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Chapter 6 - Ciri - Bargaining with a Troll (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 6 - Ciri - Bargaining with a Troll (C)

Chapter 6 - Ciri - Bargaining with a Troll (C)
(Commissioned by shade333)

Hunting down a troll was the kind of nightmare that Ciri would not wish on anybody, as for as big and mean as they were, cutting wide swaths of destruction with each loud step they took, they were a nightmare to hunt. Even before getting into fighting something that big with just a sword, Ciri had to spend far too long tracking that thing, which was completely unreasonable for something of that size. But, the contract was a very generous one, a town full of people desperate to get rid of the troll menacing them all pitching in together to hire someone capable of taking the troll down, and the job had fallen onto Ciri, so she set out to do her best and just get it done quickly.

Coincidence had brought her to what she believed to be a communal outhouse on the outskirts of the city, having been directed there by a smirking young man from the village who seemed a little too eager to give her very close and detailed directions, and who she was keenly aware as following after her at a distance, and she came to understand why as she stepped into the stall; around the back of the building was a wide, crude hole, whose purpose could not have been more obvious to the warrior, who sighed as she shook her head. "You're kidding me," she groaned. "Well, he was fairly handsome, I guess." Ciri had never actually been with a man before, all of her previous lovers having been women not necessarily by decision or a lack of interest in men--she was rather careless about the gender of her lover--it was simply how her fate had wandered.

But outside of the 'outhouse' fitted with a glory hole, the young man who could not believe his luck as he talked the gorgeous, white haired out of town woman into visiting the glory hole. She was in for a bit of a surprise when he stuck his dick through, but he expected his size was going to be more than enough to surprise and captivate her enough that she would gladly sucked him off instead of been frustrated with him. But as he rounded the corner of the building, he spotted the troll lumbering forward, and no blowjob was worth being around that thing, so he quickly turned tail and ran, leaving the woman to her own fate quite carelessly; it wasn't his problem anymore.

Which was fortunate for the troll, who had many times seen men around the village put their dicks through the hole, and got curious about doing it himself. He pulled his loin cloth off to the side and grabbed hold of his dick, bringing it up to the hole, which was cut incredibly large for convenience's sake and padded with strips of leather around the hole and a few inches out from the circle on the walls on either side to avoid the worry of splinters. Not fully aware of what the hole's purpose even was, the troll nonetheless stuck his cock through it, figuring there must have been some good reason for the village folk to all do it. Surely, there was a reason.

Ciri had been expecting a penis, and depending on if it looked like it would be enough for her, maybe she even would have said yes. It would have been a decent way to relieve stress before going out on her hunt, if nothing else. But when the cock did come through, what she saw was something far past her expectations in ways very immediate to her. This was not the young man who'd given her directions moments ago, but very obviously, the troll she had come here to deal with, given the stony colour of his skin and the leathery texture. Not to mention the size; there was more penis sticking through the wall than she knew trolls were even packing, but the massive beast was quite hung, and it was almost terrifying to her.

"Where the pleasure?" the troll grunted, primitive and clearly one of the more dim sort of his species. Ciri could tell that much immediately, but was fascinated by the turn of events in some very twisted, morbid sense. Something perhaps helped by the pure size of the cock being shoved through the wall and the many, many intriguing things it was doing to her. "Men poke their dicks in here. Why?"

Geralt had taught Ciri that trolls could be reasoned with, especially if there was an offer that could be made to them. She hadn't been expecting to e able to make one and was eight kinds of ready to go in there and cut him down without bothering, but that was coming to change as she realized how fortunate a position this was. "Because women on the other side will have sex with them," she said steadily, looking at that meaty cock, tongue having trouble resisting not dragging along her lips as she stared at it. "But I won't have sex with you, troll."

"Why not? Because I not man?" A hard knock on the other side of the wall left Ciri a little bit shaken, wincing as she closed her eyes and drew a slow, patient breath. He was getting frustrated, and a raging troll was only going to be an even bigger nightmare to try and calm down.  "Because I troll?"

"Because you're causing the people of this village a lot of trouble, but I'll make you a deal," she said, bracing herself for what came next. She reached a hand out, oddly eager as she ran her grasp along the cock, making the troll shudder and sigh in delight. "I will give you a blowjob, if you promise to leave this village alone from now on, understood?" Her steady fingers even curled into a grip around the startlingly fat troll cock, which was at the upper reaches of what a human endowment could be, but she had no idea how much it stacked up for the rest of his kind. Not that she cared to find out. "Do we have a deal?"

"Yes," the troll groaned, feeling the soft human skin against his cock, so warm and lovely. "We have sex, then I leave village alone. Forever, promise." His hips pushed tighter forward as the hole barely fit his swollen dick, just aching with need as Ciri touched it. He was suddenly fully aware of why men in the village would be visiting the hole for such things, and he pressed happily onward, needy and wanting her to start touching him immediately, if at all possible. "Now suck."

