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Chapter 9 - Asuna Yuuki - Repeatable Quest (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 9 - Asuna Yuuki - Repeatable Quest (C)

Chapter 9 - Asuna Yuuki - Repeatable Quest (C)
(Commissioned by pantboy678)

Patches that added new stores to the game world were always an exciting prospect where players were concerned, and Asuna was hardly alone in that as the shops propped up out of nowhere, dizzying new fashion stores with all sorts of gorgeous outfits to deck her character out into, and given that she was in all conceivable ways now her character, she wanted nothing more than to be able to check out what was on display and what would look good on her. But for some appalling reason, the prices were absurd. There was a high end weapon shop next door that didn't carry the sorts of disgusting prices for powerful, gameplay effecting combat items that she saw for cosmetics here. She was appalled by what she saw, almost offended by the disappointment that came from the update.

At least, until the rumours came her way of some other things that came with the update. She heard guild-mates talking about the new quest hub that opened up, and how they were going to check it out later, along with something about lots of gold. Surely, those were the quest rewards, and Asuna was eager to go for herself and find out what the new hub was all about, not only hoping to be able to afford those gorgeous clothes, but maybe even to make some gold on the side if the missions were quick and repeatable enough. She didn't think about why her guild-mates weren't running those quests nonstop right that very second, she just ran off eagerly to go and start working.

As it turned out, the answer was pretty obvious. With quest titles like "Public Cum Receptacle", Asuna could tell very easily why nobody was grinding out the quests at this new hub, a throbbing, writhing sex club where the meaty quest rewards came down to the willingness of a player to invest a lot of their own funds into participating. It was outright prostitution with the game serving as the middleman, and naturally none of her male guild-mates would have wanted to take up such action. Not only for the work, but because the expensive, fancy clothes up for sale weren't of any interest to them.

But Asuna was desperate, her desire to get them playing against her frustration at the cost of speedy gold farming. She could work through a few hours worth of game time and make startling amounts of money going by the reward listings, but it would cost her a fair amount of dignity. Even from her position by the quest board, she could see so many women whoring themselves out for gold, some of them getting fucked in every hole at the same time, writhing hotly about as they were fucked by pent up and needy men who had been in the game so long and were so elated to have some hot, tight holes around their cocks. There was another kneeling down on the floor and letting guys jerk off over her face, cumming into her mouth and all over her features. It seemed like the cost of amazing gold rates was a lack of shame and willingness to be publicly declared a whore.

Except for one quest. "Glory Hole." It didn't see any less lucrative in terms of the raw numbers, but the quest description certainly offered up a certain sense of security, promising anonymity as she serviced cocks through a hole in the wall. About as uplifting and affirming an evaluation of Asuna's value as they came, but at least nobody would know it was her doing it, right? She could deal with some mild embarrassment and the shame of what she'd done if it meant getting the gorgeous new clothes for her character, and she had to assume most of the other girls whoring themselves out were thinking the same thing.

Reluctantly, Asuna accepted the quest and hurried quickly off to one of the booths before anyone could see her. It was a cramped little stall, some padding on the floor for her knees to settle down onto as she got down in front of the hole and waited. The narrow opening in the wall looked quite ominous as she readied herself, not sure what was going to come through but knowing that she had to face whatever it was steadily.

Naturally, and she really should have been ready for this, it was a cock. A long, fat, aching cock that pushed through without a word or really anything at all. It just presented itself to her, and she was immediately very thankful for the anonymity that helped keep anyone from knowing it was her--or, in turn, from knowing which perverts were on the other side of the wall, paying for secret blowjobs. Discovering that her guild-mates were here too would not have been something that she would have taken well. Especially since she'd taken the quest, and presumably this man, whoever he was, had paid up, and now she had a job to do.

Asuna could have phoned it in with the cock. In fact, maybe she should have. But every ounce of reasoning in her mind told her that if she finished him quickly and put all of her effort into the task at hand, she would finish him swiftly and resolve the quest faster. It wasn't a great thing to be in a position to do, but she knew that the best thing to do, the mature and expedient thing, was to suck this stranger's cock and just get it all over with as fast as she could. That meant sucking it up, and sucking him down.

A few licks along his cock before she'd even grasped it showed her inexperience with this, her cheeks burning as the embarrassment filled her and she realized she was in so far over her head. The cock was bigger than she was even the faintest bit ready to take, but the demands were upon her, and at least the glory hole meant that she didn't have to worry about anyone forcing a pace on her. She could go quick and steady, but not faster than she could take, not by whatever harsh pace he would have chosen for her. Her fingers gripped the cock steadily, and she started him off with something exploratory, licking along his cock and feeling the whole matter out a bit before she did anything too brash or reckless. Her tongue slithered along the rock hard flesh as her hand steadily back and forth at what she assumed was a good pace, and surely a fine way to start a blowjob off.

