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Chapter 0 - Predator of the Yahg (Mass Effect)

The universe is immense, as are the opportunities for sexual encounters. The Yautja huntress Dark travels through the cosmos, always seeking out her next chance to have a bit of lewd fun. Whether humans, aliens or beasts, her insatiable lust will have her indulging in the most debauched fun indeed...

A series of one-shots depicting a hot busty Predator girl getting it on with a variety of creatures across the galaxy and different franchises :D

Chapter 0 - Predator of the Yahg (Mass Effect)

Chapter 0 - Predator of the Yahg (Mass Effect)
Under the bright lights, Dark groans softly. She is on her knees in an empty white room, her arms held above her head and cuffed together by the wrists, chained onto the wall. Stripped off of her armour, her weaponry, the Yautja is nude and helpless, restrained and defenceless. Hard to imagine the eight-foot huntress, muscular and powerful, to ever be left so vulnerable, and yet here she was, a prisoner of another race, a weaker race even. She shivers slightly, firm limbs shuddering and enormous bosom quivering, and she vaguely wonders what fate has in store for her.

The revelation comes soon, and she blearily looks up when a human walks into the room. He is a male, judging by his physique and obviously by the erect cock throbbing at his groin, yet he is unlike any other human; his skin is grey, and he has no face. Yet still he can speak as he approaches her, a soft and gentle tone that is laced with an insidious motive: “From predator to prey, hunter to hunted. You made it too easy. Maybe you just wanted it. You always want it…”

He stops just before her, his penis thick and enticing. Despite sensations of embarrassment and dishonour squirming within her, despite the immense horror of being a captive, she cannot contain the groan of desire she gives. Yes, a part of her considers, yes she does want it. She always wants it. Feebly, she leans forward, mandibles splaying and mouth opening, pleading for his firm shaft. She wants his cock. She needs his cock. She cannot bear to be without it, not when it is so close to her, so ready to use her.

He has no mouth, yet she is sure he must be smiling, and then he pushes forward. His dick slides into her mouth, between her lips, and the huntress groans with happiness as his musky taste, laced with a salty tang, bathes her in a sense of wonder. The enthralling taste of penis is all she craves, all she needs, and she greedily slurps and licks at it. It doesn’t even matter that she is a prisoner anymore, that she is now but a slave; so long as throbbing phalluses are eager to use her, she will want nothing more than to serve them.

Even better, as she fellates him, more humans enter the room. They are as grey and faceless as the first, and their dicks are just as hard, just as impressively large. Excitement tingles through her nerves as she comprehends their presence, realizes just how many males are here to have their way with her. They do not intrude, not yet, but she can hear them whispering about the many ways they will use her. They plan to gangbang her, stuff cock in all of her holes, cum all over her, use her again and again, and Dark groans with happiness over the prick she sucks, wishing that they could all be fucking her right now.

As she zealously sucks off the original male, so enthralled by the manhood, he fondly strokes a hand over her prominent forehead as he murmured: “This is what you need. This is what you were born for. This is where you belong…”

And then Dark wakes up.

With a lazy yawn, the Yautja huntress reclines back in the pilot seat, taking some time just to shake herself free of the teasing embrace of tiredness. She stretches out her impressive frame, flexing her muscular limbs and shaking her head a bit, dreadlocks twirling around her. She feels a little bit dazed, as one often is when just waking, but quite refreshed too. A nap always did well after all, and it did help to make the time fly. Her ship was fast, but even it couldn’t travel across galaxies in seconds.

A yawn of satisfaction, some time to get perked up, and then she turns her attention to the instruments of her ship; according to navigation, she still had an hour to go before she reached her destination. Not too bad, all things considered. She checks her messages, and finds nothing; of course, no-one ever wants to message the sexual deviant unless they desperately needed her. She snorts at that, and double checks her course; the auto-pilot was working fine, the engines were still going strong and there were no obstacles in the way. Excellent.

Another flex, and she leans back and idly rubs her hands over the slope of her immense breasts, turning her thoughts back to her awakening. She’d been dreaming, if she recollected, and a moment of contemplation recalls the details. Yes, she’d been chained up in some room, stripped of her armour, and then the human can come to use her, to give her his cock. In that moment, she’d felt nothing but an utterly overwhelming desire to be nothing more than her captor’s slut, to just let him use her, fuck her, in every way he might imagine. In that moment, her only desire was to be nothing more than his sex slave, and then it had only intensified when the rest came in…

She gives a faint coo. A good dream indeed; pity she’d woken up just when it was getting good. A giggle now, and the Yautja huntress rubs over her breasts again. Small wonder she was considered an outcast in her society, when even her dreams were pressing her to carry on with her delicious pastime. A huntress who values the sexual energy of her prey over spines or skulls wasn’t regarded too highly by her society; matter of fact, they found it outright distasteful. Who could ever offer respect for a predator who preferred mating with her prey, letting them dominate her even, instead of simply slaughtering them?

