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Chapter 13 - Hermione Granger - Cursebreaking (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 13 - Hermione Granger - Cursebreaking (C)

Chapter 13 - Hermione Granger - Cursebreaking (C)
Commission for pantboy678.
Hermione stumbled into the glory hole, groaning as she felt the images flash across her mind, the maddening swell of distraction that had continued to leave her utterly without reason or sense in her mind. It was all little vague flashes of lurid things all at once; cocks being shoved into her face, throbbing, firing off cum, pounding her holes, hands gripping her hair and shoving her face into a pair of heavy balls... Sex had pervaded her thoughts every time she tried to focus on anything, and it had driven her mad. She'd been in the restricted section--with permission, of course--and had accidentally opened the wrong dust-caked book, unable to properly read the spine and ending up with a tome of lust magic before her. One that immediately hit her with a disorienting curse that she hadn't been able to shake off ever since.

A curse with a very simple set of rules; any time she tried to focus or think about anything at all, her mind was assailed with raw sexual imagery, so overwhelming and immediate that she had no hope of actually being able to focus on what she was supposed to be doing. It left her unbearably horny, fighting against her own flaring up libido as time and again her attempts at thinking clearly were derailed by the overwhelming swell of heavy imagery. It was lurid, powerful, and more than she could bear, throwing her off so harshly that she feared for upcoming exams, both for the fact that in class she wouldn't be able to see the notes in her mind amid all of the throbbing cocks and visions of herself getting fucked.

There was only one solution, one that Hermione didn't feel very great about as she stumbled down onto her knees, staring at the hole in the wall before her, her lips trembling as her soaked panties dripped down onto the floor. Or maybe she did; it was difficult to tell exactly what she felt amid the way her body reacted to her curse. "Come on," she groaned, pulling a goblet out of her book bag and placing it down by the side, ready for what she had to do to break the curse; fill the goblet to an overflowing level with semen, cast a spell on it, and then drink it. Far from willing to enlist the help of her friends for fear of what they would think of her, she had decided to slip into one of Hogwarts's more poorly kept secret; the sixth floor glory hole.

Hermione had hardly even been able to research the cure she needed as the frustrations bubbled up so hot and aggressive within her. Trying to read had been almost impossible as images of her mouth being fucked flashed before her eyes, which led to her predicament now as she sat in wait, not the least bit composed as her pussy ached with the guilty delight of how tightly she had been wound around her own desires by the horrible curse laid upon her. This was it; relief should be soon upon her, she needed only do the unpleasant thing first.

The first cock didn't take long to slip through the wall. "Anyone there?" the student asked, not actually checking on that before sticking his dick through the wall. Hermione wanted to say something about it, but after spending days being subjected to endless mental images of cock that had left even her reluctant mouth watering, she didn't want to hold back any longer. She just leaned forward, gripping the cock desperately and bringing her tongue forward, her frustration and reluctance not enough to keep her from lapping at the dick like she had wandered the desert for days and come upon some water at last. Loathe as Hermione was to admit it, she needed this cock.

As she put her mouth to use, she realized that it wasn't a good idea to speak anyway, that she couldn't let people know her shameful secret. It being an accident, even if people believed her, would not have saved her from embarrassment. She needed to be an anonymous cocksucker, a mystery girl who serviced as many cocks as she needed to fill the goblet up, and then who could simply vanish. It may not be something she would easily be able to live with after it was done, but at least nobody else ever had to know.

Licking along the length of the cock, Hermione found herself quickly moving on autopilot. Days of relentless lusty images had prepared her for this, and her frayed, horny instincts jumped at the opportunity. Her tongue dragged happily along the shaft, adoring it as it twisted in ways it never had before. Her lips brushed against it, pecking wet, noisy kisses against the cock as she closed her eyes, trying her best to tell herself that she was doing this for a reason and that she would be able to get through this. It would all come together alright if she could only get through this mess and be done with it all. It wasn't a great situation, but it was the one she was in.

