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Chapter 33 - ...and the Bees (Blake + Yang sex)

The world has forever changed.  Over the course of several weeks universes all collide together into one, creating a series of events that lead up to one of the most violent clashes in history. But with the women that I have grown close to since these events started, nothing seems impossible.
This is the story of our family, and no one will take away from us.

(Contains Aqua from Kingdom Hearts, Blake Belladonna from RWBY, 2B from NieR: Automata, and Brigitte Lindholm from Overwatch).

Chapter 33 - ...and the Bees (Blake + Yang sex)

Chapter 33 - ...and the Bees (Blake + Yang sex)
  A hum filled the air of the room.  The sound of a machine at work, busy pleasing one of the women who had convinced their teammates to leave the room not too long ago.  One straddled the other, who laid topless on her stomach, enjoying the ministrations provided by the one above.
  “Ohhhhh guhhhh- I didnnnnn’t… expect it t- t- to be so sssstrong.”

  The blonde woman had an amused but not dispassionate grin.  “Glad you like it.”

  “Yyyyyyyeahhhh I doooo.”

  “Well, I’m glad I could provide such a good time, Blake,” she didn’t see it, but the blonde brawler winked.

  “Yang… please… can I… kiss?”

  Yang shut her arm down immediately, pulling her fingers away from the other woman.  She carefully flipped Blake around to face her, and took Blake’s face in her hands, planting a loving kiss on her lips.

  “So, good massage?” Yang asked as she pulled out of the kiss.

  Blake stretched her arms above her head, thrusting her naked chest out at Yang.  “Yeah, my shoulders feel a lot less tense now, thanks.”  Blake leaned in and kissed Yang’s cheek.  “Thank you, Yang.”  A blush spread across her cheeks.  “Now, uh… about that… did you want to… I mean should we…?”

  Yang placed a prosthetic finger to her own lips in a shushing motion.  “Only if that’s what you want,” she replied.

  Blake took Yang’s mechanical arm in her own.  “Yeah.  Yeah, Yang, I… want to do this with you.”

  “And you mentioned that you’ve… done this before?” Yang asked.

  “Well I have, but…” Blake choked the words.  “I… wasn’t… I never…”

  “Shhhh, shh shh,” Yang cradled Blake’s head in her arms.  “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want.  And you don’t have to do this with me, either.”

  “I don’t have to do anything, I know,” Blake tried to steady her voice, barely succeeding.  “I have the ability to choose what I want, completely.  And what I want to choose is to… I… don’t know how to say it.”

  “Take your time.”

  Blake was silent for a long time as she collected her thoughts.  “I want to have someone in my life that I love completely.  That I feel safe being with.  And I also want to… show that to that person.  I want this.”

  Yang also took a pause before speaking.  “But is this how you need to?  Because this…” Yang squeezed Blake’s hand once, “this is all I need to know.  All I need to know that-“

  “I love you, Yang,” Blake cut her off.  “And that means I want to give everything I can to you.  Including…” Blake moved Yang’s hand to her breast.  “Including this.  Including me.  Everything I am.”

  One last time, there was a silence before either of them acted.  Finally, after a moment of looking into each other’s eyes, Yang made the first move, removing her hand from Blake’s breast and instead moving it behind her back, pulling the cat-eared woman into a tight embrace.  Their lips met in heated passion, but there was no battle, no contest to be won here.  This was two people, as in love with each other as two people could be with each other, giving everything to each other, as Blake had said.

  Blake moved her hands to the blonde’s waist, gripping her hips and gaining leverage to kiss her harder.  Minutes passed, neither one aware of just how much time they spent in each other’s arms as well as lips.  Blake finally pulled back an arm’s length away from Yang, staring up at the other woman.

  “What is it, Blake?”

  “I want you to take your clothes off.”

  Yang looked surprised.  “All of them?”

  “Well, not all at once, but… yeah.”

  Yang smiled at her feline partner.  “I think I can do that.”  Yang unfastened her belt and shook her pants off, revealing simple black panties that Blake took a moment to appreciate before following the blonde’s hands again.  Now Yang had slipped her hands under her shirt and threw it across the room once it had been completely removed, a matching black bra now exposed to the air.

  Blake was now almost more dressed than Yang, and felt she should continue forward before throwing herself at her partner once again.  Blake undid her own belt and gracefully slid out of her own pants.  While Yang’s underwear had been a simple slate black, Blake wore lacey, frilly black panties, but had chosen not to wear her own matching bra today.

  “That looks really cute on you, Blake,” Yang attempted to start conversation with the woman who had drifted off in her thoughts again.  “You okay?  You seem distracted.”

