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Chapter 12 - Handling the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku

Walk in the wake of the living mountain, stride into the wonders of a new world. Seek out the truth of their crossing, and follow the guiding light of the Sapphire Star. Within the wilds, another monster rises, claws sharper than swords and scales wrought like steel. Hold your weapon high, and face the challenge-

Though for this huntress, getting bent over and fucked senseless by the monsters seems more appropriate!

<Bestiality, natch>

Chapter 12 - Handling the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku

Chapter 12 - Handling the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku
Ooh, she thinks she's gotten the best haul so far! The Handler coos delightedly as she plucks up a cool white herb, takes an appreciative sniff, and sighs in contentment. What an aroma, rather flowery, a touch tangy, and intriguingly cold. Nodding, the brunette deems it a delightful addition to her stash, and promptly tosses it into a basket loaded with other exquisite items she's procured here.

This world is so beautiful, so rich and lustrous and full of wonders! The Coral Highlands as they were so called had proven to be a most marvellous place indeed. Everywhere she looks is another majestic sight, an unending colony of pinks and blues forging more intricate structures. It's like trees and yet not, cliffs forged of rock and laced with coral, huge barnacle-like shells dotting the landscape, and an snowy coalition of white motes in the air. It was like the wind itself was saturated with the specks, and it carried its own tantalising aroma. All in all, this place was possibly the most stunning habitat she's ever seen.

And the edibles! So many luscious edibles here! She'll be making truly succulent feasts with these goods, no doubt!

Mm, but even as she enjoys the sweet scents of her haul, the glorious potential of exotic meals, the Handler shudders delightedly as she then contemplates what monsters may lurk here. She's heard tell of an intriguing beast called Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, a relative of Kulu-Ya-Ku, and how it lurked in the shadows, seeking opportunities away from the gaze of stronger monsters. She definitely wanted to see it, see if the beast was every bit as splendid as the world it lived in.

And if it could fuck her as well as all the others. Ooh, she definitely wants to feel the cock of every monster endemic to this region inside of her! Tzitzi would probably be akin to Kulu, a tactile bird-wyvern who could tease her as lovingly as it could bone her. She can just imagine bending over for it, begging for its dick, feeling it reach inside and leave her womb swollen with jizz! And what other beasts may lurk here? Perhaps wyverns as big and hot as an Anjanath? Something lecherous, like a Great Jagras? Maybe she'd find out what that winged monster her partner saw was, and pray it would pluck her up, carry her high into the sky, and fuck her senseless before all of the world below!

The Handler shudders in place, groaning just a little as her imagination ran away from her. Her pussy tingles just a little as she pictures what kind of bestial dicks could be waiting for her here, ready to fuck her into a senseless mess, to stuff her with so much cum. It just makes her quiver with pleasure, eyes briefly closing as she just pictures it in her head, pictures how she ought to get fucked, just all day every day.

She's just laid on the ground, drooling wantonly, relishing every inch of a massive dick inside her, splaying her wide and heating her gloriously. Above her, the dreaded spiked fiend Nergigante is the subject of her lust. Enormous and devilish, the elder dragon fucks her without mercy, snarling maliciously as it slams its enormous prick into her. It seems miraculous that such a huge dick could fit into her, but the Handler's lust can't be tamed, and so inch after inch of dark draconic dick rails her.

She drools without end, simply squealing out for the monster's cock, begging to keep fucking her, and Nergigante won't stop until it's filling her with cum. So much hot seed pouring into her, filling her womb until it was but a swollen cum-dump, and still she cries out for it, cries for the elder dragon and all others like to just use her without end, never stop pouring semen into her...

Ooh, now that was a dream, a dream above even her love for food. She wants to feel the might of the enigmatic elder dragons right where it'd have her marvelling the most; specifically, their incredible dicks driving right into her pussy. Beyond all other monsters, the Handler can only wish she'd one day be a cock-sheath for the elder dragons, from that dreaded Nergigante to her all-time favourite...

