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Chapter 2 - Give a Little, Get a Little

An Apex crash-lands on a planet she thought was abandoned, only to be captured by a tribe of Floran.

Chapter 2 - Give a Little, Get a Little

Chapter 2 - Give a Little, Get a Little
Talvina looked at the three Floran in front of her, cursing inside her head, and shot a venomous glare at the Greenfinger's crimson form. "What do you mean, 'proposition'? I thought you didn't need an excuse to have them rut me."

The Greenfinger chuckled, folding its arms across its chest. "That is correct, though I may be able to interest you in doing the same."

"How intriguing," she mocked. "I wait with baited breath for your offer."

Stepping back, the Greenfinger gestured to the bank of terminals behind it. "These systems are old," it began, "dating back to the construction of this facility as far as I can tell. While they have been enlightening, I find my efforts to access the breadth of their information stymied." It clasped its hands behind its back, tilting its head at her slightly. "I know you seek information, miss Talvina. If you willing to service these three, I shall grant you access to whatever data you can recover."

She blinked, trying not to show her surprise. "Under surveillance, I assume?" the Apex scoffed.

"Of course," it confirmed with a gentle smile. "I'm quite curious as to what you may uncover, as well."

In spite of her concerns, Talvina admitted it would be useful to have that level of information. "And if I refuse?"

"Then the twins will escort you back to your cell," the Greenfinger told her with a shrug, "and I will assume you have no further interest in the offer."

She crossed her arms, not noticing that she had done so under her breasts rather than over them, and considered her situation. It was a disgusting thing to ask, but it didn't surprise her in the least after the last two days. A frown started to form on her lips while she looked the trio over again: Yucca sat on the edge of a table, licking its lips at her and already teasing itself to arousal; Komir stood much like the Greenfinger, its weapon set aside and features showing a hint of patient curiosity; Kojan sat on the table near its twin, feet flat together and a concerned smile creeping up her face as she-

Talvina blinked, giving herself a firm mental shake. IT, she corrected herself. Not she, not her. It. They were all plants, not people. Horrid masses of cellulose and feral hunger, trying to... she didn't know what they were trying to do to her, but she clung to an ember of rage over the situation, wrestling back control of herself again. "And if I choose to agree, what other restrictions will you impose on these dalliances?" the Apex woman snarled. "Perhaps some light bondage? Ritual bloodletting? Asphyxiation?"

"I hardly care how you choose to satisfy them," the Greenfinger chuckled. "I shall leave that up to your own discretion, Pathfinder. Surely you have retained enough autonomy to decide your own pleasures, yes?"

Talvina's arms lowered to her sides, her hands curling into loose balls as they came to rest on her hips. She raked her eyes over the group of nude Floran once again, trying to ignore the all-too-familiar heat growing between her legs. It was obvious, now that she had a clear head on her shoulders, that something was affecting her mental state around them. She bit down on her tongue when she caught sight of Yucca's hand giving its cock lazy strokes, focusing on the flash of pain to tear her eyes away from the bead of liquid that had formed on the tip, furious at herself for allowing such a situation to happen. Talvina wanted to tell them to go and burn, to save not only her dignity, but her frame of mind as well, but the promise of information, maybe even a possible key to her escape, was too much of an opportunity to ignore.

The green, sinewy Floran gave a coo as she walked towards it, a gentle sway in her hips and a light scowl on her features. Yucca spread its legs open as she neared the table, leaning forward a little and resting its chin on its fingers with a lewd smirk. "So," it crooned, "how would monkey like Floran's stamen today?"

Rather than answer, Talvina lowered herself to her knees, taking the pulsing root into her mouth without hesitation. The Floran's sharp taste struck her instantly, the plant-folk giving a delighted sigh as she sucked, brushing its fingertips along her scalp in idle bliss. "Oooooh, Floran likes monkey's choice," it said with a shudder, a rustle coming from the long tangle of moss that would have been hair on another creature. "Floran has to wonder if monkey is trying to taste all Floran before it-"

Talvina pulled herself away, glaring daggers up at Yucca's smug face, and gripped the base of its shaft. The Floran hissed in alarm as she applied pressure, her simian biology ensuring her grip was, at best, unpleasant. "Shut up," she nearly spat, "or next time I pull, it won't be so gentle."

Yucca's eyes narrowed in pain and defiance. "Monkey wouldn't dare. It would die."

"By all means," the Apex snarled, clamping down harder, "go ahead. Test me."

