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Chapter 12 - Tifa Lockhart and Yuffie Kisaragi - Love Your Work (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 12 - Tifa Lockhart and Yuffie Kisaragi - Love Your Work (C)

Chapter 12 - Tifa Lockhart and Yuffie Kisaragi - Love Your Work (C)
Commission for ArdenWolfWatcher.
Mr. Coates, the owner of the Golden Saucer, couldn't believe that for a second, he was going to agree to grant the freedom of the prisoners charged with assault of three of his guards with a Chocobo race. He almost had though, at least until he looked past the spiky-haired man and to two of his companions. To the busty woman in the tight, short skirt and the wiry ninja girl beside her. There were much better uses of his prisoners for profit than just having one of them race a Chocobo. 

Now, Tifa and Yuffie knelt down behind a wall, both staring nervously at the wide hole cut through it, uncertain about what their fate would be. There was a deep, unsettled reluctance to the looks they shared on occasion, knowing they had to do their best to give customers 'their money's worth', and that only a day of service was going to free them and the others from their sentence. A day of good service, as had been stressed to them several times; they had to actually keep the paying customers of the Golden Saucer's glory holes happy if they wanted to be cut loose, and if not they would be right back there again until they got it right. The stakes weighed heavy on the heads of the two women as they lingered in almost deathly anticipation.

When the first cock pushed through the door, Yuffie damn near froze up, letting out a nervous sound almost like a yelp as she watched the long, thick cock emerge, throbbing in excitement. It wasn't the first penis she'd ever seen before, but it had been the largest, an intimidating view of something she wasn't as ready for as she had hoped to be, and nervousness seized her as she looked toward Tifa, who was more confident, but not much more excited about the prospect. "You first?" she asked weakly, a shaky question heavy with the hope that the next man to push his dick through might be less well endowed.

"Okay," Tifa said, hoping she could help assuage Yuffie's concerns if she took the lead, leaning forward and grasping the cock. The older and more experienced girl figured the best way to get this over and done with would be to just go right for the good stuff, stroking the cock back and forth as her tongue lapped at the tip of it, feeling out the girth of the thick cock head before taking it past her spread lips. Not quite eager but certainly going to do it no matter what, and in the absence of enthusiasm, a desire to get things over and done with was just fine.

Practically indistinguishable for the man on the other side, who groaned as the wet, hot embrace of a mouth around his cock and pushing down really didn't have any context. "Eager cocksucker, aren't you?" he asked, smirking as he pressed himself up tight against the wall, ensuring his cock pushed all the way through for what he assumed was the mouth of a woman desperate to worship some cock, and he was all too happy to let her.

Eager wasn't the word for what Tifa was feeling as she closed her eyes and just did her best to get it over with, taking the cock further down past her lips, letting it prod the back of her throat as she teased a deepthroating of the dick. She didn't know how much traffic the glory holes got or how often a new customer stepped up, but she knew that if she got this over and done with swiftly, she and Yuffie may have a moment of reprieve away from what they were doing. With a determined look in her eyes, she took the cock down quickly, head bobbing back and forth as she put a sense of duty first and foremost no matter the cost or the embarrassment that came from it.

Yuffie watched with wide eyes as Tifa slurped the cock down. The sound of it pushing into her throat was a particularly jarring experience, making her shiver as she heard the sloppy gagging noise, then again at the height of the next bob of her head. But no matter what noise she made, she didn't break her pace at all, dutifully pushing forward and doing her best to service the dick in the face of whatever came at her. "Wow," she whined, fingers trailing along her inner thigh. "You're really good at this."

It was awkward praise to receive, as Tifa remained forward and focused, not thinking about the standard she was setting for the younger girl as she steadily worshiped the cock. The groans she received from the other side were more than enough praise for her, and the excited throbbing within her mouth held the silver lining of how close the man must have been, but to have Yuffie sitting there and praising her cocksucking prowess felt like she was both leaving a bad impression on the ninja and slipping a little far over the edge in showing this. These were not the compliments she had wanted to receive that afternoon.

