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Chapter 17 - fem!Sollux - Working in Twos (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 17 - fem!Sollux - Working in Twos (C)

Chapter 17 - fem!Sollux - Working in Twos (C)
Commission for yoshiop, which takes place in the same AU as his previous Chateau English commissions.
Sollux wasn't like she used to be. The word 'she' was a strong enough indicator of that; when Lord English conquered the universe, a new body was in order for Sollux. A curvy, female body topped off with the only kind of breasts Lord English thought acceptable; large ones, contained now inside of the too tight t-shirt she wore, put to work in his new brothels, where she was to sell her new body for money, given no choice in the matter and forced into sexual servitude. And that night, she was on glory hole duty, with Lord English making some remarks as he fondled her plump ass about how he'd set it up so that there would always be two customers at a time coming in through the multiple holes, just so she'd enjoy it more.

"What I would really enjoy is having my old body back, and not sucking cocks in your shitty bar," Sollux muttered, her trademark lisp still coming through loud and clear in her new form, as with a slap on the rear, she was sent off to work. "Fucking bastard." She sighed, stepping into the stall and closing the door, not having much of a choice but to make her money as she'd been ordered to do. Whether Sollux liked it or not, it was her job now, and she settled down onto her knees, groaning as she kept her clothes on, refusing to actually let Lord English win by pretending she was going to enjoy this. Not like 'Dove' was. Not like Karkat had been mindbroken into. No, this was going to be a reluctant, teeth-gritting bout of servitude that she couldn't have fought against, and for her own safety and sanity just rolled with, better to put herself into a situation she could at least "agree to" than to see what Lord English would do to punish her for her insubordination.

It wasn't long before the first two cocks pushed through the wall, leaving Sollux to grit her teeth as she reached her hands out, grasping both cocks and resigning herself to the work. She started to stroke, efficiently working her grip back and forth as she went for the double handjob, eyes narrowed as she stared at the two fat dicks pushing through the wall. Maybe it was just that she was seeing double and that some part of her brain lit up at the sight of them, but the fact there were two cocks almost made it easier to stomach, made it somehow better for her to grasp the two cocks tightly and start tugging on them. "I hope you like handjobs, perverts, because I'm not sucking you off tonight." She hated her new voice, hated how cutesy it made her lisp sound, hated how she had become someone that Lord English could fetishize and whore out like this. It wasn't even remotely great to have to face, and she kept her attention harsh and forward as she worked steadily, stroking back and forth along the cocks, trying not to think too much about it.

The dicks throbbed in her hands, and it was impossible not to notice, for her gaze to linger long and curious on the way they ached within her grip. She was good at this; she'd kind of had to become good at this if she wanted to make it through the day and to please as many customers as she ended up having to serve. It was just one of those things she had to accept and roll with, not sure if she was in any tangible trouble for not, but at least some of the money went to her and she could further avoid the fate that Karkat had suffered for defying his commands, being broken atop his cock right in front of the others.

Focus shifted into the back of Sollux's mind as her stroking went onto autopilot, guided by the steady monotony of the thankfully simple task she had taken up, her wrists stroking steadily, a little bit of a flourish into the stroke, but nothing too special or involved. She could have done this in her sleep. Given some of the skeevy clientele, both troll and human, that had frequented Chateau English, she actually theorized that one of the mysterious 'blackouts' she'd had at the bar had resulted in just that, actually.

But that all changed when the cocks both fired off. When she stared in realization at the two dicks right before her. Two cocks, loosing their loads in unison. She had been so surprised by it that she didn't even think to pull her head away, taking two shots of cum across the face, streaming in uneven patterns, but Sollux didn't need symmetry, just twos. Twin cocks both getting off, both cumming in unison. A shudder ran up her spine, leaving her gasping as she stared at it, feeling something that made her deeply nervous as she watched the cocks withdraw, leaving two empty holes.

"No fucking way," she groaned, biting her lip as she closed her eyes. "Just brush it off, Sollux. It's nothing, and you're just making a big deal out of it because of how much you want to punch that green motherfucker's lights out."

