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Chapter 0 - All Mine

Summary: Uraraka has been with Deku since Overhaul, but some of his fangirls try to come between them. She's had enough, and decides it's time for them to take their relationship to the next level. (Uraraka/Deku)
Content Warnings: Loss of Virginity

This fic was written on commission.  If you are interested in a commission of your own, feel free to contact me.  More information can be found on my profile.

Chapter 0 - All Mine

Chapter 0 - All Mine
“It’s Deku-kun!”
“He’s so cool!  And so handsome!”
“I love you, Deku-kun!” 
“Deku, you’re my favorite hero!  Please go out with me!”
Uraraka grit her teeth as she walked beside Deku, her hand clasped in his.  This had been getting more and more common lately, and she was growing tired of it.
It wasn’t like his growing group of adoring females weren’t aware she was his girlfriend.  There had been plenty of attention on them ever since the U.A. Sports Festival during their first year, and that attention had only grown with the things they’d achieved since then.  It was common knowledge by now that she and Deku had gotten together shortly after Overhaul was defeated.  Hearing Sir Nighteye’s proclamation that he’d foreseen Izuku being killed by Overhaul, and there was nothing they could do to save him or prevent that nightmare from becoming reality, had frightened Ochako like nothing she’d ever been through.  It had forced her to stop hiding from her feelings and be honest with herself about what she felt and what she wanted from Deku.  She would never forget that night she’d confessed to him right in the common area of their dorm, with Ashido squealing happily and Mineta crying out in dismay about ‘another girl lost’.  It hadn’t taken long for word to spread throughout the school and then throughout society in general.   
They never tried to hide their love or the fact that they were together and committed to one another, but that did not stop his drooling fangirls from throwing themselves at him.  It had only gotten worse as time had passed, and not just because of Deku’s exploits as a burgeoning hero.  They were in their final year at U.A. now, and when you combined the completion of puberty with all the hard work he had put in and continued to put in every day, Deku barely resembled the shy young hopeful she’d first met the day of the entrance exam.  He wasn’t a boy anymore.  He was all man now, and his adult figure made women drool and most men green with envy.  She could certainly understand that; she adored his buff body.  Retreating to one of their dorm rooms and running her hands all over his muscular chest and back was one of her favorite ways to pass a lazy weekend afternoon.  It didn’t bother her if other people admired the body her boyfriend had worked so hard to build, but when they flirted with him so openly like this it was a different story.  They knew he was a taken man, and not only did that not stop them, the fact that she was literally right there, by his side and holding his hand didn’t seem to make them think twice about hitting on him!  She didn’t even want to imagine how brazenly they propositioned him when she WASN’T right there with him!
“Sorry about this,” he muttered under his breath.  They increased their pace, hurrying along to the clothing store.  How had a simple trip to buy a nice suit for her father as a birthday present degenerated into this?
“Deku!  Do you want to take me out to dinner?” a busty blonde shouted.  Uraraka’s hand, the one that wasn’t in Deku’s, clenched into a fist.
“Deku!  Why don’t you ditch the little girl and go out with a real woman?  I bet could teach you things that Uravity hasn’t even dreamed of!”
That did it.  Uraraka had been dealing with this type of thing for too long now, and she finally lost her patience.  She let go of Deku’s hand and spun around to confront his adoring crowd that had been trailing behind them as they walked down the street.  The leaders of the pack cowered as she turned to glare at them, and with good reason.  Deku was the most promising hero to come along since All Might, but many of the members of their class were already making a name for themselves as prominent heroes, and she was no exception.  She might not be Deku or Todoroki or Bakugou, but Uravity was not to be underestimated.
“Enough!” she shouted, staring the shameless women down.  “I’ve had enough of you flirting with him, throwing yourselves at him like I’m not here!”  The women stared at her, wide-eyed, not expecting such an angry outburst from the usually cheerful Uravity. 
“Ochako,” Deku whispered, tugging on her arm.  But she ignored him.  He might be too polite to let these annoying fangirls know their fawning wasn’t wanted and tell them to back off, but she was going to do it for him, and for her too.
“You’re not married,” mumbled one particularly bold woman, though she wasn’t so bold as to look Uraraka in the eyes when she said it.  “You’re not even engaged.  If you’re not serious enough about each other to go that far, then why shouldn’t we let him know he has other choices?”
“She’s right!” a black-haired woman agreed.  She crossed her arms underneath her buxom chest defiantly.  “Deku’s a great hero, and he deserves a woman who will give him everything!  Are you willing to give him everything, Uravity?  Are you going to give him children?”
“That’s not something you should—“ Deku began, but Ochako held up a hand to cut him off.  Then she took that hand and placed it directly on his crotch.  “O-Ochako?!” he stuttered, reverting to the blushing, awkward boy he’d been when she first met him.
“You see this?!” she said, staring at the small crowd and relishing the shock she saw on their faces.  “This is MINE!  He’s all mine, every part of him, just like he owns every part of me!  And if you keep trying to get in between us, I’ll make you float in the sky until you realize that no matter how hard you try, he’ll never, EVER be yours!”
She’d stunned everyone into silence with her uncharacteristic aggression, including Deku.  She knew that these women would go blabbing to the news and this was going to be a huge story in mere hours, but that was fine with her.  If word spread and other women now knew that she was done with their shit, it had been more than worth the outburst.  These women could drool over her boyfriend’s body and fantasize about getting their hands on it as much as they wanted, but she was no longer going to tolerate their blatant flirtation.  Deku might be All Might’s successor, destined to succeed him as the Symbol of Peace and perhaps even become the #1 hero of all time.  He might have a body women dreamed of touching and hugging and kissing and worshipping, but neither his public status as a top hero or his perfect body meant that any of these women had any right to keep throwing themselves at him.  He was all hers, heart and soul, and he would be all hers for the rest of her life if she had anything to say about it.  It was time for the rest of the world to accept that, and she’d just staked her claim out in public for anyone to see. 
