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Chapter 5 - Elizabeth Comstock - Interdimensional Blowbang (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 5 - Elizabeth Comstock - Interdimensional Blowbang (C)

Chapter 5 - Elizabeth Comstock - Interdimensional Blowbang (C)
(Commissioned by shade333)

Curiosity had gotten the better of Elizabeth in ways that she felt almost a little too dirty about indulging in her fingers seized a pinch of the very fabric of reality. Being locked away in a tower had gotten too much for her to bear, and though she always lived a sheltered life, she had learned about about sex to be curious. She didn't even know if she could pull what she wanted this time out of a tear, but she knew she had to try, fingers trembling as she knelt there fully naked and curious, parting the seam of reality and drawing a sharp, excited breath as she formed a tear and hoped for the best. "Please work," she whined.

Spilling forward from the tear, a long, fat cock smacked her across the cheek as it spilled out through her portal, before resting down softly against her lips, leaving the speechless woman to shiver as she look at it. "It looks amazing," she marveled, never having seen a penis in the flesh before, and this one was quite the specimen. Twitching, veiny, throbbing in delight and pressing against her lips. The tear was just big enough to accommodate the girthy shaft, and Elizabeth had no idea if the man on the other side understood what was happening or not as his cock was pulled into a different dimension, but she had before her a juicy, aching dick, and she'd come too far now to stop.

Her fingers wrapped around it firmly, stroking it faster and quick as pure excitement took over. She didn't have any idea what she was doing, but she was eager to learn and try, which was enough to carry her into whatever madness she was about to get involved in. It was strange to her, all so bizarre and utterly over her head, but she couldn't stop now, and simply let the tension of trying something new carry her as she not only rapidly pumped the cock, but leaned in to press on bravely nonetheless. Whether she could handle this or not, she was going to give it her all and see. If it worked out, at least she would have something to assuage her boredom in the tower.

Dragging her tongue along the head of the cock, Elizabeth quickly left a thick coating of spit along the trembling shaft as her hand pumped quickly along it, moving faster and steadier in her confidence and approach to the steady attention given to this cock. Little moans rumbled as she kept her mouth open and licked all over the shaft, sloppy and aimless in her attempt to learn what exactly she was doing. It was only some clumsy direction of her head and the fact that she tried to lick further down that even had her realize that she could fit it into her mouth. Probably not all of it given the length, but her lips pushed down and she decided to give it a try, shuddering as she ripped the cock tighter. Her eyes were wide in excitement as she pressed forward, eagerly taking his cock into her mouth. 

Pumping faster along the shaft, she wondered what the man on the other side of the tear felt, how well he took some mystery woman sucking him off on the other end of a portal into another world. IF there was anything peculiar or utterly terrifying about this situation to him. She'd never knew, the tear so small and flush against his chest, leaving her incapable of hearing, especially over the sound of her blowjob, which grew louder in volume and excitement as she got sloppier, simultaneously welling in confidence and horniness. Her own pussy was soaked, the anticipation of even psyching her self up for this now combining with the thrill of sucking the cock, growing bolder and more twisted as she found her appetites driving her utterly out of anything sensible and restrained. Inexperienced as Elizabeth may have been, a hunger was overwhelming her that she was in absolutely no position to stop.

Steadily bobbing her head back and forth, Elizabeth grew more aggressive and confident as pre-cum dripped down onto her tongue, igniting her taste buds with the powerful flavour, with the overwhelming sensation that only drew her deeper and deeper into everything threatening to consume her. It all came so fast, so powerfully, and she was overwhelmed by it all, and with absolutely no idea what she was doing, that turned into surrender. Surrender to her wiles, to her hunger, to the urges to worship this cock with her lips and her tongue, pulling back and licking all over the shaft with a ravenous need. Her hand did not let up for a moment, making up for her general lack of experience and the fact that there was no way she could deepthroat the cock by treating what wouldn't fit past her lips to the steady, fervid handjob. It was maybe almost too eager, overcompensating with excitable desperation, but the man on the other side of the portal, whoever he was, could not possibly have minded this, could he?

She wouldn't ever know, but she didn't let that stop her, discarding all concerns about the mysteries behind what she was doing as she abused her power to create portals and pull what she wanted from across dimensions, all for the purpose of getting off. Her free hand was now down between her spread legs, thighs giving her fingers a wide berth as she got down to work on the more familiar task for her; fingering herself. It was old and almost clinical in how much she had fallen into the same old dull routine, but with a dick throbbing in her hand and against her tongue as she slathered it in saliva before taking it back between her lips, it was so much more exciting than she ever knew. The excitement of serving the cock was doing all kinds of things to her, and she couldn't help but squirm on her knees as she pumped her fingers rapidly in and out of her sopping wet, dripping pussy.

