina 3

Chapter 8 - Kushina 3
It had taken some searching, but Kushina and Naruko had finally found something way, way better than standard Konoha fare... they’d found a real man. A stud who could keep up with them. A potent, monolithic male who put their fellow sluts in their places in ways they just found so utterly, amazingly delicious. 

And unlike some men who might have curbed the pair’s masochistic attitudes, calling their behaviour "unhealthy" and a dozen other things beside, this bull-dicked bastard encouraged their worship and submission. He thought they looked best grovelling like worms around the base of his balls.

And women given that right by their lover would suffer any indignity for it.


A few hours had passed since Kushina had blown her son’s gigantic jawbreaker. She still remembered with total clarity its beefy taste, the thick and heady aromas it pumped out even when freshly-washed. 

Now, in hindsight of her ordeal, Kushina felt total inner peace and relaxation.

As the shower’s warm spray blasted her body clean, Kushina quietly reflected on the sounds coming from the next room over, provided by her son and daughter fervently rushing into making babies together. Or had they already made them by now? 

After all, there was no way that fucking horny little brat’s semen was going to stick at just one baby. No, Kushina had no doubt of that, now she’d met his wives and experienced his fertility firsthand. His seed was even brattier than he was, doing whatever it pleased inside bitches left and right. Any child Naruko delivered as a result would not be coming out of her alone.

Would it be twins? Triplets? A little string of blonde-haired boys all as needy and pushy as their daddy, growing up to be just as hot and fuckable? The whole country would end up blonde and big-cocked the way this was unfolding... Kushina had been the last defense against that dam breaking, hadn’t she? It had been her job to keep his lusts under control, to teach him some restraint and maybe even put him in his place.

Well, so much for that!

Now she showered in his home, throat still aching from where he’d fucked her mouth. She’d done every last thing in her power to hammer that fuck-rod all the way down her throat, to let Naruto colonize one last orifice with that slimy, hammer-hard steely bull-dick swinging around inside his pants, slapping his thigh.

Kushina was an accomplice now. When the girls spread some new bitch’s legs for him, she wanted to be right there holding her ankles apart, flaunting the fertile cow for the bull. She’d show him exactly where to stick it, and where to unload it to make even more babies.

Kushina clapped her arms around herself in the hot shower, squeezing her titties until they overflowed over and under her hands. For the first time in a long while, she felt intimately aware of her own body: she looked down at her naked form and saw big, bell-shaped breasts, a taut tummy and wide hips... and long, slinky legs that stretched out beneath her. 

Nude, in this private space, Kushina explored her body, running her hands down her sides,  trailing lower, lower... She suddenly clasped the fingers of both hands over her pussy, cupping it, squeezing her mound and kneading the sensitive flesh. She clapped her hands over herself as a moment of doubt struck her, as she vividly imagined Naruto’s pole sliding into her down there.

He’d made her his bitch. She couldn’t stop him having any other woman he wanted.

But she could stop him having this one if she still wanted to...

Kushina gulped, a stupid smile spreading across her face. Like an animal walking into its cage, she slowly unfolded her hands from where they defending her womanly core. Her dumb smile got a little dumber. She cupped her breasts, blowing kisses to an imaginary suitor. She bent over at the waist, flaunting assets, rocking her hips coquettishly. 

She put her hands back between her legs, this time to pleasure herself.

“Hhhh... Hhhh...” She steadied herself with a hand on the wall as she started touching the parts that wanted her son the most. She touched the folds she wanted his long, thick penis to stimulate the most. 

In her heart, a flame belonging to one man finally sputtered on its wimpy, weedy candle... and a roaring bonfire lit up on a tall wax pillar reaching up towards the sky, dwarfing all others.

Kushina’s pussy ached for Naruto Uzumaki’s cock. Fellatio wouldn’t be enough for her the next time. She needed to fuck her son, and fuck him until he put a baby inside of her.

“Uuuuuhhh... You brat... You brat, you made me like this...”

Kushina’s legs shook as she orgasmed. She almost collapsed to the tiled shower floor.

She might have been in there for an hour or longer. Of course, when she came out her children had long since finished screwing like rabbits. She could already imagine them going straight back to their playful childish antics, stealing each other’s food and arguing about which Jutsu was the coolest...

