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Chapter 20 - Persona 4 girls - Guiding Hand (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 20 - Persona 4 girls - Guiding Hand (C)

Chapter 20 - Persona 4 girls - Guiding Hand (C)
Commission for kinkynokyoukai
"Thank you so much for doing this," Yukiko said as her knees landed softly onto the cushion before her, eyes shifting in either direction as she looked at her friends, who had been willing to "help out" with the summer rush of clients at her family's inn, particularly those who were partaking in the "VIP services" offered. It was often enough for Yukiko to handle on her own, but the demand had been too high and so she'd roped her friends into it with the promise of a free week's stay in a suite together as well as endless hot springs access and free food if they helped out. And while the little frills and benefits that came in the form of payment had gotten them in the door, they all knew, even if they wouldn't all say it out loud, that it was just the nature of the work itself that got them in the door as the girls excitedly got in place at their "work stations", ready for what they were about to do.

They all shed their robes as they knelt in front of the wall, the other side of which led to the men's hot spring. And they waited, but not for very long, as the little lights signifying that the four holes were all open quickly drew attention; the morning before it had been only one hole and the line was long and insurmountable, the only thing sorer than their aching need being Yukiko's jaw by the time every last guest was satisfied with her.

But now, Yukiko had Rise, Chie, and Naoto to help her out, and the men on the other side may not have been able to see the four gorgeous local girls about to service their cocks, but as long as they got off they didn't exactly have to; only what they were about to do mattered.

As the four dicks pushed through, eyes lit up excitedly as each of the girls put their own spin on their plans to get off the cocks in front of them, nothing certain but the fact that this was about to get fun.

Yukiko's approach was as steady and composed as could be, befitting of Yukiko herself and the general reputation that the Amagi Inn's VIP glory hole had gained. It was a place where a man could find himself treated to the excellent relief of a very skilled cocksucker who had a measure of composure and care for herself that couldn't be found in some of the lowlier, seedier venues in Inaba. Thankful her jaw wasn't still sore from the night before, she started off with her fingers wrapping tight around the cock and her tongue slowly lapping along the head; she liked to be patient and careful with her technique as she made sure to draw out the pleasure for the client's enjoyment--it was a big part of why such a big line had formed the day before.

The licks moved further down, her head shifting off to the sides as she slowly lapped along every inch of the cock, her tongue patient as she listened for the groans on the other side. It may have been slow but her tongue had a firmness and a strength to it that belied the softly spoken, demure girl. She had always been taught that this was a matter of duty for her family's work, that she was helping out and that she had best take it responsibly and ladylike, even if it involved sucking strangers' cocks for hours on end. It was something she had taken to heart, and it drove the technique that she now serviced the cock with, seeing it as work too noble to really be debasing herself in any way with it.

Once she had a nice layer of saliva along the cock and her delicate fingers were steadily pumping along the shaft, Yukiko took the head of it into her mouth, moaning as she sank slowly forward. She never deepthroated the cock; it may have been what men liked, but it wasn't proper to, and was not what she had been taught to do to a cock. If men really wanted to feel a woman's throat spasming around their cocks, there were other places in the city where they could find such treatments, but the Amagi Inn was not one of them.

Not to say that the excellent head work didn't more than make up for that, as Yukiko's lips wrapped tight around what length of cock she did allow past her lips, and her tongue moved about within her mouth, slow circles around the cock timed in contrast to the bobbing of her head such that she could hear the man groaning on the other side almost immediately after she had started; she had refined her technique perfectly from having to fulfill her duties around the Inn and she was an absolute master now at the slow, adoring sucking of a cock.

It wasn't as easy as Yukiko let on to keep like this. She did have to hold back the urges to explore and to get a bit wild with it, but she was willing to do as she was supposed to, as there was no place she could really explore any less than under her family's roof, knelt down in the stall along side of a hot spring area. This was a place to focus on doing her tasks and nothing else.

But nobody had ever told Rise about what was supposed to be done at the glory hole, as she brought her own kind of technique to it, and her approach was one of pure sloppiness and excitement. She had both hands on her body, one down between her legs and rapidly hammering her pussy with fingers while the other kneaded one of her breasts, cupping it firmly as she pressed down and deepthroated the cock in pure, slutty delight.

