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Chapter 18 - Madoka, Sayaka, Mimi, Kyouko, Homura - Harvesting (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 18 - Madoka, Sayaka, Mimi, Kyouko, Homura - Harvesting (C)

Chapter 18 - Madoka, Sayaka, Mimi, Kyouko, Homura - Harvesting (C)
Commission for Kinky no Kyoukai.
"Come on just suck on it," groaned the man on the other side of the wall, as he felt the fingers gripped his cock tightly.

"Not happening," Kyouko snarled, sucking on a lollipop as she knelt down in front of the wall, rapidly stroking the cock in front of her. She wasn't going to budge on the issue as she sat there, looking a little bit strange as she gave handjobs at a glory hole, but she didn't really care how odd it looked. Cum was a flavour that just ruined her taste buds for the next while, and she'd found a place with her favorite candies on her way over there, and now she had a bag of sweets beside her that she was adamant about not ruining by sucking on cocks all day. Just because they had discovered a way to generate energy that didn't have to involve fighting or misery didn't mean she had to ruin her taste buds simply because the solution was perverted.

Mami had been the one to notice through her own "activities" that nobody decided to question that sex may have been an efficient way to harvest energy, and that long stretches of teamwork and a near revolving door of men all being serviced could have generated a profound amount of energy. Enough to justify the five of them all going to "a place she knew" and getting down on their knees in front of five holes, each of them dressed in their magical girl outfits and working over a series of cocks in front of them. Basically slutting themselves out for the sake of the universe.

Not, of course, that Kyouko didn't quite enjoy the way she had a chance to give a fervid handjob to a nice dick in front of her as she sucked on the hard end of the cherry flavoured lollipop As much as she may have complained about the insistence she use her mouth, she was more than happy to work the cocks over, even having stripped down to nothing but the skirt and boots of her outfit so that she could point the pre-cum leaking, twitching cock at her chest. There wasn't much of a chest there, but she did like getting messy and sloppy when she could get a guy off, her mouth just had to be off limits due to some very good reasons far more important than dick.

The man on the other end stopped complaining, partly because the girl on the other side wasn't going to budge, but mostly because even if he hadn't come to a glory hole to get a handjob, he was on the receiving end of quite the handjob. The redhead had perfected the art of getting a guy off with her hand mostly for the same reasoning of not wanting to ruin her taste buds every time, and her approach was to go hard, fast, and relentless, pumping quickly along the dick. It was rougher than a handjob perhaps ought to have been, and occasionally she would come in and drag the tip along her small breasts for good measure. There was a lot there, it just wasn't oral.

But it got the job done. Kyouko would occasionally add in her other hand just to work over a little bit more cock,a few fingers gripping just a tiny bit more flesh for good measure as she tried her best to work him over. She didn't have to stress very much about taking too long, as her handjobs had yet to fail her. Fast and rough as it may have been, there was a certain consistent steadiness beneath it that ensured that before long, he was cumming on her, his cock erupting and spraying the tops of her breasts with cum as she purred and sucked down harder and more noisily on the lollipop

"There we go," she said. "I told you I could do it, and now you've got your cum on me." She smirked, leaning back a bit and sighing as the cock withdrew and she waited for another one. This matter of gathering energy may have been fucked up and she may have given a whole lot of shit to Mami for suggesting this as a viable option, but fuck if it wasn't a more enjoyable way to spend her night than fighting witches would have been. "Perverts," she muttered, even as she stared down at her chest and wished she wasn't too busy enjoying her candy to sample a taste of it.

At the the hole beside her, Sayaka was taking the entire thing as a competition, pressing eagerly forward and sucking the cock down deep. She felt like she had to, that there was nothing that would be accomplished by half-assing the process. This was about who could harvest the most energy, she had decided for reasons that utterly eluded the others, but nobody had bothered to dissuade her from her enthusiasm.

The problem was, when it came to sucking cocks, Sayaka wasn't as experienced as she thought she was. She went down deep and reckless, throwing herself into the process of deepthroating the cocks and gagging on them as they pushed all the way down, which was messy and noisy in ways more intense than the girls could even believe she was subjecting herself to. But then even more distressing was the way that she would work over the head of the cock, shallow motions showing her mouth getting a little too eager in its tightness around the cock, and threatening teeth.

Cocks were mildly hesitant to push forward and Kyouko could even hear guys making nervous sounds each time her teeth dragged along his cock. She was too imprecise and sloppy to be able to keep a good handle on things and it left him the man on the other end of the wall almost audibly wincing at the prospect of it.

