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Chapter 8 - Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long - Competition (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 8 - Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long - Competition (C)

Chapter 8 - Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long - Competition (C)
Commissioned by Kinky no Kyoukai.
Blake began to pull off her clothes as Yang locked the door to the stall of the glory hole that everyone in Beacon pretended the worst kept secret in the academy. Stripping steadily down to nothing, she groaned as her clothes were kicked off into the corner, nowhere to hang them up. "I wish they would put a hook in here," she sighed, looking at Yang as her partner began to undress in a hurry too.

"You mean for clothes, right?" Yang asked, undoing her belt and stripping down faster than Blake, impatient and fired up, wanting to get going as soon as possible. "And not that one guy from last week whose penis had a curve so pronounced I hung my vest off of it?"

The cat faunus rolled her eyes as she readied herself for this, her pussy already a little wet and leaking down her thighs as the excitement ran through her just as strongly as it did Yang; she just knew how to hide it a little better than the blonde. "Did you ever find out who that was?" she asked.

"No. I'm sure I upset him, but if he confronted me then he would have exposed himself as 'that guy whose penis curves ninety degrees up' and I don't think anybody wants to be that guy." Yang shrugged, not worrying too much about it as she got to her side of the stall. It wasn't particularly cramped, with enough space that either tall girl could have leaned forward as they got fucked through the wall, and each opposing side had a hole ready and waiting, with a cheap switch at the ready to turn on a light and signify the hole was 'open'. "Now let's get to it, no more conversation to help you stall. I'm winning, this time, and when I do, you're cleaning me off."

As Yang and Blake both got down on their knees on opposite ends of the stall, competition turned the air thick as they both readied themselves for what was to come. They were here with a very simple purpose for the two partners to satisfy the issue once and for all of whose approach was better in the single, unambiguous aim of harvesting as much cum as they absolutely could down at the poorly-kept-secret glory hole. Things had to be settled once and for all between them, had to be decided; who really could get more cum? It was a hotly contested issue between the two teammates, and there was only one way to find out for sure. It didn't take long for the first few cocks to emerge from the hole in the wall, and immediately, the two members of Team RWBY set out to work at the task before them with gusto.

Yang was speed and roughness incarnate, grabbing hold of the cock and pushing forward, her mouth opening wide as she took it eagerly down and got ready for an approach that was everything sloppy and ravenous. It was only fitting that she not hold back even the slightest bit of impulse as she took the cock all the way down in a single go, greedy as could be about what she had in mind. Easily, she took it into her throat, offering up no resistance as she got her head in motion, quickly bobbing along and working the dick over with only one goal in mind; to get him to cum fast. There was no patience with Yang, no restraint or composure. Just raw indulgence and the excited, overly aggressive forwardness of someone who wasn't wasting a second.

Speed would have been enough, but she had a little secret; her teeth. They dragged steadily along the cocks, just the faintest bit of force, and every guy who stuck his cock through her side of the wall whenever she visited consistently worried she was going to mess up as her frantic, feverish motions provided a risk that was in no way leaving them feeling secure in the damn least. But her use of teeth was driven by a confidence she had no issues with backing up, and she was able to prove time and again that her method was flawless, never once getting too intense with her teeth or biting down on the cock, no matter how quick she went, no matter how much she burned with impatience and an eagerness to get the man in front of her off.

The boundless energy she showed was infectious even through the wall that kept her 'anonymous', even though people had taken to spying on the entrance to the glory hole, and while Yang had no idea who was on the other side, the use of teeth and unrelenting speed certainly informed the guy sticking his dick through the wall. There was something just simply incredible about receiving such a devoted and sloppy cocksucking, and he couldn't hold back the groans on the other side, rapidly drawn closer and closer to the edge by an eager and very messy sort of blowjob, wet and deep and faster than he could even realize one's head could move.