Rise had a facefuck fetish, plain and simple. She loved a hard cock deep down her gullet, the lining of her throat out by a dick and pulsating around it as the noises she made and the way her body fought against it proving utterly divine; she was in a war against her own physiology, and she loved slutting it up hard enough to even be able to win that fight. Back and forth she went, carelessly and recklessly indulging in every last slutty thrill she could get. Rise was no stranger to glory holes, having almost as much experience as Yukiko did without having a family business where she was put down in front of one and told to start sucking.

Every city had at least one and when she toured, breaking away and indulging was a thrill she couldn't deny as she had a chance to finally do something raw and vulgar. Nobody knew who she was, could ever tell that it was Risette slobbering all over their cock or slamming her round ass against the bathroom stall wall to fuck herself on an offered dick. Utter anonymity and a freedom to get dirty that let her go all out, and she relished in it there. Now, she was in a small town and not as famous anymore, but she still relished in the opportunity, having admittedly frequented a couple of other local glory holes before.

With her lips pressed tight against the wall as her throat spasmed around the cock, Rise didn't stop, didn't care about the dripping of drool down her chin or the way that she was so utterly giving in to every last vulgar moment of what was happening. It about efficiency and getting the dick off before the next one slipped through, assuming there was even a line coming. She didn't really care; going all out wasn't only about getting the guy off, but about her increasingly wet pussy and making sure she was having the time of her life.

It didn't take long at all to get her first cock off, and she moaned as her head snapped back, the throbbing in her throat too obvious a sign to deny. "Cum for me!" she cried, over the top and excited as she stuffed fingers down to the last knuckle inside of her pussy and stared at that mighty dick as it twitched and fired off its load. As gooey streaks splattered across her face, Rise moaned, her hips bucking as she came, driven quickly to a shameless squirting orgasm that saw her quim splattering against the base of the wall as she lost herself for the first time that night already, in what she hardly intended to be her last climax.

No cock pushed through next; it was still early in the morning, after all, and presumably only four people had gone over there right away, which left her some time to look over to her side and see Yukiko at work. "Gee, no wonder you had such a congestion problem," Rose said, pulling the cushion over with her as she knelt down beside Yukiko. "I know you don't need help since sucking cock is apparently your family business and you don't realize how fucking weird that is. But you definitely need help."Yukiko looked nervously toward Rise for a moment, slowly pulling off of the cock and shuddering as her hand ran up and down along the length of it. "I don't think I do, Rise. Just because you could get a guy to cum first doesn't mean much; I have to keep doing this my way."

"But it's not your way," Rise sang, leaning in and licking up her friend's cheek. "It's your parents' way, and I don't want to sit here and get into how messed up that is so you understand, but. You want to break away from having to be what everyone wants you to be, right? So then go on, be the cocksucker you want to be, and take this dick all the way down. I promise, you'll love it."

With fingers getting into her hair and the lick turning to kisses, Yukiko couldn't help but feel like she had to at least give Rise' words a shot. "Okay," she said shakily, a few fingers releasing from the cock as her handjob focused more on the base as she leaned nervously forward and took the cock into her mouth again. But this time, she went further than just a few inches, letting the cock press a bit against the back of her throat. As she gagged and shivered against the pressure, she felt Rise's kisses and fingers gently urging her.

With a hand tight in Yukiko's hair, Rise knew she could have slammed her friend all the way down onto the cock, but she wasn't about that kind of cruelty. She focused instead on loving coaxing her down, easing her into place steadily and letting her get comfortable with it. The fingers pressed firmly only to act as a guide to help her along, and she let Yukiko figure out how deep she actually wanted to go. Rise wouldn't push her.

What she would do was reach her other hand down between her legs and start to finger Yukiko as she went. "You're so wet," she told the gagging girl, who did her best to overcome the struggled noises she made as she rocked her head back and forth in spite of them, the cock pressing down her throat regardless of how much it felt like she was in over her head. "Stop denying yourself orgasms, too. If sucking a cock gets you off then act like it and don't be sorry."

