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Chapter 11 - Jaina Proudmoore - Jaina's Orc Fever (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 11 - Jaina Proudmoore - Jaina's Orc Fever (C)

Chapter 11 - Jaina Proudmoore - Jaina's Orc Fever (C)
Commission for pantboy678.

As she closed the door to the stall, Jaina Proudmoore let out a heavy sigh, slipping her cloak off, the heavy and thick clothes she wore with the hood drawn up high to help obscure her identity, lest anyone see such a prominent and important woman stepping into the seediest tavern in Booty Bay, let alone into the back room stall that read, "Orc lovers only" in a messy and frantic scrawl. It would have been too embarrassing to admit as she took her fortnightly trip to the run-down bar, frequented mostly by orcs. And there she was, a major figure in the Alliance, perhaps the strongest human mage in the world, and she was about to do something filthy.

Beneath the cloak, Jaina wore a peasant outfit for extra security, and she peeled that off slowly, leaving her naked as she settled down onto her knees in front of the hole. A crude knob created a sliding mechanism to open up the hole in front of her, and once she was ready, she gladly dragged the thin piece of wood over to the side, uncovering the hole and leaving it simply down to a matter of time. "Come on," she said beneath her breath, impatient and lacking in a certain composure or grace as she knelt there naked and awaiting, her thighs already slick with her shameful arousal as the mere excitement alone of her infrequent indulgence of her twisted hunger was soon upon her.

Nobody could ever know about Jaina's sexual fixation with orcs. She didn't even fully understand it herself, at least not in any constructive, meaningful way, but it was powerful enough for her to make a trip down here every two weeks, to spend a night away from her books and her duties, away from everything sensible or composed about her life as she went to the only place she knew she could get her fix safely. A glory hole provided her with the anonymity she needed to keep her reputation, lest anyone ever know what the Alliance leader was doing in her night off. Such a scandal would be embarrassing enough, but in some way, people knowing what she was really into was an even more sinister, creeping humiliation she would have liked to keep secret.

Before long, she got what she craved. A hand slammed against her door and an orc on the other side said with a bellowing, slurred voice, "Suck it," followed by some word in Orcish she had come to surmise was as insulting a term for women as there existed in the language. But whatever hurt she may have felt was immediately soothed by the cock clumsily pressing through the hole. A thick, throbbing, veiny green orc dick that drew her eyes and left her shuddering in place, slowly licking her lips as she admired it. Something about the meaty cock just left her mind blanking out on the worries of what she was actually doing, and she found herself leaning slowly forward, grasping it and pressing some sloppy, almost worshipful kisses down onto the tip.

Kisses turned into licks, slithering wildly along the head of the cock in adoring, frantic need, and then still into the parting of her lips, the wet heat brushing along the cock and making it twitch and shiver as she pressed forward and took it down. With a ragged moan, Jaina began to suck on the cock, and once she got going, none of the shame about her secret fetish could keep her from giving the orc exactly what he wanted. Her lips wrapped loose and sloppy around the dick as she started to take it down, head bobbing as she threw out the book everything even remotely careful or passionate about what she was doing. This wasn't the time or the place for slow.

Gripping the base of the cock firmly, Jaina pressed down deep, getting the whole shaft nice and slick before pulling back and slobbering all over the length of it, licking all over the place as she effortlessly let go of all grace or compulsion that would have been the place of a decent woman of her social standing. This wasn't about that at all, and in fact any shred of composure was too good for Jaina when she was in this state. This was about the sloppy, slutty indulgence of something primal and depraved, something much more twisted than she was usually willing to let out.

Immediately, the naughty thrill of slurping on a big, green dick began to settle in deep for Jaina, throttling her thoughts and leaving her groaning and whining as she started to get dirtier and more raw with the whole thing. she couldn't help herself, driven by a certain twisted need for indulgence that seemed to only get worse as she got started with it. This was wrong. Wrong on levels that went far past the slutty location and the grimy glory hole she was down on her knees at. Wrong on levels that felt traitorous to her people, to her standing, to her power. Here she was, a fearsome mage, the daughter of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, sucking on an orc cock. It was hard not to feel filthy as she licked the savage creature's cock as more primal parts of her screamed in delight. She may have been pursuing peace with the Horde, may have believed there could be a long-lasting alliance with the orcs, but that wasn't what she was thinking about.

She was thinking the orcs as the brutish creatures they were, savage, hulking green beasts, their throbbing, massive cocks stuck out through the hole in the wall to be serviced by the lowly human wench debasing herself for the chance to service them. She was thinking about what it meant to be her in that moment, to know where her guilty attractions toward the orcs lay, to the way she loved the cruel, muttered words and the utter dirtiness that came from serving the cock before her. Something left Jaina feeling so low, so depraved, and she wanted to tap into more of that twisted, perverse energy as she took the cock back into her mouth and bobbed her head quickly.