Yang had become almost too good at sucking cock, and her steady, practiced mouth had come to learn exactly when a cock was about to blow. She had it down to a science; she had to. Letting guys cum down her throat didn't do anything to help her beat Blake, as to judge how much cum they had been responsible for spilling, it had to be on their bodies and not in their stomachs. So she pulled back sharply, hand springing suddenly into action when she was sure he was close enough, giving a rapid, desperate stroking to the cock as she tried to work it over, frantic now as she tried to get him to cum. Biting hard on her lip and tilting her head back, she readied herself for what was to come, eager to earn her reward.

With a harsh groan on the other side, the guy came, gladly giving up a load of hot cum to the eager blonde, unable to see beautiful girl taking a facial with a broad smile on her face, smug as could be. In fact, before the cock had even pulled out of the hole, she was turning toward Blake with a smile. "That's one for me," she bragged, smirking as admired the sight of her partner sucking a cock, the other of thing that would have been a delight to see were they not in direct competition. But seeing as they were, there was little time to appreciate what followed as another cock slipped through the wall, and she immediately went back down for more.

Blake narrowed her gaze as she pulled briefly away from the cock, hand still working it as she turned to Yang and retorted with, "We're not counting orgasms," which was all she felt she needed to note, given that they both knew full well how much Yang getting the first load didn't matter nearly as much as she liked to put stock into. Turning back toward the cock in front of her, Blake resumed her own technique, one that was built on everything that Yang's wasn't. Patient and methodical, Blake focused not on the swiftness of the orgasm she induced, but the quality of it, both in terms of the pleasure she built up to with finesse and technique, and in the pure volume of cum that would follow. It took longer than Yang did, sure, but they were measuring the amount of cum they could get, and in that regard, Blake was convinced that her technique would work fine.

Her technique involved much more hand work, applying a generous coat of saliva with her tongue in the form of broad licks with her tongue, with her hand pushing it down to lubricate the entire shaft and make it as fluid a stroking as it could be. Once she had it nice and slick, she could press forward and begin licking and kissing the head, giving some shallow sucks to the tip of the cock but never letting it into her throat the way Yang did, showing a more measured and restrained approach that she felt worked out much, much better than the sloppy, desperation and frantic need that consumed Yang.

She'd never admit it, but there was something rather feline about the way her technique in the end, the way that she began to take quick licks at his cock with her tongue, a swift motion that built up into a rapid, eager flurry of slight licks, attention that didn't add up to the same intensity as Yang's speed, and was much more focused on the head while her hand worked the shaft steadily, a perfectly coordinated effort from Blake that was built on expertly managing the different parts of the penis to expert effect. She didn't like the thought of going too fast and ruining the fun, savouring what she could get in front of her as she made sure that what she gave the guy on the other side of the wall was something she could enjoy as well. Enjoy so much that her other hand had snaked down between her legs, fingers pumping steadily into her in time with the sway of her hand.

Fingering herself added a feverish, excitable fuel to the fire as Blake pressed onward, not for once faltering or getting too carried away with how she worked the cock over, no matter how much she wanted to. She simply wasn't going to let anything stop her from getting what she wanted, but it had to be on her terms, done her way and not giving even the faintest fuel for Yang to use as she pressed onward, never once faltering. It was almost as bad as letting Yang win to resort to her speed and savagery, to sloe everything that made her technique truly hers, and in this battle of techniques, it would be the biggest concession she could have made, and she simply wouldn't. Pride was on the line here, but so was having all of the cum cleaned off by Yang's tongue, and she wasn't going to let that prize slip through her hands.

Fortunately, she wasn't far from her prize, and soon enough, Blake found herself rewarded with everything she sought as the cock in front of her erupted, spewing forward thick, hot ropes of pearly cum, and she was pulled back to enjoy the massive load. She had worked the cock over expertly and groan of pure release from tension on the other side of the wall was much louder than the one Yang had gotten, just as the orgasm she took was much more noteworthy. Cum blasted her face and the tops of her breasts, leaving her with thick ropes of white to enjoy as she gave one final kiss to the before before pulling back and smiling. Her fingers worked quicker between her legs as she looked back over her shoulder.