But, if nothing else, at least it was over quickly. "Got a nice treat for you," the man on the other side groaned as he felt her hot mouth draw him closer to release, and he didn't shy away from how good it felt, hands pushing hard against the wall as he let out a grunt as finally Tifa sucked the cum right out of him. "Swallow it all, slut!" His dick twitched within the mouth servicing him, and Tifa let out a noise of frustration on the other side as all of that salty spunk flooded her mouth, filling her up and assailing her tongue with its powerful flavour. She wanted to pull back, but she didn't want to risk him noticing she was, and cum on her face would not have been much more enjoyable if she were being totally honest. So she took it all, and on pure instinct, even swallowed.

As the cock drew back and Tifa sharply pulled her head away, cum dripped down her chin, the brawler panting as she felt all the spunk she'd been able to gulp down slide along the lining of her throat and to her stomach, a twisting and not entirely pleasant sensation made no better by the way she looked worriedly at Yuffie, whose eyes were a little wider than she had expected them to be, something almost curious in the way she looked back at her. "We'll get through this," she said, almost more to herself than to Yuffie.

It was only a minute, tops, before the next cock pushed its way through, and Yuffie whimpered as she saw it, just as big as the first one was. Her hopes hadn't really been worth much of anything, it seemed. But she was determined, and she pressed forward with determination. "I can do this," she said, Tifa sliding a bit off to the side to let Yuffie slip right in front of the hole as her fingers grasped the base of the cock and she leaned forward. She had sucked boys off before, but never one this big, and she decided the best way to start was a lot more licking than Tifa had given. Her hand stroked quicker, too, hoping that on the weight of a steady back and forth of her hand she could really get something going.

There may have been a lot of cock in front of her, but Yuffie had speed on her side, and she was almost as fast a talker as a runner. Her head dipped off to the sides, her tongue dragging along the shaft with a surprising speed, the back beat set by her stroking hand as she did her best to get it nice and slick all over, her hand working to even smear the saliva all along the shaft in the process. Kisses followed, flurried little smacks of her lips against the shaft as she worked her way back down to the head. "Your cock is really big," she cooed, pushing the shakiness in her voice down as she tried to play complimentary to the silent man on the other side of the wall.

With it nice and slick, she finally got her lips open and took the cock into her mouth. She realized then what she was in for, whining as she took it in, her lips open wide to fit the girthy member in, and she decided that shallow was the best way to go, working her hand quick along the majority of the shaft as she sucked on the end of it, her lips massaging the head as her skilled tongue worked inside of her mouth to do as good a job as she could. It was about making the most of her assets and her abilities. But in doing so, she felt something slowly start to burn between her legs as the lusty act began to wear her down a little bit. She was getting turned on, and that pushed her to have a little more fun with it.

On some level she loathed to admit, Tifa felt it too, eyes entranced as she watched Yuffie sucking the cock down, seeing her enjoying herself as much as she was. It was wrong, almost twisted, and she couldn't help but feel a little pang between her thighs in turn, a guilty twist of delight that she tried her best to ignore as she kept her focus on the business end of things.

Yuffie worked the cock to a quick orgasm, no warning given as the head erupted in her mouth, leaving her coughing and choking as cum splashed against the back of her throat . She pulled back, gasping as cum spilled down her chin, a few shots shooting in turn across her cheeks and one even trailing up her nose. She shuddered, letting out a nervous whining noise as the cock drew back, the satisfied customer not even saying anything as he got off and went on his merry way.

Ten seconds later, the next cock pushed through, and Tifa leaned in, grasping the base, as Yuffie stopped her. "Hey uh, would you mind if I helped you out?" the ninja asked, a little sheepish as she leaned in too. "We might be able to get him done faster if we did."