It was also time for her to stake her claim on him in another way.  They’d been taking things at their own pace, experiencing all the emotional highs and lows of being in a romantic relationship for the first time in either of their lives.  Ochako had no complaints about the rate at which things had progressed between them, but today had convinced her that they’d waited quite long enough.  It was time to take the physical side of their relationship to the next level.
“I’m sorry about today,” Deku said, rubbing the back of his neck while smiling at her sheepishly.  They were back in Ochako’s simply furnished dorm room and cuddling together on her bed, his arm wrapped around her shoulders and holding her against his side.  “I know that it can be awkward for you.”
“No, no,” Ochako said, waving her hands.  “It’s me who should say I’m sorry.  I know that had to be embarrassing for you.  Especially after I, you know…” she trailed off.
“Yeah,” he said, giving an awkward chuckle.  “I know.”  Neither of them needed to finish the thought.  The story of their confrontation and Ochako’s explosion had already broken.  They’d already endured plenty of teasing from most of the girls in their class, not to mention lewd comments from Mineta and a serious lecture from Iida about limiting their “displays of romantic affection” to the privacy of their bedroom.
“I really am sorry if I embarrassed you,” she said seriously.  “I’m not sorry about what I said though.  It was time to put my foot down.”
“I don’t mind,” he assured her.  “I like that you’re so possessive of me.  I know it’s hard for me any time I see someone staring at your body.”  They shared a smile at that, but then he turned serious.  “You know I wouldn’t ever do anything with any of them though, right?  You’re the only woman I’ll ever want.”
“I know,” she said, smiling and turning her head to give him a soft kiss on the lips.  She did know that.  She knew it deep in her heart, knew he would never even think of straying or being unfaithful to her, just as she would never dream of allowing any other man to kiss her or hug her or love her.  He was hers every bit as much as she was his, and she had never doubted that for a second, not even when beautiful women who looked like they’d walked straight off of the cover of a gravure magazine all but threw themselves into his strong arms.  Their trust in each other was absolute. 
She trusted him with her deepest secrets, with how she worried that wanting to become a hero to help her parents out of their financial bind made her less of a true hero than someone like Deku, who simply wanted to help those in need with a smile on his face.  And he placed the same trust in her.  He’d told her everything, including All Might choosing him as his successor and passing on One For All to him.  He had some lingering doubts about that, about whether he had truly been worthy of such an honor and whether he deserved so much attention when their other classmates had all come by their quirks in a more natural way.  It was a ridiculous worry, of course.  He might not have been born with One For All, but he’d worked harder than anyone in their class.  He’d had to in order to have any chance of mastering One For All, but he’d succeeded.  There was no one she trusted more.
Her outburst didn’t have anything to do with insecurity on her part, no matter how the gossip reporters might try to spin it.  Her faith and trust in Deku was absolute, and she knew he was too honorable to be tempted by any of his admirers.  Ochako was simply tired of constantly been bothered and interrupted by his legions of fangirls any time they went anywhere in public.
“I love you, Ochako,” he said quietly, kissing the top of her head.  She grinned against the side of his neck.  He’d said it to her hundreds of times by now, if not thousands, but she never tired of hearing it.  She doubted she ever would, not coming from his lips.
“I love you too, Deku.”  She kissed his neck and licked the pulse point there, and then went higher to kiss him on the lips.  She poured all her passion, all the love she felt for him into that kiss, and he responded with that same passion.  The kiss deepened, and Uraraka moved out of his arms and got on top of him, pressing her large breasts against his muscular chest.  His hands roamed down her body, skimming her back and then going lower to flip up her skirt and caress her panty-clad ass.  His touch made her moan into the kiss and squirm atop him, wiggling and rubbing her crotch against his legs.
Making out like this was amazing, just like it always was.  Touching and petting through their clothes was about as far as they’d ever gone.  A few times they’d stripped their outer layers off, but the underwear had stayed on.  As nice as everything they’d done up until now had been, Ochako was ready for more.  She was ready to take this to the next level, and as long as he was willing, tonight was the night.
Deku broke their kiss just long enough for her to pull his shirt over her head, and then his lips were right back on hers.  She returned the kiss and took the opportunity to run her hands across his naked chest, stroking his sculpted abs.  While she would happily spend hours rubbing at that glorious chest, and had in fact done that very thing on multiple occasions, she didn’t linger long this time.  She had more pressing things to accomplish tonight, so she gave those abs a farewell kiss and wiggled her body further down the bed so she could get started.
Her boyfriend groaned as she worked his pants down his legs, leaving him in just his boxers.  She flung the pants across the room, not caring where they landed.
“Oh God,” he moaned as she pressed her hand against his groin through his boxers.  “Ochako, let me get you undressed too.”
“Later,” she said.  He was going to be seeing more of her than he ever had before.  He’d be seeing all of her, seeing the body that she’d worked so hard to improve and define in all its glory.  But that was later.  Right now she wanted to see all of him.  She wanted to see the one part of him she’d never seen before, and she was going to do so right now.
“O-Ochako?!” he said, sitting up in the bed when her hands moved away from his groin and hooked under the waistband of his boxers.