Groans rumbled on the other side of the wall as the very aggressive and pushy orc found himself on the receiving end of a remarkable blowjob, one that hit him just right with the desperation and the speed he wanted. It was messy and frantic, and he hadn't even had to say anything to get what he wanted. "No fangs," he snarled, feeling the shape of the mouth at his cock. "You are human, but you suck cock like you know your place."

The words 'your place' never failed to set Jaina alight, to leave her feeling even dirtier and more raw as she sucked the dick down fast and hard. it was an amazing thing to hear, the confirmation of what she was 'meant' to do as she sexual subjugation managed to leave her desperate to submit even with a wall between her and the hung orc stud she was taking down. It earned him a place in her throat, the proud mage pushing herself forward and taking the cock down deep, choking lovingly on the shaft as it pushed down and stretched out her esophagus. The loud, shameless gagging noises that bubbled up were as much a treat to her ears as to the ears of the proud orc who could feel her tight throat forced open by his cock, the way her body was stretched out to accommodate him.

Groaning a sentence in Orcish that Jaina knew came out roughly to, "Suck faster, whore," the orc pressed tighter against the wall, his large hand coming down in a fervid knocking against the thin wooden barrier that separated them, that kept them as total strangers. No matter how well she sucked, he was going to ask her to quicken it up, unable to not be as assertive and forceful about what he wanted as he could, to make sure the human serviced him thoroughly and intensely. He needed to assert his dominance even over someone he couldn't see, even if she was in a stall that, on the other side of the wall, read, "Orc cock loving sluts."

Not that Jaina minded being dominated or talked down to at all, in fact loving every second of her filthy submission as she stewed in her own debaucherous kinks, her own shameful desires. She was loving every second of slurping this orc cock down, drooling all over it as she fucked her face right down on it and threw caution utterly to the wind. She was in paradise, and only one thing would make it better, she just had to get it out of him first. Working quickly and cutting off her own breathing in the name of servicing this mighty cock, Jaina worked her ass off to try and get the orc's cum, wanting nothing more than to get the green dick off and know that she had done a good job.

But with the intense, reckless pace she showed, it wasn't something she'd have to wait too long to get. In short order, she was able to work the needy dick of the drunk orc over, and the surprise was almost without warning. With a mighty roar, the greenskin came, slamming his fists down against the wall hard enough for it to creak and shake from the force of it, but Jaina had other things to worry about as she felt the cock erupting, the head inside of her throat firing off, which meant that all of that incredibly thick, sticky orc spunk splattered along the lining of her esophagus, sliding slowly down into her stomach and leaving her with a feeling of being used unlike any other experience she knew in the world. Moaning hotly, she accepted every drop it down her throat, save for the last few, pulling her head sharply back as she let those splatter onto her tongue and light her taste buds up with the salty, dominant flavour.

There was almost never so much as a grunt after Jaina finished a cock off. The orc just pulled out of the wall and walked away, leaving her to shiver there in wait until another pressed through. She was left to just be patient even if this was the worst time to expect her to be able to contain herself, sitting there staring at the hole, fixated and desperate, needy and wanting another cock to push through quickly for her to serve. Her pussy was soaked, dripping all over the floor and leaving a wet, sticky mess that she mostly ignored. This wasn't about getting herself off or finding her own pleasure, this was about cock worship and feeling like the lowly, orc loving bitch she secretly wished she could be on more open terms. Usually, she didn't have much trouble. In fact, the secret-most shame of her fascination with orc cock usually took care of her just fine.

It felt like an eternity before another orc stumbled over to the glory hole, rather than maybe a minute at the most. And Jaina was so worn down and desperate that she didn't even wait for it to present itself; as she saw the light on the other side of the room dim as a body got in the way, the mage pressed her mouth right up against the wall, moaning and letting drool trickle down her lips as the cock pressed forward, immediately sheathed in the  tight, hot embrace of an eager throat. Instead of seeing for herself how long and fat the cock she was about to worship was, she could feel it, tongue dragging back and forth along the dick as it filled her mouth, pressed to the back of her throat and further down still, revealing itself in the most lurid and enticing way.

With sweet gagging sounds she let it slide down her throat, and she could not have been happier to feel it was even bigger than the last cock. And it was right down her throat, plugging her air supply and leaving her to tremble for a moment, drooling on the meaty dick before she slowly drew her head back. "Hm. Impatient?" asked the man on the other side, the orc smug as he felt the wet mouth so quickly find his cock. He held in place, his stomach and his balls right up against the wall to get every last bit of cock he could through the hole, and by extension into her amazing mouth.

Jaina moaned in response, all the wetness in her mouth and her throat vibrating around the cock from the sound she made as she took a second to center herself. Just a second. It was all she could afford herself, all she could remain patient for, just enough time to center herself before tugging her head back and slamming forward again. She was already worked up, and sexual momentum was purely forward and steadily building for Jaina. She never slowed down, never took a new orc to mean a new build. She was full speed all the time, facefucking herself on the massive orc dick, slamming it down her gullet eagerly, almost self-destructively.

