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Chapter 16 - Hilda - Unfortunate Discoveries (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 16 - Hilda - Unfortunate Discoveries (C)

Chapter 16 - Hilda - Unfortunate Discoveries (C)
Commission for pantboy678.
"So, just to be clear; my options here are that I can either have no reputation and some money, or no dignity and a lot more money." Hilda stood in disbelief as she stared at the seedy porno store owner, whose round body and overgrown mustache both spoke to his profession with startling firmness. The trainer was desperate, but she hadn't realized just how desperate she was until she was standing there and genuinely considering the job offer being floated her way. For all intents and purposes, she had found herself stranded in Nimbasa City, nothing to do but try her best to figure out how she could deal with the matter of getting funds again.

Battling was her jam, and nothing was better, but she was on a run of absolute trash. Repeated attempts at challenging the Nimbasa City gym had been for naught, as she found herself facing the fatal problem of her starter choice; with a Samurott faithfully by her side, electric types were able to shock down her favorite and strongest Pokemon to size with startling efficiency, and she wasn't really able to do anything about it but keep training and try to find a Pokemon who could actually stand up to a repeated onslaught of electric types. But that was easier said than done when she found herself so broke that even the issue of renting a motel room and having food for her long training days was becoming an issue. In her stress, she was even starting to slip on random battles, too frustrated to think clearly, and that only meant even more money down the drain.

So she answered a help wanted poster stuck up in the Pokemon center, and upon ringing it up she found herself on the line with a slimy sounding 'adult store' owner who was very clear in what the choices before her were. She should have been furious about it, refusing to work in such a place, but dammit, she needed money and nobody else was hiring trainers off the street.

"You can choose between a job and a job," he said firmly. "Your choice. Up front at the counter sellin' copies of Backdoor Absols, or in the back suckin' dicks. I don't really care, I've got a shift to fill up so you can pick and choose, or just walk out the door and go find someone else, but if you had another job lined up, you wouldn't be here, would you?"

Hilda tried to steady herself with a long breath, but even doing that wasn't going to do much good for her. She was offered two choices that really sucked; the front cash job was less money and people would be seeing her, but they had to mostly be strangers anyway, right? It wasn't pleasant, but at least her mom wouldn't ever find out. "The back room" was a different story entirely; the best paying job at the seedy little place was the glory hole, which was prostitution in all but name. But prostitution came with a whole lot more money than selling Backdoor Absols did; save for the house's one quarter cut, she'd keep everything she made, and that should not have sounded as good to her as it did, but she had heard from other girls she'd met that battling was a far less profitable way of keeping yourself supported on the road than sucking cock was.

She'd never wanted to actually find that out, though. It was one of those things she was happier not knowing firsthand, and just going on with her life. But that didn't seem like a luxury she had anymore. It was hard to confront that kind of reality, but fuck, she was stuck with no choice in the matter. She needed money somehow, she just didn't know how yet.

At least, she thought she didn't. She stood by the counter, and as the door opened, she instinctively turned her head back, peeking on reflex toward the jingling bell, and her eyes went wide on complete horror as she saw Cheren walking into the shop. The entire benefit of running the cash was not running into other people, but there was suddenly a threat to that, someone who actually did know her, and who would give her unholy shit for the rest of her life if he saw her there.

"Back room." It was a stupid and impulsive thing to say. She could have just ducked behind a row of DVDs and slipped out without Cheren actually seeing her. She was quick and silent enough, certainly. But her gut said that closer than the door on the other end of the shop floor was the door to the stall over by her side. "I'll do it."

"Good to hear," he said, slipping the keys into her hand and shoving her toward the entrance.

Hilda could not have scurried over there faster, ducking into the stall and hoping she could maintain some measure of dignity and sanity as she stepped into it. Her head raced and her heart pounded as she had nearly been compromised, but she was going to get out of this okay, she decided. She had to. If Cheren saw her there was no hope left for any measure of dignity in her life, and she couldn't have that. But once she realized what she'd agreed to, she couldn't help but groan, slumping against the wall and waiting.

"This was a mistake, wasn't it?"

But the universe clearly wasn't done fucking with Hilda yet, as she stood there and wondered what to do while she killed time. The door swung open on the other side of the stall, footsteps steady on the floor, and Hilda's eyes widened in terror. There were only two other people in the store; the owner, and her best friend since she was five years old. And that realization was done no favours as she scrambled down to her knees and peeked through the glory hole, seeing a pair of black skinny jeans that the owner definitely could not have fit into.

Cheren had come for the glory hole.

It was only in maddening hindsight that Hilda realized that there was no way Cheren could have weaponized seeing her in a porn store, that his mere presence there alone would have ruined any credibility or hope of blackmail he possessed. She had done all of this for nothing, but now there was no turning back, no possible way to salvage her dignity in this mess. She had committed herself to it, and now stepping away would only have looked even worse.