“I want to take these off, Deku,” she said, looking up the length of his body to stare into his eyes as she lay on her belly between his legs.  “I want to see all of you.”
His eyes were wide and she could see how shaky his breath was, but he didn’t say anything or give her any indication that he was uncomfortable with the idea, so she slowly began to lower his boxers.  She watched his face closely as she slid them down, giving him plenty of time to stop her before she fully revealed him, but no objection came.  The first audible noise that either of them made actually came from her.  She gasped as she got his boxers down far enough to see his cock in the flesh for the first time.
“Oh my fucking god,” she breathed.  She’d already had a good idea of how well endowed Deku was, of course.  She’d rubbed and squeezed his erection through his underwear plenty of times and she was a big fan of dry humping as well, but even those teasers hadn’t truly done him justice.  His cock was simply magnificent.  It was just as large and impressive as the rest of his adult body was, and that spoke volumes.  “You’re so big!”
“Yeah?” he said.  He sighed, and his formerly tense face relaxed.  She couldn’t help but giggle at his obvious relief.  Had he really not known how large his cock was?  She figured the boys discussed such things all the time.  But maybe they had, and the others had embellished what they were packing.  Deku had no need for embellishment or exaggeration though.  The other girls weren’t going to believe her when she told them about this.  She’d probably need to snap a picture if she wanted them to take her story seriously.
“Can I touch it?” she asked.  His head nodded so quickly and forcefully that it was a wonder he didn’t give himself whiplash, and his enthusiasm made her giggle again.  Then she got serious.  She was finally getting to see her boyfriend's cock uncovered and in the flesh, and now she wanted to get her hands on it. 
Remembering something she'd read, she licked her palm several times, almost like a cat cleaning itself.  With her saliva acting as a lubricant, she reached out and wrapped her hand around his shaft, delighting in being able to do so without any cloth getting in the way.  She was surprised at how firm and solid it felt in her hand.  Experimentally she ran her hand down his length, and she took note of the way his body jerked.
"Are you okay?" she asked.  "Did that feel good?"
"Yes," he said, his voice sounding strained.  "Keep going, please."
That was all she needed to hear.  She ran her hand back up and then went right back down, moving faster this time.  He seemed to like that, so the next time she went a little faster, and then a little faster still.  Soon she was jerking him off rapidly, her hand a blur as she pumped his shaft.  Almost by accident, she noticed that his reactions were strongest when she made contact with the head of his penis.  With that in mind, she altered her approach.  She kept her one hand moving up and down his entire length, and she brought her other into the game after a few good licks.  This hand focused exclusively on his cockhead, rubbing across it and squeezing it.  She kept the squeezing gentle, remembering Mina mentioned that the head was extra sensitive and you shouldn't be too rough with it.  This was Ochako's first real handjob, as she didn't really count rubbing him through his clothes until he came.  But while a lot of this was trial and error, experimentation and trying to remember little tips and tricks she'd heard or read in the past, her efforts were definitely having the desired effect on Deku.
"God, Ochako!  So good!" he moaned.  "It feels so good having your hands on me for real, without my boxers in the way."
Ochako felt the same way, and she was so glad to hear that Deku was enjoying this at least as much as she was.  But she didn't want to settle for this.  She was sure jerking him off until he shot his cum into her hands would be fun, but she was planning to get to all kinds of firsts tonight.  She wasn't sure how many times he could orgasm in one night, but she didn't want to waste one of them on a handjob, not when there were so many other things she wanted to try.
Her first hand continued to stroke him, but she stopped playing with his head.  That was because she chose that moment to get her mouth involved, giving his tip a little lick.  Deku gasped, and that was as much motivation as she needed to do it again, and again, and a third time.  She gave his head several loving licks before planting a wet smooch against it.
"Amazing," Deku said.  "I can't believe this is finally happening!"
So she wasn't the only one who had been more than ready for them to take time away from their busy schedules as students and fledgling heroes and take their relationship to the next level.
"If you can't believe this is happening, just wait until what comes next," she said, grinning up at him while she rubbed the side of her pretty face against his cockhead.  Then she lowered her head and took his tip into her open mouth.
"Oh!" Deku said as soon as the tip of his cock was welcomed into her mouth.  She kept her head still and just suckled on it for a moment, taking the time to savor his taste, but more importantly enjoying the awed look on his face.  Her eyes never left his as she began to slowly work her head further down on his cock.  She never looked away for two reasons.  One, she'd read that maintaining eye contact would make the experience more erotic and pleasurable for both the giver and the receiver.  Two, and maybe more importantly, she didn't want to miss a single look on Deku's expressive face as he was on the receiving end of his very first blowjob. 
She bobbed her head on his cock, taking him down slowly at first so she could get used to all of this.  It didn't take her long to realize that she probably wasn't going to be able to take his entire cock all the way down on her very first try.  There was just so much there, so much for her to try and handle.  She had a feeling that even someone like Midnight, someone who had plenty of experience at sucking cock, would struggle to get her mouth around the entirety of a cock as big as Deku's.  But she wasn't going to let that get her down.  Just because she couldn't get her mouth all the way down just yet didn't mean she couldn't give every inch of his cock the love and affection he so richly deserved.  She concentrated on bobbing and licking as much of his cock as she could comfortably handle, and slowly worked a bit further down as she progressed.  Whatever she couldn't fit in her mouth, her hands tended to.  She rubbed upwards from the base of his cock with one hand, and with the other she went lower to rub and squeeze at his big sensitive balls.