Well, she cared not for what others thought. No matter how much she enjoyed sex, how much she loved tracking down other creatures purely to fuck them, she was still a powerful warrior and a competent huntress. If anyone needed something done, she was the woman to do it. How many times had the Elders come crawling to her to request she solve a problem for them, only to promptly belittle her as a whore and a harlot after all was said and done? More times than she could count.

The Yautja smirks, squeezing her breasts more tightly. Yes, call on her when needed and then get right back to belittling her. The old fools were lucky she valued her honour; much as she might disregard them, she couldn’t really leave a situation where, say, Serpents had gotten loose or a rogue hunter needed to be tracked down. Perhaps she was a bit too honourable in that regard, but it mattered not; she did what was needed to do, and then she went back to her solitary life, indulging in her favourite hobby.

Debauchery, and lots of it.

In the last week, she’d been loitering in human colonies, hunting down lone males and mating with them. It was a good test of her skills indeed to sneak through their habitat, through their very homes, and seek out her prey. No matter where they went, where they hid, she could find them, and when she found them, she would have them experience a primal pleasure they may never have even dreamed of. Ooh, reminiscing on her hunts made her feel so sweet, and she purred as she moved a hand down her impressively muscled body, down her curved frame, to tend to her pussy.

She still had a way to go before she reached the target planet. And when Dark had time to kill, few things killed it better than fingers in her cooch, a hand fondling her breasts and sweet thoughts of relentless debauchery. With a moan, she lays back, tilts her head back, and groans softly, rubbing at her sensitive spots as she recalls her dream, as she fantasizes of being a sex slave, being fucked and spunked on by cocks for as long as she could take it…


The planet is called Parnack, a rather remote world on the fringes of some far-off galaxy. Dark first heard of this world from an alien creature she’d met about a week ago, and she’d heard of the powerful predators who rule it. The creature had spoken of how vicious they were, a proud and competitive race of obligate carnivores who devoured any who opposed them, who expressed loyalty only to the strongest and smartest of their kind. No trick could fool them, no camouflage could elude them, and they devoured all who opposed them.

Intrigued by such words, she had decided to go investigate at some point, right after she had some fun playing with humans in their colonies. The creature had warned her against it, matter of fact. He had whimpered how fear-inspiring the monsters were, how powerful and deadly they were. Even a huntress may fall against it, for he spoke of how only the strongest armours could keep them at bay. And the Yautja found that part just a little funny.

See, she does have pieces of armour, mainly on her shoulders and legs, plates around the sides of her wide hips and the distinctive backpack that powered her plasma caster and stored other weapons. And of course, there is her mask. But for the most part she is nude, with her vagina and anus exposed and her breasts bared before all. After all, Dark does not prioritise defence, but instead access; she wants to make sure her prey can see all of her allure, can see what she wishes for, and that they can mate with her without hassle.

Yes, she had no need for armour. All she needed was for her lustrous body to be exposed to all and eager males (and occasionally females) to fuck her long and hard, in every way they can for as long as they want. Such was being a woman of debauchery, not defence.

Giggling just a little at that, she turns her attention to the sight she sees through of the ship’s windows. Bluish amidst the black cosmos, Parnack itself comes closer and closer, the home to the so-called Yahg. If what she’s heard is true, they are relentless and mighty beasts who could see every last little motion of a body. Even her cloaking device might not escape their sight. They were big, as big as a Yautja, and they knew only strength. All in all, they sound like an intriguing species, interesting creatures that might prove entertaining.

And hopefully, they would prove virile too. Just the thought of being fucked by a species renowned for their predatory might sent an enticing shiver down her spine. She always felt excited when she scouted out new species, tested them to see if they would make delightful playthings, and she might just score well today with this species. Ideally she’ll find males, for she does have a preference for penis over vagina, but heck, a romp with a girl Yahg would be just as fun itself.

And even if they weren’t so fun, she knew many other worlds with many other creatures, creatures who would make up for a fruitless adventure with the amount of cum they could give her. If she recollected, there was a Serpent Queen on a world not too far from here; a few hours with those enormous milky breasts would make up for any wayward trip.

Her ship will be left orbiting the planet, whilst she takes the smaller scout vessel to the surface, towards a section of the planet where night currently reigns. Her vessel enters the planet’s atmosphere with ease, and she heads toward a section of wilderness, a massive forest with trees as tall as her ship was long and laden with spiked leaves. Carefully, she lands in a clearing amidst the trees, activating the vessel’s cloak as it sets down. The cockpit slides open and Dark leaps out into a bold new world, hospitable but yet bearing an air of intrigue.

