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Chapter 15 - Miss Fortune - Earning Some Gold (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 15 - Miss Fortune - Earning Some Gold (C)

Chapter 15 - Miss Fortune - Earning Some Gold (C)
Commission for parappa642
"Put the goods through the left hole, and your dick through the right." Miss Fortune wasn't looking to mince words as she settled down onto her knees in front of the dingy hole in a wall, the back room of her favorite dockside tavern providing a unique sort of opportunity. A bit too strapped for cash between jobs, Miss Fortune went for the most reliable form of easy money she knew. Not to mention the most fun kind, as she watched the coins slide through the small hole in the wall, clattering into a cup nailed to the wall that she could empty her gold pieces out of when she was done.

But her thoughts were soon on anything but money as the other hole offered up not the gleaming of coins, but a throbbing, fleshy, thick cock that her hand almost immediately snapped toward, a little more eager to indulge in the carnal aspects of this work more than she was letting on. In truth, Miss Fortune was more than happy to engage in some raw, dirty glory hole sex for her own fun, but when someone was as good at it as she was, there was no reason not to get paid for it, and with some gold settled into her cup, she was ready to work, leaning forward and dragging her tongue along the tip of the cock as she let out a soft little, "Not bad."

Pressing slowly forward, Miss Fortune made a little bit of a show out of actually getting him into her mouth. Even if he couldn't see the piratey bounty hunter down on her knees and she couldn't lock eyes with him in the playfully smoldering way she always enjoyed doing, she wasn't going to make that easy or just gobble the dick down. No, she was going to toy with it a little while, running her hand slowly back and forth along the shaft as she let her tongue slither and drag about the cock. With a low and lusty purr, she listened for the groans from the other side, for the thrill of knowing she had the poor man on the opposite end of the wall right where she wanted him. Not quite begging, but certainly starting to ache in her grip a little bit as she ran her hand nice and slowly along the cock, taking her sweet time savouring this.

She waited until he was groaning, until the steady circling of his cock head with her tongue became enough for him to start to get a little frustrated with how little he was getting, even if her agile tongue was showing a capability that promised incredible things once she actually got going. Without wasting another second on prolonging the inevitable, she pressed forward, closing her eyes and moaning as she took the cock in, letting the rumbling in her mouth vibrate through his cock as she began to properly and quite aggressively suck on it; she was all teasing until she got a proper taste for a nice dick, and with her mouth nice and open to fit the girthy member, she found it more than nice enough.

"Wow," the man on the other side said, shuddering as he felt the hot, wet embrace of Miss Fortune's mouth wrap tight around his cock, the steady sucking sensation that began keeping firm as the vacuum seal formed. She was adept at handling cocks of any size given her frequent 'excursions' her and all of the ale-fueled one night mistakes she found herself making every time she got a little bit too celebratory after a job. And even his thick dick wasn't enough to keep her from handling it expertly, working him further down with ease, letting him tease the back of her throat with each push forward. Her hand was running out of space to work, as even his impressive length was disappearing past her lips quickly enough to leave her unable to make those broad strokes she was so very fond of.

As she eased the got into her throat, she could have pulled back, could have wound him up further with a tease that may even have been able to drive him to a point of begging, as she found few men were ever offered the promise of her throat only to have to get by on her hand and a little bit of licking. The deciding factor was the way that, as she felt the cock ease against her throat's entrance, her thighs pressed together, clenching in a swell of arousal hitting her far too quick and intense for Miss Fortune to want to stop. Maybe he could have handled being denied and teased by it, but as she leaned forward and took him into her throat, she was almost certain that she couldn't.

So she took him down, and she took him hard, moaning as she choked on the thick cock filling her throat, not the least bit concerned about the noise she made as she continued onward, loving the feeling of it sliding down her gullet. Her legs shivered a little bit as she knelt before the cock, feeling like she had settled down at an altar for worship, and to be fair she was much more reverent of cock than she was of the divine on most days. And now, as she pushed further down, as her fingers released the final inch and she pressed her lips right up against the wall. It wasn't an amazing idea given the traffic and use the hole got, and really, she shouldn't have wanted to put her tongue onto any surface of the idea tavern she was in, but she didn't care. Not anymore.