But for now, better focus on the more achievable goals. She bends over, going onto all fours with a prominent rise of her bubbly buttocks as she examines a pool of crystal-clear water. It seems so tranquil and serene, reflecting her perfectly and yet showing the white ground underneath so clearly. And the fish within the pool were every bit as splendid, bright pink creatures with fancy fins and bright eyes.

Mm, they would definitely make for good eating! She bends her upper body down a bit more, starts to extend an arm, wondering if she could lean far enough to grab one. Just a bit further, and her large ass sways as she licks her lips and tries to reach the closest one...

A sort of sniffing sounds from behind her. Deep breaths inhaling, low growls exhaling. She pauses, bewildered at the sound. It's a familiar sound in a way, the inhalation of some large creature, and yet unfamiliar, for it's not like anything she's heard before. Anjanath was domineeringly deep when he had his cock upon her, Great Jagras had a lecherous hiss when he sodomised her, but this is something lighter, softer. Kind of like a bird, she might say.

Tilting her head back, the Handler's eyes widen in wonder when she sees an exquisite blue sheen upon a scaly head. Reptilian with a prominent maw lined with fangs, its head wielded clever yellow eyes and strange antenna extending just before them. The body is like Kulu-Ya-Ku, a slender torso with long clawed arms and powerful legs with scythe-like claws. Its tail sways behind it, and there's' an almost iridescent glimmer to its blue body.

It's beautiful, she thinks. Quite a beast to behold, every bit as charming as she might have thought a monster from this realm would be.

And better yet, it's sniffing quite intently at her prominent rear. It must be enticed by the view, and assuredly enticed by her scent. The former is aided by the fact her trousers are awfully tight around her sweet buttocks, clutching tenderly over the plush cheeks, sliding into their dip and emphasizing a lovely cameltoe. And the scent, well, the brunette is fairly sure that all the times her cunt has been a cum-dump for beasts ranging from Pukei-Pukei to Jyuratodus has left her with a pretty unique smell.

Specifically, the smell of an insatiable slut.

Already she flushes a little, feeling a tingle of excitement flow through her as she watches the monster sniff at her. The fact it seems so intrigued by her scent is rather flattering, and utterly thrilling.  There was nothing quite like a beast at her womanhood to spark her nerves and flare her passions. Licking her lips, quivering with growing arousal she coos softly: "W-Well, hiya, big guy. You smell something you like? I, I think I know how to make it even more l-likeable."

Without hesitation, she rears up on her knees a tad and gets her hands back down to pull down her trousers. Her pale skin is exposed promptly, the plush swathe of her bubbly buttocks to the thickness of her lovely thighs. Most enticingly, she exposes the puffy swell of her vulva, that perfectly labial rim encompassing the tender pink flesh within, tipped with a pert clitoris, encompassed by a messy bush of brown hair, darkening neatly as it went deeper into her. A perpetual sheen of slickness glimmers on her pussy, always so enticed by carnal desires.

She doesn't wear panties anymore. The quicker she could get a monster to user her slutty snatch, the better. Licking her, nuzzling her, fucking her, the brunette just wants herself to be ready to take any monster that wanted to make a bitch out of her.

Swaying her rear before the beast, quivering her wet cunt ever so nicely, she's sure to really make sure the beast knew what she was about. The Handler settles her hands on the ground just before the pool and cooed enticingly, craving for it to use her even as she sultrily crooned: "If in doubt, eat me out..."

The bird-wyvern blinks, pauses amidst its sniffing, perhaps a tad surprised at how quickly she presented herself. But it recovers quickly, and enthusiastically too, for it immediately dips down, lowers its lower jaw, and extends a long pink tongue to sample her snatch. With a tactful befitting such a wily creature, it licks it right along her cooch, tip briefly nuzzling the clit, up to the perineum, leaving a trickle of drool, making her wetness wetter still with warm saliva.

When its tongue slips over her, the Handler feels that prompt rush of sensation, the sweet and simple sensuality of stimulation. A wet mass, smooth and tactful against her cunt, that provokes a tender tickling in the nerves of her labial rim. The rush flickers through her sex, above and beyond in a loving wave through her body. Ooh, it's a feeling she can never get tired of, and she moans delightedly for it.

