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Chapter 4 - Poison Ivy - Secret Hungers (P)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 4 - Poison Ivy - Secret Hungers (P)

Chapter 4 - Poison Ivy - Secret Hungers (P)
Poison Ivy settled down onto her knees with a sigh as she positioned herself in front of the glory hole at Club Hysteria, shedding the heavy trench coat and hat that had helped her disguise herself, her long, luxurious red hair falling from inside of it as she licked her lips and got into position. She wore nothing beneath the coat, but convenient nakedness wasn't the reason she wore it; she didn't want anybody to know that she was there, that she would visit a glory hole. It was simply too embarrassing to admit, but her cravings were getting the better of her, and she knew that there was still no better way to spend her Saturday night than on her knees and sucking a cock, feeding the very specific sorts of hungers that struck her from time to time.

Pamela Isley loved women, and there was no getting around that fact. Both romantically and sexually, there was something remarkable about women to her, and she loved them, especially her beloved Harley. Men were a different matter entirely, a complicated situation rooted in the fact that she actually rather enjoyed dick, but wasn't fond of what they were generally attached to. Sex with men was enjoyable, but she had no care for them once their balls were empty, something that she didn't exactly know how to explain to Harley; that in truth, she would hardly mind an arrangement wherein they got a man or perhaps even a handful of them to share for the night.

But at least she always had glory holes. Perhaps the most convenient delivery system for cock for a woman like her; all the nice parts without any of the troubles, just a dick, an intimacy-shattering wall, and her own brief debaucherous exploits. Settling down naked onto her knees and opening herself up for business, she was eager to satiate her huger, which was not only shameful, but more than a little messy. As the first cock slipped through excitedly, Ivy gathered up a mouthful of spit so that she could take the cock into her mouth eagerly, leaving thick globules of spit all over the shaft before she drew back, strands of spit lingering on the dick as she gave it a kiss. 

"Well hello to you too," the man groaned on the other side of the wall, surprised by the wet greeting he was given, by the sloppy confirmation that not only was someone on the other wall, but she was hungry. "Horny tonight, slut?"

"Don't talk," Pamela said fiercely, eyes narrowed as her tongue slithered along the dick. Her fingers reached for the head and slowly pushed down, caressing the shaft and spreading her spit along it. She'd left enough on it to get it nice and slick, but her tongue pushed down for good measure. The thing about cocks was that Pamela liked them wet and messy, and the fact that she had the anonymity and shamelessness of a glory hole to indulge in that excitement without having to worry about her image being tainted by the fact that she liked slobbering on cock. It was a shameful little kink she liked to keep secret.

Fortunately, she earned the silence she requested, the guy grunting in acceptance to her terms; after all, he just wanted to get his dick sucked. But silence was exactly what Pamela craved as she leaned forward, fingers wrapping firmly around the base of his cock and stroking it rapidly. She brought her lips forward again, and began to toy with the head with her tongue, slithering it against the aching flesh, making it grind against her plump, ruby lips. Her hand dragged back and forth, quickly getting wet with her own spit as she moved deftly, eyes narrowing as she eyed the dick in question, taking a moment now that she was sating her hunger to appreciate what she had to work with this fine evening.

It was quite the specimen, all told. Long, thick, throbbing delightfully against her tongue, even spurting some pre-cum down onto her taste buds, the faint preview of what was to come exciting the supervillain as she purred lustily from the other side of the wall. The kind of cock that suited her hungers perfectly. Big, virile, likely able to go a few rounds, and then be discarded carelessly once she was done with it. It was all she could have asked low, and it left her thighs rubbing together excitedly at the prospect of what she was going to get into tonight. Harley had been with her for months now, and she rarely had the opportunity to indulge in these sorts of urges, which left her extra ravenous as she went at him.

Groans from the other side of the wall followed as she tilted his cock up, lapping rapidly at the underside of his cock, up the fleshy seam that proved extra sensitive. He was doing exactly as asked, at least to the best of his abilities, hands braced against the wall as he kept himself quiet as possible, though the noises of arousal and enjoyment that followed didn't seem to bother whoever the mystery woman was, so he assumed she just didn't want to hear him speak. Not exactly the worst price he'd have to pay for a free blowjob, so he bit down on his tongue and enjoyed the brief reprieve from the dance floor to get some anonymous oral. It had worked out so great the week earlier, when some girl with a thick Brooklyn accent had sucked him off, and clearly he'd lucked out yet again, albeit with a very different sounding woman.