The advice was weirdly uplifting, and Yukiko really didn't know what to make of it. Rise was somehow finding the right words to say to keep her going as she gagged on the dick, not massive, but big enough to be some trouble. But she did it, refusing to stop or to break as she let herself get carried away by the fact and by the craziness of listening to her idol friend for blowjob tips. It was enjoyable, and not only because of the pretty girl kissing her and fingerfucking her, either. The more she was trying out this method, the more she was finding herself more comfortable and happy with what she was doing.

And soon enough she was getting what she wanted to hear. "Cumming," called the man from the other side, and Rise finally used her hand on Yukiko's head, pulling her back and leaving the girl gasping. Yukiko only ever swallowed, looking to minimize mess like a proper lady, but thanks to Rise's tug she found herself taking a large facial, cum streaking all across her face and a little bit into her hair, her wide-eyed and shocked expression painted with spunk.

She was about to say something, about to look over to Rise in frustration and ask her why she made her take that facial, but before she could articulate that, lips crashed into hers, Rise kissing her and twisting the digits inside of her, bringing her quickly to a noisy, wet orgasm as she bucked and shivered against the lips and fingers and the certainty that she had been taught a lesson here about what felt good that she wasn't ever going to be able to shake. Rise had been right, and she needed to think long and hard now about things as she leaned in and made out with her friend while they waited for more dicks to service.

Chie loved the taste of dick, and much like Rise, didn't much care about the reputation that the Amagi Inn had as she eagerly deepthroated the cock before her and savoured every last second of working it down. She was absolutely smitten with the multitude of thrills that came from sucking a nice, hard cock and there was nothing that she loved quite as hard as being able to suck off several in succession, which was why she'd been so eager to do this even after Yukiko specified her parents had told her to mention that the free food would not involve endless steaks. After all, she'd gone by some glory holes a few times and enjoyed it plenty, so why not do some in a way that would come with perks?

Even if those perks would have been better if some choice sirloins were involved.

The way each individual sense was excited by sucking a dick proved to be her favorite part. The feeling of a cock filling her mouth, pressing her tongue down and filling her throat, when she was lucky even opening it up a bit due to its girth and leaving her excitedly struggling to handle it all. Then the tandem taste and smell that left her elated; that faint essence of cock that even a recent shower couldn't fully wash away. She didn't like her dicks sweaty, but a tinge of it certainly made for a more savory experience. Her ears relished in the treats of hearing a man groaning on the other side of the wall as she worked him over expertly, and though her eyes didn't get to enjoy much of the cock as she slurped down every last inch, the first moment of a dick's reveal was always a heart-pounding one.

As she rocked back and forth with the same kind of ravenous, shamelessly slutty appreciation that Rise showed, a trickle of drool running down her chin, Chie fingerfucked herself, a hand resting on the cushion beneath as she bounced up and down on it, frantic and reckless as she did everything she could to savour the heady thrills of some nice, thorough cock worship. Nothing in all the world was better than this and she couldn't be satisfied with anything less than every last second of it that she could get. She was intent on enjoying her work as thoroughly as she could and holding back absolutely none of the shame she may have fretted over; this was about feeling as good as she possibly could and no force on this earth was going to hold her back from that eager pursuit.

The sounds she made were far noisier than Rise's, owing to her relative lack of reckless deepthroat experience, but nothing was going to slow her down or stop her as she did her best regardless, wanting nothing more than to throw all caution to the wind and spend a day in hour-long shifts sucking every last dick she could and throwing herself into the deep end of pure satisfaction.

The deal was pretty sweet as it had been sold to her; the hole was open for a total of five hours throughout the day, broken up into blocks around which the girls could relax in the hot springs or in their room, just do whatever they wanted. And Chie was already wondering, at least more than all the other girls were, how likely it would be for the girls to do anything other than fuck each other while they waited for their next shift to come around, as the weekend sounded so debaucherous to her, so utterly twisted and craven in a group that was already very sexually comfortable with one another, that she didn't think they'd really be able to hold back.