... while Naruto’s fresh seed continued to drip from Naruko’s body.

“You bad boy,” moaned Kushina. She lashed her tongue across her lips, head flooded with lecherous thoughts.

“Bad boy.”


Naruko and Kushina were by the pool when Naruto came out from the mansion. Kushina sat with her legs in the water, flaunting her belly in a miniature black bikini. Naruko knelt beside her in canary-yellow-and-orange, with side-ties, arms around her sister's neck. They wore expressions of subdued sultriness and barely-restrained delight, steaming him with their eyes.

It wasn't lost on them that he was nude, flashing his cock to mother and daughter. Mother and sister. They made no effort to get up, protest or complain. They just continued sitting by the side of the water, waiting to see if they’d be his next victims.

Speaking of... it looked like he’d just finished. They could both see silhouettes of busty, kneeling sluts on the other side of the screen door, suggesting he'd come straight from getting his cock sucked by Sakura and Hinata. Of course it was impossible to feel jealous, not when they wholeheartedly believed he deserve that much and more.

It was a wonder he could barely walk after getting vacuumed by the two teenage tarts. In fact, he seemed more erect and powerful than ever after that little pick-me-up.

Naruto walked over to the poolside with a mean swagger in his step, one that sent his enormous package swinging from side to side. He came to stand behind the girls, one massive nut bumping an ear each and his schlong dangling down between them, resting atop their equally-impressive racks. His Hokage equipment still stank of spit and sweat and girl bits, making sure his family member tarts knew they’d have their work cut out for them. 

He took one girl’s head in either hand, pressing their cheeks together against his sack. His big nuts already trembled with the new batch of fresh sperm growing and multiplying.

And that forceful treatment was exactly what these bitches craved. They didn't want this rough treatment in spite of their beauty... they wanted it because they were so perfect and flawless and lovely. The better the girls looked - the more time they spent trimming fat, working on their tans and make-up - the more it drove them to seek out misogynists and breeder-bulls. They wanted men who'd carelessly flip them over and pound balls-deep into their cunts.

Naruko trilled happily in her throat as she found her face mashed into that large, fleshy slab of masculine authority. "Uhuhu... Hey... Look how raunchy oniichan is being... He's making us suck those other sluts off his dick like we're a tongue-bath..."

On the other side, Kushina stared up at Naruto with something like religious fervour, a fist-sized testicle bulging her cheeks as she suckled on it. She spat it out, drool flowing as it rolled down her tongue. "He's out of control... Hnnh... Hey, are you going to rape our bitch-bodies with this monumental meat-stick, master...? That's what you're here for, right? To bully us pathetic ninja bitches... Mm~"

"Yeah... I feel like going for 100% completion today, ladies. Naruko’s got a dozen loads of my swimmers burrowing into her ovaries since last night, but you..." 

Naruto stretched his arms and rolled his shoulders, giving the girls a nice view of his muscles. He turned again, batting each of the girl's faces with the heavy thing. "You... I think we haven’t figured anything out yet for you, mom. Well, I'm sure the three of us can figure something out together right now!"

 The next thing Naruto knew, the pair had soundly wrestled him to the ground with little more than a few deft movements. For ‘pathetic ninja bitches’, they moved faster than the trained eye could follow.

Naruto's body made a loud thud against the patio tiles as the twin martial artists soundly pinned him and straddled him. “Oof!”

When his head stopped spinning, Naruto found he’d been set on his back by the pool, legs up in the air, trapped in a wrestling hold by his two hottest family members. Each girl sat on atop one of Naruto’s thighs, with her arms wrapped about ankles. Unable to escape, he found his utterly tremendous shaft sandwiched between two soft, impeccably-rounded bottoms... sculpted to perfection. He’d be hard-pressed to find two bodies in all of Konoha more baby-smooth and flawless, or with such sleek, inviting curves. 

“Wha... Hey!” he grumbled, but it was a bit too late for protests. They both glanced back at him, grinning ear to ear as they started mashing back at Naruto simultaneously, sandwiching his pole between those thick bubble butts. Of course, they didn’t totally defeat him with this one move: lesser dicks might have been swallowed up entirely but Naruto’s elephant dick managed to poke its straining, purpling cock-head out the top of their two fat asses. Seeing it just made the girls go even wilder.