The pair seethed at one another for several seconds, neither of them noticing how the Greenfinger scrutinized their quarrel. Its lab coat gave a soft rustle as it walked over to them, drawing their attention from the corners of their eyes. "I was expecting the both of you to be more mature about this," it sighed, looking down at the Apex woman. "If her attitude is truly so much of an issue," the crimson Floran stated, "just say so. I'll be glad to have you sent back to your quarters." Talvina gave a huff and slackened her grip, trying to force herself to calm down, while the Greenfinger turned its gaze to Yucca, narrowing its eyes by degrees. "Now, Yucca," it began, its tone becoming more stern, "do you remember what I told you about treating a guest?"

The green Floran blanched, turning away from her to look up at its leader. "Monkey isn't a 'guest', Greenfinger," it protested, "it's a trophy!"

"Yucca," it stated, its voice dropping pitch, becoming more masculine and commanding, "I have told you before. Not everything is a hunt. Time and again, you've been taught that you can't stab all of your problems." The other Floran recoiled at the reprimand, its shoulders bunching up as the Greenfinger leaned forward, speaking slow and firm. "Now... what. Did I. Tell you?"

There was a tense pause before it answered in a sheepish voice, "Give a little, get a little, Greenfinger."

The red Floran straightened up, nodding. "Exactly," it said, dropping the edge from its tone. "Miss Talvina already understands this, as you can clearly see." It motioned to Yucca's crotch, where the Apex had begun idly stroking her hand along the Floran's length. "Now that you are getting, what are you giving, hmm?"

Yucca glanced back down, its pupil-less meeting Talvina's, and made a visible effort to relax, leaning its torso back and running a hand along the Apex's cheek. When she leaned forward to take its cock into her mouth again, the Floran stayed mostly quiet, giving a small gasp as its hips twitched upwards. Talvina's nose bumped against the Floran's groin, her tongue darting out to graze along the moist slit between its legs, and it grunted, rasping its fingers along her neck like she would have done for a housepet.

"Ah, much better," the Greenfinger intoned from above them, moving back to the terminals and leaving the pair to their pleasure. The Apex pulled her face away, a line of amber-tinged saliva trailing from her lips to the tip of Yucca's root, her disgust and reluctance giving way to the growing heat between her legs. However, even for the sudden and pleasant change in the Floran's demeanor, Talvina still wanted to be done with it as quick as possible.

Her position afforded her easy access to a solution. One hand wrapped around the twitching mass in front of her face, while the other darted in between the Floran's thighs, fingers sliding into its moist lips with ease. Talvina's hands worked in tandem, coiling and stroking at the plant creature's intimate organs from without and within. Yucca's eyes shot open with a groan, the Floran panting and rubbing its hands along her face, scratching behind her ears and along her scalp with quiet need. In spite of herself, the Apex gave a smirk, guessing from the slickness dribbling out from its privates that Yucca was far more pent up that it had been letting on. The way it clenched around her fingers and pulsed in her hand evoked a feeling of satisfaction that nearly ground out her own frustration at her predicament.

A chuckle escaped Talvina's throat as the Floran's hips began to jerk forward, grinding against her hands. She leaned closer, taking the tip of its cock between her lips and swirling her tongue around the swelling organ. Yucca's hands reached back, gripping at the back of her head, as it grunted and moaned, trying to thrust into her warm mouth as its orgasm came to bear. The Apex worked her digits furiously as its nethers began to convulse, her lips sliding halfway down its cock while her hand jerked at the rest, her fingers rubbing firm along soft places inside its loins that were familiar to women across the breadth of the known universe. Bitter tastes flooded her mouth as the Floran came, a watery, amber fluid coating her fingers, dribbling into the palm of her hand and down her throat from separate angles, the plant-folk huffing and groaning all the while.

Once Yucca's cock stopped twitching, the Apex pulled her head back, watching the mass of lewd plant matter go flaccid in her grip. She wiped her other hand on the Floran's shaking thighs, standing up once it removed is hands from her head with a last, grateful rustle of her hair. "Monkey is good at that," it sighed, its face tracking up and down her nude form. "Floran is looking forward to the next time."

