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Every year, Shauntal's Halloween party is the talk of Unova, even if nobody really remembers specifics. The reason for that is Shauntal hypnotizing everybody into sexual playthings who will follow any command she gives them, save for one 'guest of honour' who gets to watch the party succumb to madness and be broken. This year, it's Hilda's mom, Touko, who gets that honour. Anonymous commission.
[Overlord] Your ritual to summon a demon conjured up a succubus named Albedo, who clumsily gives you her true name before you can even make her an offer, granting you absolute control over her, and now you're ready to make a demon bride out of this frustrated virgin succubus, no matter who her heart belongs to. Anonymous commission. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
Fresh from a Halloween party, Tae and Ren roleplay based on their costumes, with Tae as the dominant witch calling the incubus Ren to this world to be her love slave. Anonymous commission.
Shauntal's vacation to an old family cabin to get some isolated writing done takes a strange turn when her Froslass strays off, leaving her trainer to chase her into a group of wild ghost types that Froslass has sold her trainer out to. Anonymous commission.
In Brigid, warriors are gifted the chance to take a pair lovers for the night after a battle. Petra insists that Bernadetta partake in this tradition, each bedding two men for the night, so that she can finish her lessons and guidance to help her friend go from 'prey' to 'predator'. Anonymous commission.
When a pent-up Bulma finds her son's 'best friend' balls deep in his ass in the middle of the night, she can't contain her desire to feel what she's been longing for, no matter who it's from or how wrong it is. Anonymous commission.
Zelda's had no time for sex in her very busy studies, but when she bends over her her desk, Link decides to make a move to show her, and the pent up princess isn't ready for what awakens in her when he does. Patreon poll winner.
Robin takes his role as tactician to new levels when he decides to play matchmaker for Chrom's army, pairing off the Shepards and insisting they all conceive at once together to shape the next generation of perfect units. Patreon poll winner.
As a Plegian, being with the living vessel for Grima is a sinful chance to indulge in worship, and Tharja may not have ever been strongly religious before, but Robin is making her a woman of faith. Patreon poll winner.
After band rehearsals, Akali takes the subway back home, only to be assailed when she least expects it by a man she doesn't know. It may not be when she wants it, but her chikan dreams are finally going to come true. Commission for simo09
[My Hero Academia] Being the girlfriend of a devoted, top ranked hero is taking its toll on Ochaco as heroism comes before their love life too often. For Mineta, it's an opportunity, and when he makes his move on her, she's too pent up to be able to resist the offer. Anonymous commission.
Nebula spared the version of her from the past by forcing her to confront her love for her sister, and once the dust settles, the two Nebulas seek out what they both really want: Gamora between them. Anonymous commission.
Emperor Edelgard and her wife Dorothea have need of heirs for the empire, and have settled on a common man who can help them conceive an heir or two for a night of meaningless passion. You've been chosen as that lucky man. Anonymous commission. Male reader.
Kari's every Friday night follows the same ritual: confess her sins of the week over her brother's lap so that he can punish her for her lustful misdeeds before 'setting her right'. Anonymous commission.
[Zootopia] Judy steps into a sex club specializing in dom/sub predator/prey hook-ups and surrenders herself to a world she craves, and to two canines eager to make her their plaything. Anonymous commission.
Balancing chores in the home of Ren and the four girls he lives with should have been easy, but navigating the mess of everyone's desire to clean or willingness to do anything to get out of cleaning has become a chore unto itself. One Ren's happy to make the most of. Anonymous commission.
Ryuko is called up to the front of class by Aikuro knowing she won't be able to solve the question; his intention is to simply take her from behind in front of the rest of the class instead. Patreon poll story.
Your quiet day at the beach is broken up by the odd sight of a very flexible girl wandering naked down the sand, and when she catches your eye, she decides your day needs to get a whole lot weirder. Patreon poll fic. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
When a henchman catches Kim trying to raid another tropical lair of Dr. Drakken, he decides his haul is worth more than the praise he can get from his boss, and endeavors to take her as his own plaything. Anonymous commission.
When Rosa loses to some members of Nimbasa City's basketball team, she's not ready to deal with the fact that they don't want money from her, they want to take her body, whether she's receptive to it or not, and fuck her until she is. Anonymous commission.
[Granblue Fantasy, Eventual Fate/Grand Order probably] Short stories of gacha game ladies running into less than fortune and hypersexual situations where their wits only last them long enough to realize how much they enjoy getting railed by the monsters before them. Commission for heikitsune25
Futaba's happy with Ren, but Ryuji's constant checking her out and a quick phone hack to see what he's packing fills Futaba with ideas. Ideas only a young woman whose view on human relationships can be grown from hentai OVAs can muster, but she's not cheating with some ugly older man; it's with her boyfriend's closest male friend. Commission for simo09
Hooking up at a party with a tipsy Roxy and heading back to her place all sounds good and fine, but she likes her sex loud, and her sister and sister's wife are sleeping over in the next room. But maybe even those won't be problems. Anonymous commission. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis.
[RWBY] As heiress to the Schnee fortune, Weiss's behavior reflects upon her whole family. So when her father pisses her off, she decides a 'leaked' video tape of her getting familiar with a bunch of faunus boys from school is the best way to respond. Patreon poll story.
Laura's visit to a glory hole takes a strange turn when the boys she's servicing turn out to be her brother's friends. When Sean unknowingly loses his virginity to his sister through a hole in the wall, Laura finds herself unable to stop thinking about him, desperate to make a real move on him, and what she wants, she'll get. Commission for parappa642

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