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Chapter 1 - It began like any other day.

Commissioned by[font="Helvetica] hentaimaniacogil[/font]

Harry Potter is a man touched by destiny. Following the events that saw him both perish and attain the Deathly Hallows, something has changed. A few years working for the ministry has shown Harry the change that is needed if wizards are to survive for long without the rise of a new dark wizard. Fortunately, no one is better suited to lead this change than Harry Potter himself. 

Chapter 1 - It began like any other day.

Chapter 1 - It began like any other day.

One night, Harry Potter apparated back to the home he shared with his wife, Ginny. His robes were messy, patched with mud, damage and blood. Harry didn’t care. He had never been one to stand on ceremony, especially after he had been in the thick of a mess that could have easily ended his life. The young man who had defeated Voldemort and freed the wizarding world from the dark forces poised to paralyze and cripple it was just returning from a trip to Ireland. 

There, he had hunted down and eliminated a dark wizard. The man’s goal had been to usurp magical energy from the River Shannon, the largest of all the rivers in the country. When Harry had arrived, the situation turned into something even more complicated. Beyond trying to sap the river’s magical energy, the wizard had made a Pooka, a magical creature local to the region, his slave. The trickster had been forced to bring several muggles into the fiend’s plans, helping to cover up the insidious plan. Harry put a stop to all of that.

He brought down the wizard and released the muggles from the trickster’s hold. That only left, the Pooka, a fairy who had taken the shape of a black stallion. Regulation called for him to request aide from The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures because of the magical creature. Instead, Harry decided to skip more than a few steps. Contacting, Hermione, the bushy brown-haired woman, appeared ready and willing to help him. She knew immediately what the creature with just one look. More than that, with a little scratch of her scattered and messy-haired head, Hermione remarked how she knew the exact office at the Department of Regulation and Control to bring the creature to.

“With a bit of time, I’m sure they’ll help fix up the Pooka after the ordeal with that villain,” Hermione remarked doggedly while she prepared to take the creature back to England. Harry adjusted his glasses and then smiled at Hermione, not realizing immediately that his eyes had lingered on her ass for a few moments.

Awkwardly, Harry chuckled and rested a hand on her shoulder. “Ron, better always remember how lucky he is with you…”

The brown-haired woman with light skin gave him a quick, slightly nervous grin as she watched Harry. Hermione ended up giving him the barest of shrugs before replying. “Haha. He does. It would just be nice if he knew the perfect times to be stubborn,” Hermione let out a light huff of annoyance before continuing.

“Sometimes, he believes that time is always. But he is very incorrect,”

Once Hermione disappeared with the Pooka, Harry dragged the dark wizard’s paralyzed form off with a pair of guardians from the Auror Department. Naturally, he should have gone to the Ministry with his own prisoner, but during his time working for the institution that had several times tried to stop his path to becoming a wizard, or in one extreme case, nearly led to his death, well… Harry had just gotten used to doing things his way.  

‘And why should I? I could have done anything after school. But I’m here, pressing on and fixing problems left over from Voldemort, and the ministry’s own weakness and at times, ineptitude,’ Harry thought as he teleported away from the two guardians. Even though it was part of the rules that he needed to report on the engagement with the wizard, along with the inclusion of several muggles and a deadly magical creature, Harry just couldn’t be bothered. If he didn’t take a break, heal up and get ready for a new day, how could he be expected to have his magical power ready for what came next.

So instead of going to his office, Harry retired back to 12 Grimmauld Place. The reports could wait. After all, he was an Auror, a hunter of malicious magic users. Not a quill-pusher. 