And if they were, then she'd have to be the crazy catalyst making all of the magic happen.

Chie had a good sense for when a guy was about to cum, and she was ready for it. She may have loved the taste of dick, but cum was not quite as lovely for her; it was too salty and a bit too strong for her liking. But fortunately, she did have a love for feeling guys cum on her body. Shifting in her position, her legs came around front as she leaned on her back, legs up high and pressing onto either side of the cock as in seconds she went from a sloppy, slobbering deepthroat to a quick, saliva lubricated footjob, rocking her bare feet back and forth along the dick as she licked her lips, frantically fingering herself so hard that her hips were rolling off the floor as she yelled, "Cum all over me!" loudly.

And he did. With a heavy groan, the man came on command, his cock erupting and spewing hot streaks of cum all up and down the brunette's fit body, leaving her chest and her breasts and even her pussy streaked with thick streaks of semen that left Chie happily crying out as her feet released the cock and her hips shoved upward high, her body forming a triangle shape relative to the floor as she came noisily and felt all the sweet reward for her hard work in the form of pure, boiling hot pleasure.

What could she have wanted more than that?

Naoto was the only one of the girls present who did not have glory hole experience. She'd never even really had a guy fuck her before. She'd sucked a dick once on Rise's urging but that had been it, and she had agreed to spend the weekend with her friends for the chance to have something to do more than just for the thrill of sucking cock. In fact, she was fairly certain that this was prostitution and that she was complicit in something super illegal, and the only reason she didn't say anything was to avoid problems for a friend's family.

But she was willing to play along and not be the boring wet blanket, dragging her heels along and complaining about it. She just had little idea what she was doing, someone who would have benefited from Rise's cocksucking expertise much more than Yukiko would, but positioned on the opposite end of the stall from her. So she had to make do with what she could, even if it left her a bit nervous to.

Much like Yukiko, she sucked the cock shallowly, not letting it go all the way down as she focused on the steady, shallow back and forth of her head paired with a handjob that did most of the work and guided the saliva she left on the dick further down the shaft. Rise had forced her to deepthroat the cock she'd serviced, and done so much more harshly and fervidly than she was very gently guiding Yukiko to at that very moment, but doing it at her own pace left her more comfortable and much more certain of herself.

With her eyes closed, Naoto found it didn't come to her as hard as she thought it would, able to handle it all just fine as she rocked back and forth, her other hand settled down onto her thigh. Even though her pussy was dripping, she didn't worry about fingering herself, focusing on just handling the dick in front of her and trying to keep up; she could ask for help next shift, kneel next to Rise and take some of her handsy friend's guidance as Yukiko was and just learn how to do it again. It wasn't a great position to be in, but all that mattered to her at that point was that she wasn't a complete fuck up, and that she was with her friends.

The steady back and forth was at least made easier by the fact that the cock in front of her was a nice, average sized penis. She didn't need to worry about anything she couldn't handle, not someone who lit up with glee the way the others did at the sight of a meaty dick. They told her that in time she would, but for now she was content with something steady and sane, although admittedly she lacked the experience they had to be able to treat such cocks, her experience much more with other girls--namely, the three she was down on her knees beside.

When the guy came in her mouth, she had no reason to expect it. There was no warning from the man on the other side, who didn't really if he drew the "surprise" out until it was too late, until the groan from the other end of the wall left her eyes going wide as she gasped in shock at the sudden rush of flavour filling her mouth. Not exactly the best flavour in the world either, making her shiver and pull back as cum dripped from her chin. Naoto swallowed on pure reflex.

She pulled back in surprise as she felt it all, shuddering and trembling as she bit her lip, letting out a nervous whine as she waited, not knowing when the next dick was going to push through, but thankful for a moment's rest.

Who exactly had thought it would be a good idea to fuck the last few cocks going through was lost to the moment, but it was a good enough idea that they had all gotten up onto their feet and eagerly gone all out on the dicks for the final stretch of their hour shifts. In truth, it had been Rise, who had mostly wanted her friends nice and creampied so she could eat some cum out of them once they were by the hot springs at long last.