Slurping yet another cock down, Sayaka was at least able to hold onto one thing; she had indeed 'won' the contest so far, it was just a contest only she was actually involved in. She was working more efficiently than the others could even believe with her sloppy methods, and one after another, cocks were firing off down her throat, leaving her stomach full of all that hot, gooey semen that she was coming to enjoy the feeling of it drinking down. At least she was enjoying herself, right?

Well, Kyouko decided that Sayaka's enjoyment was not completely worth the frustration it was bringing her each time the redhead turned her eyes over to the overly eager bluenette taking such a messy risk. "You're going to bite someone's cock off if you don't calm it down," she said, eyes narrowing as she bit down on the last remnants of remaining lollipop, breaking it into a few little shards of candy she could quickly suck down into sugary nothing.

Sayaka gargled and gagged on the dick she was relentlessly throwing herself down onto, pulling back only to gasp, "At least I'm actually sucking on them," as a few little strands of drool ran down her chin. She panted as she let the cock finally slide out of her throat, a bit short on air from her overzealous approach to going completely wild on the dick. It was, in truth, a bit exhausting to do, but she wasn't going to lose, no matter how much anyone may have wanted to tell her there was no winning here.

"Which I'm sure is going to be a great consolation to the guy running to the hospital," Kyouko sighed. "You need to be a bit more careful with it. Here, like this." She shook her head, sighing as she scooted over a little bit. The glory hole that the five magical girls had settled down at had them all close enough that she could reach over to the other one quite easily, but she wanted to get even closer up to Sayaka to help her out. "Open your mouth a little bit more, and instead of closing it down, tighten up your lips around it." It was advice that she felt insane for having to give to Sayaka.

The bluenette gave a resigned sigh as she tried it Kyouko's way, not sure why she was taking oral sex advice from someone who had once refused to eat her pussy because it would clash with the cheesecake she had in the fridge, but they had all night and if it failed, she could always go back to normal.

But as she tightened her lips around the cock, forming a nice seal and pushing down, she felt a certain tightness forming in her mouth, a vacuum that, as she drew her head back, tugged on the cock a bit. Her brow furrowed in surprise as she pushed forward again, starting to bob her head slowly back and forth. The man on the other side started to groan loudly in appreciation of the steadier and less dangerous blowjob he was receiving, still feeling the faintest little bit of teeth, but it was merely a hint of it, the suggestion alone not enough to leave him worried.

Sayaka kept going, moaning around the cock as she felt Kyouko patting her shoulder with the hand not currently wrapped around the next cock. It wasn't quite as all-out enjoyable and sloppy as she had come to appreciate it, but even her worries of efficiency were quickly silenced when, without warning, her mouth was suddenly flooded with cum. The hot, salty, gooey treat hit her tongue, left her shivering in twisted, sinful sorts of delight as her eyes drifted over to the side and stared at Kyouko for a moment.

"See?" the redhead asked, smiling as she watched Sayaka work him over to a quick and efficient release. "I know you don't have much experience with dicks, but it's the same principles of eating pussy. You can actually get things done faster if you use proper technique instead of throwing yourself onto the dick like a barbarian and--mmph!" Panic set in as her ponytail was seized harshly by a hand that pulled her in, Sayaka giving Kyouko a well placed and horribly timed "thank you" kiss that had cum spat and pushed into the redhead's mouth, ruining all of her hopes of enjoying the candies she's brought with her while she got cocks off.

"And that's for so kindly helping me out," Sayaka moaned as she drew her head back as she smiled broadly, eyes flickering with excitement as she got one over on Kyouko. "Now you can suck on the cocks too instead of refusing to do it and telling everyone they're doing it wrong."

With her tongue lit up with the salty taste and her eyes narrowing, nary a palette cleanser in sight, Kyouko decided to respond in kind, playing dirty as she grabbed hold of Sayaka's hair and, with another cock pushing into the hole, shoved her all the way down, fucking the pretty bluenette's face on a cock as she playfully said, "Lesson two; how to get your face fucked until you stop being such a bitch."

"You're doing a great job," Mami said supportively, calling to the man on the other end of the wall as she spoke loud and clear, encouraging him. She had her ample bosom wrapped around his cock, rocking her tits up and down as she gave him, as she had given every man to show up before him, a fast and steady titfuck. She stared down at the cock, twitching and throbbing within the pillowy warmth, and her smile was broad; she could not have been happier to see her efforts paying off so much, even if she was quite well covered in 'payoff'. Strings of cum ran along her neck and her collarbone, down along her breasts and all over them, smeared by the grip on her hands and by the way she continued to fondle and toy with her nipples.

