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Chapter 2 - Cassie Cage - Sex and Selfies (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 2 - Cassie Cage - Sex and Selfies (C)

Chapter 2 - Cassie Cage - Sex and Selfies (C)
(Commissioned by shade333)

There was a seedy bar in a part of town so rundown that even the presence of Cassie Cage there would have pissed her parents right off. But that had been entirely the point, the blonde fresh off an argument with her mother and looking to get back at her. She'd been busted for having a fake ID, for being only a day past eighteen and already sneaking around drinking, and a bar was the last place she ought to have been after sneaking out of the house. Her mother would not be happy if she ever found out, not that Cassie was looking to tell her mom where she was or what she was doing as she stepped into the place. She knew they didn't card, but it didn't matter, because she wasn't there to drink.

Not alcohol, at least.

The wall between the mens' and womens' rooms had a stall at the far end with a hole in it, one her friends had told her about, and what could possibly have been a more intense and thrilling way to get back at her mother in spirit than to suck some stranger's cock at a glory hole? It was a rebellious phase with a vengeance, and precisely the sort of thing her mother wouldn't be looking for. Given her parents, illegal street fighting seemed more her speed, getting involved in some brutal underground boxing ring. But there she was, getting down on her knees in front of the hole and waiting.

It wasn't long before someone came into the stall. "Anyone there?" asked a deep voice, as the slide on the stall door pushed into the locking position. It was clear where it was direction.

"Yes," Cassie purred, biting her lip as she knelt there in her gym clothes. She hadn't expected this, almost figuring nothing would come of it and she'd go home a little disappointed and horny, but she was so ready for it, even if she was in no way prepared for what followed. "And I am so hungry for a big, hot cock to suck on. Won't you please push it throw and give me a treat?" She figured dirty talk was the route to go, and with the man on the other end never to know who she was, it was all the easier to slip into the moment and rile him up further.

"Oh girl, you're gonna get a real treat," smirked the guy on the other side as he pulled his dick out and eased it forward through the hole, already hard just from the needy words she was spitting, the sort of talk of a real cocksucker.

Cassie gasped as the dick emerged from the hole. A long, thick, throbbing black cock emerged, twitching and rock hard, just begging for her attention, and she didn't waste any time in leaning forward and grasping it. "Nngh, I've never seen a cock so big before," she said, telling the truth but also very eager to try it out. Maybe not quite as drastic a difference in size as should have been given the length and thickness of it, but still more than a handful. "Thank you so much for this." She leaned forward and laid some kisses onto the head as her hand pumped slowly; there was so much cock that the half inch or so lost to the hole in the wall was not a very drastic issue, leaving plenty to slobber on. And slobber she would, but not all at once.

She started with some good tongue work, slithering the agile, wet muscle all along the swollen head, her eyes on it as she marveled at his endowment, at his length. There was so much cock, and it made her thighs rub together and her head surge with delight. Her pussy was already quivering at the sight of it, and she hadn't even yet gotten her lips around it. Not that it would stay that way for long; she couldn't even keep working at the head alone for too much time. In short order, she was pushing forward, licking up and down every inch of thick, dark cock and adoring as much as she could find in her eager bid to slather it with her saliva, a messy and vulgar blowjob, but precisely the sort she needed to give. Something dirty, something sloppy, something to take her mind off of her frustrations.

"Horny little slut, ain't you?" she heard from across the wall, a smirking, smug remark on her desperation. She could tell she was coming off overbearing and desperate, but with so much cock she felt so needy and eager to worship, she didn't care much either way, pressing onward shamelessly as she coated the cock in enough spit that her hand could move effortlessly along the wet surface of his shaft. It was so thick that she couldn't even close her grip around it, which only excited her more. It was so intriguing to her, a challenge she refused to back down from, and the words from the other side of the wall only emboldened her further, gave her reason to prove herself capable and skilled. What better thing to be amazing at to piss her mom off than getting big dicks off?

Her lips slipped around the cock before long, and she pushed excitedly forward, moaning as she took the cock down deep, sucking on his head as her hand moved a little faster. Her quick strokes picked up the pace even further, and she felt out the moment and the pace demanded of her. At least, the demands she made of herself; the groans from the other side and the sounds of hands hitting the wall as the guy on the other side steadied himself implied that he was enjoying her cocksucking quite well regardless of what she was doing. Still, she wasn't going to settle for something uninspired or lazy. Not when a dick this good was presented to her, not when she was there looking to blow off some steam.

