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Chapter 19 - Makoto Kino, Haruka Tenou - Earning A Vacation (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 19 - Makoto Kino, Haruka Tenou - Earning A Vacation (C)

Chapter 19 - Makoto Kino, Haruka Tenou - Earning A Vacation (C)
Commission for Cypher Three.
There was almost an elegance to the way that the Senshi had decided to cut costs of their beach vacation. Plane tickets cost money, as did enough hotel rooms to fit the nine girls even if they went two or three to a bed. Then came all the food and drinks... For a whole week, they were looking at a lot of money. Money they probably could have paid if they were smart about their costs, but why be so boring when they could instead shed the entire financial burden with some extra work on the side? And being that they were nine attractive young women, the only logical solution was that they use their bodies, riding dicks to Okinawa and sucking their way to room and board through the week.

When Haruka's phone chirped with the five minute warning alarm, she let out a sigh, turning over on the towel she lay on and looking at her girlfriend beside her. Michiru looked at her with a wry, sideways glance, and before the blonde could get out anything, Michiru said, "I don't believe that groan for a second."

Haruka didn't argue with her lover, didn't bother defending herself or trying to slip away and offer up some kind of explanation. She knew it was no good to try and insist to her anything to the contrary. Haruka was, as far as things on the romantic side went, about as vehemently homosexual as they came, but when sex was concerned she sang a very different tune, and amid the others girl she stood alone as having a complicated relationship with dick. At least, she tried to insist it was complicated; when her own girlfriend was rolling her eyes at those insistences, she wondered what good it really did.

Michiru leaned in for a kiss as Haruka tossed her phone into her bag. "I love you. Have fun being a bad dyke, I'll be here waiting when you get back." Her eyes fell down Haruka's body in brief appreciation as the blonde stood up, wearing the incredibly skimpy dark blue sling bikini that Michiru had bought and forced her to wear just for the occasion. It hardly contained her breasts and granted modesty to pretty much only her nipples, revealing plenty of fix Sailor Scout body before leading down to a small piece of fabric that only covered up her pussy lips, and if she wasn't cleanly waxed then a whole lot of hairs would have followed. Around back a thong strap did nothing to hide her firm ass as she walked, leaving it to bounce with every step.

Haruka walked along the beach, having foregone flip-flops so she could feel the hot sand under her toes as she made her way about a hundred or so meters down the beach to where they had set up. For the week, each girl had to spend one hour long shift a day at minimum earning money for the group, and the main way to do that was to work at the glory hole they'd discovered bored into the side of a big wooden changing stall. A hole between the boys' and girls' side offered up a way for the girls to get everything they needed.

Standing all around the changing booth were men. A lot of men. It had been that way for about three days now; word of the hot girls whoring themselves out at the glory hole had drawn a lot of local attention, and now there was a lot of traffic about. Men who the other girls had been swooning over; tanned, buff, almost all of them shirtless as they hung around. Some with beers, many listening to music on a portable radio someone had brought. Haruka could even admit they were very attractive men, even if there was only one part of their bodies she could muster up the faintest bit of interest in.

Not knowing that, of course, the men cheered and catcalled her. Yells of, "Nice tits!" and "Are you going to suck our cocks next? Shit, where's my wallet?" were a hail of the exact kind of male attention she wouldn't ever admit had become a very exciting part of sleeping with dudes. But she ignored it all as she walked up to the stall door and listened to the very noisy sounds coming from the other end. Sounds of gagging and sloppy cock worship that left the senshi next to work sighing.

"Makoto, it's my shift now," Haruka called over the swinging doors that left the stalls open to the air but hidden from view.

It took about twenty seconds for Haruka to even get a response back amid all of the sloppy sounds coming from the other end. A panting, ragged Makoto shouted, "I'll be there soon! Just let me finish up!" before she shoved forward again and went feverishly right back to slurping the cock down without patience or hesitation. Sure, she felt like it was a bit bad to leave Haruka standing there waiting for her turn to work, but it was hardly Makoto's fault if business was booming, and she was not about to leave anybody who had paid for her to suck their cock left wanting.

Helping matters considerably was the fact that Makoto was loving every last slutty, sloppy second of work that she had put in. Down on her knees, one hand kneading her breast and the other down between her legs, Makoto fucked her pussy with her fingers and her face with the cock coming through the hole, moaning and lavishing in the fun she was having, the ways in which her trip off to the beach had maybe gone awry in the best of ways. She'd been here to get some sun and enjoy the scenery, but she had spent far more time with her face staring at either a wall with a hole in it, or at the cut and defined pelvis of a man she was directly slurping down the cock of. Even gazing out into the beach as she lay on her back often involved a dick in her ass.