"Come on, suck it down," the man groaned on the other side of the wall. "I didn't pay all of that for a handjob and a little tongue. Throat me, whore!" The silence ended quickly, and it was so abrupt that Asuna gasped, pulling back in surprise as the cruel words shook her. She'd just been called a whore, and that may have technically been true, but that didn't make the words any easier to swallow. "You didn't read the mission description, did you? I need to be satisfied with this if you want me to pay up, so you're going to press those slutty lips right up to the hole and open wide for my cock, okay?"

"Excuse me?" Asuna asked, appalled by the way she was was spoken to, only to let out an embarrassed noise seconds later as she realized she had spoken, and that if he knew who she was, he may recognize her voice. She couldn't recognize his, but that wasn't always a guarantee of anything.

"You heard me." He pulled his cock back and almost entirely out of the hole, knocking pushily and impatiently on the stall wall from his side. "Lips up against the hole so I can fuck your mouth, and keep them right there, got it? Or I'm going to go find another glory hole slut. One who actually wants to get paid, and cancel the quest."

Asuna groaned at the mention of that; canceling a quest meant a gold penalty that she couldn't afford when she was here trying to scrape together some funds, and that sealed the deal for her. Embarrassing as it was, it seemed like Asuna had to bite the bullet and let him fuck her mouth, letting out a noise of frustration as she brought her lips up to the hole and spread her mouth wide, giving a tap onto the wall to indicate she was in position. Her heart sank as she realized just how embarrassing and likely humiliating this whole experience was going to be, selling her mouth for money like this, but with the gold rewards, she knew that she would be close enough to those gorgeous clothes to almost be able to justify it to herself.


The man's hips drove forward, and he let out a laugh of mocking delight as he slammed into the hole and claimed Asuna's mouth, the intimidating length sliding clear down her throat with ease. Well, ease for him; Asuna gagged as she took him down, shivering and having no time to recover or get used to it before the cock drew back a little bit and shoved forward again, getting into a steady rhythm of fucking her face. There wasn't any hesitation or attempt to hold back; he was paying a lot for this blowjob, and he was going to get his money's worth whether she could handle it or not, leaving it up to the mystery girl on the other end of the wall to accommodate his girth as he just did his work.

Asuna's hands pressed against the wall for support as she winced, shutting her eyes tightly and trying to focus on everything she felt she'd need to be able to take to handle this. It was overwhelming in a dizzying myriad of directions all at once; the cock was too long, too thick, moving too fast, too deep. Just an intense overload of oral indulgence that she was shocked by the vigor of as the man on the other side got a quick pace going. Certainly faster than she would have given him, robbing her of the modicum of control she thought she had in being able to guide the pace of this. Instead, she was on the receiving end of whatever he wanted, the wall robbing a little bit of cock, shielding her from the slap of his balls against her chin, and from him seizing her hair and brutally guiding her head along his cock.

Which she didn't doubt he wanted, and which he actively lamented the loss of as he braced himself against his side of the wall. He was certainly fucking her mouth enough that she didn't need to think hard to imagine it, as his balls thudded against the wall, hips slamming into it and leaving her to realize the full force of his thrusts as he hammered into her throat, the hole in the wall not limiting him very much at all as he found a way to get his fun off with her no matter what. "You should come out in the open so I can throatfuck you over a table," he taunted, not expecting her to, but eager to lord his control of the situation over her as much as he could, lit up with excitement as he listened to the struggled choking noises from the other side of the wall.

The thrusts continued feverishly onward, and Asuna didn't feel like she was taking it any easier, keeping her face right up to the wall and accepting the humiliating treatment that she had resorted to in the name of getting paid, but there was little about it she exactly delighted in as the harsh thrusts kept steady onward. Drool was starting to leak down her chin, dripping all over her top as she was left unable to swallow, her throat plugged and her mouth remaining open as even with the speed of his thrusts, he simply did not pull back enough for her to do anything to recover, and she worried that he meant every word of his threat about finding another girl and canceling the quest, which kept her from pulling away for a second.

But it was all easier said than done. Breathing wasn't exactly easy to pull off, having to go in the peeks of clarity and openness her throat had in brief flashes, and it was far from ideal, but then, the ideal wouldn't have been to be down on her knees getting facefucked through a wall. This was not the expected turn of events, with her tongue pressed down tightly, the pressure making her salivate more and more as the cock ground along her tongue, forcing her to drool messier and wetter all over herself, at making it a thoroughly embarrassing position to remain in.

But Asuna had to do it, had to remain dutiful and focused. She had not gotten to the heights in the game that she had through giving up or stopping when things got difficult, and she simply had to see this as a similar challenge, a similar thing to overcome. She could do this, could fight the odds and overcome whatever got in her way, even perverted, foul mouthed players throwing humiliating and degrading remarks at her as she worked off her quest. Just another stepping stone.

