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Chapter 22 - Kairi - The Best Accident (C)

A glory hole anthology series involving all manner of ladies from all over games, comics, anime, and more, holes in walls, and the dicks poking out of them. Chapters with a (P) were voted on by my Patreon, and chapters with a (C) are commissions.

Chapter 22 - Kairi - The Best Accident (C)

Chapter 22 - Kairi - The Best Accident (C)
Commission for Ardenwolfwatcher.
Kairi had no idea why, in practice, justice meant that she had walked into the "gentleman's club" for the sake of surveillance, but that was what things had come to for the Keyblade bearer as she stepped in. Everywhere she looked was debauchery and nobody was even the least bit subtle about what was happening. She could see women in negligees whose lap dances didn't seem nearly as clothed as they should have been. Girls whose hair was being held by the men whose heads their laps were in as they sucked their cocks out in the open. Girls carried trays of food to tables and then immediately slipped underneath them to begin servicing the clients for whom a beneath the table spitroast had been a part of their order. The confusing swell of utter depravity that seemed to occupy every inch of it was disorienting for its absolutely senselessness.

But this was apparently the favorite haunt of the villain she had been seeking out, and she knew that she didn't have a choice but to stick around and try to figure things out. She didn't know where to sit, or if there even was a single place where she would not be accosted by the workers assuming she was there for a visit.

"Fucking new girls," came a deeper voice behind her, and Kairi nearly jumped as a hand grasped her arm and dragged her off to the side. "I don't know who spoke to you, but we made it pretty clear that you were to arrive early for your shift. You're going to owe the the manager two blowjobs once your shift is done for flaking on the pre-shift one, you know?"

"W-what?" Kairi asked, head spinning as she looked around. A tuxedo clad bouncer who looked like an absolute mountain of rock hard, blocky muscle walked her effortlessly over. "No, I'm not--"

"Not late? Please, don't give me that shit. The glory hole shift rolls over in two minutes, and you're still wearing clothes. You won't even have time to get into an outfit. I don't know who they're hiring these days but you'd better be able to suck cock better than you can keep time." He opened up a door and began to strip her down with so little excitement or passion that he made the forcible disrobing of a yelping, worried Kairi seem routine. "Like the contract you signed says; you get your normal clothes back when you've given the manager a free blowjob. Now get in there and start earning your pay. Girls around here who get fired are on the hook, and you don't want to know what that ends up meaning."

Kairi continued to no avail in trying to explain herself as she was shoved into the stall, the door slammed in her face and locked from the outside. She hadn't wanted to start a big scene even as she was stripped and pushed into the stall, lest the villain she was tracking be in there and spot her. But now she was naked, locked in a wooden box, and she didn't know what to do as she stared down at the hole in the wall. She understood what a glory was, and knew the expectations upon her as she stepped forward, worried and confused, but seeing something akin to an opportunity here. If she stuck around the place for a day from the inside, maybe she'd be able to eavesdrop or gleam some element or detail from someone nearby, some overheard rumour helping her and making this all worth it. All she had to do was play along.

It was like going undercover, and it seemed girls were so rare that she was immediately taken for a prostitute instead of a a patron, so maybe this was the way to go. She just had to swallow her pride and some cum along the way.

A cock quickly pushed through the hole in the wall. A thick, meaty cock that left Kairi blushing as she sank down worriedly to her knees, biting her lip and realizing what she was actually in for as she grabbed hold of it, pressing forward and starting to suck on it. There was little choice available to her as she started her "shift", kissing and licking the head of the cock first as she got her fingers steadily around the shaft and held onto it tightly. Kairi was no virgin, but sucking off dicks through a hole in the wall was a new thing to her, and she didn't know how well she was going to do, but she supposed she'd have to find out as she leaned in and peppered the head with more licks and kisses.