Sighing, Talvina wiped an errant strand of the Floran's cum from her chin and walked away, heading for the other table where the twins had chosen to watch from. The heat between her legs flared again as she looked over the pair of blue plant-folk, setting her hands on her hips as she bounced her eyes from one to the other. Kojan seemed to shrink into itself a little under her gaze, its cheeks and shoulders turning dark in some spots, catching her confused attention. She didn't expect it to be blushing; in fact, she hadn't even known they were capable of such a thing.

Komir glanced over, the corner of its mouth turning upward, and gave a gentle nudge with its elbow. The other Floran bolted upright, shooting rapid looks between it and the Apex with wide eyes, giving a yelp as its twin gripped one of its calves and pried one leg away, fully exposing its crotch to her. Kojan sputtered, seeing the lidded, craving eyes Talvina was raking it with. It scooted up to the edge of the table, then craned its other leg outward, an unsteady smile crossing its face as its torso bunched up, one arm creeping up to its face. 

The Apex rolled her hips as she moved closer, finding the bashful way it had covered one of its eyes adorable. She began to crouch down, pausing mid-way while her face was at the Floran's chest to kiss at its small breasts, chuckling to herself at the way it squeaked as she did, almost acting like it wanted to pull away from her lips. She trailed her tongue down its midsection, finally dropping to her knees as her head reached its throbbing root, and kissed along its surface, lapping at it with gentle motions. Each swipe of her tongue made the Floran coo, its posture starting to relax as she teased it; its free hand gripped at the edge of the table, while the other trailed down from its face and began pawing at its own chest.

Talvina gave one final lick, trailing her tongue from the base if its cock to the tip, swirling around the head of it before closing her lips around the top. Kojan gasped, its hips bucking immediately in response as The Apex dragged her fingers along its thighs, twisting her head back and forth as she slowly, tenderly pushed her face down along its root. Her hands came to rest just beneath her chin, thumbs peeling its folds open as her lips touched its groin, massaging its length with her throat. Talvina looked up at the Floran's dazed face, giving a hum of satisfaction that reverberated along its sensitive meat, making it writhe and shudder under her attention.

Desire overtook her disgust as Kojan's bittersweet taste began to swirl in her throat, the Apex working its shaft with much less haste than she had Yucca's taking time to savor the feeling. Its hips rolled as she sucked, making gentle thrusts into her mouth, jostling her hands as it moved. Her thumbs grazed along the damp slit between its legs, and she delighted in the quiet moans the Floran bit back as she worked its cock. Above her, Kojan shuddered, its vision losing focus for a few seconds, and reached up with its other hand, gripping both of its breasts and kneading at them while its tongue hung out from its slackened jaw.

Closing her eyes, Talvina dragged her fingertips inward from the Floran's thighs, working two of them into its slick hole. It gasped, its hips giving a reflexive spasm, thrusting faster into her eager mouth as she fingered it. A soft rustle of leaves reached her ears, firm fingertips stroking down her neck as Komir moved behind her, rubbing at her shoulders. It rubbed gently at her flesh, working its hands along tensed muscles while her head bobbed against its twin's crotch, moving steadily lower as it knelt down.

The Apex moaned as it embraced her from behind, its hands wrapping around her front, teasing her breasts as they passed over them, coming to rest in the center of her chest. It leaned its head against the nape of her neck, taking deep breaths, inhaling her scent and nuzzling at her soft fur. A yelp caught in her throat as its face moved down her back, its whole body lowering to the floor while she dutifully sucked off its twin. Talvina pulled away from the other Floran's root, tossing a wide-eyed glance over her shoulder as Komir laid down on its back, reaching up to grab at her hips and give them a gentle tug.

Her pulse hammered inside her head as the Floran licked its lips, the look on its face speaking volumes. The Apex strained her legs, lifting up to make room as Komir slid itself forward, a hot breath washing over her folds as she sat herself down on its face, shuffling her legs to keep from yanking out any of its foliage. Its vine-like tongue snaked out from its mouth, lapping at the sudden wetness that leaked her folds. Talvina's head pitched forward against Kojan's crotch with a sudden moan, her hips bucking along the Floran's face with greedy urgency. Deft fingers caressed her cheeks, pulling her gaze upward to the wider Floran's own, a gentle reminder that she still had work to finish.

Talvina shot a giddy smirk at it, twisting the fingers still buried inside of it with a sudden motion. Kojan gasped, biting at its lower lip to stifle the noise, scratching behind her ears in response. The Apex rested her head on its thigh, watching its member throb and pulse while a familiar tightness began to build in her lower body. A steady trickle of amber wetness rolled down the palm of her hand, beads of the same dripping down from the tip of the Floran's root onto her wrist. The delightful smell of sex clung to her nose as her own breathing grew more and more heavy from Komir's own tending to her loins.

