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Chapter 3 - Monster

A Somalian girl exposed to unthinkable horrors tells her story to a sympathetic doctor.

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Chapter 3 - Monster

Chapter 3 - Monster
Like a towering mass of muscle and scales, the creature stared down at the captive woman. Its once-white barrel chest had blotches of blood on it, and the crimson fluid also trickled down along its scaled biceps. Some of the blood on its chest had already dried, meanwhile what remained on its arms was still dripping to the floor. It bore minor wounds such as scratches and scrapes, but none of the men outside scored any real damage. And they would not have another chance in their lifetime, seeing as they had already become food for the earth. Fear emanated from the girl; palpable terror which shook her to her very core. And as if he could smell it, the creature’s grin grew impossibly more full. Rows of V-shaped teeth glistened with saliva, and a long, broad tongue ran across them in anticipation of what was to come. Muscles tightened and clenched over the muscular body of the monster before her as he came closer in anticipation of his intentions.
Barely any sunlight made it into the small concrete room, so Bonita could hardly make out the finer details of the monster’s appearance. She could hear the blood dripping from the thing, though. She saw the creature run its tongue over its teeth, which filled Bonita with a feeling of dread. Was she going to end up like the men outside? Mauled unrecognisably and torn to shreds? Even if she managed to survive this next ordeal, she did not want to go outside again. There was no one left outside. Nothing but soulless, staring eyes would greet her out there, and she knew the creature had eviscerated every man.
Unable to control her fear, the girl flinched and whimpered when the shark-like beast stepped toward her. Heavy, hulking footsteps that gently shook the ground underneath her, startling her with every step it took. She thought the thing was going to eat her - to bring those massive jaws to her and finish her off, seeing that she was the last one out of everyone left. But Bonita could hardly believe what came next. Rather than the sharp, overbearing sensation of jaws closing in around her, rather than the impending death, she instead got the slimy, hot, sticky feeling of a sizable piece of meat pressed up against her face. It was not a hunk of the creature’s victims, but rather, the obscene bulge that the monster hid within its shorts. Musk clubbed her senses, overpowering the scent of blood in her snot-filled nose, along with the corpse nearby seeping rotten smells into the air. As if he could sense Bonita’s disgust at the scent, the shark pushed its shorts down, allowing another monster in its own right freedom from the confines of tight clothing.
Desperate, Bonita turned her head sideways to look at the corpse. One spark of hope permeated her senses. Something she hadn't felt in quite a while - a feeling that she might be able to escape the fate which was tickling her intuition right now. Part of her hoped, beyond all reason and possibility, that the man was still alive and that he’d save her – that he wasn't just a cold piece of meat lying on the ground, lifeless, and without any possibility to save her. Thin rivers of red and gold trailed away from a pool of blood and urine beneath the dead man, shattering the girl’s plummeting hope. And even then, would one man be able to do anything to this beast? This monster which had demolished not only a crew of armed men but her hopes as well?
Falling into an abyss of feelings filled with dread, depression, and sorrow, Bonita knew that whatever this thing had in store for her next, she would have to endure. She was at its mercy. The Italian farm seemed like a distant memory compared to the horrors the slavers put her through, and this would surely be worse. There was nothing she could do. Hell, the monster was likely so strong and in control of this situation that she could not even kill herself in time, even if she wanted to. It would just stop her.
As far as horrible smells went, the odour coming from the beast’s crotch was the worst – it reminded her of fish left out in the sun to rot and dry, a stench that invaded her senses and filled her sinuses with the thick musk coming from his crotch. Unfortunately, the smell of the monster’s cock was not the worst thing about it. Bonita had never seen a man packing anything even close to as big as the tool that only grew larger before her eyes with every second. It was something that would never fit so easily into a regular woman.
“Please, don't...” Bonita whimpered, turning her head away when the shark tried rubbing the tip of its cock against her mouth, which only resulted in it grinding up against her face instead.
Displeasure poured from the beast. Its toy actually did something to interfere with its intentions — the weakling before it which it had total control over. Massive hands grasped Bonita’s head in a grip like iron and turned her head forcefully to face the towering spire of shark cock before her. Of course, she tried to struggle. She tried her hardest to get out of that grip, wiggling and writhing to turn away - to get away from the impending doom which was her future in a mere few moments. But that would not do a damn thing. The shark was too powerful. Its grip too strong, the situation was hopeless. No matter the movements she made, those meaty, powerful fingers were latched around her head in a fashion that allowed zero struggles from her.
Without even having to move his hips, the shark in front of her used those same powerful hands to pull her head forward. The pressure of the bulbous cockhead against her lips all but forced her mouth open, prying her lips above the cock-head and soon stretching them with its terrible girth that caused her jaw to ache. Inch after inch of fishy, throbbing, veiny shark-dick plunged into the dark-skinned girl’s mouth. It slid along her tongue, pervading her tastebuds with a terrible taste all at once before the shark, uncaring, rammed her head towards its pelvis. It pulled her - No, it practically impaled her on the thick length of its shaft, her throat suddenly showing the same veins of the rod it had embedded inside. It had distended her throat with its girth, brutalising that hole of hers.