"God, Ochako!" Deku said, giving a deep grunt.  His hands came down to her head, but he didn't pull her hair and try to force her further down, which she knew was something some men did.  Maybe he'd do that some other time after she'd gotten better and more comfortable at this, though even then he'd probably only get rough at her insistence.  But she wasn't ready for any of that right now during her first time, and Deku didn't try and force her to do anything she wasn't ready for.  His hands just gently, lovingly ran through her shoulder length brown hair, almost as if he was massaging her scalp.  Even with his cock in her mouth, his love and care for her shone through.  It made her want to give him whatever she could, and make this first blowjob the best she could possibly pull off.
Her boyfriend's cock was as magnificent as the rest of him was, and it deserved the same kind of devotion.  She felt as if she was showing her love to his cock as well, giving it the devoted worship it deserved.  Everything, from her slurping mouth to her bobbing head to her hands working on his balls and his base, was all about pleasing him and showing him how much she wanted this.  She would be honored to spend an eternity sucking his cock every morning when he first woke up and every night before he went to bed, and she was trying to express that feeling with everything she did here.  She couldn't put it into words, not with her mouth stuffed full of that wonderful cock, but she just hoped he was getting the message regardless.
"Ochako!" he said urgently, his eyes scrunching up.  "I'm getting close!  You'll need to pull back soon!"
Pull back?  Why in the fuck would she ever want to do something like that?  She understood why he warned her; he didn't want to catch her by surprise with a mouthful of cum.  But what he didn't realize is that from the moment she'd first pulled his boxers off, she'd had every intention of sucking and rubbing and squeezing until he filled her mouth with his cum.  She wanted his cum, wanted to feel it coating her tongue, wanted to get a sense of his taste, and wanted to swallow every last drop of his semen.  This was just another chance for her to show how much she loved him, all of him.
Far from stopping or even slowing down in response to his warning, she actually put even more effort into her blowjob.  Her head bobbed faster, the hand jerking his shaft gripped him even more firmly, and the one playing with his balls grew yet more earnest in its rubs and squeezes.  She could see the alarm on his face; he was no doubt afraid that she either hadn't heard him or didn't understand how close he really was.  But she understood it all.  She couldn't tell him that, not without pulling him out of her mouth and ruining everything, so she did her best to express what she was thinking through the look in her eyes and the intensity of her blowjob.  Maybe the way she moaned around his cock even as spit and drool escaped her mouth and ran down her face would be answer enough.
"AH!" he shouted, his hips arching up off of the bed involuntarily as she drove him past the point of no return.  Ochako knew she would forever remember the look on his face as the orgasm hit him, as that first shot of cum hit her tongue.  She kept her eyes on him, loving how overwhelmed he looked as she kept her head in place and happily swallowed his cum as it hit her tongue.  She'd been planning to stall, collect it and make a grand show of swallowing it all in one dramatic gulp, but she was just too impatient to taste him.
Jet after jet of cum shot out of his dick, and it was a chore for Ochako to keep swallowing the longer it kept coming.  She refused to back down though, refused to let even a single drop of his semen spill out of her mouth.  She kept her lips tightly sealed around his cock until his load died down and then petered out entirely, and even then she refused to stop completely.  She knew it was coming to an end and dialed herself down accordingly, but even then she continued to lightly suckle at the head of his cock and leisurely fondle his balls.
"Please, Ochako," he said, putting his hands on her forehead.  "Stop, please.  It's too much."  Accepting that her fun was now at an end, she pulled her hands off of him and reluctantly let his cockhead pop out from between her lips.  That had been an incredible experience, beyond her wildest hopes for how their first blowjob would go.  She couldn't wait to do it again another time and see how much better she could get, but what she was truly impatient for was the chance to truly go all the way, to be with him in every way possible.  How soon could he get hard again?
She was considering asking him that very question when he sat up on the bed and waved her up with his hand.
"Come here," he said, grinning at her.  She smiled and crawled up to join him.  "That was absolutely amazing."  He pressed a kiss to her forehead.  "Thank you so much, Ochako.  I'll never forget it."
"Neither will I," she giggled, letting her hands return to his muscular chest once again.  She'd genuinely enjoyed sucking him off, especially when she got to swallow his cum, but even if she'd hated every second of it, she knew she'd never hesitate to do it again any time he asked.  The gratitude on his face and in his voice was capable of making her do all sorts of things.
"It was amazing," he repeated.  "But now I want to return the favor."
She barely even had time to process that before Deku pounced, wrapping her body securely in his arms and rolling her over onto her back.  She let out a little grunt of surprise, and panted as he got to work.  He was like a man possessed, impatiently rolling her shirt up her body and tugging at it until she raised her arms over her head to help him get it off.  With the shirt off, he went straight for her bra.  When he couldn't figure out how to unlatch it, he just huffed and ripped it clean off of her body.  Ochako's eyes widened.  That had been one of her favorite bras, but losing it was a small price to pay for the display of visceral, raw lust he'd just put on.
Her eyes weren't the only pair that widened.  It took Ochako a moment to realize what had stopped Deku cold.  He'd played, fondled, squeezed, rubbed and motorboated her breasts many times over the course of their relationship, but this was the first time he'd ever seen them completely bare.  It didn't feel like such a big deal for her; they were just breasts, after all.  But then she thought about her reaction to seeing his cock.  If this was half as momentous an occasion for him as that had been for her, maybe she could understand a little more.
