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Chapter 3 - Jane Shepard and Liara - Strange Bonding (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 3 - Jane Shepard and Liara - Strange Bonding (C)

Chapter 3 - Jane Shepard and Liara - Strange Bonding (C)
(Commissioned by shade333)

Sneaking off into the bathroom to fuck was just a response Jane had to the gorgeous dancing of her Asari girlfriend, to the grinding of the gorgeous blue body all up on hers. A grinding that was even better when Liara's dress was unzipped and Jane was able to run her hands across all of the incredible soft blue flesh of the writhing and equally wanton alien woman she was married to. They didn't even know what club they were in anymore in the midst of their alcohol-tinged lust as they saw the best of the nightlife that the Citadel had to offer them, wandering from one club to another as they danced the night away and briefly forgot all about their worries.

"Oh, Shepard," Liana groaned, head leaning back as she felt lips at her neck, a vast expanse of tempting blue exposed by her low-cut dress, and she knew Shepard had been ogling it all night. Finally, she was making good on those desires as she pressed forward, one hand reaching to fondle her cleavage while the other trailed up her thigh. "Oh, yes, Jane I'm so ready to--what's that?" She gasped, eyes catching some movement behind her redheaded wife, and she gasped as no amount of tipsiness was going to dull her senses when it came to what was pushing forward. "Oh dear." 

A little buzzed herself, Shepard turned around in confusion. "What?" she asked, looking over her shoulder, before gasping. Emerging from the wall of the bathroom stall was a long, fat Turian cock. "I didn't know we were at one of those clubs," she groaned, pulling away a little from Liara, nervous and unsure suddenly about quite a few things, which left her looking sheepishly toward her wife. "It's really dark in here, we couldn't have noticed."

Looking at the wall she'd been pinned up against, Liara saw another hole. "I-it's..." She was just as nervous, the same thoughts running through her mind, as embarrassing as they were to admit, and she shivered a little in worry. It was an awkward thing to ask her wife to do, as her eyes drew once more to the amazing, thick, twitching Turian dick. She bit down on her lip and uneasily began, "Should we..."

Instead of answering, Shepard took her love by the hand and guided her down onto her knees beside her, the two of them getting down on their knees in front of it, cheeks burning in embarrassment as they had just enough liquor in them to be curious about being together but also with another man at the same time, a lurid fantasy both had been curious about but never expressed to the other, until some horny, likely drunk alien on the other side of a bathroom wall stuck his dick out. But now, knelt down on opposite ends of the shaft, it was clear that the girls were both way more into this than they were willing to express for fear of embarrassment. 

Hands reached out together, grasping the cock in unison as they began to stroke along it. Both had given blowjobs before, and both tended toward a little more foreplay and moment building than they gave it at the moment as they shared a sloppy kiss at the head, tongue slithering against the cock tip before they pushed further down, licking all over the shaft messily and without much sense of direction or purpose. The alcohol and the thrill of the moment dulled their sensibilities, and there was hardly any intimacy to be had with the cock on the other end of the wall, making the man as anonymous to them as the two heroines of the galaxy were to him. But it didn't matter to them as they kissed and lapped at the shaft.

A hand crept up Shepard's back, running through the dark red hair of the commander, before Jane found herself pushed forward onto the cock, forced by her wife to suck it down, and she didn't exactly fight against it. In fact, she moaned quite loudly as she took the thick cock into her mouth and slurped it down, guided by the back and forth grip on her head to suck it down properly while Liara commented, "I never knew my wife would look so hot sucking a cock," as her thighs rubbed together in excitement. "Suck it down deeper, honey, show me how deep you can go."

Seeking to impress her wife as this unconventional and filthy threesome turned into something intriguing, Shepard took it down all the way, her lips pushing against the wall as she held it there for a moment before choking and gasping, drawing back with thick strands of spit connecting her lips to the cock. "Deep enough?" she asked, licking her lips as her own hand crept onto the back of her wife's head. "I hope you can go as deep as I can, or else I'm going to be a little disappointed." With glee, she shoved Liara's head down the cock, curious now about how well her blue lover could take a dick.

It was bigger than the only dick Liara had ever sucked before, but with the strong hand pushing her down a little too over eagerly, paired with the desire to impress Shepard, she was able to overcome the struggle, even if she was gagging much quicker and sooner. But she took it all down, mouth hot and wet as it embraced the cock. Jane kept her pinned there for a little while longer, making her shiver as her wife proved some vulgar point lost in their drunkenness before finally she was dragged back, gasping for air and shuddering as Jane went right back to sucking it herself. Going back and forth as she slurped all over the cock, Jane showed off a different side of herself to Liara, but it was a kind that was getting her way too turned on.