Not even bothering to lose some of his outer layers, Harry busied himself with a glass of his favorite ale, the Daily Prophet and a rising news source, The Wizard’s Wandering Eye. Beyond the newspaper gabble, when he got settled, he used the acio spell to bring in a dark-green folder. Insides were about two dozen reports, compiling and analyzing recent suspected dark wizard activity. Unlike the bring regulations, searching out any trace of evil activity was something that Harry took to with the utmost care. It was here he excelled, using his knowledge and experience of being hunted to in turn, hunt down those who abused their powers on those who could not fight back. After a few hours of studying, nothing jumped out at the man’s sharp green eyes. Convinced he was just tired from the battle and the movement up and down the region, he grabbed a quill and made a note to dig a little deeper tomorrow morning.

With a pop, a beautiful redhead apparated into the kitchen. Fresh from practice with the Holyhead Harpies, Ginny Potter had her quidditch uniform in a pack and wore a casual-looking ensemble of loose pants and a short-sleeve shirt that hung snuggly around the freckle-faced woman’s perfectly formed curves.

She stretched out a bit in the kitchen, no doubt still feeling the wear and tear from dodging the beaters and racing at high-octane speeds to capture the snitch during her drills. Harry simply smiled, enjoying every detail of her form as she started winding down from her own activities of the day. When he set down his mug of ale, the woman with the long mane of wild red hair turned back towards the sound.

“Harry,” Ginny quickly came over to him, dropping of her clothing pack on the kitchen counter. She embraced him, a fierce hug that mushed her body up against his. One they got engaged, and especially once she joined Harry at Grimmauld place, their passions for one another had ignited even more.

Easing back from their embrace, Ginny’s nose scrunched slightly. The professional Seeker smelled blood, mud and grass on her man’s neck and body. Kissing him also filled her lips with the taste of the beer he’d been drinking.

“I think you could use a bath, Harry. What were you up to today?”

A light chuckle came from Harry before he looped his arms around her lower back.

“Nearly got trampled by a Pooka in Ireland,”

As the redhead kissed his ear and rubbed her worn fingers along his shoulders, she pushed off the outer layers of his traveling clothing. The thick long trench coat enchanted with hidden defensive wards and runes fell in a heap beside the two young lovers.

“But a bath can wait. My wife is home…” Harry said, his hands rubbing up along the swells of her breasts before he pulled her closer to him once again.

“Just out here? Hmmm, alright. Just promise me we’ll try some new moves on the Firebolt next time…” With that, the sexily petite woman pulled up her shirt, revealing her simple bra underneath and then locking her fingers in around Harry’s own. The black-haired wizard leaned in, capturing her lips once, and he enjoyed Ginny’s eyelids fluttering as she pulled back. Ginny pressed his hands back and then released her grip.

“Don’t worry, Harry. Let me take care of everything…” She takes off all of her clothing and then works to take off the rest of his clothes. She doesn’t say anything about Harry’s smell since she is already breathing in his musk. She feels her wetness increase since she is now on her knees in front of Harry Potter, the most important man in the world, and then the man who constantly blows her mind with his love and affection.

More than that, Ginny even loved playing with her body as she watched Harry shagging other women. So being even just naked in front of her husband stroked something wild and feral inside of the busty redhead. Her tongue reached out, lapping away at her hungry lips while her eyes looked up and down Harry’s body. After practicing with women with bodies as fit as her, Ginny’s blood would have been up even if she wasn’t touching and stripping her husband out of his clothes. Once he was completely naked, Ginny nibbled at his chest, while one hand reached down to rub his thigh and another hand stroked his arm, all the way up to his shoulder. Drool dropped out of her lips and her eyes flashed up towards Harry’s as she licked her lips and started inching her fingers down towards the cock, she craved with every fiber of her being. The instant her fingers felt his warm- hard flesh, Ginny’s heart fluttered, and her breasts began bobbing while her nipples started waking from their slumber. Polishing her lips again, the young wife with beautiful crimson hair breathed in the scent of her husband once more while nibbling playfully with his nipple. As her tongue and teeth enjoyed Harry’s body, her hand continued stroking and enjoying the impressive girth of the scarred man’s cock.

Swaying forward, Ginny filled Harry’s bespectacled eyes with her nice. plush breasts, teasing both him and her own body as she rubbed against his skin. The two sighed together for a moment, man and women each sizzling with energy while their sexes became hungrier by the second.