'I can smell how horny you are," Blake noted. "And that you're masturbating."

"So are you," Yang said, gritting her teeth as she made another boy cum all over her tits, the load focused entirely on them so that she could get Blake's face down there when she won. "And I don't need a good nose to smell it either, so don't start accusing me of shit." She kept her focus forward as another cock switched out and she quickly swallowed it down in turn, refusing to stop for a second; she was going to go all out, to do everything she could to get these cocks off and to win, and she didn't have time to sit there playing into Blake's taunting to do it; she knew full well that it was a trap. Blake did so much with her hand that her oral efforts were almost secondary, while Yang was all mouth, and that would only have left her at a severe disadvantage. She wasn't an idiot.

The efficiency with which Yang was getting guys off was astounding, and unlike Blake, she was fully ready to let her rapid fingerfucking send her into a frenzy of impatience and speed that only made her work harder. She sucked each cock in front of her hungrily down, gladly throating it and working it all over. Her only complaint was that there weren't multiple holes, because if she had two cocks to move back and forth between she could double the semen output that was steadily building up atop her body. Her face, hair, and breasts were receiving a nice, thorough coating that she tried her best to spread out everywhere when she could angle her head to catch it in a specific place. When she won, she wanted Blake to run that tongue all over every inch of her body that she could conceivably get cum on without having to move too much.

Blake may not have racked up the same count as she did, but she was convinced her 'score' was building up much quicker, and the amount of cum on her body by the end of it was all that mattered to her as she kept a steady pace going at the cock in front of her, a feline tease that left it throbbing and aching as she made sure that when he did cum, it was something that would leave the guy's knees faltering and make sure that he was barely able to stand. By contrast, she had to make sure everything exciting below her waist stayed below her waist, as her hands inevitably got faster and steadier, working her pussy over quicker as she drew closer to her first orgasm of the night but simply refused to let herself falter now.

Back and forth they went, always throwing little barbs at one another between rounds. It was all for the good-natured sake of competition, as the two partners set aside teamwork and cooperation for the sake of their contest, mostly because Yang got so fired up about it that Blake felt like she was a sucker if she tried to play it off as no big deal.

"Don't wear out that kitty tongue out before cleanup duty, because I don't care how sore it is, it's worshiping my body," Yang sneered.

"My tongue is fine, because I know how to pace myself. You should worry about getting too carried away and accidentally swallowing some points," Blake responded with a harsh, stern tone.

Yang narrowed her eyes as she furiously worked the cock in front of her over, resorting to letting the slick member swat her across the cheek in hopes of bringing him to orgasm quicker. "Maybe I'll let this next guy cum between my legs so that I can sit on your face to make you clean me up."

"The only pussy getting licked tonight is me."

"Was that a fucking pun?" Yang shouted. "Puns are my thing, don't you dare!"

They continued to bicker and yell over one another for what seemed like hours of fucking, bringing themselves to more orgasms than they could count, but more importantly, bringing so many guys to orgasm that by the time it was all done, they were pulling away from one another with faces covered in spunk, eyes bugged out and wide as they turned toward one another, the lines gone and no cocks left to service, which meant it was time to tally up the score.

"Fuck," they said in unison, looking at one anothers' bodies. Both girls were absolutely drenched in cum, some of it fresh, some of it started to dry from how long it had been there. Layers caked onto their faces and their breasts, while little errant spurts everywhere else left plenty of their fit bodies with some cum to need licking, and the most apparent problem was that there was just so much there that it would be impossible to quantify.

"I guess we both win," Blake said with a sigh. "Again."

But Yang had another idea, grabbing her teammate and pushing her up against the wall, pressing their bodies tight together as the cum of countless men mingled and smeared across their flesh. "No," she said with a broad smile. "We both lost, and that's the way I like it." She took a lick up Blake's cheek, and the faunus replied in kind with one as well; both lost, so both were on cleanup duty, and there was a lot of work ahead of them.


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