His hands cupped her breasts, rubbing and squeezing, making the most of this chance to play with her breasts without any bra to restrict him for the first time.  But then he pulled his hands away, and after one last lingering look at her chest, he went lower.  Her skirt was removed with minimal effort, and that left just her pink panties.  Here he hesitated for just a moment, and looked back up at her face.  She realized he was waiting for her permission, making sure she was okay with this just as she had done when her hands lingered at the waistband of his boxers, which now felt like a lifetime ago.  She met his questioning look and gave him a slow, deliberate nod.         
With permission now granted, Deku hooked his thumbs into her panties and slowly peeled them off.  Ochako spread her legs, holding her breath as she fully exposed herself, all of herself, for her boyfriend to see.  She knew he loved her body, but it was still a big thing for her to display herself so completely.
“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured.  His eyes drank her body in from head to toe, admiring her beauty.  She wasn’t some thin, fragile model type.  She took being a hero seriously, and she’d worked hard to make her body as strong as it could be.  Her arms were toned, she had washboard abs and her legs were thick with muscle.  Some men might be intimidated or turned off by a woman who was so fit, but she knew Deku wasn’t like that.  They were frequent workout buddies, helping each other to push their bodies as hard as they could.  He’d let her know how much he appreciated her fit body plenty of times, but this was his first chance to examine the complete picture. 
He showed her what he thought of the fruits of her labor, taking one of her legs in his hands and kissing his way up her muscular inner thigh.  His lips worked their way inwards, worshipping her flesh as he got closer and closer to the place they both were waiting for him to reach.  She watched raptly as he reached the promised land.  He stared at her pussy for a minute, and then looked up into her eyes.
“Let me know what you want me to do,” he said, his green eyes looking at her seriously.  “I want this to be as good as possible for you.”
Ochako took a moment to reflect on her good fortune, remembering Momo telling her that many men treated oral sex as an obligation, or might avoid it entirely even if their partner had just given them a blowjob.  But here Deku was, not just giving her oral sex of his own accord, but not being too proud or stubborn to ask for help.  He was willing to follow her lead and do whatever she asked, so long as it meant she enjoyed herself as much as possible.
She wasn’t going to waste an offer like that.  He was enthusiastic and ready to follow directions, and she made the most of that.  She showed him just how she liked to rub and finger herself when she was masturbating, and he went right along with it, giving her the sort of firm pressure she enjoyed.  She couldn’t say exactly what she preferred orally since this was her first time receiving it just as it was his first time giving it, but they learned it all together.  They found that she really enjoyed it when he gave her slow but thorough licks up and down, and that general technique only got better once he really pressed his face in deep and started to rub his nose and cheeks against her as he licked.
“You’re doing so good, Deku!” she moaned, running her hands through his fluffy green hair as he stuck to what was working.  But as much as she was enjoying herself, she was ready to add something else to the mix.
She guided one of his hands to her clit and showed him how she liked to be touched.  Some girls apparently only liked soft touches there, but Ochako needed something more intense.  Deku gave it to her, pressing his index finger against her clit and rubbing from side to side.  It took very little time for him to get the hang of it, and when that firm pressure on her clit was added to the steady, dedicated vertical drags of his tongue on her pussy, she hit a level of pleasure and stimulation unlike anything she’d ever felt.
“Yes!” she shouted.  “Keep licking, Deku, keep licking!  It’s so good!”
If he was anything like her, hearing her praise and knowing he was making her happy would only encourage him to work harder at taking care of her.  That was precisely what he did.  His tongue lapped harder, the pressure on her clit increased, and he leaned into her humping hips, happily offering his face up for her to grind against as much as she desired.
Ochako knew she was close.  The mere thought of her lover licking her like this had driven more than one intense masturbation session of hers, and now here he was doing it for real and exceeding every one of her expectations.  Part of her wanted to beg him to back off, to stop licking her quite so fast and rubbing her clit quite so firmly, just so she could prolong this dream come true for just a bit longer.  But that thought was discarded almost immediately.  Why should she fight against what she was feeling?  Why should she delay her orgasm to keep this going?  There were other things she wanted to be doing tonight, things she’d dreamed about even more intently than this, and though she couldn’t see all of him at the moment due to how he was positioned on the bed, she would bet that Deku was already recharged and ready to give it to her.  Besides, there would be days, weeks, months and years in the future for her to spread her legs and enjoy her man’s oral attention.
Her orgasm rapidly approached, and Ochako embraced it.  Her hips humped up into Deku’s face as she tried to chase this feeling down, but he didn’t let her restlessness deter him from doing what he set out to do.  He was there to make her feel good, to please her with his mouth and return the favor from her blowjob earlier, and he more than accomplished that.  She cried out in orgasm, holding onto his hair as if hanging on for dear life as her hips bucked and her body quaked.  Deku was there for her throughout it all, but it became too much for her shortly after she’d finished.  She gave a little tug on his hair, and he seemed to get the message.  He pulled his head up from between her strong thighs and smiled at her, and she moaned at the wetness she could see on his face.  She’d squirted all over him.  Hopefully he didn’t mind too much, because it looked unbelievably hot in her opinion.
“So you enjoyed that?” he asked.  She giggled and playfully kicked at his chest with her foot.  He caught the foot and gave it a short but intense tickling assault before she yanked it back out of his grasp, laughing.
“If you could look into a mirror right now, you’d know the answer to that question,” she said, still struggling to get her giggling fits under control.  “I made a mess.”
“I don’t mind,” he said, smiling proudly.  “It means I did a good job.  And it’s almost like you marked me as yours, just like you did when you grabbed my crotch in public.”
