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Chapter 1 - Harley Quinn - Looking Elsewhere (P)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 1 - Harley Quinn - Looking Elsewhere (P)

Chapter 1 - Harley Quinn - Looking Elsewhere (P)
The openness of Harley's relationship with Poison Ivy was sometimes more of a blessing than Harley could fully put into words until those nights where she was horny beyond all belief and Red was too busy with her work to pay much attention to her needy girlfriend. Those were the nights where Harley graciously bowed out of trying to pull her from her work, knowing that in the grand scheme of things her lovers' projects were more important than just getting off, and headed to the seedy club she knew for a fact was where she could consistently get her fix of what she needed. With a nice, big dildo in hand, one with a suction cup base that would be perfect for placing down, Harley visited her favorite cocksucking spot in all of Gotham; the glory hole at Club Hysteria.

It wasn't too bad a joint, really. One of Penguin's grimier establishments, certainly, but it was still much better than some of the other places she could have sucked cock, like in a bathroom stall; at least Hysteria had a proper glory hole back room, complete with stalls and lights that could be turned on to indicate she was open for business. The box was nice and roomy, perfect for getting whatever she wanted if she tired of just sucking the cocks poking through the wall. A few cum-stained pillows sat strewn throughout for anyone who wanted to sit on something other than hard floor; it was almost a luxury cocksucking palace, as far as Harley was concerned. Much better than the glory hole at Arkham, at least.

Harley settled in front of the wall happily, peeling off her shorts and smiling as she pushed the suction cup down against the floor. "Alright boys, don't take too long," she murmured to herself, flipping the switch that turned on the bright light on the other end of the wall, and she waited on her knees in front of the hole, teasing her pussy against the swollen head of the dildo. She was already dripping wet, partly from the excitement of visiting Hysteria again, and partly just because she was admittedly hornier than she could bear, already sopping wet by the time she tried to invite Red to an early bed time that evening. But now she was all set, painted lips parted wide, mouth nice and wet with saliva, just begging for the first cock to pull through the wall.

It didn't take long for one to do so. Harley didn't know how many other stalls were full, as girls weren't allowed into the room on the other side to see who was sticking their dicks through the wall. She knew a lot of them were Penguin's boys though, and was fairly sure she'd sucked off more than a few guys there before who she had also let meet the business end of her hammer on the occasional turf war. But there was no worry about turf was a big, meaty, veiny cock pushed through the hole in the wall, twitching as Harley licked her lips and staring longingly at it. "Now that's what I'm talking about," she said happily, reaching her hand forward to grab its base, tugging gently on it to make sure that it was all the way through the wall before she leaned forward and got to work.

Her body began to sink down onto the thick plastic cock as she pressed her tongue against the very tip, spiraling out with slowly building circles as she took the playful approach, toying with her first snack of the evening. Swirling lings left her strong, wet tongue slithering around, swishing about further and further down as she put more and more tongue to work the further down she went, rather than only bothering with the tip. It slowly immersed the shaft in warmth and wetness, giving him a slow prelude to what was to come. It made the dick she was servicing twitch, and a little bit of pre splattered onto her lips, which challenged all of the teasing she'd been so happy to get down to as her hunger got the better of her. "Nnngh, I betcha don't even wanna go slow, do ya?" she asked in her thick, unmistakably high accented voice; she made no attempt to hide who she was, unsure anybody particularly cared once she got her lips around their cock.

She didn't wait for an answer--disappointingly few men ever seemed talkative on the other side of the wall--and Harley decided to just go for it. Pushing forward, she swallowed down half the cock in one go, and suddenly snapped into a very different beast entirely. Her lips wrapped tight around the aching flesh and her head started to bob back and forth rapidly, slurping down the cock noisily as the taste and thickness in her mouth made her salival glands whip into mad, frantic overdrive. She was so horny, so hungry, and her body slammed down onto the dildo as she shouted out in delight, starting to bounce happily onto the toy as her body fell into the familiar set of motions of riding one phallus and sucking on another, each requiring their motion movement and a little tricky to do in concert at the kind of speed that the clown queen of crime liked, but she'd had plenty of practice on her knees at this very stall.

Harley was drooling all over herself before she even got him into her throat, but she couldn't help it. She was so excited to be indulging in her needs that night with someone else, as even the mere chance to suck on a cock was lighting her up and giving her a surge of pleasure that helped make her masturbation so much more satisfying than it would have been if she were alone in bed and doing nothing. It was dirtier, her mouth thrilled with tastes she adored and her head buzzing happily. It was all so much, so strong, and she adored every sweet, solitary second of vulgar indulgence that it brought. Saliva dripped down her chin and onto her black and red top, which she hadn't pulled off, since there was no point; nobody was seeing her tits, and while one hand pumped along the rest of the cock she wasn't sucking on, the other had its place down between her spread legs, rubbing frantic circles into her clitoris to help feed the mad friction of the thick toy she was bouncing on.