"Nngh, fuck," the man on the other side grunted, pressed tight against the wall. "No, you're the one doing great. This is the best titfuck I've ever had." He couldn't believe the sheer warmth and exuberance he was getting from this. Her breasts were nice and slick, and he had no illusion about what was making the skin so easily to drag along his cock, and yet she didn't falter or get tired. She just kept going, kept working his cock over and using the fact her mouth was free to be kind to him from the other side of the wall.

'Well thank you very much," Mami said, and even though he couldn't see her she smiled, eyes closing as she worked him quicker over, her breath steady and her mind focused on the task at hand. She had been the one to tell the girls about sex as a possible means of harvesting energy, and it was because she had been here many times before and noticed the mood and the feeling about the place. It was why, when the issue came up of how they could have sex with so many men and not be completely publicly disgraced for their actions, she recommended this little place she knew. It wasn't totally an excuse to drag her friends to her favorite way to spend a Saturday night, she swore.

But it was hard to keep that insistence up when the man she was giving a nice, sturdy titfuck to came, his cock erupting and spewing thick strands of cum that shot up to splatter onto her chin and leave her breasts with freaks streaks of semen. "I'm glad you enjoyed it," she said, smiling and licking her lips as the cock withdrew. Mami was all too quick to press her fingers into the new cum strands along her breasts and toy with them, running her fingers down to her nipples and rubbing the milky white seed into her puffy pink nubs, moaning as she toyed with herself excitedly for the moments until the next cock came by.

Ever thankful for how close up the cocks were, Homura was pulling double duty on her slot and Madoka's. She'd told the sweet pink haired girl that she wasn't going to have to do anything, taking both holes for herself, hands wrapped around the two cocks as she guided her head back and forth, taking turns sucking on both cocks equally as she did her best to handle the double workload, a harsh shift that was definitely more than she could handle, but she couldn't falter. The thought of letting Madoka suck a cock at the glory hole was almost unthinkable; she had her beloved's innocence to protect, a purity that sucking a stranger's dick would leave marred, and for the sake of keeping Madoka sweet and immaculate, Homura would take on the extra work.

Madoka sat there and watched with wide eyes at how hard she worked. "You don't need to push yourself, Homura," she said, hands settled onto her lap as she felt bad, almost guilty for the way Homura took her own work onto her as an extra load. It didn't seem fair, but Homura had been so insistent and gotten right to work so quickly that she found herself without much of a choice but to watch. To watch and to rub her thighs together, letting out little whines as Homura worked both cocks over. "Please, don't hurt yourself doing this just for me!"

But Homura wasn't listening to the words. Or at least, wasn't letting them get to her. She was too busy stroking the two cocks she was knelt between, head shifting from side to side as she aggressive slurped one of the dicks down, taking it down with an approach and speed straddling the line worryingly between calculating coldness and complete desperation. It was a lot to handle and she wasn't the least bit ready to all of it, as she moved then toward the other cock, giving it a nice, steady slurping down as well. her hands were the equalizer, working both cocks over and giving rapid handjobs to both of them, using the thick layers of warm spit she covered them with to make it a smoother and quicker experience.

She couldn't keep up with it, her inexperience and the tiredness starting to set in from having her hands constantly at work just proving too much for poor Homura. One of the cocks came, shooting all over her face as she pulled back off of it, giving her a big, messy facial atop the several she'd already taken from cocks that had waited until she was just done sucking on it to blow. But, as she tried to get the other one off, she found herself groaning, head pressing down against the wall right in front of her as her arm gave out. She winced and let out a groan of pain as she had jerked men off right into giving herself a cramp.

"Homura, I told you not to push yourself!" Madoka said, moving quickly toward the wall. The cock sticking out of it remained unsucked, and as much as Madoka wanted to help tend to Homura's aches, she knew that there was little she could do but give Homura's arm a rest, and that meant taking it upon herself to finish the man off. So she quickly settled down onto her knees, her puffy dress ruffling as she grasped the cock curiously, trying to replicate what she had spent so long watching Homura doing. She started to stroke it slowly, bringing her head forward and laying kiss down onto the tip of the cock.

"Madoka," Homura gasped, watching in dismay and despair as she failed in her task. She had tried to spare Madoka from having to help in serving the glory hole cocks, but now it was too late, and she watched the girl's lips spread open to take the cock, accepting it down a couple inches and started to suck on it. She groaned, the feeling of failure burning within her, leaving her heart heavy even as her eyes lingered long on the sight of Madoka giving a blowjob and all of the little nagging excitements that followed that. It was hard to say that it wasn't a nice thing to look at, even if she wasn't the least bit happy about seeing it in action.