"Hey there," Cheren said, confirming his identity to Hilda as if there had been any mystery to it, as he pulled his pants down pressed forward. The brunette was left to stare in awe and dismay at her childhood friend's cock pushing through the wall for a myriad of reasons; not only that it was his and that she was now having to actually look at it, but that he was hung. It wasn't something she'd ever wanted to learn about Cheren, but his long, thick cock was honestly nicer than it had any right to be given who it was attached to. "Got something for you."

Hilda had to stifle the embarrassing blush that followed as Cheren almost got cocky with things. Was this a joke? Arceus, she wished it was. But she didn't really have much of a chance to work on the assumption it was as the cock called to her. She was, after all, bound to actually suck on it, as much as she wished that she hadn't gotten out of bed that morning.

Shuffling forward on her knees and drawing a steady breath, Hilda pressed forward, grasping the cock and giving a few test licks, hoping she could close her eyes and pretend that it wasn't his, that this was just a stranger's cock. She couldn't believe any situation had pushed her to a level where she actually would have rathered suck off a total stranger, but she had sure as fuck found one. But she couldn't, as she heard Cheren on the other end not only groan in a way that had far too much of his voice behind it, but he even said, "You like that, don't you?" with a certain confidence that was all wrong for him. "Well suck it down, I think you'll like it even more when you feel it in your throat."

Hilda shivered in embarrassment as she sheepishly pressed her lips forward, wrapping them around his cock and pressing down, taking it down without much of a chance to do anything else. She winced as she felt it slip into her mouth, the taste of cock alone enough to leave her wanting to snap back as the work proved dirtier than she had been prepared for, but she instead kept moving forward, breathing in through her nose as she let her fingers wrap around the prick firmly and begin to pump. Steady, slow strokes back and forth worked over the length she loathed to call impressive, but it was hard to call it anything else. It was a nice cock. It shouldn't have been, and he didn't deserve it, just like she didn't deserve any of this. But fuck, it was a nice cock.

So she took it down deeper, head starting to bob along the dick, her lips tightening around it as she sucked on the cock, trying her best to just focus on the money. If the rates advertised were right then she was actually going to get more from sucking Cheren's cock, even after the store's cut, than she would have gotten battling her friend, and that was a twisted thing to think of. All the girls who'd told her that she could make more money sucking dick than battling had certainly registered, and she believed it, sure, but she hadn't ever taken the step in actually thinking the implications of it through and realizing what that entailed until she already had her lips around fat dick.

"You're pretty good at sucking my cock," Cheren said, continuing to use the anonymity he was granted to talk dirty to Hilda, to use words she could never have imagined the glasses wearing nerd with a stick up his ass ever using. "I bet you must suck a lot of them, if you can handle something this big."

Dammit. She didn't need a reminder that it was big, as it throbbed inside of her mouth and left her twisting nervously about. But it was. Oh Arceus, it was fucking huge, and she could feel the guilty rubbing of her thighs together as the temptation began to bubble up guiltily within her. It was turning her on. She wished it wasn't, wished she didn't have to confront a reality of that, but it was, and she couldn't help but burn hotter in her shame as she reached a hand down her jean shorts and slowly unzipped the front of them.

Deeper and deeper she went, until she had his cock prodding the back of her throat. She felt like it was her reasonable limit, but there was still so much cock waiting for her, and she didn't even have time to think it through before she said, "Let me feel that slutty throat all around my dick." God, who was he fooling with that kind of dirty talk? If it had been just some vapid girl from Nimbasa, would she really have been charmed by that sort of vulgarity? She never thought that she would ever be on anybody for language given how utterly filthy her own vocabulary was, but the tomboy had finally found it, and it had been the very same person she spent years mocking for never saying the word 'fuck'. Or maybe he was saying it to everyone but her.

Still, without a choice in the matter, Hilda accepted Cheren's cock down her throat, and immediately, the size of his dick forced her to gag, left her shuddering and sputtering as she felt her throat spasm around the head of his cock. Her eyes tightened as she took it, wincing and groaning at the feeling of her limits being pushed and her body being treated to more than she was the least bit ready to handle. But she took it, and as she did so, her body shivered with a certain pulsating, twisting sort of sensation that drove her hand down between her legs again, pressing against the front of her panties, feeling the wetness beneath her fingertips as she continued to suck the cock down. Back and forth she went, letting it slide in and out of her throat as she kept her hand on it steadily, now rubbing herself through her underwear. It was a slow and idle motion, but it was more than enough to push her into a level of shame she wasn't ready for, twisting about on her knees as she was starting, with increasing fervor, to actually get off on this, as thoroughly fucked up as that was. She couldn't shy away from it though, even as she winced and choked.