"Not the most demanding partner I've ever had," Ciri noted bitterly beneath her breath as she leaned forward, taking a steady lick against the head of the troll's cock while her other hand grasped it a little further down the way. She had a lot to do if she was going to get this troll happy enough to commit to his promise, and having never been with a man before, Ciri was in eight kinds of completely not in her element, but she couldn't let that stop her as she pressed forward and laid some kisses to the tip of his cock, hoping she could clue into the right way to go somehow and figure this all out. It was just a matter of time, patience, and finding the right way to approach this all.

The strokes were clumsy and her tongue had no idea what she was doing, but it didn't matter to the troll, whose deep groans on the other side of the wall seemed to imply to Ciri that he was enjoying himself. Good for him; he wasn't having to fellate a fucking troll. She was, and maybe just a touch bitter about that fact as her hand moved steadily along the cock. Her tongue was starting to find a good pace, not even remotely sure how she was supposed to deal with something cylindrical like this, but sure that she would figure something out as she went at it. Just a matter of time until she was working him over like a pro, the situation done with and Ciri able to move on, wash up, and collect payment. No attachments, no personal indulgence, just a quick and efficient job.

Opening her mouth to take the cock in was inevitable, and Ciri did her absolute best to try and make it work as she sank forward, a few inches sinking past her lips. The thick cock definitely made it tricky, but Ciri was determined, and driven by the intense desperation and frustration that helped guide her forward. A throb dripped some pre into her mouth, and loathe as she was to admit it, something about the taste made her moan, made her shiver as her eyes shut tight and she tried to tell herself that no, she was not getting turned on sucking a troll's cock, even if in the same thought she was pressing forward to take him into her mouth deeper.


Ciri took him in deeper, hands moving quicker along the lengthy cock she was working over, and set a limit for herself; no deepthroating. Her first male partner being a troll was eight kinds of fucked up enough for her and she had no desire to make it any weirder on herself by actually throating troll dick. Drawing a line was vital, and she established it, bobbing her head with measured care not to go down too deep as she kept some modicum of dignity in the whole thing, very aware that she was all in essence bartering her body and her sexual firsts to make this troll leave without incident. She didn't even know yet how she would explain to the villagers how she had fought the troll off without any signs of conflict; she'd have to go cut up some wolves or something to bloody her weapons up. After she washed away his cum, of course--that was priority number one as more salty, pungent pre filled her mouth and left her deeply looking forward to what would soon be on its way as she kept moving forward.

The troll's grunts of delight were growing louder, and oh what an absolute horror it was to hear the sex noises of a big, burly troll. Ciri shuddered at the thought. The stroking of his base was picking up speed and steadiness as she found her pace and worked for it, pressing onward with a mix of eagerness that reluctance that left her head throbbing with confusion for how many things she was feeling at once, but she had put herself into this situation, and could probably just as easily have taken her sword and dealt with the troll bloodily right there. She hadn't, and she took some measure of relief in that; when she didn't wake up sore in the morning, she'd thank herself for making this sacrifice.

Although the tip of the troll's cock teased the back of her throat a couple times, she kept to her word and her rules, using her grip to keep the entire shaft tended to and throbbing in her hand. It was a relief, as she honestly didn't know how it would even fit down there given how open she had her mouth and how much she was struggling to keep it all together, but the more she was able to hold on, the easier it would all be in the long run. he was throbbing harder and more frequently in her hands, a good sign he was drawing closer, and soon this experience would all be over, something she could just accept happened and then never speak of again for the rest of her days, for good reason.

But unfortunately for Ciri, little moans of her own were growing louder and more vocal, her pussy damp and her thighs rubbing together as the shuddering, twisting delight of sex was making her want to touch herself, tempting her into taking this further, give them both even more of this. It was a thought she quickly shoved down, worried about entertaining such whims for too long. It was a dangerous road to go down for more reasons than she could even begin to articulate, and it was to her better interests for this to be a quick, single round one and done. Nothing more. Even this was asking a lot of her, after all.

The hot wetness of her mouth, with the tongue dragging along his aching flesh, paired with both hands pumping along the length of his cock, was the greatest thing the troll had ever felt, and with his hands both against the wall, he came without warning. Ciri had no time to prepare at all for her mouth to be flooded by troll cum, which was intensely salty, on top of a strong flavour that she had no hope of placing and was left making a frustrated, disgusted face with even as she swallowed it mostly down, pulling her head back to spit out the rest to the side as she shuddered, the slimy, wet dick still poking out of the hole in the wall as she closed her eyes and shuddered.

"Okay, I sucked your cock," she said. "That was what we agreed on, and now you have to leave this village alone."

"No," the troll snarled. "We said sex. Give sex. Am not stupid." Another hard slam of his hand against the wall shook it, making Ciri yelp and lean back a little bit, shocked and worried by the suddenness of his demands, but she really wasn't in a place to argue against him. "Give sex and then I leave. But not before sex."