Such enthralment for just one lick, such was her desire for this kind of depravity. And it gets all the better, for the second its tongue flicks up over the end of her slit, the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku brings it back to start again. It draws up her length, always sure to prod more firmly at her clit, flick up at the end, and move to start again. Excellent rhythm, compounded by the hot breath of the beast adding that warm flare on her. Just what she needs to really start getting aroused.

The monster carries on with its sloppy teasing, every lick a swift swathe of that glorious stimulation, and she shudders on all fours as she relishes it. Every lick sparked her nerves so nicely, every drop of saliva on her tingles sweetly, and it rolls right through her. So sensitive she was that every move of its tongue tantalised her profusely, left her nerves tremoring with that delectable buzz of euphoria. 

She's always quick to get worked up whenever a monster teased her, better still if it fucked her, purely for her own wanton urges. Welcoming its licks, enticing it with her purrs, the Handler sinks into the old love with such ease.

"Ooh, oh gosh. That's, ah, that's so kosher. C'mon, just keep licking, keep licking me!" The Handler whines, quaking before the monster as she pants then, excited by the thrills rolling through her body. Her limbs shuddering and her own tongue is flicking over her lips, and she just relishes how it all feels. The licking is so enticing, and its hot breath is a perpetual whoosh of warmth upon her, further tantalising her.

The beast obliges her with its appreciative lapping, clearly liking her taste. The bird-wyvern growls softly, approvingly, as it keeps licking at her slick snatch, indulging on the honeyed sweetness. The lingering air of bestial musk tainting her cunt is testament to how eager her vagina is for monstrous attentions, adding an enthralling edge to its loveliness. It's like a beacon to the monster, a challenge for it to further sink her into carnal pleasures; if other monsters could have her left a mewling slut for them, then it craves to make her even more of one.

Well, the brunette has no objections. However many monsters want to use her, she'll beg for all their cocks to ram into her horny cunt.

Keeps on licking her the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku does, rubbing its tongue all over her womanhood, soaking her rim in drool even as she soaks herself with leaking juices. She's always quick to get soaked like that, and the Handler moans ecstatically as it pleases her. Perhaps it senses exactly how horny she was, for its tongue is working more firmly upon her labia, pressing into her puffiness, probing her sheath with its tip, just upping the tantalising delights rolling through her.

"So good, so good... licking me so good! G-gotta, gotta have more..." She moans, and more she seeks.

Shaking her rear, she emphasizes the contact of tongue and cooch, making that tongue ripple on her lips each time it sweeps over her. The friction, ever so slick and tantalising, makes her gasp with intensified delights, just loving how the bird-wyvern was tasting her. She's starting to leak more profusely, sputters of pussy juice escaping her soft lips, lacing the monster's tongue with her sweetness. 

The Tzitzi-Ya-Ku growls softly and drinks up with relish, loving how enthralling her pussy juice was. Every lap procures more from her, and it's watery and warm on its tongue, proving ever so delectable. Truly a perfect cooch to taste, from clit to end, making it shudder more potently.

Again and again the beast licks at her, and the Handler just moans in happiness as it makes her cunt buzz with satiation. It rolls through her, building up into something lusciously warm within her. That delectable desire that sparks from every sensation brought on by the great animals ripples through her, a bolt of lightning within that instigates such sensual lust, and she gasps with delight on feeling just how debauched she was.

"W-Wow, wow! So good! Keep, keep going, oh f-fuck, keep going!"

Ooh, it's got such a sensational swathe of bliss rolling through her, that potent pleasure that rises up within each and every time these animals play with her. Every sweep of that tongue on her, licking the fluids out of her, breathing warmly on her, is just making her cunt quiver with passion. She's getting hornier every second, sinking into that debauched craving that's been with her since the Old World. The Handler knows it well, adores it unendingly, and she prays for the outcome she wants above all others.

The Handler wants to be fucked.