  Blake blushed deeply.  “Actually, uh… I’ve been staring at you a lot today.”

  Yang looked equal parts surprised and relieved.  “Ah.  Well.  Good.  I’m glad to hear you like what you see.”

  Blake returned the smile she had been given before Yang had started undressing.  “You know I do.”

  “Ooh, the kitty does have claws.”

  Blake gave Yang a light push.  “I hope you know you’re the only person in the world I’m going to allow cat puns for.”

  “Then consider me honored, my dear,” Yang replied with a wink.

  “You’re kind’ve a dork,” Blake’s smile grew.

  “Yeah, maybe.  But I’m the dork that managed to talk you out of your clothes.”

  Both women shared a laugh before rejoining each other in the comfort of their arms.  Blake placed her cheek on Yang’s shoulder and shut her eyes, savoring the warmth that Yang always brought to her.

  “Last time I’ll ask, I promise,” Yang softly said into her partner’s ear.  “You sure about this?”

  Blake planted a kiss on Yang’s shoulder before looking up at her again.  “I’m sure.”

  Yang nodded at her.  “Alright.”  Yang hugged her tightly for several seconds before making her first real move.  Yang first slid her left hand down her lithe partner’s back, eventually settling it on Blake’s ass and squeezing, earning a light yelp from the other woman.

  Blake reciprocated Yang’s advances by slipping her hand in-between the two of them while still in their hug, sliding it over Yang’s midriff, between her breasts, and under her bra, now squeezing Yang’s right breast in her hand.

  Yang squeezed harder this time, and Blake curled her fingers closer to the center of Yang’s breast, not quite on her nipple yet, but edging very close.  Yang recognized what she was doing and hesitated before squeezing a third, even harder time, now resulting in a moan from Blake.


  Yang saw her moment and took it, moving her other hand to mirror the first, now fully grasping Blake’s ass in both of her hands and squeezed again, causing Blake’s hand to falter.  It splayed against Yang’s breast once again, no specific focus anymore.  Yang, however, was now using her newly-acquired ground to dominate her girlfriend.  She used her body weight to push Blake down onto the bed, which she allowed.

  The pair tumbled onto the bed together, Yang’s hands still firmly planted on Blake’s ass.  Blake’s hands, on the other hand, had fallen next to her face, positioning her in a very submissive state.

  “Alright Blake, new question,” Yang asked.  “I lead…” Yang squeezed again.  “You lead…” Yang moved her hand to Blake’s wrist, moving it onto her own breast and prompting Blake to squeeze.  “Or… equal?” Yang squeezed one last time, but this time also had Blake squeeze too.

  “Yang?  I trust you,” Blake touched Yang’s cheek with her now free hand.  “You lead.”

  Yang’s heart fluttered at those words.  She bent down and planted a kiss on her partner’s forehead.  “You’re so damn cute.”


  “What?  I mean it!”

  Blake smiled up at the blonde.  “Just kiss me already.”

  Yang slid down to meet Blake’s lips in a passionate affair.  Blake had kissed Yang before, but something about this kiss felt… softer.  Yang, despite everything her demeanor suggested, was even more nervous than Blake.

  The pair broke their kiss, and Blake felt the need to ask her partner an important question.   “You’ve never had sex, have you Yang?”

  While Yang seemed to win on the physical battleground, Blake seemed to have completely taken her off-guard with the question.  All of her movement had ceased, and a shiver ran along her body.

  “I… have not, no.”

  Blake leaned forward and kissed Yang’s nose.  “And there’s nothing wrong with that, Yang.  I just don’t want you rushing into something just because you’re keen on trying to please me.  Let’s just… let things play out.  Sound okay?”

  “Yeah.  Yeah that does.”

  “Good.  Now bring those lips back…”

  Yang kissed her partner with renewed vigor, now no longer as soft, but with an amazing spark that caused Blake’s toes to curl and her fingers to clench.

  Blake could also feel a marked shift in Yang’s attitude.  Where it felt like the blonde was previously trying to take charge and dominate, now Yang seemed to melt into the kiss as much as Blake did.

  Yeah.  Equal feels… better.

  The women leaned into each other as they kissed.  As Blake had noted, the atmosphere had changed, and now while neither gave way to the other, it wasn’t about wanting to be in charge or to dominate the other, but about genuinely wanting to give everything to each other.

  Blake’s hand began to wander her partner’s body, starting at Yang’s waist, slowly trailing down and around her abs, eventually reaching Yang’s…

  “Nnnnf!” Yang shuddered as Blake reached her target.  “Fuck, Blake, that’s… mmmm…”

  Blake teased the outer folds of Yang’s sex and stimulated her clit, earning all sorts of moans and huffs from the blonde, who was now beginning to fold inward from the excitement and pleasure of being touched by the woman she loved most in the world.