Stroking steadily as she worked, Hermione tried her best to get the cock off without having to take it into her mouth, worried about to having enough time to react when he came and having the cum spill into her mouth instead of into the goblet. Any drop she missed or accidentally swallowed down wasn't going toward her goal, and not only would it waste that cum, but she'd have to get more, at work longer and servicing more dicks to compensate. It was a nightmare that would only grow further and wilder out of control if she did nothing to stop it, and so she did her best to keep her focus forward and her thoughts steady and determined. She could do this.

As she worked, though, worse things were there for Hermione to deal with. Little whines spilled from her lips as she gave the cock a thorough tongue bath. Her body had been primed through days of torment to be needy and desperate, a state of nearly unending horniness that she couldn't sate for more than maybe an hour at a time due to the fact that her mind would fill up with those images again and leave her aching once more. But what the mere vision of endlessly sucking cocks did to her paled utterly in comparison to what happened when she was actually down on her knees and feeling the warm, aching flesh against her lips, pre-cum trickling down her cheek and her tongue lapping up the lingering flavour that sent her taste buds spinning out into madness. Her pussy was aching with a heat and a need that only grew hotter, showed her that the nearly debilitating lust she had been wrestling with for days wasn't anything compared to the beastly sensations now swelling up inside of her.

And all she could do was keep going and hope for the best.

"So close," the boy on the other side of the wall panted. "I don't know who you are, but you feel amazing." He groaned, pushing forward a little tighter as he felt the tongue leave his cock, the hand grabbing hold of him and stroking firmly as the cold metal rim of a goblet brushed along the underside of his cock briefly as she got it into position, tilted forward against his head. "Are you collecting the cum to drink later? How slutty."

Hermione's cheeks burned as she remained silent, doing her best to just keep stroking as she worked the cock over quickly, desperate to finish this. And with a bang, she did. The boy groaned, his cock erupting quickly thanks to her frantic stroking and the needy milking of his dick. The cum spewed forward, splashing against the silver inside of the goblet as he gave his load up happily for her to drink, having no idea what it was really for as she wrung every drop she could from his load before his slick cock slid out of the hole.

Looking down at the goblet, Hermione whimpered as she saw just how little cum she had actually earned on that little excursion. In practice, she knew what the average human ejaculation actually earned her, and to be fair, this was definitely an above average load swishing around in her cup. But it wasn't anywhere near enough to fill the goblet up to the top. "I'm going to be here all day," she sighed beneath her breath, hanging her head low as she realized just how bad this was going to get. But she couldn't keep away from it for long, because another cock quickly slipped through the hole in the wall and demanded service.

"Hey girl, like what you see?" sneered the familiar voice of some dickhead Slytherin on the Quidditch team. She didn't know his name and could barely even remember what he looked like, but the jock's beefy cock was pressing forward and she had a job to do, even if she was unfortunately now actually having to service someone she could actually almost identify mentally. In many ways that made it worse; even if he had no idea who she was, she wouldn't be able to enjoy the same.

But what was even worse still was the fact she snapped forward so quickly, swallowing the cock down without hesitation. She didn't know why she moved the way she did, the way she acted so hasty and threw away any sense of reason, not only not taking it slow, but slipping forward and actually taking the cock into her mouth. She didn't have to. She probably shouldn't have, even. But she did, and her head rapidly bobbed back and forth as she started to service the smug Slytherin, carried away by the growing temptations within her.

Worst of all was that Hermione couldn't even try to think about anything other than what she had to do, because her thoughts turned to cock no matter what, a twisted punishment that kept her on task and doing everything that the curse wanted of her. Which meant that she had to listen to those low, rumbling groans from the Slytherin boy she was fellating, taking his girthy cock into her mouth and pushing forward, carried away by her body's own crazed logic. Back and forth her head groaned, and bringing pleasure to the deep-voiced, dumb sounding jock did very little to reassure her of the way the guilty lust she felt took harsh control of her actions.