“Harry..” Ginny growled out as her husband grabbed her neck in one hand and squeezed her ass with his other. The redhead became putty in his hands, willing her body to grind even more against her paramour. Their sweaty naked bodies rubbed against each other, and then Harry pressed her down, mooshing his wife’s tits together and then kissing along her nipples and collarbone. Finally, he began angling the tip of his huge manhood down towards her ready and eager cunny. Ginny’s vision drifted and swam through the currents of anticipation and pleasure. Harry’s tip finally split open her glistening lips and Ginny mewled out like a whore at Knockturn alley. Her legs rose up, rubbing against Harry’s body while his cock penetrated deeper within his wife’s hot, welcoming sex.

With power and lust burning through his body, Harry pushed her legs back down and then hooked his fingers around her ankles. The sweaty-coated athlete gasped out during the first new penetration, but very quickly, her noises became playful and eager as Harry pushed her legs back for even more thrusting power. Fingers tensed along Ginny’s ankles while her warm, sticky pussy clenched down on every single inch of cock, slamming nice and deep within her opening. As Harry slammed into her, her breasts constantly jiggled while Harry’s hips continued pushing in against her own. Even after a full day of practice, there was nothing she liked better than feeling Harry dominate her body and mind and wedge her sex open with his strong, throbbing cock. If she could have moved her legs, the vixen from Gryffindor would have looped her legs around her husband’s butt, pulling him in even more and whispering out into his ear as he shagged her like the naughty girl she is.

“I love you… I love feeling every inch of you as you pound inside me, Harry!” Ginny cried out as her nipples sparked with warmth and electricity. The stick nectar of her essence continued flowing out, soaking all of Harry’s cock and plenty of the surface area of his balls as he continued pounding away at the redhead’s excellently toned form. Excited to experience her husband pounding into her from a new position, Ginny gave Harry a barking growl that got his attention. Her eyes sparked with mischievous intent, and she pressed hard against the grip he had on her ankles. In the middle of thrusting into his wife’s slutty cunt, Harry got caught off-guard as Ginny rolled the two of them. They ended up bumping into a chair in the kitchen, but now Hinny was on top of her husband. His broom stiff was still nice and hard inside of pussy and she wiggled and swayed, riding the piece of hard wood as well as she rode her other broomstick on the pitch. With a simple kiss and a quaint nibble on his lips, Ginny rose up, not giving Harry a chance to capture the initiative. Instead, the woman with long red hair ended up a few steps away near the kitchen island. There, she grinned at him with luscious lips and then she began wiggling the twin peaches of her toned ass back towards where Harry remained on the floor.

Ginny looked back towards him, her left hand rising and touching her beautiful lip, gently. The witch’s eyes burned with affection and she brushed her finger along her lips before pressing it inside of her warm, wet mouth, right about the time that Harry got up to his feet. The man with kind of raggedy kept black hair gave his wife an appreciative look as the redhead sucked on her finger and continued wiggling her bare ass, enticing her husband’s love and bliss.

“You’re lucky I have a little patience, my love…” Ginny said with a grin before returning to enjoying the sensation of the small substitute while she waited for Harry’s main tool for her pleasure to take it’s rightful place once again. Ginny added one more finger and then slowly took out her fingers and smeared her drool down along her neck before eventually stopping to play with her hard, throbbing nipples.

“Your playfulness might get you in trouble one day...” Garry said before grabbing a firm hold on Ginny’ ass and then pressing his thick meat in between her thighs. Hary leaned forward, kneading the flesh of her ass and then pushing his wife’s naked body down against the surface of the island. Ginny hissed as her breasts were smooshed up against the cold surface. Fortunately, she got to experience something far warmer when Harry spread her cheeks nice and far and then his thrust his cock deep inside of her molten envelope once more.