Lust overcame the last bits of her resistance. In a flurry of motion, she perked her head up, swiping her lips across the head of the Floran's cock for a breif moment before swallowing the whole of it into her needy throat, her fingers moving in its slick hole like a piston. Kojan seized up on the spot, gasping and panting, as its hips bucked in time with her fingers, ramming itself into her face and scarcely giving her enough time to breathe. Its twin's firm grip closed on her hips, keeping her pussy well within reach of its dexterous tongue as it writhed into her folds. Its thumbs dug into the supple flesh of her ass, her hole peeking out from between her cheeks as it squeezed her hips.

Kojan's hands darted to the table, steadying herself as she began to thrust fully into the Apex's mouth, her hips slapping against the other's fuzzy chin. Feeling the root in her mouth bulging, Talvina's fingers worked the Floran's hole in a frenzy, digging into the meat of the pant-folk's tunnel and pressing her most sensitive spot. She pulled her head back, leaving the Floran's cock resting on her tongue as her mouth gaped open, stroking its length with the same quick motions as the hand crammed between her lover's legs. Kojan's eyes shot open, then squeezed nearly shut, her walls clamping down around Talvina's fingers and her cock pulsing in the other woman's hand.

The Apex giggled as the first splash of Kojan's seed gushed out, the same amber fluid coating her other hand as it dripped out from her spasming hole. She jerked the Floran's root with tender, steady motions, catching as much of her cum on her own tongue as possible, and delighting in the few globs of it that were flung down her throat early. Kojan's eyes stayed locked on hers the whole time, slowly opening up again as the endorphin rush began to drain away, watching as she smiled, making sure to show the Floran's cum gathered on her tongue before tipping her head back to swallow the whole load at once. The look on her face as Talvina's head dipped back down, licking her lips, was certainly worth the trouble.

A jolt shot through Talvina's body as the other Floran prodded at her own delicious places, having paused long enough for her to finish his twin off. She bolted upright with a clipped gasp before her upper body drooped forward, her hands landing on the edge of the table and her head nestling itself against Kojan's groin. The spent Floran giggled, rubbing her hair with tender strokes as the Apex moaned and babbled into her plump, blue-tinged thighs, twining their fingers together when the Apex reached a hand up from the table's lip.

It took an enormous effort, but Talvina managed to collect enough to her wits to pull away from the gentle embrace and pivot her body, shifting around on Komir's face with little difficulty, and descending in a rush of motion. Her breasts cushioned most of the impact as her head bounced on his thigh, her nipples tingling as she scrambled to grip his root in her hands. Beneath her, the Floran gave a deep groan that rumbled against her pussy as her fingers wrapped around his length, his face rubbing against her as her mouth ensnared him. She gulped his cock down in a single motion, digging her nose into the slit between his legs for a moment before sucking at him with a desperate vigor.

One of Komir's legs raised up and wrapped itself behind her head, holding her against his body. His lips pulled away from her crotch, heated breath spilling over her privates as he panted, trying to keep some small amount of control. His root twitched in her throat when she chuckled, one of her hands slipping between his legs and digging in under his length. The Floran gasped, his hands gripping her ass tightly as his hips convulsed, the initial, shocked reflex quickly becoming deliberate thrusts into her mouth. Talvina sneaked breaths when she could, a light-headed feeling creeping over her as her libido continued to flare.

Her lover grunted beneath her, gritting his maw as a weak squirt of bittersweet liquid traveled down her gullet. She yanked her fingers out of him, her whole body screaming at her not to waste his seed, and thumped her hand against his thigh. The back of his leg clenched behind her neck, holding his member down her throat as far as it could go for a few seconds longer, before relaxing and allowing her to pull away, thick bands of spit and precum connecting her lips to his sensitive cock. With a lewd smile, she glanced back at him, straightening up to a sit. His mouth closed over her pussy the instant it was in reach, his tongue diving between her folds and thrashing around inside. Talvina let out a groan of pleasure, rocking her hips on his face a few times before standing up with clear reluctance.