Standing tall, huge tits quivering and muscular frame flexing, her mask reads the world around her in terms of heat. It’s a fairly cool world, with no signs of life so far save for the trees and bugs scuttling in the undergrowth, and while their leaves are sharp and spiked, they do possess thick branches up in the canopy, large enough to support a huntress upon them. Satisfied, she promptly leaps up to them, landing on a branch with practised ease, and she promptly makes her way through the canopy, seeking out this world’s predator.

Agilely, the Yautja leaps from branch to branch, tree to tree, mask occasionally switching through different vision modes to better seek out her prey. She suspects they can be seen on thermal, but then again, there’s every chance another vision would be necessary to seek them out, ala the Serpents. Well, it only made the hunt more fun, really; the different techniques and tactics she’s employed over the years to find her prey have been diverse, and it’s always good to find a new strategy. And of course, always good to have a new cock inside of her.

She wonders if she’ll even know when she finds the Yahg, but a faint tingling in her cunt, already slick with anticipation, assures her that she will absolutely know them when she sees them. Alpha predators had a certain air to them, a certain confidence, and that would be exactly what she needed to find. And better still, where there was a creature without fear, there was a creature without restraint, and she could only imagine how well such a beast would fuck her.

Heh, travelling through an unknown world and hunting down a world’s apex predator reminds her of a similar experience years ago, when she’d gone through the exact same process. She’d heard from a stranger about a far-off world where deadly beasts roamed, and she’d gone there to seek out the alpha predator. Of course, where any other Yautja would go to find a new skull for their trophy room, Dark hunted purely for a new playmate to satisfy her eternal lust for debauchery.

It had been an invigorating adventure, the thrill of stalking mighty beasts through unknown territory, pitting her tracking skills against unknown beasts. And then there had been the outcome to her journey, an outcome more wonderful than what even she might have dreamed of…

The planet was a world of perpetual darkness, lacking any star to light it, but life had thrived there nevertheless, and its alpha predator ruled it with an iron claw. She’d stalked through its cragged land for only an hour after arriving there when she had become the hunted, when the deadliest beast of that world had her in its sights. Some kind of reptilian beast, six-legged and shockingly fast, it had easily followed her through the jagged quarries, through the dark canyons, and the Yautja found herself run down and captured by the beast faster than she would have ever expected.

Mere seconds after the beast pinned her down, its thick cock forced itself into her pussy, fucking her with a prompt and relentless fervour. Dark wailed in delight when her pussy was stretched upon its shaft, filled to the brim and nailed hard, harder than almost any other creature the Yautja had mated with. Pressed onto the ground, fucked roughly and without mercy, she begged for it to use her, to go harder, and not to stop until it had filled her; fortunately, it seemed to understand her desperate desires, and it kept going until it pumped her very womb full of cum, leaving her moaning with happiness as she was left hot and heavy.

To be hunted down and fucked so mercilessly had been a glorious thrill, and it only became better when it turned out the monster was a pack-hunter; no sooner had the first finished with her when three others made their presence known, and Dark was again groaning in delight when they had their way with her, taking turns fucking her like a bitch in heat. They were enduring, relentless, able to go multiple rounds, and they were adaptable too; when the Yautja pleaded for her other holes to be filled, they worked together to stuff each one with cock, and they never stopped until they came inside of her.

When all four were finished, they took her back to their lair, and Dark spent the next three days serving as their slut, eagerly pleasing their hard pricks whenever they wanted. She adored their stamina, their size and strength, the way they fucked her with all their might, and for a brief time she had even considered abandoning all she knew and staying there as their fuck-toy forever. Eventually, she did feel the need to return to her wandering ways, to continue exploring the universe and find new playmates, and when the pack left for another hunt, she returned to her ship and left the planet.

But of course, not before marking it in her star charts and vowing to return someday.

Dark jolts out of her pleasant reverie when she finally detects life moving in the forest. Landing on a branch, frame shuddering and teats jiggling, she peers down to spy a thermal signature skulking over the ground below. It was a large creature, as tall as she was and much bulkier, with a stocky body, thick limbs and sharps claws and an oddly large head with four eyes. The way it moved, powerfully and confidently, without concern or hesitance, implied it was a creature who knew no fear, and that kind of attitude could only be attributed to an alpha predator.

Well, this might be just the Yahg she sought out. A lot quicker than the last planet she tracked predators on, but she wouldn’t complain; sometimes the thrill of the hunt was simply in the fuckery she got. Smirking behind her mask, she focuses upon the figure down below as she activates her cloak, disappearing under a veil of bent light as she watched it. It walked on without a care, undeterred and not even frightened by a dark forest, clearly confident in its power. Were she a less sexual predator, this might be the part where its confidence was rewarded with a combi-stick lodged in the spine.