It was easy to say that, but as two more cocks pushed through the wall, her hands snapped to them quicker than last time, and she began to quickly pump them, faster and more intent now as her eyes fell onto the cocks more intently. No longer was she thinking idly, not while the warm cum began to run down her face, the thick goo slowly beading along her gray cheeks. She couldn't shake the focus, the way she stared at the fleshy cocks pushing through the wall, veiny and aching in her grasp. Something was just refusing to let her eyes go or allow her to think about anything else, no matter how confused she was or how much she wanted to shirk away and try to center her thoughts again.

Not even fully aware of what she was doing, Sollux found herself leaning in, eyes closing as she wrapped her lips around the head of one of the cocks and began to suck on it eagerly, head pushing down as she felt another shudder race up her back. Something felt empty about it though, like it was missing something, even as she filled her mouth with all that fleshy warmth, her tongue lighting up with the taste of cock, something that she shouldn't have ever actually wanted to enjoy.

But as she pulled back and, in the interest of fairness, leaned in to suck on the other cock, Sollux found the missing piece, moaning noisily as she slurped the second dick down. The complete pair. One cock was just a cock, but two cocks was hitting whatever strange, twisting delight within her that she didn't understand. Was she enjoying this? No, there was no fucking way she was. That was ridiculous. Her? Loving the act of sucking cock? Never.

"You feel this slut go? Bitch must love sucking cock."

Sollux grumbled, but she didn't stop, didn't feel the grip of sanity tighten around her head as she moved fluidly back and forth between dicks, sucking them both down in equal measure. If she took one down deeper than the other, she was quick to correct it with the next one, but her steady escalation and attempt at balance and equal treatment to both dicks resulted in her soon enough taking the dicks down her throat, gagging as she sank forward only in the name of evenness, sputtering and forcing herself to deep throat them as the war inside of her raged.

But amid her choking and the flecks of spit flying from her lips were moans. Moans that didn't tie into any immediate physical satisfaction, but instead scratched a mental itch that scared her. The further she pressed, the more she was taking the initiative and passion in her work that she shouldn't have. She'd sucked cock before. Sometimes even been subjected to threesomes with two men sharing her. But something about this, about the simplicity of two cocks pressing through holes in the wall, completely devoid of context or care, was doing things to her that were deeply unsettling and utterly maddening.

Not that it stopped her. Sollux slurped the cocks down deep until the final moments, until the warning that they were about to cum. She pulled back, gasping for air, ignoring the twin strands of drool running down her chin as she tilted the cocks in, pointing them against her face and lavishing in the attention, the shower of spunk splattering down onto her. She moaned, delighted to accept every last drop of it as she bit her lip, watching in enthralled fascination at the way the cocks came at the same time, the difference in the throbbing and the way they came in different volumes and intensities. But it was still twos, and it still left her black hair with little strands of cum and streaked across her glasses.

Sollux stumbled back a bit as the cocks withdrew, and she could immediately feel, as her attention snapped back into reality and away from what she had done, that something was happening. Something between her legs, shameful and groan-worthy as she unzipped her jeans and slipped out of them, feeling the black and yellow striped panties she wore soaked in the front as they clung to the puffy lips of her dripping twat. It had turned her on against her better wishes, and she hated few things in the world more than the fact that she felt compelled to slip out of the rest of her clothes too, even kicking off her shoes as she struggled to get out of the clothes. She reasoned that if she managed to get out of everything and avoid the smell of sex when she walked away, she could pretend she hadn't lit up with such desire.

It wasn't a very well thought out plan.

When the next two cocks pushed through, Sollux whined; they were pushing out through opposite walls in the small stall as opposed to right up next to one another, which meant she couldn't reach across and suck both of them off. She had to get creative, and creativity unfortunately meant more investment into her work than she had been willing to show, and yet....

Sollux slipped by one wall, kissing and licking the side of the cock, her hand grasping it firmly to keep it in place as she approached in from the side and tried to work that unusual angle, while her feet reached up to press on the sides of the other cock. It was an oddly easy fit to slip into that position, helped by the narrowness of the stall and the way that she could rest the sides of her feet against it as she began to give the other man a footjob. She hated that she knew how to do this, that she had ended up serving enough men who wanted to fuck her feet that she had practice with this, but she wasn't able to turn back now.