"Up," she ordered, panting, holding out her arm to the Floran. He licked his lips and rose, grasping her offered hand firmly, grunting as she helped to hoist him to a stand. As Komir teetered on the heels of his feet, she yanked him forward, catching him as his torso collided with hers, and kissed him. Her tongue spun circles around his, careful to avoid the sharp protrusions on its upper jaw, walking the both of them back to the table. Kojan hopped off the side, patting the smooth surface with a grin as the pair stumbled over, her twin's rump dropping where she had been sitting seconds before. Talvina held their kiss a little longer, pushing his torso back as she broke away, then turned on the balls of her feet and presented her ass to the horny plant.

He gripped her waist, pulling her dripping folds towards him. They both paused for a moment, hands moving to each other's privates, becoming slick with desire as they worked to line themselves up properly. His fingers spread her lips open just before she pressed the tip of his root against them, both breathing heavily with anticipation and desire. Talvina began to lower herself gently, but Komir clapped his hands back onto her hips and yanked, the sudden motion nearly buckling her knees. The sudden rush of his cock filling her finished the job, her legs giving out for a few seconds while she adjusted to the delightful feel of his twitching meat rubbing along her core. She barely heard the rustle of fabric as the Greenfinger came up beside them, brushing a lock of lavender hair away from her ear.

"Feeling better?" it asked with a smile her unfocused eyes didn't see.

"Guhhhhhhnmmmf," Talvina moaned in response as the Floran's hands reached up from her hips to wrap around her brests.

It giggled, its voice sounding warped and muddy to her ears. "That's good to hear," it said, rubbing at her temples with a light touch. She tried to look over at the red Floran, but it kept ducking its head just out of view, continuing to massage her face with its gentle fingers. "Isn't it so much better than back at the barracks?"

The Apex woman blinked, her brain trying to function through the haze of pleasure. "Bwuh?" was all she managed to mutter before a sharp thrust from her lover derailed her thoughts again.

"This feeling," the voice told her, starting to sound much like her own. "This pleasure, this freedom. Being able to really cut loose without shutting off the cameras first. Not to mention, finally getting a chance to take more than a couple of minutes to get off."

The Floran behind her nipped at her neck, borrowing its face against her shoulder and hugging her torso. "That-" she protested, "I nev- we didn't-"

"Big Ape was always watching," the voice corrected, now sounding like she was speaking to herself from a comm line. "We all knew that, going in, didn't we?"

Talvina nodded, gasping as her lover ground her against his crotch.

The voice chuckled. "But not here. No surveillance drones, no hidden cameras, no lapel microphones. Everything we were told would be the breakdown of society, right?"

She tried to move her head to see the voice, but the the Floran behind her put his hand on her chin, turning it to the side with ease, and pressed his lips against hers. Her eyes fluttered shut as he kissed her, slow and passionate, bouncing her on his cock all the while.

"They could've killed me," her voice mused. "Maybe they should've, I don't know. But no, they're showing me what it's like not to live under someone's thumb." It paused, thinking for a few seconds. "I bet they don't have to spend every waking moment looking over their shoulders."

With a monumental effort, she pried her face away from the amorous Floran, her head drooping forward with heaving breaths. Talvina fought against the haze of lust clouding her mind, her eyes unfocused. "'m jussa... a specimen," she panted, "jussa p- gmmmmf- plaything..." she managed to half-mumble, feeling her walls clench as the root inside her struck a particularly sensitive bundle of nerves. "Monkeyslut, m-m-meatpet-, seed dump-"

Her voice cut through her rambling thoughts. "Maybe," it sighed, "but they don't talk like it. They don't act like it. So what do they want me for?"

Confusion struck her like a hammer. Her body was moving on its own, bouncing in the Floran's lap; her brain was screaming with desire for release; her own voice was whispering utter sedition into her ears that she desperately wanted to be true. Mustering all of her remaining strength and resolve, Talvina clapped the edge of the table in a white-knuckle grip, shifting her body to get a good look at the blue Floran behind her, a wet squelch coming from where they were joined at the sudden shift of her posture. From the way its face was looking, she could tell she had its undivided attention for a few seconds.

What she intended to ask with a growl instead came out as a puzzled moan. "Why aren't you fucking me? What do you want with me?!"

Komir tilted its head to the sides, unsure of what to say at first. "Floran... Floran wantsss Talvina to feel good, too," it told her in a quiet tone. She ignored the needy twitch of its member inside of her, aware that it had stopped moving its hips entirely at her question. "Ssship computer sssaid Talvina came from an awful place, and Floran..." It trailed off, shaking its head.