Determined now to keep Homura from overworking herself, Madoka took it down, moaning as she worked her head and hand in steady tandem, picking up the general pace of what she wanted to do with surprising ease. It came to her well enough, and the fluid motion she set into was a nice and steady one, her eyes focused and tight as her lips dragged back and forth, her tongue toying with the dick inside of her mouth, and her hand as tight as it had to be to work it over. She'd already gotten a head start thanks to all the work Homura put in, but that didn't leave Madoka any less excited as she felt him reach his end.

The cock twitched inside of her mouth, making her yelp in excitement but not flinch back as she worked her hand steadily, leaving her lips in place to accept the cum as it pumped into her mouth. Thick, gooey semen that tasted of salt and something implacable, but that odd quality to it was something she found herself enjoying as she swallowed it all down, not the least bit dismayed by the taste. "Thank you," she said as she pulled back, peppy as the cock withdrew, before turning her head to Homura. "See? I can handle myself. You didn't have to hurt yourself like that."

"I'm sorry, Madoka," Homura said, eyes hanging low. "I just wanted to protect you from having to do this too."

"I don't need protecting," Madoka said with a shake of her head. "And it was kind of fun." She looked past Homura to the cock. "And there's another one. What do you say we share this one until the next penis here pushes through? Since you tried to help me by doing all my work, and I want to join you in doing your work." She smiled, pushing Homura along the wall and getting her into position.

With wide and mildly disbelieving eyes, Homura nodded, following Madoka's lead as the two girls leaned in and began to lick along the sides of the cock together, sharing the dick excitedly. She couldn't help but reach the sore arm out toward Madoka just a little bit, not enough to make it ache as it remained low, her fingers running through Madoka's and holding tightly onto her hand as they both grasped the cock with their other hands. She may not have been able to "save" Madoka's innocence, but if her beloved was going to get dirty, then she wanted to be right there to be dirty alongside her, and to work each cock over together.

For hours the girls worked at their own paces and approaches to sucking the cocks, burning through the hours of a Saturday night with their filthy oral games, Mami keeping up the titfucks for far longer than anyone could believe, Sayaka and Kyouko keeping score on their little blowjob races as the redhead threw out all of her concerns and complaints in the name of trying to shut her girlfriend down with her claims of speed, and Madoka and Homura expertly managing to share the workload of their two cocks, moving back and forth to double team the cocks or, when two dicks were poking through at once, to swap back and forth midway through to give the men very different sorts of treatments.

Madoka and Homura had taken to fingering one another as they worked and shared the cocks together, unable to deal with the arousal building not only from their eager cock worship but from the ways in which working together had lit them up and left them eager to go all out on one another when they finally got home. Even though they were probably going to hatefuck wildly when they got home, Sayaka and Kyouko didn't touch one another, jilling off and refusing the other's help as they focused solely on the task at hand, masturbating only to quell the distractions. And then there was Mami, who through experience and the patience of a saint did not once touch herself save for the way she teased her nipples, refusing to do anything other than fondle her breasts between titfucks.

"I like to do something a little different with the last cock of the night," Mami told the others as they heard the words, "Last call," ringing through from the other side of the wall through the open door leading into the bar proper. "We've used our mouths all night, but let's get these last dicks off having some fun ourselves, too. There's no reason we can't enjoy harvesting the energy, right?" She stood up, pulling her skirt up and pushing her panties down. They clung to her mound from just how wet she had become, hornier than all of the other girls despite her composure as the temptation had simply boiled within her for so long. But she was steady enough to handle it, almost seeming composed as she pressed her round ass up against the wall and waited.

Liking the idea and nobody really having any reason to complain about giving their mouths a break, hours of cocksucking having left the other girls all a little bit antsy for more than just fingers. They all got into position as cocks pushed through, the girls easing themselves back onto the dicks and getting ready to cap off their oddly enjoyable night by getting fucked.

"I'm going to get off first!" Sayaka groaned as she halfway bent over, hands on her thighs as she slammed back hard and fast against the cock, impaling herself onto it again and again. She didn't waste any time in winding herself up, getting as reckless and intense with fucking herself on the cock as she'd been in facefucking herself on the cocks that came before. Whipped into a frenzy too intense to care about anything else, she was willing to throw herself into the act of getting railed as intensely as she possibly could.