Well, she is not a less sexual predator, and thus she casually watches the beast as it roams past. It watches the environment with impressive acuity, drawn to even the tiniest moments of little bugs or falling leaves, and she wonders just good its vision is. Even in the dark, it has no problem knowing where to go, where any roots were and such, and thusly it-

It pauses. Slowly, it turns around. Its thick head looks up, and those eyes are looking right at her. With a growl, the beast speaks and her mask translates it as a guttural and masculine snarl: “I see you there, hiding in the tree. What are you, cloaker?”

Huh, that was quick. She might want to laugh at just how easy that was, but she decides to be prompt with her intentions, not even questioning the efficiency at which it had detected her. Almost lazily, she steps off the branch and lands before the bulkier creature, rearing up before the beast. Seems he was a male, judging by that tone, and he may well be a Yahg too. Either way, she had fun on the mind. She deactivated her cloak, baring her impressively large muscular frame before him, voluptuous and enticing, busty and already dribbling at the snatch.

The four eyes blink, perhaps in surprise, and he looks her up and down with an air of bemusement. His gaze lingers at her enormous breasts, big enough that even his hefty claws wouldn’t be able to contain them, and he gazes at her thighs, seeing the pale-greenish flow of pussy juice leaking from her. The cloaker is assuredly an impressive female, curvy and muscled, paler at the underside and dark mottled brown elsewhere. He can’t see her face behind that mask, but from her posture, her nudity, it’s all too clear that this invisible watcher is not here to make threats.

Bemused, the brute glances at her mask, only slightly irritated she would hide her face, and snorts: “Well, aren’t you brazen? You stalk this forest just to mate, cloaker? You hold no desire to dominate, only to submit?”

Slowly, teasingly, Dark trails one hand over the swell of her bosom whilst the other brushes around her groin, around her slick sex. Fingers collect droplets of her cum, and she coyly raises it up and brushes over it over the peak of a hefty tit, lazily swaying her hips all the while. Slow and sensual, she makes her point the best way she can; she’s not here to talk, nor to fight.

She’s here to fuck.

The beast, perhaps indeed a Yahg, can’t restrain a smirk, and he snorts: “Well then, if that’s what you want. I could do with some fun myself, really.”

Indeed. The horny huntress finds herself reward when the alien sees fit to reveal his own sex; unsheathing from his groin, slipping out a rim of scaled skin, his penis emerges to greet her. And my, what a cock it is; it’s a hefty length of about nine inches at full erection, a thickly veined girth tipped with a ridged head, subtle protrusions over its length and an impressive aura of power. His cock raises up, throbbing before her, and she feels almost faint gazing at it. The last time she’d taken a dick this big, she’d been relaxing in a stable and learned just how friendly a ‘horse’ could be.

She purrs approvingly at the sight of his huge cock, hand grasping at her tit as the other, slick with her fluids, beckons him to her. Smirking, the brute saunters over her, admiring her voluptuous body, and she wonders what he’ll want first. Perhaps the mask off, to suck him off and work him up, or fondling. Most males she lays with tend to want to play with her tits first, and Dark would be able too happy to put her rack to good use-

The second he’s in range, the Yahg grasps the Yautja by the hips and promptly pushes her onto the ground. She’s a bit surprised by such prompt repositioning, finding herself laid bare before him, before she groans with desire and spreads her legs for him. Keeping a claw on her waist, he settles down before her, other hand grasping his immense dick as he aligns it with her wet cunt. He’s not intending to waste any time; the slut wants his cock, and so he will give it right to her, no foreplay required.

His blunt head bumps against the rim of the huntress’ cunt, feeling her warmth, her wetness, and he growls in approval. Few things aroused him like a voluptuous female craving cock, and this alien slut fit the bill nicely. Everything about her posture trembled with sexual desire, and he was all too happy to fulfil her. He rubs his head against her womanhood for just a second, appreciating how slick she’d gotten, before he pushes his blunt head right into her. The outer rim spreads easily before him, as if inviting him in, and the Yahg gives a snarl of pleasure as her heat engulfs his prick.

Dark groans in ecstasy as his shaft sinks into her, forcing apart her inner walls with a searing sensation of wonder. He’s immensely sized, big enough for even her spacious snatch to feel the immensity of his girth, and she revels in every inch that pushes into her. He’s not waiting around, holding her hips tightly to pull her onto him as he goes deeper and deeper, relentlessly taking her. His huge dick splits her in half, opening her up for more to go on, and her ecstatic moans of pleasure only spur him on.