Her pussy coiled in around her husband’s big, long cock. The woman’s liquid nectar spilled out of her nether lips, coating the surface she was being pressed against, and Harry’s balls along with it. With a few more thrusts, the boy who lived and became a man could feel his cock piercing forward along the redhead’s twitching and warm insides. His cock was still a little bit shy from bottoming out inside of her, but her moans and howls were more akin to the noises of a bitch in heat. Loud as she got, Harry never stopped thrusting his hips forward.

When his hands weren’t running all over her shoulders and stomach, he would pull and pinch on Ginny’s nipples and feel the tight flesh underneath his strong fingers while he pulled and played with her large breasts. Harry slapped Ginny’s right breast, forcing out a new mewling cry as the spunky redhead powered her hips, pushing her body along her husband’s manhood.

“I love you Harry… Keep… nuaahh… just keep going…” Ginny’s breasts heaved as she rose up off the counter. Now with each new thrust, Harry’s tip tapped against the entrance to her womb, the freckled woman’s tits bounced and jiggled. In the heat of their passion, Ginny felt nothing but confident and lustful at the same time. Having waited on Harry and accepted his likelihood for death at various points, there was nothing she liked more than to unwind and be with him completely. The most potent charm could not do a thing to dampen her incredible affection for him, an having his hands rub, squeeze and play all over her naked shivering body was the greatest thin in the world to the passion-fueled redhead.

“There… I know it’s silly, but sometimes at practice… oohuaahhh… all I want to do… rhuuaahh…. All I want to do is… talk about your cockuhoorah!” Ginny moaned out. Moments after her declaration, Harry turned her around and lifted her perfectly rounded hips so that she was now seated on the lip of the island. Neither young lovers cared at all about the mess they were making; magic has so many uses after all.

“Haha… what do you think the other girls would sway?” Harry asked, sweat forming on his brow as he pulled open his wife’s legs once more and started pounding away inside the redhead’s naughty pussy once again. All of the warmth and tightness was having an effect on him, no matter his magical skill. Harry let out a primal growl and increased his pace while he leaned forward and got a nice tasty mouthful of Ginny’s juggling breast.

“I… huaahhh… I don’t know. The only thing Ihuaahh… I’d care to hear them say is that they mmrhuaahh…” Ginny nibbled on a finger while Harry ravaged her heart and mind. His cock was filling out every squishy inch of her tunnel and biting on her finger was the first thing that came to mind to staunch the pleasure before it became too much for the young woman to handle. Unfortunately, the effort was too little too late. Harry’s commanding grip over her legs and the powerful pulses going off inside her slit each time he slammed his hips against had Ginny’s defenses crumbling faster than the bravery of Death Eaters.

Ginny didn’t get to tell Harry that she’d love watching him with other girls, playing with them and herself while his enormous cock showcased precisely why he was the wizard of their generation. It reminded Ginny how lucky she was, that of all the other women Harry could have had, her womb was the one being attacked again and again by his ferocious cock.

“Eventually, she felt Harry’s cock twitching and rubbing left and right along her most intimate depths. She only got to enjoy the sensation for a little, as quickly her explosion uprooted all of her basic sense. With a flash of blinding light, all Ginny could do was scream out voraciously as she came with her husband’s excellent cock barreling nice and deep into along her insides.

Ginny leaned back, aglow with the resounding energy of her orgasm. Harry’s cock began twitching inside the redhead, but he was quick enough to reach his arms forward and keep her supported before he eased her back to the island’s surface. After that, Harry’s own body trembled as the hold on his body’s energy gave way.

Ginny, still dazed and without a thought in her mind other than how lucky she was, felt the first wave of new fiery pleasure as Harry began dumping his load inside of her. The spunky freckled athlete let out nice labored sighs as she felt her husband’s tip poke and shiver inside of her. Filled to the brim with Harry Potter’s frothing and juicy cum, the only thought tripping along inside Ginny’s mind was that if she recovered in time, the could do it all over again on Harry’s broomstick.

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