Both the sluts wheezed, releasing huffs of hot through grit-teeth grins. "Hey, hey... It's not nice to talk about knocking up your mother so casually," grunted Kushina.

She teased her bikini bottoms aside, flashing her pink slit to his cock. She eased back, rubbing her labia on the head of his shaft until her lower lips started to spread. Within seconds his cock was soaked in his mommy’s pussy juices, and it only got wetter when Naruko added her sticky slit to the mess of girl-juices oozing down his shaft. 

Naruko grinned deviously. “That’s right... If you’re going to say it, you better be prepared to do it. Mom’s got it bad, you know!”

Kushina, in response, bowed her head, shaking... But she didn’t let up grinding herself on her son’s devilish cock, wrapping the tip of her pussy around his engorged lower head and giving it sucking, wet little kisses. "She’s right... Mommy’s biological clock is ringing like an alarm... Hora hora, make a baby in me like you made one in your sister...” 

"Come on, I’m getting to it!" he whined, writhing around underneath them. The pin stopped him from just thrusting into the girls... For the moment, Naruto was completely at their mercy.

But that hungry physicality was exactly what had drawn him to them in the first place, wasn’t it? Naruto liked sturdy, tough girls, who could bounce back from a real beating no matter how many times he bruised their wombs with that indecently large babymaker. 

But this was his mother he was talking about. No woman in the world had more potential to upset his plans than Kushina did. So today he had to make sure she was finished. He had to make sure he left a lasting mark on her body that went so much deeper than any silly little superficial blowjob. He got those as often as shaking hands, after all. 

He had to knock her up.

Naruto took charge of the situation as best he could, slapping both girl’s bellies in tandem and pulling them in around him, wrapping their fat asses around his cock like a two-part fleshlight. At the same time, he used his heavy palms on the girls, pressing in on their smooth muscled abs hard enough to feel their cervixes on his fingertips. He was already prepping Kushina, stroking her insides from the outside to get her ready for what was coming next - not that any woman could properly prepare for the monster rubbing between their backs as they bounced up and down on his inflated, squishy balls.

Kushina might have mounted him right then and there, if not for Naruko already making her move. The blonde brat was utterly baby-hungry, her hyper-inflated udders needing to feel the sensation of suckling babies... of this man's suckling babies. Her womb would have rejected sperm from any other man at this point. They were like the perfect lock and key.

But he was big. Bigger than any man had a right to be. Belly-bulgingly-big, womb-stretchingly-big. Naruko howled and moaned every inch of the way down, packing ten or so before she came up for air. Her distended belly returned to its normal size, the massive indentation of Naruto's bitch-breaker vanishing as she eased herself off.

Next, was Kushina’s turn. She gulped, having watched him wreck her daughter so thoroughly, watching that smarmy prick smirking as the innocent little girl she’d cared for and raised writhed and howled like a bitch on the end of his fat cock. Kushina realized that was about to be her in a second, a trembling leaf on the end of a monster cock.

She was so wet. She wanted it so badly.

She gulped as she watched them over her shoulder, seeing that long, hard schlong sliding out of her little girl, soaked in a mixture of their juices. A bubble popped. The intoxicating smell wafted in her direction. They looked so good together, her two perfect little children. Could Kushina really fuck her son as well as Naruko did? She actually felt a little inadequate after watching all that.

But she went for it anyway, straddling her baby boy, looking down into his eyes as she lined his dick up with her hole. She was letting out so much cunt juice his cockhead was sticky and wet before he'd even gotten inside of her. A sticky trail connected mother and son... and she followed it down to the insertion.

She cried out just as loud and just as much as Naruko, eagerly hurting herself on his dick. Kushina got 11 inches down before she finally had to pop him free, nearly collapsing, gasping, wide-eyed and fish-mouthed. Her stomach ached. 

And this was where the beauty of the position the trio had adopted came in: with each girl sitting on one of Naruto's thighs, keeping the Hokage stud pinned to the ground, it let them both fuck him in a smoothly-transitioning alternating fashion. As Naruko sank him inside her, his cock naturally twisted towards her, sucked up by her hungry pussy. Then, as she raised her hips, he naturally swayed back towards the middle, easing out with a pop as his cock stood stock straight-up again, equidistant between its two bitch-pussies. All Kushina had to do was shift her hips back slightly and lower, and it was inside her... catch and release, passing it back to Naruko. Every first thrust was in Naruto's sister. Every second thrust was in Kushina. One-two, one-two, a different pussy every time for the same cock.