"You're getting pretty good at sucking cock. I bet you get a lot of practice though, if you've survived this long in the game. Just slurping down every dick you have to to keep alive. I met plenty of girls like you, who need to be carried and use their bodies to keep alive." His hammering thrusts kept up, the steadiness and stamina needed to maintain the savage pace almost impressive, not that Asuna could really appreciate that from where she was kneeling.

Choking on a thick cock and hearing him insult her even as she sucked him off, Asuna was not too pleased with this, but as the facefucking drew onward, she was upset most at herself, because her pussy was absolutely drenched, her panties soaked and thighs sticky as she continued to suck the cock. She was enjoying this on levels all too unsettling to begin thinking about, but the more she tried to ignore it, the hotter she got, and the embarrassment hit its peak when he slammed down her throat just right and she found herself moaning around the cock, vibrations running through the slick shaft buried down her gullet. She couldn't take it back, couldn't hide it.

The laughter was immediate. "Now you're getting in the spirit of a real cocksucker," he taunted, and Asuna felt so embarrassed by that remark, by the implication she was a 'real cocksucker', but most of all by the fact that his words were digging in with a delightful sort of venom. One that left her aching for more, ashamed of how good she felt and how much more she wanted, how much it was doing wonders for her. She ached and twisted, a hand slipping down with much less apprehension than it should have, sliding down her panties and starting to rub at her dripping entrance as her face got fucked, the steadiness of the quick pace starting to feel almost hypnotic, her body setting itself to the rhythm and lavishing in the savagery she was being subjected to.

But there was only one problem; Asuna had only just begun to touch herself, only just barely scratched the surface of admitting how good it felt. The man she'd been sucking off had been there for some time enjoying her mouth, and now he was losing himself, groaning as his cock twitched inside of her throat, the warning sign coming too late and a sense of deep regret filling her over, of all the things, the fact that her 'quest' was coming to an end. Thick, sticky cum spilled down her throat, sliding down with an absolutely unsettlingly viscous quality as it made its way down to her stomach, leaving to shudder and twist in frustration as it pumped directly into her belly, leaving it full and with all sorts of sensations she had neither expected nor welcomed, but found oddly arousing.

"Good job," he groaned, pulling out of the hole in the wall. "I'm surprised you actually did it. I had you pegged for a stuck up sort of bitch."

The quest was completed, and Asuna's gold balance skyrocketed up by an amount much higher than any high end grinding she could have safely pulled off would have netted her. But there was only one problem, now; she was confronted with a hand in her panties, rubbing at a pussy primed and absolutely desperate, and staring down a prompt asking, "Would you like to repeat the mission?" Only one facefuck had taken a lot out of Asuna, who was red in the face, panting, slick with drool... But the money. Oh, it was only about the money, she told herself, that massive influx of gold that would let her afford all of those nice clothes. No carnal motivations, even as the fingers danced along her inner walls.

Asuna confirmed that she wanted to repeat the mission and got ready for the next cock up.
By all rights, Asuna should no longer have been gagging on a cock of any size as it hammered its way down her throat. She'd sucked so many and earned a life time of experience in a matter of hours, but it felt wrong not to be audibly choking and sputtering on every fat cock pushing through the wall, wanting every guy who enjoyed her slutty mouth to know that she was a gargling, drooling cocksucker who noisily worshiped every last dick she slurped down. The noise made it exciting, made her throat spasm around and massage the shaft plunging down it, and that was worth all of the embarrassment in the world.

Both hands remained against the wall as she bobbed her head back and forth, eyes rolled back in pure, fuck-drunk delight. The store inside of the sex club quest hub carried all manner of fascinating items that served little practical combat purpose, but the massive vibrator stuffed up her pussy was the most vital item in the game as far as Asuna was concerned, buzzing rapidly as it stretched her tight little hole out, letting it drop and gush all over the floor through orgasm after orgasm as she used her hands to keep herself steady or even stroke cocks when she felt it was appropriate to, or when a guy wanted to finish on her face.

Plenty had. Her features were painted in thick cum, half-dried layers flaking and overlapping, messing up her hair. Plenty more filled her belly almost to the point of feeling like she was too full, and she hadn't had a thing to eat since arriving. But she didn't need anything else, getting her protein fix from all of the juicy, fertile cocks pushing their way through. There was no time to eat when she had cocks to swallow, her mouth barely ever free to speak between quests, and she needed to start up new quests constantly, never waiting or resting as she savoured each cock one by one as it passed through.

Another load in her mouth left her cheeks bursting with cum that dripped and spilled out as she pulled back, frantically swallowing every drop she could but having no qualms about being made a mess of as more leaked from her lips and ran down her body. She quickly renewed the quest and called out, "Who wants to fuck this slut's face next?" She had forgotten about the clothing shops, forgotten all of the nice outfits she'd wanted to buy with this money. The objective was long gone now, replaced only by a cock-addled desire for more and an indulgence that knew no end. She wasn't doing these glory hole quests to make money anymore, she was doing them to get her fix, and she had never been more thankful for a repeatable quest in the game before.

This was the best patch ever.


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