This was the life, as far as Jaina was concerned. She couldn't indulge this as often as she wanted to, couldn't savour this anywhere near as frequently as she craved, but the longing and desire only made it even better when she could finally get down on her knees and feel a swollen cock head scraping along her throat, feel the harsh, breathless thrill of a dick plugging her breath and slowly leaving her disoriented and dazed. It was depraved and mad and everything she could have ever wanted it to be, slobbering all over the cock as she kept her head steady and constant with the back and forth motion.

The overly eager gargling noises she made as her throat was hammered remained the most intense and desirable sound Jaina knew. It made her even wetter, left a puddle of dripping nectar leaking down onto the floor as she ached with need, with delight. The pleasure was amazing, and she wasn't even the one receiving the attention. Something about servicing an orc cock just felt too good, a certain mental thrill that made all better the thrill she found in having a thick dick stretching her esophagus out. This was perfection wrapped up in a throbbing, fleshy package, and she was all too happy to put everything she had into the steady lavishing of it. And it was effort well placed, given the way the orc groaned in delight.

This one wasn't nearly as harsh as the last one, if only because he wasn't sure what more he could ask for as he felt the mystery woman's mouth steadily slurping down his whole cock. There wasn't even a hand on his base to work the base over; she was taking it all down so quickly, so noisily, so sloppily... "All humans should learn to love orc cock like this," he groaned, able to feel the utter lack of tusks all the same, and assumed she was human, just some local wench in Booty Bay looking for a dick to suck. "You know what the superior species is, and you know exactly what we deserve."

Jaina moaned as she heard those harsh words, nodding and slurping the dick down, careless in her steady, reckless, rapid approach to sucking the cock down. Nothing could stop her now as she wound up tightly, driven by something powerful and needy, a desperate craving that she couldn't get enough of. Fast and sloppy, she relished in the approval from the orc, in the twisted pangs of guilt and shame that came from feeling like she was being dragged down if the praise of a brutish creature was giving her such glee, but as she gagged and drooled all over the fat dick down her throat it was hard to feel like it was wrong to say that she was as low as she could go.

But it felt good to be low, good to feel warm drool running down her front as she slurped on the orc cock, a massive green penis pushing her past her limits but her body and her mind in concert and utter certainty about the fact that she wanted more, that she wasn't going to give in. She kept it up, kept steady and craved as she worked at getting the cock off, and she knew that she would soon be rewarded for her hard work, she just had to give it a little longer, and once she was, everything would fall into perfect alignment.

It wouldn't be long. The orc was getting heated up, panting and groaning as he held himself in place, savouring the slutty human and her amazingly dutiful mouth, which left his cock feeling more beloved and adored than it ever had before. This was worth savouring, worth the thrill of standing there with his dick out and taking a break from drinking the place dry. A nice, messy cock slobbering was always worth the time and he'd never felt a glory hole girl sucking him off quite as amazingly as this.

Once more, Jaina received no warning when he came, no heads up, no chance to change up what she was doing, but it was better that way, because the filthiest of thrills awaited the busty blonde as she remained steadily bobbing away. The gush of cum spurting without notice down her stomach once more, filling her belly up with all that salty, thick, gooey spunk, was a delightful enough surprise to push her over the edge. Jaina didn't know how, didn't know why, but for some reason, she could get off sucking orc cock. Only ever orcs though; human cocks failed to ignite her like this, but for some reason, like she had a g-spot in the back of her throat when an orc was in front of her, a steady ravaging of her face by an orc cock could push the mage into a noisy, immodest orgasm, one that had her moaning amid all the gagging sounds, eyes rolling back as she sputtered and spat, her pussy gushing all over her thighs and dripping down onto the floor as she got wet and messy and utterly high on the sinful pleasure.

This was the real embarrassment of it all. Not only did Jaina's secret, fetishistic lust for orcs push her to serve at a glory hole every fortnight just to get her shameful fix in secret, but when she was able to get off like this, it was hard not to wonder if she was somehow designed to, if her body wasn't primed for this kind of bliss. She felt it resonating deep and embarrassingly within her, the feeling like she was meant to do this, if not perhaps that human women in general were. She knelt there, happily taking the cum, feeling it fill in her belly and splash around, and she took a moment to pull back, gasping and panting, whining as the cock pulled out of the hole and left her alone again. Alone and writhing about worriedly amid her own hungers and her twisted sensibilities. "So good," she moaned, fingers running down her body not to start rubbing herself, but just to feel the dripping mess her pussy had become.

There was no doubt in Jaina's mind that, one way or another, this was what she loved to do, and perhaps what she was meant to do. And she could have been embarrassed by it, could have shunned her desires no matter how much pleasure they brought her. Or, she could lean forward and lick her lips as another fat green cock pushed through the hole in the wall, and a snarl of, "I hear there's an Alliance twat in that booth," hit her just right.

"There is," she moaned, grasping the cock and kissing the head again. "But I know what my place is, and orc dick will always be what I live for."


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