Her free hand sank down into her workout pants pocket; tempting as it was to rub at her pussy, she had other things in mind, and fished out her phone, fiddling with it with one hand and trying to get the camera app up as she kept her eyes forward. Little moans spilled out, which only helped encourage the groans from the other side as she pushed herself, not wanting to settle for anything short of utter satisfaction. "Ooh, hungry, too. Well don't worry, you can suck on this dick as long as you want." His words only earned louder moans, which thanks to how much saliva coated the cock, made sweet vibrations thrum through the cock already treated to the tight seal of lips and a mouth open wide to slurp down as much cock as she could muster.

Cassie knew exactly how to make things even 'worse' and more spiteful. After making sure that her pictures weren't set to auto-publish anywhere, Cassie held her camera high and began snapping selfies of her sucking cock at the glory hole. Private little photos to do with as she wished, souvenirs of her time and her spite, not to mention of the amazing dick she was sucking. She simply had to photograph it, to keep for maybe showing friends, maybe in a fit of rage even texting to her mom with captions; she hadn't decided yet, but it didn't matter. What mattered was keeping them, photographic evidence of the cock so big that she practically had to unhinge her jaw to take it all the way in.

And she was getting it down quite deep. The groans on the other side were getting louder as she sucked his cock, hand still working in tandem with the steady bobbing of her head. Once she got over the size, she was down simply to working a cock over, albeit a really big one, like it was any other. Stroking and slurping, the occasional moan helping to make everything nice and vibratey. She was having a blast, and she could feel the shaft heating up in her hands, teasing the back of her throat with the head but never deepthroating him; she wasn't sure she could take it, and she rather liked having the perfect amount of hand room to give it some steady, deep strokes with her wrist rolling steadily in a deft and graceful rhythm. All the while, her camera kept snapping, every few seconds capturing another image of her in her shameful game.

Her efforts were soon paid off in the best of ways. "I'm gonna cum," he said from the other side, the warning to the girl to do whatever she wanted to with his load, and Cassie knew exactly what she wanted to do with it. Pulling back excitedly, she moaned, hand pumping rapidly along it as she kept her face in close.

"You're gonna cum all over my face," she cried out in heated delight, tongue lashing against her lips as she stared forward, frantically welcoming the flood of cum bursting forward from his aching shaft. Her pussy ached, and she almost regretted not having her hand down in her pants instead to tend to her neediness as it swelled within her, but once her phone snapped a picture of the cock mid-throb and she had all of that big, messy load to toy with, her mind was eagerly lighting up with other things to worry about. "Fuck, there's so much," she gasped as it all splattered onto her face, leaving thick streaks of pearly spunk all over her smiling features.

Once she'd wrung every last drop from it, she turned toward the camera and posed for some pictures, nuzzling her cheek against the cock that had just left her face a gooey mess. The contrast of her white skin and the streaks of even whiter cum against the black cock she was rubbing her face against made for something so perfect she almost wanted to send the image to her mom with a caption to the tune of, "if u dont like me fightin ill just be a blak cck slut instead". Not necessarily because she was considering it, but because it would certainly prove the kind of scorching shot back that would make her angry.

"Are you taking selfies with my dick?" asked the guy from behind the wall, shaking his head and muttering, "Fucking white girls," under his breath.

"Maybe," Cassie said, smiling slyly as she snapped a few more for good measure. "But thanks, I really needed that."

"Hold up, I ain't done yet. Especially with you rubbing up on it like that. Why don't you turn around and let me get some of that pussy?"

Cassie's eyes widened, sparking in delight as she realized the opportunities. "Mm, gimme two seconds," she said, biting her lip as she got up quickly, using one hand to push her gym pants down in a way that naturally led to her posing and flaunting for the camera before she led them slip down her hips, leaving her bared and bikini waxed pussy exposed to the camera. She then proceeded to bend over and back up slowly. A hand between her legs gripped the massive dick and held it steady as she pushed back until her pussy was rubbing against the tip. Then, with a deep breath, Cassie drove herself back and impaled herself atop the cock emerging from the hole in the wall, boldly going all out on it.

"Fuck!" she cried out, and didn't hear what was being said on the other end because of it, though she was sure it was delightful. She couldn't help it thought; her pussy was being filled up like never before, stretched out so much that she almost lost track of her hands' relative positions as she tried to get the camera up in front of her in prime selfie position to capture all of the looks of utter delight that were going to come from taking a big, black cock all the way in. "Mmm, no, I take that back. This is what I need!" Her cries of delight were perhaps more elated than they should have been for someone at a glory hole, but she didn't care, letting the camera capture her lurid expression as her round, firm ass pushed up against the cold bathroom wall, greedily taking as much cock as she could get down into her.