"How do like this, perverts?" she asked with a sneer, trying to hold onto some modicum of--well, it wasn't dignity, but it was something. She wasn't being the whimpering, "fuck me" pleading toy that Karkat had turned into, and for what little it was worth, at least she had it. But what she got back hardly filled her with very much confidence that she was succeeding in the belligerent, snarky bitch role that Karkat was no longer filling.

"Damn right I love that," moaned the man she was licking the cock of.

The man she was giving a footjob to said, "Such a kinky slut. I've never had a footjob at a glory hole before."

Her cheeks burned, warmed over with embarrassment and anger as Sollux kept going, too gone to stop now but feeling bitter and embarrassed by what was happening, by the ways in which they remarked on her. She was failing miserably in the task of actually dealing with them, just giving them what they wanted, and she heard even more groans as she slurped and kissed along the cock. There was little else she could do, and her shame wasn't powerful enough to stop her as she kept the strokes up steady, running her hand along the increasingly wet cock while her tongue did much of the work.

Then there were her bare feet, pressed against the sides of the cock and stroking back and forth. She wasn't used to feeling a dick with her feet, even if the practice was there; something was just off about it, and even more off than that was the way that she found herself staring down her curvaceous body, past the breasts that bounced slightly from the motion that moving her feet so much sent shaking through her body.

Looking to her pussy, to the pink beneath the gray and the way it glistened with need, her nectar slowly dripping out as once more servicing the two cocks went right between her legs. With her thighs spread she could see it all, see the sorry and sloppy state she was in, dragged low with shame and burning hotly with utter embarrassment. She was getting hornier by the minute, and the fact that she wasn't working the same pace on both cocks did little to change that; if anything, the way she was treating both cocks to different things was only making it even more intense for her, her body doing whatever it took and twisting about to manage to fit in the pleasuring of both dicks at once. She wasn't letting distance stop her from achieving the strange satisfaction that came from being in the middle of two throbbing, thick cocks and responsible for the pleasuring of them.

Eventually, the cock had to go into Sollux's mouth, and she found herself pressing kisses against the wall as she slurped it all the way down, shivering and gagging as she threw herself into an utterly reckless state of pure lust and indulgence. It was twisted and raw, more than she was built to handle, but that didn't stop her. It couldn't stop her. She was lit up now with the kind of desperation that knew no end.

And, guiltiest of all, her free hand was right down between her legs, rubbing at her smooth, gray pussy.

Her large breasts heaved as she facefucked herself on the cock and gave the quickest sloppy footjob she could to the dick she'd been offered on the other side. She went all out, and soon she was rewarded with a mess, her gray calves streaked with pearly white that lay in stark, pallid contrast, while another load slid its way down her throat, making her shiver and whine as she took it all, embarrassed by just how easily it all went down.

"This shit isn't okay," she panted, but she couldn't help herself. As the cocks withdrew and her feet fell to the floor, Sollux spread her legs, rubbing at her needy twat, staring down at it as she soaked in the guilt of her arousal, but not ashamed enough to actually stop touching herself. No, that wouldn't do.

"Got something for you, troll bitch," called a voice from the stall wall as another cock poked through. The opposing wall was also granted a cock, and Sollux once more had to spread her attention out. But this time, her feet would not do; not when she felt the burning in her loins.

She rose up, scrambling to her feet and slamming herself back on the cock. She didn't hesitate, didn't worry or think about it. Didn't even let shame set in as she impaled herself on the cock, feeling the fat shaft spread open her aching twat and fill her right up. She let out a desperate cry as she leaned forward, grabbing hold of her plump gray tits and embracing the other cock in them, letting it slide down her cleavage as she rested her head against the wall and began to feverishly give it a titfuck.

"At least there's two," she told herself, wincing as she started to rock frantically back and forth, her wide hips shoving against the lengthy dick again and again as the motion dragged her breasts along the other cock in the upside-down titfuck she was granting. Something about what she was doing amplified the sensations she was feeling, the shamefully guiltless rushes burning inside of her. She didn't know how or why, but she couldn't help but feel like using the very female assets that were all still relatively new to her body only intensified it; her mouth, hands, and feet weren't new, weren't so quintessentially female, but as she used the things she had been cursed with--a needy and tight little pussy and an ample pair of breasts to fit Lord English's lust for plush girl bods--she couldn't deny what she was doing for much longer.