The rigid shaft felt so good stretching her needy pussy out, making her nectar leak down her thighs as she let her muscle memory take over, automatic in the way she rode the toy so that her primary focus could all be put onto the amazing cock in front of her. She wanted him deeper, her hand's strokes growing shorter and shorter as she pressed onward happily, even pulling away fingers so that she had more space to take him down, and soon enough, he was pressing against the back of her throat, sloppy gagging sounds rising up as saliva bubbled around the corners of her tightly pursed lips, and there was nothing that got Harley hornier than that. But she went on still, stopping for nothing as she pushed further down, gleeful in the way she choked on the swollen dick buried down her gullet.

She didn't know what was going on from the other end of the wall, save for the groans rising up as she sucked him down as deep as she could, shameless in her indulgence, and clearly he'd not been expecting something this good when he shoved his dick through the hole, as surprise edged the sounds he made. Which left Harley feeling even more excited; just a happy, unreasonably skilled cocksucker making a guy's night while he made hers. It was the perfect way to spend a horny evening alone, and she relished in the opportunity to take him down even deeper, wanting to blow his mind as hard as she blew his cock. Her hand pulled away entirely as she pushed all the way down, swallowing every last fraction of an inch poking out from the other end of the wall, ignoring the way she choked on the thick, aching cock as it found its home in the warmth and tightness of her slightly bulging throat.

Tears of pressure welled, and her black mascara began to run down her pale face as she facefucked herself happily. The throbbing sensations coursing addictively through her left her unsure if she was even going to be able to last longer than the mystery man whose cock she was throating, as she became a total mess, but a mess having the time of her life. Her heated bounces grew more desperate and needy as she went all out with the cock, and she didn't stop until she felt those telltale signs of release so aggressive that she knew she had to pull back in time to catch it all. "Yes!" she cried out, "Cum all over my face! It's already so white that ya won't be able to tell the difference!"

Her climax had at the exact same second that the cock erupted in her face, jets of hot white splooge splashing across her features as she rode frantically atop her dildo, screaming to the heavens in ragged delight as she took the heavy facial. Her pussy leaked and gushed, leaving her moaning happily, mouth wide open as she caught some of the salty ropes right onto her tongue and across her lips, while others still went across her nose or even into her two-tone hair, which sat in two pigtails perfectly shaped to play handlebars, and a proper, rough facefucking was the only thing that she felt the glory hole truly lacked.

Harley came down from her high, whining as she suckled from the oozing tip of the cock, sucking down the last droplets of cum as it softened, almost sad when it pulled away from her and left her whimpering, deprived of more of the intense thrills she sought. It was a tragedy, and she was left to whine as she leaned back a little, face warm with the thick cum that very slowly ran down her face. She rocked back and forth slowly on top of the dildo, waiting for someone to come by and stick their dick once more into the hole again. She was fitful and impatient, the horny criminal clown hardly the sort to consider downtime a worthwhile part of sex. She liked to start fucking, and not stop until she was too sore go on anymore, and even the attempt to wait for a dick to suck before she got to riding her dildo proved impossible, as she started to bounce atop it as she waited for another man to come by.

"Come on," she whined, her moans so blatant and desperate as they went through the hole in the wall, easily making it through to the other side. "There's gotta someone in there who wants their dick sucked, what are ya all waitin' for? There's a horny little cocksucker here who wants to meet ya!" Her desperation was as obvious as could be, but she had no shame, even sticking her tongue through the hole and wiggling it about in the most lurid fashion she could manage, making what she wanted very clear and holding back for nothing as she laid it all on the table. If anyone recognized her voice then so be it; maybe her "popularity" would draw someone's attention. Whatever worked, she'd take it. "Is there even anyone out there, or are all the guys here too boring to wanna have some anonymous suck their dick for 'em?" As she begged, she continued to bounce atop her toy, so thankful that the suction cup on it was a good one given the fervor with which she rode it.

Her needy, moan-tinged verbal pleas worked better than she could have ever hoped, although that fact proved a bit of a nasty surprise, given the fact that she had her lips up against the wall and didn't even know what was happening until it was too late. Without warning, a man took her up on her offer, driving his cock right into her open mouth and right down to her throat in one single stroke. And although she choked and gagged in utter surprise, Harley could not have been happier about that fact, pulling her head back a little in utter surprise as she got to work. "Here, maybe this'll shut you up, greedy slut!" he shouted from the other side, and Harley hadn't heard anything all day that had made her quite as happy as that.

