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Chapter 6 - Hero Academia - Tsuyu/Futa!Mina (cum inflation)

A collection of short, smutty stories of characters from various shows, games, etc, including Pokemon, Overwatch, Nier, DOOM, Fairy Tail, Kakegurui, Jessica Rabbit, Little Witch Academia, Re:Zero, Zelda, Mario, Danmachi, My Hero Academia, Danganronpa, Konosuba, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Metroid, MLP, and more to come!   for a list of possible future chapters.

Chapter 6 - Hero Academia - Tsuyu/Futa!Mina (cum inflation)

Chapter 6 - Hero Academia - Tsuyu/Futa!Mina (cum inflation)
Mina had a dick. It wasn't something she went around advertising, but it wasn't exactly a secret, either. After all, she lived in a world where people had all sorts of unusual mutations thanks to their Quirks, so a girl with a dick really wasn't all that remarkable. What she did want to keep a secret was her crush on her friend and room-mate Tsuyu, also just known as Tsu for short. 

While some found Tsu's frog-like appearance a bit odd, Mina thought she was incredibly cute. Her abnormally large eyes, and the way her long tongue often adsent-mindedly hung out of her wide mouth had attracted Mina right away. Of course, Mina was no stranger to odd appearances, what with her pink skin, black eyes, and crooked horns. She couldn't help imagining herself together with the frog-girl, and so she frequently found herself in their dorm room's bathroom, jacking off her big, pink girl-cock in front of the toilet. 

She closed her eyes as she used both hands to jerk up and down her long, thick shaft, imagining Tsu was wrapping her long tongue around it instead. She just couldn't get that tongue off her mind, it was hypnotizing. Suddenly, though, she heard a familiar, deadpan voice say, "Oh."

Mina stopped stroking abruptly, opening her eyes and slowly turning to look at the door. There was Tsu, standing there and openly staring at Mina's dick. After a few moments of awkward silence, she looked up at Mina's face and asked without any embarrassment, "Need help?" Mina was so taken aback by the sudden offer that all she could do was stammer, as her pink cheeks grew a darker shade of red. "Nevermind, my bad." Tsu said with a hint of disappointment as she began to close the door.

"Wait!" Mina shouted, then added a little more quietly, "Yeah... I could, um, use some help." 

"Good," Tsu replied, casually walking in and crouching down in her usual frog-like way in front of Mina. Tsu was always straightforward, but this was a bit much for Mina to handle, especially as the frog-girl opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, using the prehensile muscle to wrap around the pink dick in front of her. Mina gasped with pleasure, this was what she had always wanted, and it was finally happening. Tsuyu's tongue coiled along the length of the girthy shaft, fulling encasing it in a wet, warm tunnel of tongue. 

The tongue squeezed down tight around Mina's dick, and she grunted as big drops of her pink precum oozed out of the tip. Tsuyu tasted it, commenting with a slight lisp as she spoke around her tongue, "Huh, tatht like bubblegum." 

"Y-yeah," Mina managed to say through moans of pleasure as Tsuyu's tongue continued jerking her off, "Part of my Quirk, I guess. Actually, I should, uh, warn you about another thing..." Tsuyu looked up at her with those abnormally large eyes, prompting her to go on with it. "Well, I... cum... a lot. Like... buckets..."

"Okay," Was all Tsuyu said as she continued her efforts, putting Mina through more pleasure than she had thought possible as that slimy, smooth, strong tongue slithered all over her fat dick and seemed to be trying its best to bring her to orgasm as quickly as possible. It extended slightly from her shaft, reaching down and wrapping gently around Mina's big balls, so that now every surface area of her genitals was getting licked and squeezed all at once. 

"I'm gonna cum," Mina moaned through gritted teeth, and Tsuyu just opened her mouth wide, which was much wider than most people could thanks to her Quirk, continuing to tongue-jerk her off at her face. Mina didn't bother holding back, and began to cum, shooting ropes of her thick, sticky, pink cum across Tsu's cute face. Tsu closed her left eye as a load cum shot over it, and decided to avoid any more shots like that by simply wrapping her wide lips around Mina's cockhead and taking her cum straight into her mouth. 