It takes only a moment for the Yahg to stuff as much of his huge prick into her eager snatch, managing to barely get to the hilt inside of her before his tip bumps her cervix. The Yautja moans delightedly at that, running her hands over her huge tits as she revels in his immensity inside of her. Ooh, it was so intense, so exhilarating, and she loves how her hunt has proven so damn good so far, yielding her a powerful beast and an almighty cock to dominate her. She groans for him to fuck her, pleads with him even, fondling her tits all the while, and he cannot imagine any reason to deny the slut what she wanted.

Holding onto her tightly, squeezing at her impressive hips, the beast grunts as he starts to pull his prick out of her wetness, smooth and firm, readying himself for the push back in. The way she trembled and quivered as his ridged length grinded her innards, she must absolutely adore how he felt inside of her, and that just made him feel so good. Smirking a fanged smirk, he figures this gal will make a wonderful playmate indeed, a perfect solution for his current tension, and he decides to go all out with her. And just like that, with a rumble of pleasure, he shoves back into her with relentless speed and strikes her right at the cervix.

Dark gives a wail ecstasy as he takes her hard, fills her once more, tip nailing her sweet spot and making her frame spasm with euphoric wonder. His penis was immensely satiating, utterly filling and utterly merciless, and she revelled in every inch of it inside of her. How lucky she was for her hunt to have go so well, to have netted her such a delicious opportunity, and she fondles herself fiercely as she whines for more.

Delighted by her insatiability, the Yahg responds by pulling out again, teasing her wetness with a slow tug, and then shoving back in. She shudders at his force, huge breasts quivering, groans heavily for him, and he gives a snarl of satisfaction as he repeats the process. He’s starting to go faster now, get a potent rhythm going, designed to fuck her senseless and make her squeal for him like the slut she was. And all things considered, the huntress wouldn’t have it any other way.

Again and again, the brute thrusts into her with increasing speed, shuddering her voluptuous body and making her massive boobs jiggle in her grasp. She squeezes them, tweaks at her hard nipples, eager for more pleasure, to feel the buzz intensify within her! Every hit inside of her, every inch of that ridged cock stimulating her walls as it shoves in and out of her stretched snatch, it makes her feel so hot inside, so wondrously pleasured, and she just loves it so much. Again and again she wails with him, desires more and more, and he keeps on fucking her, relentlessly and powerful.

Her pussy ripples over his prick, shuddering and squirming around his thick phallus, and the brute snarls with pleasure as he revels in her sensations. She took him very well, handled everything he dished out with admirable eagerness, and the sight of her quivering body, the sounds of her ecstatic moans, only goads him onwards. Keeping one claw firmly on her hips, aiding with sliding her sex over his, he gets the over one up to grasp at one of those huge breasts, squeezing the plump pillowy flesh with impressment. He’s never seen tits so big, and to squeeze them was quite the delight indeed!

The beast keeps shoving into her, fucking her hard and with the added thrills of how roughly he kneads her immense teat. The Yautja groans more loudly than ever, utterly enthralled by the sexual thrills surging through her nerves. It’s all so good, all so satisfying, and she thanks her lucky stars to have had the hunt go so well. Ooh, she could just have that huge prick fucking her again and again, over and over, and love every bit of it!

Ooh, her heat is building inside, intense and overwhelming, spurred by each overwhelming thrust of that ridged cock into her. It makes her pussy tremble and quiver, makes it leak more fiercely than ever, marring his shaft with fluids, and she knows he’s getting her onwards to orgasm. Ooh, she feels like she’s going to cum hard for this predator, cum so hard for his immense cock fucking her so fiercely, and she cannot imagine a better outcome for this trip. Well, actually she could; if there were more Yahgs here to use her.

Well, she’d take what she could get. She croons ecstatically to the alien, letting him know she was close, and he growls in approval, fondling and fucking her harder still to get her there. He’s pretty hot inside too, and cumming inside this slut would be a delightful outcome for this debauched encounter. Again and again he pounds her, slamming into her heated leaking sex over and over, blunt tip hitting the cervix again and again as his ridged length stimulates her so potently. She’s getting closer and closer, so close, and Dark feels absolutely ecstatic as she comes right to the end and then-

She cums! With a wail of wonder, the Yautja gives into her orgasm right as he hilts himself inside of her. Her cunt promptly tightens over the thick invader, grasping it fiercely amidst her muscles and holding it within as the heat surges through her lustrous body. The huntress cries out again and again in her euphoria, feeling the intensity of her pleasure overcome her body, from the tips of her dreads to the swell of her breasts, and her vagina is left spewing fluids out over the invading dick. Her sweet honey slathers over his phallus, sputtering out of her rim, and he rumbles in satisfaction for how she cums.