"Anyone in there?" called a voice from the other side of the opposite wall, and Liara looked over to see an equally juicy and aching human cock stick out of the other hole. It drew her gaze and her hunger.

Leaning down to press her lips to Shepard's ear, she whispered, "You keep sucking on that one, I'm going to go deal with the other one, and when we're done, I want to lick that cum off your face." She dragged her tongue along it briefly to tease her wife before crawling over to the other side of the wall and proudly calling out, "Yes, there is! A hungry little Asari cockslut who's about to make your night." She could hear excited noises on the other side of the wall as she grasped the cock and began to take it down, moaning as she slurped it down hungrily, hand pumping quickly along it.

She couldn't take the cock all the way down. Not like Jane was, slobbering all over it as she deepthroated the cock and kept at an aggressive pace. But she could still get him off just fine, soft fingers stroking the shaft as she worked the foremost half over with her mouth, licking and sucking all over it to get plenty of saliva for her hands to run down and lubricate the cock with, getting it nice and slick all over. It wasn't the best way to go, and certainly not the most skillful, seeing as she had much less experience than Shepard, but the groans from the other side of the wall indicated that it didn't really matter. All that mattered was the fact that he was getting an Asari blowjob at the glory hole, an incredible treat that was blowing his mind.

The two wives were down on their knees, moaning and slurping on the two cocks in unison. They went at their own paces, but there was one thing for sure; this was some bizarre, twisted kind of bonding to engage in on their night out. Albeit one that was getting them both so wet, so ready for more. They were growing hornier and needier, ready to go at each other like animals once they were done with the cocksucking, which had turned into the foreplay neither knew they needed. Their love lives had always been contained within themselves, but both were beginning to wonder if bringing guys into the bedroom for some extra sexual relief wasn't a bad idea. It was certainly heating them up enough for it.

Even though Jane had started sooner and her relentless deepthroating was a much more efficient way to go, the man she was sucking off was much more wound up and not nearly as able to hold back, letting the married couple receive their facials in unison. Overlapping warnings of cum drew both women back, hands quickly pumping the cocks in the final moments as they drew the massive loads out, moaning as the cum showered over them, plastering their smiling faces in thick ropes of hot, sticky cum. It was the first facial either of them had taken since well before their relationship began, and in Shepard's case it was awakening things within her that she could barely contain, moaning as she turned around and grabbed hold of Liara.

The Asari had barely gotten the last drop out when Jane turned around, mouth full of some of the cum, although plenty more remained on her face. Liara found herself pulled into a sloppy kiss as cum was spat into her mouth, and she didn't think to fight against it, moaning as she accepted it, swapping the Turian spunk back and forth before they set out cleaning each other drool. Nobody stopped to actually slow down or even swallow, leaving the cum in their mouths to be swapped back and forth even more, or to run out of their open mouths alongside drool as they got sloppy and far too full for them to handle. It was all according to plan though, fueling the deepest, darkest reaches of their lust.

The cocks pulled away and left the couple to strip down, Liara pulling her dress up and Jane getting her pants down her ankles, all the while continuing to clean off their facials, only for another pair of cocks to push through the wall toward them. "Our turn," groaned a deep, gravely voice that drew their eyes to the holes, and their faces lit up in the kind of delight that they should not have been showing to the prospect of dicks being shoved through walls. Before their eyes were a pair of massive Krogan cocks, stuck through opposing ends of the wall, and neither really knew what to do with them. The surprises were a little too intense for them, and they'd wanted a little couples time out of this.

"I have an idea," Jane said, eyes closing as she slipped out from underneath herself, moving from a position down on her knees to one upright, pushing her firm ass up against the cock emerging from the wall. "You know I love you forever, right?" she asked, biting down on her wife's lips as her hands pushed against her body, urging Liara to do the exact same.

"Of course," Liara said, more than a little confused by why she was bringing it up as she followed suit if only out of being guided to, her body shivering as she eyed the cock that her wife's ass as now pushing up against. "Are you about to..."

"So that means that you're the only one I'd want to kiss me while I'm getting fucked." Her face lit up in wicked surprise as she pushed forward, dragging forward along the frighteningly large alien cock sticking out of the wall as she ground on it, right up until the swollen tip was up against her pussy. Her fingers tightened on the back of Liara's head as she braced herself, drawing in a sharp breath before she slammed back and impaled herself atop a fat Krogan dick. Her cry of excited, searing bliss was silenced by her wife's lips as she pulled Liara into a kiss, desperately seizing her mouth and silencing herself.

Liara could not believe what she was seeing, and she felt along her own softer, rounder ass an equally menacing and terrifying cock. Bigger than she was even barely ready to take, but she was determined to join Jane now, to not disappoint her in the least. With much less seductive grace, she pushed back, although not all the way. She took half in, and already felt like she was being torn open by Krogan dick, but started nonetheless to fuck herself atop it, not wanting to disappoint or lag behind. Back and forth her round hips dragged.

