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Chapter 7 - Nymphadora Tonks - Hufflepuff Pride (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 7 - Nymphadora Tonks - Hufflepuff Pride (C)

Chapter 7 - Nymphadora Tonks - Hufflepuff Pride (C)
Commissioned by Lord of Bones.
The fall of Voldemort brought on a lot of changes to Hogwarts, and of them, the stationing of Aurors on school grounds seemed a little bit unnecessary, but compared to the nightmarish Death Eaters who'd run around playing enforcer and bully the year prior, the presence of some friendly faces who were there not to order around but just to provide a sense of protection to students who had unfortunately seen war the year earlier turned out a more welcome sight than expected. Which was all well and good, but it left Nymphadora Tonks almost unspeakable bored with everything about the school. She'd been put there for her youthful spunkiness, for the fact that she was closer in age to the children than most of the Auror office, and brought with her a candor that entertained the kids plenty, especially when she changed her hair or her nose in front of them for laughs.

But that didn't make it any less dull. An almost deathly spell of boredom had befallen Tonks, who found some solace in hanging around Harry, who had come back with his friends to redo the year they had skipped, but that wasn't enough to quell the frustration of having nothing to do, and unfortunately, boredom had given way to curiosity as she followed a familiar path she had tread many times in her day as she wondered if certain things from her tenure were still there. Namely, The Hole.

Kept a surprisingly tight secret for Hogwarts, The Hole was a system set up long ago by some horny prefect and head boys who decided they could offer up a way for witches to earn and protest the loss of house points through a little 'lip service'. She'd never been to it herself, a troublesome girl sometimes certainly, but never one who was willing to suck cock to fight those punishments, but she had been told where it was by more than a few boys who leered at her and hoped she would visit some time. And she was surprised to find the rumours were true when she stepped into the room, finding a rather cramped little space maybe the size of a closet. In one of the walls was a wide hole covered with tape for comfort reasons, and to the side of it was a row of colored lipsticks, which confirmed to her another rumour; that some girls who did it for fun would apply their house's color to their lips and leave a ring of lipstick around the cock to mark how far down they could go.

"That really happened," she said, dropping down to her knees in front of the hole and marveling in surprise at the shocking reveal. She'd heard stories of nights where girls would compete to go the furthest down and use lipstick rings to prove it, and years later Tonks was overcome by weird form of almost nostalgia as those old stories finally received a strange and very overdue confirmation. It didn't quell her boredom fully, but it was at least more than she was getting from anything else she'd done all day, and so she didn't really worry too much about it as she looked down at the hole.

Knocking couldn't hurt, could it? As a joke, if nothing else. Something to snicker about as she would assume nobody was there in the middle of the day. A few quick raps onto the thin wooden wall echoed through the other side, and she rolled her eyes. But there was no joke about the monster of a cock pushing suddenly out through the hole, terrifyingly long, thicker than she'd seen ever seen before. She gasped and stumbled back, partly to avoid the cock and partly because she was just so surprised by what she was seeing. So surprised that there was absolutely no way it could have been real. She drew her wand from her belt and pointed it quickly at the cock, swishing it about and chanting, "Finite incantatem." It was a way to unravel enchantments, and she suspected an engorgement charm to be responsible for what she was seeing.

But it didn't shrink. Not only did the massive cock not shrink, but she heard smug laughter from the other side of the wall, the sounds of a guy who had clearly had a girl whip that out on him before. It was real, and Tonks was left to face it in detail that left her realizing there was much more to it than size; the massive, throbbing cock was slick from the attention of the day's other visitors, and she noticed the rings all along the cock, smears of colours that served as marks of where lipstick had been kissed down onto the cock. With the hole so wide, she could even see the base of the cock, following the golds and bronzes and silvers of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, with an odd pale blue at the very bottom of the cock. But what infuriated her so hard that she didn't even think about what house was represented by pale blue was when she spotted only one streak of Hufflepuff's yellow, and it was barely halfway down the cock.

Tonks didn't know why she was overcome with disappointment. She hadn't even been a student for almost a decade now, but when she saw that, she felt a swell of house pride overcome her, and she simply could not let this stand. "I'm going to redeem Hufflepuff," she said proudly, grabbing the yellow lipstick from the rack and quickly dragging it along her lips. "This is unacceptable, and I'm going to set it right for the sake of my house." She didn't need to let on that she was an auror and not a student. No cock was really a 'problem' for a metamorphmagus in theory, but Tonks was determined to do it naturally and without any transformations to make it easier to take down; doing it naturally was living up to the honesty of what the yellow and brown signified.

She received no response from the other side but a muted sicker, and her eyes narrowed as she reached her hand around the base of the cock, intent on proving her point to whoever he was and proving it hard. "I'm going to do this," she said to herself, drawing in a sharp breath as she began to stroke the furthest back down the cock that she could reach. Her lips could have pressed through if she pushed them out, which was no doubt how the blue lipstick girl had managed to get the very base, although that was assuming she could get it that far down. Just slightly further down than the pale blue was a mix of silver and gold that smeared and blended together in layers, which left her convinced that a Slytherin and Gryffindor had been a little too competitive with the guy's cock and taking turns trying to prove themselves, perhaps side to side.

If these walls could speak.