All the Sailor Senshi had taken to their tasks in varying degrees, but none of them seemed to have had a single complaint about the fact that they could both enjoy some time away and get fucked at the same time. Granted, if the girls had stayed home, most of them would probably still be getting laid, but they wouldn't be getting railed by hung, muscular, beach dwelling Osaka boys, and that was more than reason enough to indulge as thoroughly as they could while they were around.

And that thorough indulgence, to Makoto, meant the sloppiest, most intense deepthroating she could muster, sloppily letting the cock go down deep. She had discarded her green bikini top, and her ample breasts received a nice trickle of drool down onto them and amid all of the many loads of cum she had earned during her shift that she had let onto her body. It was a lot to take in, but the messiness excited her, and with the ocean so close by, she didn't hesitate to enjoy every last second of getting as filthy and sloppy as she physically could in the process.

Standing outside of the stall still, Haruka sighed, not going to argue with Makoto but still wishing she could just get to work already. Pulling some dark blue lipstick from her bag, she dragged it quickly along her lips as her eyes drifted back toward the horde of men staring at her. Considering they had been treated to a steady supply of eager women sucking their cocks for days, they stared at Haruka like they were stuck in the desert and she was a bottle of water. Some of the men were even pulling their shorts down, showing off their fat cocks and showing her a sneak preview of what she was in for.

Many of the dicks had lipstick smears on them, the different colours of the nine senshi as they made a little game out of using lipstick to show off to the other girls. Each had a different colour, and it was something everyone could brag about, both the suckers and the suckees.

"I want the dyke looking slut's mouth first," someone shouted.

Another men, stroking his cock, hollered, "Show us your tits!"

With a roll of her eyes, Haruka grabbed the straps of her swimsuit, having no idea how anyone could see a bikini so revealing and not be able to fill in the rest with their mind, but she pulled the straps away anyway, to the raucous cheers of the crowd of men all delighted to see her ample bosom, topped with her hardened, dark nipples. And all of that confusing, cock-loving frustration began to swell up in exhibitionistic delight as she became eye candy for the horde of men she was about to be sexually servicing.

Amid all of the cheers, Haruka could still hear all the slutty, sloppy noises coming from the stall, as Makoto deepthroated the cock with an almost rabid and excited pace, throwing herself forward and doing everything she could to get the dick off now. Her throat spasmed around the cock, her eyes shut tightly as she savoured every last second of what she was feeling, fingers stuffed down her bikini bottom and fingering herself deep and relentless as she went at herself. Nothing was going to stop her from getting the cum she sought, and she was all out and relentless in her pursuit.

"Fuck," the man on the other end groaned, and Makoto had come to recognize that it her signal. She pulled back, pushing off of the wall as she let go of her breast.

"Cum on my face and all over my tits!" she yelled, holding herself steady in position and swallowing down a mouthful of drool as she took it all, moaning as the warmth of the facial splashed down onto her. Her body had been so ready to take it, and she let out the sweetest and most sinfully delightful of noises as the hot spurts of cum streaked along her face and across her tits. Her pussy tightened around the probing fingers, spasming as she let out mewls and yells from the other side that made no secret of the fact that she was getting off on what she was doing as she took it all down.

Makoto pulled a dripping hand from out of her bikini bottom and stumbled up to her feet, moaning as she licked her lips and grabbed her things. The hefty wad of cash she'd earned for her hour of cocksucking, the bag she slung over her bare shoulder, and a towel that, as she stepped out of the stall, she used to wipe the mess of cum off of her face and her massive, bouncing tits. "That was the best shift yet," she groaned, giving a content and elated smile at Haruka, the look of someone who had almost gotten high from her cock fix.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," Haruka muttered, but before she could say anything else, a few people came up from behind her, slapping her ass on their way to the brunette she was talking to.

"That was some great cock sucking," one of the muscular, tanned boys said, waving around a nice, hefty stack of bills and smiling. "If you're all done, then what would you say to joining me and a few of my friends over on the beach for a little while?"

Makoto didn't need to think about it. Sure, the offer of cock was great enough, and the four men lining up to drill her holes were the kinds of boys she would gladly let fuck her for free back home. But that thick wad of money he was waving around... Mm, how could she resist that? "I would love to," she said, biting her lip as she handed over the money she had earned to Haruka. "Could you hold onto this for me?"