"Keep sucking it down, you'll get used to it," Cheren said happily, groaning as he kept his stomach tight against the wall and his cock all the way through the hole, giving her every last bit of flesh she could swallow down. He was loving this, delighting even in the sloppy noises the girl on the other end made, no idea who she was or that he was making the girl who had punched him in the arm a whole bunch when they first met now choke on his dick.

Hilda kept at work, fingers rubbing quicker now as she slurped the cock all the way down, forcing it past her lips and into her throat. She couldn't believe she was even handling this amid the noises she made and the slow trickle of drool down her chin that began as she suffered every last bit of intense, thorough debauchery. But she was, taking it down like a champ and somehow suffering through the twisted sense of wrongness she was handling to slurp the cock all the way down, releasing the cock finger by finger as she ran out of space, until she had her lips right up against the wall and its padding.

"So slutty," Cheren groaned, and a pang of guilt swirled around a kind of sickening, stomach-churning delight as she heard him say it, knew that even if he didn't mean to, he was saying it about her. "Come on, keep going. Fuck your face on my cock and swallow every last drop of it down like the good whore I"m paying for." They were words Hilda could never hold him accountable for, and she knew it, but even more stressing was how much it was, in some awful way, turning her on. She had her fingers in her pussy now, fingerfucking herself even as she gave Cheren the self-induced facefucking he demanded. She couldn't stop now, head spinning as she threw herself down and put herself through the wringer on a level she could hardly believe. She was all out, going down and not coming up until this was done, her thoughts all scrambled and her priorities completely skewed.

Choking on the cock, working herself over madly, Hilda pushed herself much further and more intensely into her twisted new 'work' than she could have ever imagined doing, but once she got started, she couldn't stop, going all out on the task at hand. It was too much to handle, her head spinning wildly as she took it all, as she threw herself down all the way into the depths of sinful lust that she could have never imagined she would ever end up in. But there she was, going all out, until those very final words.

"Swallow it down, slut!" Cheren yelled with a conviction that was utterly appalling to Hilda, as she pulled her head back and got her lips around his head, jerking him off into her mouth without a second of hesitation, even if she wasn't too eager to be doing so. She couldn't help it; this was what she was there to do, and she had to just give in and get it down, allowing him to say whatever he wanted about her. It didn't matter anymore, as she felt his cock spew the thick shots of spunk right onto her tongue, cumming directly into her mouth. The salty taste was enough to drive her over the edge, leave her moaning around his cock at last as her body surged and she lost her last few dangling shreds of dignity to the twisted indulgence of her own orgasm. And the cum kept coming, too; as she shivered and her fingers plundered her pussy guiltily, she felt the cum pouring into her mouth, each swallow leaving her to feel the thick semen, to taste it and send it sliding down her throat with an almost sickening, twisting sense of pure wrongness that she had little hope of being able to endure without deep embarrassment.

Finally, Hilda pulled back, panting heavily as she stared at the cock, still rigid, still twitching. A few drops of cum trickling down to the floor as she stifled a whine.

"Fuck, that was good," Cheren groaned. "You know, I've had a lot of girls suck my cock since leaving home, but you were... Shit, I've got to tip you for that." He withdrew his cock, and a few seconds later, some bills were stuffed through the hole and slowly fluttered their way down. "Hope you're still here tomorrow; I'm in Nimbasa for a few days, and I'd love to feel that again."

Hilda didn't know what to think as the bills fell to the ground, as she panted and listened to Cheren. Was he telling the truth? Did it matter? She wasn't in any position to think any of it through as her body shivered with an elation and her in seared with guilt and embarrassment, fury bubbling beneath the surface at everything that had just happened. Cheren had said such degrading things about her, and the pure mental whiplash of trying ot process him of all people saying them took a quick and unsettling back door to a certain realization.

With her shorts open, a hand still down her panties, drool on her chin, and the taste of cum dominating her mouth, how much of what he'd said wasn't actually true? She had indeed just prostituted herself for money, and whether it was Cheren or not didn't change that fact. It was quite the thing to feel, a guilty swirl of emotions made no easier by the fact that she didn't actually feel guilty about what she'd done, just being called out on it. Like it had been a natural and sensible thing to do until she heard someone she trusted call her those names. With even less of an idea now on what she was doing, Hilda felt like maybe she should have regretted the actual act of sucking dick for money more than she should have, but... No. She had even gotten off on it. It was fucked up to say, but maybe this wasn't so bad?

It was only her first cock of the day and already she was lit up with more emotions than she could handle, and it wasn't very long before she heard the stall door open and more footsteps. Another customer. Another cock. Hopefully, not as wild a ride as the one she'd just endured, but no matter what, it was going to be a long couple of days with her new side job.


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