With no need to hold onto the cock any longer, Miss Fortune let the hand sink down instead between her legs, sinking down her pants, pushing against the tightness of them as she got herself nice and steady, rubbing along her pussy as she drew her head back, felt the cock rubbing along the lining of her throat. This was exactly where she was her happiest, lit up in delight and feeling hornier than she was ready to handle, and she Liked the feeling of that, wanting more as she pushed forward again. Going back for more felt intoxicating, but even better was the third time, as her fingers sank into her pussy and let out a needy, quivering moan amid the gagging sound she made in response. This was the best sign she could have felt, and it wasn't long at all to work her way up to a quick pace.

It was almost fitting that she get so carried away, that Miss Fortune arrive at the stall looking to make money, only to likely end up even more horny and excitable than the man she was sucking off. Her quivering pussy  leaked all over her probing fingers, and she knew that she was in deep, that she was more wound up than she had initially wanted to be. This was about earning coin, not getting off, but the more she rocked back and the forth, tasting the cock, the more she found herself needing the relief that men were paying for the privilege to get. Which was perhaps the silver lining to this all; she had the chance to get paid for the fun she would probably end up having that night even if she weren't whoring herself out at a hole in the wall in the back stall of a bar.

Faster and needier, Miss Fortune held nothing back, getting as loud as she wanted to, ignoring the little trickle of spit swaying back and forth off of her chin from the motion of her head. It was all just the side effects, circumstances she fought through in the name of getting what she craved. Rapidly working her head back and forth she took everything in stride, fingering herself quicker as she rubbed one out, giving a hands-free deepthroating to the lucky man who'd been first up to pay her and who was now being rewarded for his luck with the sloppy first blowjob of the day from a woman quickly realizing what sort of day she was in for.

"Gonna cum," she heard, the grunted warning from a man who had kept mostly silent. She pulled back sharply, gasping for air as she grabbed needily hold of the cock with her free hand, rapidly pumping it as she positioned her face right in front of the cock. Everything was so brief and direct with this one; it was almost disappointing to have a man who didn't know how to dirty talk a whore he was paying for a good cocksucking. But she wasn't going to try and drag a man into anything more than he was ready for as she instead focused on earning that hot, gooey facial, crying out in delight as his cock erupted, her fingers twisting inside of her aching cunt as she felt the warm streaks of spunk splatter onto her face, running up the bridge of her nose and down her cheek. Back along her lips. She guided it, letting it paint as much area as she could with cum, before pulling back and smiling.

"And a good volume, too," she moaned, licking her lips clean. "Thanks for the fun, come back next time I'm serving."

Without a word, the man left, leaving her quickly disappointed. Standing up, Miss Fortune pulled her pants off, slipping them down her sleek legs as she backed herself up against the opposing stall wall, pushing fingers faster and deeper into her twat. Quim ran down her legs as she stood there, eyes glued to the wall as she waited for someone to come through, panting and twisting about in impatient frustration. It was never fair when she was left wanting like this, when someone was adamantly not coming to fuck her brains out, and now that she was such a wet wreck, it was all the more agonizing. Sure, she needed gold, but now she needed cock almost as bad.

"Hey whore!" called a voice from the other side of the wall, booming as the door slammed shut and the man stepped forward, shoving coins into the other side of the wall. "Get over here." He didn't wait, didn't ask if there was anyone even there, just paid up and shoved his cock through the wall. And it was everything that Miss Fortune could have ever wanted out of it, moaning as she stumbled forward eagerly.

There wasn't a second of hesitation, as Sarah knew that she wasn't in any position to suck this one off. She turned around and backed up, not even warning the man what he was about to get for his money as she bent forward and eased herself onto his cock, pushing against the lengthy member and letting it slide right into her sopping wet snatch. "Hope you don't mind vaginal," she groaned, boots shuffling against the floor as she slid further and further back, inch after inch of hot dick pushing into her desperate hole, until her round ass was squished against the wall and she had every bit of it in that stuck out from the hole. "Or doing all the thrusting."

"You get that wet just sucking one cock?" he asked, cocky and aggressive as he started to thrust, not even bothering to answer her question as his hips rocked, as he started to thrust into her. He had no problem at all doing some work if it meant the velvety soft tightness of a slick pussy around his cock. "Well at least I picked a good whore to pay up for, then." His hands braced against the wall as he worked his hips back and forth in the steady building of a solid rhythm, having no pure intent for the woman as he started to fuck her deep and hard.