Ciri was startled by just how dim this troll was, his speech repetitive and very broken, but clearly he was smarter than her, as she cursed as she remembered back to their deal. She'd just sucked his cock for nothing, and swore to herself again and again in frustration as she stood up. 'Okay, okay, fine," she groaned, rising up slowly and pushing her leather pants down her legs, frustrated as her shapely thighs rocked from side to side, helping her ease her panties down next. "I... Fuck, sure, anything. Just make this end." She whined as the cool air hit her sopping wet pussy, realizing then just how turned on her body had become, and how awful this really, truly was. Her body had betrayed her in some very strong and very unforgivable ways that evening.

Stepping forward against the wall, Ciri grabbed hold of the cock. "You don't move, okay? I'll do all the thrusting, just stay right there." The last thing she wanted was for the troll to fuck her hard enough to break the wall right open, not to mention the roughness that her first time didn't need. Even bringing the head up to her puffy, dripping mound left her worried about how all of that cock was even going to fit, but she was already in so unbearably deep that she knew she had no choice but to just press forward and do it, loathe as she was to. At least, loathe as she told herself she was to; the shiver of delight up her spine seemed all too happy that she would be losing her virginity on a cock so massive.

Her hips sank forward, Ciri knowing that the best way to do it was just to get it over with, and she threw herself onto five inches of thick troll cock on a single thrust, yelling out and grabbing the wall for balance with her free hand as he not only filled her tight snatch, he stretched it with his girth, the dick unyielding inside of her. She shuddered, biting her lip as a noise somewhere between a moan of pleasure and a groan of frustration twisted its way past her lips, but she was in too deep to stop now. Further again she pushed, gritting her teeth as she took it down deeper, then another push. Her breath reached and her head throbbed as she tried her best to do it, dragging back and then pushing forward again.

"Woman tight," he snarled from the other side of the wall. "Or, was tight." He laughed a dumb, deep laugh as he felt her pussy practically torn open by his aching cock. "Not anymore."

"Shut up," Ciri said through gritted teeth, not sure if she was more frustrated with him for his remark, or with herself for the fact that the pleasure was throbbing within her. "You're not helping, just be quiet." Pushing forward again, she took him in a little bit deeper, quickly building up her pace, moving faster and steadier forward as she not only took the cock down, but got a rhythm to it. Her hips swayed and rolled, almost sultry as a performance for the eyes of nobody as she felt her body twist happily about. The cock was thick and aching and everything she hadn't known she needed as she found her first sexual experience with a man proving better than she'd expected, save for the parts about the troll, the bargaining, or the glory hole.

Or maybe they were enriching it for her. The anonymity, the fact that she wouldn't have to see him again. Just a quick, near anonymous bout of sex. The troll had no idea what she looked like or who she was, and wouldn't be there the next morning, and maybe she'd been averse to sleeping with men because she wasn't quite as into the romance part with them. It made some sense, she found. Startling, worrying amounts of sex as she went on a journey of self discovery at the glory hole, which was as far removed from her proudest moment as she could ever imagine. And yet, there felt a truth behind it all, like maybe this was coming into perspective and all making too much sense for comfort. But whatever the case, she wasn't going to stop, pressing forward and fucking herself on the troll's massive cock, leaving whatever revelations came of it for a time when she wasn't conducting business.

Speed snuck up on Ciri; at one moment she was trying her best to control herself, and the next she new, she was getting properly fucked, slamming forward with a fervor too intense to deny, as much as she tried to. It was almost infuriating to be feeling so good, twisting happily about as the cock throbbed within her tight, slick pussy. She stopped for nothing, pressing frantically forward and taking him impatiently, desperately down. There was nothing to control her, nothing to stop her from taking this as far and sloppy as she could get it, and it was made all the more intense by the fact that she was leaking down her thighs. Her pussy was aching, clenching needy down around the troll cock, and it felt like a miracle that he remained in place through it all, the pleasure clearly working him up as the moans grew louder. She was so angry, only growing worse as she realized that he was getting loud enough to risk drawing attention, and the last thing she needed was for people to come investigate, only to find the warrior they'd hired getting fucked by the troll she was being paid to hunt.

Release came violently to Ciri, although it probably had something to do with the troll hitting his peak, no warning but a guttural howl of delight as his massive cock twitched within her, unloading deep into her clenching cunt. She cried out, the molten spunk setting her off, making her twist and stumble back as his cock kept spraying, hitting her legs and leaving them with streaks of pearly white as his cock fired off plenty more to the absolute shock of the woman, who shuddered and twisted, moaning without shame as the orgasm pushed away all of the worries and embarrassment that had kept her looking at this so pessimistically.

"Woman good," the troll groaned. "Shame I leave. Would love more. But a deal a deal." The troll pulled his softening dick out of the hole in the wall, and as agreed, he departed off into the forest to find somewhere else to bother.

Ciri couldn't believe it worked, lying there breathless and ragged, leaking with cum and utterly rattled. She didn't know what to make of the situation, but as she eyed the glory hole, she thought about what to do next. Once she got paid, she didn't really have anywhere to go or anything to do; maybe coming back here and getting some more cock wouldn't be a bad idea.


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