Bonita would have emptied her stomach if she had any food in it; the taste of the monster’s cock was that awful. Bitter horror took up one of her senses entirely. She could taste the blood on her tongue no longer, blanked out by what had just forced its way into her mouth. It felt as if the beast was crushing her uvula to the brink of destroying it. And as the monstrous thing slid deeper inside her, Bonita’s eyes bulged obscenely, and another wave of snot burst from her nostrils. A guttural gag that came from within her throat made her cough convulsively. But considering all the air from that spasm could no longer escape her mouth for the cock now stuffed in her, it instead expelled through her nostrils, forcing even more muck and goo from her nose along the stinking, sweaty cock now stuck in her mouth. Of course, that was only more length that'd soon get shoved into her mouth by the uncaring shark. Her wrists ached as she struggled uselessly against the metal cuffs, and her feet scraped on the concrete in a vain attempt to escape the ruthless mouth-rape.
Enormous, muscular hips began bucking with unnatural strength with each tug on Bonita’s head, her face inching closer and closer to the creature’s rugged midriff and grapefruit-sized scaled, slimy white nuts. Of course, it was unable to insert the whole thing right away - it was just too damn tight of an entrance for the spire of meat that was the creature’s cock. Another expulsion of gloopy snot popped from Bonita’s nostrils as her pulverised uvula vibrated on the shark’s shaft, coating it in more slime for the shark for penetrating her throat.
Her jaw felt like it would break around the immense girth, or dislocate at the joints –  each time the monster in front of her held her head and began to buck his hips, she could hear it creaking around the vast weapon. The terrible pain that came with that sensation was the only thing waking her other senses - pulling her from the delirium inducing smell of cock that permeated her senses. Any more and her jaw really might break, really might snap in half, and yet she knew that the beast would not stop. It was just that indifferent to her - if anything, it would probably enjoy the effect. Then it would be able to access her throat with more ease. To break her in and make her nothing more but a receptacle for the beast's lust.
Despite the woman’s pointless struggles, the shark continued to use her as a cock sleeve. No matter how many times she coughed, gagged or otherwise showed supreme discomfort. His shaft drove deeper into her esophagus, indifferent to the barely-audible screams of pain coming from the girl. No matter the pain he caused, he was merely uncaring. Those men he eviscerated left her here, so of course, the beast intended to make use of her. She was likely already well broken in by the men before. Who knows what sort of use they got out of her. The girl’s throat clung tightly around his girth as he fucked her mouth, and with one last jaw-aching plunge, he thrust every inch of his monstrous meat into the tight cock-milking tunnel. The shark’s consciousness experienced a great pleasure – it was not often he got to feel something so euphoric, like the ever-tightening throat he now had wrapped around his cock.
To Bonita, it felt as if the monster filled every part of her body. Not just her throat anymore. Hell, the thing inside her now was so vast that it felt like it was a part of her. Its heartbeat throbbing inside her throat sent a shiver through her like it was vibrating directly against her spine. Yet another wave of mucous dripped from her nostrils and trailed sluggishly down the left side of her face before clinging to the creature’s balls. The very same pair of nuts that were pressed up against her chin now, gently throbbing with the creature's heartbeat. Then, a loud wet clapping noise sounded through the concrete room as the beast buried himself inside her throat again and again.
Thick rivulets of throat-goop hung from her chin and his big, smelly nutsack. Every time he pulled back the thick, bulbous head would draw out all of the slime within her throat – and everything she had barely manage to cough up around the hung piece of cock stuffed into her throat. In those rare moments in which the monster before the girl gave her a chance to breathe, Bonita could only inhale the stench and taste of fish musk, the very same smell which would likely stay with her for days if she managed to escape this ordeal – if this damn monster hadn't fucked her throat to oblivion.
For the beast, a human’s throat was one of the most incredible sensations he had ever experienced, and he could not help but assault the girl’s mouth without care. The only thing he knew right now – the only thing he could care about right now was his pleasure – the incredible sensation of his toy’s tight throat clinging to his erection. Thrusting hard, he buried himself in her throat again but didn’t pull back for once. Instead, he enjoyed the feeling of the tight muscles within her throat clenching up against the head of his cock - and the very same feelings of her struggles as throat-slop bubbled up around his girth from her mouth.
As her consciousness began to fade, Bonita’s vision filled with that of the monster’s body receding away, giving her a brief moment to catch a breath. She thought she was already getting tunnel vision – that she might've been passing out for a moment. However, her previous guess would be wrong - the beast had only drawn away for a moment, pulling back. It had given her a momentary break – letting her aching jaw have the slightest amount of rest as she only had monster's cock-head within her mouth. But she was wrong. Dead wrong. The creature had not finished with her yet. Just like the men before had been using her - for the very same reason they chained her up here. Only when an ivory flood of semen filled her throat would the shark stop using her. The beast came slamming back against her face almost instantly, repeating the brutal thrusts, again and again, increasing his face-battering pace as he got right back into the swing of things.