Which was why she went so hard and fast, moaning as she placed her hands on her knees and slammed back against the wall. "So big," she crooned, head rolled back as she pushed herself hard against the dick, relentless in her pursuit of every last big of pleasure she could wring out of this experience. She wasn't going to slow down until she got every last bit of pleasure she could out of it, thankful for the hard, thick cock hammering into her. It hit her so deep, rigid and pressing into parts of her that her fingers hadn't been able to, and that wasn't getting into how great it felt to be filled up so wide.

Her face was covered in cum, loving the feeling of it dripping down her chin and onto her breasts as they bounced from the force of how hard she was fucking herself on the dick poking out of the wall. Rise had spent almost an hour getting as down and dirty as she possibly could, relentlessly slutting it up and throwing everything but her burning, intense lust to the wind; nothing mattered except for this, getting as much as she could out of every last slam down against the wall she made, which left her taut ass bouncing eagerly as she took it. "I'm going to have so much cum for you guys to eat out of my pussy when we're done," she purred happily, accidentally revealing her plan but too fuck-drunk to care now as after far more orgasms than she'd been intending to fingerfuck herself to, she finally got filled up by something nice and hard.

Yukiko felt liberated as she slammed back against the cock, her round ass bouncing from the force with which she pushed herself down it. She took her cues from Rise for a change, and she didn't regret it in the least. She almost never got fucked at the glory hole, not unless someone greatly requested her pussy instead of her mouth, but that was out the window now; all of it was. She was letting something ravenous and intense take over, pushing her to new heights of elation as she indulged in things she had never let herself indulge in before for feeling like she hadn't been allowed to. But that didn't matter now, because there she was and nobody but her friends were there, and none of them would ever judge her.

Fast, harsh slams back against the wall left her crying out in delight, moaning as she rubbed her breasts and went all out. It felt so good to let go, to just indulge in her own pleasure with the certainty that if she enjoyed it, the guy on the other end probably would too. Fuck the Amagi Inn's reputation; if she was going to go sucking dick for her family's inn then she was going to enjoy herself more, and on some level Rise knew she had created a monster, but she wasn't the least bit sorry about the unfettered monster of a slut she had just awakened within Yukiko. Not after Yukiko had deepthroated cock after cock with increasing hunger and now went all out on getting fucked by the last one.

All of the cum that had ended up on her body left Chie more than excited as bent forward almost a perfect ninety degrees as she got fucked, moaning as her hands ran along her body, smearing streaks of spunk along every firm inch of flesh. She painted herself with the cum, toying with it as the cock hammered into her pussy, hitting her just right and leaving her moaning with the elation that could only come from fingering herself to orgasm after orgasm, only to finally indulge in the real thing and be blown away by it. Longer, thicker, and warmer, a cock was the secret to giving her primed body everything she craved.

Once she was a mess of cum all over, she reached a hand between her legs and used her cum-stained fingers to rub madly at her clit, all out in the way she tried to get off, rubbing herself off faster and harder as she tired to find release, chasing the relief she knew she damn well deserved after getting so many guys off. It was all such hard work and now she was done with them; if boys wanted to cum, then they could do it inside of her greedy pussy and push her over the edge as they did so. Otherwise, she simply didn't much care what they wanted to do; this was her time to have some fun.

Then there was Naoto, who hadn't risen to her feet, meekly agreeing with the sentiment of finishing guys off with their pussies but not actually doing it herself. Instead, she had her breasts, the largest out of the group even though she hid it with a binder, wrapped around the cock before her. She'd seen how to give a titfuck watching Rise, and did her best now to follow suit, rocking her chest up and down his cock as she steadily worked him over, hoping the others wouldn't notice she had been too shy and embarrassed to get fucked as she sought another way to get a guy off instead.

She'd been able to survive it all so far, holding out and doing her best to take the craziness of the moment and the utter madness of the glory hole as best as she could. Almost an hour of sucking cock had been much more than she had expected it to be but she'd gotten through it and save for a few too many loads swallowed down she'd been fine, a bit more confident and probably even a bit better at sucking cock, which was a relief to her as she knew that she had four more shifts that day alone. The more practice she had the easier it would hopefully be and the less she'd seem like the one left behind.