Her pussy ran down her thighs, dripping with utter need as she fucked herself on the cock remaining still through the wall. She didn't even know what these men looked like, but she threw herself into a special kind of frenzy to service their cocks, fingers toying with the puffy nipples topping off her tits and sending even more little shocks of sensation between her legs. It was greedy and pleasure starved, Sollux pushing herself into levels of depravity and need that were simply wrong. There was too much shame to handle here, so many things spinning wildly through her head that she had no hope of overcoming with any sensible reasoning.

And somehow, she was okay with that, moaning as her glasses shivered and nearly went askew on her face. She just kept moving, kept working the dicks over as the pleasure wore down her worries. She couldn't muster up the shits to actually fret over the fact that she was letting these cocks fill her body with such sinful desires, that she was letting Lord English win by being the noisy wreck that she had become. There was just something so utterly reckless about the way that she gave in to it all, and she was so far gone as she threw herself down faster and more frantically onto the cock that Sollux couldn't say with much more certainty that she didn't want to anymore.

It just felt too fucking good.

"Are you going to paint me white?" she moaned. "My slutty pink pussy and my big gray tits? Paint them both in all of that hot, sticky spunk? I need a new coating of white, and I want you both to give it to me." The words just came. She had avoided the art of dirty talking clients as much as she could, even though the tips were better when the other girls did. But here, it just spilled from her lips without any reason or provocation, and the fact that she wasn't so worried about it should have been ample reason in and of itself to be terrified.

"Such a whore," one of the man groaned, and she wasn't even sure which as her head spun, as she felt the pleasures burning hotter, almost disorienting now as she took it all, conflicted by the intense, multidirectional pleasure burning through her. How did giving a titfuck even feel this good? It made no sense that it could, but the throbbing dick rocking in and out of her cleavage hit her just right and she had no hope of understanding how. But it didn't matter how; she was too far gone to even care as she worked to get the cocks off, regardless of what they were doing to her body.

It wasn't long for Sollux, who had been wound up too tightly and who simply had to unravel. She yelled as the orgasm thundered through her body, whether she was ready for it or not being utterly irrelevant to the fact that her pussy was clamping down around the cock and she was cumming on it, her pussy dripping with clear nectar as she completely lost her grip on reality and on common sense, head thrown back as the pleasure finally just clicked for her. She couldn't imagine how or why, but as her orgasm thundered through her body, it all made sense to her, the same highs that Dove and Karkat had found shuddering its way across her body.

Topping it all off was the warmth of being creampied. It hadn't been her first, but this one, somehow, just felt right in all those bizarre intangible ways. She shuddered as she took it, as the other cock came down her tits, blasting her stomach with strands of cum and leaving her warm and messy now as she felt the dicks pull away, leaving her to whimper in pathetic, aching need.

"Nngh, please don't take long," she groaned, dropping down to her knees and shivering.
Lord English left Sollux completely out of mind during her glory hole shit. It didn't matter to him what happened in that tight stall; if she broke, then he would have another toy. If she didn't, well, at least she'd have made her pay for the day. But as he opened it, there was absolutely nothing about what he saw that wasn't absolutely delightful.

Sollux was bent forward at an almost perfect ninety degrees, one cock hammering into her plush ass, which bounced as she slammed it against the wall again and again, while she slurped the other cock down, the extra thick member leaving a pronounced bulge in her throat. She was covered in spit and spunk, her hair and skin all a mess, her holes leaking and her body a complete disaster. Her glasses were still on her face, and the red and blue were almost indistinguishable behind the covering of white on the lenses.

But best of all was the hand stuffed between her legs, four fingers jammed into her pussy as she went all out with herself in desperation. The hours had taken their brutal toll on Sollux, and she had gone from reluctance to enjoying it, and then orgasm by orgasm down all the way to the fall from grace that was relentless, unrepentant sluttery, the crazed look in her eyes behind the glasses one of completely mindbroken bliss. Just like Karkat before her, Sollux was gone, and she could do nothing but accept every last depravity.

With his newly broken down whore so happy to serve, Lord English decided against ending her shift, closing the door and leaving her in there for as long as men kept lining up to pay for the chance to fuck her. Clearly, they were getting their money's worth now.


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