"Come on, suck it down. I'm not paying for you to kiss it," groaned the man on the other side, and Kairi's cheeks lit up in embarrassment as she was directly noted by the man she was fellating. It hadn't been something she'd wanted or expected to have to face, but she knew she didn't really have any room to complain as she leaned forward and gave him what he wanted, taking the cock into her mouth. The thick head filled her mouth, pressing down on her tongue, and a guilty little moan rumbled up her throat, one that she hadn't expected and couldn't really trace amid her thoughts, but there it was, lingering in a strange mystery in the back of her mind as she started to give him a proper blowjob.

Her head rocked in a steady back and forth, her eyes staring down at the meaty dick before her. There was so much to suck and she had no idea how she was going to handle it all, but she knew she had to do her best; disappointing a customer who might cause a scene would only make things worse for her amid the many other kinds of "worse" she had to contend with. Her cover had to remain, and if she was to play the role of the enthusiastic cocksucker, of a woman who sold her body for money, then she was going to play that role, her hand working quickly along the base of the meaty dick as she worked her mouth further down with each pass of her head bobbing back and forth. 

"There we go," he said, letting out a low moan as he felt the hot, wet mouth moving along his cock. "This is what I was talking about. Keep going, baby, you're doing great." They were words Kairi never expected to hear from a stranger on the other end of a wall, but rather than take issue with what was being said, she pressed onward, sucking his cock hungrily down and moaning as she took him into her mouth and worked her best to get him off. It was all she could do, really, giving in to this strange man who called her "baby", when on the street she would have responded to such a thing with the flash of her Keyblade and a silent reminder that she was packing a weapon. But this was a weird situation and it wasn't made any easier by the many ways in which she was in over her head.

This was a different world for Kairi, and one that she tried her best not to think too much about in worry while also seeking to not lose herself to the craziness of what she was doing even as everything around her swelled with a special kind of insane. She didn't even get a warning when the guy she was sucking off came, just a grunt and a sudden flood of salty, bitter spunk filling her mouth. She whined and pulled back, treated to more streaks along her face as she heard the other man laugh on the other side, his cock twitching and spilling its last few weak spurts down onto her tits as he said, "Thanks for the blowie, slut," and pulled his cock back out of the hole in the wall.

Spitting the cum out in frustration, Kairi fumed, embarrassed from the mockery and being called a slut, but she didn't get long to work through those emotions as another cock pushed quickly through the wall, the man on the other side saying, "Gimme a titfuck and I'll tip extra."

A tip didn't sound all that great to Kairi, and the last guy hadn't even given her one, but at the same time, if it would keep him happy, she'd bite the bullet to keep him from complaining. Biting down on her tongue and holding her anger at bay, she put on a sultry tone and purred, "Anything for a big cocked stud," like the best hammy flirt she could be, rising up on her knees and grabbing hold of her breasts as she stared at the long cock before her. She drew a deep breath as she wrapped her tits around his dick and started to work them up and down, not sure why she was doing this or why a guy would have liked it over her mouth, but she wasn't going to complain.

The lingering flavour of cum on Kairi's tongue began to leave her with a certain weird kind of tingling, as she slowly started to come around on what she was tasting. The potent, weird flavour was growing on her in a way she didn't understand, but she swallowed the remnants down as she stared down at the cock now between her breasts as she held them in tight and got to work. Her fingers had grasped her nipples, and she couldn't help but toy with them as she worked, letting out a little whimper as she felt the friction of firm fingertips against her sensitive nubs. It wasn't a lot of pleasure, but it was something, and she had absolutely no idea just how much she was damning herself in the process of it.

"Is that moan for me?" asked the guy on the other side, smug as he felt soft, warm breasts embrace his cock, the steady up and down motion leaving him greatly enjoying himself as he stood there, his cock poling through the wall as he took all the loving treatment. It was a great arrangement; he paid the money, and the girl did all of the work."