As Kushina released him, Naruko picked up where she'd left off. She got 12 inches on her next try. Kushina managed 13.

And then, like magic, both girls were able to take smooth strokes on him... Soon, they had a nice, steady rhythm going, drooling on his legs and sucking his toes as they took turns riding that baby-maker. 

He felt amazing. This was the kind of treatment a king got. He could really appreciate the similarities and differences of each girl like this... like how Naruko was much tighter on entry but Kushina's cervix practically buzzed on his glans.

"Oooh... Am I gonna get _pregnant_?! It's such an unsafe day!" howled Kushina.

"Yeah, mom! He knocked me up, so you're next! You're gonna have his baby!" 

"Ooooh, don't cum inside!" moaned a gushing, brightly-smiling Kushina, even as she waggled her hips. "Don't cum inside or you'll knock me!" she cried as she screwed herself down on him even harder, filling her insides with that throbbing, nearly-gushing meat-stick. She felt his swollen hardness pressing firmly against every one of her inner walls and it made her just want to sing her son's praises all the more. "Eeeyaaaahhhhh!"

It felt so good, and looked so wonderful, Naruto almost wanted to stop groping the girls and just watch as they so expertly handled his cock, alternating with one drooling fuckhole after the other, directly passing him from puss to puss. By the time they had a rhythm going, they barely even had any downtime... his cock immediately left one girl and was instantly slurped up by the other spread slit before the juices could even start drying. From one to the other, bath and forth, the girls giggling naughtily as they smacked butts. They shared a laugh when they both tried to insert him at the same time, smiling at each other as their cunt-lips mashed together around the head of his dick... but Naruto was too busy soaking both fat pairs of mons in precum to join them in the joke. He just moaned and thanked his lucky stars he had been born a man. After knowing a pleasure like this, he'd never want to give it up.

And the trio were reaching their creampie crescendo now, the girl's bubbly round asses sliding and slapping off each other like a proper tag team as they took turns spearing themselves on his pillar of flesh. Naruto found he could grab onto their thighs and lock either one down for a little longer, forcing each family member to hold and endure half a second longer than last time and feeling the other girl start to squirm impatiently for her turn. After so many strokes like this he started to further tease them by grabbing hold of the bulge in each girl and stroking himself off through their bellies... and when they started getting greedy enough to actively try and take longer on him, stealing him from the other girl, he found he had to be there preserving the peace, humping them off with a kick of his hips or a slap to their rump, forcing them back to peaceful sharing. The worst was when Naruko took four strokes all in one go, bouncing in his lap before Kushina bent over, thrust her ass out, and physically bullied her daughter off his cock! The expression of relief on Kushina's face as she forced him out of Naruko and into herself... whew! He'd never forget it. 

When Kushina finally passed his dick back to Naruko, the lithe blonde slipped him back inside... then just paused on him, his immense meaty schlong just hanging out of her body, half-buried in her guts. She folded her hands behind her head, grinning down triumphantly at Naruto. "Look at you, stud... You know how many guys will ever get to do this?"

Schlorp. He slid out of her, disgorging enormous quantities of pussy juice onto his chest as Kushina took the reins. Naruko climbed off, rubbing his belly... while Kushina kept going. The red-haired dominatrix on top gripped his ankles like reins, one in each hand, thrust-fucking down on his cock like she was the man.

Naruko danced her fingers along his belly at the same time she rubbed him with her breasts, slapping those huge, heavy milkers right down on his face and chest. She smothered his whole head a few damn times. And when he came up, she was there immediately, kissing him on the lips, tasting her own melons on his tongue. 

"No-one. No-one else but you. No other man gets to breed me and mom at the same time. Because, mmn... You're the ultimate stud with the ultimate cock~"

Naruko eased back, throwing herself against Kushina. The two girls grappled and wrestled for a moment, mashing their curves together in a little fuckfest of their own, before Naruko pinched her mother's chin between her fingers and hungrily, passionately, sealed their mouths together. As the kiss dragged out, tongues entwining, Kushina continued sliding up and down, kicking her hips on his cock while she engaged herself with her daughter. She moaned, arching her back suddenly, and he felt warm, sticky gushes travelling down the length of his cock. His own mother had just climaxed on his dick.