Of course, he ought to show her how he does it. Massaged and pleasured by her inner muscles squeezing his dick, the Yahg throws his head back and gives a roar of triumph as he indulges in his own orgasm. With a fierce surge, an immense throb, his huge phallus unleashes a potent stream of cum right inside of the Yautja, pouring it deep into her inviting womanhood. Thick and hot, viscous and simmering, his cum pours right through her cervix, into her womb, and blesses her with the intense surge of boiling seed right into the very depths of her heated snatch.

Dark moans in happiness as his cum pours into her, filling up her very womb, swelling her with seed so succulently. She moans louder for them, quivering and trembling in ecstasy as he squeezes at her teat, pleasuring her further as more and more spunk shoots into her. So much pours in now that as soon as her womb is left stuffed with jizz, it leaks out her cervix into her tightened sheath, slithering throughout her innards so warmly. She gasps in delight at familiar yet invigorating sensations, loving every second of her snatch being saturated with seed as the beast gives her more and more.

The Yahg’s orgasm keeps on going, and he gives a snarl of delight when he feels how full her pussy is. Her sex is leaking whiteness all across his dick, sputtering out of her stretched rim, and still he has more to give. The slut is absolutely full of his cum now, utterly stuffed with spunk, but he has more to give still. Promptly, he knows exactly what he must do; if she’s got enough on the inside, why not give some to the outside.

With a snarl, he releases the gasping huntress from his grip and pulls his spewing shaft from her pussy. As her gaping hole is left leaking a veritable river of his seed, he rears up and aims his massive prick over her voluptuous body, hosing down her mottled frame with jizz. Hot cum pours over her body, from her smooth naval to her immense tits, and Dark groans delightedly as the viscous heat showers over her. As if having her pussy pumped full of cum wasn’t good enough, now the Yahg was lathering over parts of her with seed, and she just felt so utterly happy to have it all for her.

Ooh, she could just be showered in hot cum forever, and the Yautja eagerly rubs over her increasingly sticky frame as he coats her body and tits in his spunk. Yes, this was a good outcome for a hunt, a good outcome indeed…

The Yahg keeps it up for just another moment, until finally his prick can give no more. The blunt tip dribbling feeble droplets of jizz, he gives a shuddering rumble of contentment as the heat dies down and the flow comes to an end. He can’t remember the last time he came so hard, the last pussy he fucked so hard, and he feels quite satisfied indeed to have met with this alien intruder. She seems quite satisfied too; mask or not, the way she rubbed over her cum-coated tits was testament to a slut who loved her debauchery, and he felt quite smug indeed on having given her every bit she might want.

“Not bad at all, slut.” He rumbles, lazily stroking his thick dick in his hand as he admired her voluptuous spunk-covered body. “Few can endure the potency of the Yahg, and fewer still outright crave it. Good of you to take it all, but if you want to call it quits, I wouldn’t blame you…”

But ah, one should never underestimate the Yautja. Only a moment after he’s done with her, stood over her with his cock held in his claw, the predator raises up slightly, shuddering heavily with how warm she is. Spunk coats her skin, slick and viscous, leaking over her, and it is deep within her core, flowing from her snatch as it simmers and sears inside of her. Ooh, it was all so good, all so much, and she feels extremely confident that this Yahg is indeed a good prey item indeed, a wonderful playmate. She feels so satisfied indeed, so utterly content… and yet still her desires burn with a need for more.

As he gazes down at her, quite impressed with her endurance and stamina, she raises a hand to her mask and unclasps the hoses with hisses of steam. Slowly, teasingly, she peels over the metal covering and puts it to the side, exposing her face to the bemused alien. He tilts his head, rather curious about her enlarged head, fleshy dreadlocks and gleaming yellow eyes above a cute mouth framed by intimidating mandibles.

Huh. She was quite beautiful.

Dark smirks at him, mandibles clicking fondly, as her other hand, slick with the cum from her body, comes to her mouth and lets her lick up his semen. Ooh, the taste is enthralling; not salty like a humans, but rather pasty, akin to dough. It has a charming edge to it, enticing and inviting, and it makes her shudder with pleasure as she licks it up, licks her hand clean. Mm, she could go for cleaning herself, lapping up every drop of tasty cum, but right now, the lewd urge burns inside, and she wants more.