Unaware that her girlfriend had sucked this very same cock, Ivy continued onward, moaning as she took the head into her mouth, slurping it down hungrily, ad this time it wasn't just for a moment. She pushed forward and sucked him deep down, taking him effortlessly into her throat , not stopping until her lips were flush against the wall and she could feel the hot, throbbing flesh right down her gullet. She moaned, the hot vibrations rumbling through the skin as she lingered there, eyes closing softly as she savoured it for a moment, that raw sensation making her pussy quiver and ache with need. She had fingers down between her legs immediately to quell her libido, as her indulgence proved much more intense than she could have imagined.

The complicated relationship that Poison Ivy had with the more male-oriented side of her sexual appetites didn't seem so complicated when she was indulging, when there were no fears about how to put it into words, just the straightforward indulgence of carnal desires, of finding a good dick and letting it ravish her body. She had a nice cock in front of her and she was working it over happily, slobbering all over it as she not only indulged, but indulged hard, careless as anonymity allowed her to get as dirty and filthy as she wanted in her worship of this cock as her strange fascination with penises and its interplay with her orientation provided the lurid thrill she needed to really get some mileage out of those fingers.

There was something messy about the way she went at it, where even the fully pansexual and over-enthusiastic Harley would likely not work a cock over with such a sloppy excitement, but Pamela liked getting messy. With her throat full of dick and her head bobbing back and forth, all the saliva her mouth rapidly produced dripped down, lingering in thick strands on the shaft and leaking out of her mouth, running down her chin, down her perky, round breasts where she would occasionally reach her free hand to rub all over them. She left no space for her hand to work the shaft as she throated it deep and relentlessly, relishing in the chance to finally sate her hunger.

On the other side of the wall, a man amazed by the treatment he was receiving, by the depth she sank without any gagging noises or signs of even the remotest difficulty with sucking him off like this, just tried his best not to cum. And to speak, of course, left groaning and holding tightly to the wall as he felt his cock receive the sucking of a lifetime. He looked around for a second, wondering if he'd wandered into some kind of paid stall where he was treated to a world class blowjob but at a cost to him, because he was so confused by what he was feeling.

He would have been more confused if he knew it was Poison Ivy worshiping his cock, moaning as she brought him swiftly and efficiently to orgasm. With a final grunt on the other end of the wall, his cock twitched in her throat, erupting and spewing right down into her stomach, and Pamela didn't pull back to let it go anywhere else, giving it a direct line to fill her belly, soaking in the fullness and the nutrients his 'seed' could provide her body, which was no longer human, but appreciated the fertilization nonetheless. Her eyes closed as she pulled slowly back off the cock, moaning as it left her mouth with an audible pop.

"T-thanks," the man groaned, unsure if he was supposed to speak or what to do next, but all he received was cold silence, which seemed to be his cue to pull out and leave her, as Poison Ivy remained there, biting her lip, fingers working into her slick pussy as she waited for her next man. It was a good system; no time spent talking to them afterward, not even really a need to kick them out of her home. If they were still hard she simply went for another round with them, and if they weren't, then they fucked right off and left her in peace and silence. There seemed no better arrangement for the kind of woman who liked dick but loved women than this.

As one hand continued to work her quivering pussy over, the other reached up to her breasts, dealing with all the spit she'd left all over herself in her drooly, sloppy cocksucking by rubbing her breasts all over, getting them nice and slick for what was to come next as she patiently waited for the next cock to come her way. Although patience may hot have been entirely accurate, as she twisted about, moaning and rocking back and forth, unable to hold it in forever. She came to Club Hysteria because she was horny and needed some action, not because she was bored, and her libido was throbbing a little more out of control than she entirely liked, but that wildness only served to turn her on more as her fingers rocked into her dripping pussy, wishing she'd brought one of her toys with her, given that Harley always did. That sounded so much more convenient than this.

But fortunately, Ivy had something akin to toys wherever she went, in some twisted way, and she didn't much care for what she had to do to get them. Old vines in cave systems right underneath Club Hysteria served the redhead's purposes perfectly, and she closed her eyes, reaching her powers down into the earth, making the floor tremble a little bit as the wood tore right open, plumbing narrowly avoided as thick vines slithered their way forcefully up through the ground and filling excitedly into the room. "Come to me, my children," she crooned, fingers drawing out of her pussy as vines slithered around her thigh. "I need some help with this one."