"Guess you do like it," he said, insufferably smug and inadvertently digging even further into Hermione's vestiges of shame as he kept his cock pushed tight into the whole, shoving it all forward and offering it all up to her. "So go on. Start sucking on it more. Show me how much you like it."

And she took it. She wasn't happy to, but she took it, pushing forward further, not even showing a worry as she took it into her throat. Even as it filled her up further than she was used to, making her gag and sputter as her eyes shut tightly. She didn't slow down. She couldn't. This was only going to get a bit easier, but she couldn't wait for it to happen, tempering her throat and forcing herself through experience to get used to deepthroating thicker cocks, not wanting it to come in handy again as her day of service drew on but keeping realistic about how likely it was she'd need to suck one this big down again. But as she did so, one question hung heavy over her.

When had she started fingering herself?

Digits twisted against her inner walls as the hand not gripping the goblet had ended up slipping up her skirt and stuffing its way down her panties. Her fingers rocked in and out of her dripping cunt, the source of the little moans that had begun to rumble in her chest as she slurped the cock down. She'd given in, the lust more than her body could take, and now she was beholden to the sensations burning within her, the craven need that only got worse as she tried her best to keep focused on what she was doing. All the little things she did fed into that lust; the gagging, the lack of air, and the little dribble of spit down her chin that, with one hand holding her goblet and the other fingerfucking her twat, she couldn't clean up as it fell down onto her top. She was a mess, and doing something to herself more embarrassing and depraved than she would have ever imagined of herself.

"Got a nice treat for you!" the Slytherin said, snickering as his cock ached down Hermione's gullet, and the Gryffindor yelped in panic as she pulled back in shock, the cock not waiting for her to actually be done with it to start spewing a massive load. The first few shots splashed onto her chin and her lips before she got her mouth away and the goblet in front of it, staring in surprise at the way the dick twitched and fired off shot after shot of thick spunk into the cup. It filled it up a bit more than the first load had, shooting without the need for her hand to milk it, which was good because Hermione found her fingers twisting hotter and more needily in and out of her dripping snatch as she watched, pushing herself right to a very unchaste and desperate orgasm.

Hermione threw her head back as she came, her already soaked hole even wetter as the sensations rocked guiltily through her body and if there was any silver lining at all it was that the curse was making her orgasms so intense that she trembled as her sounds of delight were heard on the other end. Even as her embarrassment reached a boiling point she did nothing to silence herself, bucking against her squirming fingers as her tired and needy body simply accepted the pleasure as best it could. She didn't have anything resembling a fight left in her.

"Damn," the student smirked as he tucked his cock back away. "Most girls love sucking cock, but not that much. I hope you come back, hearing a girl moan while I blow my load is nice."

Hermione shivered as the shame sunk in even deeper. Her fingers rose from beneath her skirt and she felt embarrassed by so much of what was going on, so devoid of pride at that point that after quickly wiping her fingers off of the sticky wetness on them she scraped her chin of what drops of cum she could get and pushed it off into the goblet, saving what she could of the shot that hit her face. All that mattered was getting out of here, and as she looked down into the goblet, she knew she had a long while still to go.
"Nglugh!!" Hermione went, hardly a word, but it was the closest thing to one she'd said for perhaps an hour now. "Glchk!" followed, as Hermione learned that even as she got better about working through her gag reflex, it never truly went away, and the thick cocks poking through the wall were more than enough for her to remain challenged and making the sloppy gagging noises that seemed to drive the men on the other side wild. Hermione certainly had changed as she leaned into the tailspin of shame. Tears ran down her face from the pressure of having so little air as she worked to efficiently slobber all over the cock down her throat, and drool dripped from her chin, flowing steadily as the strands rocked back and forth before breaking off, leaving her top wet and clinging to her skin as she threw all care to the wind.