Elizabeth burned, and she burned hot. Everything she felt was too great to deal with, nearly unfathomable levels of utter bliss thundering through her body as she slaved over the cock, wishing she could lock eyes, that someone could see her in this bare, desperate state. It felt scandalous, but in that scandal she found true exhilaration, something wry and twisted that felt oddly liberating. The utter abandonment of everything she was held to, everything expected of her. Desperate and depraved, Elizabeth hungered for more even as her appetites ought to have been finding satisfaction. It was turning her insatiable as the freedom of what she did dialed her up hotter and harder, pushing her quicker to the edge.

But there was no way that fingers inside of her pussy, no matter how fired up she felt, was going to compare to her blowjob. She had pulled back a second before release to once more lick the head of the cock, but was instead treated to a massive facial spilling forward, thick ropes of cum splattering her face all over, leaving her a cummy mess shivering on her knees as she stared in shock, having not expected what followed at all. Still erupting, the virile cock spewed gooey shots of spunk right onto her face and into her open in shock mouth, which filled her tongue with the powerful salty taste that made her only recoil more, nearly getting cum in her eye in the process.

Elizabeth gasped as the spent cock pulled back, and the rift sealed seconds later, leaving Elizabeth with a facial and a trembling need within her that she suddenly had absolutely no way to quench. It was maddening, especially for the ways in which she was had not received the satisfaction she sought. Bringing a man to climax with her mouth did not fulfill the ache between her legs, and her fingers pulled from her pussy as she whined. "I need another one," she groaned, closing her eyes and bracing herself to pull open another tear, hoping for another massive cock to service so that she could get on with sating her needs.

So she opened up another tear, hungrily seeking the hung monster she needed, only for a quite pathetic cock to flop out instead, barely four inches long and hardly thick enough to tear her virgin pussy in two. "That's disappointing," she noted, but nonetheless took it into her mouth, maybe hoping it wasn't at full hardness yet and would swell from some oral attention.

This cock fit entirely into her mouth, only her thumb and forefinger wrapping around the base to keep it steady as she started to suck on it, figuring that he would have the same stamina as the man she sucked off, groaning as she set off to work. Her mouth didn't feel as full and her fingers moved almost despondently across her pussy as she followed up a magnificent specimen of a cock with a rather paltry one, one that made her whimper and whine as she half-heartedly fellated the man. She didn't have her love in it, the passion and excitement feeling lackluster as this cock failed to grow or swell in her grip, failed to rise to something proud, something that could instill the absolute thrill she sought, the awe that the first cock had left her with. There was nothing delightfully filthy about sucking him off. Just despondent, inexperienced head.

But it grew worse still; she had only been sucking for maybe forty five seconds when the cock erupted without ceremony or thrill into her mouth, trickling a paltry amount of cum onto her tongue as her eyes went wide in bitter, surprised disappointment. She'd been using her mouth as foreplay, but he hadn't even held out long enough to then be claiming her virginity. Pulling back, she whined as she looked at the dick, growing even smaller as it rapidly limpened, and all Elizabeth could do was open up another portal and hope for the best.

But this cock was even shorter, and sh whined as she got to work on it nonetheless, her hand not even bothering to pound her pussy as she gave the weak, careless blowjob to the dick poking through. She just couldn't care to, not when she felt herself deflating almost as much as the quick shooter did, as thirty seconds of sucking left her with another weak load of cum to swallow. The next cock was longer, a decent five inches, but so thin that she could barely believe it, and it too failed to satisfy Elizabeth in ways that left her more and more frustrated with each passing moment.

"I need something big," she pleaded, opening up portal after portal. She serviced each dick that came through, sometimes two at a time as she stroked a couple three inch chodes to simultaneous release upon her cheeks. Cock of every shape and colour but all of disappointing, lackluster size were pleased by the woman who didn't even realize just how dirty an act she was committing in performing a trans-dimensional blowbang on her knees, how utterly depraved this truly was. All she could think about was how much every dick disappointed her, how much she craved something big, something hard, something utterly throbbing. "Come on," she whined as another five inch needle dick came on her lips.

"One more," she told herself, closing her eyes and sighing. "This is it now. If it doesn't work this time, I'm just going to call it quits." It was disheartening to admit it to herself, to basically be left so unsatisfied that she felt she had to resort to fingering herself even after all of this just to find gratification, but the portals were exhausting to open and she was eventually going to just want to sleep instead.