She'd neglected her pussy the whole time, but now she played with her nipples as she clutched her tits and guided them along the dick. She didn't really have the means to do much else than this while holding onto her breasts, large enough to even be a bit troublesome; her inexperience was more of a factor than she liked to admit but she wouldn't let that stop her as she worked her chest up and down, foolishly hoping she could get the guy off fast enough that they wouldn't notice she wasn't getting fucked, too absorbed in their own lust and cock drunk adoration.

But as the stall filled with the screams of her friends climaxing and she was left just knelt there and taking a load all over her breasts as she held onto them, Naoto certainly felt like the odd one out, watching enviously as they all bucked and twisted and howled as the pleasure seized them, pulling off of the wall and leaking with cum as all eyes turned to Naoto, releasing her ample chest and letting a cock out from between her tits.

The cocks pulled out and the girls looked at each other for a moment before stepping toward Naoto. "Is everything alright?" Yukiko asked, reaching a hand down toward Naoto to help help her up.

"Yeah," the junior detective lied.

"Oh no," Rise said quickly. "You're a virgin. Dammit, I forgot. Were you too nervous to have your first time be here? Oh, I'm sorry Naoto, I shouldn't have said anything."

"No, it's okay," Naoto said, even though her voice seemed a bit empty as she said it, now that she saw her friends all glowing and excited, cum dripping down their legs, she certainly felt like she had lost out on something great in the process.

Rise was having none of that; she had already refused to take it from Yukiko, and she wasn't going to let Naoto try and pull it either. She stepped forward, pushing the bluenette against the wall and shoving a hand between her legs. "You don't feel fine to me," she said, kissing her furiously as she stuffed some fingers into her pussy. "You feel like you got soaking wet sucking cock for an hour and refused to actually touch yourself. Unbelievable, we--"

"Hey, over here," called a male voice. "Sorry, you have one more!"

The girls all stared in shock at the presence of a cock pushing through the hole Yukiko had been at; there must have been five guys left, and with four of them to go, one guy had been left over. Of course, the shift didn't end until the line was actually gone--which was why shifts did nothing to help Yukiko's dire backlog issues--and they would have to get him off. The issue of who should have been something they could talk through, but all of them had the same vote.

"There's your chance," Rise said, pulling Naoto off of the wall and eagerly helping her along to the hole. "Come on Naoto, we'll help you."

"But it looks so big." She whimpered nervously as she stared down at the cock, easily one of the largest any of the girls had seen in their hour of work.

"And what better what to break you in?" Chie asked, leaning in and kissing Naoto's neck. "We'll be right here to help you, we promise."

"You seem like you feel left out," Yukiko said. "It's okay, we're just trying to help."

"Alright," Naoto said, drawing a deep breath and closing her eyes as Rise guided her over to the hole. She dropped down to her knees in front of her dear friend, the idol most excited to help her along as she grabbed hold of the long, fat dick and guided it right up toward her puffy, desperately soaked snatch. There was no warning to take a deep breath, and as Naoto felt the head penetrated her folds she yelped in surprise, Chie leaning in and kissing her eagerly as she pushed her against the wall and onto the dick.

Her virginity had been taken with a single stroke by a cock attached to a guy whose name she didn't know. Whose name she'd never know. It was a bizarre thing to realize, the almost unthinkable situation before her something she didn't know how to handle, but she didn't really have the time to handle it anyway as they descended upon her all so quickly, the three girls almost more excited about her getting fucked than the guy actually sheathed into a virginally tight pussy and groaning in delight at the wet heat around his dick.

Up and down Naoto moved, whining as she rocked up and down on the cock. She felt so full, opened up and a little bit over her head as she did her best to rock along the cock, her breath quickly steadying out into something controlled as she did her best to handle the overwhelming rush of everything hitting her all at once. There was a lot here and she didn't know how to handle pretty much any of it as she felt herself get fucked for the first time, but with the eager help of her friends hard upon her, she was determined to see it through, to let this be a weekend of pure exploration and unfettered indulgence for her.