"You didn't come here to give me a handjob did you?" asked a voice distorted by something on the other side. Whoever laid the spells on this place had been crafty; her counter spell had effected the cock, so whatever identity protections were in place to protect the identity of the guy on the other side was still in place, hiding his true identity, but Tonks doubted she would have recognized the voice even if she heard it. "Come on, if you really want to prove how great Hufflepuff is, then suck my cock down as deep as you can and show me what you can do."

Tonks had not expected to be cursed at and taunted at a glory hole that afternoon, but now that her pride was on the line, the man was right; a handjob was not enough, and she would not stand for this disrespect, even if she was giving in to everything he wanted in the process. She didn't care; there was still Hufflepuff pride on the line and she was being strung easily along by that. Placing the lipstick back onto the shelf, she leaned forward, pushing herself toward the cock and opening her lips wide, pressing them around the cock and pushing eagerly forward, slurping the shaft down and moaning as she started to slowly push down the cock. Its thickness was difficult to wrangle, but she was determined to not only do this, but to do this with her own mouth and throat.

The groans on the other side rumbled low as Tonks's mouth embraced the cock, and down she went, certainly showing less initial struggle than the Hufflepuff girl who'd been in there earlier, who could simply could not handle his cock and had gone all out to even manage what she had accomplished at the halfway mark. Tonks was better than that, more experienced and filled with infinitely more determination as she sought to prove herself and her house to the guy on the other side of the wall. Her mouth was a delight, and he grew noisier as she savoured him, sucking him steadily downward.

There was no way she could go on forever, and Tonks was starting to get a little more into it than she would have ever expected she would. Her head pulled back and then shoved forward again, taking the cock down deeper with the next bob as she settled into a good, quick blowjob. Her fingers held firmly around the base, thumb and forefinger doing their best to wrap around it as she focused on the task at hand, seeking to impress and to save the name of Hufflepuff, to live up to the legacy of whatever the Gryffindor and Slytherin girls had been up to; they were houses in the spotlight enough, and it was time for the badger to shine.

"You're pretty good at sucking cock," the distorted voice said, smug and excited to be serviced by the neon-haired Auror. His dick throbbed in her mouth as she slurped it down steadily, moving quicker and further, taking cock down further and further, soon enough prodding the back of her throat, the thick head ready to push down, to claim her with a ferocity that was unparalleled. He could do nothing to fuck her mouth from here, but she seemed perfectly content to do it herself, completely unprompted and getting whipped up into the fervor of house competition in the strangest of ways.

Hogwarts was a school that felt very different going in than coming out, as the older students found themselves whisked away by a sexual whirlwind of debauchery and competition, with house pride taking on some strange directions, and one of them was lipstick marks on a monster of a cock, finding a hung seventh year who could stand there and let girls at him to prove how well representatives of their house could take a dick like that. Horny students finding strange ways to pass the time and compete had turned into a myriad of long-storied traditions in the weirdest and most oversexed of directions.

Tonks had been above that once upon a time, but now she was a long-graduated adult with a real job, lips painted yellow and down on her knees, sucking a cock at a glory hole. And there was nothing she would do differently if she had five minutes' foresight to the situation, feeling something simmering between her legs as she slurped the cock down. She took him into her throat with surprising ease, and one she had his head in her gullet, she realized that this was the hard part. Gagging noisily around the cock, each bob of her head brought on less and less ground as she slowed down, hitting obstacles like the fact that the fat cock felt like it was almost stretching her esophagus right out. But there was no stopping her; she was determined, and a Hufflepuff with her eyes on the goal was a dangerous thing.

Clearly, the last girl just didn't want it bad enough.

Back and forth she went,still fighting for fractions of interest of his cock as she kept stubbornly onward, refusing to bend or break, refusing to give in to anything but the absolute finishing of her task. Nothing mattered more, and she steadily pressed onward, thighs rubbing harder together as she tried to take the cock down, not holding back anything until she was as far as she could go, until her eyes went wide and she was choking too harshly on the cock to stop herself, lips wrapping tight around the base and giving it a smack before pulling sharply back. She hadn't expected it from the sudden motion, but the second her head was all the way back, the guy on the other side of the wall came, and before she could even see how far she had made it relative to the others, the twitching cock was blowing a huge, hot, salty load all over her face, Tonks gasping in surprise as she took a sudden, warningless facial all over her button nose and into her bright blue hair.

"A little warning would have been nice," she groaned, but did nothing to wipe the cum off as she inspected the cock. A new band of yellow not only made it past the halfway point, but there was maybe half an inch separating her and the overlapping silver and gold of the Gryffindor and Slytherin competition, and there was something to be proud of in that, because it looked like the girls had really caked it on as they went back and forth. "But hopefully now you won't underestimate a good Hufflepuff."

"Sure," the man said. "Hufflepuff sluts suck good cock too, I'll keep that in mind." He pulled his cock back quickly and before Tonks could respond to his insulting remark.

"Now I'm a mess," Tonks muttered to herself, the facial leaving her face coated in spunk, and she couldn't remember where the nearest bathroom was. But, more distressingly, as he pulled back, the realization finally clicked to her about where she had seen that pale blue colour before. Earlier in the day in fact, on another of her colleague's lips; it was a colour of Beauxbatons, and the only woman around Hogwarts who had attended the school was the also-stationed Fleur Delacour.

But that couldn't be it. Tonks laughed the idea off and wiped her face with the inside of her robes, the experience plenty fun and leaving her wet enough that maybe an early day and a furious fingerfucking was in store for her after that.


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