The Yahg is quite impressed when she shifts around, onto all fours, and sways her plush ass before him in invitation. Even with her cunt fucked hard and leaking cum, even with the orgasm she’d just undergone, the slut still had it in her for more, even wanted more? How had he never met a girl like this one before? With a predatory smirk, licking his lips in utter admiration for her horniness, the brute rumbles: “Well, if you insist. A good slut always need a good fucking…”

And a good fucking she’s in for. His claws grasp onto her doughy ass, squeezing it nicely as he brings his cock to her rear. She’s not at all intimidated by a prick that size going for her ass; Dark has taken her share of enormous cocks railing her anus, and she’ll be sure to take many more. She trembles excitedly at that blunt head, slick with her fluids, pokes against her rear, pushes past her rim, and she groans with delight when it forces itself into her, splitting her rear apart as the brute takes her rear for himself.

Inch by inch, his ridged penis has her ass searing with intense ecstasy as it pushes into her, and Dark digs her claws into the ground as she takes it with a moan. Her frame shudders with ecstasy as her rear is taken, her huge tits swaying to and fro, her eyes crossed and tongue lolled out in her personal nirvana. Ooh, this is what she lived for, this is what she craved; endless debauchery, hunting down the best playmates in the universe to satisfy every depraved whim she had! And then, when she was finished, she’d start it all over again.

Yes, this assfuck won’t be the end of it. When the Yahg is done with her ass, fucking it hard and filling it with cum, pouring the rest out over her cheeks, the Yautja will still want more. So much more, so much more. After her ass-fucking, the slutty huntres eagerly licks his dick clean of semen, sucks it fervently, then slides it between her breasts, giving him a tit-fuck he’ll never forget. Still she goes on, desperate for more and more; the brute will fuck her many more times throughout the night, slamming her holes again and again, holding her up against trees or letting her ride him, giving her all the cum she could want.

And she wants a lot. In her holes, down her throat, on her body, she wants cum. Again she finds herself wishing that more Yahg could be here to use her, but you know what, she appreciates just how much this one has for her, enough to feed her, fill her and coat her over and over again. Now that was a good beast indeed.

At some point, even she will have to call it quits, head back to the ship, but for the night, for now, she’ll only keep on fucking, keep on revelling in the Yahg’s immense cock for as long as she can. His endurance is as good as hers, as is his enthusiasm, and throughout their relentless mating he finds himself speaking absolute awe to her nymphomanical wonder. Even an alpha predator of a distant world would learn to respect the might of the true predators, the Yautja, and she purred at the thought as she enjoyed his massive prick within her.

A voice in the back of her mind reminds her that she might not have found out about this if it hadn’t been for that random alien she’d met. You know, after she’d had her fill of Yahg cum, she ought to go find him and thank him for the tip. Maybe she should even reward him, reward him the best way she knew how, and the huntress smiles at the thought of more cock to enjoy soon enough…


Author’s Notes: >MFW I'll never be hunted by horny predator slut. Damn.

So voila! At the behest of the homie SavageCanadian, from H/S/P returns the horny huntress Dark, as prompt as ever to fulfil her lewdest desires. Good to see she’s following her dreams no matter what the others say. And being a slut, good to see she’s doing that too :D

Now, I won’t pull this story out for too long, probably for just about 5-to-10 chapters, but it’ll be fun all the same. If you get any neat ideas for other aliens, beasts or whatever for our Yautja to go and bone, be sure to let me know!


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Ezengrane on September 6, 2017, 9:10:59 AM

Ezengrane on (Chapter: index)
EzengraneThat's a good stuff, with nice variety as well. Although it's indeed a little pity that she can't lactate even for a chapter.

LewdnCrude on September 6, 2017, 11:05:35 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudeTrue, but hey ho, we all tend to have our better ideas after we've just executed them, ha

ZzSavageCandianzZ on September 3, 2017, 2:27:05 PM

ZzSavageCandianzZ on (Chapter: index)
ZzSavageCandianzZI've only read a little under half of the maid section, and already it's everything I hoped for. Though I've got to say, Dark better not take off that outfit when she joins her master in the shower. He is undressed, but she only undresses when he tells her. 

LewdnCrude on September 3, 2017, 4:39:13 PM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudePredator to pervert, that's how she rolls!

ZzSavageCandianzZ on September 3, 2017, 4:46:51 PM

ZzSavageCandianzZ on (Chapter: index)
ZzSavageCandianzZDamn straight, when I get up a second wind I'll finish the story; though it's already going in my personal archive (an archive I keep of the best pornographic material in case of power or internet outages, and as reliable back up for slow days). 

Chinran on February 21, 2017, 5:32:20 PM

Chinran on (Chapter: index)
ChinranWait a second due to the blessings and purpose of Diana's extra appendage doesn't that mean tha Dark just got Knocked up?