Nodding slowly, Haruka watched her friend head off with a group of guys who walked her down the beach and didn't even waste a second in starting to cop feels of her round ass and her plump tits. It was a sight to behold, the level of pure debauchery that they were living under, conditions of endless sexual indulgence that didn't seem to really taper off; she had not seen sight nor sound of Usagi since that morning when the girl went off to work the first shift, and if it was anything like the first day they arrived, she would stumble into their room at seven AM covered in cum and looking to shower after having ended up the "entertainment" at a party.

But Haruka didn't have the time to worry about their fearless leader as she headed into the stall next. She took a moment to prepare herself, slipping the bills she'd been given into one of the money clips she packed, pulling out a spare to keep together what money she was about to make herself. Her drawstring bag, with the money, then went over a hook, while she laid a non-beach sized, normal towel onto the floor, one that could keep her knees from directly rubbing against the floor as she got down onto them.

She hadn't even fully gotten everything sorted out by the time the first cock pushed through, and her eyes lit up for a moment in guilty delight at the thrill before her. It was a big one, and she was almost ready to start sucking on it as she embraced the thrill of nobody else being around; she didn't have to hear Michiru joke about how she didn't know where the lesbian she had started dating went, or have Ami try to explain the split attraction model to her in an attempt to quantify her appetites. She could just enjoy a nice, fat cock without a worry about anyone judging or commenting on it.

But she stopped herself just in time to bitterly note, "You have to pay before I do anything to it," as she flicked his cock with her finger.

Wincing, the man on the other side of the wall quickly pulled his cock back, slipping some bills through the hole and letting Haruka gather them quickly up before he pushed his cock back through, now antsier than ever to get the sucking he had come for after having to interrupt it. But Haruka was antsier too, biting her lip as she grasped the cock and leaned forward. "That is much better," she purred, and laid some kisses down onto the tip, her eyes closing as she just focused on it. It was aching, full of blood, and felt so warm against her lips, and she was so ready to perform her duties as planned.

Warming herself up was a good thing, as she managed to isolate the elements of a man's body that actually got her worked up. It was really only about dick; she didn't care for anything else and if she had it her way she would somehow be able to get cock with no other commitment  or things attached. That was what made the glory hole so perfect for her; she didn't have to worry about literally anything else. It was just her and the nice, thick dick poking out of the wall. The occasional groan or dirty remark aside, she was isolated and in heaven.

Her fingers toyed with the cock, faint and soft strokes riling it up as she kissed and licked along the length, getting it nice and wet for her purposes as she familiarized herself with its thickness and its length, impressive on both counts. But as she did so, she noticed that there were some previous lipstick smudges all over the cock from earlier in the day. Makoto's green was on it, marking this man as a horny and well loaded target. Faint, half-faded pink was definitely Usagi's trademark, and she wasn't at all surprised to find that it went all the way down. What did surprise her was that, almost as far down, was the dark purple of Haruka's own "adopted daughter", Hotaru. She was impressed to see that Hotaru could have even handled such a big dick, and she suddenly had a curiosity that she simply had to indulge in and find out about herself.

But not now. Now was all abut the cock in front of her and about dealing with her own desires. She pressed eagerly forward, moaning as she took the cock into her mouth, starting to suck steady on it. Nice and slow to begin, letting the noises rumble in her mouth and send vibrations through the dick, a slow start as she got herself used to it again, having been damn near chaste all morning, save for that one time she gave a handjob to a guy and finished him on Michiru's back.

It had been the bluenette's idea.

The groans from the other side left her rolling her eyes, the mark of someone who was clearly ready to enjoy every second of his treatment and to do so almost obnoxiously. She tried to push it out of her mind as she took the dick a little further down, steadying herself and letting her fingers work over less and less of the impressive cock as she got more and more of it into her mouth. She hadn't come here to give a handjob, after all, and her hand would only get in the way. The more she felt that warm, hard dick slipping into her mouth, the more she wanted it down deep, letting it prod the back of her throat, teasing deeper penetration as she sought to rile him up a little bit, fill her own time with a little amusement.

The noises he was making, the, "Come on, take it all the way," that he grunted with bated breath, were almost enough to make Haruka want to draw this out even longer, but she did have money to make, and the last thing she wanted was to fuck around the whole time, especially after Makoto left the whole thing running long. So she rocked her head back and forth a few times, lips tight around his dick and tongue lapping along his underside as she seemed like she was going to draw the tease out, and then decisively, harshly slammed forward and took it all right down her throat.