"Sure," Tifa said, not really sure about what she was doing as she began to lick down the cock, Yuffie joining her along it, the two women starting to get to work at sharing the cock together. Their tongues dragged steadily along the dick, occasionally overlapping, but they didn't pay very much mind to it as they began to share it, the two companions moving in slow, steady tandem on it. Neither had shared a dick before, and neither had expected the effect it would begin to have on them. The creeping little desire growing within them that both were less than excited to admit or acknowledge seemed to thrive with each little drag of their tongues together, each time the smacking sound of their kisses along the cock sounded off in perfect tandem.

Yuffie took the cock into her mouth first, not even warning Tifa before she pushed forward, taking it slowly down and moaning. It was a little less unbearably thick than the last cock, letting her get it down further, bobbing her head back and for a moment as her eyes drifted over to Tifa's, locking on with them and keep eye contact steady as they teamed up to deal with their task. Their fingers slowly interlocked on the base, holding it steady in tandem to the wordless delight of the man groaning on the other side of the wall as two girls serviced his cock, but she didn't care about what he thought of her performance, just Tifa, looking at her and almost desperate for some approval.

And she got it once she was done. "That was pretty good," Tifa said as Yuffie pulled back and the slightly older woman took over, leaning in and taking the cock down too, almost showing off as she let it slip right down into her throat, the muted, throaty choking noise that followed not stopping her in the least. Her thighs rubbed together now as she felt herself getting a little too warmed up, too into what she was doing. It was strange to admit, but the more she sucked on strangers' cocks, the more she was starting to enjoy it, little moans even rumbling in her chest as she steady worked the cock down and kept steady in her treatment.

Back and forth the girls swapped the cock, Yuffie coaxing it further down back and forth, trying to keep up with Tifa, receiving words of encouragement and fingers tangling in her hair in the process. Tifa was becoming the slutty mentor to the ninja as they made a bonding experience out of getting the cock off, and it was so strange to face, but as it became more and more about them, the girls were starting to really get into it. So much so that when they received the warning of ,"I'm gonna cum," from the other side of the wall, they pressed together cheek to cheek and smiled as the dick erupted, catching it in a messy facial together, cum streaking across their faces.

Yuffie turned in and shamelessly pressed a kiss to Tifa's lips as the cock withdrew, the two girls moaning into one another's mouths and swapping the cum back and forth a little bit. Yuffie had wanted to start off slow, but Tifa pulled her face in, embracing the building frustrations and lust within her as she gave in to something powerful, letting the cum pass between their mouths and giving Yuffie a far more ravenous kiss than she should have, utterly unchaste and completely brazen.

"This might be a bit embarrassing to admit," Yuffie said as the kiss broke, little strands of spit and cum dangling from their lips and connecting them as their faces. "But I want the next one to fuck me. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure," Tifa said, and right on cue, another cock pushed forward. "Stand up against the wall and I'll get this going." Yuffie rose to her feet and backed up against the glory hole as Tifa leaned forward, slipping down between her companion's legs and grabbing the cock. She took it firmly in hand and guided it up to Yuffie's puffy snatch, pushing it slowly in as Yuffie backed against it. The ninja whined as she felt it slide in, felt fingers caress gently along her mound as Tifa teased her a little and guided her to back up against the wall. "Today is your lucky day," Tifa told the man on the other end of the wall. "Because I don't think you paid for this much." She leaned forward and dragged her tongue along the underside of the dick buried into Yuffie.

Sucking a couple cocks had gotten Yuffie nice and wet. Wetter than she had realized, and wetter than she honestly should have been given the circumstances. But it meant that she was primed for the thick cock filling her up, making her whine in delight, "So big," as she felt her pussy stretched out a little bit by the large shaft. It felt good, ad the fact that she had no idea who was on the other side of the wall made it better in some ways; this was no strings attached pleasure, something guiltless about a stranger fucking her when they couldn't see each others' faces. And as it started to rock in and out of her dripping snatch, it felt even better still.