"And you what?" she asked, feeling her body start to heat up again.

"Floran wantsss Talvina to be sssafe," it said, rubbing her back. "Apex city isss mad. Monkeysss kill monkeysss when monkey Greenfinger sssaysss to. Big Ape Greenfinger teachesss monkeysss to ssspy on monkeysss, to hate monkeysss. Talvina callsss it 'MiniKnog'," it huffed, shaking its head. "Floran callsss it wicked."

She gave a bewildered look to Komir. It was the same kind of rebellious slander she was used to hearing from her own people, but hearing it come from a Floran, of all beings, who had absolutely no idea how integral the MiniKnog was to the safety and security of Apex life? It should have been insulting, demeaning, infuriating... not almost sane.

Talvina swallowed, feeling her pulse start to race. "You still didn't answer why you aren't fucking me," she muttered.

The Floran grunted as her walls squeezed at its cock. "Floran sssaid Floran wanted Talvina to feel good," it protested with a small smile. "Floran wanted to try... t-try making..."

"Making what, Komir?" she asked in a husky voice, leaning close. The way it had trailed off hadn't escaped her, and now she saw that it was blushing almost as much as its twin had been.

"... M-making love," it admitted, turning its head away. "Floran though Talvina would like that."

She didn't know when the Greenfinger had moved away; it was apparent that sometime during their brief talk, the crimson Floran had slipped away to a different part of the room. Talvina peeled herself away from Komir, shuddering as his root slipped out of her, and sat next to him. "That's very considerate of you," she said, lying back on the table, "but I think I've had enough of low and slow." There was a flash of red at the edge of her vision before Komir rose, crawling up on top of the table and positioning himself between her splayed legs.

Her voice echoed in the space beside her head, her senses going hazy again. "I want you to take me..." she spoke, losing track of which of her voices was saying what.

"Rut me..." she ordered, her voice getting husky as the Floran loomed over her.

"Seed me..." Her hips rose as he lined up, her ankles crossing behind his waist.

"Mmmmmm, breed me..." His hands planted just above her shoulders, the tip of his cock sliding into her.

Talvina locked his blank black eyes with hers, her voice deep and sultry. "Fuck me."

His entry wasn't as smooth or fast as she'd hoped, but he dutifully sank into her folds, filling her with a thrilling warmth. His first few thrusts were halting, trying to find the best angle with which to oblige her demands, but they quickly stoked her libido back to the mind-fogging level she had left off at for their talk. The Apex woman cooed and panted while he tested the waters, their bodies shifting slightly between movements, each stroke of his hips becoming more stern as a primal urge began to build in his body.

She tipped her legs up just a little, catching his length at a particular angle as he surged into her. With a gasp, her eyes shot wide in giddy bliss. "There," she panted, "right there! That's the spot, now fuck me!"

Something tightened in her chest as Komir's upper body came down, a flash of some feral look plastered on his face as he descended. With a flash of motion, he yanked one of her wrists above her head, holding it firmly against the table, and bit down on her shoulder. There was force behind it; but not quite enough to break the skin, but more than needed to send a shock of pleasure down her spine. His body wasn't nearly broad enough to cover hers, but she still delighted in the feeling of him pinning her down as his hips began to slam into hers. With her free hand, she reached between them, rubbing at her clit in nearly as much of a frenzy as he was pounding into her.

The pair grunted almost in unison, gripping and clinging to one another in any way possible, desperate for their interrupted release. Talvina felt a familiar tightness coiling in her loins, urged on by the wild hammering of the Floran's throbbing cock. She locked her legs behind him, drawing him deep into her and ensuring that his rapid motions dug as far into her as possible, savoring the feel of how Komir's root twitched and bulged inside of her. There was a flash of pain as his jaws clamped down, the Floran grunting as he unwittingly drew blood in a desperate attempt to stave off his orgasm.

His face came up into her view, droplets of red trailing between its lips. She lifted her head up slightly, too far gone to care, and moaned into his mouth when it crashed onto hers, the sharp taste of her own blood smearing into her senses as he overpowered her tongue completely, his own vine-like appendage pushing past hers into the back of her mouth. The force of his kiss finally sent her over the edge, her legs forcing their hips together as she quivered and clenched around his form. She was dimly aware that his hand had let go of her wrist and moved up, their fingers lacing together as her body bucked under him, her eyes rolling and losing focus.