"Nngh, y-you know it, stud," Kairi moaned, giving him what he wanted as her cheeks burned. She kept touching herself, rubbing her nipples firmer and faster as she picked up the pace on the titfuck, a weird middle ground where she was giving both of them what they wanted with startling efficiency, even if she should have been doing nothing of the sort. It was so weird to admit and even weirder in practice, but this was starting to become something enjoyable for her, and as much as she wanted to get far the fuck away from everything about that, she couldn't help but keep it all going. She felt dizzy and the very heartbeat of this sex club was doing things to her mind as she stayed in there longer. The job was more important and she knew it, but as she began to rub her thighs together, she had her doubts.

"I'm gonna cum, and I want to blast those nice tits of yours with it all, so jerk me off onto them," he said, and his wish was her command. Kairi moaned as she pulled back, grabbing hold of his cock and slapping it down onto her breasts to let him know it was what she was finishing him on, even as it made her twist nervously to do so and be giving in to him like she was. But he finished quickly enough, groaning as his cock erupted and spewed thick, pearly white streaks of jizz onto her breasts, making her whine as she wrung the last few drops out with her strokes and pulled back. "Damn, that was great," he said, and as promised, slipped some bills through the hole as a tip. "I've gotta find out when your next shit is."

There was almost no time between Kairi collecting her tip and another cock pushing through. The biggest yet, longer and fatter, veiny and accompanied by a deep voice rumbling, "Vaginal," like an order. It had Kairi whimpering but rising to her feet nonetheless, in no position to argue as she stumbled upright and grabbed hold of the cock.

Trying to play it cool, Kairi whined and said, "Mm, you're so big, sir. Please be patient with me, I've never had a cock this nice before, but I'll do my best t--"

"Take it all down on the first shot. I'm not here to be patient with you, whore. Ride my cock all the way down or I get your boss."

Intimidated but with no choice, Kairi turned around and pushed herself back against the cock, drawing a sharp breath as she slammed herself down onto it. The noise she let out contained so many emotions all at once as she felt it. The biggest cock she'd ever taken before buried deep in her pussy, filling and stretching her. It should have been agony as he filled her deeper than she knew her pussy even went, but as she sat there and began to feverishly move on pure survival instinct as she kept up her charade, she found the opposite. When had she become so wet and horny? She couldn't think of when she would have in the chaos of everything she was doing, but the way her greedy hole dripped as she impaled herself on the cock couldn't be ignored.

"Tight for a whore," the man groaned, snickering as he kept himself in place, standing perfectly still and letting her work herself up and down his cock. "I like it. Go on slut, fuck yourself on my cock and moan like the little cum addict you are."

Whimpering as she was called three insults in the span of mere seconds by the same person, Kairi moved faster, moving her whole body against the cock as her ass smacked against the wall, bouncing a little with each push down. She couldn't believe she was doing this, that she was actually giving the man what he wanted, but even more so that she was enjoying it. Pleasure came with each slam down, each motion that brought his massive cock deep into her pussy. She couldn't hold back the moans that spilled from her lips as she gave herself utterly into this madness. The guilt she should have felt was replaced only with a searing, growing pleasure.

The harder she pounded her pussy down onto the swollen dick poking through the wall, the more the craziness of this place began to wear her down. That was what she told herself it was, at least, going all out on the dick as she worked to the client's satisfaction, not sure she could do anything else. It was a weird work but she had to take pride in it, didn't she? Even if that pride left her twat leaking onto the floor and dripping with burning arousal as she got wetter than she'd ever felt before. They were the weirdest priorities Kairi could have had but nothing felt more right to her in that insane moment.

Kairi didn't even realize she was cumming until her spine arched back and she slammed herself down onto the cock one last time, letting out a scream of pure delight as her orgasm struck. She'd been moaning louder and louder the whole time and was too absorbed in her own inner worries to even realize, but once the pleasure surged up her body ti felt like there was no doubt. She was a loud wreck, twisting and shivering in bliss as her pussy clenched around the cock greedily, begging him for him. And she got it, too, called more unsavory names as thick, molten shots of thick, gooey cum flooded her pussy, filled her womb and left her feeling like she was a new kind of slut as she took it all with a shiver and a smile, nearly crumpling to the floor when the cock pulled out of the wall and she was allowed to fall freely.