LewdnCrude on February 22, 2017, 6:28:01 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)

ZzSavageCandianzZ on February 21, 2017, 8:09:55 PM

ZzSavageCandianzZ on (Chapter: index)
ZzSavageCandianzZAre you and Zoog talking? (not that I'm necessarily against this idea)

Chinran on February 21, 2017, 10:17:27 PM

Chinran on (Chapter: index)
ChinranWe're not. I just read the other story in the past and thought "hey doesn't that mean?".

ZzSavageCandianzZ on February 19, 2017, 7:20:20 PM

ZzSavageCandianzZ on (Chapter: index)
ZzSavageCandianzZUsually I'm not a proponent of this kind of thing, but has Dark ever considered trying double anal or fisting (not to say that Dark hasn't taken some 'large' objects). 

LewdnCrude on February 20, 2017, 5:20:32 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudeYeah probably; she's pretty boss about all she does.

ZzSavageCandianzZ on February 20, 2017, 12:30:11 PM

ZzSavageCandianzZ on (Chapter: index)
ZzSavageCandianzZVery, very nice. Good to see you again man :)

LewdnCrude on February 21, 2017, 3:40:23 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudeAnd you too! Here's to another fun year of lewdness :D

ZzSavageCandianzZ on February 21, 2017, 1:41:58 PM

ZzSavageCandianzZ on (Chapter: index)
ZzSavageCandianzZI'll drink to that

Canderous19 on October 15, 2016, 5:32:03 PM

Canderous19 on (Chapter: index)
Canderous19Huh I see your back, interesting thus far. 

Well here's an idea if your ever interested but first need know, is it just aliens and beasts you want or is humans included?

LewdnCrude on October 16, 2016, 2:48:57 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudeGlad you like!

Yep, humans can be featured, since we know from H/S/P that Dark enjoys playing with the plucky little simians!

Canderous19 on October 16, 2016, 2:26:56 PM

Canderous19 on (Chapter: index)
Canderous19I see. Would you mind if I give a suggestion involving her and something from Star Wars?

LewdnCrude on October 17, 2016, 2:36:01 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudeAs you wish!

Canderous19 on October 17, 2016, 2:45:51 AM

Canderous19 on (Chapter: index)
The suggestion goes that Dark while on the search on a planet, she ends up seeing a Mandalorian warrior in action against firece creatures of the planet. The skill and accuracy pretty much arosed Dark a very great deal. Realizing her usually way won't work, she decides earning the warrior's respect is needed.
So basically, a big sparing match, she was able get in a certain position that sets things into motion. Thing note, Mandalorian does pleasure her in ways she hasn't quite felt, make sure she is enjoying it and not just him. 
Does the idea sound alright? I can give you details who character is if you are?

LewdnCrude on October 17, 2016, 2:48:10 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudeOkie-dokie then, fire away!

Canderous19 on October 17, 2016, 2:54:32 AM

Canderous19 on (Chapter: index)
Parjir(Victory) Cadera, 19 year old human, handsome young man with couple scars on his face, dark blue eyes, small beard, short brown hair. Personality wise, calm and very patience man, similar to Rookie in some ways, very big on honor. Wears dark red and gray Mandalorian armor, prefers using two swords. As for his manhood well... Enough make Dark go like wide eye and very surprise.

But really all up to you on this idea, it's only a suggestion.

LewdnCrude on October 18, 2016, 11:45:01 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudeIs this chap an OC or something?

Canderous19 on October 18, 2016, 12:12:33 PM

Canderous19 on (Chapter: index)
Canderous19Up to you. Whatever your comfortable with.

Zoog on October 15, 2016, 11:14:21 PM

Zoog on (Chapter: index)
ZoogThis is great!
I would love to see Dark getting pregnant by the end of the series, I must admit :P

LewdnCrude on October 16, 2016, 2:50:00 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudeHa ha, now that would be a shenanigan :P

Zoog on October 16, 2016, 12:00:25 PM

Zoog on (Chapter: index)
Zoogshe goes, she hunts, she comes back with a trophy... inside her womb!
Plus, a sex scene with a female Predator with a round, full belly? I'd like two with sauce on top, please and thank you.

ZzSavageCandianzZ on October 16, 2016, 9:01:59 AM

ZzSavageCandianzZ on (Chapter: index)
ZzSavageCandianzZHA! Love it.

ZzSavageCandianzZ on October 15, 2016, 11:57:24 AM

ZzSavageCandianzZ on (Chapter: index)
ZzSavageCandianzZLewd, I wish I might physically meet you, if only to give you a hardy slap on the back. The back, don't get too excited you pervs ;)

LewdnCrude on October 15, 2016, 11:59:53 AM

LewdnCrude on (Chapter: index)
LewdnCrudeHa, glad that you liked. Few things are more fun than a busty alien babe going about her lewd endeavours, ho ho! :D

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