Just another day in the life of Naruto.

"Heh... Look at you... You're not going to get a wombful of cum acting like that, mom... I might just end up glazing Naruko's insides again!" Arrogant didn't even begin to describe it. Naruto was drunk on his own sense of power, and rightly so.

Kushina went limp, sagging on top of his pole. It was obvious Naruko had just tongue-fucked her into oblivion. She needed a little break, all she could manage now was to orbit her hips around his glans, grinding on him with half-hearted trembles. Who was going to massage his dick while she was recuperating? Well, the smirking blonde slut beside her seemed like a fine candidate, didn't she? Naruko gladly helped mommy move to one side, where she laid down and continued shaking, pussy still squirting merrily away. The intelligence of her expression... well, it had seen better days.

"My turn," giggled Naruko, sliding into place, taking her rightful throne atop her brother's dick. Her blonde womb puckered at his cock's head, inviting him to fuck her up, to enjoy the body that belonged to him.

And he almost didn't let her start bouncing on him. He took his time playing with his sister before he allowed her to get to work, snatching a mouthful of tit in his lips and suckling hard enough to tether her in place. It was only when she shook her sweaty body around, freeing that big fat nipple from her brother's mouth, that he finally eased back, and she was able to start riding him again. Naruto felt so wound up, the Hokage clenching his hips over and over to keep control over his thrusts. He felt like his cock was full of sperm, every gland swollen and loaded with seed... he wanted to unload into that red-headed older bitch so badly. 

Hell, Naruko probably wanted that too. Kushina was the only person who could put a stop to their fun together, and it was just like Naruko to rile him up to high heaven, all to make sure he came deep inside Kushina: such was her love and affection for both her family members! But, whatever the case, the moment he got to resheathe inside the younger blonde's cunt, that tension snapped as he thrust upwards into her.

These girls wanted to keep control over him? Fat chance! Just because he was on the bottom, didn't mean he wasn't in control, something he now amply demonstrated to Naruko. Angling his hips just slightly let him expertly thrust into different parts of his sister's barely-under-18-year-old vagina! It was like a five-point secret-cervix-strike, passed down from master to student... except this was just Naruto's personal technique, learned from impregnating half the village's women. But that's another story. 

Right now, all it meant was Naruko's deepest nerves, those surrounding her womb and cervix, were radiating heat and electricity. He eagerly helped the sensation along with precision pressure and a rough beating.

"Mmh... Hey, Naruto...?" asked Naruko, a note of concern creeping into her voice.

"Yeah?" he asked, gripping her waist, using both hands to raise and lower her along the length of that fuck-huge babymaker.

"Mom's raising her head again, heehee... You need to do something about her."

Kushina was indeed stirring, her strength coming back to her. She looked blearily over at her two children as they fucked, not nearly as repulsed by the image as she had been previously. But still... It seemed like some uncertainty was still rattling around in her head, didn't it?

"You need to impregnate her, so she won't think twice about letting us play more... You'll do it for me, right?"

Kushina suddenly slapped her hand down on Naruto's chest. While they'd been chatting, the moody redhead had come all the way over, and now she was within striking range. But this wasn't any sort of attack... Instead, she lazily trailed her fingers down Naruto's chest, using her nails to dig into the clefts between his pecs. She scratched her son lightly, and he hissed and squirmed. "Yes... That's right. I've heard women in this village get bred by Naruto. By the Hokage. A repopulation effort..."

She batted those eyelashes longer than some guy's dicks, and puckered her lips into a slavering impression of the most braindead bimbo's utter absence of thought. Her tongue rolled around and around as she looked down at him. "My intent was to come to the village and put a stop to it... Teach him some manners... But... If I were to tell the outside world I fell to his charms as well and was now carrying his child... Perhaps they'd understand why I have ceased in my efforts. They'd accept that I'm just a... cum-brained stupid little girl who couldn't keep my legs together. They'd accept that you are an alpha male."

"... And wouldn't that be just awful?"

"Hrmmm... I get it. Naruko's not done either though, are you, Naruko?"