The frog-girl was almost overhelmed by the volume of cum Mina's cock was pumping into her mouth, but she did her best to swallow it all, sending gulp after gulp of the warm, sweet, goo down to her stomach. Mina hadn't been lying about the buckets thing, it took several solid minutes of swallowing again and again as Mina just stood there cumming harder than she ever had before into her friend's mouth. 

By the time Mina finally stopped, Tsuyu's belly felt like she had eaten a full meal. Her face was covered with both the initial blasts of cum she had taken to her upper face, as well as a river of drool and pink cum that had overflowed out of her mouth and down her chin when she hadn't been able to keep up with swallowing it all. 

"Wow," was all the frog-girl said, as Mina tried to catch her breath from her intense orgasm. If it weren't for the fact that she was in such great physical condition, the pink-skinned girl likely would have let her legs give out from exhaustion. 

Tsu was expecting that to be the end of it, for now, so she was surprised when Mina suddenly looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Tsu, let's fuck." She had apparently gotten over her initial shyness at having her friend walk in on her jacking off, and Tsu was happy to oblige. She had had a crush on Mina nearly as long as Mina had, and to tell the truth she had been wanting to do this for a long time.

Within moments, they found themselves on Mina's bed in the dorm room, with Mina lying on her back and Tsuyu straddling her, using her tongue grip Mina's dick and guide it into her wet pussy. Swallowing all that cum had turned on the frog-girl immensely, and she was ready to get fucked by her friend's big dick. Tsuyu lowered herself quickly, taking all of Mina's length inside her and letting out a deep moan of pleasure, an uncommon expression of emotion from the usually deadpan frog-girl.

Mina held firmly onto Tsu's wide hips, looking up at the beautiful girl on top of her as she began bouncing up and down on her dick with her powerful frog-legs. Mina bit her lower lip as the pleasure of Tsu's tight pussy around her cock felt like it was going to drive her crazy, especially given how her cock was extra sensitive now from having just cum a minute ago. The fact that she was even able to stay hard and keep going must have been another side-affect of her body chemistry-altering Quirk.

Tsuyu's body was practically made for this, her strong thighs and ass working hard to bounce up and down her friend's dick as fast as she could. Her long tongue hung out of her mouth from pleasure, and she pushed it into Mina's mouth, making for an odd kiss seeing as how their lips weren't actually touching. Mina eagerly sucked on Tsu's long tongue, tasting some of her bubblegum flavored cum on it as she caressed it with her own tongue.

Tsu finally couldn't take anymore, and her body shook with a powerful orgasm as she slammed down one last time on Mina's dick, taking it all in to the base and cumming hard around it. But Mina wasn't finished with her just yet, and used her firm grip on her waist to lift the frog-girl up off the bed. Mina took her physical training very seriously, and she had especially well toned abs, thighs, and ass, making it easy for her to thrust up repeatedly off the bed, fucking her friend hard as she held her in the air above her. 

Mina's thrusts just kept Tsuyu's orgasm going, making her cum again and again as her pink-skinned friend fucked her hard and fast. Finally, Mina reached her second orgasm, resting her ass back down on the bed and pulling Tsu down with her. With her big pink dick buried all the way to the hilt inside the frog-girl, she began to cum once again, even harder than she had from her tongue-job. 

Throb after throb of her cock sent loads of her thick, pink jizz deep inside Tsuyu's womb. There didn't seem to be any end to it in sight, and Tsuyu could feel her insides growing full. She felt an even stranger sensation as she reached her limit, and with nowhere else to go, the cum forcing its way inside her began to stretch her out like a water balloon. Her normally flat belly began to swell slightly with every load that shot its way inside her womb. Mina noticed it, too, and the two girls just watched as Mina filled her with gallons of her cum, making the bulge grow and grow. 

It felt like it would go on forever, but finally Mina's orgasm came to an end. Tsuyu held a hand to the bulge sticking out of her abdominals and gave it a squeeze, feeling the cum inside swish around with every movement. She jiggled it a bit and it continued to sway like a water balloon when she let go of it. It was odd, but she didn't exactly dislike it. There was something about feeling so full that made her feel good.

It was Mina's turn to say, "Wow." As the two girls sat there in the afterglow of their orgasms. "I know this might be a weird time to ask this, but... Do you wanna go out sometime, Tsu?" The frog-girl just nodded, a rare smile on her face.


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