"C'mon, f-fuck, c'mon, get it all, lick it all, get r-ready for me." She's panting, freckled cheeks flushing as she licks her lips, drooling all the more extravagantly. Quaking on her limbs, expression rife with lewd cravings, she pants heavily and manages to whine: "C-C'mon now, just fuck me, fuck me like I gotta be fucked! Just fuck me, you m-monster!"

The bird-wyvern hears her, and it seems to know exactly what the Handler is craving. Easy to tell with how wet her cunt has gotten, how eagerly she shakes and shudders. The sweet scent of her snatch diffuses through the air, encompassing the air around her with her enthralling potency. The enchanting odour of a cock-craving slut was a potent cue for any monster, and the bird-wyvern breathes it in deeply with a rumble of satisfaction. Well, if she wants to be fucked, he'll be more than happy to give it all to her.

She's not even surprised when its tongue withdraws, when the monster's large body shadows her as tactile claws grip around her shoulders. She shudders and pants under him, simply whining with need as her slick snatch leaked with need. The beast is swift about it, and already he's procured his shaft, a pale blue eight-incher that proved similar in form to the Kulu-Ya-Ku's penis. With a low hiss, the raptor-esque beast moves it in, and the Handler moans with joy as the feel of its warmth tip pushes into her sex.

With ease, he splits open her rim and lets his shaft sink inside of her, warm and firm inside of her, reaching deep inside of her. The monster's cock slides in until his tip is bumping against her cervix, and the sting of pleasure makes her gasp in delight. Eyes glazed with her pleasure, mouth agape with drooling satiation, she moans heavily then, intoxicated by the bestial shaft filling her needy cunt.

Ooh, every inch over her walls is blissful, every virile tremor is ecstatic. Escalating from the tenderness of being licked, the feeling of that impressive phallus stuffing her snatch is utterly glorious. All over her walls the thickness rubs tenderly, enticing her right in the core, right where she's more sensitive. Her walls are open wide over it, her sheath filled with it, and the heat slithers through her nerves so intoxicatingly. As always, feeling that bestial penis in her is everything the Handler craves, and she gasps with happiness.

She wants it all, as she wants all monsters cocks to use her.

"F-Fuck, fuck, in me, keep it in me, fuck me!" She whines, voice slurred with wanton crudeness, that insatiable animalistic desire. The Tzitzi-Ya-Ku assuredly understands her desires, and he growls with satisfaction at how eagerly her cunt took him, walls massaging over him, and he begins to move.

Keeping his claws held onto her shoulders, the monster rears back, dragging her shaft through her wet sheath, and then shoves back in with a snarl. The rush of his dick driving through her brings about a glorious surge of sensation, exactly what she was hoping for. The penis hits her end again, lacing her with ecstatic feelings, and slides back just as quickly through her wetness, fluids sputtering out of her, to start it all over again. The monster, growling desirably, gets to fucking her like she wants to be fucked, hard and fast, speeding up just to better fuck her senseless.

On all fours, the Handler relishes in the beautiful pleasures as much as she relishes this beautiful habitat, this beautiful New World. Wherever she goes, that carnal craving for being fucked like this, fucking in the wilds by such powerful beasts, will always remain. She wants every beast to enjoy her, wants to sample every last dollop of their cum and feel as much of their dicks in her holes as she can fit. More so than even filling out her list of edibles, the Handler desires to sample every last monstrous shaft here, from bird-wyverns to even the elder dragons.

Ooh, especially the elder dragons.

Panting ecstatically, she can only wish the Huntress was with her now, helping her pleasure this monster like she had with the Anjanath. If only she were here now, just to lick at her cunt and the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku's dick, to drink the cum leaking from her. Maybe she could kiss her, tenderly love her in contrast to the primal pounding her pussy was getting. Anything just to make her pleasure intensify, to share it with her amazing partner...

Wherever her fellow slut might be right now, the Handler can only pray she's feeling as good as she is, and moans with happiness once more as the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku gleefully fucked her.


Author's Notes: Hey hey, new monster tomorrow! Kulve Taroth, the golden giant, an elder dragon who wasn't always so glam, used to be a drab dragon, but now it's happy as a clam 'cause it's beautiful, baby. This gone be fun :D


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