There were no parting words, just a sudden silence as Kairi lingered on the moment and the fact that she was there, dealing with the fact that she had just gotten off hard to getting fucked at the glory hole. She tried to remember what she was here for even as her head spun wildly and she did her best to handle it all, but she couldn't think clearly as she looked over to the hole and saw another cock poking through.

Kairi was running on instinct now, moaning as she grabbed hold of it, almost using it to help pull herself forward as she threw herself face first onto the cock and swallowed it down until her lips were pressing up against the wall. She choked and shivered, but she didn't even care, moaning as she started to worship the cock with the spasming lining of her throat massaging it as she fought against her gag reflex and every burning instinct within her to pull back. She couldn't help it, reeling from an orgasm good enough to leave her craving more. She slobbered and slurped all over the cock, pulling her head back only so she could go down again and relish in the sensation of her throat getting hammered as she pressed forward.

She didn't pay attention to the guy on the other side as she satisfied her sudden, inexplicable craze for cock. She just took it all in stride, fingers reaching between her legs and slipping into her dripping, gaping cunt as she toyed with the cum deposited into her. It had begun to leak out, and she couldn't have that, pushing it all back into her pussy as she pressed forward carelessly and aggressively, refusing to let anything waver or stop as she took the cock down deep. It was a careless and reckless approach, but that felt like just how she wanted it. There was something new coming over Kairi as she deepthroated the cock carelessly, and she didn't even care about how she looked now to try to brush it all off with some kind of poorly thought out excuse about "deep cover".

The sloppy worship of his cock had the man on the other side of the wall groaning as she took him down so relentlessly. He'd never felt anything like this before at his glory hole visits; this girl wasn't just sucking a cock, she was going all out to satisfy a craving for it. Not that he was complaining, of course, getting to feel the amazing thrill of utter devotion to his dick that usually he couldn't pay a woman enough to go all out with; this was something she wasn't doing for money, but for her own satisfaction.

Kairi was only getting louder as she sputtered and gagged, not slowing down anything she was doing as she tried her best to just get the cock off. Fingerfucking herself madly, she drove the pleasure to new heights as she worked with a single minded focus and excessive fixation on the task before her. She wasn't slowing down, unrepenantly slutty and careless as she did her best to get off, to push herself further. And it worked, her thighs clamped down around her hand as, despite the crazed way she slobbered all over the cock she had to service, she came first, pussy dripping all over her hand as she lost herself with a needy whine.

"Gonna cum," was all the warning Kairi needed, pulling back finally as she sucked on the head of the cock, her free hand rocking rapidly back and forth along the dick as she brought the man to a swift and intense orgasm. He yelled in delight as she jerked him off into her waiting mouth, letting his cum fill her mouth up with his spunk, which this time, she didn't shy away from the taste of in the least, adoring it as she moaned and took it all, slapping his dick down against her outstretched tongue as she wrung out the last few drops onto it before slipping it back into her mouth, swirling it around and playing with the cum a moment, swallowing it down as the dick remained in the hole.

"I'll tip double if you do anal," the man said, and Kairi didn't even hesitate to scamper up onto her feet and turn around, sticking her round ass out and slamming back down onto the cock. Once more, she took it down with an utterly graceless slam down, carelessly tearing her ass open with the meaty cock as she took his dick deep into her ass. It was a lot to take and she didn't take long at all to let out a howl of surprise, but she wasn't going to slow down as she moved frantically, still toying with the cum in her pussy as she kept fingering herself. The mad procession of pure, burning need was an amazing one that she found herself carried up and away by, driving herself further down with utter desperation. There was something magical about what she felt as she took the cock into her ass fresh off a wet, sloppy worshiping, the generous coating of her own spit now what was helping make the massive penetration work.