The thrusts began hard and fast, and she could hear something about how great thirsty white sluts were from the other side of the wall. She agreed wholeheartedly as her cum-covered face twisted and contorted from the camera. Everything about this felt amazing, felt like the exact kind of relief she needed, and the raw, mysterious anonymity of the hole made up for how much she would have liked the hands on her hips and smacking at her ass. This felt fine all by itself, so she just savoured it as much as she could, mouth open wide for moans aplenty. Her free hand reached forward to brace the other side of the stall, holding firmly to the wall for balance as she remained as still as she could, all to let the intense thrusts from the other side do the work for her, the magic as intense as it was utterly addictive.

The steady thumping against the wall to the rhythm of his thrusts was much more suspect than her noises, anyway. "You're fucking soaked. Does sucking big cocks get you that hot?'

"Yes!" Cassie cried. "And getting fucked by them feels even better." She adored the vocal banter, the way he kept throwing little remarks about her and her sluttiness at her, as she played further and further into the delight of her heated bliss, the moment so raw and incredible that the thing she'd been arguing about her mother over seemed almost a distant memory, replaced with only the sweet, addictive chemical releases that came with a good, exciting fuck. There was something savage and mindless about the sensation of being pounded senseless, making sex the perfect distraction for the frustrated blonde, whose came went down between her legs to catch some shots of the big dick going in and out of her hole, which dripped with the mess of her tart nectar as she was pushed to absolutely mad levels of bliss. She was burning up, and all she wanted was more, desperate and greedy.

Getting fucked by some anonymous man in a seedy bar bathroom as amazing, and not only as a means of stress relief. There was a twisted delight to the wrongness of it, to the many stupid risks of such careless whoring around, and it made for the kind of delight that had a big cock hammering her needy pussy and stretching it out feeling even more intense just for being so heavy on something so utterly raw. Bent forward with her ass flush against a wall, keeping still as something big and thick fucked her, some unseen man relishing in the pure delight of her body without having any idea what she looked like or who she was. It was an escape, an isolationist fantasy where all that existed aside from her was some big, throbbing shaft ready to pump her full of cum. No attachments, no complications, just sensation. Just a big cock and the amazing, withdrawn, insular bliss she needed to forget about her shitty day.

And soon enough, a massive load of cum being deposited into her needy hole as she cried out in sudden, erratic bliss, her spine arching back as she felt the cock erupt within her, spurting thick jets of molten spunk splashing against her stretched out inner walls. "Cum in me!' she screamed in delight, not expecting the sudden orgasm, but certainly not complaining about the flood of cum pumping into her as she followed soon after, her needy and primed hole pulsating in frantic delight around the twitching shaft. Her body burned and the sensations became hotter than ever as she brought the camera back up just in time to snap some selfies of her face during her orgasm, the shuddering, lidded, sultry reactions all being recorded for later reference and probably some narcissistic fingerfucking.

"Fuck," she panted again, licking her lips as she pulled away, reaching the camera back down between her legs to capture the dick leaving her pussy and the ensuing trickle of white cum drooling out of her sloppy and well-fucked hole. "That was amazing." Slurping back around, she snapped a few pictures of the cock itself before it withdrew from the hole.

"That was. You're a pretty good fuck for a white girl." He tucked his now sticky and wet cock into his pants as he pulled them up. "Hey, I don't come here often, but I know a place with a better glory hole that some of my crew frequents. If you want to come by there some time, there's plenty of guys with dicks as big as mine, you just gotta look for them."

Cassie purred, slumping down against the wall as she stared at the hole. "I'd love that."

"Great. Come by Ziggy's some time, and you'll get all the cock a hungry bitch like you could ask for."

And with that, he was gone. Which Cassie didn't mind too much, now knowing that there was somewhere even better to get what she sought. Maybe she'd even make a show of it, spend a whole night slurping down dicks through a hole in the wall. More thick black cocks to slobber over.  The whole situation was so insane; she had no choice but to tell her best friend about what she'd just enjoyed. She decided to pull up Snapchat and send an image to Jacqui bragging about what she'd just done. A top-down view of Cassie bottomless, wearing her facial with a smile and her pussy leaking with cum, was quickly snapped and captioned with "just suxd off a hung blak guy at a gloryhole", and sent off, the girl unaware that she had selected the wrong Snapchat friend, and that the image had been sent directly to the phone of one Sonya Blade. Which may have made for a little panic of not for the fact that another cock poking out of the hole drew Cassie's attention, and she quickly closed the app and prepared for another round.


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