Bonita’s entire body rocked with each thrust into her mouth that inflicted toe-curling discomfort and pain. Pain that radiated in waves from her face - and her crumbling consciousness as the monstrous cock snatched air away from her once more. Bonita began to blackout again as the monster continued to sheathe himself and grind inside of her for far too long. It was evident the shark paid close attention to her, though, because again, he pulled back before she could pass out only to repeat his cruelty. For once, she truly wished she could pass out - just so that she would not have to be awake for this. Just so that she could get a rest from the terrible fate that was her life right now - so that she could get out of this situation even if for the briefest moment. But he would not let her. He walked the line between keeping her conscious - and keeping her throat around that massive length of his.
Watching as the female trembled beneath him with her eyes rolling to the back of her skull each time he plunged balls deep, the scaled beast was enjoying himself. The cruelty he was inflicting only made his cock throb with more intensity inside her - distending her throat even further with the momentary girth from each pulse. Pulling himself free of her mouth, the shark admired the copious amounts of drool and throat slime that drenched the girl’s tits and pooled between her thighs. Everything that had leaked out of her throat coated the girl in a thick, goopy mess. He listened for a moment, just watching with glee as the girl before him gasped for air for once. He finally gave her a chance to breathe - to gather herself and watch some sense come back to her eyes. She seemed to be getting some clarity with the air that filled her lungs once more. The tears that dripped down her face made for a beautiful sight for him. The haggard, rough breathing that came from her struggles... it was oh so sweet to him.
And yet, while it seemed like he was giving her a break, he was only out for one thing. To make her struggles crumble even more. To force her to know her place, know her purpose. The moment she tried to ask him to stop, to beg him to give her mercy, he slammed his cock back inside her throat. This time, he rapidly fucked her even more fiercely than before. Earlier was like nothing compared to this - before he was using her throat. Now he was trying to fuck her face so hard he'd be leaving bruises against her skin from hard he was slamming into her face. The sound of gagging and sloppy smacking filled the concrete room as the beast mercilessly used the girl. He loved that noise: “Ggghhhrrk, gghhhhrk, gghhuurrghk, gglllrrgghk!”
One thing was left to single the beast's climax as drawing near. She felt the large shaft pulse violently in her throat, nearly threatening to make her throat burst with each pulse. That monstrous invader swelled, and Bonita heard the creature grunt and exhale noisily. It became more brutal in its ministrations and tightened those inescapable fingers around Bonita’s skull. As if to make sure she wouldn't move, despite most of her defences having already crumbled. Through fear, despair and a multitude of other feelings she had in her, a new spark of dark hope kindled; this meant her suffering might soon end. It also suggested she would no longer be of use to him. A sense of dread quickly replaced that hope; it hit her like an oncoming locomotive - if he was finished with her now, what would that mean for her? Her train of thought was soon interrupted, however, as he hammered her face with more severe and reckless thrusts until the pleasure for him reached its peak.
Viscous, heavy torrents of spunk splattered against the back of the girl’s throat and filled her mouth. That ivory solution all but coated the walls of her throat, painting them a thick white. The intense pressure contained within the girl's throat created only one possible outcome – Cum got forced down her esophagus, or chunky shark semen overflowed from the girl’s nostrils, and high-pressure strings of it burst from her mouth. That throat of hers was so tight that it resisted, letting some of the cum push up and out of her. Her sinuses were now not only filled with the smell - but the physical culmination of the beast's rutting into her face. Tar-like, terrible jizz that filled not only her mouth but every nook and cranny of her head now. The monster continued to fuck her mouth, letting out a guttural growl as he used her with abandon, continuing to drain his balls into her - filling her throat, mouth, and every part of her stomach with his seed. Of course, every time a resulting spurt of cum would shoot out from the girl's lips, it would only coat the beast's balls further. Any amount of mess he'd make with her, he did so without a care. Watching as that throbbing cock sent out gush after gush of hot, resin-thick and chunky cum into the girl, he finally felt satisfied as this rutting left him emptied into the girl's throat.
Covered in sweat, Bonita woke up gasping and clutching for dear life at her throat. The suffocation the girl experienced in her dream followed her, as tears streamed from bulging eyes as she pushed away at nothing. She frantically looked around, searching for any sign that the monstrous beast might have invaded her throat in her sleep. But it was only a dream; it was not real. The girl sobbed and wiped the flowing tears, relief washing over her now that she was back in reality. Reaching for a bottle of water, Bonita tried to think of something happier and wondered what William was up to if he was thinking about her. As she drank, images of the shark ran through her mind again, and a phantom pain ached in her esophagus. Why the creature released her after he finished with her was still a mystery to Bonita.

(Damn, that was one hot throat rape scene, wasn't it?! I've out done myself, I think. I love writing story content more than smut, but wow, even I think this was fucking hot. Let me know if you agree! And if you want to go into detail about how MUCH you agree, my Discord is Pain#6548 )


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