  “It’s okay, Yang,” Blake whispered.  “Just relax.”

  Yang didn’t realize how tense she was becoming until Blake pointed it out.  She unclenched her abdomen and let her arms fall to her sides, finding the pleasure of Blake’s touches even more pleasant than before.

  “That… feels so much better… Blake,” Yang managed to eke out.

  Blake gave her partner a warm smile.  “Good, I’m glad to hear it.”  Her eyes darted away for just a moment, just noticeable enough for Yang to have caught it even in the midst of her bliss.

  “Hey… nng… you okay?”

  Blake’s eyes met Yang’s again, a determination and fierceness in them that Yang swore she almost climaxed at the sight of.  “Yeah, it’s just… this is the first time… that sex has been my choice.  It feels so…”


  “Yeah.  It does,” Blake let out a small sigh.  “Thanks Yang.”

  “Heh.  Nn- nah, I was just calling… calling you beautiful,” Yang winked.  “B-but yeah, Blake, this feels… amazing.  Though I… I didn’t think- nng- this would be what our first time- mmmmmmwould be like.”

  Blake completely stopped all of her actions and her face softened.  “Bad?”

  Yang shook her head.  “Nope.  Opposite, actually.  I didn’t think we’d get any sort of comfortable downtime in the near future.  Not exactly a journey that could afford time away.”

  Blake withdrew her hand from her partners’ core.  “Maybe we don’t deserve this time just yet, Yang.  We do have a journey to get back to.”

  Yang sat fully upright and took her partner’s face in her hands.  “Hey, hey.  Listen to me.  There’s nothing we can do right now.  Remember Beacon?  The week of the dance?  You were overworking yourself so badly that you almost crashed because of everything you thought you could be doing instead of taking care of yourself.  You’ve grown so much since then, and I know you believe you can do better than that.  So please, please let yourself enjoy the moments you can.”

  Blake suddenly broke out in laughter, surprising Yang. 

  “…Blake, are you okay?”

  “Yeah, heh, yeah, I’m sorry,” Blake rubbed a tear from her eye.  “I just… thought of something that sounded… well, like a joke you would tell me.”

  A grin crept over Yang’s face.  “You gonna tell me?”

  “Well… I gave you my first dance that night… and now I’m giving you your first dance tonight.”  Blake continued to laugh at her own joke, but Yang didn’t laugh.  Instead, she stared at the raven-haired beauty in front of her, and realized just how in love she really was.

  “Hey.  I love you too, Blake.”

  Blake looked up shyly at her partner.  “You… you do?  I mean, I know I just told you I love you, and you, uh… didn’t say it immediately and I was worried-“

  “Shhhh shh shh,” Yang held Blake’s head to her chest.  “I do, I love you.  I love being with you, being around you, seeing you happy.  Annnnnnnd if that means that occasionally I need to remind you to cut loose… well, then I guess that’s what I have to do.”

  Yang could feel the vibrations of Blake laughing against her chest yet again.  “Thanks Yang.  I appreciate it.”  Blake pulled away to look up at the blonde again.  “Hey, the promise I made?  That I’d never leave again?  I mean it.  You’re stuck with me.”

  “Ah, shoot.  And I just booked all of my vacations for the next year, and they were all single-person.  Guess I have to get my money back.”

  “Or book for two.”

  “Or book for two,” Yang confirmed.

  “Hey, seriously though, what’s our plan?  Are we sticking with 2B and her group, or are we staying with our friends?”

  “Well, I’d argue all the choices are friends now, Belladonna,” Yang slyly snuck the compliment in.  “But… I don’t know.  On the one hand, we have a journey to complete, like you said.  On the other… I think if we stick with Fen’s group, we might have the opportunity to bring a lot more people into the fold.”

  “And is that what we want?  To make us a larger, more noticeable group?”

  “I don’t know.  But what I do know is that we’re clearly wrapped up in something much bigger than just Salem now.  I’ve been thinking… what if something worse than her pops up?  I mean, what’s the upper limit on the threats we’re facing from this… chaos?”

  “…I’ve been thinking the same thing.  But to take a page from your book, we can’t do anything besides worry about that now.  So let’s just… stay here.  Together.  The rest of the day can wait a little longer for both of us.”

  Yang snuggled into her partner.  “Yeah.  Guess you’re right.  Hey, can we just stay like this for now?  We can do this again later, I promise.”

  “Of course, Yang,” Blake rested her cheek against Yang’s chest again.  “All I need to be happy right now is you.”


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