“Now there’s a thought,” she said, nodding.  “Maybe I should take a picture and post it online, just in case any of those hussies didn’t get the message earlier!”  They shared a laugh, but Ochako’s mood grew serious again when Deku shifted.  She had been right; going down on her had given him plenty of time to recuperate from his earlier orgasm, and he was now quite clearly ready for more fun.  “So, it looks like I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed that,” she said, nodding at him and pointing between his legs.
“Eheheh,” he said, blushing and rubbing the back of his neck.  “Yeah, guess so!  But I don’t have any control over that.  I’m not expecting anything else from you tonight, don’t worry!”
“You aren’t?” she asked neutrally.  When he shook his head and said no, she sighed dramatically.  “That’s a shame, because I’m still expecting plenty from you.”
“What?” he said, cocking his head at her.  “What do you mean?”  Here it was, the moment of truth.  Getting naked in front of each other for the first time was a big step, and going down on each other was an even bigger one.  But all of that had just been a prelude, an appetizer for what she really wanted.  She couldn’t imagine him saying no.  She’d been ready for this for months, and if he was half as horny as most guys his age then he’d probably wanted it for at least as long.    
“I want you to make love to me,” she said, looking into his eyes and speaking slowly and clearly.  She wanted there to be no doubt.  The butterflies were there, but she didn’t want to give off the impression that she was afraid.  She wanted him to know that she was ready, that she wanted this and needed this, needed him, all of him.
Deku just stared at her for a moment, likely trying to convince his brain that he hadn’t misheard, that she’d really just said what he’d thought she said.  When he finally did process it, the unbridled joy she saw on his face took her breath away.  It reminded her of how he’d looked that day she’d first confessed her feelings for him, though in a very different way.  That was a pure and innocent acknowledgment of feelings; this was about physical desire and lust, but in its own way it was just as powerful.
“You’re sure?” he asked, looking at her seriously.  His desire and want was obvious, but she knew that if she suddenly changed her mind or had second thoughts, he would allow her to back off without a word of complaint, no matter how much it would disappoint him.  Luckily for him, that wasn’t going to be an issue.
“I’m very, very sure,” she said.  “I love you, and I want to share this with you.”  She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly, and he readily returned the kiss.  Ochako simply let herself enjoy it for a moment, but then she pulled back.  "I do have one request, though."
"Anything," he said without even thinking about it.  "Whatever you want."
"That's what I like to hear," she said, smiling sweetly.  Then she did something he wasn't expecting.
"Whoa!" Deku said in surprise as he was suddenly floating above the bed thanks to her Zero Gravity.  She released him gently, putting him flat on his back near the center of the bed.  She could've just asked and he would have done it willingly, but was feeling playful and wanted to surprise him.  A shove to the chest would've worked against almost anyone else with how much strength she packed in her frame thanks to all her hard work, but she would've needed luck and balance on her side to move Deku's solid body.  Using her quirk was way more fun anyway.
"I want to be on top," she said, making a show of crawling into position and straddling him.  He didn't have any problem with that.  She knew that with his power, he could effortlessly throw her off of him and dominate this encounter no matter what she wanted.  But he made no attempt to do any of that.  He just watched with bated breath as she pressed her pussy against the underside of his cock and rocked back and forth, teasing him by grinding herself against him without actually taking him inside.  She loved the adorable little pout on his face as she teased him.
"Please," he said, his voice strained.  "Please put it in, Ochako!  I need it so bad!"  She smiled widely, wondering how all of his fangirls would react if they saw their hero plead like this.
"When you ask so nicely, how can I say no?"  She wrapped her hand around his thick shaft to hold him in place and guide him into position as she lowered her hips.  The tip of his cock went inside of her, and their eyes met.  This was really happening.
"Oh!" she whispered, sinking down inch by inch and taking more of his cock inside of her.  She'd used toys on herself before, but this was completely different.  Deku's large cock was filing her up like nothing she'd ever had inside of her before.  She paused for a second to adjust to this new but welcome sensation, and gasped when she looked down and realized that there was still plenty of his cock still waiting for her.  God, he really was huge!
She wasn't going to let his size stop her though.  She'd been looking forward to this for too long to let anything get in her way.  She gave herself a little slap on the cheeks as motivation and then continued her descent, gradually sinking lower until she was fully seated on him, his entire dick lodged in her pussy.
"I did it!" she said, pumping her fist in the air.  He chuckled and shook his head.
"Yes, you did," he said.  "Congratulations."
She circled her hips while seated on him, and his smile was wiped away.  His eyes closed, he groaned and his hands reached around to grab onto her toned ass.  She kept moving, rotating her hips in a circle some more, liking the way he rubbed against her.  Then she decided to raise herself up off of him only to sit right back down, her hips dropping faster this time.  When she was impaled on him again she experimented some more, this time rocking her hips back and forth.  This had the very welcome benefit of rubbing her clit against his body.  She didn't do it for too long, not wanting to get herself too worked up and come before she was ready, but it was wonderful while it lasted.
Ochako kept that pattern going for awhile, raising and lowering onto his lap and moving her hips in whatever direction struck her fancy whenever she was sitting on him.  Deku didn't seem to have any particular preference for any of her techniques; as far as she could tell, he loved them all.  He just held onto her ass and voiced his appreciation for what she was doing.
This was fun, but she decided to commit herself to a more rigorous up and down ride.  She used her arms to brace herself, leaned back and really began to bounce.  She launched herself up and down his cock, her earlier struggles just to make it all the way down now a thing of the past.  Deku's eyes were open now, and they seemed to be fascinated by the way this harder pace made her large breasts bounce.  He reached up and grabbed them, enjoying the feel of their weight in his hands as she continued to ride him fast and ride him hard.