Never before had Kairi been fucked in the ass so hard or by something so big, and never had she approached anal with such a ferocity. She wasn't even concerned about the tip, and not even anymore about just trying to keep the client happy and not raise a scene. In fact, she could hardly even remember why she was at the glory hole; she just needed to satisfy her own burning urges with the raw, frantic indulgence she craved now above all else, moving madly back and forth as she took the approach of going all out with shameless fervor, fucking herself down onto the cock and throwing all caution to the wind. All that mattered now was getting off and she wasn't going to shy away from any of that as she embraced the magical swell of pure satisfaction that came from fucking herself raw.

Each slam down pushed her further over the edge, made her fingers twist within her sopping wet cunt as she dripped all over the floor with messy, excited need. There was nothing that could stop her now as she embraced something special and utterly mad, the pleasure becoming an addictive force of pure need she couldn't shake, her body driven by a special kind of desperation as she went all out, throwing herself down onto the cock again and again, never slowing down as her ass got fucked harder through her desperate motions, and there was nothing she wanted more than to keep this all going for as long as she could in the name of desperation and indulgence.

High on cock and having never felt better in her whole life, Kairi came first again, screaming in delight as she yelled, "Cum in my ass!" with all the shamelessness that she would have never thought herself capable of, but as she felt those hot spurts of thick semen flooding into her ass she knew that it was a desperation very well placed. She screamed in raw delight as she felt the pure satisfaction hit her, the relief and the catharsis of the twisted ways in which whoring herself out had become something that drove her wild with excitement. It was against all logic, but there she was, her fingers sticky as she leaked all over the floor, hot cum pumping into her ass, and the biggest smile Kairi had ever shown spread across her face as she slumped forward and whined happily.

The money slid through the hole in the wall and the man took his leave, but Kairi didn't even notice as she kept going with her fingers once again, turning back to the hole and waiting impatiently for another cock to worship.
The girl whose shift Kairi had accidentally taken never showed up at the club, for better or for worse. But Kairi had forgotten all about that, so high on cock that by the time her hours of cock worship had drawn to a close and she was running fingers along her face--toying with all the spunk that the many facials she'd taken had left her with as she scooped it all up and licked it right off of her palm and her wriggling digits--she could hardly remember why she came there. She knew it was work related, but who had she been following? She couldn't even keep track of it all as she sat there, whining and licking her fingers, her eyes rolled back and her tongue lolling out as she slumped against the wall, fingerfucking herself after all the clients had gone.

Work was hard, Kairi decided. Quelling evil, chasing down villains and trying to figure out how to stop them. It was an exhausting job, and by contrast, this felt like a vacation, like something she could relax while having some fun, and maybe it wouldn't be too bad if she took a night off. Or maybe even a week.

The manager stepped into the stall. "I don't know who you are," he said with a look of confusion on his face as he stared at the crazed girl before him, the warrior turned twisted cock addict fingerfucking herself in his glory hole booth. "But the girl who was supposed to be here quit over the phone about three hours ago, which means that you've been working here all evening and I don't really know why. But that's okay, I don't need to know why, because after what I heard about your performance, I don't think I needed her anyway. How would you like the job? Full time."

"I'd love it!" Kairi squealed in delight, eyes widening as she stared at him happily. "My name is Kairi, and I would love to work here. This has been the most fun I've ever had, and I never knew how much I secretly loved cock!" She bit her lip, smiling as she stared up at him, fingers still toying with her spent twat. She didn't mention why or how this mix up had occurred; it didn't matter, she wanted the job and to stay here for as long as she could. Forget a week; she could ride this train through for the rest of her damn life and be satisfied with herself.

"That's what I like to hear from my girls! So, around here, we don't do contracts. You wanna sign off on the job? Then you show me what you can do."

The sound of pants hitting the floor stirred Kairi as she stared at the boss's aching cock, scrambling forward eagerly as she slurped it right down like the countless dicks she'd sucked before it that night. This was where she belonged, and the grip on the back on her head as he called her, "A whore with a lot of potential," was all the confirmation she needed.


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