Not that there was much work to do, really, as the man on the other side clearly had a vested interest in fucking her face to keep the only sounds he heard those of sloppy cock worship. Which she didn't mind in the least, but she still wanted to get even faster, never happy with settling for just lying there unless she was physically held down and forced into stillness--which had its own incredible thrills--and knowing that they'd both enjoy it much more if she took an active role in helping, in sucking his cock down desperately, voluntarily hammering her own throat even harder and faster as a result. Anything to get off and to feel the incredible relief of her orgasm.

She hadn't had the chance to see it, but she was fairly sure this cock was a little bigger, reaching down deeper into her throat, leaving her choking harder as the bulge in her neck felt just a little bit wider. Which was fine by her, driving her horny bounces to even greater heights as she bucked frantically atop the toy, having the brutal, vulgar time of her life as she fucked her pussy with the toy and her face with the cock on the other side of the wall, the perfect combination to fuel her mad lust that night.

"For a loudmouthed bitch, at least you can suck cock decently," the man on the other end snarled, gleefully thrusting harder and faster through the hole and into her mouth. Harley had no idea what he looked like, but she simply didn't care as she went all out with his shaft, happy to choke on his cock all night if he had the stamina to keep this up. And he could feel it, too; the hunger behind the blowjob was receiving was the sort that implied the woman on the other side would have gladly drained his balls of their last drop if left her own devices.

And she would love every second of it, greedily slurping his cock down, not bothering to come up for air for a second as she tried to coax his hot seed from his cock, whether it ended up on her face like the load she wore proudly, or down her throat and right into her stomach. She would take it any way, just hungry for cum, looking to feed the almost frenzied, addictive need within her that left her fucking herself raw on the dildo. All of the choking and drooling, the wet mess that her upper body and her thighs became as fluids leaked from both violated, deeply penetrated holes, only made her hornier, the twisted double edged sword of these surges of arousal too powerful to be quelled. The more she got, the more she wanted, and while only exhaustion would stop her, her conditioning was top notch and she could go for hours. It was why Ivy often left her to be buttered up by her 'babies' sometimes, but even then Harley's insatiability proved to be a fearsome, nearly unconquerable beast.

But Harley didn't need to tell him that. Not that she could, with a throat full of dick, but she found that men always went at her even harder when they thought they could tire her out and blow her mind. When they didn't know who she was or how insatiable she could prove to be. Just an anonymous whore slurping cock in the back room of a night club. They went all out with her when they didn't know how just how badly she needed it, how almost superhumanly horny she got and how endless her stamina ran. And she liked it better that way; when she came to a glory hole, she liked to suck men dry, leave a line of guys with drained balls gasping and stumbling back while she just called out for more. If she was going to get her face fucked by an endless string of men all night, then what was the point in settling for anything fewer than every hot-blooded, throbbingly hard man she could find? If she wanted love and one-on-one affection, she had Red for that, and she was going to use the openness of their relationship to get everything vulgar and twisted that Red couldn't give her.

This was certainly everything that sex with Red wasn't. It was brutal, vulgar, so much wetter and messier, leaving her drooling all over herself as she choked on a cock pounding down her gullet, the only words spoken being the occasional insult from the man on the other end of the wall degrading her, calling her a slut and a good cocksucker, talking about how much better she is when her throat is too full of cock to speak with that "annoying fucking voice". The cruelty all sent shivers down her spine, and her heaving body madly bouncing atop the toy knew no end as she got faster and needier, drawing ever closer toward release as she got off hard from the rough breed of verbal abuse and oral violation that dialed up her sensitivity toward sensation as her breath became too short and her head throbbed with simultaneous delight and panic.

She came first, pushing down as far as she could against the toy as her orgasm tore through her, her moans making her throat and all the saliva in her mouth vibrate, rocking that cock with sensations as it continued to hammer her throat that were sure to undo him as well, but not quite as tightly timed as the first cock she'd serviced. Her body shivered and she twisted about as her pussy clenched down around the toy, and with her make-up running, she felt the thrusting continue, no warning to pull back, no remark about wanting to cum on her face. He just kept going until that final thrust, until he was buried deep into her mouth and twitching in her throat. She got to feel the molten spunk splashing against the lining of her esophagus before it made its way down to her stomach, filling her right up with the hot, salty treat she only wished she'd been able to taste on its way down.

Harley waited until every last drop had been wrung out by her throat tight before she pulled back, a hand reaching for the slimy and still rigid cock, slapping it against her make-up and cum stained face as she whined. The orgasm had been intense, but she'd only had two, and there were some nights where two orgasms was enough for her, but this was so far removed from one of those nights that she didn't understand how her less horny counterpart in the past had done it. "It looks to me like ya still got more in ya," she moaned, happy to see he wasn't pulling away from her, but instead seemed ready for more, still. "How much do you want to shut me up, big boy?"


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