The gagging noises that Haruka made were naturally going to excite the guy who could hear a pretty woman choking on his dick. But the way they excited Haruka too was a cause for mild embarrassment as she started to rock back and forth, treating the dick to a sloppy and rapid deepthroating, the kind of all out cocksucking that she simply should not have been as compelled to do as she was, but that was the nature of Haruka and her weird relationship with dick. She had no love for what they were often attached to, but when she had one in front of her, the need to just go all out and worship it utterly came over her and she really didn't want to stop.

Down between her legs a hand went, and she didn't fight it. Her other hand pushed the straps of her sling down her breasts so that it would fall loose at her sides and leave her pussy bare, letting her feverishly rubbed at her shaved mound as she worked, lit up with all of that slutty excitement she wasn't going to shy away from this time. Michiru been joking around with her about not believing her groan but they both knew full well how much she was going to enjoy her shift. If she hadn't, after all, she would not have decided to go onto a vacation with the others where the general plan was to whore themselves out to men the whole time to make the trip cheaper.

Haruka knew that outside were a whole bunch more men all waiting their turns with her, that her shift at the glory hole was going to be a non-stop barrage of dicks and that the second she got out of the place there would probably be another offer like the one Makoto got, another group of guys who were wanting to explore her body more intimately and who were more than glad to throw a bunch of money behind it. And maybe it made her a weird one and certainly said questionable things about her sexual behaviors, but she really couldn't help but love every hot, aching second of this very twisted sort of indulgence.

And it was all coming perfectly to a head as she deepthroated the cock before her, as her head bobbed back and forth and she slurped and slobbered all over it. The sputtering, gagging noises she made drove her fingers, the almost delirious high that followed as she threw away all of her hang-ups and all of the nagging little whispers of, "But I am way too gay for this," to the wind as she thoroughly worshiped the cock she had been presented with, and it wasn't even just about the money sitting by her knees either. It just didn't matter to her what it meant, not when she was enjoying herself this much.

And given the noise the man on the other end of the wall made, he was loving it just as much. "Worth every last fucking yen," he groaned. "You usually can't buy a cocksucking this good but I've had three of your friends today and all of you are pros." He was ready to hire the nine of them for a goddamned party with how amazingly they were doing this. It was the treat of a lifetime and he held nothing back as he enjoyed this odd girl's mouth for what had been his third day in a row at that place. Why a group of gorgeous woman had taken to all whoring themselves out on the beach for a week was beyond him but he was going to roll with ti through every last damn second of indulgence he could wring from the bizarre situation.

The words fueled Haruka's feverish motions, driving her to deepthroat it faster and harder, eyes shut tightly as her blue lipstick smeared along the cock, hitting all the way down and leaving the colours to streak and mingle. With her lipstick fresh and chosen for its smearing and the way it ran, saliva only made it worse, and with Haruka's throat stretched out and pulsating around a cock, she certainly wasn't able to swallow or let her drool go anywhere but past her lips. Droplets of saliva splattered down onto her breasts and onto the towel, which was getting wetter with the leaking of her pussy as she toyed with herself so desperately. She wasn't slowing down, wasn't stopping for anything, and it was all soon at its end.

"Get ready to take it, slut, I've got your treat right here," the man warned, having received such a wonderful and intense orgasm that he was ready to let her handle his load however he wanted; it seemed only fair.

Pulling back sharply, Haruka gasped for air as she sucked down needy breaths, hand grabbing at the very wet cock as she got herself back together and then put her lips around the head and only the head. She kept in place, sucking and slurping on the dick as her hand stroked quickly, and she didn't need to take long to earn her reward, cum flooding into her mouth, hitting her tongue with that salty, powerful taste that she loved far more than she had any good reason to, but she hardly cared as she gulped it all down, easily swallowing the spunk and wringing out every last drop she could get with her hand, jerking out the final few drips right onto her tongue before she let the cock go, shivering and panting as her fingers twisted inside of her pussy.

The cock withdrew, and for a moment, Haruka was left wanting, left with her hand down between her legs, an orgasm still eluding her. She had to keep at it, but there was no way she was going to get off on her own now. Fortunately, though, some more yen was pushed through the hole, and a new, dry cock presented itself to her. And still relishing in the privacy of not having to deal with the worries of anyone seeing, she all but inhaled this next cock with an almost embarrassing fervor


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