His sister giggled. "We can share. That's what girls around here do, right? They share the only thing worth sharing."

Kushina moved up onto his lap again, joining Naruko. "Yeeeeesssshhhh..." A carnal moan drawn up from the pit of her belly. The final resistance shattering, leaving only a woman who lived to devote herself to the new man of the house. Now Naruto's harem stretched not just across the length and breadth of this village, but to past generations as well.

For their finishing move, the girls raised their hips and bumped their booties together once more. Those drooling floozies laughed and smirked down at him as they rubbed against one another, getting the position just right... and then lowering down.

They attacked his cock with a lewdly-pink mashup of both girl's pussies, a shimmering, dripping super-pussy made of both their velvety, squishy, soft cunts. The girls hit him hard with it, rolling the gooey mess back and forth over the head of his dick like they were scrubbing him, effortlessly passing the head of his cock from one girl's internals to the others. With both of them perched over him like this, Naruto could barely even tell which athletic pair of legs was which anymore, beyond the occasional glimpse of red or blonde hair past those heaving, bouncing titties. It meant that whenever he thrust he didn't know who he was sliding into until he heard a dusky moan or a girlish squeal.

And as they felt his climax building, they both pushed down together around him, clamping and suctioning his cock, intending on feeling him creampie both of them, both girls getting filled by the same gooey load of seed.

Even Naruto's self-made manliness melted in the grip of these expertly trained and practiced pussies enveloping him. He'd long ago accepte dhte woman of Konoha could amaze him at every turn with their supernatural sex skills, and today was no exception. They moved in perfect tandem with each other, mother and daughter complimenting the other all too well, forming a shimmering blur that made it seem like they were a single being, almost, one entirely focused on getting his cum. But still the naughty hero soldiered on, jabbing whatever womb he was given at the moment and definitely feeling his progress in pressing into their cervixes. But trying to focus on hitting their weak points simply exposed his own with how fast they alternated. 

With a triumphant growl, Naruto clenched his legs as he let loose with his seed, clamping the girls against each other and trapping both of them on his cock as it flared, expanded, and burst forth with enough seminal fluid to fill a fountain.

Balls-deep in one bitch. Naruko first. If she hadn't already been pregnant, she would be now. 

Squirts and gushes and the cries of slutty skanks filled the air. Rushing, gushing semen found its mark, rocketing balls-deep into a slut.

Naruto finally drew his glistening cock back, a veritable river of semen flowing out of the cunt poised over it, basting it in juices from a well-fucked, well-creampied pussy. The froth was halfway down the shaft when the cock kept cumming.

Kushina's turn. Time for her eggs to get plastered in cum, drowned in jizz. The other bitch firmly screwed her pussy on, just like the bitch before her. It was the inverse of anything like ordinary lovemaking. It was fucking with babymaking intent, where cock heads were bumped right up against cervixes so semen could be delivered directly to the womb. They both wanted this so badly.

She trembled, orgasming and shrieking just as hard as her daughter... then Naruto's cock finally stopped shooting. He saw a brief glimpse of heaven: two bald, developed pussies simultaneously leaking the same creampie, then Kushina and Naruko flopped onto his chest, mewling at him and licking his cheeks and lips. 

"Stud... ♥"

"We lost... to cock... ♥"

They had left him expertly drained, only bubbles coming off his tip to pop and splatter their naked bodies in seed as he embraced both girls. He nearly drowned himself in firm, juicy tits, probably already swelling with milk just at the thought of his sperm swirling around in their ovaries. 

"You two were amazing. You both deserve triplets for that." He grabbed them both by the hair and brought them both in for a three-way kiss, slobbering and swapping spit as they rubbed and shivered against his hard muscles, legs hooked around either side of his cock to continue stroking and squeezing his length between their thighs and calves. 

The moment was perfect... until a soft rumble from Naruto's chest reminded him he hadn't even had breakfast yet today. And here he was spending all his energy on churning up new batches of nut-butter for each of these hungry sluts like the shared bull he was! He slapped their asses like he was playing a couple of heavy bongos. "Right, you two sluts go join the others and get some breakfast ready, or I'll really show how I take my frustrations out on girls. You can take your pregnancy tests later."

"Yes sir."

"Yes daddy~"


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