Komir almost managed to ride out her orgasm, his root spewing warm amber sap into her depths just before her hips stopped quivering. The heat spreading through her loins helped to drag her climax out a little longer, their tongues slowing down in each other's mouths as their restless energy faded. Their hips, still connected, lowered to the table, the Floran's thrusts losing momentum with each rope of cum that spattered against her walls. She gave a coo into his mouth as his root began to deflate, unwrapping her legs from behind him and running her hands along his back while they embraced.

The Floran pulled away, brushing the back of his hand along her cheek as she released him, and shuffled to the side, nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck and running his thumb along her collarbone. Talvina's hand stroked along his side, her mind and body feeling a happy sort of sluggish and delightfully sore. The table gave a quiet creak as something leaned its weight on the surface just outside of her vision, an unseen hand running through her hair.

"Maybe this isn't so bad," her voice crooned into her ear.

The Apex gave a half-hearted snort, here eyes closing. "Maybe..." she mumbled, a familiar, post-coital exhaustion once more creeping over her.

When she finally awoke again, Talvina didn't want to open her eyes. Someone had worked a pillow under her head while she had napped, and left some well-worn blanket over her body in the meantime. She stretched her body, trying to work her stiff muscles, rubbing at the dull ache in her thighs.

"Ah," the Greenfinger said, the tell-tale crinkle of its foliage reaching her ears as it moved closer, "welcome back to the waking world, miss Talvina."

The Apex cracked her eyes open, struggling up to a sit and looking around. "Technically, yes," she grunted, seeing that what she thought was a blanket was the Greenfinger's labcoat. She took a deep breath, stretching her arms on purpose, and catching a lungful of the Floran's scent mostly on accident. "How long was I out?" Her eyes raked over the Greenfinger's body while the opportunity presented itself, handing its clothing back.

"Not long at all," it informed her. "A little more than half an hour, at most. "Though, to be quite honest, it's a bit of a surprise after Komir..." The Floran trailed off, thinking. "How did that Human put it, once? He 'hammered you like a five-pixel beef patty', I believe."

"Oh? No wonder I'm still sore," she noted, failing to fight down a yawn. Of course, she remembered they had fucked like crazy, though the details eluded her for the moment. Still ,better to play coy and see what she could tease out of the Greenfinger, just in case.

It waited for her to recover before speaking again. "You don't seem to be in the best of sorts right now, Pathfinder. Perhaps we should postpone your work with the systems?"

"What?!" she snapped, whipping around. "I swear, if you're going back on your word-"

"My word," it stated, firm enough for her to hear it, "is deep root in strong ground; I gave it, and I will honor it. I only say this because you are clearly not catching sun with all of your petals."

Mollified but confused, she shook her head. "I... pardon?"

"You're mentally fatigued, miss Talvina," it clarified. "Believe me, I'm just as eager to see what can be found on those banks, but it may be best if you come at them with a fresh head on your shoulders, yes?"

Talvina stifled another yawn, trying to blink a haze out of her eyes. "Much as I despise admitting," she sighed, "you're probably right."

The Greenfinger draped its coat over one arm, offering its hand to her. "I'm glad we agree on this. I took the liberty of having the twins give you a quick wash while you were dozing. Come, I'll lead you back to your quarters." She looked at its hand, still defiant, and hoisted herself off of the table without taking it. The Floran looked between her and its limb, gave a nonplussed shrug, and ushered her forward. "I shall inform the twins of this arrangement. Tomorrow, when you're ready, let one of them know, and they will escort you here so we may begin in earnest."

Mid-stride, the Apex came to a halt, turning fully around and giving the crimson Floran a suspicious look.

"How can you trust me?" it asked, stating the question that was on her mind. It pondered for a moment, then held out the arm with the coat draped over it, shifting the article into its hand and holding it up for her. "It may not be much, but take this. I've heard how you value your modesty, after all."

Talvina looked at the coat, debating with herself before tugging it gingerly out of the Floran's grip and slipping it on. She buttoned it the whole way down, feeling slightly restrained but markedly more comfortable, her womanly features no longer on open display to any of the damnable weeds that cared to look her way. Only, she couldn't keep herself from breathing a little more deeply, catching hints of the Greenfinger's scent from the cloth.

The Floran smiled at her, either not noticing her subtle huffing or choosing not to mention it. "It looks quite good on you," it stated, extending its hand to the door. Taking the hint, she opened the portal gingerly, trying to keep her composure as the pair marched back to her cell.


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