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A virgin debates hiring a prostitute who has a special offer for sale.
A kinky ex leads him down a dark path - or, more accurately, leads her dog down one.
Gender-based shenanigans at a club called Quicksilver - featuring a rather forward TS woman named Elana and her quest to ruin some perfectly good o-holes.
A mad scientist is attracted to her idiot savant lab assistant, and convinces him to partake in an "experiment", but she's the one who ends up experimenting.
A boy into crossdressing confesses his hobby to an old friend, who gets him in touch with a make-up artist and then absolutely nothing lewd transpires the tags are lying.
You hire a maid to serve you obediently... she's gorgeous, she can cook, she can clean... and she serves you something else entirely.  
A series of vignettes featuring two people (or more?!?!) going on a date after meeting online.  And one or more of said people is trans. 
(CYOA Story) At a run-of-the-mill university for dog-people and cat-people, you're a catboy, but your attention isn't on your classes... it's a beautiful, eccentric poodle girl about which rumors abound, who appears perpetually single.  Teased by your roommate - your catgirl cousin - and intimidated by her off-again on-again boyfriend, a dogboy, how will you proceed?

WARNING: Sorry folks, first person as a dude, apologies to non-dudes or people not wanting to self-insert as a dude.
Their usual 'game' - consisting of them taking turns dressing in their sister's
clothes to practice kissing - took a turn for the awkward eventually. (Note: shorts)
A girl who works in a book store tries to catch the eye of one of her frequent customers... and at night, she frequents a BDSM club and gets dominated.  (Chapter 0 is chronologically after Chapter 1)
A podcast interview of a mysterious, darkly intriguing femme with a stonkin' great ass, who may or may not be, a nerd.  
A string of copycat crimes involving crazy women and their unfortunate boyfriends.
An epic fantasy story about a thief that goes on many adventures throughout the kingdom of Ironia. Also, they look like a girl. Also, catamite.
An infiltrating, enterprising runner tries to get some dirt on a notorious metahuman scorpion-girl, but ends up in over his head.
A human mercenary with little fondness for elves is hired to escort two human diplomats to the elven lands, where, not surprisingly, there are elves.
The son of a general needs martial instruction, and you, a futa instructor, are the one in charge.(CYOA) WARNING: Sado-Masochism. If you do not like to see a guy dominated/be that guy, then you don’t know what... er, don’t read this.
A boy dresses as a French maid and do I really need to elaborate?  (Guy on Femboy)
A student needs to get an "A" grade... and he's willing to do a... lot for it.
A deserter is caught and brought before their lord commander, who gives them a choice between life and pride.  (non-con, dom, guy on girly boy)
The Black Knight, hero or scoundrel?  One lady learns the truth...
Rich has been crushing on Rosalyn for some time, but when he finally visits her home, another woman in Rosalyn's household catches his eye. A woman, too, named for a flower. And romance blooms.
A girl gives her boyfriend something personal for his birthday.
The story of Sasha, a "girl" with long, bubblegum pigtails.
A guy with a reputation for picking up girls with a little too much drink in them brings a bombshell to a sleazy hotel, and quickly discovers the true meaning of friendship. (Just kidding: she has a penis.)
(Another) intrepid adventurer seeks to steal the Wasp Queen''s royal jelly...  but wasps don''t produce royal jelly!  How embarrassing (no, seriously, the Wasp Queen has sex with them.  Duh).

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