The two women had been fired up by their dancing and then pushed even further into heights of lust by sucking the dicks together and apart, and now they were reaping their rewards as their sopping wet pussies were stretched out by Krogans. It was not the bathroom quickie that they'd been expecting, but it proved itself a very different kind of exciting as they pressed their lips together, moaning into each others' mouth as they embraced something raw and different together. This had an undeniable intimacy to it, especially so far removed from the Krogans on the other side of the wall, anonymous and utterly uninvolved as they kissed their wife and got hammered deep and fast. A lurid thrill neither could have imagined ever coming from a glory hole, but now that they were there and experiencing every sweet second of it, they couldn't hold back anything, embracing the naughty excitement of the moment and letting it take them away.

Liara and Jane were both moving back and forth, fucking themselves happily atop the massive Krogan dicks, but the Krogans on the other side of the wall were getting impatient with them. "Harder, sluts," they groaned, and began to thrust too, bucking against the wall, their large and heavy bodies thumping harshly against the stall's sides as they fucked the dripping wet pussies with the kind of speed they wanted, groaning as they felt the tight, hot embrace of two stretched out cunts around their dicks. They were both drunk, belligerent, and looking for a little excitement given how much they were striking out at the club, but it didn't matter how many times they failed to find interested women when there was a glory hole right there, where only having a big cock and an eager slut on the other end mattered. In this case, two eager sluts, which made it all the better.

"I love you," Liara moaned, biting down on Jane's lip as she held tightly onto her wife. Her breasts heaved, entire body shaking from the force of the thrusts hammering through the wall. she was easily slipping into a good pace to meet the slams forward, keeping the wall from being an obstacle as the sweet middle ground settled happily down. There was a rawness to the way he fucked her that she could hardly believe, and the moans spilled freely, barely muffled by the tongue in her mouth.

"Nngh, I love cock," Jane groaned at first, twisting about happily as she was pounded. The deep, fast thrusts were so brutal, so quick, and she was barely holding on. In fact, "But I love you more," came almost like an afterthought, although it was anything but. Being fucked was great, and kissing Liara was perfect, but the combination of them was something beyond belief. She could see it in her wife's eyes just as much, the kinky hunger of making out while they got fucked. Something told Jane that there would be a lot more glory hole visits for the two of them in the near future as they moaned and grabbed at each others' bodies, shared by a pair of brutish, monstrously hung Krogans.

Worked up by their dirty night, the two came in unison, and they came hard. Liara and Shepard both screamed into each others' mouths as their bodies burned together in the heated thrill of their relationship suddenly opening up in the most bizarre of ways. Getting fucked by anonymous men at the same time was something neither fully knew they were into until their pussies were clamping down around the alien cocks and their spines were arching, hands grabbing at hair and bare heads as they lost themselves to the sweet bliss of release. It was incredible, left them both shivering and whining against one another as the second wave followed, a brutal throb within their bodies as their alien suitors blew their loads.

Cum pumped deep into them in quantities almost too hot and plentiful to believe. They screamed out, trembling against one another as their pussies were flooded with what felt like an excess of burning Krogan cum, making them kiss even sloppier and needier as they shook and held onto each other for balance. The Krogans pulled out of their pussies a little, and blew even more spunk all over their asses before remarking about how they were some pretty decent sluts for a club like this. And then, without any appeal for more or any lingering traces of sentiment, they were gone. 

That was perhaps the best part to the married couple, who shook as they eased back down onto their knees, holding onto each other and kissing sloppily. They weren't looking to expand their romance, and the anonymity and fleeting nature of a glory hole offered to them the possibility of being with men without the hangups that came with intimacy or involvement. "I want to do this more often," Shepard groaned, running her hands up Liara's inner thighs, adoring the way the gaping pink snatch between her legs was an utter mess leaking with cum.

"I do too," Liara groaned, nodding in approval as a cock poked out on Shepard's side of the stall. "Ngh, go get that one," she said, licking her lips. "But stick your ass up for me when you do, okay?"

Looking over her shoulder at another demanding customer, Jane couldn't help but moan, biting her lip as she turned around and went toward it. The embrace they had both given this twisted, kinky new avenue of sexual exploration had been almost immediate, but she felt no shame about that fact as she got upright and leaned forward, kissing the head of the cock as her hands braced against the wall and Liara trailed her tongue up her thighs, lapping up the leaking cum there on her way to clean her pussy right out of Krogan semen. She knew that the most enjoyable blowjob she'd ever given was on the way, and she wasn't going to slow down for anything. 


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