But Miss Fortune didn't give a fuck about intent as what mattered was that a nice, thick cock was pushing deep into her and giving her what she craved. Her pussy ached around the dick filling her up, stretching her out a bit around its girth, and she gladly reached a hand down between her legs, rubbing circles against her clitoris as she remained bent at an almost perfect ninety degrees, which was impressive to do in stiletto heel boots, but she had a lot of practice with getting fucked in heels. Steadiness wasn't as much of a danger to her as it probably should have been, and she gripped her breast with her other hand, squeezing it and fondling herself as she let out gasps of pure delight amid finally getting what she wanted.

"Real tight for a slut selling herself," she heard him grunt, and the dirty talk was a very welcome component to the experience that she craved, the almost guilty, degrading sensation of being talked down to by someone who had just paid her for sex, when by all accounts it should have been the other way around. But Miss Fortune was a dirty woman who liked it rough and filthy, and being called any number of degrading things even by a man paying for the privilege to fuck her pussy was the cherry on top of it all. Especially with a wall in the way, no means for hands to grab her ass and pull on her hair, she took what she could get.

"Or maybe your cock is just so big!" The element of playing things up for the benefit and ego of the man fucking her was another element she loved; for a tease, she was willing to get submissive once she was getting fucked, and the steady hammering of her pussy had her right in that perfect little place, moaning as her head went a little lopsided from all the motion of her head,  rolling about, leaning forward against the force of gravity to straighten itself out. But she didn't care about her hat, just about having the nice, harsh satisfaction, a twofold step up from the man she sucked off both in what she was getting out of it, and in what he was saying to her in return. It was twisted and a good deal fucked up, but she wasn't going to let that stop her; they were worries for someone who cared.

And all Miss Fortune cared about was getting off, rubbing harder and faster at her clit, shivering in mad, lust-drunk delight as she felt everything turning hotter and more intense for her. Each thrust only made her needier, left her more desperate for the next level, for that push into the elation she had come to need. She should have expected the glory hole visit to get wildly out of control, to leave her horny and moaning like she was, pussy dripping down all over her thighs and onto the floor as she was fucked like an animal by a paying stranger, the most depraved and oddly intense sort of high she could have ever asked for.

The dirty, twisted life that came from living around the piratey outskirts and the kinds of depravity that became commonplace had suited Miss Fortune just fine. Her appetites were only fed into harder by the lonely sea men who craved female companionship but had little chance to find any out on the open seas. Dockside visits showed some men to be intense and utterly ravenous, and Miss Fortune was delighted to find that only a thin wall separated her from exactly the kind of man she loved to be with, the sort who could really bring her to the level of intense need that she lived for. It was more than she could take, moaning without shame as she cried, "Fuck me harder!"

Miss Fortune was pressing back against the cock. She wasn't sure when she had started, but her body moved too now, desperate and frantic in its needy back and forth. She couldn't slow down, couldn't stop or come to any degree of sense as she just indulged. It was all she could do as she craved the purest of delights from this twisted encounter. Her ass smacked against the wall, bouncing as she moved fast and hard, impaling herself down on the thrusting cock as her other hand grabbed at her breast through her top, just to have something to hold tightly onto and to feel. With her pants around her ankles, she was right where she wanted to be, and nothing could possibly have made this carnal indulgence any better for her.

That wasn't true, though, as Miss Fortune found the one thing that could in fact blow her mind, and that was to feel the cock inside of her twitch and ache, the warning sign coming only seconds before the goods, as she felt her pussy flooded with cum. Hot thick, gooey spunk pumped into her, pushing her over the edge into her own orgasm, noisy and intense as her hips bucked and she thrashed wildly about. It was so good, and she let him know it, screaming in delight as she slammed herself down against the wall one last time, hard enough to make it creak as her pussy spasmed around the cock still shooting cum almost directly into her greedy womb, leaving her so full, so warm, so ecstatic.

Pulling herself off of the cock with a whine, Miss Fortune turned back around, cum leaking from her thoroughly fucked twat. "Thank you," she gasped, jaw trembling and head rolling back, her hat finally falling off. "I needed that."

But in response, all she got was the clattering sound of more coins being dropped into the can through the hole. "Clean it," he ordered harshly. "Suck the taste of your twat right off of my dick, and if you're able to make me cum in the time it takes you to do it, I'll pay for a third round to fuck your slutty ass, too."

Dropping down to her knees without hesitation, Miss Fortune didn't even bother to say anything as she got right to work, wondering how easily she could make this overzealous and very pent up man part with every last coin he had.


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