Seeing Naoto come out of her shell was to the absolute delight of the other girls, who knew Naoto was the one usually most reluctant to try new things and the least experienced of the four of them. She'd had plenty of time with them, but guys were a different story, and this was a good way to change that, all of them able to lean in and help give her what they could to get her to where she needed to be.

On her knees in front of Naoto, Rise licked up and down the puffy mound parted for the first time by a big dick. Of course, the slutty idol couldn't help herself as she paid plenty of attention to the cock too, licking up and down it as it speared her dear Naoto's pussy wide. But her favorite place to shower attention onto was definitely her adorable little clit, the quivering nub just begging to be sucked on. The overlapping mess of pleasures was enough to leave Naoto quickly crying out as she felt it, so overwhelming and immediate upon her, and it was exactly what Rise wanted to hear.

Chie focused on Naoto's lips, kissing her and encouraging every last moan, holding onto one of Naoto's hands while she pinned the other one up against the wall. "You can do this," she said, supportive as she could be as she made out with her. "I bet it feels so good. I wish my first time was with a cock that big. Probably would have turned me into a total size queen if that was my first time. You're setting a pretty big standard for other guys to live up to, but you look like you're loving it, so I'm sure you don't mind too much."

"It's so good!" Naoto cried out, chest pressing off of the wall, and that was where Yukiko came in. After licking the cum off of every inch of her milky tits she got her lips around one of her perky nipples and sucked firmly on them, her fingers dug into the amazing breasts and lavishing every deserving, gorgeous inch of them with attention and deep affection. She couldn't help herself but to go all out with sucking on Naoto's tits, envious of just how well endowed she was, understanding her reasons for hiding her bustiness but knowing that if she were so utterly gifted, she'd be a bit more open to it. 

"I've never felt like this before!" Naoto howled, continuing to have her mind blown by the pleasure so harshly forced upon her. It was all so much, and the way the three girls she adored the most laid into her with such ferocity left her feeling disoriented and overloaded, but it was the best overload she'd ever known, and through it all the big dick she bounced on remained very much present, hitting her deeper than she'd ever felt anything reaching before. "It feels so good. Oh my god, this is what I was missing out on?" She bit her lip, pressing back hard against the wall and bucking as she felt the intense thrills bear down hotly upon her. This felt too good to bear and she could not believe she had waited so long to feel this.

Rise's eyes sparkled in delight as she continued to suck on Naoto's nub, loving every second of seeing her pushed over the edge like this and driven to accept the pleasure she had been so shy to. It was always the same with Naoto; she started off hesitant and uncertain, then slowly started to accept it, and by the time she had felt how good it was she was practically begging for it. The newest girl into their little circle, she had come in with absolutely no experience and now look at her, getting fawned over by three girls while she lost her virginity at a glory hole; it almost brought a tear to Rise's eye.

The pleasure was too much for Naoto, but "too much" seemed better than it ever had before as she slammed down one last time, taking the dick all the way in as she screamed in ragged delight as she pressed desperately into Chie's kiss and lost herself. She wasn't a frequent squirter, but Rise was treated to a gush of clear nectar across her face, forcing it into a broad and overly excited smile as she accepted it all so eagerly. It all felt so good, and she could hardly believe she had been missing out on this all this time.

But she'd forgotten about one thing, and it caught Naoto by delighted surprise when she felt it. The cock twitching and erupting inside of her spasming twat, the warmth of her very first creampie pumping hot, thick spunk deep into her hole, filling her womb with the gooey treat that made her scream even louder as she felt it all, suddenly understanding just how amazing it was and what she'd been missing out on by giving that titfuck. It was incredible.

Naoto panted heavily as the cock slowly pulled out, and her pussy began to leak with cum that Rise immediately starting eating right out of her dripping cunt as she went right into her plans for their creampies, while she slumped down against Chie and Yukiko. "Wow," she said between heavy, racing breaths, leaning against them and twitching a bit. "That was... Nngh, oh my god, when is our next shift?"

"Is there an answer to that question that would be soon enough?" Yukiko asked with a smile.

"No," Naoto replied succinctly. "Not unless it's right now."


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