Riding him like this was more physically demanding than what she'd been doing earlier.  She would bet that most women would really be overwhelmed by the ache of exertion in their thighs, but with all the work she'd done to hone her body and make it as strong as possible, she was equipped to keep this kind of relentless pace up indefinitely.  And she did exactly that, working her body up and down his cock without pause long past the point that most other women would have given up, slumped over in defeat and begged their man to get on top and take over.  Not Ochako.  Even with the sweat she'd worked up and the burn she could feel in her muscles, she was confident in her belief that she could keep doing this for as long as she needed to.
The turning point for her came when Deku stopped focusing so much on her breasts and became a more active participant.  He didn't do so by thrusting up into her from the bottom; instead, he got his hand in on the act.  He spread his fingers in a sort of V shape and positioned them in such a way that her clit started to grind against his knuckles every time she pressed down onto him.  That got her moaning in a hurry.  She'd been avoiding too much clitoral stimulation so she could make sure this was a marathon rather than a sprint, but now he was providing that stimulation of his own initiative.
"Is that okay?" he asked through his heavy breathing.  "Do you want me to stop?"
If she wanted to treat this as a simple test of endurance and see how long she could last, she'd say no.  But she'd lasted plenty long already, and she didn't want to discourage this show of free thinking and hurt his confidence.  Oh, and now that he'd presented her with the option, she realized she was more than ready to cum all over his cock.
"It's perfect!" she gasped, continuing to bounce on him.  She moved even faster now, pushing her sore legs to give everything they had so she could feel those hard knuckles against her clit as fast and as frequently as possible.  On and on she went, driving her body harder and harder, pushing towards that goal in her head.  It wasn't unlike the way she forced herself to constantly stride further and further when working out, except this time the goal she was seeking was about carnal pleasure rather than self-improvement.
Her moans increased in decibel the closer she got to the end of her exertion, and when she felt it coming her eyes widened and her mouth hung open for a moment.  She could feel an ear-piercing scream coming; she'd always had to work hard to stay quiet when she came, but she knew she wasn't going to be able to control herself this time.  But Deku had been there to see her get off often enough by now that he knew about that struggle too, and he must have sensed that there would be no fighting it tonight.  In the nick of time he wrapped his arms around her while he shot up into a seated position and claimed her lips in a kiss.  The kiss was hot and passionate, but it also served to silence a scream so loud that it would have sent Mina, Tsuyu and maybe the whole damn class running to see what was the matter.  Instead it was harmlessly swallowed up by his mouth while he held her close.  Deku held her body in his, rubbing her back and keeping his lips pressed to hers until her orgasm receded and she relaxed in his arms.  Only then did he pull his lips from hers. 
"You okay?" he asked, kissing her forehead and brushing her hair off of her sweaty forehead.
"Never...better," she panted.  She felt at least as exhausted as she did after a particularly strenuous exercise set, but it had been so worth it.  That was the best orgasm of her life, and it wasn't even close.  Now she understood why Mina was so obsessed with sex!
"I'm glad," he said.  He peppered her forehead and cheeks with kisses, and she accepted it all with a giggle.  "That was amazing."
"It was," she agreed, smiling hazily.  But then something broke through the haze, and she pulled her head back to look at him seriously.  "You didn't cum, did you?"
"Nope!" he said.  "I wanted to make sure I was hard until you got what you needed."
"Mission accomplished, hero," she said, shaking her head in wonder.  His first time, and he'd held on that long just for her!  "But now it's time for you to get what you need."
"Yeah?" he said, trying and failing not to let his enthusiasm show.  "Are you ready?  Not too tired, are you?"
"Very tired," she admitted.  "But I'm ready," she continued before he could interject.  "Take me, Deku.  However you want."
"However I want," Deku repeated, looking thoughtful.  It only took him a few heartbeats to reach his decision, and then he made his move.  He arranged them so she was on her back and he was on top of her, in between her spread legs.  His erection had remained inside her the entire time, so he simply started moving straight away.
Missionary was the most 'classic' of all sexual positions.  He could've done something else, something kinkier, something that would have let him show off his incredible power, but this felt more in line with who he was.  Maybe they'd experiment with some of those other positions some other time, but this being Deku's first choice made all the sense in the world to her.  It was a classic for a reason.  He was able to look into her eyes and kiss her the entire time he moved inside of her, and he did exactly that.  He kissed her lips, her cheeks and behind her ears, and he whispered sweet nothings to her while he slid his cock in and out of her.  He wasn't just fucking her; he was making love to her.
That wasn't to say it was overly vanilla, or that he was exceedingly gentle with her.  He set a quick pace, skin audibly slapping skin every time he thrust into her.  He was making love to her, but giving her a vigorous fucking at the same time.  It might have seemed like a paradox to some, but she would say it fit their relationship perfectly.  They constantly pushed each other as hard as they could go when they worked out together, demanding the best from their partner so they could become the heroes they wanted to be.  Yet despite how hard they pushed each other, at the end of the day they were romantic fools deeply in love with each other.  Maybe others wouldn't understand this, wouldn't get how he could be fucking her hard and making love to her at the same time, but others didn't need to get it or get them.  They understood each other, they were there for each other, and that's all either of them would ever need.
It was impressive that Deku was able to fuck her for as long as he did at that pace, considering the cowgirl endurance match she'd just put him through, but soon enough he hit his limit. 
"I'm close!" he gasped. his mouth right next to her ear.  "Where do you want me to...?"
"Inside!" she said immediately.  "It's safe!"  That was true; she was protected.  She wasn't ready to give birth to cute little green-haired boys and girls yet, no matter how much the thought appealed to her.  She wanted nothing more, one day, but that day was not today.