Tifa didn't care where her tongue fell, whether on the cock that steadily crept up to a quick pace at fucking Yuffie, or along the spread pussy lips or up to the aching clit topping off the puffy twat. It was all the same to her, all building up a certain excitement that knew no end as she worked the dick efficiently. Strange as it was to sink into such a state of mind, words spilled past her lips without a care as she pushed into a very lurid state of mind. "Fuck her harder," she groaned, grasping Yuffie's thighs as she pressed a flurry of kisses along the cock. "She needs it really bad."

It was two for one bliss for the man on the other side of the wall, who'd paid for a trip to the glory hole, and now felt a hot, tight teen pussy clenching around his cock while a tongue lapped along his shaft, the combination of wet and warm sensations all brilliantly working him over, making him throb within the tight embrace of the stranger's pussy. Hot, needy dirty talk was only making it even better. He didn't say anything, but the moans and grunts he made were all the indication that Yuffie and Tifa needed that their efforts were all working perfectly.

"Cum inside of me," Yuffie whined, biting her lip as her fingers tangled into Tifa's hair, the long and silken black locks giving her nervous, fretting fingers something to run along as she felt herself sink further and further down. It hadn't been very long since both girls were reluctant to be there and everything they did, they did only as a matter of course to get their freedom. But now, they were sinking further into elation, into an excited swell of pleasure all their own, servicing the cocks not only because they had to, but because they were enjoying doing it. Enjoying it so much that it pushed the confused glory hole ninja right over the edge.

Letting out a yell of pure delight, Yuffie's orgasm took her. Words didn't follow, just noises of excitement as her pussy clenched down around the cock thrusting clumsily into it. Tifa's lips dragged up, and the brawler began to suck on the clit of the orgasming girl, thrilling her with an overwhelming amount of sensation as she found herself carried excitedly away. The cock had no hope of holding out against the demands of the tightening cunt pulsating around his cock, and the capstone to it all for the excited ninja was when the cock erupted within her, pumping cum into her needy twat.

As the cock withdrew, Tifa's tongue dragged down. She didn't even hesitate or think about it for a moment as she shoved her tongue up into the creampied hole, eating the cum right out of Yuffie to the noisy enjoyment of the ninja, who gripped her hair tighter as kisses and licks drove her wild.  "Do you want to get fucked too?" Yuffie asked, moaning as her hips rolled excitedly. "I don't know how to eat girls out very well, but I'll do my best to return the favour."

"No," Tifa said as she pulled back, guiding Yuffie away as another cock slipped out. "I want you to get behind me, and help me give this guy a titfuck." She stared at the juicy dick emerging from the wall and smiled happily as she scooted forward on her knees.

Yuffie had almost no breasts of her own, and the chance to simulate one with Tifa's was reason enough for her to gladly swing around back, pressing her chest right up against Tifa's back as she grabbed hold of the brawler's ample, plump breasts, digging her fingers into them as she spread them apart and guided Tifa forward. She pressed them tight around the cock and began to drag them upward, leaning over Tifa's shoulder and watching as the cock gladly pressed between her pillowy breasts. "Like this?" she asked, hoping for approval rather than guidance as she tried her best to keep on Tifa's level.

"Exactly like that," Tifa moaned as she felt the ninja's firm fingers pressing against her tits, guiding them steadily up and down the throbbing cock sandwiched firmly between them. "You're doing great, just keep the motion going, and maybe play with my nipples too." She leaned forward, able to catch the head of the cock with her tongue, and she did so, lapping at the tip as she felt Yuffie guiding her titfuck. She wasn't sure why she decided on this over actually getting fucked, but she wasn't going to turn back now as she felt the hands eager to please upon her tits.

Doing as instructed gladly, Yuffie began to kiss along Tifa's neck as she reached some fingers further out and teased Tifa's nipples, rubbing and lightly pinching them, doing everything she could to help Tifa out and guide her along with the titfuck. She could tell the brawler's hands were free largely so she could slip them down between her legs, hearing the moans rising as Tifa began to finger herself, but she didn't mind, just happy to be there and pushing everything along. The closer they got, the more they were enjoying playing with the cocks together, and the more they were finding each other to be thrilling company as well.

