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Overwatch is weird. No, not the setting or the story behind it. The Game. Why would Junkrat and Zenyatta team up to defend a payload delivering an EMP to omnics on King's Row?

The most obvious answer, of course, is that they are in a video game. Not only do the characters involved know that they are in a video game, but each of the 337+ skins have their own quirky personality.

Let's see what happens whenever you're NOT in a game fighting over some irrelevant capture point in Hanamura...
Sexy stories set in various places across time and space. History is my jam and I find there are a lot of opportunities for interesting tales to be told throughout the ages that you couldn't do in a fantasy, contemporary, or sci-fi setting.
This will be where I post all of my commissioned work. If you're interested in that sorta thing, I would first strongly ask you to consider checking my Patreon first. The Lecher tier entitles patrons to a request for every month they've signed up, which can be way cheaper! It has its pros and its cons, but you should know your options.

If you want to just talk, you can contact me on the HF discord. Just look for Erotica!
Kimiko Kamitora is the most pure-hearted magical girl pervert there ever was. She's the Saint Princess of Sluts. She's not very girly. She's even a bit of a tomboy... but no one is better equipped to resist a demon's corruption than her. She is too wholesome, too pure of heart. She has something that no demon can ever take away from her- the power of true love.
After the events of Redline, racers  are left as the only two participants who were unable to escape the Roboworld army amid the catastrophic disaster caused by Volton and Funky Boy. This saddles them with a colossal 7.3 quadrillion debt to pay for damages. How ever shall they pay it off?

Originally a patron request that became a story of its own, I'm having an absolute blast writing this ridiculous over-the-top sex comedy.
Smutty stories taking place in modern-day Earth. These descriptions aren't big enough to summarize every story so you'll just have to infer from the title. :P
It is the year 2179. Rumors are abound of a human being nominated to Spectre and soon, perhaps even a seat on the Council. Until then, there are many who feel humans must be tested. In these times of strife, interstellar harmony between the races has been the primary concern of the spacefaring nations of the Milky Way.

Thus, the Citadel Cooperation Initiative was born...

(Basically, lots of human on xeno romance)
Every month, two of my patrons will be able to make special requests for me to write whatever they so desire, within limits of my ability. I'll work with them as much or as little as they'd like to tailor the story to their interests. If that interests you, check me out at 
In the Pokémon world, there exists a newly discovered region called Erosa. A tropical paradise like Alola, but filled with Pokémon all over the world. This is due to some rather... curious behavioral quirks among them. Despite this unique opportunity, the Peninsula remains sparsely populated. The Erosa League prohibits licensing new trainers until the age of eighteen. Thus enters Isabelline J. Gettum, who is about to embark on her journey after waiting for what seemed like an eternity.
A love letter to a game series that no one is talking about, Dynasty Warriors. My goal is to translate the over-the-top violence and craziness of the game mechanics into over-the-top sex. Consider this a fun and silly parody of an already silly game series.

As an aside, I've been studying the Three Kingdoms period for the better part of two decades now so, hey, you might learn something too. ;)
Canonically, the Red Lotus were captured during an attempt to kidnap Korra as a child and raise her as one of their own. This story aims to answer the question of what would have happened if they had succeeded.

Each chapter is aimed to be read in about a half hour like an episode of the TV show.

As a tie-in with Kingsway , I will be writing a story inspired by his works. It will follow the heroines of Resident Evil as they grapple with a mysterious new affliction that makes monsters uninterested in them as a snack... well, the munch munch kind of snack. Though the content features gross monsters, there is no protagonist guro!
The big appeal of Overwatch is not just that the characters are very attractive but also that they have so much personality and charm to them and that is something I feel is not often conveyed in erotica and hentai featuring them. I want to bring these characters to life, telling smutty stories that still seem plausible and lore-friendly in the setting.

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