Trusting her word, he pressed his face against the side of her neck and concentrated on his last few thrusts.  He speared into her a few more times, and then he began to cum inside of her.  He let out a low groan as he gave her the first creampie of her life, and she moaned in response.  Hearing such a raw, guttural sound from him was very hot, almost as hot as feeling him fill her up with his semen.
He all but collapsed onto her when he was finished, and she was thankful her body was so strong, strong enough to bear that weight without complaint until he came to his senses and rolled off of her.  He didn't go far though; she didn't let him.  Ochako cuddled into his side, letting her head rest on his chest.
"Think we can skip the gym tomorrow?" she asked.  He chuckled, and it made his chest vibrate against the side of her face.
"Maybe a half day," he said eventually.  He yawned before he even finished his sentence.  It seemed he wouldn't be awake much longer, and she knew she wouldn't be far behind.
"Love you," he mumbled sleepily.
"Love you too," she whispered.  She wasn't sure if he heard her, as she heard the deep breaths of sleep coming from him seconds later.  She drifted off to sleep herself a minute or two later, her head on his chest and his arm around her shoulders, holding her close.
Ochako's first thought upon waking the following morning was to wonder why she was so sore and fatigued.  She hadn't even done any hero work yesterday!  All she'd done was go shopping with Deku for her father's birthday, and then there was the little altercation with those of his fans that didn't respect personal boundaries, and then...
She shot up in bed and let out that little exclamation of surprise as the events of the previous night came rushing back to her.  They'd actually done it!  She and Deku had made love!  Her dreams, her fantasies had come true, and somehow they'd been even better than she imagined!
She looked to the space beside her, the space he'd been occupying when she fell asleep, but he wasn't there.  Her eyes scanned the room, but there was no sign of him there either.  She had to stamp down her disappointment.  She knew that last night meant as much to him as it did to her.  There was no way he regretted what they'd done, so it's not like she had anything to worry about.  Him not being in bed beside her when she woke wasn't a sign of anything negative, and she knew that.  There was probably a perfectly good reason he wasn't there.  That didn't stop her from pouting. 
Oh well; she'd just have to catch up with him a bit later on, she decided.  She got out of bed, located the panties she'd worn the day before and slipped them back on for the moment, just so she'd have something to wear when she went to bathe.  She'd go wash up and get ready for the day, and then they'd catch up.  They'd grab some breakfast, talk, find a good spot for some kissing, maybe even fit in a light jog, and then--
Her daydreaming was cut off when her door slowly creaked open.  She stood at attention, ready to lash out if it was anyone other than Deku, but she saw that familiar mop of green hair and relaxed.
"Good morning!" she said brightly.  "I was wondering where you'd gone!  Not that I'm upset, of course, but I just thought that--um, what is it?  Is something wrong?"
She cut off her rambling to check on him because he hadn't said good morning back to her, hadn't nodded, hadn't even smiled at her.  He was looking at her with the most serious expression she'd ever seen on his face, outside of serious battle at least.  Even now she wasn't worried that last night had changed things between them.  The thought never even entered her mind.  Their bond was absolute and unbreakable, and she trusted it completely.  But maybe something else had gone wrong.  Had there been an attack?  Was it the League of Villains?
She hadn't even taken notice of the fact that Deku was dressed in a fancy button-up shirt and pants, far more formal than what he usually wore around the dorm and definitely not what he'd been wearing the night before.  But what she did notice, what she couldn't help noticing, was him dropping down to one knee in front of her.  Time seemed to stand still as she stood there frozen.  Her eyes widened as he pulled a small pink box out of his pocket, and she felt her breath catch in her throat and tears begin to form in her eyes. 
"Ochako," he began, only to stop and clear his throat awkwardly.  "Ochako, I love you.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I've known that for a long time."
"Oh my God," she whispered, not bothering to try and hold back her tears.  She'd had every confidence that this day would come sooner or later.  She knew that Deku felt just as strongly for her as she did for him, and marriage was just a matter of time.  But she hadn't been expecting it here and now.  After they'd graduated and become pro heroes, perhaps.
"I bought this for you months ago," he said, opening the box and showing her the ring contained inside.  "I was planning on giving it to you the day we graduated.  I was even working with the other girls in our class to set up a big surprise, where I'd give a dramatic speech.  But then last night happened, and I realized that I don't want to wait.  We already know that we're meant for each other, that we want to spend the rest of our lives together and maybe, hopefully, raise a family together one day."  Ochako nodded and smiled through her tears at that.  What a great dad he was going to make!
"Last night we gave ourselves to each other.  You trusted me with your body, and now I want you to trust me with your heart and soul, just like I'm trusting you with mine.  Uraraka Ochako, will you marry me?"
She didn't think she would be able to manage an intelligible response through her sobs, so she just sank to her knees with him, allowed him to slip the ring on her finger, and kissed him.  In her enthusiasm she bowled him over onto his back, but she didn't let that stop her.  She got on top and kissed her boyfriend, make that her fiancée, with all the passion and love she could muster.
She broke away a few moments later to giggle, and Deku gave her an odd look.
"Uh, is something funny?  I didn't mess up too bad, did I?" he asked, looking nervous.  She shook her head immediately.
"It was perfect," she assured him before giving him another quick kiss.  "I was just imagining the look on your fangirls' faces when we break the news."
The fangirls could keep dreaming about Deku, but now the message was going to be made loud and clear.  He was all hers, and that was never, ever going to change.


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