"Ha, that just means you don't have the stamina," Kyouko moaned, getting fucked just as hard as she kept up with Sayaka's pace, trying to pretend she wasn't whipped into an overly competitive frenzy, but unable to bother sustaining that lie for very long. she was just as bad as Sayaka was, she just played dismissive better. "Everyone knows the real mark of talent is how long you can last, not how quickly you can get off. You know who cums fast? Disappointments." She bit her lip tightly as she slammed down, and the thick cock hitting her so deep wrenched a cry of delight from her lips. She was leaned forward, bent almost ninety degrees with her ass up tight against the wall, pushing back against it rapidly. "Nngh, so deep."

Sayaka's fingers tightened on her thighs as the pleasure hit her in all the ways she knew were active threats to keeping anything consistent going. She wasn't in a position where she could handle this, and her pace showed it; she was losing control, her rhythm totally off and everything she tried to do finding itself derailed by the desires that were consuming her. She threw herself down onto the fat cock carelessly and didn't keep anything consistent going, ignoring all of Kyouko's lessons--not that she'd paid much mind to them after they'd been given anyway. "No, cumming quicker means you can have multiple orgasms, idiot." She had to take the contrary position in return, to bicker with her girlfriend now about which was better just for the sake of competing once more, finding some way to prove herself right amid the debauchery they were deep into. “You get more pleasure on the whole and don't have to worry about your fewer orgasms being big enough to care.”

Beside the argument of the girls to her right, Mami was showing herself to be lacking in a certain degree of composure. Nobody would have thought that lovely, mature Mami would ever be screaming, "Yes, fuck me! God, I need to get fucked so badly and this huge cock is everything I could ever want! Please stay right there, I need this!" She had her breasts in her hands, kneading them feverishly as she slammed down against the wall, her ass bouncing with each impact against it as the thin barrier between her and the man whose cock she was slamming down onto almost as needily and sloppily as Sayaka was began to creak and shiver from the sheer force of it. She was without sense or decency in this state, doing things that nobody would have ever imagined she would be capable of until she was right there enduring it all.

But nobody even noticed the way their eldest member was breaking down into something more lurid and depraved than they would have ever imagined, between one couple's bickering, and another couple's affection. Madoka and Homura went fast--not as fast as the others, but still quick--moaning and gasping as they smiled at one another, fingers locked together as they held hands and relished in getting fucked side by side.

"I know you wanted to keep me from this, Homura," Madoka whined, head rolling back as she felt herself so full, so delighted. "But I'm really enjoying this, and I think a lot of it is because we're doing it together. Maybe I don't have a lot of innocence, but I promise that whenever I feel like getting dirty like this again, I want to do it with you, okay?"

Homura's chest tightened as she heard the sweet words, hand firming up around the one clenching it as she nodded eagerly, pushing back in turn against the cock inside of her own dripping twat. "Of course, Madoka. I'd do anything with you." The pleasure was intense, but it still almost took a mental backseat to the sight of Madoka's body heaving, the way her dress bounced as she gasped so sweetly as she got fucked. Homura's own noises were harsher; deeper moans and grunts, the sounds of effort and exertion for something that Madoka seemed to take easily.

"I'm glad to hear that!" Madoka said, voice twisting sweet and high around her pleasure as she felt herself get closer. "Getting fucked feels so good, and I don't want to do it side by side with anybody else but you!"

For what little it may have been worth to the matter of settling any of Kyouko and Sayaka's arguments, the entire row of magical girls found themselves all cumming at the same time, the room already full of moans and squeals of delight becoming a hotbed of pure noise and screams of orgasmic bliss as all five of them lost themselves, pushing down as tight and hard as they could against the wall as their orgasms struck., Not the first of the night for anyone but Mami--who screamed the loudest--as their pussies greedily clamped down around the cocks they slammed down onto all the way, and efficiently, their aching and desperate cunts harvested the last of the energy for the night that they had been seeking, each of them treated to a hot, gooey creampie, the cum pumping deep into them and leaving them all feeling a certain deep sense of bliss as they began to descend down from their peaks.

Dropping to her knees and shivering, Mami looked on either side of her, saw Homura and Madoka sweetly kissing and licking the cum off of each others' faces, then over to the other side of things where Sayaka and Kyouko were bickering and trying to force the other down to eat the creampie out of their pussies. The blonde slumped back against the wall, breathless and oddly content as she soaked it all in, certain that as strange as the night had been and for as much as this had become a wild and out of control night, that the five of them were going to be here a lot more often from now on, harvesting energy and getting down and dirty together for a long time to come.


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