Fingers curled into Tifa's needy snatch, and she moaned as she played with herself, the hard cock between her tits and the fingers teasing her nipples all she needed to add to the thrill. Her pussy was dripping down onto the floor with need, an aching that she simply had to quell, and she was finding that more and more, the twisted delights to be indulged in with Yuffie were sinking her down into such a state of lust that she was losing track of the goal. They were supposed to be here to get these men off, to earn freedom for them and the others, not to play games and enjoy themselves, but it was hard not to slip into a certain kind of excitement as they sank further into lust together.

Yuffie kept the kisses up, moaning as she watched the breasts rising and falling against the cock, which remained rigid and aching as it was treated to a tit wank from the busty woman, helped along by a horny ninja eager top lease. "Cum all over her tits!" she shouted to the man, trying to do much the same as Tifa did to the man fucking her. "They're so big, but I bet there's enough cum in those big balls to paint them all white!"

Tifa rolled her head back and whined as something about hearing Yuffie slip not only into vulgarity, but into confident vulgarity, sent a shiver of delight up her spine. She came, moaning as her fingers became soaked with all the sticky, clear nectar dripping from her snatch. She continued to play with herself as the orgasmic moans were all that the man on the other end needed, and soon enough she was treated to an eruption of cum, spunk gushing upward, some of it coming out with enough force to splatter up against her chin, while most instead fell back down, leaving streaks of cum all over her plump, pale breasts, leaving her to groan as the afterglow came with the warmth of being cummed on.

The cock wasn't even fully out of the hole when Yuffie turned Tifa around and leaned forward, dragging her tongue along the breasts, kissing and purring as she swallowed much of it, but used some of it to get her tongue nice and cummy so that she could smear it all over her large, round nipples before sucking them clean. She didn't know what was coming over her, but she was driven by impulse now, and given the way Tifa moaned and said, "Clean up his mess," with a sultry delight, it seemed she was well on the right track. "Mm, and think about what you want to do for the next cock."
"Fill my ass!" Tifa cried, moaning as she pressed back against the cock, which hammered in and out of the wall, a dull thudding sound on the other side steadily informing Yuffie of the speed with which the man was pounding her from behind. The ninja was down on her knees, happily slurping the cum trickling out of Tifa's pussy as the tight grip on the back of her head pulled her in. Hours had gone by, the endless swell of debauchery having taken its toll on the girls as their naked bodies were covered in sweat and spunk, streaks of semen everywhere as they had been made messes of by the steadily, endless procession of clients, the newest of which had claimed the tight back door of the elder of the two black haired girls, and it was all going perfectly.

Another load of cum, another orgasm for one of the girls. Tifa howled and whined as her ass was flooded with cum for the fourth time that evening, all while her pussy tightened and quivered against Yuffie's probing tongue. She'd made a devoted pussy eater out of the ninja in the past few hours, and was amazed by how hard she came as the younger woman lapped at her folds and caught every last drop of quim dripping from her aching cunt. 

The cock withdrew from the wall, and the two girls crumpled back down to the floor, Yuffie with a mouthful of the intermingled fluids she'd sucked out of Tifa's snatch, both of her own juices and the cum of several men, almost spitting it into Tifa's mouth as the two shared a lurid kiss. The door on their side of the stall opened to see them slumped down and making out, covered in spunk and sweat, grinding against one another.

"Alright girls, you're free to go now," Mr. Coates said. "Come down to the basement with me, and I'll let your friends loose too."

"Wait, leave?" Tifa asked, hazy as she looked over to Mr. Coates, Yuffie whining into her jawline as reality came back. "We... Nngh, Mr. Coates, do you think we could arrange a little something?"

Yuffie nodded. "What if you let our friends go, but you hired the two of us?"


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