The noise in her stall was covered up by the pounding music outside, and a moment later, she could hear the door opening as someone new came into the opposite side of the stall. Ivy delighted as the vine slipped into her pussy, thick and reaching in deep as she settled her hands down at her sides and waited. In short order, a cock was slipping through. One thick and aching, and attached to a man who didn't say anything, didn't need to be silenced. Ivy's favorite kind of man, all told. Once more, the villainess pushed forward, taking the cock deep into her wet mouth, full of saliva that she gladly smeared all over the dick to get it nice and wet, bobbing her head a few times for good measure before pulling away, but this time, Ivy didn't use it as a prelude to a deeper, faster blowjob.

She grabbed hold of her slick tits, pushing herself up higher so that she could wrap them around the even slicker cock, all the moisture and wetness there making it a smooth, slick experience. The plump breasts pushed tightly together, the warmth of the throbbing shaft between them making her groan as she started to move, rocking them up and down steadily, excitedly establishing a steady, quick pace thanks to how much lubrication there was to keep the skin moving without any worrying friction to get in the way. Both hands were flush on her breasts, keeping them pressed tightly together in case things got too slippery.

Excited groans from the other side of the wall left Pamela hornier and happier as she bit down on her lower lip, eagerly titfucking the thankfully silent man who'd come to pay her services a visit. There was nothing better than this, another bout of sloppy, eager cock worship without any fear of having to answer questions or explain herself, driven now by the violation of some thick vines inside of herself. Her only complaint was that there weren't enough, and in short order one was in her ass as well, double penetrating her as she was fucked steadily by plant life, using that same hunger to help spin out of control on her eager, aggressive working over of his cock. There was something thrilling about being able to soak it all in like this, the utter absence of shame helping her get off harder and faster as her body rocked and she slammed down, fucking herself against the rapidly pumping vines.

Pre-cum leaked from his tip, and her keen nose picked up on it, head rolling back as she groaned, knowing that this load couldn't simply wash down her gullet without some appreciation first, that she'd have to take it externally. And she no problem with that, eager to get even dirtier and messier with herself as she soaked in the warmth, the rawness. This was too rare a treat, but she was in a tricky position she couldn't do too much about, which at least fostered a deeper appreciation for when she could get her hands on some indulgence of it. She could appreciate it more, savouring its benefits without dealing with its downsides, and in truth she would have gladly kept Harley every night of her life over an ever changing myriad of men she didn't care to remember the names of.

The occasional combining of the two would be wonderful, of course, but there was still plenty of time to go before she could muster up the patience to explain that.

Steadily dragging her breasts up and down, Ivy was moaning louder and louder, surely raising the man's eyebrows as she sounded like she was getting fucked hard in both holes. She was, of course, and it felt incredible, but from his perspective it must have seemed ludicrous that someone would get off this much on giving a titfuck. A fast one, one that had her fondling herself and toying with her nipples as she rocked up and down, the motion vigorous and easy to tell even with a wall to block the view, but still just a titfuck. A titfuck that felt amazing for him though, as he grew louder, still not speaking, but certainly vocal in his appreciation of the anonymous pleasure he was receiving, wishing he could help feed into the friction more from where he was standing.

Rapidly pistoning vines were doing Poison Ivy in, and she was left gritting her teeth, trying her best not to lose herself as she went all out, not wanting to climax before he did, even though foolishly she was fucking herself in both holes with thick vines while he was just getting a boobjob from the other side of a wall. Not the smartest arrangement she could have come up with, bu she wasn't going to let that stop her, moving efficiently as all of the warm, slimy spit she'd let get all over herself made it as easy and rapid an experience as giving a titfuck could possibly have been. "Come on," she groaned, shutting her eyes tightly as she focused on not climaxing.

And it was a good thing she did, because the second after she shut her eyes, the cock erupted, spewing cum up onto her chin and even along her cheek, spraying wildly all over her shoulders and into her hair, before settling with thick ropes down onto her slick tits. There was so much cum, and all she received as warning was a deep, prolonged groan before she was made a huge, cummy mess of by the massive load. But that was fine for Pamela, whose body finally had no reason to hold back, and she was left joining him in much less subdued, noisy delight as her body burned, her climax fiercely running through her, leaving her bouncing and bucking hard against the vines as they kept fucking her, pounding her sensitive holes as she spun in mad, delirious orgasmic bliss. 

Pamela pulled away, groaning as she watched the cock withdraw from the hole and leave her once more to her silence. Fingers trailed up her breasts, running along one of the thick lines of gooey cum before she licked it off of her slender digit, tasting the pungent, salty thrill. Her red lips smacked together as she savoured the quiet for a moment, the vines withdrawing and resting against her thighs for a moment as she waited for the next round.  Ivy had no intention of going anywhere any time soon, not when there was so much more to indulge in.


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