Her fingers settled into the fabric of reality, something that came easier than ever to the frustrated woman who had just done it time after time in her mad desperation, and she opened it wide, gasping as she found her wish coming true. A massive, thick, aching black cock smacked her against the cheek, and it was everything she could have hoped for. Even longer and thicker than the first one, throbbing dark flesh pointing right toward her hungry lips as her tongue dragged along them, ready to take him in.

But she couldn't go for another blowjob. She was absolutely fucking sick of giving head now, and so instead, she stood upright, hand grasping the surface of the dresser in front of her for balance as she pushed her hips forward recklessly, thinking she could take in the big black cock and having absolutely no idea how wrong she was. Screaming in shock, she trembled as her head rolled back and searing agony tore through her, but in the most pleasurable way imaginable. Delight and bliss edged the feeling of being torn right open by the kind of cock that someone with experience would have wanted to take slowly and maybe not even all the way down, while she had just impaled herself upon the dick, now balls deep in her spasming hole.

All she felt was pleasure. Even the pain felt amazing as Elizabeth learned about herself in that moment, at the sum of everything she had just done, that all she wanted were big cocks. She didn't understand the concept of a size queen but she understood that the feeling of being stuffed so full of dick she was ready to break proved the most life making exhilaration she had ever felt. So much so that even before she was ready to, even before she felt like she had been anything resembling appropriately loosened up to ride a cock that big, she was starting to move, drawing her hips back and shoving forward again.

"Oh my god," She gasped. "Oh, this is so... Nngh, I can't believe how amazing this feels." Locked in a tower forever, she was all kinds of amazed by the feeling of the cock inside of her, and the racially charged situation in Columbia only made it the fact that the monster of a cock in question was black even more enticing, providing the sort of 'wrongness' that every expectation laid upon her would have been furious at. But she didn't care anymore, and gladly started to buck harder against the cock, fucking her tightness and struggles away as the pain of being filled, as amazing as it was, began to melt away, to be replaced only by unabashed, pure pleasure like she perhaps had never known before. It was so good, so powerful, and the moans spilling frantically from her lips rang out through her room loudly.

Fucking herself upon the cock with reckless abandon, the tear was kept small enough to keep too much from peeking out, although with the man pressed up tight against it, her thighs smacked against his heavy, plump nuts and her stomach against his, pearly white flesh colliding again and again with deep, dark black as she savoured everything about the experience she was engaging in, the lurid thrill of fucking herself senseless on a dick. The portal made it anonymous, made it extra risky, extra exciting. For someone whose sexual thrills previously had been to fondle her breasts while she fingered herself, it was nothing short of amazing to now cap off her inter-dimensional blowbang with getting fucked raw.

Soon enough, being shoved against wasn't enough, and Elizabeth found herself being pushed back, forced to slam forward harder as the man on the other side of the portal began to thrust. She could hear muted groans on the other side, the delightful sensation of knowing that the man felt as good as she did, she hoped. It was confirmation that this was a good idea, that she had absolutely settled on something good and amazing, something she could do again. It had been great frustration to get to this point and she had to service many cocks to find the right one to fuck her raw, but it was well worth all of the effort now that she had her hands on her dresser and was bucking forward against a massive, aching cock.

Quim leaked down her thighs, and her face and hair were so covered in the meager amounts of cum that had all added to her existing facial to leave her with a respectable mask of spunk upon her features. She was a ragged, needy mess of fluids and utter depravity, and it felt too good for her to feel any reason to stop, throwing herself with all she had into the mad embrace of lust and into whatever would come next, hoping for an orgasm worth the many that she had given the anonymous men from other worlds she'd sucked off. Even if their cocks had been paltry and pathetic, she was glad that they had found pleasure nonetheless, but this was something else entirely, and the raw lust consumed her, left her hoping for the best orgasm she could get. She'd earned it, dammit.

And she got it. Oh, how she got it. Left screaming as she came, as a ripple of utter nirvana throbbed through her body, Elizabeth was left barely able to stand, only keeping from slumping forward against the dresser by the portal and the cock she impaled herself on, by the way she couldn't shove against the tear. It was too much to bear, her spine arching, her entire body coated in sweat as her pussy clenched down around the massive cock throbbing inside of her, and the cock in turn came with perfect timing, pumping her aching pussy full of the thick, hot load that only a cock like that could provide, leaving her full and burning up with a twist of her body as she screamed in delight. She couldn't form words anymore, and as the dick pulled away and the tear closed, Elizabeth was left slumping forward, collapsing down against her dresser breathlessly.

Cum leaked from her stretched out, gaping pussy, and almost every part of the captive woman was ready to pass out, to succumb to everything she;d just endured and simply lose herself to the sweet embrace of sleep. Every part except one, and as her fingers reached once more into reality itself to pull another cock out to get fucked by, it was clear which part was truly in control of Elizabeth Comstock.


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