Every few cocks, she'd be right back to fingerfucking herself, and as the hours drew on, that added up to a lot of orgasms. It was so much more than Hermione was ready to handle, and she wasn't sure anyone but the most nymphomaniacal person could have ever wanted to subject themself to this, the orgasms almost becoming punishing as her exhausting body pressed on, as she worshiped cock after cock poking through and demanding service. But she did it, and she did it well. Amid everything happening to the poor bookworm, she hadn't even realized how much this practice was turning her into an efficient cocksucking machine.

The cocks didn't stop coming, and she didn't stop sucking, watching carefully as the liquid level rose in the goblet after each load, some large and startling, others a disappointing dribble of spunk that hardly gave her much encouragement at all; each cock represented effort, and such pathetic returns were almost entirely a waste as she went to sucking the next cock. She didn't think she would ever find herself outright disappointed by the way a dick fired off, but that was before she had depended on the release of each and every man lining up to stick his dick through the wall for her to suck.

But she got it done. Little by little, the spurts of cum rose up further, eventually high enough that she couldn't tip the cup without risking spills, which unfortunately meant placing her face over it and letting the cum splash onto her features so they could drip down into the goblet instead. As if things had not become degrading enough. But she did it, scraping the cum off of her face and leaving only the sense of wrongness and the smell that she simply could not shake. Until finally, her goblet was full.

It had been hours, but she'd laid a warming charm over the goblet to the cum warm and fresh, as per the suggestions written on the cure page to keep from drinking cold, slightly congealed semen. It was warm and gooey, for what little reassurance that was worth. Settling it down onto the floor, Hermione picked up her wand, gripping it tightly as she tried to recall the magic words to complete the cure, even if trying to think about it conjured images of her getting fucked in a sloppy, creamy pile driver position. But she figured them out, and said them shakily, bottom lip trembling as she held her wand over the goblet, leaving it upside-down in her grip as she made a lurid stroking gesture with her hand, perhaps the least shameful thing she'd done in the stall all day.

A flash of magic washed over the semen before settling down, and finally, Hermione could lift the goblet, wincing and closing her eyes as she brought it to her lips, cum already spilling down onto her tongue and her cheeks as she threw it back. The cure required she do it all in one pull, that she gulp it all down steadily rather than sipping at it, and she knew this was going to be neither easy nor enjoyable, but it was better than sipping at a chalice full of cum all evening.

It went down like a glass of warm cum was expected to. Thick, gooey, warming her throat as it slithered down and let her feel the texture, feel it coating the lining of her esophagus on its way down to her stomach. The salty, pungent taste was as repulsive to her sensible mind as it was delightful to the inner, craven whore she'd been feeding this whole evening. Gulp after gulp sent it in little waves, harsh flashes of unpleasantness made no better by the brief periods when she had to swallow down more, the displaced air coming up as she drank making cum splash up and get onto her cheeks and her chin, leaving her a mess as she drained the goblet down to its final dregs.

Hermione gasped for air when it was all over, pitching forward and panting as she drew sharp, ragged breaths, hands on the floor as she bent forward and felt it work its magic. She closed her eyes and tried to think about the line of succession within the Ministry of Magic, and managed to rattle off a handful of positions down from Minister in perfect order before she realized that she was free from the curse, groaning as she finally finished a focused thought that didn't get derailed by the mental image of cocks shooting in her face.

"Finally," she groaned, staring down at the sheet of paper she had brought in with all of the information. "Curse you," she said, looking at the initials of the curse's authors in fury; J.P., S.B., R.L., and P.P. She had no idea who they were, but they had caused her a lot of trouble. "Thank you, L.E.," she said, noting the scrawled in the margins addition of how to curse the spell written by someone with those initials. Likely the very first victim of that horrible curse. The poor soul. "I can think now. My exams. I can study!"

But as she got caught up in the celebration of being freed from the mental shackles of though punishment induced slutting about, she heard a knock on the stall wall, gasping as she watched a cock slide through, waiting to be serviced. Her eyes widened as she looked down at the goblet. The cure had definitely worked now. She could think clearly again, the horrible derailment gone and her mind once again her own.

So then why was it that as she stared at the new cock, all she wanted to do was slurp it right down?


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